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Discussion in 'FanForce' started by Jedi Dajuan, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Morgaine GSFF CR

    Well look at me, saying I'll be online more and then promptly vanishing for a whole weekend again. :p Why is it that I usually have less time to be online on weekends these days?

    After two years, you can't blame us for giving up hope. ;) I think I can get used to this forum software, but some things are still weird...

    Is it me or did we already manage to crash these boards for the first time yesterday? I wanted to reply here yesterday evening (my time) and suddenly all the threads seem to be gone. :p
  2. PattyB0123 Latin America RSA

    I wil make a thread tonight. My laptop crashed,so I will be using my son's laptop.
  3. Addie Retiring RSA 5 days to go!

    Its all Good Patty, I missed my regions Fan Force thread opening! LOL!
  4. PattyB0123 Latin America RSA

  5. rhonderoo Memphis CR

    Is it bad that I can't remember if we were MidSouth, or Southeast? I think we're Southeast.

    Edit: We're Southeast, but don't have a button.
  6. Obi Anne Reg: Nov 98 manager

    I just made a Southeast tag so feel free to use it. An I think that was the last available colour combo as well.
  7. Jedi Dajuan Administerer: Protector of the Triforce

    We will have to start using coding to make some up. Time to go find my old html notes.
  8. Pac-El Jedi Padawan

    Hello all. Is it possible to have an Oahu FanForce section again?

    Thanks in advance.

  9. Miana Kenobi Pretty Pony Princess FanForce Admin

    This is a temporary board while we move the main boards. Once the main boards are back online, the fanforces will all be restored. In the meantime, feel free to create a new thread for Oahu.
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  10. Addie Retiring RSA 5 days to go!

    We have a few NEW members!! Now THATS EXCITING! [face_party]
  11. Temporary Menace Jedi Master

    Love your icon, Addie. I used to play that game a lot, growing up.

    ... or maybe it's the cover picture from one of the Rogue Squadron novels..? If so, nevermind. :p
  12. Addie Retiring RSA 5 days to go!

    Which Icon!? LOL! I change them alot, but they generally have either something to do with pilots and X Wings or Kyp Durron...... (=P~) ;) :p
  13. Jedi Dajuan Administerer: Protector of the Triforce

    X-wings are sexy. I'm a fan of your current icon.
  14. Addie Retiring RSA 5 days to go!

    Damn straight they are......and I even find the orange flight suit a bit hard to resist! I suspect its a 'pilot' thing with me.....dated a pilot a long time ago.
  15. Temporary Menace Jedi Master

    The one you have now is the cover art of the game Rogue Squadron 3D, if I'm not mistaken. I had the N64 version as a kid, and had a lot of fun with it. The icon gave me a bit of a nostalgia trip.
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  16. Jedi Dajuan Administerer: Protector of the Triforce

    Orange or dark green ones from BSG. Yum. I love starfighters and flyboys. Doodle and I (and maybe Doug too) will be X-Wing pilots at CVI.
  17. Addie Retiring RSA 5 days to go!

    I've had ALL the stuff to make a pilots costume, including the blank slate helmet, for years now, but as I'm not overly tall and somewhat 'rounded' I have put it off.....I dont want to be the female Porkins. ;)
  18. Jedi Dajuan Administerer: Protector of the Triforce

    Same problem for me at the moment. I did a pilot a few years ago but sadly it doesn't fit anymore :_|
  19. Addie Retiring RSA 5 days to go!

    Bet yours isnt the amount mine is! Bloody kids make a woman fat! Thats my story and I'm sticking to it!!
  20. sithchick Jedi Knight

    So I made it, had to reset my password already and FB log in doesn't work 'cuz I'm not using the chachky or whatever the 2 workd combo things called, but I don't get the option until after I get a failed attempt. Makes Sith want to SMASH!

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