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Star Wars CLOSED 10 ABY: Fringe Elements and the Perseverance of the First Order

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by The Jedi in the Pumas, Dec 12, 2019.

  1. Jedi_Ascension

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    Jun 20, 2020

    The cathar woman, the much mentioned Lady Dathisi, took his hand and Unknown helped her to her feet before looking about themselves in case any more attackers suddenly showed themselves. Or if the red guy returned. Neither proved true, which was good.

    He could use a break. It was not much, but ever since the public gathering he had felt a little strange. The fight had felt strange. The vision thing was strange. It was just all strange. He had no other way to describe everything. While he felt more normal, whatever normal passed as for him, current events left him feeling more drained than usual.

    There were questions of what was going on, he just shook his head silently, he had already stated he wanted them answered too. If anyone around here at least seemed like they would know something, it was that K’ir guy.

    Judging by the way Mara kept looking at him in between statements too, he was getting the feeling they already knew each other in some fashion. He wasn’t sure what to make of that currently or if there was anything to make of to begin with. When K’ir offered his ship as a place to recoup, Unknown hesitated but ended up shrugging.

    “Might as well, could use a safe place while someone explains to me what I just got involved in.”

    As the man messaged his ship, Unknown’s eyebrows rose under his helmet. That meant more people of K’ir’s were there. How large was his crew? It was safe, right? After a moment of thought, he realized there was no reason to distrust yet and decided to just continue with his agreed upon course of action.

    When everyone was ready, he quietly followed them all there and would wait for these answers. He didn’t anticipate talking much, a man with no name did not have much to say. But he would listen and listen well.

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  2. Kalio_Dynkos

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    May 17, 2004
    OOC: A combo-post with the incomparable @The Jedi in the Pumas. Thanks for everything! You have set an incredible stage for 10 ABY.

    Fouche - Under assumed name Rik and Panda Volar Lars

    Shack, 75th Floor, Artemis Cradle,

    “A con man looking for a purpose... Now that’s original,” Panda gave a small smirk and cocked his head to the side.

    The fingers of his right hand drummed over his left and he stared at Fouche, trying to see a hole in the facade.

    “I believe you’re a con man. Desi attempted to defend you as such. But...” he nodded at one of the henchmen and the man placed both hands around Fouche’s neck from behind and lifted him out of the chair, strangling him.

    “We have no use for a run of the mill con man.”

    Fouche waved his arms wide incredulously in mock shock, but it had also hit a chord. "Run of the mill?" He intended to bellow a "hey" to show how it'd wounded him but misjudged the grasp around his neck. It came out more of a hungk - which was a little embarrassing as his feet left the ground. He brought his arms up to wrap around the large biceps, trying to lift himself into the grip and take the pressure off his neck. The blade shifted in his sleeve.

    He leveled a gaze at Panda, and attempted to release the grip to no avail.


    Amazing the faces you make when being strangled, Fouche thought, as his bottom lip curled down. He attempted to lift himself again, knowing that air wasn't coming but that without attempting to fight these guys, he wasn't going to get very far. Instead, Fouche reset his gaze on Panda and flashed him the best smile he could, intending to hold it as long as his consciousness held out.

    His head started to pump and his eyes to get fuzzy, but still, he held his grin. He even forced his mouth to open to show his teeth in a wider smile.

    Run of the mill my Shebs!

    Panda watched as Fouche kicked and shined a grin at him. The mobster raised an eyebrow and gave a half hearted salute. He appreciated stones. This con man had stones. The strangling continued until Fouche’s struggling ceased and he lost consciousness, still holding a grin on his face. Panda knocked the ash of his deathstick on the floor and gave a nod for his man to release Fouche. The con man dropped to the floor in a crumpled mess of human parts, unceremoniously, drool spilling from his mouth. He was alive though. First, go around and all.

    Panda nudged him with his foot.

    "Get him back into the chair."

    The henchmen picked him up and slapped him back into the chair. Panda did not move from his position. A smirk upon his face.

    "Cute act. A bit of flair for the dramatic. Desi does not want me to kill you. Why not?”

    Fouche looked at Panda as his world came into view. Strangling wasn't the worst way to go and it had been a calculated risk that if they wanted to kill him that would have happened prior to locking him up, feeding him, and coming to visit a second time. Panda seemed the kind that liked to play with his food, but not the kind to waste his precious time. Calculated risk.

    Time for another one.

    "She said you had a job," he said simply.

    "A job?" Panda's eyebrows rose to a measured height, simulating surprise. "You know better than that, guy. There's always jobs to be done. No, I think..." He faked a sigh, as if deep in thought. "I think Desi has taken a liking to you and wants you to help her with a job. I'm going to make an educated guess and say that the fiasco at the Opera House was likely Desi's own doing. She's always had a nose for the ****work."

    Panda stood back upright. He was bigger than Fouche and clearly did not need the help of the goons to keep Fouche under control. But he moved like an experienced criminal: there was no need to show off his might or cruelty. Just being around him...people could just feel that this was a man of great violence when it was necessary.

    "Alright....Rik. I let you live and Desi drags you along for whatever she has planned. Do you know what I would expect from such an arrangement? What do you think I'd do if anything happened to her?”

    "I think we're both pretty imaginative men," Fouche replied.

    "That we are. Then it sounds like we understand each other a little better than before."

    Panda waved two fingers towards the door and the henchman began to exit; the one who strangled Fouche knocked the man's chair to the floor before he left, chuckling as he exited.

    Only Panda and Fouche remained and a silence hung between them.

    "This is ****** waters you find yourself wading in, Rik. I hope, for your sake, you know how to swim."

    exited the outhouse on that last word, leaving Fouche to his own faculties. A peek outside after a few minutes would reveal that he was alone, at least no one was there physically watching him anymore and no more long black speeders were parked outside. Maybe now was the time to make a run for it. Or maybe now was the time to find out who Desi was and what she had planned. He'd have a few more hours to himself before the next knock at the outhouse door would come.


    Cradling his face in his hands, Fouche felt...inward? Outward? Detached was the feeling. Whether it was residual affects from Panda's death sticks that still lingered in the air or his own brain's reaction to being choked out, he wasn't sure. Laying back on the floor, he spread his arms and legs out and released a loud sigh that echoed back to him in the shack.

    He lay there for a few minutes, both feeling his heartbeat in his head as well as a general fog that seemed to spread from one corner of his face and travel around in a slow moving wave.

    "Rii’ca," he grumbled.

    Looks like that cover was here to stay for a bit. The last time he'd played Rii'ca - "friends call me Rik" - was at that dive in Muunilist. What a trip that was. That had to be almost 20 years ago, during the Clone Wars. Why had that name come to him at the Opera House? Why not the suave playboy Sveen Trank? Or the collegiate anthropologist Ruudy Bernitha? No. It had been the openly deceptive, drunk grifter Rii'ca that he'd given the lovely Zeltron woman.

    He wrapped his arm behind his head to support his neck.

    Well, if he was stuck with Rik, he'd might as well settle into it.

    First order of business was to find out who he was getting into bed with. This Panda fella was no joke. He had the stink of someone that knew how to survive, and who likely had. Even someone who didn't like to get his hands dirty would still reek of an unsavory past. The trick was finding it.

    Fouche had been flying by the seat of his pants for too long - since touching down here on the Cradle. And he'd really stepped in it. If there was any prospect of staying alive he needed intel.

    Stretching, Fouche let the vibroblade he'd been concealing clang to the floor, and fished for the comm from inside his belt. Cracking the case, he exposed the inner workings. After a few moments, with a piece of the spring from the mattress, and tingling fingers from a mild electrical shock, he was able to modify the comm to access the Cradle's HoloNet - at least for a few moments before the core would be overclocked and deplete the battery.

    First order of business, Fouche tapped into the public records.

    [Query : Desi Banks]

    A small rap sheet popped up on the display -

    [petty theft, menacing, suspected in the theft of...]

    Fouche passed on to known associates. Panda Volar Lars was the only name he recognized...and the Banxxi Crime Family, which he didn't. He called up their file. The display produced a directory, and a rather large one at that. The Crime Family was either suspected, implicated or downright involved in a number of illicit activities. Various lieutenants were listed, as well as a public warnings to travelers that suspected activity on certain levels was popular to certain types of crimes. But not an awful lot more was helpful, and looking through it would likely take up the remaining juice he had.

    What was certain was the Banxxi Crime Family was The Family in residence. Even when not implicitly stating that the family was involved, connecting records from civic organizations weren't shy about saying that the Banxxi's that were to blame by Hook or by Crook. What was also clear from the records was that the local authorities weren't exactly motivated to move in on the organization. Perhaps that was because of their size, but Fouche suspected it was more than likely something less legal. The larger an organization, the deeper the pockets into government.

    There wasn't any mention of the Family's head - though there were some allusions that it was Panda.

    dismissed that notion. Panda was pretty high up the food chain, but (and maybe it was just a gut feeling), he wasn't the head honcho. Maybe...Rancor Man....from the Opera House. Desi had seemed pretty sure they weren't savory characters, but when he'd met Rancor Man in the hallway with the bloodied Zeltron in his arms, that wasn't the look of someone who had spotted someone carrying a compatriot. Oddly enough, Panda had shown more compassion.

    Switching to more recent briefings, he called up the Pit event from the Opera House. Name of the challenger was Abaddon.

    [Query: Abaddon]

    As the display came to life with information, Fouche sat up.

    Known member of the Syndicate Supreme.

    And from believed to be from Geonosis.

    So he wasn't a local boy. A broad search on the HoloNet brought up past high profile fights under the name Abaddon that spread into the Outer Rim Territories. Assuming they were the same - and the list of uncanny victories had to indicate that he was the one and same - Abaddon had been a walking tank for sometime.

    Fouche's screen flickered and the comm buzzed. Minutes were left. He quickly keyed in a cross reference for the Artemis Cradle, Syndicate Supreme, and the Banxxi Crime Family. A headline by a boots-on-the-ground journalist towards the time of the beginning of the Empire caught his eye.

    [Night of a Dozen Patricides Strikes Artemis Cradle
    by Lootina Neu]

    The journalists quoted a "well-placed" yet anonymous source who was not authorized to speak on behalf the Artemis Cradle authorities. Apparently, the Artemis Cradle had been ruled by 13 dueling crime families nearly 20 years ago. The Banxxi Crime Family was listed among them and premiere among them until someone the reporter could only name as The Outrider and his lieutenant Dice, had attacked the crime families with a small army.

    12 murders - or better described as assassinations - of the crime family heads was leveled at the Syndicate as the culprits, along with details of the gruesome murders of the crime families - children, women, men, and lots of collateral damage.

    [In an unheralded response to the atrocity and in demonstration of civic duty, The Banxxi Crime Family announced an unparalleled alliance with the Artemis Cradle.]

    Reading further, a figure in the Family only referred to as The Survivor was made into a sort of folk hero - leading the fight against the invaders, directing his once-nefarious family to take on the self-sacrificing roles of Guerrilla warriors, saviors...heroes.

    The invaders were beat back, The Syndicate removed from the Cradle, and The Survivor was added to the Devas of the Artemis Cradle - presumably a position of power here.

    And that's who Panda worked for. That's who Panda killed for. That's the hospitality of the Family that turned his face into a bulbous mass, confined him to a box, threatened to kill him, shacked him up here, and then nearly killed him. And who'd offered him a job.

    The Banxxi's were still criminals of the worst sort, but the people of Artemis Cradle loved them.

    And Desi was attached to them, but how? Fouche keyed in her file again but the the comm fizzed, spit a spark from the bed spring protruding from the casing and with a small poof exhaled smoke.


    "Kriff," Fouche said aloud to no-one, and tossed it across the room.

    The Survivor, The Outrider, Dice, Panda - it sounded like a sabaac hand with different names. And no matter how you dealt it, Fouche didn't feel like he had a winning hand.

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  3. The Jedi in the Pumas

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    Jun 23, 2018
    Episode 7 Conclusion: Part I

    Southern Jungles, Isle of Nobu Genesi

    The woman. Her words are true.
    The man. His words are slick.
    They do not sound like the blue one with tattoos.
    Nor the ones he brought with him.
    He seeks to steal from Mother.
    Hurt Mother.
    Maybe they can help.
    That isn't for us to decide.
    Only the Stag will decide their fate.
    Let's go!

    The words being etched in the sand came to an end. The presences that seemed to be transcribing upon the ground were gone, Tiona would sense their disappearance, though she did not sense their arrival. How many more presences were in their midst that she had not noticed? Was she not experienced enough to notice? A child, now a young woman, who had never been formally taught deep into the ways of the Force, how was she to know that the very jungles she and Thallass walked were home to various Force presences, past, present, and future? The answer was that she could not. Few in the galaxy had the ability to see the Isle of Nobu Genesi for what it was and none were fortunate enough to understand what the island was. She could be taught however, but that, as was the truth of Nobu Genesi and the treasure it contained, was something that would be revealed in time.

    For the present time, the vines around Thallass' wrists loosened and he would be able to pull his feet out of the sand, after a few minutes of struggling. The path they were on...there was no way to go but forward. Through more sand and dirt. The jungle that ran adjacent to the path they tread was too thick to penetrate and Thallass' eyes continued to pick up creatures out in the distance. Not the furry, clawed monstrosities from before, but creatures that seemed too large for the island they inhabited. A glimpse here or a small trace there of a large tail the size of a spaceship, an eyeball the size of house, or several groups of feet that should be making louder sounds than what they were when they made contact with the ground. Tiona would notice none of this, her eyes were unable to see what Thallass' were able to. The Force, and the isle, had a different plan for her.



    Keep going down the path.

    The path of the Stag was one meant for the strong. The brave. And Tiona would have the sense that those that lacked courage would only find death and no escape. They were being judged. By the Stag. And as minute after minute turned hour after hour of going down the path, they would grow exhausted and only have each other to rely upon until they came to...


    A pristine temple and a bridge that led to it. Was it abandoned? Where were the creatures that Thallass had seen the entire way? Gone. But what was certain, as any good treasure hunter would know, one does not merely walk into a temple in the middle of a jungle on a mysterious planet without expecting a few bumps along the way.

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    Chord's Compound, Csilla

    The vomited sand disgusted Chord though the mannered Chiss made no movement to betray this internal emotion. Sera hummed and zipped to the other side of Tek. The Trickster Machine's advanced internal workings were spinning at full processing speed. Millions to billions of ideas and plans ran across his CPU cores in milliseconds and yet he could not figure out why Chord was asking Borek Tek to do this. Chord worked for the Ascendancy and, in a blink of an eye Sera infiltrated and scanned all information and correspondences in the Ascendancy files and could find nothing that would warrant or direct the Chiss Spymaster to demand the kidnapping of a member of a royal family. This was personal, somehow. No...that was too easy, Sera reasoned. Chord was planning at a larger game. How much did he know? How was this all connected?

    A chirp escaped Sera's tiny floating droid body. A chirp that sounded like a chuckle. This was why he had come here. This was why he had led Borek Tek here...well one of the many reasons: Chord was entertaining. But, time was now of the essence and Sera had other things to attend to.

    What could be more entertaining than Minute's plan for the people on Vas Nihollia?

    "Yes, Mr. Tek. The Vanger Matriarch will have plenty of security and bodyguards. It is no small ask, but as I have explained before: It is likely your and Ms. Deya's easiest path to freedom." Chord allowed his gaze to drop to Deya, his eyes flashing an intense red. "Ms. Deya nor you are slaves or prisoners here. The choice is yours, Mr. Tek. You are free to return to your ship and do whatever you feel is right and I wish you luck either way." Chord took a seat in the swivel chair in front of the many blacked out displays and crossed his legs, folding his palms on a datapad he grabbed. "If you do accept this request that I have asked of you, inform me of what you need. I will accommodate whatever the request is. I hope I am not being braggadocious by saying: there are few things that are not within my capability of acquiring."

    Zeek beeped to Tek, indicating that Deya needed to rest, as her vitals were beginning to rise with the confusion of her current situation. She had not registered Tek until this moment, her eyes widened... Her vitals skyrocketing.

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    Trande Settlement, Vas Nihollia

    The crowd dispersed. It took several hours to get a handle on the situation and Muul was trying his best to get a handle on the situation. He knew that newcomers to Trande would bring trouble, but now the clinic was full of townsfolk complaining of headaches and dark visions. They had a lightsaber wielding, tattooed twi'lek in custody and, they were lucky she was injured because Trande was not prepared to hold a Force user. Speaking of Force users, apparently Dathisi Niroon was a Jedi of some sort and had stabbed a man in the stomach and she would eventually need to be brought in for questioning.

    Just what in the hell was going on here!

    The Tenasas could only land at the poor excuse for a landing pad that Trande possessed. The landing zone was not built for more than three ships and with the arrival of K'ir Tor's ship, joining Mara Jade's and Unknown's crafts, the space was narrowing fast. Myra watched as Dathisi, Mara Jade, and Unknown boarded the ship while Mai'hun readied some refreshments. Nothing extensive, just a few biscuits and tea and water. She was no maid and they had not been expecting company before K'ir Tor's call. As soon as they were all seated, Myra placed both her hands around K'ir Tor's face.

    "Ever since I've met you, it's one battle after another." Her eyebrows raised as a sly smirk spread across her lips. "I'm beginning to think you like it."

    The inhabitants would talk, information would be exchanged, and decisions and plans would be made. Whatever was decided, the Trande Settlement would be forever changed this night and the future that Minute was praying for would slowly start to take shape.

    Three Days Later...

    The inhabitants and visitors of the Trande Settlement would look to the sky in the early morning and see a fleet of ships. Of ancient ships. Of the Huzon Fleet that had been lost to time behind the Grysk Hegemonic Territory.

    Dathisi would feel it as her eyes opened next to her caring husband who had not let her out of his sight since the ordeal with Dice the Heartbreaker.

    Mara Jade would feel it.

    Unknown would be able to look to the sky, aboard his ship that he was allowed to stay in, and see them.

    And K'ir Tor would be alerted by Mai'hun. The Force would tell him and Dathisi and Mara Jade that every. single. individual in the hundreds aboard the Huzon Fleet ships was Force Sensitive. They had been led here for a purpose. They were seeking something. Someone.

    "Now...isn't that curious." A single tear rolled down the face of Dice the Heartbreaker as he stepped out of the hotel he was staying in, biting into a luscious piece of fruit. The man had not left the Settlement and was beginning to like it here. He too would sense the arrival of the Huzon Fleet and the many minds aboard that he could infect and manipulate. But he had not lost focus of his primary objective here... To capture the heart of Dathisi Niroon.

    The Vilestorms Region, Vas Nihollia

    Wapoe would awaken when the familiar presence of the Huzon Fleet above the planet shocked his mind alive. It had been three days and the corpse of the Outrider was being torn away by wild desert foxes. Wapoe too was being dragged by a pair of the foxes. They must have thought the long lived Force manipulator was dead as well. He might as well be. For he had set in motion a series of events that would spell the end of this universe. The end of all universes. Sera the Trickster Machine was out there, working on machinations that only he and Minute knew of.

    That was a problem for another time. In the meantime, Wapoe, unknowingly, had brought the leader of the Syndicate Supreme to his end and soon news would reach the First Prince. Unrestrained and unchecked, the First Prince of the Syndicate Supreme would continue her plans on conquering the galaxy.

    Yes, this incarnation of Wapoe had been quite active. Hopefully, the three day rest had left him refreshed. But he would find leaving Vas Nihollia quite difficult. Upon an inspection of his body, Wapoe would notice small vegetation and fauna growing from his skin.

    Now...isn't that curious.

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    The Megarea

    Days had past for the fleet of Admiral Sabel. The new ships in the mock battle had performed amazingly and fought the battle hardened ones to a small stalemate. The misinformation campaign against Chord had not provided any noticeable results, but Sabel was experienced and knew that Chord was as well. The battle would not yield immediate results...They were both advanced sabacc players...Piece movers as Borek Tek had correctly identified. It was to be a long game. A notification sounded on Sabel's datapad. It was from Sten. The notification was simple, but quite unusual for Admiral Sabel's fleet:

    One of the suspected spies, the confident and calm male was found dead in his quarters.

    Another alert.

    Red Guard 0021 had spaced himself a few moments afterwards.

    Other Red Guards were complaining of nightmares and voices in their heads.

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    75th Floor, Artemis Cradle

    The next morning, Fouche would awake to Desi in the shack, cooking breakfast.


    The Zeltron was singing. Pheromones were filling the air and Fouche would notice that she was even more attractive than before. She was priming him for...

    "Hey RIK you're awake... I got a meeting for us scheduled!"

    Daughter. That was the last word that Fouche received from his information dive from the night before. But with Desi in front of him with food and an offer for a meeting, maybe his information dive wasn't the thing at the forefront of his mind. Desi bounced around the room and tossed his plate on the bed and a bottle of whiskey onto his stomach.

    "Alright, peep this old man." She said as she pulled up a chair...The same chair that her Uncle Panda had sat at before almost having him strangled. In fact, the room still smelled of Panda's deathstick. "I know my last play was kind of wild. But hey, it wasn't my fault! Plus, I still got those cred chits and access cards. The dealer is ready to meet and I figureddddd." She leaned forward and batted her eyes. "Since you helped me before and you owe me one for Uncle Panda not killing you, you could come to the meet with me. Make sure everything is on the up and up. And be my bodyguard!"

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    May 17, 2004
    IC: Fouche - Under assumed name Rik
    Shack, 75th Floor, Artemis Cradle,

    In that mental twilight in between sleep and awake, two worlds collide - that which your brain was creating and that which your environment may influence it. Like the alarm that turns into a synth trumpet or the person talking that become a voice on the radio. In this moment, Fouche was vaguely aware that he was asleep - mostly from the indication that his eyes wouldn’t open but that he also didn’t care enough to try.

    It was dark. His throat was sore, closed to air and he felt the need to struggle. He was under water. No. Panda stood over him, hand over his throat - but he was pink-skinned and…humming? Panda’s grin widened, and his lips started to form over words but they indistinguishable. Fouche shook his head, trying to wrench free. He couldn’t breathe. Again. But he also felt heavy and weightless as the same time. His head burst with pain from the right temple, and the air smelled of…bacon?

    He gasped for air as Panda stood over him, pinning him to the bed. His pink skin reddening, the song playing on his lips as Fouche approached death or passing out again. He put his arm up to push Panda off before it was too late.

    The clash of a dish startled him, tearing him from his sleep. As he bolted up in the bed - his world came into view. And there stood Desi over the stove top, cooking.

    Fouche rubbed his face with both hands and growled in frustration into them - which turned out to be a mistake. The muscles in his neck screamed in pain.

    “Des…” his voice came out a hoarse whisper.

    "Hey RIK you're awake,” the pink-skinned young woman said to him grinning. “I got a meeting for us scheduled!”

    Fouche leveled a gaze on her, closing one eye tight to be sure she was really there. This time not covered in blood, she was actually quite fetching.

    He swung his leg off. He blinked.

    And young. She was young.

    “Daughter” was the last word he’d seen on the comm before it gave up the ghost. Who’s daughter? Panda’s pinkish skin in the dream flashed briefly in his mind, he shook it off.

    “Des…” he rasped again, holding his hand to his throat.

    But, she was already moving - bouncing - around the room. A ball of energy. She bounded over to the bed and he couldn’t help but notice the fluidity of her movements. But, he needed to stop her. They had to talk. He put his hand out to signal her to stop. Instead, she tossed the plate of food on the bed and a bottle of whiskey onto his stomach.

    Resigned and feeling calm, he laid back on the bed with a grunt, cradling the bottle in his chest.

    “Alright, peep this old man,” she said, sitting in a chair next to him. “I know my last play was kind of wild. But hey, it wasn't my fault!”

    Fouche screwed off the top of the whiskey bottle and took a swig silently.

    "Plus, I still got those cred chits and access cards. The dealer is ready to meet and I figureddddd,” She leaned forward and batted her eyes. "Since you helped me before and you owe me one for Uncle Panda not killing you, you could come to the meet with me. Make sure everything is on the up and up. And be my bodyguard!"

    Fouche looked at her and took another punctuated swig of whiskey.

    The math didn’t add up. He’d helped her before and saved her life. Check one for team Ri’ik. She’d gotten him beaten and strangled for his troubles…he was moderately sure that might not be a point in her favor, but not one for himself either. Then, his deal that spawned from that included keeping her alive. So, far…not exactly a “you owe me” kind of situation.

    Despite the fact, he was grinning at her, and not really sure why.

    “Sure, Kid,” he said with a wink. “I trust you.”

    He passed her the bottle.

    “What’s the gig for anyway?”

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    IC: Wapoe

    He was kinda surprised that he hadn't woken earlier, but he had been exhausted, and not all that far from dead. Wapoe woke with a kind of sadness in his bones; his sleep had not been kind. Replaying the death over and over and over. Contrary to probably many, many opinions, he had never killed anyone. Not like that. Yes, it could be argued - and had been - that he'd caused a fair few deaths.

    But killing someone like that? With the hands and powers in his possession?


    It was mortifying, and his body was as injured by the encounter as his heart and soul.

    Unconsciously, even before he dealt with the creatures dragging him by their teeth, he touched his wound; it was knitted to a degree, fresh skin evident, but - was that vegetation? He blinked a few times, shaking his feet to obtain release. The creatures he batted at with the Force, almost negligently, as he realised that there was something here.

    He looked to the sky, and detected the Huzon fleet with his tattered senses. His mind reached out, hard, for Ship, demanding an update, and to know where it was. He needed a pick-up, and went to speak aloud, feeling ash in his dry, dry, dry throat.

    There were new presences nearby, he was sure of it, and Wapoe drew himself back, until he could identify them, and reach out warmly.

    It would take some energy to summon up positive feeling.

    Possibly ever again.

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    Borek Tek
    The offer, Csillia

    Tek stood still, not looking at Deya, but instead kept his eyes glued to the Chiss known as Cord. Behind him, Sera chirped. He kept his eyes focused on the man. He didn't trust himself to look over towards ... her.

    "Yes, Mr. Tek. The Vanger Matriarch will have plenty of security and bodyguards. It is no small task, but as I have explained before: It is likely your and Ms. Deya's easiest path to freedom." Chord allowed his gaze to drop to Deya, his eyes flashing an intense red. "Ms. Deya nor you are slaves or prisoners here. The choice is yours, Mr. Tek. You are free to return to your ship and do whatever you feel is right and I wish you luck either way." Chord took a seat in the swivel chair in front of the many blacked-out displays and crossed his legs, folding his palms on a datapad he grabbed. "If you do accept this request that I have asked of you, inform me of what you need. I will accommodate whatever the request is. I hope I am not being braggadocious by saying: there are few things that are not within my capability of acquiring."

    Tek nodded curtly. "Understood."

    At that moment, Zeek beeped to Tek, indicating that Deya needed to rest, as her vitals were beginning to rise with the confusion of her current situation. She had not registered Tek until this moment, her eyes widened... Her vitals skyrocketing.

    So, the man was giving him time to consider his 'offer'. Interesting. There was definitely more going on here than he understood. Course, Tek knew that this was playing into several things. Unfortunately, he did not have the intel. But he would. He gave another sharp nod, as he moved forward, removing his coat. He walked over, and draped it around Deya, saying nothing, but firmly grabbing her shoulders and picking her up. He gestured at Zeek, and then moved quickly, using the Force if necessary, to move Deya, to get her away from this man, and out of this room, and moving non stop to the Rupert's Run. He would not say a word or even look at her until they reached his ship. Zeek was closing monitoring her.

    He simply didn't trust himself.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: K’ir Tor
    New Allies, Vas Nihollia

    Aboard the Tenasas…

    K’ir Tor felt pleased that everyone had agreed to meet aboard his ship and was grateful to Mai’hun for the refreshments. He also promised to go on a provision run to restock their dwindling supplies.

    His face brightened considerably when was with Myra and held her for longer than he normally did. He looked into her eyes and took in her face as if for the first time, even as she held his face in her hands.

    "Ever since I've met you, it's one battle after another." Her eyebrows raised as a sly smirk spread across her lips. "I'm beginning to think you like it."

    He smiled in response ands chuckled. He could not deny her loving rebuke, and simply accepted it. “I don’t deserve you.” he said finally, then kissed both her hands, feeling their softness and their warmth. Truly, she was his anchor.

    In short order, he introduced their visitors.

    “This is Mara, this is Dathisi…..and…..” Well, there was no real way to get around it. “Our armored friend here is simply known as…Unknown.”

    Everyone had a drink in their hand and the group was feeling relaxed, not to mentioned he was feeling inspired.

    “You should all know, that we have been gathered together, not by random circumstance, but by design. The Force has lead us all here for a purpose greater than ourselves, I know you can feel it. We must each trust in the leading we feel in the core of our being, we should trust in the Force. I’ve experienced so many things that frankly defy explanation, and only make sense in hindsight.”

    Here, he gave them all a knowing smile. “Something is happening, and we will know more as events progress, of that I am certain. Everything happens for a purpose. Everything.”

    He paused, and briefly thought about Primarch, then Chord.

    “But for now, we must get to know each other better. I mean, aside from me being K’ir Tor, which is my chosen name, you should also know that I am an avid Pazaak player, not bad at Dejarik and terrible at Sabacc."

    At this he laughed out loud.

    “I really like this ship, which was recently acquired, with a pilot no less.” He gave a small bow to Mai’hun. “But more than this ship, or my life, I think I love Myra more…..maybe.”

    K’ir Tor winked at Myra, hoping no one would notice him turning red around the cheeks. He had never spoken those words aloud before, much less confessed them in front of a group. But he felt compelled to declare it now, to let others know that she was special to him.

    “I came to the Unknown Regions to get away from trouble, and now…well, I’ve found real purpose in my life.”

    That was putting it lightly.

    K’ir Tor felt comfortable and relaxed. Safe. He was in the mood to share, for transparency. Whatever question was asked of him, he would answer. He was willing to disclose his origin and his past, but more so the present. Forming a bond with everyone aboard was going to be important, especially if what he was feeling was any indication. They were going to need each other, more than they could imagine.

    But being here, with the company of others. It was a nice feeling.


    Three Days Later

    He had been up early, meditating. Something was just hovering just outside his understanding, something he could not quite identify. It wasn’t the Tall Man. K’ir Tor could feel that he had not gone. No, it was something much different.

    Mai’hun’s words gave words to the concept and the force then confirmed it.

    This was the opposite of peace. The opposite of safety. This was not the Light.

    But, there was something else he had almost missed. Something curious, way in the distance, elusive and undefined.

    Everything was about to change.

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    Aboard the Tenasas:

    Mara smiled at the effusive words of K'ir Tor. He was a mystery wrapped in an enigma. All strength and light when helping Dathisi, now being candid and asking for openness and trust from the others. She felt he'd earned that much.

    "I came here almost incidentally," Mara said, "certainly not intentionally, but it looks like I was meant to be here. The question is what threat does this Dice pose and does it represent a bigger menace?" She paused. "And that other place/time encounter ... what piece of the puzzle does that fit?"


    Three Days Later:

    Mara felt and saw the impending change, a shift. It tingled along her nerves and made her battle-ready.

    They were on the brink of ... something portentous.
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    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Sabel
    Admiral’s office - Megarea

    The reports were slowly filtering in. The long game he’d set in motion with Chord was already in progress but there was now a setback. The report lay on the desk, a holo in the air above it showing the body of the male spy. He’d had the Meg’s Surgeon transfer the body to a sterilized and otherwise empty of personnel support craft of the Meg so the autopsy would be performed closeby but outside of any way to influence personnel onboard the flagship.

    Another report lay on the desk as well, that of a report of a Man Overboard. That had been received only moments after the report of the spy’s death. One of the Red Guard, 0021 to be exact. Another holo shone over that report, showing the vacuum frozen body as it was being manipulated by droids into a bodybag to be transferred to the same support ship as the spy’s body.

    Both autopsies would be performed there and he would be observing remotely, using his abilities to reach into the what was left of the bodies to see if there were any residual traces of Force use on the bodies. The fact that others of the Red Guard were complaining told him that there was someone, something that had been brought back when he returned. Which, with the male spy dead left the female, the clean sailor, and the pilot.

    He tapped out orders to have all of them scanned by Red Guards then those guards quarantined in cells they could not escape where only he and they could access, so he could study them and see if any other effects were had by them. Those Red Guard that complained of the other effects he ordered to have make rounds of their ships and report back if the effects strengthened or lessened in certain areas. There was little he could do with the little information he had, but until more evidence surfaced he would ensure that he gained as complete a picture of the current circumstances as possible.

    He contacted the Captain of the Red Guard and had one of the available Red Guards be sent to him, to do a light scan of his own faculties and body to see if there was anything that had been implanted in the time he’d been at Chord’s compound. No stone must be unturned in this investigation.

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    Jun 20, 2020

    As the commotion around the town slowly settled down and the citizens restored themselves and their prisoner to order, he went with the others back to Kir’s ship. Food and drink was set out, which was nice, but he declined them silently. Opting instead to take a place standing off to the side.

    He didn’t intend to talk if he could help it, there was nothing for him to really add. Everything going on was so clearly beyond him and his comprehension, but he was involved now anyway. That warranted listening and being present to these talks.

    Unknown listened to the lovebirds, somehow not surprised that one of Kir’s crew was a lover. Seemed like something that just made sense. Their host seemed to kick off the full conversation with formal introductions.

    It was amusing to see himself being introduced as ‘Unknown’, but it was true and quite likely to become his actual name at this rate. Why bother correcting it? Instead, the man in the odd armor just nodded in acquiescence to the given name.

    Unknown listened to the small speech about how the Force brought them all together and that everything occurred for a reason. A sentiment he enjoyed personally, but couldn’t say he was too sure of. Losing one’s memories and full identity? Where was the point in that?

    Perhaps the Force’s cruel idea of a prank. A wonderful thought. Really.

    Listening further, the man described his personality a bit in an overture to them connecting and revealed enough. He was compassionate, genuinely not faked. And deeply spiritual with regards to the Force. Something he felt he should know more about, but as with all else, didn’t.

    They could say all they wanted. He would say nothing. The only reason he was so forthcoming with Muul and the others was because he was in a dire situation that forced him to. With them to fall back on, there was no reason to relate to this bunch. If anything, while he was dragged into—whatever this mess was—Unknown was counting on it to only be for a brief time. No need for long entanglements.

    Though…His eyes located Dathisi under the helmet. He had been referenced to speak to her specifically multiple times now. Perhaps she would be an exception. Perhaps. Maybe, when they were alone, he could speak.

    When Mara spoke up with her questions regarding Dice (the red guy he supposed) and their strange encounter. Other place? Other time? Yes, that just reaffirmed his notions. Keep his trap shut and just let these people talk it out. They were truly beyond him. Anything he said would serve only to reveal the level of fool he was in regards to this topic.

    Unknown merely turned his head to look between Dathisi and K’ir to see what they said since they had more knowledge of what was going on.

    Three Days Later

    Standing up from the pilot's seat in his ship's cockpit, Unknown would stare through the transparisteel to watch the archaic fleet arrive over the world. If that wasn't ominous, he didn't what was. The man's jaw tightened and his eyes darkened.

    Perhaps now was the time to think about escaping, if there was even an opening left to do so. There was no reason to get caught up in the storm that was coming. All he wanted was to find his memories and go back to his life, whatever it was. But Dathisi, the one he may heal him possibly, was here. But there was no guarantee of that being possible. And the woman in that other time/place as Mara had stated some days previous? Well, he didn't know her and had no reason to assist. Selfish? Yes. But also realistic. The chances of gaining anything out of this was likely nil.

    Better to prepare an escape plan if it was possible. If not, well, then things got more complicated. A lot more.

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    Tiona & Thallass
    Southern Jungles, Isle of Nobu Genesi

    Tiona held on tight to Thallass, praying her words and his efforts would prevail. It was a disconcerting feeling – to throw herself at the mercy of the Mother Forest. She could only imagine how vulnerable the Duros felt.

    Thallass watched the words writing in the sand, still keeping himself calm, though Tiona could hear his heart beating fast in his chest. It was a tense few moments for him as the spirits deliberated about whether or not to let him go. The only sign that they weren't just going to kill him outright was the fact that there wasn't a vine tightening around his neck, while the sand sucked him deeper under. They made mention of His Royal Highness, and the other mercs brought with him. And the possibility of aid that the pair could grant them. Normally Thallass would try and negotiate a fee, or some reward, but, it was hard to have a sit down with ethereal spirits that had a whole forest behind them.

    Only the Stag will decide their fate.

    "That's not ominous." Thallass said quietly to the side as the vines loosened.

    Tiona eventually felt like the presences – for there were more than one – had retreated from this place. A settling in the Force told her the moment of immediate danger had passed. She let go of her companion and stepped back.

    The vines and sinking sands were releasing their grip! He was free again. She smiled with relief then helped him struggle out.

    Gently and carefully Thallass unwrapped the vines, doing his best not to just tear them away from his form. He'd already gotten the forest angry at him, not a good plan to enrage them more by possibly hurting them. Tiona helped him free himself from the sand and he gave her a nod.

    When he was free, when she felt the danger had truly passed, Tiona recapped her behaviour of the last few moments and lowered her eyes, shyly.

    “I… uhh… sorry about the hug… Nothing personal. I just needed to, you know, make sure we both didn’t get into trouble.”

    At her apology, Thallass gave a slight smile. "You're alright, you were trying to protect me. Quite surprising really given our, somewhat tense alliance. I should be the one apologizing, I'm the one that got sloppy and tried to call for support."

    His tone was kind and caring, no blame to be thrown around except toward him.

    The path opened up before them, with jungle either side too thick to penetrate. Tiona paused. What were those presences? The words in the sand? Her senses were perhaps more trained than most, but she was no Jedi and understood little of the deeper truths of the Force. She shrugged. The path was laid before them, they had better take the offer before it was retracted.

    Taking a breath and putting his blaster away, Thallass scanned the path ahead of them, the only way to go. Between the dense jungle he could still see motion, see creatures moving around in the distance. Except these seemed to be much larger than the ones that were now behind them. He could never get a good look at them but the parts he could see they were massive, far larger than an island of this size could possibly support.

    They set off together. They did not make conversation. Tiona was still too embarrassed about her earlier outburst of emotion. Stupid, stupid, stupid! she chided herself. Always stay focused, always stay cool. However, a small part of her heart told her that showing her true feelings had convinced the Forest to let them pass.

    There were a few times Thallass would try and point out their gigantic companions to Tiona, only to realize that only he could see them. How? He wasn't connected to the Force, had not a lick of sensitivity, then why could he see these monsters and she could not?

    He flexed his hand a little, trying not to rest it on his pistol. As he had been shown by the spirits, firing blindly was a good way to get them pissed at you. Though it seemed these lumbering giants cared little for the pair of adventures walking through their forest. Likely they were beneath their notice, so long as they didn't make a nuisance of themselves. Which Thallass had no plans of doing.

    The pathway stretched on. And on.

    And on

    Tiona was beginning to wonder if they were truly headed in the right direction. Her estimate of the island’s length told her they should have arrived at the central mountains long ago. The distance they were travelling was too great. But, the impenetrable green walls of foliage towered either side of them and gave her little sight of their further surroundings.

    To Thallass also, they trudged on for what seemed like hours. The thick heat of the jungle pressing down on him. There was something at the end of this path, the spirits wouldn't have let them follow it if there wasn't a goal at the end of all this. He kept one eye on Tiona making sure she was keeping up, but mostly it was for his own sanity. He knew at least she was real, that she wasn't just some figment of the jungle. Keeping her in his sight gave him some comfort that he wasn't alone walking through the 'Forest of the Mother.'

    Tiona would occasionally glance across at Thallass. He struggled on in defiant silence. Each time she saw this, she gulped down her fatigue and doubled her efforts to continue. But there was no doubt, she was becoming exhausted. I won’t be the first to give up! she decided. Being a female of the species perhaps put her at a disadvantage physically to the Duros, but Tiona was tenacious and dug deep, forcing step after step along the path.

    It felt to Thallass like the path just kept going, and going, like there was no end, that the spirits, or the Stag was playing a trick on them. Every time he would look at Tiona she would always keep going, so would he. There was an odd competition, unspoken but a little felt. Neither of them would give up, they would keep going. Thallass's face could best be described as calm determination, though he would admit to sweating quite a lot in the jungle heat.

    He paused to take a few sips from his canteen, keeping hydrated as much as possible, one of the many things his grandfather had taught him. He also taught him to never give up. He continued to press on. His feet started to hurt, his legs started to ache, but he kept going. There had to be something.

    Finally, Tiona had to call a stop for water and rations. She devoured an energy bar from her pack and it made the world of difference. The pathway stretched on

    And on…

    Tiona seemed to find a second wind, and Thallass kept pace with her, a bit of pride and some stubbornness keeping him going step for step with her. In the quiet he could hear the birds and insects singing and chirping. It was almost calming but he could still hear the low rumble of heavy footsteps in the distance. Never feeling fully comfortable. Though he did what he could to keep the worry off his features. Not that it was very difficult his body had other things to worry about.

    But, there had to be something at the end of this.

    The feeling crept up on Tiona that they were being watched. The Mother Forest was testing them again. Or was it the Stag – the image that had entered her mind at the time of choosing pathways? The oppressive heat beat down upon her shoulders. The chorus of jungle critters battered her from both sides in rising and falling waves of noise.

    Must… go… on…

    She looked again at Thallass. He was surely struggling now too, but the stoic explorer was tough. She had known that just from looking at him. He had also shown the character to continue with this, and in turn that had inspired and motivated her.

    She wondered if either one of them would have made it alone, without this silent little competition to push them on? When Tiona was sure she could not take another ten steps without collapsing, the path abruptly ended.

    They arrived at the edge of a sheer cliff. They were at the mountains! The final breakthrough gave a last wind of energy and she skipped and clapped her hands.

    “We did it!”

    Her eyes took in the sight before them. A stone bridge, forged in an ancient style, and a beautiful temple in similar architecture beyond. Her heart lifted. This was surely a sacred place. It looked abandoned, but Tiona had been in this business long enough to know this appearance was deceptive.


    She unhooked her pistol and energy blade, checking them for charge. Then she looked across to Thallass. She still had energy bars and water in her pack, and really needed them. She was not sure how he was doing – the Duros had notoriously inexpressive faces.

    Letting out a breath, Thallass looked to his partner with a smile. "Yeah, yeah we did."

    Tiona said, “Wanna make a brief camp and recoup before going in there?”

    Taking a seat on the ground, maneuvering his long limbs into a cross legged position, Thallass said, "And yeah, I think we should take a bit of a break. Figure out what our next steps are. As fun as it is to see an abandoned temple in the middle of nowhere. I don't think she should start running up to it. Given what we just went though, I sense more challenges in our future."

    Tiona laughed. Thallass had a gift for the understatement, and a deadpan wit in the face of adversity.

    She flopped down with relief and unshouldered her pack. Inside she reached for an energy bar and offered one to him.

    "They taste like crap but they'll keep us going for now," she said.

    "If you're offering," Thallass said, taking the energy bar. Tearing open the wrapper, he took a bite. It wasn't the best, but it wasn't the worst either. He most certainly had eaten worse. There's a surprising amount of things in the universe that are eatable by reptilian species like himself. "It's not too bad." He said giving Tiona a smile.

    She sat cross-legged opposite him and enjoyed the fact their alliance had seemed to reach a new status. They had placed their trust in one another and survived a lethal trial together. Nothing like a bit of shared deadly peril to encourage bonding.

    She considered again the presences of the forest. She had encountered the Force in a number of forms in her life now, had studied for years in the temples of Mirial, but realised once again she was but a child in its ways. She decided Thallass was perhaps not the one with which to meditate upon exactly what was the nature of the sentient forest. It would be something to ask the Elders when she returned home... assuming that did actually happen.

    Instead, it was time to look ahead, to what lay before them.

    She nodded to the temple. "You recognise the architectural style? Any idea of era or culture?”

    Looking around, Thallass gave the temple a long gaze. There were some things he recognized but nothing was really clicking.

    "Hum..." He said in short reply to his partner's question. "I see some influences from Massassi so could be for similar purposes. Worship of some entity, hopefully not some power mad Sith lord that wanted adoration. Era, fairly old, not much is known about this area of the galaxy outside of Chiss scholars. My best guess, early old republic, possibly before." He took longer look seeing if he could pick up any more details.

    Tiona nodded in agreement with Thallass' appraisal of the temple. Of course, pre-light-speed era was pretty meaningless; every world had its own history and before space flight there would be no outside influence. But she had not detected any modernity, and was glad the Duros had not either.

    Thallass' and Tiona’s eyes and knowledge did not steer them wrong, but they would only know for sure if and when they ventured closer. At the opposite end of the bridge, positioned like gigantic dejarik pieces, were roughly a dozen statues in awkward poses in front of the temple. There was no obvious explanation for their arrangement; their order was random and sporadic. From across the bridge, Thallass nor Tiona would be able to tell that the sculptures, though sienna stone, had bags, belts, and blasters that straddled their figures which were from various different makes, models, old and relatively new.

    There was only one figure that was not a statue. It was metallic droid that did not seem old at all and was comically out of place in the middle of such a scene. It was not moving and did not seem particularly dangerous. It was just...there. And Tiona would not as much see the droid figure's presence and she would feel it through the Force.


    She rose to a standing position and stretched. The rest and rations had done her good. She looked again at the temple. They could only know for sure once they got inside.

    She peered at the distant statues at the other end of the bridge. They seemed arrayed in odd positions; not the usual straight line flanking a pathway into the temple, for example. But she was too far away to discern their details.

    However... there... something brushed her senses. She felt a presence in the Force. It was not the same as the sentient forest. Something different, unusual, amongst the statues.

    She turned and looked at Thallass. "Ready to go take a look?"

    Thallass got up as well, taking another look at the pillars and design again confirming his thoughts on the age of the building. Definitely Early Old Republic, though purpose was still a little hidden from him. Perhaps they would find out more once they got closer. Though it looked like getting inside was going to be its own challenge given what he could see, and his mind putting two and two together.

    They crossed the bridge and noticed the droid. They paused at the exit of the bridge before wandering amongst the statues. A bunch of statues in odd poses, aligned randomly with different equipment of differing ages. Thallass’ blue brow arched a little. The droid standing on the other side still functional. A gatekeeper maybe.

    "Best get going," He said walking in step with Tiona, "I get the feeling our next challenge might be a little stiff..."

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  12. Jedi_padawan_leigh

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    Feb 13, 2003
    IC: Dathisi Niroon
    (Andren Kett)

    Aboard the Tenasas/Trande Settlement

    Dathisi had boarded K'ir Tor's ship with Mara and Unknown, and was introduced the Kir's other crew. A human Woman named Myra, and a Chiss female, whose name was Mai’hun. Dathisi felt a pang of guilt as she observed Mai'hun, the young chiss reminded her of Un'hee, the girl she had lost, the girl she had failed.

    Never again

    Light refreshment was provided by Mai'hun, and Dathisi listened as Ki'r addressed those who had gathered. He spoke of their coming together

    “You should all know, that we have been gathered together, not by random circumstance, but by design. The Force has lead us all here for a purpose greater than ourselves, I know you can feel it. We must each trust in the leading we feel in the core of our being, we should trust in the Force. I’ve experienced so many things that frankly defy explanation, and only make sense in hindsight.”

    K'ir continued, offering up some information about himself. Apparently he enjoyed card games, with varying degrees of skill, and he had a soft spot for his companion Myra. Ah, young love. He was a beacon of calm in the force, Dathisi could feel it. Mara spoke of what had caused her to cross paths with the group, as well as questioning the appearance of Dice and what his motive was. The helmet clad sharp-shooter declined to say anything. Dathisi was curious about him and his story, but she wouldn't pry. She would allow him to open up in his own time. The Cathar cleared her throat softly.

    "I'm Dathisi Niroon. I was a Jedi who fought in the Clone Wars, and witnessed the purge of the order. I survived, and ended up on Vas Nihollia. This planet was my sanctuary, as it is to so many people. All these strange occurrences threaten this sanctuary. I thank you again for your assistance in helping me break Dice's hold on me...I just hope the force will provide guidance on what our purpose is..."

    3 days later...

    Dathisi had not had the best night sleep, and had awoken early, staring at the ceiling of the bedroom, lost in thought. She signed softly and turned her head to look upon her devoted husband. Devoted...some would probably now say "long-suffering" the trouble she had caused him. It was her fault that his daughter saw fit to join the bounty hunter guild, and now she had most likely tarnished his reputation within Trande. Force knows what the church would say when the news of her true self filtered down into the congregation. She could only imagine the backlash. Add to that that Muul would be well within his rights to knock down the door and arrest her, well... it was not a good time for the Kett household. And now, in the midst of all this chaos, another chapter was beginning.

    She remembered the conversation the pair had shared in the aftermath of Dices ordeal...


    Dathisi and Andren had made their way home as the chaos that had gripped Trande started to subside. The moment the door shut behind them, Andren clearly had questions, and he wanted them answering.

    "What happened out there! That guy, what did he do to you? Did he hurt you?"

    She held her hands up to stop the barrage of questions from her understandably rattled husband. "Darlin, please, just give me a minute" she pleaded as she reached up and rubbed her temples. Damn this headache. She approached a cupboard and retrieved some pain killers. She popped the medication and chased them down with a large gulp of water. She didn't know how much good they would do, but she still felt rough after wresting herself free from Dice's puppet strings. She felt Andren's eyes burning into her back, and she straightened up, letting out a soft sigh as she turned around and faced him. Remember when I told you, all those years ago, that there was something...different about me?"

    Andren nodded slowly, his expression softening "Your previous life" he replied "I kinda figured, after seeing you carry that saber of yours again" He continued with a nod of his head towards the lightsaber at her hip.

    Dathisi nodded "For all these years I cut myself off from the force. I lived a normal life, a happy life. But recently, that's awakened in me again, and every day I feel it getting stronger" She walked over to a chair and sank down into it, scrubbing her hands over her weary face. Andren remained standing. "I suppressed my true self to protect our family, to protect the settlement...but now it's all out in the open" she paused for a beat to allow Andren to take in her words. "the man who attacked the clinic, the man in red... They crossed my path for a reason, but I still do not know that reason. The force brought them to me, but I don't understand why"

    Andren bristled at the mention of his wife's assailants, but especially at the mention of the man in red. Dathisi had told him that Dice had possessed the townsfolk, as well as herself, and his expression was one of thinly veiled disgust as he shook his head "That scumbag... should have finished him off then and there"

    Dathisi held up a hand to cut of that train of thought. "If I done that, my actions would have been just as bad as his, despite his actions, he was unarmed and I...would have started my fall to the dark side" Dathisi said somberly, crossing her arms across her front. She still felt "tainted" by Dice. Words from old masters came to the forefront of her thoughts. "Once you start down the dark path, it will dominate your destiny" Dice had slunk off after she had wounded him, but Dathisi could still feel him within Trande settlement. What was his game? What if he attacked the townsfolk again...Had she made the wrong choice in letting him live? No... no she couldn't think that way.

    Andren sighed and put his hands on his hips, starting to pace "So...what are we going to do?"

    Dathisi placed her hands on her lap. "The newcomers, K’ir Tor and his companions. I believe they are here to help. He and Mara are strong with the force, maybe they can help me understand this...awakening. Help me to discover my purpose." She sighed. "Andren, I'm really sorry I've put you through all this... I don't deserve your understanding, never mind your forgiveness..."

    "Townsfolk say that young man dropped out of the sky like someone out of a holo-comic..." Andren remarked, trying to inject some short lived light-heartedness into their conversation. He finally took a seat down beside her, taking her hand and giving a it a light squeeze. "Maybe not...but you warned me about your "gift" when I courted you, and it didn't stop me wanting to be with you. He rubbed his stubbled jaw with his free hand. "Look. I can't say I know much about all this force mumbo-jumbo...but i do know you. You are more than the force, You are a good person, and you've given your best years in service to this settlement. It might be rough going but we'll get through it.


    Dathisi gasped softly and sat up on the bed, the sudden movement causing Andren to stir, tired eyes slowly opening, as he turned over to look at her. "Hey, whas goin' on?" He murmured sleepily, a confused look crossing his weary features as he watched his wife move quickly from the bed and exit the room. With a groan, he swore under his breath as he too pulled himself up from the bed and followed Dathisi out of the room. He turned his head to see the front door open, and could see his Wife stood beyond its threshold, looking up towards the sky. "Hey, whats the...huh?" He did not finish his sentence as he followed Dathisi's gaze upward. His eyes went wide in surprise as they landed on the sight of a fleet of ancient star ships. Dathisi looked tense as her feline eyes scrutinized the scene before her. She drew in a steadying breath and closed her eyes for a moment. Andren's voice faded away as she concentrated. The ships, they were manned, hundreds of beings were apart of this fleet...

    ...and every single one of them, were force senstive. could that be?

    Dathisi's eyes opened and she left out a shuddered breath. The sensation of feeling that many force sensitives caused a feeling of electricity to lance up her spine. At any other time, the presence of this many force sensitives would have been a comfort... so why did it feel...wrong? Her expression was one of both Awe and caution as she continued to stare upwards. She felt Andren come to a stop at her side

    What the kriff are those?" Andren whispered beside her

    "I don't know...but I can feel them"

    She replied. Yes...They had been led here for a purpose. They were seeking something. Someone.
    "I've got a really bad feeling about this" she murmured under her breath as she took a step forward. If she had felt this, no doubt Mara and Kir had too. She turned to Andren, a flash of determination in her feline eyes.

    "I'm going to K’ir Tor's ship"

    What should I do?" Andren asked, a look of concern ghosting his features.

    "Observe the situation for now, be vigilant, the situation could change at a moments notice. Report anything suspicious to Muul. And don't do anything reckless. We don't know who or what we are dealing with here"

    Andren nodded, albeit somewhat hesitantly. "Ok, but Dathisi, darlin, be careful"

    Dathisi nodded. "I will" she said as she broke into a jog towards the landing pad and K'ir's ship, her mind whirling with questions

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    Episode 7 Conclusion Part I

    Deep in the Southern Jungles of Nobu Genesi

    It stirred. Then the droid body shivered. Its receptacles clinked as they rapidly opened and closed as the machine came to life. It had been days...maybe months or years...He had fallen silent on the steps of this temple for some reason he was having trouble remembering. The machine turned towards the bridge and saw two figures approaching. One was a child of the Force and the other....well he was not. They were... He looked around at the petrified expressions on the statues he stood among. Oh yes...Treasure Hunters. Thieves. Invaders. They all came by different names but for the same purpose: to peruse and take from the temple. Minute was... well today he had to count himself among them. His memory of why he had come here was firing on his internal processors. He was here to steal from the temple as well.

    As Tiona and Thallass came to the end of the bridge, Minute's arm would creak as it rose and opened a palm towards Tiona.

    "I'd advise you take no more steps forward in your current form. This place is highly resistant to beings like us in organic form."

    Tiona would exhale. And her body would grow limp and crumple to the ground.

    Thallas would be unaffected and the droid that had spoken was now turning and walking into the temple.

    "There's a tendency of travelers in this galaxy to travel alone and eventually learn that companionship is an essential key to achieving anything. If you do not wish to turn out like the rest of these chaps: turned to stone in pursuit of the Island's secrets. I'd advise you gather the woman's body and before you enter. She will appreciate it when she comes back to reclaim it."

    Tiona watched as her body fell to the hard stone surface. It was no doubt by the hand of the droid in front of them, only when she would look back at the droid she would see...


    The spectral figure of one of her own. It was clear that he was from a time long before the current age. He wore black armor and a brown scarf around his neck. It was what he had worn when he had almost became one with the Force. But he had not. No, he had stayed behind and become Minute instead.

    He smiled an arrogant smile as he stood beside the droid that was conversing with Thallass. Thallass could not see her or hear her, but Tiona could him. She was between. Minute beckoned her to follow him as he turned and began to head into the temple, mimicking the path of his metallic real world counterpart.

    "This is no doubt strange to you and for you. You...You are disconnected from our people...the Mirial. Hmm...We suppose that makes sense. We believe you live in an age where our people are scarce and endangered. A shame. Nevertheless, we assume you've come here for one of the many treasures this temple holds. We think we can help each other, for we are searching for something as well."

    His voice sounded as if he was...many. His use of we was not just an peculiar quirk. Tiona would....*know* somehow that she was speaking to many entities that were somehow one. He would feel as old as the very temple they stood in front of. Yet, she did not sense deception. Quite the was pure light side energy radiating from the spectral figure. Minute cast a glance at her body.

    "We do hope you trust this man. We fear you'll both turn to stone if you abandon each other. Pray his want for treasure is not greater than his common decency...But we suppose if decency was common, then the galaxy would not be in its current state."

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    Aboard the Rupert's Run, Csilla

    Borek Tek, Deya, nor the Rupert's Run would be approached for the entirety of the time it would take for Borek Tek to make his decision. Deya slept for almost a full day. Zeek monitored her closely and there were things the tiny droid noted:

    -Deya's heartbeats were irregular. Nothing dangerous yet, but they were distinctly different than Zeek had recorded before.
    -Her brain patterns indicated that she was not having a variety of dream sequences, but that her brain was replaying the same dream over and over.
    -Deya's health had deteriorated substantially from the last time they had seen her. She would need constant fluids, feeding, and care before she'd return to her previous physical state.

    No matter how matter of fact Chord had sounded, Borek would know that he was on a clock. He was on someone's clock and eventually Chord himself or, more likely, some assistant would come to find out what decision he had yet to make. Zeek's analysis outlined that Deya was in no state to make a trip deep behind enemy lines. At least no physical state, not yet. Mentally, Borek knew what she was capable of and maybe she would bounce back and be able to care for herself before he had to make a final decision...This...was the best case scenario. Incredibly optimistic. This was the life he had chosen and it was the life that had chosen him. Sure, he could have been a smuggler or pirate or sith lord somewhere, on his own, only caring about himself. The galaxy and the Force...they would allow you to make some decisions and some they would make for you. Sera had not hummed or lit up in the past few hours. Clearly something, somewhere was occupying his attention. Or maybe the machine god enjoyed seeing Borek Tek agonizing over what his next step would be. Soon... the clock would strike dead and Chord would want an answer. What would he decide?

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    75th Floor, Artemis Cradle

    Desi squealed and stomped her feet happily at hearing Rik's affirmative response on her request for his help. That could've gone either way, she silently considered, but was ecstatic that she now had a bodyguard and an aged deplorable on her side. She clapped her hands and retrieved a tiny datapad from her pants cargo pocket. It was of a peculiar design, no doubt a unique appearance attributed to the isolation and advancement of technology within the Artemis Cradle. Things here would not necessarily look the same as things did in the rest of the galaxy; this was a factor that most visitors and passerbys of the Artemis Cradle would subtly recognize. The datapad looked like a small black rectangular block - something akin to a black brick and aside from the screen appearing as Desi placed it in Rik's lap, he may not have known what its precise function was.

    The information did the speaking for Desi as she watched silently to see what Rik thought. It would look like she was merely sharing the information with him but Rik was seasoned enough to know that she was waiting to see what he thought - she was second guessing whether everything actually was on the up and up and was looking to see his reaction. The datapad had a shortened history of correspondence between Desi and a Mon Calamari named Bur Ghodadz. It appeared, to Rik, with how Bur communicated that he was a mid level information broker. Mid level because why else would he need a random woman to steal cred chits and access cards from the Artemis Cradle's wealthy and security forces. The encryption that Bur was using would be familiar to Rik's eye - Old Rebellion. Now why would a former rebel need to use old encryptions instead of just using ones from the New Republic? There would be a few reasons, only one correct, and maybe that was an important note to Rik or nothing at all.

    All in all, the deal was simple: Desi was to be paid for the access cards and chits in bulk. The information broker was just looking for information and access on the Artemis Cradle. A data dump. Possibly meaning he was just starting on the expansive spaceship. They were to meet at an isolated warehouse on the 75th Floor that barely seemed to be on the floor map at all and that she was come alone - Which Desi had swiftly rebuked. Even she would know better than to a dark meeting by her lonesome. Desi wanted to do this solo, without her family name, but that did not mean she needed help.

    "I got blasters and a few detonators in case things get interesting..." Desi said after she was sure Rik had completed a read through or two. She said it casually and confidently, but she couldn't fool Rik: This woman was no stranger to violence, though she likely had never had to pull the trigger herself.

    This seemed like a quick drop off with a suspicious character. Easy money in Fouche's pocket. Another day breathing in the galaxy. And possibly access to some more information on the Artemis Cradle's major players. Three things that, less than 24 hours ago, had not be guaranteed. Specifically when Panda had his brute strangling the life out of Fouche. At a minimum it would give the aging con man some more time to figure out his next move.

    You take the good, you take the bad...

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    A Few Places Here and There over the past days, but eventually the Megarea itself, the Admiral's Office to be specific

    Mission Accomplished.


    How? A small flashback...

    The Hell Hazard During the Showdown above the Artemis Cradle

    Declan scratched one of the cuts he had received above the Imperial Remnant's unfinished Star Destroyer. That was hairy. The investigator or hunter or whatever the hell the woman was who had rescued young Ben Solo and delivered Declan to the Hell Hazard...He considered the fact that she did not know who the child was nor was she familiar with Declan's service to the Rebellion. He guessed that neither mattered at this point. Colussia's operation room door opened and as he stepped in he could tell her unique multitasking ability was at work. Declan remembered reading about how Jedi during the Clone Wars were able to enter enhanced states of focus during conflict, coined battle meditation. Colussia's ability was like that; her extremely high intellect and ability to split focus - It was something to marvel at. He used a rag to wipe his face as he waited for him to pop up in her queue.

    She did not look at him and started the conversation mid thought. "Aboard the Artemis Cradle. Abaddon is hunting a Chiss Admiral. He is apparently a skilled Force user as well. Likely-"

    "Our only direct connection to the mysterious hidden Imperial Fleet. Gotcha." He finished her sentence and turned to leave.

    "Judging from what Abaddon described, he is far more powerful than you and detection will almost certainly lead to death." She noted before the doors closed shut behind Declan. Since when did capture not mean certain death in Declan's profession...

    So he had flown to the Artemis Cradle and boarded the space station in secret, under the massive explosions and death from the space battle above. He pinged Imperial signal and traveled to the location where Lord Sabel had recovered in the apartment by draining the father of the family of his life force. An Imperial with a conscience? He chuckled. He traveled to where a shuttle had been dispatched from the Imperial Fleet to, no doubt, retrieve the Admiral from the Cradle. The pilot was none the wiser as he was immediately, and completely hypnotized by Declan. The pilot would continue with his retrieval of the Admiral as he had been ordered - Showing no signs that he had made contact with Declan. In truth, the pilot could not know. Declan's hypnosis was of the kind that his very presence could be erased from memory and all senses just by being near him. He even waited and almost abandoned the mission when he saw the arrival of Deva Xcale and the Admiral. The Admiral was powerful, but Declan actually physically retreated aboard the transport when Xcale stepped out of the speeder. If Xcale noticed him, he made no actions to the affirmative and Declan, the pilot, and Admiral Sabel left the Cradle together.

    Seated in the transport, in the corner right behind the Admiral, Declan observed. He did not need to physically hide; his hypnosis ability was already infecting Lord Sabel. The Admiral would not notice him. Not on the transport...Not on Csilla...Not once they returned to the Fleet. Not even once they were in the Admiral's personal quarters. Once aboard the Megarea, however, Declan began his insurgency. The first was to kill a suspected spy. He was not exactly sure who the guy was, but it did not matter. Then he made a Red Guard kill himself and induced nightmares in the others. The first plan of action was always to cause disarray and confusion. The second would be to get a message to the Hell Hazard.

    Everything was going as planned. Almost.

    It was for only a few seconds, but Declan was seen. Seen. Himself. Not a powerful Force illusion or a purposeful use of his Force hypnosis.

    The alert hummed to life on Sabel's personal comlink. One of the cleared Red Guards was performing a scan of the Admiral when a message from 0021 was forwarded to him from Sten. The Red Guard 0021, as he was spacing himself, had etched a singular word into the skin of his palm:


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    I was a Jedi before I was Minute.
    I was going to die.
    But there was more work to be done.
    ...I infused my goal, essence, and knowledge into a vessel.
    And the vessel moved forward.
    I became we as many followed the path.
    With the primary purpose of preserving the Jedi.
    And the secondary purpose of maintaining the conflict with the Sith for eternity.
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    K’ir Tor, Dathisi, Mara, & Unknown
    Aboard the Tenasas/ Trande Settlement

    “Dathisi, Mara….” He began saying, then paused for a moment, attempting to find the armored man’s name, but not gleaning it, “…Unknown. Here, in this moment, in this place, we can all agree there’s something bigger than ourselves is taking place. We were all there, with…Etu, despite our origins. I for one, believe that we can be agents of balance, as incredible as it sounds, right here, in the Unknown Regions.”

    K’ir Tor’s visage was that of a man filled with purpose. He clearly wished to say more, a lot more, but did not want to overwhelm his guests. But he would share what he knew, what he understood, all the while, hoping it would be enough to hold this small band together. There was much for them to do…if the Force would have them.

    Mara agreed. "And it seems that you," she indicated K'ir Tor, "are essential to strengthen and enhance ... push back the dark. Dathisi, you appear to be the focal point of this Dice character, whether by design or through sheer whim. We all though must remain vigilant." Mara knew what it was like to be surrounded by darkness and strive to remain untainted. She sometimes wondered if she had been altogether successful; but she did not feel the pull of vicious hate, vengeance, or the lust for dominance. Her driving force had always done to prove her competence and fulfill the task set before her.

    'Unknown' remained standing where he was with his faceless gaze keeping them all in its sights. With the words between K'ir and Mara, he just shook his head and shrugged. Offering words for the first time, but not planning on saying much more. This was all above and beyond him.

    "I don't know about the Force, balance, or anything to do with 'pushing back the dark.' All I know is I want answers and not be killed in the process."

    "I completely understand." K'ir Tor replied, inwardly glad that the one known to them so far as 'Unknown' despite his reticence, did participate in their discussion, even if minimally.

    "Feel free to ask me whatever you'd like and I'll do my best to answer them. You could say I have some perspective from both sides of the aisle. I've chosen to be an open book, as I've seen the damage that secrets can cause."

    There was a tone of raw undisguised honesty in K'ir Tor's voice. He smiled at a passing thought, before addressing the group once again.

    "Lady Dathisi...?" he intoned in a kind manner, turning slightly toward the cathar.

    Dathisi stood, her arms lightly crossed about her front. She had listened silently as K'ir Tor, Mara and Unknown made their resolve known. They were Brave, strong young warriors indeed, and she had no reason to doubt their skills and abilities, but the fact that these newly arrived ancient star-ships were currently an unknown entity didn't sit well with the Cathar. But her mind was still swimming with questions. She found her thoughts briefly flitting back to what K'ir had said about the mysterious woman known as Etu, who seemed to know Dathisi. How did she know her? Dathisi cleared her throat silently as she straightened up, Regarding those assembled with her bright feline eyes.

    "Although I do not know exactly why Dice and his fellow dark side ilk are being drawn to me, I cannot let innocent people be caught in the crossfire. The last incident with Dice was way to close for comfort. If he makes a reappearance, or these things..." She pointed upwards towards the star-ships "...are also a threat to the people here then I will do all I can to stop that threat, You all have my word."

    In the heyday of the Jedi, Dathisi had been a devout and dedicated servant of the force. An agent of light, a force for good. Now, even after all these years, and after forsaking her abilities, the force still seemed to deem her as worthy. She now found herself answering the call again. She would listen to it, feel it, trust in it once more. She would follow the forces plan for her...

    ...No matter the outcome.

    Never again...

    Pulling herself from those most private inner thoughts, she started to pace slowly, Her steps echoing lightly off the floor of the Tenasas

    "The question is...exactly what are we facing here. This feeling...I haven't felt such strong presences in the force since before Order 66."

    Mara gave Dathisi an approving glance and said, "K'ir Tor and I benefited from pooling our strengths to ward off Dice. I think if we here could forge a Force meld as a barricade and also a means of defense beforehand? Instead of reacting being proactive?" She looked to K'ir Tor.

    "Is that feasible?"

    K'ir Tor nodded affirmatively to Mara, then regarded Unknown and Lady Dathisi, a subtle and pleasant smile of accordance etched upon his face.

    "Indeed we are stronger together. We are of the same mind and purpose. We start here in Trande. We protect the settlement and its people, and the planet. We are the Vanguard of Light, for the Force is our ally."

    K'ir Tor took in a breath as cogs began to turn inside his mind. Nothing worthwhile was ever easy. This would be no different.

    "To stop the spread of darkness, we must make a stand against it. To drive it back, we must push- but we do not have to do this alone. There are others that could help, Force willing. The task has been set before us, and our best efforts will be put to the test. Are we ready?"

    With that K'ir Tor raised his hand and looked to the others once again.

    "Aye." He affirmed without doubt or wavering, then waited on the rest to cast their vote before concluding their meeting.

    Mara nodded. Vanguard of Light... she liked the sound of that.

    Unknown shook his head lightly. More Force talk, it was almost like he was being inducted into some religious combat group.

    Though anytime the Force was mentioned, he did feel something in the back of his mind. What he couldn’t say. A tickle of some kind. Familiarity? Perhaps.

    But in what way was the question.

    Unknown opted to just nod, much like Mara. He was dragged into this mess, so he didn’t feel the need to do the whole hand raising thing.

    Now it was also time to wonder what was next.

    The answer to that was simple, however. All they had to do, was look towards the sky.

    Their greatest challenge was nearly upon them.

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    Deep in the Southern Jungles of Nobu Genesi

    Tiona took a step and saw the droid stir into life. It delivered its odd warning to her and she opened her mouth to reply when… something happened. She had exhaled and then… she could not describe the feeling. Suddenly she was falling, her legs and arms weak, her vision clouding with dark fog.

    Then she regained consciousness. It felt like it had been only a moment, but she was disorientated. She found herself standing beside her own body. She looked down at her crumpled form on the stone ground.

    What is going on? Is this… death?

    It had all happened so quickly and irresistibly. How had the automaton done that? What manner of weapon? She snapped her attention back to it and saw… oh...

    He was like a ghost. He was Mirialan, like her, but his face was full of the ceremonial markings. This one had lived a life of honour and achievements, but it had been long ago, she somehow sensed. He was not of this present galaxy. Like a ghost…

    Tiona stared, lost for words, unable to comprehend what was happening to her. She became aware that Thallass and the droid were still there – the droid was saying something to the Duros and he was responding. But neither of them acknowledged her presence, nor that of the strange ghostly man. Am I ghost too now, then?

    She looked down at her hands and closed her fingers into fists, then opened them again.

    He spoke to her.

    "This is no doubt strange to you and for you. You...You are disconnected from our people...the Mirial. Hmm...We suppose that makes sense. We believe you live in an age where our people are scarce and endangered. A shame. Nevertheless, we assume you've come here for one of the many treasures this temple holds. We think we can help each other, for we are searching for something as well."

    Tiona reeled from the insight. He seemed to somehow know of her troubled past, stolen away from her planet and culture. And the current age… Yes, the Mirialans were few and scattered, rebuilding after the terrible wrath of the Empire had fallen upon them.

    She met his eyes without shame as he stated her purpose.

    Yes, she had come here to take away that which needed to be rightfully returned, and nothing else.

    How was this possible? Who was this man? His aura shined in the force and Tiona became convinced he was a manifestation of the Light Side. With that revelation, she began to not fear him. Yet there was peril here, no doubt. He spoke again.

    "We do hope you trust this man. We fear you'll both turn to stone if you abandon each other. Pray his want for treasure is not greater than his common decency...But we suppose if decency was common, then the galaxy would not be in its current state."

    Tiona put aside the odd feeling that she was encountering some kind of gestalt consciousness in the Force here, and glanced at Thallass. Do I trust him? I hardly know him! Yet, she had had a good feeling about him, right from the start, at Prince Luce’s garden party. She had consented to him following her through the jungle. And she had asked him to trust her with his life at a crucial moment.

    The Duros had done so, despite the obvious difficulty that had caused him. Tiona had come to trust her feelings.

    She prayed that she could trust him, for that was the choice she made now; to entrust her body to him. She turned to the ghostly apparition.

    “I am Tiona Kareen, of Mirial. Please, tell me, who are you and what has happened to me?”

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    Thallass Falkirk
    Nobu Genesi

    Thallass walked beside Tiona eyes darting left and right taking in all the information that he could. The statutes up ahead were not your run of the mill decoration. They were a warning, to all those that would enter, do so at your own peril. It was not something unfamiliar to him, and his family. Many ancient temples had unusual defense systems. He wondered what purpose the droid fulfilled. They didn't seem affected by the pertification, though did that mean they were part of the security system or just an independent droid explorer. Time would tell on that.

    As they came closer the droid raised it's hand in a flash Thallass's hand moved to his blaster. An odd warning was given, current form? Resistant to beings like them?

    He didn't have much time to ponder that question as Tiona fell to the ground. The hand that was on the weapon now drew it, pointing right at the droid that seemed to just rip the life from the woman next to him. Sparing just a quick glance down to Tiona he could tell she was still breathing. That was good.

    "There's a tendency of travelers in this galaxy to travel alone and eventually learn that companionship is an essential key to achieving anything." Thallass didn't necessarily disagree, but it depended on who you were working with. "If you do not wish to turn out like the rest of these chaps: turned to stone in pursuit of the Island's secrets. I'd advise you gather the woman's body and before you enter. She will appreciate it when she comes back to reclaim it."

    Thallass's brow arched, when she reclaims it? Well stood to reason if a soul could be forced out of a body, it could be brought back. Though he wouldn't have a clue how to do that.

    Looking back down at the body he narrowed his eyes. Carrying her would hamper his ability to do much of anything. Surely he would be better without carrying that much dead weight. The thought had occurred to him, to just leave her where she was and go on alone. If the droid tried to stop him a few blaster bolts to the chest should end it.

    However, what he and his family does for a living might be morally questionable, he still has a code, a set of ethics passed down from his grandfather.

    "Never leave a partner behind...unless they're being an idiot."

    The being an idiot part was up for interpretation...but, Tiona had proven herself not to be an idiot. If anything it was him with that stunt back in the clearing.

    Slowly he put his blaster back into its holster and crouched down to her.

    "Sorry, need to pick you up." He said to her quietly, asking forgiveness for his impropriety. Gently he slipped an arm under her shoulders, and another around her waist. With somewhat practiced movements he heaved her form onto his shoulders. He wasn't the strongest being in the galaxy but, he could carry her, for now.

    "Lead the way…" He said his face a grimace as he carried a few extra kilos on his shoulders.

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    Episode 7 Conclusion Part II
    Trande Settlement, Vas Nihollia

    There was no place to land. Even if the town's small landing pad was empty, the ship that descended from orbit was too big. Muul chewed on the piece of straw in his mouth and kept his hands on his hip. He was alone. The rest of the constabulary had established a perimeter around where the descending ship was attempting to land. Muul watched silently and analyzed the ship. It was an old one. And boy was it massive.


    Muul was not the most traveled Chiss in the galaxy nor was he an expert on ships. He knew, however, that the ship was not just old, but it was ancient. Almost like it was a wonder that thing was even still moving around so efficiently. He could not place the design by species. He had no idea what to expect from it. There were a few things that he could surmise:

    1. The ship was not here to destroy them. Judging from its size, it could have done that from orbit.
    2. Whoever was in charge was courteous enough to not land haphazardly. They were searching for a place that was not too far away. Gee, thanks, Muul thought.
    3. He could guess from the recent arrivals and occurrences that he was dealing with Force sensitives. He wished he had Dathisi here, but he had recently found out that their local medic was actually a Force sensitive as well. The constable certainly was in over his head. But he had a job to do and protecting this settlement was what he would do. No matter what.

    A transport exited the massive ship and made its way towards Muul. An emissary? Muul thought for a moment. His hand remained ready as his belt to pull his blaster if he needed to, though he doubted how much good it would do him. It would take a few moments for the transport to land and in that time, maybe interested parties would join Muul, or watch from the barrier that the constabulary had constructed a mile behind him, where all of the settlement's people were watching. The Church had organized many gift baskets and food, hoping to make friends with the people from the fleet. Others came with their hunting blasters ready to defend their home. Mixed emotions, confused glances, and fear spread throughout the town. The Underboss Dice stood amidst the crowd, towering above the townsfolk, dressed in the desert garb of Trande. He was interested to see what would unfold and whether he would need to interfere. All of this was information he was logging to eventually send back to the First Prince. Also embedded in the crowd were two Chiss Defense Force agents, the same that had pulled Unknown's ship from orbit. They were, needless to say, overwhelmed. Vas Nihollia was supposed to be a quiet post where the the most eventful thing that could happen would be them needing to direct traffic - not welcome an entire fleet of ancient starships. They had radioed back to the Vanger Corporation and were given orders to standby while CDF expeditionary teams would be dispatched to assess the intentions of the fleet.


    The transport landed in front of Muul. Long seconds passed before the ramp lowered and an elderly man in extremely old armor descended to the ground. He paused at the last step of the ramp, looking at the ground below. He had...never stepped foot on a planet before. Could this place be the new beginning for his people? Could this be the new start that generations and generations of Huzonians dreamed of before him? Jinos breathed deeply before finally stepping foot on the ground. Bliss. The Force had brought them here. They were sent here for a reason, he believed. The Force told him to follow its guidance and that answers would reveal themselves.

    He had to have faith.

    Jinos, Leader of the Huzon People

    "Wait right there partner."

    Muul spit the straw out of his mouth and eyed the elderly man. He was dressed an old, worn down armor. He barely fit him. It was more akin to an heirloom or an artifact to be placed in a museum than something to actually protect the man in combat. But he did not want to insult the man by speaking this observation aloud.

    Jinos said nothing.

    "My name is Contable Muul'Nuruodo and you've landed on Vas Nihollia...Uh...We're um...Under the protection of the Chiss Vanger Corporation. What are your intentions here?"

    Jinos said nothing.

    He was confused. They both were. Muul repeated his message again in Cheunh and High Galactic while Jinos still did not respond. Only, Jinos was responding. Every member of the Huzonian fleet was telepathic. Every being that Jinos had ever met was Force sensitive and it was only after a moments of precious confusion that Jinos realized that he did not sense the Force in the man. There was no way he could communicate telepathically. This understanding saddened him, but he recovered and responded with a raspy voice that was unaccustomed to being used.

    All Force Sensitives beings in the area of the Trande would telepathically receive this message as clear as Muul hearing it with his own ears.

    "I am...Jinos. My people...We have traveled a long journey. For centuries and millennia. We only seek a home. We require help, food, and resources as we have been bound to our starships for millenia. Please, we only bring peace and seek help. We only seek-"

    Then he sensed her. Jinos' head tilted to the wind as if he was hearing a new sound. The Huzonians were not Jedi. They were descendants of Jedi. The teachings of the Jedi were only passed down through old tales and holojournals. They were familiar with what the Jedi were and looked to them as guardians of the galaxy and progenitors of the entire Huzon fleet. But true, trained Jedi, they were not. This did not mean, however, that Jinos could not sense it. He could and he did. There was a Jedi on this planet. The Force was showing her to him. They still survived!

    Muul cocked his head to the side. "You seek a home, huh?... " The expansion of the settlement flashed in his mind. Was this one of those "signs from above" that the movies had?

    Dragged Somewhere, Vas Nihollia

    Wapoe sensed Jinos. He could even sense Ship. And Ship would come to him. But Wapoe would not be able to leave the planet. He was... a part of the planet. There was something he had to do here. There was a purpose for him here. And the Outrider's words...

    This is where I plant you.

    More vegetation would continue to slowly grow from Wapoe. There was a settlement on this planet, full of life, and possibly full of answers. It also seemed to be the place where Jinos had decided to make his arrival. Wapoe could sense it again... the changing of the mighty script - parts of the story that he could not have foreseen. The Force was not yet done with its intention of balancing out the Master's machinations. It was a bit ironic...similar to the beings of the Mortis, Wapoe now found himself tethered to a place, unable to leave. Yet, this was no mystical, ethereal realm...which meant that there was indeed a way for him to leave.

    He'd have to find it though.

    Tag: @Jedi_padawan_leigh @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha @greyjedi125 @Jedi_Ascension @Sinrebirth

    This was the moment, Etu was sure.
    This was the moment where everything changed.
    Where Lady Dathisi, the Protector K'ir Tor, and the Rogue Mara Jade and the Unknown...
    Their next decisions would bring about the Jedii City that Etu found herself in now.
    The only place that the New Jedi Order could remain HIDDEN.
    Away from the eternal conflict.

    This World Between Worlds.

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    May 17, 2004
    IC: Fouche - Under assumed name Rik
    Shack, 75th Floor, Artemis Cradle, Unknown Regions

    Desi squealed and stomped her feet happily at hearing “Rik’s" affirmative response to her request for his help. Fouche squinted. She clapped her hands. Fouche’s squint squinted.

    A small box-like device was tossed into his lap by Desi. The Zeltron young woman stared at him and was silent while he read, which was a change from their interactions up until this point. She had charisma, an openly playful personality, and all of it was dangerous.

    Fouche read over the material on the pad. Thankfully it had turned on. He’d never seen this particular design of pad, but it was intuitive enough to at least follow through with the data he was being presented with. As he read it, he was careful to keep his face stoic, non-committal. Overall the data seemed straightforward. It was your everyday client/buyer interaction, though the material itself was more telling than the conversation.


    It just rang in his ears. Something about the last thing he’d seen on last night's hacked access to the intranet version of the Artemis Cradle’s Holonet like system. Who’s daughter was Desi? It struck him moreso now as he wondered why Desi had been targeted for this job. By all Panda had said, she was not exactly known for being a good asset. Her jobs had failed more often than not. This information seemed innocent enough. A deep dive on the Artemis Cradle station…but so soon after the attack? In fact, the job had been brokered before the attack. So before?

    He fumbled with the pad to start at the beginning of the data again. On his second read, a few details jumped out to him. The target of the information dump wasn't as general as it seemed on the surface. It explicitly asked for information on the Artemis Cradle’s wealthy and security forces. Angles here abounded - the broker probably didn’t have any idea of the why and Desi didn’t seem to ask. She had that going for her. Still, it could just be extortion, a con, blackmail, or something more nefarious. If it was him, Fouche would cast a wide net like this in order to hide the fact that he really was after just one individual.

    What was really odd was that the messages were encoded in a style he'd seen before. It wasn't Imperial, not your typical crime syndicate…Chiss? He'd heard they were out here and he'd met that blue fellow... Zahn was it? In Fouche's ISB days, the then Grand Admiral had been notorious for his dogged chasing but uncanny ability to defeat…that was it. The encryption was Old Rebellion, like just after the fall of the Old Republic era Old Rebellion. He hadn't seen this in years. It had long been broken by the Empire and abandoned. Now, why would a former rebel be out here? They won the war. And if they were ex-rebels, why not use the New Republic codes?

    Had they been out there that long? Did they want to get caught? Were they that sloppy or had Desi been taken in by something.

    He looked at Desi. She was trying to play it cool but clearly on the edge of her seat. She was out of her depth, but, she might also be walking into a larger payload and not realize it. This he could help with.


    It just kept niggling at him. Fouche sighed as he gave back the data pad. Maybe, just maybe, he was getting too old for this line of work. When the con man can only see cons, maybe it's time to get out. He rubbed at his neck. Not yet.

    "I got blasters and a few detonators in case things get interesting..." Desi said, bursting into his thoughts.

    “Could be a mynock’s nest,” he said, handing back the pad. “But, still, that’s why you have me, eh?”

    He flashed a grin and leaned back in bed.

    “How’d you say this contact found you again,” he asked.

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    IC: Wapoe
    Growing a spine, wood-style

    The black-coated man grimaced.

    He was still tainted by the death he had enacted... even though intellectually he knew that it was inevitable that the murder would be undone...


    Wapoe was despondent, conscious that he had a purpose now, but it had been robbed from him.

    He grimaced, feeling as if time was stretched... slowed... every moment devastating.

    Swallowing, Wapoe bid Ship head to the nearest settlement, so he could resupply, restock, regroup...

    He regarded his hands, the wood and plant among his bone and skin...


    The name of what he sought, or perhaps who.

    He was tethered; the Outrider had said as much.

    But this was a corporeal change, not something mystical.

    Wapoe regarded the sky; the world was unchanged, he was not permanently moored here.

    He could undo this...

    ... and then?


    This time, he'd open the Well of the Dark Side himself.

    He reached out with the Force as Ship approached the settlement, intending to draw the attention of anyone Force sensitive.

    It was time he moved forward, and away from what he had done.

    If he could...

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    Borek Tek
    On the Rupert's Run, Csilla

    No one came to disturb them as Tek kept his eyes and scanners on Deya. Deya slept for almost a full day. Zeek monitored her closely and there were things the tiny droid noted, as did Tek.

    Deya's heartbeats were irregular. Nothing dangerous yet, but they were distinctly different than Zeek had recorded before. That was disturbing. But not as disturbing as the other. Zeek reported that her brain patterns indicated that she was not having a variety of dream sequences, but that her brain was replaying the same dream over and over. Tek was worried if this was not her Deya but a clone or replicant of some type. Or worse, that it was her Deya, and they had done something to her mentally, to keep her 'compliant'.

    Tek was quiet for a long time as he studied her. He already had Zeek scan her for weapons, and any implants inside of her. The twice cursed droid Sera was quiet. No doubt calculating his own issues at hand. Tek felt as if has definitely being played. Unfortunately, he was unaware of what game was being played. Tek told ahold of Deya's hand as she slept. She knew he was a force user. But he never dived into how much he had been trained and by who. He kept that part quiet. Tek knew she was a strong woman. He would not have allowed his heart to be captured by nothing less. But the physical assault...

    "Zeek. I want you to monitor her closely. And alert me if her vitals drop." Tek told his companion. He removed his weapons she could grab. He then scooped Deya in his arms, as she lay on the bed. He gently placed his hand on her forehead, and began to scan her, as gently as he could. He was trying to verify if this was true, HIS Deya. And then Tek gently began to probe her mind and her psyche, looking to see her vision, and what they had done to her.

    According to what Tek found...or didn't find, would guide his next steps. For now, he stipped away all of his feelings. It was now his training that would guide them both.

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    OOC: A fun, very mental combo, with our GM

    IC Sabel
    Admiral’s Ready Room, Megarea

    The alert hummed to life on Sabel's personal comlink. One of the cleared Red Guards was performing a scan of the Admiral when a message from 0021 was forwarded to him from Sten. The Red Guard 0021, as he was spacing himself, had etched a singular word into the skin of his palm:


    Sabel gazed at the com, studying the image. His expression darkened, knowing they truly did have a saboteur in the fleet. And obviously one that was endowed with the Force. He called Sten into his office. As she waited, he considered what needed to be done.

    ”We have a saboteur and spy who seems to be able to keep mostly invisible attacking our people. The Red Guard are Force sensitive but this recent death shows they do not have the skill or ability to face this foe.” he began. Pulling up a schematic of the ship that 0021 had died on, or rather nearby, he pointed out the surveillance system. ”Begin a lockdown of that ship, release codes only to be my personal ones. Set each security camera to the highest frame rate, and have every single frame run through the computer system. Even the merest flash of movement or shadow is to be flagged. Any nearby ship is to likewise be put in the same lockdown, in case he’s managed to leave that ship.”

    Standing, he moved to the display on the bookshelf, the lid of the case rising on its own. Another gesture and a small closet opens, lightweight but strong armor floating from the closet and encasing him. As the last piece snaps into place, the helmet settling on the bookcase, the two sabers lift from the case and secure themselves to his belt.

    ”Only I have the power and ability to deal with this threat. If there is another emergency, contact me, otherwise you are acting in my stead for normal activities. Do not disappoint me, Sten. And any flagged images send to me immediately.” He picked up his helmet, studying it. He’d had it redesigned after the fight with Abaddon and it did have some special features, including giving him extra protection from a mental intruder, something he suspected he would need in this encounter.

    Declan remained in the corner.


    ~This will make things harder.~

    He didn’t often make mistakes. The Red Guard must have seen or smelled him. Maybe in his dying moments, he had a moment of clarity, even though he still pushed the button to eject himself out of the airlock. Scratching the word angel in his hand... Touché.

    Sabel put his armor on and Declan crossed his legs and got more comfortable.

    ~I need to find a way to escape. Either that or send a signal to Colussia. Him locking the ship down makes this more complicated.~

    He was not worried about the armor that Sabel was putting on. Colussia was right: this guy had lost to Abaddon, but he would snap Declan like a twig in an all out battle. Declan’s presence was as insignificant and unnoticeable as an insect to a star destroyer. He would need Sabel to leave his office, which he seemed well on his way to do.

    ~Go. Leave you blue bastard. I have a job to complete.~

    Sabel settled the helmet on his head and as it did, his mind seemed to clear slightly. Pausing, he turned, scanning the room. If the helmet had worked that effectively already it was not a good sign for where this intruder was. Reaching out with his mind he began to let his presence, his will, fill the room. Touching Sten he reached into her mind, placing an order in it directly, ’Exit this room now, secure the nearest group of Red Guard, and ring the exit with them.’

    As she turned and left, he moved back to his desk, pressing a stud and tapping a few commands, locking down the ship, except for his most recent order to Sten. He also had the cameras he knew were installed even here, in this room set to frame by frame as well. And then he locked the terminals of the room to his biometrics alone.

    Standing from his seat, he moved around the desk and took up a related posture, partially leaning one hip against it, as he let the electronics, his mind, and senses parse the room again and again. ”You should know, I take poorly to those that sneak and disrupt my operations, especially when there has been no previous interaction with whoever is trying...Angel.” he said calmly, waiting for his newest foe to make their next move.

    ~Damn it. The powerful ones are always the ones that monologue. I’m in trouble.~

    Any outright influencing of the Admiral would be noticed and dismissed. Declan had done this before and learned the hard way. So this required a different touch. Sabel had deduced that he was not alone in the room. In truth, there was no way he could know, but the deduction that there was an individual that he could not sense, see, or be aware of in any way had come much faster than Declan had anticipated.

    He needed to get the message sent out.

    Declan creeped slowly behind Sabel’s desk. Too fast and he’d be in trouble. At the station...Biometrics...

    ~of course.~ He sighed.

    No issue. The station hummed to life and Sabel’s computer started to scroll through encryptions and messages at an automated pace. He just needed to make contact with Colussia.

    “So... I take it we can’t just shake hands and go our separate ways huh?” A disembodied voice would snark through the room.

    Sabel let one hand drift down and touch the desk as the voice spoke, ’As though I wouldn’t notice it cycling up…’ he thought.

    Less than a seconds thought and a surge of deep purple lightning flashed through the desk, rendering it an inert block of metal and fused wood. He stood, taking a couple steps to the only exit to the room that led out of the ready room. A touch of the comm, ”Sten, I am going to need a new desk, shortly.” and then he clicked back off.

    ”You invade my fleet, kill my people, attempt to sabotage my fleet, the last admittedly conjecture but why else would you need my personal desk. And then ask to shake hands and go our separate ways? Foolhardy courage.”

    As he spoke his will was affecting the room, something he’d planned for when dealing with insubordinate subordinates but this was just as useful. The chemical composition of the air began to change, becoming thicker, souplike in consistency. It was still transparent but no much harder to breathe, or move through without assistance.

    He turned, leaned back against the wall by the exit. ”Why now have you made your move? My fleet has kept its distance from both galactic and extragalactic affairs except where required by commitments to our neighbors. The Imperials still in Known Space are not worth our aid or commitment, having either folded completely or squabble among each other.” Enough talk, he thought, this being was someone who had a need to expose or destroy his fleet and that would not be allowed.

    ~So far, so good~

    Declan looked up from the computer. Sabel wasn’t yet able to see him, but Declan decided to drop his veil and reveal himself. Something he would ordinarily not do, though since it was becoming harder and harder to breathe in the thick air that now consumed the room, he decided he needed to change tactics.

    The medium height, dark haired man stood from the desk and Sabel would notice that the presence around the man was now noticeable. Declan had appeared out of thin air. But the face was indistinguishable. Indecipherable. Not darkened or shrouded as was common with force users who wanted to conceal their identity. Sabel could see a face but could not note anything about it.


    “I’m just following orders, mate.” Declan’s real voice cut like a knife. It was sharp, lighthearted, and incredibly sarcastic. “It’s just business. No need to take it personally. No need for this to get messy. Er...messier. Sorry about your guard, mate. I’m sure he was a nice guy.”

    Declan casually pulled a hunting knife from his hip and strolled around to the front of Sabel’s now marred desk. He leaned back against the table, just as Sabel had done, and folded his arms. He smiled and ran his offhand through his hair.

    “What do you want to know? Information on the Syndicate? The Chiss? Sloane and her ragtag band of Imperials? The Jedi? The Sith? Why you couldn’t use your powers on Csilla? Cmon... something has to be worth me getting outta here alive.”

    Sabel chuckled as the man appeared behind his desk. ’Clever..’ he thought at the ability to appear and disappear, as well as keep his true face hidden. He watched as the man came around and leaned against the hunk of material as he had done. A small smile stayed on his face at the gesture, and the appearance of the knife.

    Leaving the atmosphere as it was, for now, he too in all he could of the man’s presence and aura. A nod as it seemed to confirm some things for him. In a low tone, ”Information is power, as you are well aware. We will discuss what is of value to keep you alive, but stealing data on my fleet or causing it to be exposed are not ways for that to happen.”

    He let subtle weavings of power suffuse the room and, almost as though they had stepped into a holo, a vision of the space around the Artemis Cradle appeared. ”The Syndicate seems to have the edge on intelligence. But I do know something they don’t, which may give me the reason to keep you alive.”

    The vision switched, a sight of Sabel himself, on Csilla, frustration at the inability to reach out in the Force almost palpable, ”I suspect you were, in part, responsible for my inability to focus but as to why you would have assisted Chord is beyond me, for now. However, the death of my pilot, that one was unnecessary.”

    “As to the Sith,”
    his smile could almost be felt, if not seen with the helmet on, ”We both may have information the other lacks. The Jedi, I suspect are those who seem to be keeping an eye on me, without revealing who they are.”

    “We have the edge on intelligence because of me, mate.” Declan mumbled while he observed the room change around him to Sabel’s various moments of interest. Though the comment dripped of conceit, it was not inaccurate. Declan combined with The Broker’s information network alone made the Syndicate one of the most informed organizations in the galaxy, especially in the current state of government disarray in the galaxy.

    “I had nothing to do with what happened on Csilla, though I have had a run in or two with the guilty party. By the way, Your associate Sten is going to need someone to stop her from killing herself in... 2 minutes. Take your time though.”

    The door behind Sabel opened. No one was there and Declan made no move to leave.

    ~The work is not quite done yet.~

    Sabel chuckled, a quite unpleasant sound, and he drove the atmosphere in the office, holding it at the door, even more toxic and unbreathable. Raising his voice, he directed it at one of the Red Guard outside, ”Bring Sten in here, breath mask on her and you, if you will. Our little friend is trying to make a point.”

    His head turned toward the intruder, chuckling again, as the Red Guard supported Sten, brought her into the office, both breathing through their masks. He pointed at a seat, indicating to bring it closely to him. When she was seated and the Guard had taken station at her side, opposite her, he spoke, a cold, emotionless tone, ”Kill her if you will, little spy. But know this, kill her and not one single member of the fleet will rest until the Syndicate is dust. That is how well loved she is.”

    One gauntleted hand rested on her seated shoulder and the other turned palm up, a holo forming, suddenly becoming obvious that the encounter to this moment had been captured by the ready room cameras. The sounds of booted feet, halted a dozen meters away by the Red Guard still outside spoke of the fact that the encounter was being broadcast. The holo flickered and it gave a view of the space around the Megarea, SD’s turning to face the Command Ship, squadrons launching and fanning out at what may be a safe distance, the ship in the center of a bubble.

    ”You wished to depart unharmed, and then you upped the stakes, for someone who claims to be the intelligence department of the Syndicate that was quite unintelligent. So you have a choice now, yourself. Finish the two minutes, kill her, and have your organization wiped so thoroughly from existence that history forgets you entirely, or you assist me in an endeavor and I allow you to depart here alive to do so before we part ways.”

    He glanced at the chrono on the wall, ”Clock is ticking, make your decision.”

    ~Whew... Thank the gods~

    Declan was... relieved. The gamble had been risky. The fraction of a second of split attention at the mention of Sten’s name. The immediate response and introduction of other people(which was the key to Declan’s trickery) was what saved his life. Now Declan was sure his escape was assured, he reflected on a few things. He did not dislike the Admiral and actually had grown fond of how the man conducted business. He would throw the man a bone or two in light of this.

    Declan raised his hands in surrender. “Whoa whoa, mate. Relax. I didn’t say I was going to kill her. I said she was going to kill herself. I was giving you a heads up. I’d love to tell you-“

    Sten’s eyes widened as her right hand slowly retrieved a pen from her pocket and held it in front of her face. The arm trembling and Sten was very confused.

    Declan tilted his head towards Sten. “See? Now you’re able to stop her? You’re welcome. Maybe some day in the future if we do this dance again, I’ll tell you how I knew.”

    One of the Red Guards grabbed Sten’s arm before she was able to jab it into her eye, struggling against the woman’s momentary supernatural strength.

    The Prince began to sidestep towards the door, arms still raised.

    “Let me... show you something.”

    It was now Sabel that was walking towards the door with his hands raised and Declan standing beside Sten.

    But wait...

    Then it was Declan in the seat, attempting to jab a pen into his perplexing countenance.

    On the holo recording, Declan was walking down the hallway between the Red Guards, none of them seemingly able to see him or sense him.

    A second later, Declan was back in the room and everyone was back in their assumed roles.

    “I had a job to do and I did it. It’s just business, mate. I’m going to leave your ship safely and, out of respect, Your crew will have no recollection of what happened. I’m sure even without me, you could alter their minds. You tell them whatever you want as far as what transpired.”

    He looked at Sten.

    “There was a machine on Csilla. It goes by Sera. It’s Force sensitive and is not of this galaxy. It was the cause of your decreased Force ability. I was worried it’d take me out too, but it seemed focused on keeping you dulled. This Sera has known Chord for quite some time and works for an organization... the Dark Tower.”

    “I’m going to let you do your deductions of what kind of weaponry and alliances Chord has built. One thing though: Chord is preparing to launch a strike against the Imperial Remnant... the chatter seems to indicate that it will be crippling. He’s going after the lady in charge.”

    Declan performed another switch. A Red Guard now assumed his previous position and Declan was no longer in the room.

    The disembodied voice spoke to Sabel only again.

    “So... we good here, mate? Or do you want to know about Chord’s younger sister?”

    Sabel’s head cocked to the side as the spy’s little farce played out. He caught glimpses of it, here and there, a small smile on his face. He was sure the holos would be most enlightening as to what the man had done but it did not change how or what he saw. He let the entire sequence play out, because the man needed to feel and sense his own victory. He did plan on letting the man depart, but as the farce ran through, he tapped out a series of commands on the wristpad, with as little movement as possible to not reveal what he was doing.

    He listened, the smile staying as it was as the man gave away the information he thought was worth releasing for free. The knowledge it had been that damnable droid was a piece that made sense and gave more reason to distrust Chord. He did chuckle as the spy also revealed that Chord was close to attacking Sloane’s remnant. That Chiss did have an arrogance born of their nature but also the intelligence to potentially carry out the plan the spy described.

    ”You are talented, yes. But I’m afraid the information you sought was not on my personal server. Do you believe that I reached this position by leaving the most critical data where anyone could hack, if they made it into the office.” he chuckled, ”And your lack of curiosity as to what I would have asked is most, hmmm, disappointing.”

    He concentrated for a moment and suddenly the room was empty of other beings, save the spy and himself, the door still shut tightly, the desk smoking. Maintaining his leaning posture, ”But thank you for the intelligence about Chord and Sloane, neither of them I care for, but it does give leverage to decide how to deal with each. And while we are at it, of course if you are that willing to share, do tell about Chord’s younger sister.”

    ~Yea. He would’ve killed me easily. But since when has capture not meant death~

    Declan smiled as he adjusted some of the controls and set in a destination. His hand. Ew. It was sweaty. He was sweaty. Of course he’d be. Some of it, no doubt, was from nervousness at being so close to being killed. But most of it was the exertion he was expelling to leave the capital ship and head for hyperspace while maintaining the illusion...

    Yes. Illusion was the right word for now.

    ... while maintaining the illusion to occupy Sabel. The Chiss would track this starfighter he had taken. Maybe he would set it to detonate. Maybe he would hunt him down. Or be mature and let it go. Everyone got got. Everyone got played.

    ~No matter how powerful or smart you are. **** my time is probably coming too.~

    Declan appeared back in the room. It was just him and Sabel now: by Sabel’s hand no less. Declan’s obscured face winced as he continued to struggle to breathe. His voice turned serious.

    “Let it go. Or don’t. Your problem isn’t with me. It will be with the First Prince. We’re not enemies... yet. This is just business. You make it personal though...”

    A threat. And Declan’s fading presence was all that Sabel had to cling to.

    Sabel’s smile as the presence faded was one that would have made his people suddenly decide they had business elsewhere, especially as it seemed joyful. He pulled a small pad from inside the lining of his armor, scanning it and scanning what it had seen of what the spy had recovered.

    As he did he sent a thought after the disappearing man, ’Whoever you are, I know you now, do not return. Not a threat, a promise. And tell the First Prince that if she had not attacked and destroyed my people I would have left the Syndicate alone, save for Abaddon. So flee, with what you have and good luck presenting it, she will know the truth of it.’

    He reached out once more, ’Eleodie, it is time.’

    And then he opened the door, the smile still in place as the Red Guard stiffened, ”Sten, have my ready room cleaned up and repaired, we have work to do, and a fleet to welcome home.”

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    Episode 8: This Too Shall Pass...But Not Without Alittle Help
    Fen'Jali Temple, Nobu Genesi


    The droid hobbled its way deep into the temple. It did not say anything or turn around to check on Thallas, who continued to carry Tiona's body. The inside of the temple was vast - Nothing that Thallass, an experienced adventurer would find too surprising - But his keen eyes would pick up that... This temple was very old, yet there were spots... a piece of wall, a step there, some scrap of metal... that seemed out of place. Was it that these places and materials seemed out of time, like they were too new or too old for the rest of the temple? Was is his mind playing tricks on him? Surely, he was tired by now. But treasure hunters like him...could they so easily dismiss a gut feeling?

    Maybe Thallass would stop to investigate more (optional mini-combo).

    Or maybe he would continue to the crypt in the center that was glowing with blue light.

    It was on a column, surrounded by deep, dark depths to which even Thallass' eyes could not see the bottom of.

    Minute stopped and nodded mechanically at the crypt. Carefully minding its distance.

    "We are here to retrieve the contents of several crypts, like this one, here. You are likely here for something valuable as well." Minute held its hand out... Diamonds appeared...It was no illusion. They trickled to the ground...Precious metals...An elixir... Minute's creations took many forms and none of them were false. This being in front of Thallass was capable of making almost anything he desired. Minute cocked its head to the side as it observed Thallass.

    "If you go to each of the crypts, there are 3 total here, and retrieve what they hold inside, I can create whatever you desire." It did not seem like a lie. Nor did it seem malicious or like he was making a deal with the devil. had to ask...

    What kind of treasure hunter would he be if he wanted something so easily generated? What would his grandfather think?

    Or .... Where else in the galaxy could find a droid capable of creation? In the chaos of the trip to Nobu Genesi, Thallass had not forgotten that there was something that mattered so much here that Prince Luce had spent millions to billions to bring them here...And a feeling would tell him that whatever it was was worth more than even this godlike droid.


    Mirialan Minute observed the Droid Minute's abilities. They did not lose their individuality when they became Minute; it was merely suppressed and blended with the other beings that made up Minute in pursuit of the ultimate goal. This was evident in the small smirk that creeped onto the former Jedi's face.

    "The power that we have achieved, young Tiona... More than any Jedi or Sith could have ever dreamed." He was clearly proud. But the ghostly Mirialan was not the most interesting thing from Tiona's current surroundings.

    Tiona could see the crypt glowing and she could knew...the Force was telling her that there was something that Thallass and Minute were missing. The light was not blue to her, as it was to them, it was red. The dark depths around their current platform was not dark to her, she could see exactly what was at the bottom: A lake of floating spirits. The Force was telling her that if Thallass approached this crypt unprepared, he would turn to stone and she, would be like the rest of the floating, mindless spirits.

    The crypt needed a vessel...a body...a Force sensitive body to obtain its contents.

    But how could she communicate that to him? They were not in the same realm. How could she get the message to him? And where would Thallass get a Force-sensitive body from? One that he was willing to sacrifice?

    Tag: @Kurisan @galactic-vagabond422 (Optional combo with yours truly, or we can play it out!)

    71st Floor, Artemis Cradle

    While in transit to the meeting place, Desi supplied Rik with her aforementioned blaster pistol (an extremely new, extremely illegal piece) and thermal detonators. She informed him that the contact had approached her through the Artemis Cradle's holonet one night after she had been released by the Artemis Cradle security forces for pulling a stick up job. She had been surprised at how fast she was released, but she alluded to the fact that she knew people in high places.

    There went that itch again at the back of Fouche's mind.

    It was accompanied by possibly another itch: The correspondence strongly, yet subtle enough that someone like Desi would not have noticed, suggested that the meeting take place on the 71st Floor. But why? From what Fouche had seen so far, if one wanted to conduct some under the radar business, what better place to do it than a floor that seemed entirely separated from oversight and was largely impoverished and scummy... Instead, Desi was driving their speeder to the 71st floor which had completely different vibe. It was a peaceful atmosphere and there were no dirty, overcrowded tower apartments like on the 75th Floor. No...

    It was clearly an affluent floor and Fouche could see their destination in the distance, a few minutes away. A large, spiraled tower that seemed like the exact opposite of a building where an underworld information broker would want to conduct his business. As they swerved to a speeder parking area a few minutes walk from the building, Fouche would see two gamorrean bodyguards waiting for them at the doors of the building. They kind of stood out, even in business suits. The blaster rifles slung across their shoulders were dead giveaways. There were clearly regular civilians here that had no matters in dirty business.

    Something was off....

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    A Dive into One Deya's Mind, Csilla

    Tek entered Deya's mind.
    It was her.
    She was unconscious. But his embrace.
    His presence in her mind.
    It stirred her memories of him.
    And her.
    The times they had spent together.
    When they first met.
    When they first kissed.
    The first time he had bandaged her bruises from a particularly dangerous bounty.
    He would have to sift thru them and go
    He was now seeing through her eyes.
    The monster had torn through her group as if they were children.
    He felt her fear as her blaster bolts had no effect on the Prince.
    As she tried to run.
    As Abaddon's hand wrapped around her throat from behind and pulled her back.
    Still...he'd have to go deeper.
    She was in a bacta tank.
    In a bright facility.

    The people around her...Blue skin.
    There was a...being.
    He had done something to her mind.
    He was going to do something worse.
    Then...A white light.
    White energy.
    It burned him. Made him sick.
    Pure Light Side of the Force.
    He saw two Deyas....Three Deyas.
    He was back in the Rupert's Run and the knock he knew would come, came.
    It was time for him to tell them his choice.
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    Trande Settlement, Vas Nihollia

    Jinos and a small group of the Huzonians set up a small camp on the outskirts of the Trande Settlement. The Trande Council had spent much of the day trying to decide what to do. They did not have the firepower to combat the Huzonian fleet and they were awaiting responses from the Vanger Corporation to see if help would come. The Huzonians could have fired but they so far were acting like interstellar refugees, Muul informed them. He was waiting to see what Dathisi thought but he, as of yet, had not spoken to her. The townspeople of Trande retreated back into their homes as directed by the constabulary... All except Dice, who stood at the edge of the town barricade. He would be the first person that the straggling Wapoe would encounter. The Outrider's death...somehow would lead Wapoe to Dice. Why? For any number of reasons, though it was likely because Dice was part of the very organization that the Outrider had been in charge of. That was one likely reason. As Wapoe would approach Dice (As he would and anyone else who wanted to speak to Jinos and the Huzonians would have to due to the barricades around Trande), Wapoe would access something from the days when he was...the Master.

    Dice was from Wild Space. He knew where Exegol was. He knew of Mortis. He was the Scourge. The last part would mean nothing to Wapoe...yet. But he would know that, like him and the Outrider, Dice was a unique being, filled with the lowest depths of the Dark Side of the Force.

    A tear would roll down his face as he turned to Wapoe. He offered the hooded figure a wave of his hand and a soft: "Hi."

    Jinos continued to repeat the plea. It was narrowed now that he gained his bearings. The planet beneath his feet felt so foreign. This was possibly a new life for his people. His plea would now be focused on K'ir Tor, Dathisi, and Mara Jade, all of them had traces of Jedi and light side energy on them. It was all he had to go on. He pleaded for them to come to him so that they would know that his words were true, his people were in need, and that Vas Nihollia was their last hope. But what of the Scourge? And what would they make of the arrival of Wapoe?

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    The Megarea, A Day after the Visit from a Prince

    It was up to Sabel.

    To tell his crew that they had been infiltrated...or not. The deviant had made true with his promise: None of the crew, with the exception of Sten, seemed to remember anything after the Red Guard had thrown himself out of the airlock. They had gone right back to work as usual.

    It was also up to Sabel.

    Whether he would warn Sloane of the impending attack from Chord. Chord, who was proving to be much more involved in the Unknown Regions state of affairs than anyone had guessed. The spy had ties to the Chiss Ascendancy and some organization called the Dark Tower.

    Little did Sabel realize, however, how merely knowing about the Dark Tower would complicate his future plans.

    Eleodie... The response came a full day later.

    Zhe wanted to meet on neutral ground. Zhe would allow Sabel to pick the place.

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    Look at what you made me do!!! GM Approved - The Oracle was Right! He was right.. .

    Character Sheet
    Name: Alpo Leineri Cummbo II
    Age and Appearance:
    Appears to be a fifty year old humanoid male with a grey complexion.
    Suspicious and calculating.
    Allegiance: Family
    Bounty (If not a member of the Guild): Yes- For Stolen Property, states body must be brought in intact.
    Personal Effects: Clothes on his back, tools, palm blaster, and basic med-kit.
    Ship: GS-100 Salvage ship
    Bio: Born on a back world and having lived through harrowing times, he was an outcast and renegade from home. Not that it was home that wanted him back, for he had stolen something in his journeys that was slowly beginning to show age.

    Originally he had been an itinerate traveler of the galaxy, a man of the universe without care or worry. Eventually that had turned to nothing but care and worry, and then he had been captured and indentured as a slave for nearly twenty years. Having won his freedom by right of escaping through the Maelstrom around Kessel in a stolen ship he had sought an independence and freedom that was always out of grasp. Limping along he had had to bide his time and in time seek out the scattered other refugees from his homeworld in similar difficulties. It was in this search and gathering and building of a small never ending life of exchanges that he built up a junker ship. Her crew his fellow peoples and droids.

    On one delivery run they had discovered a hidden lab that none were to know about, a hidden lab which they approached and robbed for their own wellbeing. He himself was the first to perform a bonding with that labs technology and for several months they had made a much better and more open living. The galaxy being what it was, that toward the end of another decade they had come to consensus to relocate to the wild unknowns, especially with the bounties on their heads, and start a colony on a world that had the needed components in a single system for a new colony. An arid world with bubbling pools they found, they came to establish a mining colony with a small droid operation on the side. It would be a rough life, but they would be free. And so would their children.
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    Double Post GM Approved - Combo with GM to follow

    Cala Prime


    Where did they come from?

    And why did they come here?

    As anyone who spent more than a day without a home in the Unknown Regions could attest to, it was not a friendly place to nomads and wanderers. These harrowing times of Chiss Ascendancy heightening its tensions against the Syndicate Supreme and the Empire growing desperate in their search for a home made being in space without identification almost fatal.

    But then Alpo and his family came upon Cala Prime; one of many uninhabited planets under control by one of the Chiss Royal Families. Untouched by any exploratory committee. Alpo would do his due diligence in observing the planet from space to find the person settlement spot.

    There was a lot of work to be done.

    Active sensors were triggered, passive sensors began rhythmic sweeps, and every viewport had droid eyes staring down upon the world. Watching and waiting, analyzing everything to ask the over two dozen questions to answer the singular question: Was this their home now?

    Of course he wasn’t alone, his Trandoshan scavenger ship was crammed so one could barely walk the halls for the cram packed nature of his vessel. It wasn’t the only one and each in their desperation were packed for one singular task, to establish a colony without the aid of a homeworld or sponsorship. To be honest he didn’t know if anyone owned this world, but if no one lives here it was an opening enough so long as there were enough raw resources.

    An offer they couldn’t refuse.

    The planet was open and unbothered. Resources abundant. The ship’s scanners rated that life sustainability was high and there were only the most basic natural fauna to contend with over space.

    The scanners would not pick up the single sentient advanced life form on the planet. The individual was a hermit; a particularly resilient individual to be able to live on a planet in solitary. This individual sensed the arrival of the colony ships in the atmosphere. It had been over 25 years since he had felt another presence...

    Alpo took one last look at the results before tapping a few buttons to send out the tight beam signal for the others as he closed his eyes. He could feel it, the communion of the whole. The discussion was short as they all knew their time was in this crazy part of the galaxy they had decided to make their home. He felt like his arm was oozing, slipping away, but he ignored that thought as he waited for consensus.

    The world had been agreed upon, the three likely settlement locations that had been isolated by the sensors were played out and discussed. The first was a volcanic caldera, they would have plenty of metal resources there, but water and vegetation were nearly non-existant. On another part of the world they had detected what appeared to be an underground aquifer. Only the soil and minerals in that area were more sparse, but having abundant water and vegetation were good things for a colony it just meant they would have to fly and import all needed minerals. Lastly a location had been found that looked like there old ore deposits likely beneath the surface, an underground river was believed to be nearby by the surface pools in the area following a pattern. There were rock croppings and even a small mesa. Vegetation was sparse but it was a desert and that was fine with them. Less desirable for others.

    After a short debate about the benefits of merely importing water and food or inversely minerals the third choice were nothing was in over-abundance yet nothing lacking was chosen. Next the dreamers and planners had their say of how they would make this all work as the rest would dance to their song. Opening his eyes he looked at his arm, it seemed off and still felt . . .oozy. Reaching over with his left arm he rubbed the flesh of the right until it finally felt like it settled down. "Alright. Awaiting signal." he briefly stated.

    Everyone onboard already knew the verdict, either they had heard it or the others near them had shared the good news in a happy murmur of voices beeps and tones. This was where the work began. The dreamers already were sharing their vision for the mesa. This would be where the colony would start. Based on wind and solar patterns the plan was to first excavate the town directly into the side of the mesa.


    These would connect through tunnels to the hangers that would excavated opposite, the extra stone would be set aside for future external additions. They would use miners to dig a pipeline to the water, and in the middle of the mesa they begin mining and building operations of a more advanced nature as they would strive to build internal crop warehouses, a foundry and refinery to make the needed parts, and of course the labs to advance their innate technological abilities to sustain themselves and protect them so that they would never loose their homes again.

    Some even dreamed of expanding straight into a mining living space.


    Others, merely of a verdant life so many enjoyed merely under a covered sky and a passing sun.


    No matter which way they created their future they had to land and begin somehow. The mesa invasion was the first step to any of these plans as they secure and literally would carve their first homes on this world. Tapping the pools and local vegetation for their base needs as solar arrays and wind tunnels for power and ventilation were put into place and built.

    As the ships finally touched down, Alpo tapped the comms before opening the ships doors. "Welcome to your new home everyone." he calmly stated as he heard cheering echoing through the halls and bays of his ship. "Welcome home."

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    OOC: Fun with our GM in a combo, thanks @The Jedi in the Pumas

    IC Sabel
    The Megarea

    Sabel was sitting at the new desk he’d had brought in. This one had added features even the last did not, Eternal tech integrated into it, which meant it would immediately shut down the moment anyone other than himself touched or attempted to manipulate it, until it’s sensors registered his biometrics touching it once more. His people had looked at him oddly when he’d given the specifications that he wanted but made the desk as required.

    He thought back to the infiltration and what it meant. He’d had Sten and the current Zestus present after the incident and worked them both through it and what it meant for the fleet. There were several measures they had decided to take with regard to the incident, including upgrading every camera in the fleet to those that could capture frame by frame images, all routed to multiple computers so that even should one be corrupted the others would still capture the intruder.

    He’d been reviewing other fleet dispositions and current affairs when the call from Eleodie came through. The coolness and request for a neutral location made an eyebrow raise. The last they had parted it had been on better than good terms and they’d split forces only to ensure that their territories did not believe that one or the other was taking over from the original leader. He sat back, thinking, deciding, and then a small smile touched his face, touching the stud to contact the comms officer, ”Inform Eleodie that we will meet at Roxuli.”

    He sat back, considering. Tapping a few commands he stood, moving to his display rack. Retrieving his saber, he attached them to his belt, then smoothing the fabric of his tunic over them. A chime sounded and he checked, the deck crew had prepped his TIE X1 Advanced, including the special canister that he’d ordered attached to the underside.

    Locking the desk, a simple sensor touch and it became an inert hunk of metal and would stay so until he himself, alive and not under duress, touched it again, he departed his office, sealing the hatch behind him. He strode down to the hangar deck, doing a quick inspection of his TIE, including the canister, before stepping into the control pod. A touch of a few buttons and the craft lifted, precleared, and departed the Megarea. It was a short flight to a destroyer, a sister ship to the Nebula that had been of import several years prior.

    Landing aboard, the ship was now the flagship, with him onboard. He left his TIE, walking the short distance to the bridge. Once in place he ordered the launch. The Nemesis went to hyper, followed by several of the modified SDs. They decanted out of hyper in the Mendicat system, the SDs placing themselves inside the asteroid belt there, both a quick reaction force and a retrans to the fleet, in case reinforcements were needed. The Nemesis made the short jump to Roxuli, where he returned to his TIE. The destroyer placed itself slightly outsystem, hidden among the asteroids after dropping the TIE, Sabel aboard just outside of sensor range of the more inhabited asteroids.

    He sat in the cockpit of his fighter, relaxed and waiting, soon he would run into Eleodie wondering how much she knew of what had occurred several years ago.

    Sabel waited a couple of hours. The cold, desolate asteroid belt possessed a few inhabited spots of life and, during his wait, Sabel saw the traffic increase and decrease, rise and fall. A bunch of ancient, broken mining vehicles. Some small transports dropping off and picking up shift changes. This was not the ideal place for an ambush since larger ships would be inhibited by their size and hyperspace lanes from inside the asteroid belts were suicide launches.

    More hours of nothing before Eleodie finally arrived in the system. Zhe was accompanied by 3 star fighters behind the main vessel. They steered towards Roxuli and landed at the alcohol soaked, rowdy spaceport. Zhe would send Sabel the signal to land on his private channel.

    And the coordinates of a busy dive bar carved out of the asteroid.

    Sabel received the transmission, ’Of course zhe comes when zhe chooses.’ he thought. Setting the coordinates of the spaceport the TIE left the asteroid it had been behind, a pair of ETA-5s trailing so close they appeared as one larger target rather than three small ones.

    Landing in a distant corner of the field, away from zher ships, he disembarked, immediately reaching out with his mind and creating a distraction field around the three fighters to keep others from noticing but staying away at the same time. He opened the container, getting changed quickly. His red armor went on, a cape over it to hide that he was wearing it, his sabers clipped to the belt. His helmet he attached to a belt clip as well.

    The two troopers in similar armor, but black in color, stepped behind him. As they stepped out of the distraction field he let his mind reach out so that any they passed wouldn’t notice them. His wristpad fed directions to him, leading them deeper into the asteroid and the more rough district.

    Soon enough the coordinates led him to the bar she’d chosen. When he and his two troops entered he nodded to them, the two fading into the crowd and taking up station where they could assist if necessary but not be all that visible. He negotiated the room until he came to the table she sat at. A small smile crossed his face before he stilled his features again then made it so that she didn’t notice the distraction field, making him come into view to her, ”Hello, Pirate Queen.”

    “Lord Sabel.” Zhe crossed zher legs and leaned back. Zhe took in the red armor of the Sith Lord and folded zher hands. The Empire, no... Lord Sabel was being pressured if he was calling on zher. Zhe had heard the rumors: the tide of the Unknown Regions was ticking toward all out war against the Syndicate.

    “What is it that has...” the vocoder vibrated across the stilled air between them. “...caused you to reach out after years of silence? Don’t mince words and let’s be upfront, shall we?”

    He took the seat that was conveniently placed across from her, pulling the cloak shut so he could reduce the distraction field so that it was just covering zher and he, making their conversation unheard and unnoticed. Leaning back in the seat, his lip curled in a fractional smile.

    ”To put it simply then, the Syndicate is on the move. Already they are on the move, one Prince even attempting to infiltrate my fleet. He got as far as my office where he and I had a discussion. Bluntly put, they intend to attack the Ascendency, which doesn’t cause much distress but also every Imperial remnant save mine, which they already have issue with. That would suggest they will be coming for your territory as well, unless you have made a deal with them.”

    They’d parted well, after he’d dealt with a Sithspawn masquerading as zher, but that also did not mean that zhe wouldn’t look after zher own interests alone. So he had to craft his response in terms that would give the gravity of the situation without adding detail that could bring zher into trouble should zhe know about it. He did owe her that much.

    “They have already encroached upon my territory.” There was no need to be shy about it. “It may seem like this is a localized problem, Sabel. It is not. The Syndicate has established outposts in Wild Space. We believe they are working with the Scourge.”

    The Scourge. The very speaking of the man caused zher’s companions to shift uncomfortably and spread disgust and worry in their immediate vicinity.

    Before Zhe continued, Sabel’s comlink vibrated. An alert. From Sloane. A stream of data but the message was clear: she was in trouble.

    Sabel’s smile stayed in place but his eyes flared as he read the message. The last time he’d assisted Sloane it had cost him dearly. He’d been recuperated by Chord but even that was suspect and he still had to integrate the ships into the fleet completely.

    Turning his gaze back to Eleodie, ”It has begun. You and I once spoke of assisting one another, a pairing so to speak. Each of us could, potentially, survive the onslaught of the Syndicate but be diminished. I would propose that we follow through on that which we spoke of. Whether we aid the Imperials or the Chiss would be for us to decide jointly but we would defend our joint territory together.”

    He held up his hand, letting the display of his wristpad be seen without the data fully visible, ”Already the Imperials are asking for aid.”

    Eleodie’s expression turned serious as Zhe moved the black and blonde streaked hair out of zher face. Zher ego had made making the call for help impossible. Sabel reaching out first was Eleodie’s only way of saving face, but now it had to be stated.

    “I kept reports from getting out, but my territory is lost. Not entirely yet, but there’s nothing I can do to keep them at bay. Even now, as we speak, the Syndicate is moving against the Imperials, the Ascendancy, and Wild Space. We can join forces. I can agree to this. However, what is your plan? Do you have anything offensive gameplan? Do you even know where any of the Princes are?”

    A woman runs into the bar. Unnoticed. She looks around. She is running. The Dark Side... it reveals to Sabel that she is important. But not how. And not to whom.


    Sloane’s message indicates that she has been separated from her fleet. She is on the run as well. She needs a place to go.

    Sabel’s eyes flared once more, a mix of annoyance and humor, neither directed at Eleodie. ”That infiltrator, the one with whom I had a chat, he was quite intelligent but not so much so that he didn’t leave in a marked vessel. In the two days since I’ve had my people, and those that are affiliated with me tracking him. Which is leading me to the others. However, I would suspect that there is one, or one who could lead us to the Princes both in the overrun territory of yours and that of the Imperial Remnant. There is a germ of a plan forming but it will require refinement.”

    He looked at her, ”Tell me you made it out of what you’ve lost with, at least, a portion of your fleet and the Liberty’s Misrule.” As he spoke he noticed the scent of the Dark Side, sensed some presence on the air. He let the distraction field fade slightly, actually reversing it, for the one who has stirred his senses, to see how she reacts.

    He nodded to the wristpad, ”We may be acquiring another asset as well, it seems Sloane is seeking sanctuary. Her tactical genius would be of assistance.”

    The woman, young and blonde, whips her crazed eyes in Sabel’s direction. Not directly to him for she cannot tell what exactly pulled her attention. She looks back to the doorway from her vantage point at the bar and turns back to Sabel’s direction; she is trying to decide what to do. Or which is worse.

    Eleodie sighs and rolls zher eyes at the talk of an inkling of a plan. Zhe did not seem comforted by the idea of Grand Admiral Sloane being of any assistance.

    “I was hoping you would have more than this before reaching out. Beggars can’t be choosers I suppose. I maintain my territory in a superficial sense. Most of my fleet is intact. The Syndicate seems to only be interested in establishing outposts; aggressively attacking, gaining the ground, then ceasing offensive measures. My ships are superior but they utilize kamikaze attacks and offensive maneuvers I’ve never seen before. One of my captains said it reminded him of Grysk maneuvers but we know they aren’t grysk.”

    Three individuals walked in. The young woman’s eyes grew wide. They are of such an appearance that Eleodie notices them and tilts her head towards them. Sabel, however, would have already sensed them as the source of the panicked woman’s fear. Funny... they carried no air of the Dark Side of the Force. Neither did she... actually quite the opposite.




    Sabel’s comlink buzzed over and over. This time it was Sten. Requesting orders on how to assist Sloane. It appeared that the craft after her were of the Chiss Ascendancy.

    Sabel nodded to Eleodie, ”When I had to deal with them in direct confrontation they attacked from a direction that suggested they had come out of Grysk space and my spies tell me they have been seen doing the same in other places. Which suggests the Grysk have made a deal with the Syndicate. In that case there could have been an exchange of tactics.”

    His smile turned up a fraction more at the message from Sten, touching the comm he replied quietly, ”We still have a flotilla of the ships that Chord gave us, Chiss craft. Have our crews launch to where Sloane is being assaulted. Have them make faux runs at our craft there, then close on the Chiss craft assaulting her. Once between her and them, take her on board and hyper out, taking her on a roundabout course to a location just outside our territory.”

    The tableau at the door was causing a furor and, while he had no poker in the fire about it, it was disrupting this meeting. A touch to the stud on his wrist and one of the two who had come with him moved to the woman, “I’m sorry dear, I didn’t see you as you came in, I have a table for us already.” The armored man radiated an aura of a love interest of the woman, hoping she was swift on the uptake and followed him. The second had already found a cleared table only one table away from where Sabel and Eleodie already sat.

    The young woman smiled nervously and allowed the guard to take her to the table. Someone was helping her. Once they sat down she leaned in close and whispered to the guard. “Thank you, but you have no idea what you’re getting involved with.”

    The Muun began to search the crowded bar with the selkath and the wookiee.

    “If we’re dealing with the Grysk, Sabel, “ Eleodie took a sip of the backwater asteroid liquor and cringed. “Then it’s not just our territory that might be taken. The Grysk have wanted to expand for decades. The Empire and the Ascendancy have always deterred them...”

    Some things were starting to click. Eleodie’s eyebrows raised. “If the Syndicate takes down the Ascendancy, then the Grysk would have free reign over the mapped Unknown Regions. I can take my fleet into Grysk Territory and see what we can turn up. Have you heard of the Artemis Cradle? It’s a...”

    Sten moved to execute Sabel’s orders. A clever plan and it would likely be successful. The alerts on his wristpad died out.

    The Muun approached the young woman’s table, the one that also sat Sabel’s guard. Displeasure painted on the man face.

    “It is time to go, Alpha. End this facade. We have work to do.” He said quietly, under his breath but just enough that Sabel could pick up.

    “NO!” Alpha shot back. The woman reached for a lightsaber at her belt but did not commit to pulling the weapon out. “I won’t do anymore of their bidding. It’s wrong! You have to see it, Meega. Please.”

    Eleodie stopped zher explanation of the Artemis Cradle and zher eyes slid to the altercation, zher hand going for zher holstered blaster slowly.

    “It is not for us to question. Get up or you will put everyone in this establishment in danger.” Meega responded.

    Sabel’s eyes flared at the mention of the Artemis Cradle but the commotion beginning next to them was starting to take up the focus of not just them but eyes were also tracking on it from across the room. He chuckled, holding up a hand in a ‘wait’ gesture to Eleodie. ”This is not just this group testing us but a test for my two, and for those testing us.” he near whispered.

    The second of the guards moved so he had the three who had entered after the woman in sight. His hands were empty but the blaster rifle at his back dropped from its mount quietly, moving so the grip was just behind his hand. On his thigh a seam opened slightly, revealing a pocket in the armor, dark inside at the moment but close to his other hand.

    At the table, the guard who had aided the woman at first smiled. His hands reached up, placing them both palm down on the table’s surface. He smiled, in a seemingly friendly manner. His head turned, looking up at the Muun, “She said no...friend.” The emphasis on the last word gave lie to it. The second let a little ball fall from his armor’s belt into his hand and rolled it silently toward the entrance. When it stopped, suddenly it appeared that a four man squad of stormtroopers barged into the bar, weapons quivering.

    Attention drawn, the first kept his attention on the Muun, his smile turning slightly more predatory as every knife on the table, sharp or not, lifted from its surface and pointed their tips at him. “Walk away, leave her in peace.” he said flatly.

    The Wookiee had maneuvered behind the second guard closer to the door and prepared to decapitate him with his lightsaber before Meega raised a hand. He was irritated and disappointed.

    “We will leave. Alpha... remember the promise you made. That we all made. We will not forget this betrayal.” The Muun took another look at the raised knives before turning swiftly and exiting with his comrades.

    “Thorough as always. Looks like you’re picking up all kinds of stragglers today.” Eleodie took another gulp of zher drink, not releasing zher grip on the blaster until the Muun and his group were gone. “I don’t think we should travel together. We should keep our fleets separate, but move as one. The Syndicate excels in medium to large scale fleet battles. We both, however, possess better starfighter craft. What is your plan of action? What do you need from me?”

    Alpha turned to the guard and exhaled hard once Meega had left. Her heart was thumping hard. She looked up, exhausted, at the guard. “Thank you... Who are you?”

    Sabel relaxed back as the silverware of the table the others were at settled back to the table. He chuckled at Eleodie’s comment, ”All the ‘strays’ need to band together, or attempt to, if we’re going to stop the Syndicate. As to the plan, I agree, our starfighters have our edge. I’d rather keep the fleet actions to the minimum so the proposition is that we keep our forces on the move, my territory used as a staging area when necessary, as well as the rump of territory you still control.”

    He sipped from a glass that disappeared from the next table over and was now in his hand, ”Our spies and advance agents can keep track of their movements and we stage one or perhaps two capital craft outsystem in systems they control for raids by our fighters on their infrastructure or bases, enough to draw a portion of their fleet there, but swiftly enough that by the time that fleet element arrives both the fighters and the capital craft have departed. Keep them on constant, soul shattering, body wearying patrols. Whereas our shorter supply and communication lines means we can rotate out crews on a regular basis, keeping everyone fresh.”

    He paused as he heard a chuckle from his guard, at the table, now listening to that conversation. The guard saw how weary she was, “I’m someone who happened to be here on other business, but it was the right place, right time, possibly. But as I overheard your name, or perhaps callsign, I will share mine, I am Octus. And I know your name but nothing more so I’d ask.”

    The second of the guards chuckled at that exchange, after relaxing slightly, once the beings that had been after the woman departed. His hand moved from behind his back, the tiny holdout blaster that had been hidden in his hand returned to its pouch, pleased he hadn’t needed to try to take down a wookie with it.

    Eleodie was pleased to see that Lord Sabel had not lost a step since their initial encounter. The plan of action was thorough enough. It was formulated out of the information, and lack thereof, they possessed about the Syndicate's fleet and its commander, the First Prince. Which brought a frown to zher face. The First Prince; the master tactician that was only held at bay by Grand Admiral Thrawn; the strategist and commander that, if rumors were to be believed, had plans to conquer the galaxy. The First Prince and the Syndicate's movement into Wild Space was evidence of the validity of those rumors.

    "Do you have a plan on finding the First Prince?"

    Sabel chuckled, a dark smile crossing his face at the question, ”I do indeed. I have two teams fanning out currently on separate arcs in the UR, one is the actual hunters and the other is even more specialized. They are following the trail left when Thrawn disappeared but acting as though their comms have a glitch, allowing their transmissions to be partially captured. I can feel that the First Prince would do anything to prevent the return of Thrawn so this way either it allows us to track their spies back as they try to track that team or the Prince when she comes hunting for my people. The other team is the one following the true traces of his disappearance.”

    Eleodie raised a glass to Sabel, his guard, and their young guest, Alpha.

    "To alliances, mates.”

    Sabel raised his glass, ”To alliances.” and then sat back for the moment to observe the exchange between his guard and the woman named Alpha, to interject as needed.

    "Callsign?" Alpha shook her head, her wet, blonde hair sticking to her face. She held Octus' gaze for a moment before looking sideways at Sabel and Eleodie drinking. A pause of disgust. She had never partook in alcohol consumption; clearly some type of dogmatic traditionalism that was passed to her. Her eyes went from the glass to Sabel's face and back to Octus.

    "I...Do not know exactly where I am. I do not have a way off of this asteroid." Her words were indirect. Alpha was still searching for answers herself and she was not quite sure she was free from her pursuers. "I must ask a favor from you, Octus. Can you get me out of here? I have no money...No destination...that they would not pursue me. But I cannot remain here."

    Octus caught her look, and the expression that crossed her face at the look she directed at Sabel and Eleodie. A small smile crossed his face. “Then you have fallen in with the right crowd. Of course the final decision is up to the Admiral.” he said, nodding in Sabel’s direction.

    He sat back slightly, “It does appear he’s close to complete with his discussion. But perhaps you could tell me more about why those three were so intent on leaving here with you.”

    His eyes flicked away for a moment, meeting those of Sevetus. The other guard nodded slightly, then concentrated. He didn’t touch her mind, but his senses reached out into the space around the table, focusing on what she said versus the surface thoughts she had, those that were the hardest to hide from others. She seemed a true fugitive but the Admiral would not easily forgive if they brought a deliberate spy with them.

    “They...” Alpha began before her body grew still, her fists clenched. She was on alert instantly and her eyes scanned the room until they landed on Sevetus. His gentle probe was rejected, at first. Alpha knew that she had to trust them and that in turn they would have to be able to trust her for them to help her. The Force sensitivity had alarmed her but slowly her surface thoughts, her truths, were laid open to Octus, Sevetus, and the Admiral.

    “We used to work together. We served a common goal: to help people. But... I discovered that all was not what I believed it to be. The lengths to which they would go to achieve their goals... I could not abide. So I tried to escape but... leaving is not an option. I know they are not done with me.”

    Her gaze narrowed back on Octus and she began to take note of his armor. She had never seen it before.

    “While you are with us, they will not take you. We will not force you to come with or stay with us but you will be safe.” he told her before looking over her shoulder, receiving a nod from Sevetus, she was telling them the truth. His gaze shifted slightly and he relaxed slightly as he received a micro nod from Sabel as well.

    “So they would do anything to achieve their goals, hmmm. I’ve known people like that.” he mused. Looking back at her, “Your former compatriots would find it quite hard, if you do come with us, to find you or to even attempt retrieve you. They would be shocked by what they found, came up against.” He chuckled slightly.

    His words relaxed her a bit. She wanted to take a large breath and exhale. The way the Dark Tower was constructed, one could not simply leave. Alpha did not know this but no one had ever left. This was how the Dark Tower remained one of the galaxy’s unknown parties through the ages. She did know that Meega was not going to let her go and that these men, whoever they were and wherever they had come from... she was putting them in grave danger. As the music and sounds of the bar swelled and withered naturally and cyclically, Alpha quietly took stock of her current position.

    “Octus, I heard you mention an Admiral... what military or world do you serve?”

    Sabel managed to not sit up in shock as the words Dark Tower passed through Alpha’s mind. Both Sevetus and Octus sensed the words too but didn’t have the knowledge of what it truly meant, just that it was who was behind the terror this woman felt.

    Octus shook his head for a moment, “The leader of our territory is a former Imperial Admiral, who managed to take his fleet to the Unknown Regions and carve out a place for us all. We are separate from all polities in the galaxy and while the Admiral maintains discipline left over from the Imperial times, the xenophobia, the terror one often had while in service to the Empire is gone. We are our own people, both Force users and not.” he added, since he knew she would have sensed their own Force presence.

    Too. Good. To. Be. True.

    But she had no exposure to any other life or organization... She had to be open to the possibility that these people, this Admiral, could actually be trying to establish some free state. Alpha was familiar enough to know that she had to be careful still; these people had no reason to harm her though that did not mean they wouldn’t.

    Visually, she nodded to Octus.

    “This Admiral of yours sounds benevolent. Please let him know I will not be a burden or a hindrance to your people.”

    Sabel finished his drink, nodding to Eleodie. He reached into a pocket of the cloak, pulling out a datapad. Sliding it across the table until it touched her fingers, ”This will allow secure comms between us, using a specialized encryption that has yet to be broken, because of the tech involved. Now I must away with my people and this newest straggler.” He stood, giving an almost court bow, that of equals, before leaving the table.

    He was sure Eleodie had her own ways to avoid detection so he did not worry about the field moving with him. Approaching the table of the others, he nodded to Octus and Sevetus as the former stood. Looking to the young woman, ”It would be safe to say that the Admiral has heard and appreciates your words.”

    Turning to his Guards, ”Time to leave, we have a stray to retrieve on the way home.” The small group departed the bar and made their way to the fighters. Octus whispered to Alpha on the way to the fighters, “You’ll have to double up with me, only have the fighters here, but it’s only a short flight to the ship.”

    Sabel snorted, he’d have to have a word with Octus, the man would have to ensure he kept a reign on his emotions here, but was currently the best to run point with Alpha. At the fighters, once they were all boarded, ”Launch, Nemesis is aware of our return.”

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