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NorthEast What's your theme song of the day

Discussion in 'FanForce' started by JediHeadBanger97, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. MilosMom Jedi Knight

    That'l be the Day. Buddy Holly
  2. quigonschuel Jedi Master

    Anticipation - Carly Simon

    (Can't wait for my Consular to arrive tomorrow!!!)
  3. Thats No Moon Jedi Knight

    I'm Just a Little Black Rain Cloud...Winnie the Pooh lol
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  4. Darth Jelley Jedi Knight

    In the name of love by U2
  5. MilosMom Jedi Knight

    Wicked Games-Chris Isaak
  6. Lady_Misty Jedi Master

    This is my theme song ninety percent of the time.
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  7. RingoStarrkiller Jedi Knight

    Born Slippy by Underworld, from the film, Trainspotting.
  8. JediHeadBanger97 Jedi Knight

    Blood of the Scribe by Lamb of God
  9. MilosMom Jedi Knight

    Come Dancing-The Kinks
  10. Darth Jelley Jedi Knight

    Today I don't feel like doing anything....(don't know the actual title or artist but there ya go)
  11. MilosMom Jedi Knight

    It's only a Paper Moon- Paul McCartney (Kisses on the Bottom)
  12. Mother_of_the_Twins Jedi Master

    Hot Stuff by Rod Stewart [face_tee_hee]
  13. quigonschuel Jedi Master

    I believe it's "The Lazy Song" - Bruno Mars. [face_thinking]
  14. RingoStarrkiller Jedi Knight

    Green Light - John Legend ft. Andre 3000
  15. MilosMom Jedi Knight

    Blue Bayou- Linda Ronstadt
  16. JediHeadBanger97 Jedi Knight

    Here's to Us by Halestorm
  17. RingoStarrkiller Jedi Knight

    Gonna get really judged for this....but "Mamma Mia"- ABBA. It's been stuck in my head!
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  18. JDuffPhoto Jedi Knight

    It's the end of the world as we know it - REM (vacation is over...boo...)
  19. MilosMom Jedi Knight

    One More Good-bye-Kenny Rankin
  20. Mother_of_the_Twins Jedi Master

    We Are Family - The Pointer Sisters

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