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    Catching up up up, and gladly, as always! :D

    Week 4: Aww, thank you for taking up my little concept here! What an absolutely gorgeous scene you’ve set here, on so many levels: there’s breathtaking natural beauty, but the most beautiful thing here is the tranquil, contented family togetherness, made all the more so by the fact that the fact that the war is over. Jacen’s childlike wonderment over the speagull feather (love the touch of sticking it in his dad’s hair) and his other seaside “treasures" is just so emblematic of how the entire galaxy now can once again breathe easier and take pleasure in small joys again, with the shadow of war gone. And for this family, whom you and I are both known to be quite fond of, that really is balm! So glad that you brought this “what if” scene, from such a completely different kind of story, to life in this set; the universe really is only “alternate” if you want it to be! :)

    Week 5: Oh, Hondo! :p Fun to enter the Galaxy’s Edgeverse brought to life here, and as such a neat little character study too; a leopard really can’t ever change his stripes, can he? Knowing Ezra and Hondo’s previous interactions in the past makes it extra fun to see them here now, both of them “older and wiser” in different ways, though also still the same men they always were! Very cool that you brought Dok-Ondar into the mix, too, and you give us a very interesting hint about his own activities and his own legitimacy-or-not. Sure, the Republic might disapprove of the fact that he has that kyber sculpture—but are they necessarily in the right, is the question? [face_thinking] Whatever the case may be, though, I totally, totally accept that headcanon about how Ezra’s helmet ended up in Ondar’s shop—there’s really no other way! Great job on another drabble triumph, ma’am; you are really going to town with these prompts! =D=
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    Thanks to everyone for the wonderful comments! I hate to skip out on responses again, but since my iPad was destroyed last week, I've got limited time online and limited typing capability. :_|:_|:_|:_| I do appreciate everyone who took the time to comment and I hope that I'll be able to spend more time on the boards soon!

    Week 6
    : Ezra Bridger, Thrawn
    Timeframe: 0 BBY, after the Rebels finale
    Canonicity: canon compliant at the moment :p
    Genre: humor, adventure
    Thanks to @Findswoman for beta reading!

    26. Splash
    “I thought you were supposed to have a talent with creatures.”

    “Yeah, well, I never used it on fish before.” Though Ezra wasn’t sure the thing that had had been waiting for him and Thrawn outside their life pod had actually been a fish. It had had a mouthful of needle-sharp teeth, a thrashing, eel-like tail, and a tiny mind containing exactly one thought: “eat”. It definitely hadn’t been interested in being friends. Ezra had managed to repel it, but not before it dragged Thrawn under.

    Still, he’d rather have to deal with a dozen whatever-it-had-beens than his surly, soaking Chiss companion.

    27. Rumble
    Ezra and Thrawn's clothes had barely started to dry from their unfortunate splashdown on this unknown world when they heard the rumble of approaching thunder.

    Except that the sky was clear.

    And then the ground began to shake.

    An enormous creature with spreading antlers and long, curving tusks, its legs easily the size of small trees, emerged from the undergrowth at the edge of the beach and bellowed at the two men.

    "I hope," Thrawn said, tensing, "that your talent works on megafauna, because my blaster is currently residing in the digestive tract of the last beast we encountered."

    28. Thump
    For all its intimidatingly pointy bits, the antlered creature turned out to be a herbivore that was more interested in the sedge of grass at the water's edge than the strange creatures in its territory.

    The pair of misshapen canids that were following it, however…

    "This would be a lot easier if you’d given me a blaster!" Ezra's makeshift driftwood club connected with a thump against the canid's jaw; it ran away yelping.

    "Prisoners don't get weapons," Thrawn sneered, driving back his own assailant.

    Ezra wondered how long it was going to take Thrawn to realize he wasn't really a prisoner anymore.

    29. Flutter
    Their next encounter with the local wildlife came in the form of several curious, brightly-plumed birds who mobbed Thrawn in a cloud of fluttering wings in pursuit of his ration bar and the shiny alumni-plast foil it was wrapped in.

    Ezra laughed as he shooed them away—not quite as quickly as he could have.

    “Does that amuse you?” Thrawn snarled, smoothing down his disheveled hair and uniform.

    “Well, yeah…” Ezra bit into his own unscathed ration bar with a grin. “Hey, I’m stuck on an unknown planet with only your blue shebs for company. I have to find amusement wherever I can.”

    30. Crackle
    That night, Thrawn sat hunched by their crackling campfire, twitching almost imperceptibly whenever a twig broke or a night bird hooted outside their little circle of light.

    Ezra noticed, though “I figured out why you don’t like animals.”

    “Oh, really.” The Chiss regarded him archly over a cup of self-warming broth. “Enlighten me, then.”

    “You can’t analyze them and you can’t control them. They’re unpredictable, disorderly. Even messy.”

    “Messy. Disorderly. Ah, no wonder you get along so well with them.”

    “I’ve learned to embrace chaos.” Ezra smiled to himself as he heard Thrawn mutter into his cup, “You are chaos.”
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    5 prompts flowing into one story with Ezra and Thrawn and the animal encounters. Hilarious. Ezra is chaos
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    [face_laugh] Ezra is the only one who can handle the messiness of wildlife. :p He's got Thrawn pegged. Thrawn is a brilliant strategist but needs to be able to analyze and control things.
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    Glad you enjoyed them! I think Ezra falls into the Chaotic Good end of the alignment spectrum, the polar opposite of Thrawn's Lawful Evil; it will be interesting to see how this dynamic plays out in upcoming canon.
    Thrawn is a master strategist, but his plans rely on people behaving predictably--and if there's one thing Ezra excels at, it's unpredictability!

    Week 7
    : Garazeb Orrelios, Ezra Bridger, Sabine Wren, mentions of the other Spectres
    Timeframe: OT, at some point between 4 BBY and 0 BBY.
    Canonicity: canon compliant
    Genre: Humor, slice of life

    31. Obstruct
    The kid was in the way again, obstructing Zeb’s path to the galley.

    “Sabine!” Ezra yelled, pounding on the ‘fresher door. ”Come on! You’ve been in there forever! I have to go NOW!”

    “Well, next time don’t chug a whole bottle of fizzy-glug right before bed!” she shouted back.

    Zeb poked his shoulder sharply with one claw-tipped finger. “C’mon, kid, move your shebs already,” he grumbled.

    “But Zeb, I…Waaah!” Ezra yelped as Zeb picked the boy up and bodily transferred him to the other side of the hall.

    It wasn’t wise to get between a Lasat and his morning caf.

    32. Infuse

    Zeb needed caf, and he needed it yesterday. He rummaged in the pantry. What moof-milker had moved his caf pods? (Crumblebuns to credits said it was Ezra. Karabast, how was it possible for one Human to be so annoying?) He finally found the box shoved to the back corner of the cabinet behind several cans of cream of fleek eel soup.

    He selected a capsule, fumbled it into the infusion chamber of the sleek clavi-pian black caf maker and pressed the start button. Within moments, the air was filled with the rich aroma of premium Javarican espresso.

    Ahhhh, karabast….

    33. Obtain
    The next step was for Zeb to obtain some breakfast to go along with his coffee. Luckily for him Hera had brought back a box of a dozen assorted scones as a treat from her supply run into Kothal the day before and expressly forbid Ezra to touch them before morning. (with a sharp eye in Zeb’s direction as she’d said it-- like he didn’t have any self control!)

    But it was now officially breakfast time, so Zeb eased open the flimsi-board box to reveal the bounty of baked goodies within-- kessinamon crunch, jogan fruit chocolate chip, and meiloorun-nut surprise.

    34. Immerse
    Zeb chose one of the kessinamon scones (the meiloorun scones were Hera’s, of course, while Ezra favored jogan chocolate-chip). He grabbed his purple Lasat-sized mug and took it to the dining nook along with his pastry.

    Zeb dunked the scone into his caf, long enough for it to absorb the espresso, but not long enough for the scone to dissolve, leaving squishy bits of crumbled pastry to muddy up his caf. He took a large bite; the scone had been immersed just long enough to be soft, the flavor the perfect balance of sweet kessinamon spice and strong espresso.

    35. Dissipate
    Zeb sighed, closed his eyes, cupped his hands around his mug and inhaled deeply. With every sip, he felt his tiredness and crankiness dissipate.

    He could still hear Ezra and Sabine's raised voices from out in the hallway, now punctuated by an occasional staccato blat from Chopper. He didn't know what they were arguing about now, and he didn't care. Let Hera and Kanan handle it, or, karabast, let 'em work it out on their own. Zeb didn't intend to leave the galley, his small oasis of caffeine-and-carbohydrate-induced bliss.

    It wasn't wise to interrupt a Lasat drinking his morning caf.
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    [face_laugh] Love the Zeb-centric drabbles! Yes, there is nothing like dunking a pastry in a hot beverage JUST long enough [face_tee_hee]

    And as a happy aside, glad you were able to post these despite the technical difficulties. @};-
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    Love Zeb and his caf. No one should come between him and that
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    Catch-up time! Sorry to have been tardy with these; part of it is "beta who read it already" syndrome, part of it is RL swampedness, part of it is, well, just no real excuse. :p

    Week 6: This turned out really fun! I know those onomatopoeic words were challenging (would have been for me too), but you made something out of them that not only made for a fun romp through Thrawn and Ezra's potential adventures in the Unknown Regions but also revealed an important point of contrast between their characters that I hadn't really thought about before but totally fits! Thrawn is drawn to art and order and analysis and of course as such has no idea what to do with the relative chaos of survival in nature. But that's exactly where Ezra, with his connection to animals and the sum of his experiences surviving in various environments, is right at home. Which doesn't mean he automatically knows exactly what to do with these strange fish, etc., just yet—but at least he has a place to start from, which Adm. Blueface doesn't quite. Love the different animal descriptions; very cool and creative variety there! Great job with a tough group of prompts, and thanks for giving us another reason to "say yah to da U.R., eh"! :D

    Week 7: YOU WENT WITH THE CAF!ZEB IDEA! You know I'm always there for Zebspresso! :zeb: And those prompts fit perfectly with all the sounds and sensations of a caf-and-scone breakfast, too. Definitely agree that it's not wise to get between a Lasat and his caf, and also definitely agree that it was probably Ezra who moved his capsules. Never a good thing when there's Chaos and Unpredictability in the morning! Of which, as you pointed out in your responses above, Ezra is the undisputed master. But I liked that Zeb chose his scones keeping even Mr. Chaotic's preferences in mind and leaving him his favorite jogan chocolate chip—and I loved that he got to have a blissful, carb-and-caffeine-infused moment all to himself away from the Ghost kids' chaos. He more than deserves it. Thanks so much for another superb installment in the Zebspresso Chronicles! =D=
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    There is a fine art to scone dunking; fortunately Zeb is a master of it (and all things caf related :D) And thank you! I've been able to squeeze in some more time on my old laptop this week, which has been nice.
    Not if they know what's good for them! [face_laugh] Glad you enjoyed the drabbles.
    No problem; I completely understand about RL and general stuph interfering with fanfic [:D]
    I've seen a lot of fan art and fan comics of Ezra and Thrawn stranded together in the Unknown Regions, usually in a "working together to survive" context. And while I don't think Ezra would be callous enough to leave Thrawn to the wolves, so to speak, (he is a true Jedi after all), I think Thrawn would need Ezra more than Ezra needed him in a situation like this. As you point out, Ezra not only has the beast warden talent going for him, he's been surviving on his own for a very long time. I'm glad you enjoyed my beasties--the not-a-fish and the antlered thing are mash-ups of various prehistoric animals, while the canids were inspired by hyenas. (So the Unknown Regions is Canada? ;) )

    Caf!Zeb was too good a suggestion not to use! I am here to keep the chronicles of our favorite caf-hound (caf cat?) going! It was a pleasure to give him I can completely relate to him wanting to let this pair of drama llamas handle their own karking problems--there are many mornings I would like to have a quiet moment away from my own drama teen :p At least I can give Zeb a well deserved moment of caf-drenched bliss away from Mr. Chaos and Lady Kaboom ;)
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    Week Eight
    : Kazuda Xiono, the cast of Resistance
    Timeframe: ST, circa 34 ABY
    Canonicity: canon compliant
    Genre: humor, slice of life
    Thanks to @Findswoman for beta-reading @};-
    36. Squall
    Jarek Yeager looked up from his datapad as he came into the repair shop’s workbay. He gazed out the open access panels across the endless ocean that surrounded the Colossus refueling platform, and frowned. “Better get that skiff finished and get the shop closed up. Feels like there’s a squall on its way,” he told his staff.

    Tam and Neeku accepted this without comment, but Kaz wrinkled his nose in consternation. "What?! The sky's almost clear! There's a race scheduled this afternoon!"

    Yeager smiled tolerantly. "After you've been here a while, Kaz, you'll know what it feels like when a storm's brewing."

    37. Tide
    "Synara! Hey, we finished up early on Bolsa Grool's skiff so I've got some free time this afternoon! Wanna head to Aunt Z's with me and grab a blurggfire before the race?"

    The Mirialan salvager brushed a strand of indigo hair out of her face with a gloved hand. "Sorry, Kaz, I have to get this haul sorted before the tide comes in. And I wouldn't count on there being a race today. Don't you feel the storm coming?"

    "But the sky…" Kaz protested, waving a hand at the few clouds drifting lazily.

    Synara shrugged. "I know. But it's coming."

    38. Current
    The Aces were playing darts at Aunt Z's when Kaz arrived. "What are you guys doing here? Shouldn't you be getting ready for the race?"

    "Race has been canceled," Griff snorted. "There's a storm coming."

    "Why does everyone keep saying that?" Kaz demanded. "It's a great day out there, maybe a little breezy but nice."

    "Can't you feel it?" Torra asked, puzzled. "The air is, like, heavy."

    "There is a strong electrostatic current in the atmosphere," Bo Keevil commented, voice flattened by his Kel Dor breathing gear.

    "Yeah," said Hype, "if Humans didn't have those useless noses, you could smell it, too."

    39. Surf
    An enormous black cloud blew in out of nowhere and dumped buckets of rain on the Colossus just as Kaz left the cantina. He was wet as a soaked tip-yip by the time he made it back to Yeager's shop.

    In their tiny shared quarters, Neeku was raptly watching a feed of the pounding surf on the station's security cams.

    "Hey, buddy…what'cha doing?"

    "Oh, Kazuda, I didn't hear you come in! The waves are mesmerizing, are they not?"


    "I think so! The part of Kintan that I am from is very dry, so I find this quantity of water amazing."

    40. Depth
    Suddenly, Neeku sighed. "Kazuda, do you think that Bibo will be alright in this storm?"

    "Oh...I'm sure he'll be just fine. He's… with his mom now." Bibo was a squishy, nubby-tentacled baby rokkna the size of a large nuna. Neeku had adopted him when he'd gotten tangled in the salvage nets until his mother– a ship-sized monstrosity with flailing arms and a beaked maw– wreaked havoc on the Colossus to get her offspring back..

    Kaz didn't like to think about her too much because it made him wonder what else was lurking in the depths of Castilon's oceans.

    Week Nine
    : Han Solo, C-3PO
    Timeframe: OT, sometime between ANH and ESB
    Canonicity: canon compliant
    Genre: Humor

    41. Per Se
    “General Solo! Oh, there you are; I've been looking everywhere for you!"

    “Well, you found me.” Han growled, cursing his luck. Ten seconds earlier, he would have caught the turbo-lift and been safely away from the mechanical nuisance. “Look, is this an emergency? I’m in the middle of something important.” The important thing being avoiding Threepio, but he didn’t need to know that.

    The droid cocked his shiny head and considered this. “Not an emergency, per se, sir, but Mistress Leia was quite insistent that I find you.”

    Which meant if Han didn’t go with Threepio, it would be an emergency. Great.

    42. Ad Hoc
    “What does Her Worshipfulness want now?”

    “Well, sir, Mistress Leia asked me to remind you that it’s time for the special committee meeting.”

    “Special committee? What special committee?” How many committees did one Rebellion need? It constantly amazed him that something as supposedly anarchic as a rebellion to overthrow the government could have as many bureaucratic meetings as your average insurance company.

    “The committee to improve troop morale, sir! At the last meeting of the senior staff-- of which you as a general are part -- Princess Leia proposed the creation of an ad hoc group to host a morale-boosting event.”

    43. Vice Versa
    “Troop morale, huh?” Well, that didn’t sound too bad. Han could think of a few ways to perk up things around here. “What are we talking here? Serving drinks in the mess hall? Canto Bight Casino night? Live entertainment? Something like that?”

    “No, sir. I believe that they agreed upon a Life Day dinner and gift exchange.”

    “Gift exchange?”

    “Yes, sir. It’s when each person is matched with another for whom they are responsible for acquiring an appropriate Life Day present, and, vice versa, the other person is responsible for their gift.”

    “I know what a gift exchange is, thanks.”

    44. De Facto
    What he didn’t understand was why he needed to be involved. “Like I said, I’m in the middle of something at the moment, so I’m sure this special committee can do just fine without me.”

    “But, General Solo, you’re the head of the committee!”


    “As I mentioned, it was decided at the last senior staff meeting, which I believe you missed-- Mistress Leia was rather put out by that, as I recall. She nominated you for committee chair. And as no one else volunteered, you became the de facto head of the Life Day party committee. Congratulations, sir.”

    45. Et Cetera

    “Yes, sir! I’m sure it will be a wonderful opportunity to enliven the spirits of our troops in these difficult times. But of course, you won’t have to do it alone-- Mistress Leia has assigned me to assist you!”

    “Fabulous. I’m overcome with excitement at the prospect…”

    “Well, thank you, sir! I have so many ideas I wish to discuss with you! We need to establish the time and location for our event, plan the menu for the banquet and consider sourcing the required ingredients. Oh, and make decorations, promote the festivities, and… General Solo, are you listening?”
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    the coming bad weather in the first set with all those nice characters and their comments was nice.
    And Han and Treepio big fun. Always bickering those two
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    [face_rofl] Priceless set for week nine!! I can just imagine Han going, who me? Yikes! And then to be paired up with 3PO ... I love his musings about bureaucracies and endless meetings. :p

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    A double bill, love it! And especially love how on a roll you’ve been with these lately; I would like what you’re drinking! ;)

    8: You chose a great setting for this group of stormy maritime words! I don’t know Resistance super well, but knowing they are on a stormy water planet much of the time, I can tell this was an inspired choice. And of course Kaz, as the relative newcomer—dear Kaz who just wants to race (or see the race?)!—is still somewhat of a ”lubber” in terms of sensing the weather changes. I loved how you got such a variety of characters into this short group, all sensing the conditions in their own ways. And especially dear old Neeku, so enchanted by it all, just like my college friend from Southern California seeing snow for the first time! (I hated to tell her it gets old very quickly! :p ) I too hope his former pet is all right out there, but it sounds like the pet’s Leviathan of a mom is taking good care of it! Fun work with this challenging set! =D=

    9: Oh, now for something completely different! :D You know how I love a good Threepio romp, and I lived what you did with integrating the words from this set—very, very in character for Prof. Goldenrod! Han’s the perfect foil, too, especially when it comes to committees and such—a domain he’d much rather leave alone, even if they are about gift exchanges (great idea, though I could see where Han would lean more toward the drinks and casino night ideas). There’s something hilariously adorable about Leia nominating him as chair for that event, too—shows that she’s got a sense of humor herself. :p Great job, super fun, and super in character for all! =D=
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    The Resistance drabble definitely captures Kaz's nativity and general clueless nature about living on the Colossus. I like seeing more Resistance stories since while based on its ratings it wasn't as popular as Star Wars Rebels or Clone Wars and was generally viewed as less well written based on the reviews, I read I still liked it since it had heart and did a good job of describing the average life of someone in the GFFA who wasn't a Jedi or soldier fighting a war with its focus on Yeager and the other inhabitants of the Colossus.
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    I'm really enjoying the versatility of your genres, eras, and characters in your wonderful drabble sets. :)
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