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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Chukles38, Dec 7, 2008.

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  1. Chukles38

    Chukles38 Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 10, 2005
    100 ABY - The Force Cold War

    In the years following the Second Galactic Civil War, the great Force debate rumbled once more. The malcontents had been mostly silenced by the actions of the Jedi during the Yuuzhan Vong War in saving the galaxy, but Darth Caedus revitalised the debate by repainting the Jedi as enemies of peace.

    Chief of State Daala did little to quell those concerns, and the actions of Mandalore Fett and the Moff Council detracted further from any element of achievement that the Jedi could claim from ending the latest war. The Empire and Mandalorians took the prestige, and the Jedi suffered ? be it indirectly or directly. It was as if some great conspiracy was targeting the Jedi, but the Council could not ascertain where the conspiracy was based.

    However, the politicians and soldiers remembered the Battle of Kuat, and the Battle of Kashyyyk, and how the Jedi had turned the outcome of every major conflict since refounding on Yavin 4. And so, as the decades rolled on, governments began to secretly study the Force as a division of their planetary and sector defences networks.

    The Sith were resurrected in differing guises, and established Force groups found themselves being enticed into government employ by various means. Force users were plucked from their homes at birth, and many shaped to fit these new establishments. The Jedi were blamed, and political repercussions began to amount.

    It wasn?t long until an arms race came about, and the Cold War ? hardly the first in galactic history ? became known as the Force Cold War by the people of the galaxy.

    A full-scale Force War is not the only thing threatening the stability of the Galaxy, however. Political scandals, influential and shady public figures, and the increase of criminal syndicate activity all lend their hand to disrupt the stability of the Galaxy as we know it.

    Information on 100 ABY ? The Force Cold War

    100 ABY ? The Force Cold War is a collaborative RP encompassing many of the Force Groups from the Expanded Universe Community as well as the New Jedi Trials from the Star Wars Community. It?s purpose is to promote increased interaction between the forums, as well as provide a quality gaming experience for players of all skill levels.
    All are welcome to play, however Force using characters are restricted to members of the various organizations represented within the game. Supporting characters within society and government are always appreciated, though by simply joining one of the various groups entrance into the game will be allowed.

    Factions (With GM Name)

    The Jedi Order?Chukles38

    At the centre of the crisis, the Jedi Order is one of the larger factions of the Cold War. While Ossus and Coruscant remain key lynchpins of the Jedi Order and the Galactic Alliance, the two are now based primarily on Corellia, and the Jedi Council is closer than ever to the Galactic Alliance.

    The Jedi Order is comprised of the New Jedi Trials from the Star Wars Community and the Guardians of Light from the Expanded Universe Community

    SWC New Jedi Trials
    EUC Guardians of Light

    The Imperial Knights?Sinrebirth

    Largely at the periphery of the latest crisis, the Imperial Knights are beholden to Emperor Fel II of the Galactic Empire. The primary base of the Imperial Knights is Bastion, though Nirauan and Yaga Minor remain key worlds, and the Emperor rules the Empire through the Imperial Knights.

    Imperial Knights

    The Twilight Templars?Kev-Mas_Colcha & Kahn_Iceay

    The Templars of Twilight are what many would call Grey Jedi. They believe that the Force is inherently good, but through the actions of its users, it has become unbalanced. Based on Zonama Sekot and with minor enclaves in secluded locations th
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  2. Kahn_Iceay

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    Mar 5, 2006
    I am Kahn Iceay, and I approved this Sheet [face_flag]

    Name:Vincent Mikaru
    Alias (If Any): Ivory One
    Age: 48 Biologically (98 chronologically)
    Species: Echani

    General Description:


    Eyes: a silverly blue
    Hair: White and very long, down to his thighs long. Generally kept in a long braid behind him.
    General Appearance:[image=]
    Dressing Style: Vincent tends to wear two types of out fits either a dress outfit or his Echani Armor

    General Character Traits:Vincent has an extremely high IQ 184 by normal standards, but he was also slightly obsessive compulsive. This leads to him leading a 'highly scheduled life' which is what leads him to do things long before they were necessary. He graduated 2 years in advanced from his school because of this.

    This also leads him to be extremely bored in life. He was always doing things before they needed to be done so he was constantly without anything to do. It was very easy to tell when Vincent has nothing to do, or when he is bored. He would either sit in his office and read or wander the halls of the temple.

    He can be quite, monotone. Responding in a tone more of a droid than an organic individual. It isn't because he is cold or emotionless, it is just when his mind was focused on something it stays focused there. This leads him to be very absent minded, he is known to walk with his nose buried in a holobook or a datapad and be so enthralled in it that he can walk into doors or walls. He has on several occasions wondered into other peoples quarters while in this state of mind.
    Likes: Cooking, Books, Ship Design, listening to opera styled music, and Heavy Isotope.
    Dislikes: loud noises, disorder, bothersome questions, bothersome question askers.
    Habits/Mannerisms:Reads a lot, works on holopads a lot, when he does this he tends to be very focused as stated above. He'll walk absentmindedly into things sometimes as well. In times of stress or distraction he'll mumble or ramble.
    Strengths:He has a very high IQ and is extremely skilled in all things technical. Because of his nature when he starts working on something he focuses on it and tends to finish it quickly
    Weaknesses: due to his nature he could very easily miss a fine detail if he's not paying attention. He can be very dense and assume he's correct and ignore other suggestions until its all but obvious.
    Physical Strengths and Weaknesses:As an Echani he's very agile and has heightened reflexes. He's also very stealthy, but as an Echani his strength is below average for an athletic individual of his height. He isn't very fast (running speed) without the force.

    Affiliation: Templars of Twilight
    Rank: Master (Stasis has caused resection in power will be equal to knight and progress back to Master Level Strength)

    Lightsaber/Weapon Description: 2 simple sabers with silver blades.
    Fighting Style: Templar Style "Tsurugi Enkatsu"

    Biography: Vincent Mikaru was born in the year 6aby to the Echani Mikaru Clan on Couruscant. Discovered to be Force sensitive as a toddler, he was one of the first 'younglings' of the Jedi Academy started by Luke Skywalker. His training differed none from any of the other Jedi, and he didn't stick out aside from his hair, and his attitude. He tended to disagree with the methods and Modus Operandi of the Jedi Masters.

    He personally believed that they were holding back their interactions with the Force. Fear of people falling to the darkside by viewing the source as open, hypocritically avoiding the fact that its fear that leads to the darkside. Because of these thoughts, the Masters
  3. Chukles38

    Chukles38 Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 10, 2005
    I need no approval :p

    Name: Alexander Q. Rendush
    Alias (If Any): Alex, Quist, Officer Rendush, Shade, The Fallen One
    Age: 29
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5? 11?
    Weight: 165 lbs.

    General Description: Alexander most commonly can be found dressed in all black, topped off with a face-concealing black cloak. His dress, which appears to be quite mysterious and menacing, contrasts greatly with his face, which is often cheery, serene, or merely passive. His facial hair seems to be constantly changing, going from clean shaven to a goatee to a thin full beard and back again almost overnight. He is found by most to be attractive, with an average height and an average weight. He?s muscular, though thin.

    Personality Traits: Alexander is by nature extremely quiet and contemplative. When not dueling, which he enjoys immensely, he can be more often than not found meditating in the Gardens. When engaged in conversation, he is jovial and warm, and when on the battlefield is deathly cool and calculating. His mind works strangely, and he has always been much more mature than his years, exhibiting an intellect and temperament equal to someone at least twice his age. His character flaws are few, though he is easily influenced by beautiful women? within reason.

    Affiliation: The Jedi Order
    Rank: Grand Master

    Lightsaber/Weapon Description: His hilt, constructed of a lightweight, metallic-black metal, is an average length and rather simple. Under the blade emitter projects a three inch blade, mostly ornamental, though kept extremely sharp. The grip allows for extremely good grip while twirling and maneuvering the blade. The blade itself is a rich crimson and extends slightly longer than most blades while being thinner than the average lightsaber blade tends to be.

    Fighting Style: Makashi, though has a firm basis in most other forms of combat


    Alexander Quinton Rendush was born and raised on Corellia. He was always rather intelligent, and graduated from school at the age of fifteen. With his life ahead of him, Alexander thought hard about what he wished to do with it. He decided he wanted to be the best CorSec officer in the organization?s long history, and his father?a powerful and influential government official?pulled some strings and bribed a few people to get Alexander admitted to the academy at his young age.
    Alexander was not well liked, and for good reason. Most of the academy students were seventeen to nineteen years old. However, he still managed to graduate, despite his less developed stature, though his marks were not nearly the best. He would not see himself on active duty until he was seventeen, however.

    For one year, he served as a secretary and errand boy to the Director of CorSec, who saw great potential in Alexander and took him under his wing. However, Alexander still saw his seventeenth birthday come and go, and he was almost eighteen when he was given his first mission. It was nothing difficult and something the higher ups felt to be a safe mission and indeed it was. However, Alexander completed it magnificently.

    Seven months after his eighteenth birthday, Alexander was a full Officer, running some of the most dangerous missions that CorSec had. He developed an affinity for blending in and sometimes seemingly disappearing, thus earning him the nickname of Shade from his peers. However, he was given more and more undercover work, and he was certainly on his way to greatness within CorSec. However, that changed the moment the Jedi came into Alexander?s life. They quickly recognized his Force potential, and it did not take long for Alexander to decide to go and train on Coruscant, where an enclave had been established.

    He learned quickly, and was a Knight by the time he had reached his twenty-second birthday. His father, a rouge Jedi descended from a Jedi Master who had survived the purge, had much to do with this rapid lea
  4. Darth_Brutus666

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    Dec 25, 2006
    Character Sheet Approved.

    Name: Brutus Crantilla
    Alias (If Any): The White Knight
    Age: 33
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'6"
    Weight: 225

    General Description: Brutus is quite frankly a hulk of a man. Standing at 6'6", he towers over almost everyone. Brutus sports jet black hair, and emerald eyes. Brutus is very muscular, and has a heavy build.(Picture similar, but with obvious deteals different. i.e. armour and hair.) [image=]

    Affiliation: NJT
    Rank: Councuil Member

    Lightsaber/Weapon Description: Hilt: Charcoal colored, single emitter lightsaber with 4 Onyx hooks extending from the top of the saber.
    Blade Color: Green
    Fighting Style: Shii-Cho, however can use other forms, just not as well

    Biography: Brutus has been a member of the Jedi Order since the age of 3 when we was taken there by Jedi. Since then he was apprenticed by the Grand Master Himself. Brutus went on to train 2 padawans to knighthood and is working on his 3rd. Brutus has achieved the rank of Jedi Council Memeber, and hopes to lead the Order into a very bright and secure future. He is also known as the White Knight due to the White Cortosis Armour Brutus wears into battle to protect himself from lightsabers and due to the fact that he always appears just when hope seems lost. While the Armour has saved him many times, it is also very old, as such, a skilled duelest can defeat it. Many times it was only his ability to use the force that has kept Brutus alive.
  5. MarcusDade

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    Apr 5, 2006
    GM Approved

    Character Sheet

    Name: Marcus Dade (only his closest friends know that this is his true name)
    Alias (If Any): Dade Leviathan
    Age: 1000 (appears to be in his mid to late twenties, but with noticeable aging, such as Silvery Hair and wind-blown skin)
    Species: Near Human of Unknown Descent
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5' 10"
    Weight: 190 lbs

    General Description:
    Despite his age, Dade has a very youthful appearance, appearing to be only around the age of 24-26 in human years. He is, however, far older. His species is extremely long lived, and because very few people know of his species' origin, most people believe his species to be immortal, although this is highly unlikely. Dade is distinguished from humans, however, by his pale skin, bright silver hair, and pointed ears that resemble the ears of the Sephi. This has lead many xenobiologists to hypothesize that his species is somehow related to the Sephi, although this is untrue.

    There have been other members of Dade's race that have been encountered, but they are few. This has given rise to the theory that they may be from one of the many unexplored star systems in the unknown regions of the galaxy. Some have even suggested that they are dying out, or that they are from a different galaxy entirely. Nobody has ever been able to prove any of these theories, however, because for some reason, those of Dade's species that do know their origin are disinclined to share the information to others that aren't of their species.

    Dade has an athletic appearance, his muscles are toned and shapely yet he isn't overly muscular. His body is just that way because of the various exercise that his training gives him, not from lifting weights.

    Dade's skin, while youthful and fair, is quite windblown and when one looks at him for a length of time, they would probably get the sense that he isn't as young as he appears. He is youthful, however, not because of his connection to the force as some might believe, but because of his species. While nobody knows the true name of Dade's species as supposedly it cannot be pronounced in Basic, Dade and the rest of his species simply call themselves the light bringers. What this means, and whether or not its just one giant joke the species is playing on the galaxy is unknown.

    Dressing Style: Dade wears navy blue and silver robes that flow around him. His boots are black Krayt Dragon leather, and he also wears black leather gloves on occasion when its either cold outside, or when he deems them necessary for some other reason. He doesn't wear gloves all the time, however. Underneath these robes he wears a pair of black pants and a black tunic.

    When not in a formal setting and when he has no need for robes, he wears a simple pair of sand colored pants and tunic. He always wears his krayt leather boots, however. his clothing can change sometimes, but he usually always keeps a similar color scheme.

    Affiliation: Templars of Twilight
    Rank: Kage

    Lightsaber/Weapon Description: An elegant and elaborate silver handle with black etched runes of Gamatsu, the Ceremonial Templar language. It emits an average length silver-blue blade.
    Fighting Style: Master of Form 7, Knowledge of Form 5, 4 and 2.

    Marcus was born to Shira and Largo Dade in 900 aby on a cool wintery morning. Originally, his parents were worried, because he came out silent. However, after a few moments of staring blankly at his mother, he finally opened his mouth and cried until his mouth cuddled him and allowed him to feed, calming him down. He was a very healthy child, and extremely exuberant as well. He kept his father running around trying to catch, who was an artist by trade and certainly not one for athletics. His mother was a seamstress and worked out of their home while his father was the personal artist of the royal Alderaanian Family.

    When Marcus was 2 years old, his father fell deathly ill. Feeling
  6. Kev-Mas_Colcha

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    Dec 15, 2002
    I am Kev-Mas Colcha, and I approve this Character Sheet...

    Name: Leonias Colcha
    Alias (If Any): Ebony I
    Age: 30
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'2?
    Weight: 200 lbs.

    General Description: Leonias is tall and muscular in appearance, with neck-length black hair and piercing red cybernetic eyes. He generally wears armor, either red or black in color, most of the time containing a cape of the same color scheme. On special occasions he will wear other things, however, such as his Dress Uniform and Flightsuit.

    Affiliation: Templars of Twilight
    Rank: Gurei Shishou, Grey Master

    Lightsaber/Weapon Description: A Greatsaber, which was originally his Grandfather's.
    Fighting Style: Templar Style ?Tsurugi Kyouran?

    Biography: Leonias was born to Andrew and Petra Colcha 70 ABY on Zonama Sekot. Both of his parents were Templars, so it was no surprise that Leonias was strong in the force as well. Raised to be a Templar from birth, he showed many similarities with his grandfather, Kev-Mas Colcha.

    Trained in relative seclusion, Leonias couldn't help but wonder what the rest of the Galaxy had to offer. However, told that it wouldn't be the best time to go out into the Galaxy, due to the state of things, Leonias reluctantly stayed put.

    Eventually, after receiving the rank of Gin Deshi, or Silver Knight, Leonias was visited by a vision from his grandfather, who guided him to his secret home on a hidden planet called Muspelheim. This planet was part of a sector called the Midgard Sector, and both the Planet and Sector were undiscovered by anyone except for Kev-Mas.

    There, Leonias was told to take the home and everything inside for himself, including his old ships, the Crimson Phoenix and Crimson Dagger.
    Now, Leonias is a Gurei Shishou, or Grey Master, and is training a Genin of his own, while waiting for the eventual time when he is able to see the rest of the galaxy, whether it be in peace, or most likely, war.
  7. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    GM Approved I need no approval for these either..

    Name: Aden Kya
    Alias (If Any): Darth Insipid
    Age: 55 (chronologically much older)
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5''11'
    Weight: Ten stone

    General Description: Pale skinned, turquoise eyed, dark brown haired, tall, but not especially muscularly bound, nor especially lean, and dark robed, often, but not always

    Affiliation: Dominion of Darkness
    Rank: Lord

    Lightsaber/Weapon Description: Lightwhip, Tri-phase Lightsaber, holdout blaster.
    Fighting Style: Makashi, primarily, some Djem So and Soresu

    Biography: Born 7 ABY as Aden Kya, he was the son of Cesca Kya and Traer Lin, the former an ex-Imperial, and latter, an ex-Techno Union worker from Fondor. Cesca abandoned Aden in 10 ABY to rejoin the Empire, as resurgent under the cloned Emperor. Traer became obsessed with vengeance upon the Empire, and dove into politics to achieve that. Aden was left on Tallaan, and in his teenage years became dismissive of democracy as much as his father, whom never wrote. In a fit of churlish hormones, he took upon his mothers name. His father, infuriated, made him into a slave, and abandoned him in 25 ABY, on the eve of the Yuuzhan Vong War. When the Yuuzhan Vong arrived ten months later, he was made a captive of them. Lomi Plo saved him, and took him back to the One Sith.

    She was soon captured, but Aden became enamored with the Sith way, and the Imperial way, as democracy allowed his homeworld to be ravaged time and time again. By 39 ABY, he had risen in stature sufficiently to host discussions while Lord Krayt was in stasis, as Lord of Korriban. He aided the One Sith in their actions during the lead-up to the Second Galactic Civil War, taking those years between the Yuuzhan Vong War and the Corellian-oriented crisis to create identities as a Jensaarai and a member of Wraith Squadron, the fighter squadron, rather than the Intelligence asset. From that, he was able to affect elements of the GA to support Lord Caedus, departing from the violence once the war outright broke out.

    Returning to host discussions, he took on Alema Rar and debated with her, before directing Dician to kill her. He continued in this role, despite his fondest wish to help Caedus destroy the Alliance and the Jedi. He rapidly fell out with Lord Krayt, whom advised they sit, and wait. Darth Insipid began gathering his support base, amongst others whom agreed within him among the One Sith. He cultivated a love affair with Darth Ardeur, and influenced his apprentice Idoneus. Together, the three carved out the support to eventually leave the One Sith on an extended mission amongst the Sith elements of the galaxy, whom had been interfering with Krayt's plans often.

    Now he is a Lord with the Dominion of Darkness, having helped shape it into a tool he believes will one day be of use to him. He has been in stasis since 65 ABY, and has emerged numerous times to check upon the Dominion, now emerging to assist it in its efforts to conquer the galaxy - he remains silent upon the One Sith's existence. He stole much from Lord Krayt in 65 ABY, and his reappearance thus must be controlled, or he shall be noticed.
  8. artemis_fowl

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    Apr 4, 2003
    GM Approved

    Character Sheet

    Name: Sera Neyva
    Alias (If Any): None
    Age: 13
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Height: 154 cm
    Weight: 44 kg

    General Description: Sera had blonde hair, usually tied up in a ponytail. She wears the traditional Jedi tunic and robes. She is young and eager, yet unexperienced. Sera tends to keep to herself, although she does have a group of friends. She has great compassion for living beings, animals and the environment. She tends to shy away from conflict, but often protects the younger students out of a sense of morality. She is good-natured and friendly, but can sometimes be faulted as being too trusting and eager to please. She enjoys reading, and can get lost in a book for the whole day. She is a tough fighter when it comes down to it, and is strong-willed and determined.

    Affiliation: The Jedi Order
    Rank: Youngling / Not yet chosen by a master

    Lightsaber/Weapon Description: Uses a lightsaber on loan from the temple. Blue blade
    Fighting Style: Not decided.

    Biography: Sera was born on the lush world of Naboo. The Jedi came for her early, and thus she has no real recollection of her family. She was placed in the Coruscant Temple, but was transferred to Corellia soon after its completion. Sera was a hard worker, training with utmost commitment in hopes of being a Padawan. The masters recognized her as being intelligent, but is yet unable to find a suitable master.
  9. Inty

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    Jan 1, 2008
    Chuks Approved

    Name: Lahsong O'Toone
    Alias (If Any): Lah, Singer Girl
    Age: 14
    Species: Twi'lek
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'3"
    Weight: 110 lbs

    General Description: Her light blue skin and deep black eyes indicate the growing visual beauty that Lah is quickly becoming. Giving into her stereotypical Twi'lek instincts, she dresses older than she is, often in tight white clothing, made from animal skins. She covers that with a simple brown robe at most times around the temple.

    Affiliation: Jedi Order
    Rank: Hopeful Padawan

    Lightsaber/Weapon Description: A basic silver hilt, with black and red buttons, taken from the temple stock, as she is yet to make her own. The blue blade almost matches the color of her skin.
    Fighting Style: Completely unrefined, and in need of training.

    Biography: Taken from her parents and into the custody of the Jedi before her first birthday, Lah has only ever known the Jedi way of life. She thinks nothing of her self, seeking only to help and please others. She is unrefined and clumsy with a lightsaber, but shows an unusual affinity for mind tricks, piloting, and telekinesis. She often mixes her own charm and beauty to aid in getting the things she wants, including on the few brief missions she's had. This has garnered praise from some, but criticism from others.

    She has a bubbly personality and is loving, caring, and trusting, possibly to a fault. When left without tasks or studying, she can be found skipping around the Jedi Temple, singing old folk songs and her original song creations, helping to earn her nickname of "Singer Girl".

    Her inability to master using a lightsaber has lead to her being glossed over in being taken as a Padawan, and time is whittling before she will be too old to be trained, and forced to serve the Jedi Order in other ways.
  10. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    Chukles Approved! [face_dancing]

    Name: Dil Finwerk

    Alias(if any): None

    Age: 23

    Species: Nautolan

    Gender: Male

    Height: 5 feet 11 inches

    Weight: 177 lbs.

    General Description: Dil usually wears dark brown robes that have a lighter brown edge. Although he is not extremely tall, he makes up for it with a light, agile body that allows him to bend in many directions. Black Leather boots cover his "feet". Although he is still learning to master a lightsaber form, he is adequate in both Forms 2 and 4.

    Affiliation: Jedi Order

    Rank: Jedi Knight

    Lightsaber/Weapon Description: Dil's lightsaber has a strong teal color to it, and the handle is of normal specifications. Due to his lack of lightsaber buildign experience, he has not changed the hilt from the Order standards for hilt construction. A special feature of his saber is that it can be used under water, complementing his species' natural ability of being good swimmers.

    Along with his lightsaber, Dil can also wield a knife, with which he practices with in case he does not have his lightsaber and needs to fight.

    Brought into the Order around the age of 4, Dil was about in the middle of the age range of his fellow initiates. Although he always could follow the very basic tasks given to him by his instructors, his human fellows always mocked him because of his differences. Dil sometimes wanted to give up, but he always kept on going. At the age of 9, he was wowing his instructors with great combat skills against combat droids, and was also able to learn more about the Force than the rest of his group.

    Being a Nautolan, Dil has always been a good swimmer. While some of his fellow students were uneasy about learning how to go underwater, Dil leaped at the chance to show off his skills. In the first underwater mission, the group was supposed to find a small stone hidden somewhere down on the floor of a training pool. All of the others had to give up because of a lack of oxygen, but Dil was able to find the stone and bring it back up to the surface. Some of those that had earlier mocked him for being non-human now resented him for his great natural ability.

    At 12, Dil became a padawan to a smart, witty Jedi Knight who always tried to bring out the best in his apprentice. While under his training, Dil worked hard to prove that he could be a capable Jedi under stress, completing many missions and working hard all the time. It was with his Master that Dil began to work on his first lightsaber; the teal crystal that he chose reminded him of the serenity of being underwater, where he could spend his free time just exploring the Temple pools for small rocks and life forms. It was also here that he started to learn how to use a knife; his instructor told him that having a second weapon could prove beneficial should he lose his lightsaber.

    Then, during his time of training, the split of the Jedi Order occured, and two factions split out of the old Order. Dil's Master gave up on the Order, leaving Dil to fend for himself. The padawan had to finish his training as best he could under the remaining members of his faction, trying to cram as much information into his mind as possible so that he could still be promoted. To do this, he spent extensive time in the Temple Archives, reading about the history of the Force and the Jedi Order. Through a painstakign process, he was finally able to complete a basic training and be ready to take the Trials to become a Jedi Knight.

    As he was about to take the Trials, talks were held that brought the two factions together again into one Order. Dil was disheartened that his teacher had left, because he was ready to show that he had completed his training. Now, after completing the trials, Dil has become a Jedi Kngiht. However, due to his lack of a hands-on training period, he is still learning things under the tutelage of Council members. Currently, he is looking to build a new lightsaber that will be fit for a Jedi Knight to use.
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  11. Darth_Brutus666

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    Dec 25, 2006
    OOC: Inty as a girl.....lmao[face_laugh]
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  12. The Great No One

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    Jun 4, 2005
    Chuckles Approved

    Name: Vance Kar'dan
    Alias (If Any): Blade
    Age: 37
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'4
    Weight: 206

    General Description: [image=]

    Affiliation: Jedi
    Rank: High Master/Council Member (which ever is applicable chuckles, let me know and that's the one i'll use)

    Lightsaber/Weapon Description: Has two lightsabers, one with an angled hilt. The backup one is a shoto. Both have onyx handles, with ruby activation studs. Both are inlaid in a diamond pattern with silver, and both have silver blades.
    Fighting Style: Makashi, but has studied juyo/vaapad extensively (is in the process or mastering them) and as a result is also very familiar with all of the other forms.

    Biography: Over the years Vance has distinguished himself as one of the orders best fighters, even though he prefers diplomacy in most cases. The reason for this is that he actually enjoys the fight, which is terribly un-jedi of him. This has also led to personal tragedy, as a two years a go he was in a skirmish with a rather large gang, and his then padawan wound up getting hewn in two by a laser cannon. This left a very serious scar on his psyche, and as a result Vance has not taken on another padawan. Pressure from the council in recent months has forced him to start considering one, has Vance looking over the possible candidates.

    i must admit, i find inty being a girl rather... amusing as well.

  13. Chukles38

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    Jun 10, 2005
    OOC: My character will have to hit on his, just to present a situation that is wrong on all SORTS of levels. :p
  14. The Great No One

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    Jun 4, 2005

    anyways, i forgot to edit something in my post. i'm a council member. yay for copy/paste mistakes.

  15. MarcusDade

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    Apr 5, 2006
    Wanted to add this into my sheet since some others did a personality section. This addition is GM approved.


    General Character Traits: Dade is arrogant. Very arrogant. But he believes he is entitled to such arrogance since he has lived longer than most other sentients, and thus has learned a lot more information and mastered the force to a higher a degree than most. At least in his opinion, that is. He is calm however, and rarely raises his voice when angry or annoyed, although he will become more blunt and insulting as his annoyance or anger rises.

    Dade is not unkind, however, and is always willing to lend a hand, providing that it will be worthwhile. He believes that others should only help if the person in question cannot help themselves. If you help another when they already have the means to help themselves, then you do them a disservice. If one has no hope of helping themselves, however, then Dade will usually lend a helping hand.

    Dade is a firm believer in the ideal of balance. He believes that the light side and dark side are simply universal constructs that do not exist. They were simply invented so that sentients could blame something else for their own inherent good and evil traits. You don't need to blame yourself if you can say, "The dark side made me do it." To Dade, there are no evil parts of the force. There are just evil ways of doing them and everyone must take responsibility for their own actions. Dade believes that everything has a yin and yang. There cannot be light without dark, there cannot be evil without good and vice versa.

    Dade also has a firm dislike of both the Sith and the Jedi, viewing them as either selfish or self-righteous idiots who never want to believe the truth if it goes against their own beliefs. This is why he joined the Templars of Twilight many years ago.

    • Quiet: Dade sometimes just likes to sit alone and relax. He doesn't necessarily like to meditate, he just liked to be alone where it is quiet so nothing and nobody can bother him.

    • Respect: Dade has a very strong belief in the ideal of respect. Especially when it is given to him. While he may sometimes disrespect others because he believes they don't deserve it, he tends to become irate when someone disrespects him.

    • Fine food and drink: Throughout the centuries, Dade has built up a decent amount of wealth. While you couldn't consider him one of the richer people in the galaxy by a long shot, he certainly is well off and because of this has developed a taste for the finer things in life when it comes to food and drink, especially fine Nubian alcohol and fine Nubian cigaras.

    • Rain: Rain washes everything away. At least that's how Dade looks at it. He has been known to simply just stand out in a rain storm getting himself drenched. When others have asked why he did it, he would just simply say that he was dirty, or something equally odd.

    • Demands: Nobody makes demands of Dade. If they do, they'll soon face a very angry and annoyed Dade who will do his utmost to make them wish they had never let him open his mouth. He hates people making demands of him, and in very serious circumstances has been known to punch people in the face for doing so.

    • Stupid: Dade hates stupid. If you're stupid, stay away from Dade. It's for the best, trust me. Unless of course, you like being made to feel like a child.

    • Needless Violence: Dade despises when people use violence to solve all of their problems. He believes violence has its place, but should only be used when its the only way out. When people provoke violence for no other reason than to be violent, it annoys him to the ends of the galaxy.

    • Self Righteousness: Dade doesn't usually look down on other people's beliefs, but he can't stand self-righteous people. In fact, he tends to avoid them at all costs.

    Habits/Mannerisms: Dade is a smoker and a drinker. While he isn't a drunk or a chain smoker, he will rarely ever go a day wi
  16. Darth_Brutus666

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    OOC: OMG[face_laugh]
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    OOC: Good to know your character is a pedophile. ;)
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    OOC: lol. Of course he's not, but that's where the joke about being wrong on so many levels comes in. :p
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    GM OOC: I believe its stated in the rules to keep OOC to a resource thread. So, we should establish a Resource thread, here on the boards or on an Off site. Littering the RPG with OOC comments doesn't look good and makes the game look 'loose' and unprofessional.
  20. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006

    Name: Zayl
    Alias: ?Just? Zayl (Not exactly an alias as it was more of a joke to students due to him posessing no family name)
    Age: 19
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5?8?
    Weight: 192 lbs.

    General Description: Usually dressed in the standard armor of the Imperial Knights, Zayl is light-skinned, possesses black hair that goes down to the nape of his neck, and has amber-colored eyes.

    Affiliation: Imperial Knight
    Rank: Apprentice

    Lightsaber/Weapon Description: The standard silver-bladed lightsaber, a vibrodagger with cortosis weave in the blade to parry lightsabers, and a right gauntlet made of pure cortosis to disable lightsabers.
    Fighting Style: Zayl still uses Form IV: Niman that he had been trained to use but overtime has incorporated several hand-to-hand and other techniques to use in conjunction with the lightsaber style.

    Biography: Zayl?s birth is, in fact, a mystery. It all started at Alakatha, one of the moons of K?vath 5 in the K?vath system that had been a popular resort world for the Coruscanti elite during the reign of the New Republic and then the Galactic Alliance. Known for having the more wealthy of citizens spending time on the moon, it wasn?t exactly a surprise that pirates such as those belongong to the Invids that had been affiliated with the late Leonia Tavira to attack luxury liners and loot the passengers. Such a pirate attack occurred about seventeen years ago that ended in disaster, resulting in a crippled luxury liner that crashed into one of the moon?s vast oceans.

    A rescue was sent out, led by a Jedi that had been assigned to investigate such pirate activities, to look for survivors. There was only one: a two-year-old child. It was unknown who the child was other then the name Zayl that they managed to get out of the boy once he recovered though his family name was still a mystery. Other than that, nothing was known other then the theory that he had to have come from some rich family. No one else had survived and no other residents on the resort claimed him or could even identify him. A search for other living relatives proved futile and it was thought for certain that the child would end up being placed in an orphanage?until his sensitivity to the Force was noted by the Jedi, a Gand named Batees Zyloke.

    And thus Zayl was sent to the Jedi Temple on Ossus. With a past that he did not have, the Jedi Order was all that he had, and it?s the reason why he became so devoted to his training. It was a devotion that caused him to surpass a good portion of his fellow students in training in lightsaber combat, control over the Force, and knowledge in Jedi history due to his hours spent within the library between training sessions. It was obvious that Zayl was considered as one of the more promising students of the Order.

    Then the Jedi Order collapsed and splintered. During the three years after it had collapsed, Zayl had vanished altogether amongst the anarchy that was occurring amongst the Jedi and was deemed as one of the several Jedi that had left the Order. It was only after the splintered factions of the Jedi Order were put back together was it known that Zayl had resurfaced?in the ranks of the Imperial Knights. With the Jedi Order having been all that Zayl had in his life, the news that he had joined the ranks of the Empire?s Force users could be considered as a bit surprising.

    No one is exactly sure of the reason on why Zayl had left the Order though there are theories such as the splintering of the Order may?ve caused the Knight to lose faith in it. Either way, he has changed alliances though he hasn?t become a full Imperial Knight, having yet to be knighted and thus is still an apprentice.
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    my only question is how can it be OOC if the game hasn't started yet? it doesn't really hurt anything, and it keeps people interested in the game. it's after the game starts that it needs to stop. just my opinion, take it as you will.

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    I believe we will be entitled to a thread in Resource once we have 15-20 players, if old precedent is anything. We have 11 players, which is something, and I imagine more on the way.
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    Sinre Approved

    Name: Norn Dukai
    Alias (If Any): SO-0158
    Age: 35
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 152lb

    General Description: Tall semi muscular, black with 14cm long regulation hair style. His eyes are dark blue and he has a scar under his left eye. Wears black Special Ops body armor, with load-baring combat Harness. Backpack contains short ranged Emergency Beacon, and survival gear. Vest features puches for Ammo, and datapad and a sheath for his combat knife. Special Operations Armor is much like Clone Commando Katarn-Class Armor with a black and grey colour scheme.

    Affiliation: Imperial Stormtrooper Corps Special Operations Division attached to the 501st
    Rank: MCPO (not sure of Stormtrooper Ranks i'm assuming their like US Marine Ranks)

    Lightsaber/Weapon Description: SOIWS (Special Ops Individual Weapons System)
    Special Operations Handheld Blaster
    Combat Knife
    Fighting Style: Standard Close range and unarmed combat training.

    Biography: Norn is a Corellian born and raised, including a sense of adventure and a lust for something more. So he joined the Corps at around 18, worked hard and acquired the skills needed to become a special operative by the age of 27. His training consisted of closerange combat, marksmanship, slicing, and tactical espionage. He was highly skilled at both marksmanship and espionage. He is now attached to the 501st devision, which works in conjunction with the Imperial Knights directly under the Emperor and is such part of the best, of the best. Fiercely loyal to the Emperor and the Knights He has and will follow orders with little to no hesitation.
  24. Darth_Brutus666

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    Hey Sarge, you have a little typo in your bio, you have form 4 instead of form 6.
  25. Kahn_Iceay

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    noticed a small error for my above stormtrooper

    General Description: Tall semi muscular, hair is black with 14cm long regulation hair style. His eyes are dark blue and he has a scar under his left eye. Wears black Special Ops body armor, with load-baring combat Harness. Backpack contains short ranged Emergency Beacon, and survival gear. Vest features puches for Ammo, and datapad and a sheath for his combat knife. Special Operations Armor is much like Clone Commando Katarn-Class Armor with a black and grey colour scheme.

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