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Beyond - Legends “If you leave now, you get nothing” OC Challenge Fall 2020

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Mira Grau, Sep 30, 2020.

  1. Mira Grau

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    May 11, 2016
    Title: If you leave now, you get nothing
    Authors: Anedon, Adalia-Durron
    Timeframe: Beyond-Ledgends
    Characters: Marie Firestone, Adrian Malek
    Summary: Ilona visits Adrian and Marie on Dathomir for the first time.

    This story is yet another collaboration between myself and @Adalia-Durron, featuring @Warrior_Goddess character of Marie Firestone.

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    “If you leave now, you get nothing.” Adrian said, sternly to his sister while trying his best not to laugh. He wasn't sure what was the funnier sight, his sister sprayed all over with mud after being introduced to Fluffy or her trying to keep a stiff upper lip in the lizard hide armor Marie had provided. He suspected this was Marie's form of revenge for Ilona showing up unannounced and then pestering her with suspicions. Adrian knew his sister meant well but at the same time wasn't too happy about her accusations towards Marie, after the time the two had known each other he felt, Ilona should know better

    Ilona crossed her arms while she tried her best to remain calm. She asked herself if the cropped leather vest and the short skirt where truly the only fitting clothes Marie had been able to come up with. It was an ridiculous outfit, making her look like a barbarian. Her brothers reaction didn't help matters either, she had come here to check on him, to make sure he wasn't being mistreated and that was how he saw fit to treat her? At this point she had just wanted to leave instead of letting Marie and Adrian have their fun with her. But she did turn around at her brothers words, recognizing her sternness in his words. "What do you mean?"

    "You came here to see how I'm doing here, and now you just want to leave? Why don't you give Dathomir a chance? Why don't you try to truly see how Marie and I live here?"

    Marie smiled but remained silent during the initial interaction. Whilst she understood Ilona's fears, but she was a little annoyed that she served with her under Adam and Addie and still thought she was unscrupulous. Marie had done all the right things, even appearing in Erudian society and being made a fool of, risking her life in the end and still Ilona thought she was about to enslave her brother. "Please listen to him Ilona, you have to trust me, trust us. Give us a chance to show you."

    Ilona took a deep breath to calm herself down. She knew she should listen to them, but... Adrian was her little brother, she had always looked out for him, always been his protective and savvy older sister. She always been in control of the situation, but now she was the one feeling uncertain both about her brother but also the situation as a whole. Ilona knew that under normal circumstances she would probably even enjoy wearing this warrior outfit but she just wasn't able to relax herself while feeling uncertain about the whole thing.

    Adrian placed his hand on his sister shoulder, "Please? Everything is okay. I know you are worried, but you can trust us and I'm sure you will enjoy it once you give it a chance."

    Ilona closed her eyes for a second and decided to take the jump. "Okay, I will go on this hunt with you, but I swear if that Rancor once again covers me with dirt......."


    "You are full of surprises, little brother," Ilona said later that evening when they had returned. Her legs where still shakeing a bit from riding on the Rancor but she felt proud at her brothers skill at riding them. Marie had borrowed her mothers rancor, Predator, so the siblings could have hers for themselves.

    Adrian was smiling both at Ilona's compliment as well as experiencing her reaction to riding on Fluffy how she had fearfully clung herself to her younger brother. It had been as if the siblings had switched places for once, as if he was the older one. Over time Ilona had slowly begun to relax herself just like he had on his first hunting trip with Marie.

    Marie looked up from where she was folding her hunting leathers as they hardly fitted her anymore and she doubted she'd be wearing them again anytime soon. "I suspect you've been under estimating him for sometime Ilona." She said with a raised eyebrow.

    "I guess all older sisters might do that," Ilona said, looking over to Marie and being once again reminded of her pregnancy. My brother is going to be a father soon. It seemed a bit surreal to her, to her Adrian was still her little brother, still something of a kid not an adult. She knew she could proably now get rid of her hunting leathers as well but they where more comfortable than her more formal clothes so she decided not to change into them.

    Slipping her own garments away Marie smiled as she felt Ilona's comfort in hers. "You can keep them Ilona, might be fun to scare some of the 'dandies' back home." She winked.

    "Thanks," Ilona said with a smile. "Guess we are even then for the dress I gave you when you visited us." With the dandies however... she wondered what Tobin might say of it. You really need to tell them, she said to herself. She had avoided the topic so far out of fear they, especially Marie could react negatively if she told them who her betrothed exactly was.

    Adrian noticed the look on his sisters face and stepped a bit closer to her, "you a courting someone?"

    Marie sat down, she hoped so. Would do the woman good to have her own interests and not be so concerned with her brother's.

    Ilona sat down as well and took a deep breath. "Its more than courting, we are betrothed. Not yet sure when the wedding will be, might take some time."

    "Who is he? Do I know him?" Adrian asked as he continued to prepare the food.

    "You do, its Tobin Redan." Ilona said in a rush to finally get it out, her heart beginning to race asking herslf how long it would take them to realize that it was Garth´s older brother.

    Marie looked up with a frown as she glanced at Adrian. "Is that the same family as....." she trailed off unsure of how to put it.

    "As the guy who leered at you and insulted you at the party, Tobin is his older brother, their older sister Aretha is the head of their family." Ilona explained. "Tobin didn't grow up with them though, he was raised by his uncle." She decided to leave out the fact said uncle was one of the most hated people on Eriadu due to collaborating with the Empire in the past.

    "Didn't Tobin help us out during the war?" Adrian asked and Ilona nodded, glad there was at least something positive her brother remembered about it.

    "Yeah he ensured mom and dad's safe leaving as well as helped us organize the equipment we needed."

    Marie still wasn't convinced so chose to remain silent.

    Ilona noticed Marie's look and her remaining silent confirming her fears. "Tobin is nothing like his brother, he is dutiful, honest almost to a fault, but after Welmo that´s a good thing to me. Growing up in the colonies he hates the political games as much as I do, that's what brought us together." She made a pause, before she added, directly towards Marie "You want me to accept you as my brothers choice, and I do. I hope you can do the same for me."

    Marie looked at her hands as she paused to think. She'd met and dealt with Welmo, the man was pond scum at best. She looked back. "Who am I to judge you or your choices Ilona. You're a smart woman, I trust your choice."

    "And I know yours was the right one," Ilona said and glanced from Marie over to her brother.

    Adrian was glad the two had been able to sort this out but his face turned red as he heard Ilona's last words. He walked over the Marie and placed his arm around her shoulders.

    Marie smiled. "I think I'm the lucky one here."

    "You?" Adrian said. "Its me, its always been me, soon it might be both of us." He placed his hand on Marie´s stomach, on his child.
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  2. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Wonderfully protectively caring attitude and actions from Ilona and glad she and Marie sorted things out about Tobin. I can well understand how being related to Garth could cause an :eek: reaction. [face_thinking]

    Adrian and Marie continue to be so terrific together.
  3. Kit'

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    Oct 30, 1999
    Loved the protectiveness of the family and the conversations between each of them. That was really sweet.
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    What a fun tale of both culture shock and family relationship building, showing how those things very much go together for these two families! Ilona is both doing her best to accept (or at least tolerate) the Dathomirian society and culture her brother has married into (hey, I wouldn't be the happiest of campers if I got mud-sprayed by a rancor, either! :p ), and as she rightly points out, if she's supposed to accept Marie and Adrian's relationship, it's only fair that they accept hers with Tobin (and as I recall, he was indeed a MUCH better guy than Garth). With such acceptance and understanding on all sides, I think they all are the lucky ones--and the baby will be, too, to be born into families that value those things! Wonderful addition to both the Adrian/Marie-verse and the challenge; thank you both so much for sharing! =D=
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  5. Mira Grau

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    May 11, 2016
    Yeah, that family didn´t make the best first impression to Marie, but so both she and Ilona had something to help them accept the other in a way. Glad you still enjoy them together. Its always a pleasure writing them as well and the verse just continues growing.

    Glad you like it, Thanks for Commenting. :)

    Thanks :) Yeah there is quite the culture shock for Ilona, not helped by the fact that Marie teases her a bit with the hunting leathers.

    Oh for sure, and for the record as bad as he was Garth is still a few leagues above Ilona´s first boyfriend so Tobin is a considerable improvemnt, even if he is not without his faults either.

    Oh their kids defenetly are the lucky ones, currently beginning to getting into them, with my Halloween story amongst others. And explore how the Malek/Firestone cousins interact with each other and how the relationships between the parents have evolved during this time as well. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for commenting. :)
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    Great job! Dathomir sounds like a sliiiiiightly different place than Eriadu, heh, but it's good that Ilona is making the effort to understand it better. I imagine that first ride on Fluffy will be a memory they'll talk about for years to come. :) Big changes like engagement, marriage, and parenthood cause relationships to adjust accordingly, and it looks like all of them are going through some adjustments. It looks like they're on the right track to come out the other side with even stronger relationships with each other. Great post!
  7. Adalia-Durron

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    Thank you. Dathomir in Legends is very different to Eriadu, chalk and cheese! I love being in that world, it's fun. Having been married in RL for 30 years, I have to say you are correct about relationships, good one's change and grow with all the challenges thrown at them. ;)
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  8. Mira_Jade

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    What a great story!

    Aw! Adrian really is the best here. And he's spot on right. Ilona hasn't given Dathomir an honest try (even if her first impressions are a mud bath from Fluffy and Marie teasing her with the leathers - which is definitely it's own comeuppance. :p) Even though Eriadu and Dathormir are so different, there's things to love about each! Prejudices just have to be put aside. (That Rancor ride would have sold me!)

    I love how their accepting Ilona's choices helps Ilona, in turn, accept Adrian and Marie's relationship! It's better for the family all around, and their bonds are just going to be stronger from here on out. [face_love]

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful response to the challenge! It's always great to read more of your Adrian/Marie 'verse. =D=
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