Saga - PT ”I” Division intervenes (A BSPAWSID Adventure | Fanon AU complete)

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    ”I” Division intervenes
    A BSPAWSID Adventure | Fanon AU Challenge

    Agent Mitch Nifesta- Twi'lek Force Vampire. Galactic Republic security agent. Former RPF Adoptions staff with the I-5 entity.
    Baille Harte- Corellian ex-Imperial V-Wing pilot.
    Kate Todd- former NCIS special agent. NCIS
    Toshiko Sato- former Torchwood operative Torchwood, and RPF Adoptions staffmember with Mitch and I-5.
    Danny Hunter- former MI5 agent. Spooks
    Owen Harper- former Torchwood operative. Torchwood

    And special guest stars:

    Agent Yavscout- Everquest MMORPG elven Surefall Paramedic, and SGIS agent.
    Raissa Accoe- Hoatzeri teenage female avian, two years on from surviving Ben Solo's betrayal of the jedi (species created by Raissa Baiard).

    Coruscant. 20BBY.

    Fearing for the fate of the only person who stood between his beloved Padme and an uncertain death, Anakin Skywalker hopped out of the hastily docked airspeeder and hurried to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine’s offices high up in the mushroom-shaped Republic Executive Building.

    Someone must have spilled something, he observed silently as he stepped over several disembodied cloaks at the entrance to the office, a chill wind from the shattered window pane, biting at his face, while he spied, across the spacious room, Master Windu moving along the window sill, chasing a desperately back-scrabbling Palpatine, the jedi’s purple-bladed lightsabre leading the way.

    “Master,” Anakin implored desperately, “he has to stand trial!”

    “No, he has control of the Courts and the Senate. He is too dangerous to let live.” Mace thundered, sparing a glance to his fellow jedi.

    “Anakin, please help! Don’t let him kill me!” Palpatine pleaded, his shoulders meeting the curved edge of the window.

    In short order, the screaming Windu’s forearms had been lopped off, and he was airborne outside the Executive Building’s window on several interlocking and rippling arcs of blue-white Force Lightning, whilst Palpatine crowed with glee! “Unlimited powahh!” He dropped his raised hands, ceasing the pyrotechnics, to let the doomed jedi plummet to the streets, far bel-


    Ani and Palpie exchanged glances at the unexpected sound, then looked out into the night, as Mace Windu’s moaning spreadeagled form rose into view again, followed by the grey-white bulk of the Light Armoured Artillery Transport (LAAT), a long-necked avian with a blue face and short curved beak at the controls instead of a clone pilot.

    A segmented hatch slowly opened at the side of the cockpit, the avian leaning its head out along with the feathered wing grasping a loudhailer in its rudimentary-looking digits. “ANAKIN SKYWALKER. YOU’RE GRANDSON’S A HUMAN FEMME’S LADY-PART.”

    You’re grandson’s a oossey echoed across the dark cityscape. ’andson’s a oossey...a oossey...oossey...

    The LAAT banked sharply to its right, their left, and quickly disappeared among the myriad lights of the night-time cityscape.

    “Grandson?” Anakin echoed uncertainly. “Then, then Padme lives?”

    Note to self,” Palpatine murmured as he climbed to his feet, leaning into the room to avoid a mis-step that would drop him out of the window. He seemed unconcerned that his visage looked scarred and puckered by the backlash of his own lightning. He crossed to his desk, looking for his blotter. “time travel might be possible after all.” His rescuer’s words struck him. “Well, um...we must have found a way to save her.

    “What have I done?” Skywalker enquired as he dropped to his knees before the window.

    Oh, you are rumbled, Mate.” Supreme Chancellor Obvious pointed out with a barely concealed grin, donning a much simpler grey robe than his Chancellor’s stole, and bringing up a hood to cover his features. “We must move quickly, my friend. The Jedi, and whatever that pilot was, Hoatzeri I’d guess, will be hurrying to move against us.

    “I agree.” Anakin concurred from his knees. Everything had happened so fast.

    Palpatine stood over his stunned helper. “Due to the jedi’s distrust for you, I believe that you had no knowledge of their plot to overthrow the Republic.

    “Thank you, my Master.”

    Every jedi is a traitor to the Republic. Go to their Temple and do what must be done, Lord Vader.

    Anakin frowned up at the Sith. “Lord what?”

    Palpatine waved dismissively, but answered anyway, “Oh yes; henceforth, you will be known as Darth Vader.

    Vader flexed the fingers on his mechanical hand as he pushed himself off the floor. “Well, that signature should be easier, at least.”

    The Chancellor moved to his desk, pushing a finger down onto a comm button.

    Security Grid.

    This is the Supreme Chancellor’s office. Lockdown the city, and block all communications in and out of the Jedi Temple.

    Yes Sir.

    And put out a BOLO-

    “Be on the lookout-”

    I know what it means.That is why I am Emper-” Palpatine paused. “I mean, that is why I am chancellor. Have any larties that left the Presidential Tower in the last five minutes, tracked and intercepted. And their occupants arrested.

    Yes Sir. Um...why?

    Palpatine narrowed his eyes into beady malice as he looked over the desk towards the entrance where he had slain Windu’s compatriots. “Are you questioning my orders, Commander?

    N-no Sir! It will be done.

    * * * *

    Bracing himself within the passenger area, the seat restraint cutting into the midriff of his black-and-white Scout Trooper semi-armour, the elf, Yavscout, realised that he hated these open-sided vehicles when they were airborne, let alone banking high over the deep purples and blacks of the metropolis so that the wall became the floor, with gravity trying to drag him out of the craft.

    For Tunare’s Sake, Raissa,” he yelled desperately to the pilot, “level out!

    “Huh? Oh sorry.”

    The aircraft flipped back the forty-five degrees to a safer horizontal as they rapidly descended to another high landing pad across the city. “Thanks, Man.” Yav sank back into the barely padded seat of this military craft, catching what relaxation he could before they landed, when he would have to put his Surefall Paramedics’ cap on to deal with the casualty on the roof.

    “Almost there.” The Hoatzeri that he had first met, two standard years before in both their timelines, reported.

    * * * *
    Coruscant Security Vehicle Park

    Keeping a watch out for organic and droid guards, as well as security holocams, the six-person team crept from cover to the huge wheels of the angular HAVw A6 Juggernaut that they carried.
    The wheels were about the size of an average humanoid biped, and were composed of chunky-treaded black rubber around a grey-white wheel hub. There were about five wheels along a side, making ten in all.

    The vehicle, a precursor to the legged All Terrain Armoured Transports, was entered through a hatch above all their heads, at the top of a short ladder that came down past one of the wheels.

    Inside, the Twi’lek in charge was directing his team to either the drive cabins at the front or rear of the transport, then turned to the nearly hairless, dark-skinned human male standing next to him with a comm-pad open in his hands.

    Danny, anyone answering at the Jedi Temple yet” The pale white Twi’lek asked of the ex-Security Service agent, who was trying to raise them.

    “Keeps going to voicemail.” Danny responded, looking up at his companion. “Maybe everyone is out.”

    No, no.” Mitch murmured, half to himself. “It’s going down now.” He looked up, regarding the resurrected MI-5 agent. “Go join Kate up the front.

    Danny snapped the clamshell device shut and ducked his head to scramble through the interior towards the front of the transport, stepping up the abbreviated stair set into the cockpit, where there were two seats, with Kate occupying the right-side one, strapping webbing restraints over her shoulder while Baille stood behind the chairs, but leaning between them to place a rectangular piece of drawing paper above the control panel, and transcribing the basic shapes and locations of the controls onto the paper with her wax crayons, making several circles to get them distinct.

    “Couldn’t you get anything better than that to draw with?” He commented with annoyance at her as he climbed into the left-most seat.

    It’s all he provided me with.” Harte retorted, resignedly. The crayons were too thick to be held like a pen or stylus, so had to be held in her fist like a dagger. “Alright, this is ‘drive’,” she said, pointing to a rectangular button on the control panel, then at its scrawled twin on her paper. “to activate the Juggernaut power plant.

    “Got it.” Kate acknowledged from Baille’s right.

    “Yeah, I understand.” Danny nodded. “How do you make it go forwards?”

    * * * *

    Back in the centre of the vehicle, Mitch’s wrist-communicator barked, “Unit One from Unit Two.” He recognised the elf, Yavscout’s voice. His own BSPAWSID, or “I-Div’” for short, were working hand in hand with the Secret Galactic Intelligence Service, and the Jedi Enclave, or their representatives, for this do-over of Palpatine’s coup.

    He lifted the relevant arm to his mouth. “Unit One.

    We have Windu, but his arms and lightsabre got left behind in the Chancellor’s office. Deputy wants to go in.” Deputy was Yav’s astromech.

    If he can get in without being seen, then fine, go ahead. Otherwise, frag the arms. Unit One, out.” Mitch lowered his arm and peered with concern in the direction that Danny had taken. The tight twisty hallway ended in darkness just short of where he knew the forward drivers cab and turret emplacement to be. “Baille, Honey? Come on back here, Sweetheart.

    Her quiet voice called back that she was on the way.

    To be continued...
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    Had to read this twice to understand what was going on and when I read it a third time, I laughed so hard that my gastritis tortured belly gave me extreme pain. But then I thought: "Frag the arms!" Erm, belly, I meant belly.

    You really deliver great challenge solutions!
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    AzureAngel2 ! Glad to have you aboard! :)

    Hope you get better soon.
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    The doctor was vague about it, seen the enormous stress and pressure I am under. So it might take a while.

    (And today I had to cancel the local SW dinner because I was stupid enough to try real food again this afternoon for lunch. Sigh!)

    This is why I try to read and write so much fanfic.

    Stories like yours keep my mind occupied and the pain somewhere in the background.
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    Mitch turned and regarded the upended seat that hung under the exact centre of the huge military vehicle, serving the domed energy turret in the middle of the roof.

    He bent over and undid the seat restraints, testing their strength with his hand as she arrived beside him, dutifully standing by his left side.
    Like all of them, she wore a black STANG police vest over her clothing, the letters meaning ‘Special Tactics and Nuff Guns’. More intended to buy time with local security forces than to protect them against enemy fire.

    Each of his charges had a holdout blaster on their hip, but he would pull the plug on this op’ long before there was any chance of them getting involved in a blasterblaze.

    Nifesta put his arms under her nearest armpit and picked her up under the back of her knees, depositing her gently into the cushioned seat, then let her hunt around for the seat restraints.
    This operates the main laser cannon on the roof.

    Out of all of us, I’m the one most likely to be able to drive this thing.” She pointed out in a reasonable tone.

    Privately, the Twi’lek agreed with her, but he had deliberately placed her in what he regarded in the safest spot, even though the vehicle’s armour should easily block the personal weapons carried by CHAS’s troops. “Regardless, this is where I am putting you.” He leaned down to kiss her on the forehead, then negotiated his way between rows of seating towards the front. “I’m going to be in the lookout tower.” He paused, smiling back to his adopted daughter. “Don’t shoot the tower.

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure there is an interruptor template to stop me doing that.” She rejoined, referring to a metal panel that would interfere with the manoeuvring of her laser turret.

    Looking over her own knees, she reached for the circular black steering wheel covered in coloured buttons, that would be her interface for the weapon.
    Imperial pilot cadets were taught to operate a host of energy weapons, before moving into actual flying lessons, so nothing here was unfamiliar to her.

    She pressed an activator button with her right thumb, and three small repeater screens lit up. Two would cycle through external holocam views, while the center one showed her whatever her gun was aimed at
    At the moment, a black crosshairs etched into the holocam’s lens aimed up at the Imperial City skyline, dark with a host of tiny square lights.

    * * * *

    Mitch Nifesta had to bunch up a wad of his robes in one hand in order for him to have his feet unencumbered enough to ascend the ladder up to the circular roof hatch, the circle of metal splitting into four curved corners and irising open.

    How in the Original Light did I manage to go so long without using a ladder?” He wondered aloud, for the problem with his sartorial choice should have reared its head, well before now.

    His back brushed against the inside of the tightly compact tower that went up the few metres to the lookout post which would allow him to see ahead and around to guide the vehicle from a higher elevation than that afforded by the two drivers cabins.

    He one-handedly hauled himself up into the lozenge-shaped durasteel and transparisteel bubble that sat at the very top of the tower, and noted that it was not much bigger than the space he had just ascended. Certainly no space for a deckchair.

    Finding the curved windows fogged up, and just a little bit grimy, he wriped it with his sleeve to be able to see out and orient himself to find the front of the carrier, and where the main gate for the vehicle park was.

    He could see two armoured guards on the other side. They would have no chance to stop them from taking the Juggernaut.

    He lifted his wrist comlink and called down to his colleagues. “Danny, Kate, you good to go?

    There was a meaty THRUM below as the power plant was brought online, along with a barely noticeable vibration to the vehicle as it resonated to the engine frequency.

    Outside, he could see the two guards look at each other, then turn to face the chainlinked gate.

    Ready when you are.” Kate’s voice reported.

    Okay, let’s go.” Mitch instructed. “Straight through the gate; I’ll direct you from there.” This was a dream come true. A chance to re-live Order 66. But this time, to be on Coruscant to intervene at the Jedi Temple. The last time, he had been on a mission far from here.

    His back hit the interior of the sentry bubble as the Juggernaut launched forwards, then stopped.

    “Sorry! Not used to a stick shift.”

    Nifesta frowned down the ladder, though there was no-one down there to see it, then looked through the curved plexiglase as the vehicle started forward again in earnest, the fat man-sized front wheels flattening the gate barrier before it as the guards leapt out of the way, and it steered sharp right, onto the shallow ramp that would take them up to the road proper.

    Yellow plastic-coated handholds were bolted into the bubble’s skin, and he gripped onto them tightly as they rumbled onto the roadway, scattering groundcars and appendage-waving pedestrians.
    Nifesta looked around to try to find the blocky ziggurat-shape of the Jedi Temple, catching a flash of it between buildings ahead and to the left.

    * * * *
    Front cab

    “I’m too hot.” Kate Todd announced, sitting to Danny Hunter’s right as she steered the giant war transporter along the road that she could only see at medium range because of their elevated position. “Take the wheel.” She lifted her hands from the controls, expecting her driving companion to lean over immediately from his seat whilst she ripped at the right torso adhesive straps of her armoured STANG vest, and lifted it over her head, her brunette tresses initially going with it.

    They swerved only slightly to the right, gouging fragments of duracrete out of a second story apartment before Danny released his restraints, the elasticated fabric snapping up over his shoulders, and jumped out of his chair to grab the wheel, managing to regain control and pull them to the left again, his expression a mix of exasperation and concentration.
    He had a lot of time for his three team-mates from the initial DANL - Dead Agents, New Lives quartet, though.

    “Gibbs would love to drive this.” Kate put in as she shrugged out of her white suit jacket, and twisted to put it neatly over the back of her seat, then leaned down to put the STANG vest back over her own spagetti-strapped chocolate brown camisole. “He hates traffic.”

    Danny was baring his teeth as he tried to keep control from the un-natural angle. “Gibbs?”

    “Leroy Jethro Gibbs. My boss at NCIS.” She pulled the protective garment down over her head after releasing all the straps and resealed them on both sides of her ribs, reaching up for the controls. She glanced across Danny as he sank back into his own seat in relief. “What about your boss?”

    “Harry?” Danny considered Harry Pearce, his long-time section leader at MI-5. “I cannot remember him ever driving his own car.”

    Kate,” their current leader’s bassy voice called in stereo from the speakers of their respective wrist devices, the vortex manipulators. “take any of the next lefts!

    Danny glanced forwards, then spied his companion’s hands already starting to turn into the first corner, despite what he thought was too fast a speed. “I think the idea is that you slow down to make the turn...” His eyes widened as they started to turn and the left wheels, as heavy as they must be, left the ferrocrete.
    What passed for a windshield, was more of a horizontal thin slit on the front, left and right of the driving block, and with the vehicle at an angle, this was giving him his first view of the road that they were travelling over, including at least one blunt-nosed landspeeder hand-brake-turning out of their path to the right.

    “Hope nobody has been drinking, cos we are definitely getting breathalysed,” he muttered.

    After what seemed like an age, during which they turned onto the new road, which at the far end looked rather open, he felt those free wheelers slap onto the surface again, throwing both of them to the left of their chairs, Danny tumbling straight onto the hard metal floor with a yelp, Kate managing to bridge the two chairs, her left hip in hers, and her elbows sinking into his.

    Kate, once we get into that open plaza area, the Temple should be at two-o’clock to our position.

    “Give me a minute to get back into my chair!” She called into her wrist comlink.

    Why, whose chair are you in?

    “Long story, Agent Nifesta. Just gimme a minute.” She jerked her head up to lessen the blow of Danny’s armrest coming up to hit her as she tried to see between the curtain of her own hair, and over his armrest to see how he was doing. “You doing okay?”

    “Never better.” Hunter moaned, trying to unwedge himself from the unyielding metal alcove. He felt he was going to need a massage after this. “Whose driving?”

    “Me, in just a second.” She pushed her hands against his seat cushion, already slightly warm from the short time he had spent in it. It was a wonder they had not collided with anything yet.

    To be continued...
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    A do-over of Palpatine's takeover? Orchestrated by none other than Mitch Nifesta, Yavscout, and the gang? Wow, this is certainly off to an exciting start! I love that A Certain Hoatzeri That We Know and Love got the honor of setting the whole thing in motion—and I hope we'll see more of her. So now Anakin knows that he will have a grandson, and that that grandson will be a, well, someone not so nice... one question, of course, is what he will do with that knowledge. [face_thinking] Meanwhile, my fingers are crossed that the DANL team will eventually be able to make it into the locked-down Jedi Temple—they're really having quite the wild ride! Looking forward to more. :)
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    Communications Console

    High and behind the HAVw’s foreward cab, where Kate and Danny were, the tight communications area was occupied by Toshiko Sato, the black-haired technical whiz of the DANL team.

    She had a clamshell datapad opened up and light-cabled into the comms interface. She had a two-prong task, which included blocking Palpatine’s Order 66 broadcast to his troops across the galaxy.

    She did not know what broadcast apparatus the Supreme Chancellor had at his disposal, but all her team had was this poxey war machine.
    She did not expect it to take long for the Coruscant security forces to trace the source of her jamming, and shut it down with extreme prejudice.

    Her right forearm was settled on a little waist-height shelf, next to her datapad, and the red circle of a holoprojection ring next to her right elbow lit up, her gaze sliding from the datapad screen as she noticed, the transluscent blue holograph of a loose hood, half-concealing a face that only a mother could love.

    Commander,” the voice sniped, what she could see of a mouth twisting into a sneer as it relished the words it was saying, “execute Ord-” It paused, sensing somehow that its message was not getting through. “What’s happening?

    Tosh looked for the ‘Transmit’ button, and responded in her impression of an artificial female voice. “All our operators are busy right now. If you have a touch-type phone, press one-”

    What? Press won? What are you talking about?

    She didn’t know how to mute the call so that Palpatine did not hear what he shouldn’t, so stepped back and to the side from the console, lifting her wrist-comlink to her lips and at the same time, spying Danny’s predicament in front of her.

    Tosh took the few steps to the base of the ladder that the Twi’lek had ascended, ignoring her comlink, and yelled up the sentry tower, “The Emperor is trying to call his troops across the galaxy!”
    She then pushed herself forward to the front cab, bouncing off the walls as the Juggernaut continued on its way.

    She moved into the drivers area, spotted Caitlin walking her arms back to her own seat, then planted a foot deep into the alcove with Danny to help get leverage to pull him out and up. Thank heaven she was in her silver ankle strapped block high heels; made her slightly taller and gave her something to press her heel down on as she leaned back and pulled him up towards her, one foot behind the other. “Who’s driving?” She shot at Kate.

    Danny extended a hand up for her to grab. “I asked her that literally a couple seconds ago.”

    Kate landed back in her seat, grabbing the controls with her left hand, whilst her right smoothed her skirt back over her hip and lap. “Agent Nifesta, back in position. Where am I going next?”

    * * * *

    Sentry Bubble

    Turn right at the end.” Mitch Nifesta instructed. He had seen through the Force, what had transpired in the cockpit, and tried to use it to lift Hunter from his trapped position, but the bubble had been shaking about so much up here, he had been unable to concentrate.

    Fortunately, Toshiko, bless that femme, had stepped in.

    He looked forward through the window blister, seeing the roadway between the shops open up into a wide expanse, in fact the plaza that the Jedi Palace fronted.

    The Twi’lek turned back to see the rear of the ten-wheeled tank drift out as his team-mate took the corner, running over a ceremonial fountain that she failed to clear, before nosing straight for the Temple’s front, really wide steps flanked by blocks of dense stone so that visitors and enemies coming in that way would be funnelled towards the handful of defending Jedi Guardians, renowned in Mitch’s day for their yellow lightsabre blades.

    Nifesta peered through the window, his ancient heart skipping a beat.

    The 501st, or whichever clone troops Anakin Skywalker had accompany him on this mission, had already started to climb the steps! He had hoped to intercept them before that!

    Kate,” he called into his comlink, “drive us up the steps.

    But there are already soldiers there! We’ll run over them!

    Drokk ‘em! He thought, but toned down his spoken response. “That’s the idea!

    Alright, gotcha.

    * * * *

    Intent on the doors above him and the task that he had agreed to carry out for his new master, Anakin Skywalker did not immediately take much notice of the approaching vehicle, taking the roaring in his ears for the mental conflict he was going through.

    General Skywalker, Sir? I think we have –urk!

    Skywalker spun around to see what was happening, to find the durasteel wall that was the front of a Juggernaut ramming up the steps to come meet him, huge black tyres already mowing down the men closest behind him! He bent his legs and leapt up far enough to somersault onto the roof, legs apart and arms out to steady himself as it slammed on its brakes, his lightsabre out and activated.

    * * * *

    Nifesta spotted the arcing dark figure momentarily, then disappear out of sight with a drawn lightsabre, then glance down between his feet at the dark tunnel of the tower.
    It glowed briefly as a blue-white light sliced through dim circle, then continued to glow with the light coming off the reddish-orange ring left by the now molten metal through the sliced structure.
    Aw, crap.” He was frozen, contemplating if he could descend and get beneath the level of the cut before the tower fell over. Already, the bright circle was flattening as the tower moved.

    * * * *

    Anakin spun at the sound of a high-pitched whirring that was matched by a strong vibration coming through the vehicle’s skin and being transmitted through the soles of his boots.

    A dome-shaped laser cannon in the centre of the roof, several metres from him, was coming round to face him, the business end of a short black barrel jumping as an energy bolt slammed out, but he was already moving, ducking aside from the superheated plasma packet which blurred past him to smash into the front facade of the Temple behind him.

    He sprang beside the dome, where a flattened skirt of metal ringed the emplacement.

    Skywalker jabbed the blue-white blade down into the skirt, molten metal magma turning orange and black and bubbling around the laser shaft.

    Pew pew pew pew pew. The remainder of his troops had opened fire upon the transport, but he knew they had mainly brought along anti-personnel weaponry. He did not expect them to have too much effect.

    * * * *

    Baille, reclined in the near horizontal seating serving the gun turret had time to see her shot cannon into the Temple's front, about four levels above the doors, an avalanche of shattered duracrete falling around the entrance. “Sorry!” If asked, she probably would be torn as to whether she was apologising to that wonderful architecture, or the people within.

    The man on the roof had disappeared from the view of whatever holocam had picked him up the first time, but it’s view along the box-populated topside to the front, showed the diagonal orange slice of molten metal that he had put into the tapered white cylinder of the lookout tower, the top part slowly responding to both gravity and the upended position that the Juggernaut had parked in, on the entrance steps.

    The repeater screen showed a very close-up view of someone’s dark kneeboot, the polished sheen showing that it was leather or synthleather, and then the display dissolved into grey static.

    Oh, that’s great, isn’t it? What a time to develop an electrical fault.” She glared at the ruined display, waiting for it to cycle to another holocam view.

    A sizzling sound drew her gaze upwards, looking across the blank looking ceiling.
    What? She thought, then spotted a wet-looking postule start to bubble and liquefy in the metal ceiling directly above her. It started to glow orange and it took her a few more seconds than she would have preferred, to realise that she ought to “Oh stang, move!

    She reached for and snapped open her quick-release restraints, the elasticated fabric snapping over her shoulders in a flash of silver, and hurried to roll herself sideways over the raised lip of the seat!


    That felt like something heavy had smacked the roof, somewhere ahead, the silvery drop of liquefied metal above her shaking alarmingly with the vibration.

    Baille brought her feet into play, scissoring her stockinged legs to get some leverage going to roll her to her right, and off the seat, just as a gobbet of metal and super-heated rind spattered into the maroon cushion that she had been laying on, instantly starting a small fire.

    Hissing at the line of painful weals on her bare forearms from their impact with the metal grilled floor, the Corellian raised herself onto all fours, then tried to sit back on her haunches, the challenge not helped by the fact that the rear of the vehicle, now in front of her, was lower down, though the slant wasn’t that bad.
    She leaned forward to plant her left palm on the floor as support, while drawing her chromium Model Q2 holdout blaster from her thigh holster and aiming it straight-armed up at the increasingly molten circle in the ceiling, more of it turning into magma and plopping onto her chair.

    She couldn't help grinning through the hurt, and feeling a bit elated at the excitement and mystery. What was going on up there?

    To be continued...

    OOC: Findswoman - great to have you along for the ride.
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    Hah! The image of Palpatine trying to contact all the clone troops for Order 66, only to have it "go to voicemail," is pretty priceless. Thank goodness for Tosh indeed!

    And now it looks like Anakin has taken down the lookout tower with a swoop of his lightsaber? Yoicks, how is Mitch going to get out of this one? :eek: And on top of that the Juggernaut's out of commission, too, with all sorts of molten metal falling on top of it (presumably at least partly from the temple structure, though there likely is more to this than meets the eye)? Baille had better think quick—but we know she will, of course!

    Still, if one thing that comes out of this is the hampering of Anakin's youngling-slaughter mission, then it's all worth it—right? :)
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    Findswoman - the Juggernaut is largely fine; Baille's molten metal ceiling is from Anakin directly above, jabbing his lightsabre down into the roof by her gun turret.

    Also, the vehicle is down the steps from the Temple's front. I might though, have smaller debris reach that far - thank you for the inspiration.

    I am thankful that my explanation of the tower slice came through okay. :).
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    Owen’s face appeared at the short corridor mouth that led into the rear driving cabin, the Juggernaut able to be steered and controlled from both ends. His pale hands appeared, grabbing onto wall or floor superstructure to help pull himself up into the main area, not far from where she was.

    “You alright, Baille?” He called, displaying more concern and warmth than she had seen in him so far. In the few days that the ****-**** Physics and Wierd Situation Intervention Division had been together, he had mostly come across as a cold fish.

    Yeah, though something is going on with the roof.” She pointed a finger to the ceiling, while the flickering fire illuminated her face, though Owen was more likely to notice that than her.

    “Get away from that fire!” He snapped, pulling himself more into view, falling onto his stomach.

    Oh, its alright, I’m not that close.

    “It’s not that, but if there are synthetic fabrics being burnt, you can breath the particles in on the smoke and have them on your lungs.”

    Droyt!” She leaned away from the fire, then used her hands to sort of spin away on her knees to a safer distance. She shot a glance back to the medic. “This is an enclosed environment. Doesn’t matter how far we try to go, if we stay in here, we won’t be able to help breathing it in.

    Owen rolled into a sitting position, and pulled his knees up to join him. “You flew an ‘Etendarde; doesn’t the French Navy teach its pilots survival skills?”

    Pardon?” Baille stared at him. Part of what he said sounded familiar, but mostly she had no idea what he was on about.

    * * * *

    Mitch Nifesta’s sentry tower had stabbed into the armoured roof beside it’s original perch, the impact almost knocking him down the interior ladder.

    Alright.” He muttered, almost squatting above the ladder hole with his arms above him on the handholds. “That wasn’t too bad.” Then he felt the tower swaying out, which certainly was not going to end well, with his stabilising base cut off.

    For an idea, see how long you can stand on one leg for.

    Ah stang.

    The tower toppled over, the bubble with the Twi’lek inside, striking the steps hard, then because there was nothing anchoring it to the juggernaut, it rolled to the bottom of the steps and along the ferrocrete concourse a short way, where the reloading clone troopers ceased trying to carbon score the Juggernaut’s armour, and ran to surround the thick white cylinder.

    Behind them, a discrete rectangular hatch flipped up on the side of the A6, an anti-personnel turret telescoping half a metre out into the open air.

    Bam. Bam.

    Two clonetroopers took laser bolts in back, and clattered onto their fronts, dead before they had a chance to finish their star jumps.

    Their fellow troops turned back to the Juggernaut, dropping to one knee to create smaller targets, hurrying to get fresh power packs into their DC-15 carbines, now that they were under active fire.whilst behind them, a white lightsabre blade fanned through the side of the durasteel lozenge-shaped bubble from the inside, creating a line through the white skin, and continued to cut a man-sized opening.

    Mitch kicked at the metal to separate it from the rest of the tube, and managed to force himself up into a sitting position, with many of the troops of the 501st to his left, facing away from him, and towards the Juggernaut, where he could see the dark shape of CHAS, as he had referred to Skywalker in recent years, on top of the vehicle’s roof, slicing at it with his lightsabre, sprays of sparks visible, even from where he was.

    How in the Original Light do these guys survive in the field? He wondered as he tried to figure how to get out of the tube. It was like getting out of a canoe on dry land.
    None of the troops had continued up the steps, giving their attention solely to the ten-wheeled transporter. Hopefully the Jedi were using the time to get their people out.

    He put his right hand on the right edge of the doorway he had created, and put his weight on it as he lifted himself up. The entire tube rolled that way and deposited all of him onto the floor, forcing him to snatch his fingers clear to stop them getting crushed against the ground, rolled back without him.

    The ancient Twi’lek rolled onto his hand and knees, in a tangle of tan cloak, then unsteadily climbed to his feet. He was bruised to frak from being knocked about inside that tin can, and had several puncture wounds from the ladder’s open spokes.

    He might be impervious to energy, but solid stuff worked just fine.

    The clouds overhead were starting to darken. Something was coming, he knew, or rather, he had been briefed to expect it. The timing would be all important.

    Nifesta pulled his own DC-15 from under his cloak, dropped to his knees behind he horizontal cylinder that had been the vehicle’s lookout, and proceeded to open fire on the troops; in his frazzled mind one-shotting them in the back, but in reality, gouging the ground and winging a couple before his presence was noticed, and several turned to return fire, most of their shots splashing over the armour.

    He caught the dark shape flying over him, then turned as Skywalker landed behind him, bending his knees with the impact, and his cloak floating down behind him.
    The troops ceased firing, probably for fear of hitting the new Sith Lord.

    Mitch rose unsteadily to face the glaring young man with the wild hair, hanging his plasma rifle back under his robe and bringing out his own simple lightsabre hilt. The white blade thrummed into life.

    “I do not know you.” Skywalker almost growled, beginning to circle him while looking at Mitch almost side-on.

    Aw-wight, CHAS.” The Force Vampire grinned despite his injuries, and bobbed his head in matey fashion. He could feel liquid from wounds, gathering in a boot. That was a sock that was going in the wash tonight.

    “Chas.” Anakin echoed, then a flash of familiarity crossed his face. “Yes. Obi-Wan told me that someone out there was calling me that. Course He’s A Sith.” The turned jedi’s eyes flashed, and he bit out: “Very funny.”

    Well you are practically the only jedi who wears black synthleather; seemed obvious.” Holding his lightsabre in his right fist so that the glowing blade was horizontal in front of him in a defensive posture, he used his left hand to explore a pocket and bring up his most prized possession, the black synthleather badge wallet that he now flipped open to show his iridium-plated SGIS badge. “This is a B-S-P-A-W-S-I-D operation. And in case you live long enough to meet Obi Wan again, know that I stole these next words from him, not the other way around: You were the Chosen One, Anakin! You were supposed something to the Sith, not join them! Palpatine is evil!

    “From my point of view, it is the jedi that are evil.”

    Well, you’re an idiot. And another thing, why do the younglings have to die? They can barely handle Stickle Bricks; you really think they would have been consulted in this imaginary rebellion of yours?

    “Enough talking.” With an aggressive cry, Anakin jumped towards the Twi’lek, both hands bringing his lightsabre over his head, arcing down in a power strike, Mitch lifted his sabre-hand so that his blade was forward and above his head to parry the strike, white sparks showering down to the ferrocrete between them as both beams of plasma collided with each other, Skywalker landing before Nifesta and trying to press for an advantage.

    Mitch shoved him backwards, Anakin using the momentum to spin away to his right, and bring his weapon back around to cut the Twi’lek in half from his right side, but Mitch was ready for that too, twisting his blade to point to the floor, parrying the slice away.

    Skywalker spun away with increased acceleration to get Mitch from the other side, his laser sword a fan of light now, but the Force Vampire was faster, stepping inside Anakin's primary defence zone, too close for the other to bring his weapon into play, and back-handed CHAS across the chops (mouth?), the man somersaulting into the Juggernaut's flanks and falling bonelessly to the ground.


    An authoritative female voice thundered from above, drawing the attentions of the gathered clonetroopers, who glanced up at the light blue Acclimator-sized forefinger that was descending through the gathering patch of dark clouds, the end with the nail pointing directly at their number.

    During my back swing?!” Nifesta railed up at it.

    The enormous digit aimed upwards so that all on the ground could see the dark lines under its two joints, and the channels in the skin, just like a real finger. With the base of the finger remaining static, the rest of it waved slowly side-to-side like a set of windscreen wipers set for light rain.

    NAH, NAH, NAH, it boomed across the plaza, whilst beyond it, there was an ongoing pile-up in the aerial traffic lanes, the worst-damaged flyers spiralling out of the sky. DO NOT TRY TO DISTRACT ME WITH OBSCURE STARGATE REFERENCES.

    I’m surprised you recognised that.

    The finger stopped moving. ME TOO ACTUALLY.

    So, how can I help you?” Mitch extinguished his lightsabre.


    Oh right, yes.” Mitch drew back the baggy sleeve covering his vortex manipulator, and addressed one of his team members for the first time in a while. “Tosh, hit it.

    To be continued...
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    Aug 14, 2002
    A6 Juggernaut

    Inside the Juggernaut, behind the front drivers’ cabin, the Anglo-Japanese woman had returned to her spot at the communications console, ready for the culmination of several months work, that the team had had to undertake, travelling across this galaxy to obscure reaches of space, and then drawing the tuts of the jedi a few weeks before, to dig up the plaza before their temple.

    “Copy that.” She responded. She scrolled through the applications on her datapad, from the dropdown menu, and launched it.

    * * * *

    At random spots in a three hundred metre radius around the Temple, slabs of ferrocrete slid aside to reveal dark square metre holes.

    The 501st were observant enough to spot this happening around them, and muttered uneasily as they stepped aside to avoid falling into these impromptu chasms.

    They stepped back as bushes of brown, faintly shiny leaves, ascended into the open, then kept going, their slim but roughly barked trunks indicating that they were trees rather than bushes. There were audible clicks as the soil trays at the bases of the three-metre-high trees reached ground level and the same angle as the rest of the ground and slotted into place.

    For a few seconds, the plaza was silent apart from the electronically-transmitted mutters from helmeted warriors, then, audibly crackling purple, mauve, white electricity started to ripple visibly up the arm-thick (if you’re a Trandoshan) trunks, and then spread out along tributary twigs and branches in the mushroom-shaped top of the trees, the glistening leaves glowing with a faint aura.

    What’re they doing?” A GAR soldier threw the question out there, backtracking from one tree, and unwittingly backing towards another.

    I think they are trying to communicate.” Nifesta offered, glancing down to toe the still unconscious Anakin’s lightsabre out of arm’s reach.

    No they’re not!” Tosh’s voice corrected from Mitch’s comlink, him promptly shushing her.

    I think they are saying, ‘blimey, look up there; that’s a drokking big ship’!” He pantomimed looking up to where the team’s Venator-class Star Destroyer, the recently named Nicole Graveley was dropping rapidly through the clouds, then through the FanonSock ethereal digit, which dissipated around the arriving cruiser, and emulating the first half of another franchise’s Adama Manoeuvre. The second half, nipping off at faster-than-light whilst in a gravity well, wouldn’t work with a Venator, as it would just shred the hyperdrive.

    As one, the majority of the troops raised their visored gazes to the ‘Graveley’s arrival.

    There was an audible boom, as the air rushed into the space left by the departing Force Vampire, blurring out from the troopers’ midst and up to the top of the Temple steps, turning to look at the scene below.

    The ship was not going to hold the clonetroopers’ attention for long, he felt, so he called Toshiko, still inside the Juggernaut with the rest of the team. He had meant to have them teleport back aboard the ‘Graveley.
    Now he was glad that he had not, for it looked like they, ‘I’ Division, might have to repel this attack themselves. “Tosh, nothing’s happening. You sure these are the right trees?

    Thunderwoods from the Krishar water world in Wild Space? These had better be the right trees; we evacuated fifty families of the native Krishari as payment.

    The Twi’lek nodded at the reminder; he had had to ban his Baille from visiting the Venator’s huge ventral hangar, due to the large numbers of that semi-sane repto-mammal, whatever a repto-mammal was, camped therein.

    Did you remember to douse them in water yet?” Toshiko enquired.

    Mitch threw his hands into the air, then responded. “Of course! Thanks Tosh. Mitch out. Unit Two from Unit One.” He called Yavscout.

    * * * *
    Above Landing Pad 442

    The circular landing pad was dizzyingly high up the side of a blue cloudscraper, and looked large enough to hold a stolen red-and-white Coruscant Fire tender, a stolen LAAT, and three clonetroopers in the red-and-white armour of Coruscant Security (mm, detecting a pattern here), one of them riding a single-person, two-legged AT-PT (All Terrain Personal Transport).

    All but the LAAT were actually on the platform. The flier was hovering twenty metres above it, as Accoe put it into park, turning in her seat to regard the elf.
    “Tell me again. These guys massacred all the jedi?”

    Yav had stabilised and sedated Master Windu, and had him inside the craft now, on the deck of the passenger area with him, his cauterised limbs bandaged until the Surefall Paramedic got word from his droid.
    He hesitated. “Yes, but only after they got Palpatine’s Order 66 broadcast. I don’t know if he managed to do that yet.

    “Don’t worry, I’ve got this.” She popped open her cockpit hatch again, and he could see a lightsabre hilt gripped in the rudimentary digits of her right wing before she leapt out, and from his angle in the back, he noted that her wings were spread wide to catch the air before she disappeared out of sight beneath the Light Armoured Assault Transport.

    Unit Two from Unit One.

    Yavscout groaned. This was all he needed right now, whilst trapped up here and unable to do anything. The Haotzeri were a flightless species, far as he knew. How was she planning to get back up to them? “Unit Two, copy.

    Where’s the water?

    We’re running late. Security forces intercepted us at the landing pad, and it took ages to un-velcro Master Windu from the top of the lartie.

    There was an odd sound in the background from the Twi’lek’s end, causing Yav to hold his wrist away from him, and look at the communicator, as if that would explain what the sound was.

    Actually, you know what? Never mind; we seem to be good here. Unit One out.

    From the faint laughter below, it sounded like Raissa was having way too much fun.

    * * * *
    Jedi Temple front entrance

    A flash of mauve in his periphery vision along with a loud crackle, had snapped Mitch’s gaze back to the flora as each of the Thunderwood “Zap Trees” that had been charging up with Force Lightning, expended their excess energies, some annoyingly discharging up into the sky, but most suddenly arcing sideways into the gathered troops, meeting their armour with blinding flashes and casting them shrieking to the ground, skeletons flashing in and out of visibility with the ebb and flow of the deadly energy.

    One energy arc stabbed the ferrocrete where Anakin had been laying, just as the traitorous jedi rolled aside at the last second, belly-crawling under and between the Juggernaut’s rear (forward?) wheels.

    Mitch was glad that he had taken the ‘Hero Who Knows No Fear’ down in two moves. He knew he was no match for a trained dueller. Two moves – two blocks, parries, strikes, any combination therein - then run away, was enshrined into the Force Vampire’s rules of engagement with Jedi or Sith.
    He raised a pale white hand towards the distant Sith, waited to let him crawl so far under cover, then got a hold on his boots and Force Pulled him back into the open.

    “What is the meaning of this?” The stern voice of an elderly femme said from beside the satisfied Twi’lek, eliciting a shriek of surprise as he jumped aside and looked round. He hadn’t heard or felt the approach.

    A grey-haired woman with her hair in a tight and tidy bun, and wearing jedi togs, was dividing her attention between him, the lightshow, and the ominous presence of the ship overhead, which had started deploying LAAT fliers.
    The pressed yellowy-tan tabard over her shoulders and belted at her waist, was covered in intricate lines and geometric shapes.

    Jocasta Nu?” Mitch hazarded, giving her his full attention. “Chief Librarian of the Jedi Archives?

    “Master Nu to you.”

    Sorry yes, Master Nu. Agent Mitch Nifesta at your service.” Slowly, so as not to startle her, he slipped the hand not massaging his heart inside his robes and pulled out a hardback copy of renowned childrens’ author, Enid Blyton’s (ostensibly), Five On Brexit Island, and handed it to her. “I’m returning a late book.

    Nu turned the thing over in her hand, staring at the colourful cover showing a quartet of younglings in t-shirts and shorts, on two row boats on the water, a dog swimming between them. “Five?” She said, already finding fault with something.

    They’re counting the dog.

    “Oh. Well, I don’t think this is one of ours.” She looked up, and made to hand it back.

    Yeah, I was kidding about the late return.” Mitch smiled. "Ma'am-"


    -Whatever, a rescue.

    The End​


    Non I-5 fanon were

    Gahmah Raan ‘s Thunderwood Trees / “Zap Trees” from Krishar; and

    Raissa Baiard ‘s Haotzeri padawan, Raissa Accoe, because she has already met Mitch Nifesta and the gang.

    Thanks to the FanonSock for allowing me to use her as a disembodied voice.

    The core of the story was Mitch’s Stargate SG-1 reference, which’ll be in here somewhere.
  12. Findswoman

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    Feb 27, 2014
    Wow, a Mitch-Anakin—I mean CHAS ( :D ) duel! I hope neither of them are biting off more than they can chew here! [face_nail_biting] I like the repartee (!) between the two of them—Anakin's reaction to this new visitor is very much in character for him (and I love that Obi-Wan warned him of the nickname :p ). I guess it's a lucky thing that that DISEMBODIED VOICE intervened when it did—and yep, I'm now remembering your query to me a few months ago about permission to use me (well, the FanonSock) as a disembodied voice in the story, and woot, there it now is! A very fun and meta touch. :D

    And thanks to the strategic deployment of the Thunderwood Trees, and Mitch's dueling skills, some modicum of order has been restored to the galaxy—whew! So glad to see that Mace is in good hands, too, and that Raissa's on the job of clearing away the remaining resistance. And the final library book interlude with Master Nu was a fun touch; glad that she will be surviving too, because I was always partial to her. :)

    Thanks for another thrilling and hilarious romp! :)
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    Jun 14, 2005
    I almost forgot breathing while I read trough this fan fic. You truly know how to write action sequences, one better then the next, making my head swim. I wish I would be able to come up with something more clever and eloquent like Findswoman.
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    Findswoman - I enjoyed your multiple reviews as the story was ongoing, stating what you enjoyed, and pleasantly fangirling! :D

    AzureAngel2 - If you can say what you liked (or not) about a scene, or a character, that can make for a good review. Good to see you here.
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    As far as I remember I directly praised the way you write your action scenes, Sith-I-5.

    But if you really want me to be more precise about a character and/ or a scene: Mitch has a great humour. This makes him very agreeable to me. (Because I love BBC comedy series like "Blackadder" or "Jeeves & Wooster" a lot.) I like the way he converses with Jocasta Nu in the library:

    Slowly, so as not to startle her, he slipped the hand not massaging his heart inside his robes and pulled out a hardback copy of renowned childrens’ author, Enid Blyton’s (ostensibly), Five On Brexit Island, and handed it to her. “I’m returning a late book.”

    And I loved that you dragged Enid Blython into your story, too. One can always expect the unexpected from you, including a fun twist.

    I hope you like this answer better, even though I have trouble to concentrate after 3 hours with some of Europe´s Old Masters in a picture gallery and my husband watching his beloved Grand Prix/ Formula One in the same room.

    See, I am not so eloquent at times and of late very, very uncertain about the things that I write. Even of my feedbacks of jolly good stories like this one. Because there are far better and more precise reviewers on these boards. (I even paled last night when I saw that I had a forth nomination and DarthUncle had to calm me down.)
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    I was responding to this ^.

    As writers, we thrive on feedback.

    If a reader is able to highlight a particular scene that they enjoyed, I go back to that same part, re-read my work and enjoy it all the more.

    Although better than a 'Like', I don't get anything from a generalist, single-line comment.

    Mitch is my favourite and main OC, so reading how his personality or actions affect the reader is appreciated.
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