Saga - ST “Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away”, graphic SW novel, re-load

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    “Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away”, a graphic SW novel for kids, re-load due to changed canon by Disney

    Author: AzureAngel2

    Main beta- editor: @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    Co-editor and muse: @DarthUncle

    Length: 11 double pages (= one text page and another page with one acrylic painting matched to it) plus the last page saying: THE END

    Summary: C3PO tells little Ben Solo a bed time story about alien creatures all over the known galaxy.

    Time frame: The story takes place in 8 ABY, when Ben is three years old.

    Place of choice: Chandrila

    Reason for re-post on the Fan Fic Boards:

    Well, there is a German saying: “Aller guten Dinge sind drei.” (= All good things come in threes.)... [face_blush]

    The new canon forces me to redo a story about the Solo twins, Jacen and Jaina, who do not exit any more. Instead we have Ben aka Kylo Ren.

    I also noticed that the scans of my paintings were not very sharp.

    I posted the original SW graphic novel on the 7th December 2008 at 10:59am. And re-posted it on the 23rd March 2014 at 9:26am. This story was originally dedicated to @Leiaswg1 and her baby girl.

    Reader warning: Please excuse my weird English! I am German. English is only my Second language!

    Disclaimer: SW is owned by George Lucas, Lucas Lt. & Walt Disney!!!

    Page 1:
    I hope you are comfortable and warm, little master.
    May I ask if you also brushed your teeth and washed your face well?
    Very well, then I can start with my story.
    Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away...

    Page 2:

    Page 3:
    ... a Tusken Raider sits on his trusted bantha and rides through the desert. They bond for life, you know?

    Page 4:

    Page 7:
    Together with your mother’s home world, Alderaan, the Thrantas were destroyed. But luckily some of them survived on Bespin. Their mysterious riders paint their skins with colourful patterns.

    Page 8:

    Page 9:
    The Gungans are the humanoids native to the planet of Naboo. Several decades ago they fought a battle against the Trade Federation. Most of them rode a Kaadu mount to the Grassy Plains.

    Page 10:

    Page 11:
    On Hoth, a desolate world covered with ice and snow, the rebel alliance once used Tauntauns as mounts. Your father, Captain Solo, was not very found on them, but he was actually able to save the life of Master Luke with one in a very unorthodox way.

    Page 12:

    To be continued!
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    These are so cute! I love the idea of Threepio reading to little Ben. Lovely work! [face_love]
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    Page 13:
    Cerea is a planet located in the Mid Rim region of the galaxy. Like Alderaan its inhabitants have a harmonious relationship with nature. They used to travel the wide, open landscapes on back of the Aryxen, big, bird-like beings on two legs.

    Page 14:

    Page 15:
    On the Sanctuary Moon of Endor the Eworks use self-build hang gliders. Those are commonly used to hunt. Do not mistake them for cuddly toys! They are very brave warriors and dangerous foes for their enemies.

    Page 16:

    Page 17:
    The first battle of the Clone Wars is said to have been the Battle of Geonosis. The desert planet, referred to as Geonosia by some natives, is bereft of life due to the Galactic Empire, The aristocracy of the had wings, consisting of royal warriors serving. Drones, that mostly worked as labourers, had none.

    Page 18:

    Page 19:

    The most common means of transportation in the galaxy are space ships. Your father’s vessel was constructed as unit YT 492727ZED in 60 BBY. However, it has been extensively modified afterwards, almost beyond recognition. I cannot possibly communicate with it.

    Page 20:

    Page 21:

    Now sleep well, young master. Sweet dreams and may the Force be with you!

    Page 22:

    Page 23:

    The End

    Wookieepedia – The Star Wars Wiki
    Das offizielle Star Wars Fact File” a series of magazines from the Italian holding company DeAgostini (2002 until 2005)
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    Lovely bedtime story and a fascinating variety of worlds and cultures as well as means of transportation ;)
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    lovely art to accompany a bedtime story
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    Great to see this surface again as you looked through the cabinet the collection of these were stored, reordered and rediscovered them for yourself - and happy to see them uploaded here again, with new, better scans of the great original paintings, and a modified text to keep them in keeping with Canon. More please!
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    Aww, I love that it's Threepio reading -- his storyteller skills are so underrated! :) And the variety of creatures and beings from different planets is really fun to see. The galaxy truly is full of amazing sights, and a kids' book is a perfect showcase for all that wonderfully varied life. And ending with the Falcon too. :)
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    This is so adorable! I can just imagine C3PO reading this to little Benny Bunny. :D Love the paintings that go along with the story!
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    This is just too heartwarming. Sweet.

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    This is so sweet and beautiful! Love the idea of Threepio telling a bedtime story, and your paintings are just gorgeous. [face_love]=D=