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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Chukles38, Dec 7, 2008.

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  1. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007
    Darth Ventris
    Woods, Corellia

    Ventris gripped Miria?s hand firmly. This was going perfect, and now that she had affirmed her identity, events could be progressed. He offered her a wide smile, and looked straight into her eyes. He didn?t speak for a moment. Ventris summoned the Force, locking in on his emotions, as the source.

    Miria would realize his true nature, but that didn?t matter. He had her now. They had made physical contact. There was no place that this confused Firrerreo could hide, that Ventris could locate.

    His voice was deeper; malevolent, when he finally break the silence. He uttered in monotony, ?Miria Lahana, I?d like you to come with me.? Ventris applied pressure with the Force. He pushed on the woman?s temples, to unknown effect, in an attempt to distract her; to divide her attention. Ventris was a Master of illusions, and his most powerful ever, was unfolding.

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  2. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Insipid
    Dathomir orbit

    [blockquote]Damon spent the remainder of the journey learning from the Gorog Holocron, learning the skill of concealment that Insipid's grandmother had perfectly. Nodding idly to himself, Insipid withdrew to the cockpit to deal with landing the ship. They decanted from hyperspace, and Insipid took the moment between emerging and landing to check the HoloNet.


    The Bothan Ruling Council had reported an assassination attempt by mercenaries from within Nal Hutta, and the destruction of their Jedi Academy on Krant. There was no mention of who had defended them, but the Bothans were clearly angry. They were demanding records from the Hutts, information about these mercs and who had hired them. There wasn't any, but the Bothans would push, and push, and rattle with their war fleets until Insipid pushed them to invade to search for these terrorists. The Hutts would be protected by the Jedi, or perhaps the Imperial Knights - it didn't matter - and a proxy war would begin, allowing Insipid to focus Jedi and Imperial attention there.

    Pleased with himself, Insipid commed Damon to meet him at the exit. Insipid coasted over the Singing Mountain Clan, his records showing its traditional location.

    Insipid made sure that his cloak was pulled over his face as he emerged from his freighter. He had left his lightsaber behind; he had no need for it. Four Witches were guarding the port, one atop a rancor, the rest on foot, one sporting a lightsaber. Ah yes, the Jedi had en exchange program with the witches, Insipid idly recalled. Magnifying his presence within the dark side, the rancor almost immediately growled, and the blade was activated.

    The witch on foot challenged Insipid. "Who are you?"

    "Who?" Darth Insipid laughed. "My name is Darth Mikaru. That name might not mean anything to you, but it certainly will to the Twilight Templars." He wasn't quite ready to cope with the One Sith - they had uses yet - but the Templars would want him. A little messiness to have the Jedi and Templars at cross-purposes for a spell until he was ready.

    And then he raised his hand. A blaze of kinetite emerged, slamming into the ground and throwing the grounded Witches off their feet. The rancor was bid to charge, and Insipid simply yanked the rider off her mount, gesturing her to the ground just beneath the rancors feet. The monster paused, standing on one foot for a ridiculously long moment, at which point Insipid simply pushed with the Force, toppling it to the floor. The other two Witches were standing, muttering spells, and they charged, the rider rushing back to her feet to get her rancor back in the fight.

    Insipid smiled at Damon. "Kill all of them bar one. Let that one escape, and inform the Hapans. And the Jedi. And the rest of them." Damon would have no idea who the Templars were, but it would play his part.[/blockquote]

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  3. BultarSwan

    BultarSwan Founder: Grand Rapids, MI FF star 10

    Jul 5, 2003
    IC: Miria Lahana, near the jedi temple

    As Miria's hand was gripped tightly, her brow furrowed and she looked up at him, wondering if it fit with the wide smile on his mouth. But the openness he showed there was reassuring. She smiled back at him, happy to be getting to know someone and hoping that this could turn into a friendship. A menacing energy suddenly whipped into the air, surrounding and actually coming from him. Her eyes widened in shock. For a moment everything froze except this dark new force sidling up close to her. Then, as he began to speak, she felt a pressure on the sides of her head. Almost as if a weight was being added there. A headache brewed inside her, coming in, becoming hard to ignore. As she squinted her eyes slightly, she heard him speak,

    "Miria Lahana, I'd like you to come with me."

    She tried to get her thoughts organized, grasping for some solidity that she could hold on to. The only things there were was the vile darkness and her own candle of light. And the voice. So alluring. So insidious that it worked into her mind until it became like an odor that began filling the air. Something about it was like smoke, choking and dangerous but a small part of her wanted it to stay. She looked at him again. Her eyesight whipped back to his face, saw the emotion there and knew that she had made a grave mistake.

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  4. NickLitYouAFlame

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    Feb 27, 2007
    Darth Ventris
    Woods, Corellia

    Ventris could see a degree of concern flit across Miria?s features. Ventris cast doubt upon everything she had been certain of. She appeared lost. Having bested her outer layer of mental defenses, Ventris released the vice-like grip he had maintained on Miria?s arm.

    The Force swirled malevolently around Ventris, and his appearance began to warp. He was wrapped in a sea of absolute and physical black. It whirled around his body, and he disappeared. A second later, he reappeared five feet back. Ventris?s appearance had been completely altered, though.

    In place of his black braids, were shortened locks, hidden behind a giant black cloak. He had shrunken two inches and lost bulk. The only visible part of his body, was a bearded chin, below a cheery smile. Ventris would appear to Miria as Alex Rendush.

    Ventris beckoned the Firrerreo to come closer. He said again, sweeter, ?Miria, please, come with me.?

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  5. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    IC: Fleet Captain Darkholm
    Templar-class Star Destroyer TMSV Dark Secret
    Nevias Sector, Patrol

    Captain Nathan Darkholm sat in the Therali leather command chair of his ship, the Dark Secret. Nathan was one of the first to graduate the Military Academy the Templars established on Remsi Prime. His family had been taken in by the Templars before he was born. Refugees from the Vong war, taken in by the Templars when their refugee convoy bound for the outer rim was attacked by pirates. The Templars had offered them lives on a planet more safe, and lush than anything they had been offered by the governments officially involved in the war.

    Nathan himself had been one of the second generation of children born of the new citizens on the lush world that was now his home. His life had been better than most in the galaxy, Remsi was lush, untainted mostly, its vast forests and plains reminiscent of Alderaan. The Templars offered education, jobs, resources, shelter asking almost nothing in the form of taxes in return. When they established the Academy they didn't order anyone to join, they didn't start a draft, they said it was voluntary, just as the on on Anothelis was voluntary, but still hundreds of young men and women joined. As nice and quiet as Remsi Prime was, no sentient being could deny the urge of adventure when they were young.

    He was twenty then, young, eager to learn, eager to serve, to give back to the people who had given so much to him and his family, his friends, everyone, asking almost nothing in return. The training was hard, nothing in the ads ever hid that fact, he learned basic training, how to fight, how to think strategically, how to fly a ship. And after ten years of training and testing and trials he graduated, not at the top of his class, but he did graduate with honors.

    Thirty years of service later and he found himself a Fleet Captain, in command of a small group of five ships as part of the Anothelis Defense Group. His ship, the Dark Secret was a marvel of military technology, nine hundred meters from stem to stern and armed to take on ships larger then her, in a fair fight. Her lateral lines were laced with heavy laser cannons poised to fire on any threat to come her way. And Turbolaser and Warhead Batteries were concealed beneath her smooth hull. Exposed only when firing, making her silhouette cleaner and harder to discern.

    Flanking her were the other ships in her group, two Baldr-class cruisers, the Sword of Shadows and the Guardian of Night, long forked craft with massive engine pylons. Fast as a corvette as hard hitting as a light destroyer they were truly a fearsome type of craft but they lacked many fighters, that was their weakness. Not that many would know to exploit it. Behind them was a single Oden-class Corvette, essentially smaller Baldrs, squash and wide, but similarly forked in shape, though slower than a Baldr, she packed a similar punch for being half her size.

    Rounding off his group was of merry ships was a Leviathan-class Assault Ship, The Forge of Stars, built in the tradition of the Acclamators of the Clone Wars, though smaller with less internal space, they were still formidable, and carried a fighting force to be reckoned with, should the need to attack a planet arise. Nathan was proud of his command, he was confident they could face any challenge that could come before them on this side of the curtain, but what did bother Nathan, was his shadow.

    Somewhere, lurking within sensor range, he knew, invisible to the eye, to sensors, even to those Templars who had the Force lest they were powerful enough, was a Prowler. Slow ships, lightly armed, their biggest defense was their stealth. When their engines ran bellow 30% they appeared as nothing but background radiation, they could move within meters of his ship and he'd never know unless they became silhouetted by a planet or star, none of which were out here.

    Prowlers were never a good sign, operating on commands from the Templar Office of Naval Intelligence, or TONI. They we
  6. MarcusDade

    MarcusDade Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 5, 2006
    OOC: I have permission from Kahn_Iceay to control Vincent in this post just to get the ball rolling since I haven't been able to post for so long.

    IC: Greyst Denali and Dade Leviathan

    It had been just over one week since Vincent had first taken the plunge into the lake outside of the temple, and his lungs, agility and strength had vastly improved. Greyst was impressed. He hadn't seen one become so resilience in such a short time, but then again Vincent wasn't exactly a new recruit.

    Both men were standing in the training rooms, vincent sweating from a long arduous training sessions. Greyst would have been sweating as well if he had sweat glands, but he was breathing just as hard as Vincent. Clipping his now disengaged lightsaber back onto his belt, Greyst sat down upon the nearby bench and threw a towel to Vincent. "I think you're ready," he said with a sigh. "I'm very impressed."

    "Ready?" Vincent asked, raising an eyebrow, "You mean...?"

    "No," Greyst replied, "You are not ready to go hunting for Insipid. In fact the Kage has made it clear that you are not to go hunting for Insipid, ever. And besides, he doesn't believe you need to seek him out. He has a feeling that you and Insipid will meet without you seeking him out. Not that the Kage can see the future, mind you. But he does believe that Insipid isn't exactly going to let you waltz away. Another suspicion is that he let you escape so that he could find us. But again, there is no proof of that."


    A few days later, both men were standing in front of Dade Leviathan in the council chambers, with none of the other council members present.

    "Greyst has made it clear that he believes you are ready to assume the position you held before your disappearance. After what he says you have accomplished, I agree with him. I want to make it clear, however, that you are to keep your responsibilities to the Templars. You are, under no circumstances to go hunting for Insipid. In fact, I am placing you at the head of Sekot Defenses. You are not to leave the planet as your permanent posting is here. I'm not going to pretend that you're going to be overjoyed with this news, but we need you here. We need you far more than you need revenge."

    "But..." Vincent started.

    "Silence," Dade said softly but with emphasis and Vincent fell silent. "We need you more. Respect your resonsibilities."


    Dade had since told his Genin that his Knight test would be upcoming and in preparation of it, he would be required to take the responsibilities of a Knight for the next few months to prove that he would be ready for it. He had been told that he would be working with TONI and that he would be taking under Intelligence missions that he would be sent. He had not seen his Genin since then and hoped that he was making adequate progress in his missions.

    After his meeting with Greyst and Vincent he had retired to his quarters and was sitting on the Balcony his two Vornskrs sleeping at his feet. A cigarra sat in between his fingers and the smoke rose up gently towards the air.

    However, he had a feeling that he wouldn't be able to savor the short break he would have until the next council meeting.

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  7. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    IC: Commander Zheng,
    Derak-class Prowler Avril,
    Nevias Sector,
    Mission # CENSORED: TONI.PRTCL.A001

    Zheng watched the situation monitor positioned at the front of the small command center. Unlike most ships of the day of the size of the Avril with crews ranging near 100, Derak-class Prowlers had a max crew of 12 individuals, not counting himself. His Navigational officer and Sensor officer sat at their stations monitoring their readings, his weapon officer was running a system check on the mine control system and his communication officer had run down to the small galley to get the rest of them some Caf.

    Prowlers ran in two shifts, 6 personnel each, 4 officers in the command center, 1 in the engine room, 1 monitoring the stealth systems midship. The other four personnel slept in the bunks not far from bridge. The other space of the 90 meter long ship was taken up by engines, and weapons, but the majority of it was taken up by sensors, scanners, and stealth systems. It was those stealth systems that let the Avril do what it does, see without being seen. It was also what kept most Prowlers from being out-gunned by ships bigger and more powerful than they were. You can't hit, what you can't see.

    Anders, the communication officer came back in and handed out the small insulated cups of caf to the others before taking her seat. ?They still sitting out there Rai?? Normally, on most military vessels talking like this would be frowned on, but on a prowler the only friends you made where your shipmates, so liberties were taken when the Brass wasn't looking.

    Rai, who was rather enjoying a long sip of his caf looked up at Anders, ?Hmm?? he paused, blinked, took a quick swallow and glanced at his screen. ?Yeah, their still out there. My guess is they saw us when the Curtain sparked up a few hours back. They sent that Oden to look where we were, but we'd finished laying out the mines and moved on by then. Looks like their waiting though, probably thing we're here for some reason, not that their wrong.?

    That reason, that Rai spoke of, was the mission they were on. Kage Leviathan had personally ordered Zheng and the Avril to travel out here to the mouth of the Corridor, the only route into the Nevais Sector that wasn't suicide to try. The Kage told them that there was a heightened chance of some unwanted guests attempting to breach Templar Space. So the Avril had placed 18 stealth empion mines at the mouth of the corridor, the mines were more stealthy than a Prowler, so much in fact that even though the Avril had laid them, they couldn't tell where they were if not for the hourly secure burst transmissions from them. But they were expensive, only 24 had been constructed, and 18 of them were waiting to go up in flashes.

    Zheng didn't know what to expect, he didn't know what would be coming through that corridor, but he had his orders. Any ship not instantly recognized by the auto-recognition system on board the Avril came through that corridor, he'd set off those mines, unleashing a cascade of Electromagnetic and Ionized energy that could disable a Super Star Destroyer. And he had to admire the Kage, mining this side of the corridor was brilliant. The Stealth mines were hard enough to detect on their own, but the makeup of the nebulae would play hell with any sensors, any ship detecting those mines would already be in the midst of the field.

    After the mines went off though, well that was really why the Patrol had been ordered there. The commanded over there didn't have the clearance to know such but he had been ordered to this section of space so that if and when someone came through that wasn't supposed to be there they could apprehend them. The Leviathan alone had enough troops to take over a small colony, anything short of an army of Force users would be powerless to not be taken into custody, and in the small chance it was an army of Force users, well Zheng had direct orders form the Kage to send to the TempStar to order the destruction of the sh
  8. Kev-Mas_Colcha

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    Dec 15, 2002
    IC: Leonias Colcha & Kev-Mas Colcha?s Force Ghost
    Zonama Sekot, Temple of Twilight, Leonias Colcha?s Quarters ? 95 ABY

    [blockquote]Leonias was in his quarters trying to sleep, but couldn?t due to his excitement and pride of his recent promotion. He had recently received the rank of Gin Deshi, or Silver Knight, meaning he was that much closer to becoming a Master, and was now a notch above a Gurei Deshi, or Grey Knight.

    Just then, he heard a deep, almost haggard voice calling his name. ?Leonias,? he said, ?It is I, Kev-Mas Colcha, your grandfather.?

    Leonias looked up from his reposed state on his bunk, and saw a grey and red form, a ghost in the force. ?Grandpa??

    ?Indeed,? replied the spirit, chuckling slightly, ?I came to offer my congratulations on your reaching the rank of Gin Deshi. Not only that, but I came to give you, what could be considered your first mission as a Templar. You are to go to the Colcha Stronghold, on a planet known as Muspelheim. This planet is unknown to the entire galaxy, even the rest of the Templars.?

    ?How then will I know how to get there?? asked Leonias, puzzled.

    ?Look to the Bloodstar for Guidance?? replied Kev-Mas, fading away before Leonias had a chance to ask for more help.

    ?The Bloodstar?? thought Leonias, ?That?s Therali lore? Why would he say that??

    Leonias finally fell asleep moments later, after fretting about what his grandfather meant by the random reference of Therali lore.[/blockquote]

    The Next Day

    [blockquote]Leonias woke up the next day, and finally realized what his Grandfather meant. ?I got it!? he thought in exclamation, ?He wants me to fly to the star in the Therali sky known as the Bloodstar! So that is what he was talking about!?

    So, Leonias, without hesitation, immediately got dressed and ready, and left for the Hangar Bay, walking briskly.

    Moments later, he was in his personal Sekotan Fighter, Aniiba, prepping for takeoff.

    After he took off, and left the atmosphere of Zonama Sekot, entering open space, he waved his hand over a pebble like surface in the organic ship?s cockpit.

    ?Aniiba,? said Leonias, still panting from his hurried walk to the hangar, ?Set a course for Anothelis. We?ve got some exploring to do.?

    ?Oh boy,? said a voice in the cockpit, as the cockpit?s array of natural colored lights changed color, ?I do hope you know what you are doing, Leonias??

    ?Preparing the jump for hyperspace in 3??
    ?Brace yourself, entering hyperspace? Now!?

    After that, the ship lurched forwards, and with a swirl of blue and white, it jumped into hyperspace?[/blockquote]

    After 1 day in Hyperspace, Exiting Hyperspace over Anothelis

    [blockquote]The swirl of blue and white which had been encircling the ship for about a day had faded slowly, as the ship neared its destination over Anothelis.

    Leonias snapped back to attention, and scanned the display of the ship?s astronavigation system, looking for all red giants within visible range of the system. Finding just one, he knew that this was the one.

    ?Aniiba,? said Leonias, pausing.

    ?Yes, Leonias?? replied the ship in query.

    ?See that red giant star? Set a course for that area; that is our final destination.?

    ?You sure?? questioned the ship cautiously.

    ?Yes, positive. It?s home to an undiscovered planetary system, with at least one planet capable of supporting life.?

    ?Whatever you say,? said the ship, mockingly, ?But I do think you are crazy.?

    ?Preparing the jump for hyperspace in 3??
    ?Brace yourself, entering hyperspace? Now!?

    Once again, the ship lurched forth, and jumped into a sea of blue and white known as Hyperspace.[/blockquote]

    After 1 day in Hyperspace, Exiting Hyperspace over Muspelheim

    [blockquote]Once again, the ship exited hyperspace after a day enroute, and once again Leonias snapped to attention.

    Scanning the system visually and with
  9. darthcaedus1138

    darthcaedus1138 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Oct 13, 2007
    OOC: Sorry about the ignorance on my part, but what exactly am I supposed to be doing?
    I saw the thing about acting like a Knight by doing missions, but what in the stars does that mean?

  10. Ree

    Ree Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 25, 2005
    OOC: I'm withdrawing from the game. My character has died in the ass and is obviously not necesary. Because of all this I have lost interest. So goodbye and good luck! I'll try RP again another time.
  11. BultarSwan

    BultarSwan Founder: Grand Rapids, MI FF star 10

    Jul 5, 2003
    IC: Miria Lahana, near the jedi temple

    Miria shook her head once as a shadow passed over her field of vision. Darkness. The light of the force never sought to hide behind it. Miria began feeling anger. Anger at the man who had tricked her. And most of all, embarrassment and anger at herself. How could I have been so foolish? But a moment after thinking these things, she resolved to leave anger and hate behind her. Those were of the dark side as well and the light would always bring them to bear. The light made all darkness bright as day. The man standing before her now looked and sounded exactly like Alex Rendush, but the light side of the force did not favor him. Miria felt charged with a peaceful energy and she centered herself on it for a moment, closing her eyes.

    Whipping her lightsaber out of its holder, Miria took a defensive stance, both hands gripping her lightsaber in a high guard. She opened her eyes and her concentrated gaze fell on him. "You may have fooled me for a time, sith, but this is where it ends. The hatred that surrounds you like death could never be taken for the life force that is a jedi's. Never." Saying this, she aimed her lightsaber tip directly at his chest, fully expecting him to draw his immediately.

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  12. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007
    Darth Ventris
    Woods, Corellia

    Ventris became himself again. He had underestimated the Firrerreo. She spoke, as calmly, as if they were enjoying a drink, ?You may have fooled me for a time, Sith, but this is where it ends. The hatred that surrounds you like death could never be taken for the life force that is a Jedi's. Never.?

    Miria raised her ignited lightsaber at Ventris?s chest. He could feel the heat from the blade, and he fed off that energy. Ventris responded to Miria?s comment in his quiet, deliberate voice, ?You mistake my passion, for hatred. I do not hate, Miria Lahanna. And, you deceive yourself, if you truly believe you are any different than I, past basic principle. We are more similar than you perceive.?

    Ventris smirked at Miria. Then, faster than an normal being should move, Ventris dropped to the ground onto his back. As he fell, he brought his hands behind his back and when he touched the dirt he pushed off the ground with the Force, leaving imprints of his hands on the riverbank. Ventris rocketed towards Miria?s chest, with his feet at the fore.

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  13. BultarSwan

    BultarSwan Founder: Grand Rapids, MI FF star 10

    Jul 5, 2003
    IC: Miria Lahana, near the jedi temple

    As Miria held her lightsaber, point aimed directly at Ventris's chest, she narrowed her eyes slightly as he started to speak. This was unexpected but would weaken her defense not one bit. Such a quiet voice for one so evil. But evil could take many forms.

    ?You mistake my passion, for hatred. I do not hate, Miria Lahanna. And, you deceive yourself, if you truly believe you are any different than I, past basic principle. We are more similar than you perceive.?

    When he said that they were no different, Miria was surprised that a sith would compare himself with a jedi. They were nothing alike. Miria lowered her lightsaber a fraction. About to refute his absurd claim, Miria's eyes widened as Ventris suddenly dropped backwards to the ground. Then, almost too fast to see, he flew at her. Miria took her lightsaber into her right hand, switching it off as she jumped to the side in order to get out of the way.

    But she didn't move fast enough. Ventris's feet connected solidly with the left side of her ribcage sending a blast of pain through her body as ribs cracked and broke. She went from moving swiftly to get clear to being flung against a tree. She dropped in a mess on the ground at the base of the tree and cried out in pain. She squeezed her eyes shut against the screaming throbbing ache in her side. Every breath she took became shallower as the pain intensified each time she took in oxygen. The nerves all along her ribs and back screamed in pain and she lay there not moving, unable to quite catch her breath. She opened her eyes and tilted her head up to see where Ventris had landed.

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  14. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007
    Darth Ventris
    Woods, Corellia

    Ventris collided with Miria?s side, producing a audible crunch. He counted; three ribs broken. The number made Ventris smile, as he landed softly on the earth. He watched idly, as Miria was tossed into a large pine tree. The impact clearly affected her spine, and the plates in her back. She cried out and pain, and Ventris could help but feed off the agony. He took a deep breath and walked towards Miria?s fallen form.

    He gestured towards her, with his right hand, and poured the dark side into her back. The pain would be intense, but hopefully, Miria would remain conscious. With the Force, Ventris straightened the Firrerreo?s spine, but he left her ribs cracked. He picked her up via telekinesis and moved her to his head level, half a foot off the ground. Staring into her eyes, Ventris whispered, ?Rest, my love. You are weary.?

    The Force sung with her pain, and Ventris reapplied it to put her into a sleeping trance.

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  15. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    Norn Dukai
    Service Number: SO-0158
    Mission Number: Yles-248

    Begin Log


    Issuing the request for the munitions and weapons had been easy enough. It had taken them roughly half an hour to load the equipment, which gave men enough time to change into a Flight Suit. I arranged for a infiltration suit to be packed amongst my equipment, as my normal armor would have been to bulky for this mission. The thirty minutes up, I found myself in the cockpit of my 'new' fighter and quickly leaving the atmosphere of Bastion, long now my second home.

    I find the cold darkness of space comforting, its silent, dark, deadly, as we Special Operations personnel are to be. Hypserspace on the other hand, I find unsettling, like I'm a worm, traveling through a fiber optic cable. I can't stand the look of it, so I polarized the cockpit, and read the mission briefing, twice. Simple mission, I've learned that if any part of your briefing contains the words simple mission, bring extra ammo.

    Strictly speaking is a nuke extra ammo? Its a weapon, massive I know, larger ones capable of destroying cities... Is this facility, this, artificial force user factory real? I've heard the rumors, seen the reports, I have that access being what I am, but reports can be created through false information. If its real, if its true, what devilry will such things bring? An army of Pseudo Jedi, running rampant with mass produced lightsabers. Its truly a horrid thought.

    Demolitions, I am now regulated to mass destruction, for my Emperor, for my Empire. I will end the lives of many in the coming days. I will do this things for, what is the old term used by knights in ancient time? King and Country? Lord and Land? Either way, I will commit atrocities, in another mans name, and I can live with that. Does that make me a Monster? No, I am no monster, I am a necessary evil, amongst many unnecessary ones.

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  16. BultarSwan

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    Jul 5, 2003
    Miria Lahana, near the jedi temple

    Miria saw Ventris walking towards her and she tried to move, her skin becoming slightly silver as she felt a pang of fear. But the mere shifting of muscles intensified the pain in her whole body. As Ventris motioned towards her with his hand she felt a force come into her body. Slightly oppressive, she held her breath. Then as Ventris began to use the force to straighten her back, a red-hot burning pain enveloped her entire frame. She clenched her teeth, a scream coming out between them as her face scrunched up and sweat broke out on her skin.

    As Ventris knelt down next to her, she looked up towards him, her eyes watery. She felt herself being lifted off the ground and Miria focused on just his eyes, her breathing coming in fast, shallow gasps. Before she was unconscious was Ventris saying the most absurd thing she had ever heard.

    ?Rest, my love. You are weary.?

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  17. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: 'Rem'

    [blockquote]'Rem' thumbed his blade, and leapt into the clearing, letting his blue blade draw the immediate ire of the security system. The slave mines were surrounded by an electric fence and watchtowers, each with searchlights and E-webs attached so as to pick out enemies with ease. The light was fading as the sun dropped, and Rem ignored the calls on the tannoy by the Senex slavers. "Stop! Explain who you are!"

    Cloaked hood covering his face, which as it was had various paints and a skin darkener applied, Rem's response became clear when he gestured, blowing a hole in the fence, and he leapt in. E-webs opened fire, and Rem remained on the move, flipping and jumping, trying to make his way across the grass-less ground to the actual complex, avoiding most of the red blaster fire, angling away what actually reached him.

    The searchlights were all focused on him - all four towers - and the enemy had entirely focused in the wrong direction.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Sarge221
    IC: Darth Insipid

    [blockquote]Insipid removed his blade from the rancor's mouth, and from its brain, spinning away as he collapsed to the ground. The sole surviving Witch, missing a few fingers and her lightsaber, was fleeing, Damon finishing off of the remaining Witch. Insipid spun on his heel, and headed back to his ship, dragging the corpse of the rancor rider with telekinesis. "Come, Damon."

    The surviving witch fled to her clan, and it wasn't long before communications were flowing to the Hapan Queen and the Jedi Temple on Corellia about 'Darth Mikaru'. Insipid had Damon pick up the ship, and dutifully began checking in with his agents. Darth Idoneus had protected the Bothan Ruling Council, and the Dragon had destroyed the Bothan Jedi Academy on Krant. Excellent.

    Darth Insipid opened a channel to the Ruling Council, a single representative appearing, as ever - Bothans and their secrecy. It was a bane, sometimes, but now it was to become particularly difficult. "I have defended you."

    "Yes. You could have simply informed our security forces and saved us the trouble, of course." The unnamed Bothan - Insipid actually knew his identity, contrary to the mans belief. "We don't feel particularly indebted to your 'Darth Idoneus'."

    Insipid blinked, hard, play-acting as ever. "I did inform your security forces. I spoke to one 'Aest Pelc'ba' in security no less than three days ago. There was a report of that transmission, but there was only static dispatched by Insipid. However, the family representative from that particular clan had been absent from the Council meeting that Idoneus had defended - on entirely seperate business, for irony - and thus Insipid's point had layers of accusation.

    The Bothan at the other end of the conversation was, of course, an enemy of that particular clan - the 'Pelc'ba' line. And, thus the Bothan would seize the opportunity to destroy the clan and Insipid would have them as his allies. The rest of the conversation didn't take much time. "The representatives of Bothawui accept your offer of alliance, Lord Mikaru. We look forward to the arrival of your forces to support us against the Hutts."

    "Indeed," said Darth Insipid. "It is my belief that the Hutts are behind this, too."

    "We shall declare the alliance with the Sith of the Tapani and Senex-sectors, then, Lord Mikaru."

    Insipid smiled, candidly. "I am pleased. You are welcome to use my name to give legitimacy to your claim. The title of 'Darth Mikaru' is well know within my ranks." It wasn't, but no Sith was going to deny an alliance with the Bothans and their fleets of Bothan Assault Cruisers. The Tapani shipyards, the Bothan cruisers, and Senex wealth. With the Sith linking them all together in an unholy alliance.

    The Dominion of Darkness had grown to three sectors.

    Quickly, he opened a comlink channel to the Dragon, as Damon moved the ship away from the Singing Mountain Cla
  18. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Zayl

    I think I can trust him, Zayl assured himself about Rem. When someone such as the other Knight was willing to throw himself into the sights of watch towers that were complete with searchlights and E-Webs so that someone like Zayl could sneak in, Zayl was assured that he wouldn't have to worry about betrayal anytime soon.

    Not wanting to be the hypocrite, Zayl made sure to do his part. As soon as attention had been focused on Rem, the other Knight had leaped over the fence farther down from where Rem had blown his own entrance in another part of the fence. When the E-Webs turned and opened fire on Rem, Zayl had already reached the first tower. A few seconds after that, the gunner of the E-Web was soon incapacitated, the noise that his gun had been making having made him deaf to the snap-hiss of Zayl's yellow blade springing to life from the hilt in his hand until it was too late.

    Zayl had then tossed his lightsaber, the weapon spinning in the air before the blade dug into the searchlight, destroying it to not only lessen the number of searchlights that were on Rem, but also to make it difficult for any of the other gunners that decided to turn to see what was up with the tower to see that the E-Web in that direction was no longer theirs.

    Clipping his lightsaber to his belt once it had been returned to him, Zayl took the position in the E-Web that the former gunner had taken. He turned the E-Web, targeting the second tower, and pressed down on the triggers. The E-Web spat angry red bolts that flew towards that tower, aimed at the searchlight and the E-Web that it still possessed. As soon as he disabled that tower, Zayl would just simply move on, destroying the other E-Webs or at least the searchlights.

    Even if only the E-Webs still stood, they wouldn't have searchlights to clear up the night for them. And Imperial Knights didn't have trouble seeing in the dark at all.

    TAG: Sinrebirth
  19. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Rem
    Skirmish on Karfeddion

    [blockquote]Rem landed, and earthed himself, batting at the blasterfire that was coming at him. The E-webs were silenced, and, then, the light. Rem grinned despite himself, and started moving back, luring the guards away from the entrance. One hefted a fully automatic rifle at Rem, squeezing off a burst - four bolts fired in a heartbeat. Rem re-angled his blade, pushing the first three into the ground, throwing up clods of earth, and then batted the fourth back whence it came.

    The man took the shot on his chest.

    And nothing. He fired again, some kind of personal shield shimmering for a moment, and then Rem realised he hadn't taken out a single guard. They charged, en masse, and Rem spun away, his blade wagging, giving him away as a target in the darkness. Detecting in the Force that four guards had stayed behind, Rem nonetheless whirled and spun, keeping the majority of the guards chasing him.

    In you go, Zayl, Rem thought, gritting his teeth as he concentrated on surviving.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Sarge221
    IC: Zork

    Ylesian Cataclysm, one minute in

    [blockquote]The Preybird carrying Norn Dukai was picked up immediately. The facility of Blue Sun, similarly, was obvious. There was nothin on Ylesia, nowadays - the spice mines had dried up a decade ago, and there was no reason for anyone to come to the world. As such, the commander, a Gamorreon named Zork, knew, immediately, that the ship wasn't one of theirs.

    The Gamorreon had no less than 211 other Gamorreons under command here - his whole tribe - as well as a fair amount of Iridonian mercs - 39 - and of course the combat models. Seven of which were ready, out of the four hundred and thirty three under construction. Norn wasn't in-charge, of course, and he signalled the Professor.

    "Zork see's new ship, Professor."

    The Professor removed a needle from a combat models forehead, ignoring the dribble of blood that ran down her face. Zork watch that - wondering if it would fall left or right of the nose. It went left, actually. The model, a Devaronian male, didn't blink, still entranced by the dreams behind his eyes. Zork understood a little, how they used dreams to condition the 'units', and knew they were all Force sensitive, like Jedi. Apparently, the project had been ruined by the escape of the best test subject in 49 ABY, and the project had only just recovered. The Hutts didn't have the resources that Daala and the entire Galactic Alliance could have thrown at the project, after all.

    Zork suddenly noticed the Professor tapping his screen, and Zork frowned behind his snout, the smell of the Professor irritating him. Remembering to not snap off his head - the combat model standing silently beside him wouldn't let him, as Zork's uncle, Nork, had realised a moment after the seventy-odd year old woman with long black hair had removed his head with her bare hands.

    "So you do, Zork."

    A hologram appeared, the Professor accessing records of those groups which had used Preybirds since their creation. The Professor expertly narrowed down the list, and tapped one of them. A circular symbol with bars linking the middle to outer appeared, and Zork blinked. "Empire?"

    "An Imperial Knight, likely..." the Professor smiled. "Send a combat model to the hangar bay, and request the Preybird land there. Tell them we've been expecting their shipment for a month, now."

    Zork looked crestfallen. He had lots of Gamorreons he could use against the Knight. Pity. "Which model, Professor?"

    "Send Morganna, Zork."

    Zork pressed a button with a pudgy finger, and spoke into the microphone. "Zork wants Morganna to the hangar."

    Morganna was a thirty-odd year old woman, with long white hair to her hips. Standing in the atypical combat uniform - a GA dark-blue bodysuit - she opened her eyes in her hibernation room, and strode, without blinking towards the hangar. The Professor hooked in the holocams fro
  20. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Insipid
    Over Dathomir

    [blockquote]64 years earlier...

    "Contingencies, Lord Krayt, are the work of a true Sith. Contingencies which allow your life to be perpetuated at the expense of the Sith, are not. Emperor Palpatine allowed himself a contingency which would result in a dark side magnocracy. Much like you intend. He was not a Sith for such foolishness - he sought a personality cult." Lumiya took an arch tone, cold and unpleasant.

    Darth Krayt was not obviously offended, but his tone was grave. "Are you suggesting that I am not a Sith?"

    "Of course I am. You might have been, once - I concede as much - but you are not now, Lord Krayt. I have heard you entered stasis after the Yuuzhan Vong War, and delegated your office to your lieutenant. Foolishness."

    "My Sith are One. Your Sith number One. I could kill you here and now - with ease."

    Lumiya smiled, the expression stretching her cheek scar - she had emerged unmasked today. Darth Krayt had not. "You could. But I do not oppose your reign, I simply work beside it."

    "I doubt that," said the Dragon of the Sith. "I most certainly do."

    "My knowledge of the One Sith is a decade old. You have not suffered once for my knowledge."

    "Yet you do not return the navigation chip," said Darth Wyyrlok, chiming in. Darth Insipid winced. He was at this meeting, again, only because of dint of circumstance - Krayt's patience with the woman was fading, had been since Vergere's demise. Insipid - who had many more reasons to hate Lumiya - kept Krayt's temper in check. It would not do to have him kill a fellow Sith, especially one who had proved helpful in providing them with numerous Sith Holocrons - even if she would not bow, at least privately. The illusion of control Krayt had over Lumiya was thin, a weakpoint in his claim to the Sith throne.

    "Of course not. I need insurance, nonetheless. I am the last of my Sith," smiled Lumiya. "But I am not here to recriminate. The plan has changed."

    "Your plan."

    "The plan."

    Krayt turned away. "I do not need to hear this. Your plans are your own. Do not interfere with the One Sith."

    "My lord," said Insipid, thinking aloud. "May I stay, and speak of contingencies with the Dark Lady? We require them, after all." Insipid was an unspoken supporter of assisting Lumiya when she emerged. When she completed the transformation of Jacen Solo. Krayt turned back to face Insipid, his eyes penetrating the weaker Sith.

    "So be it, Lord Insipid. Report to me your findings." The other two Sith departed the courtyard, and Insipid turned back to Lumiya.


    "I could tell you a tale about contingencies, and the lack thereof. I have knowledge of Darth Vader, and Darth Sidious, that nobody has, after all - even stories of Darth's Maul and Tyranus." Lord Insipid didn't respond. Obviously he wished to here of it. He had to learn contingencies, if he was to jostle Krayt into acting when Lumiya did - and the Dark Lord was too powerful to challenge directly. Far too powerful. Lumiya tugged a datapad from her pocket, and passed it to Insipid.

    "My Lord was seeking a young Jedi Knight on Coruscant after the destruction of Caamas..."

    Insipid knew Lumiya was using him to undermine Krayt, and Krayt knew it, as well. But he needed Lumiya's knowledge of the Sith, and the inner workings of the Empire. Krayt had some knowledge from the accumulated ex-Dark Jedi in the One Sith, but she had been the Emperor's Hand. Lumiya knew so much more than anyone.

    Insipid, of course, had every intention of undermining Krayt - he had done since the first time he'd met Lumiya, and the only time he'd met Vergere...

    [i]100 ABY[/i]

    In the future, Darth Insipid began considering contingencies, as he travelled to the Nightsisters to yank their secrets from their minds. Flexing his gloved hands, causing the leather to creak, Insipid frowned, and considered. He might require a contingency for [i]that[/i] event. A boost, per se. With a flourish of his hand, Insipid activated the comm. chann>
  21. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Zayl

    Increasing the other's chances for survival was all Zayl could do for Rem. They still had a plan and the former Jedi had to stick with his part.

    Zayl made sure to grab the gunner's blaster before he finally dropped from the tower and made his way to the slave mines. Now was as good a time as any to start freeing the slaves. While most of the guards went to try and hunt down Rem - which was going to be much harder without searchlights -, Zayl was as free as he could be to do what he needed to do.

    And once he entered the slave mines he got to work. The first slave he reached Zayl handed him the blaster he retrieved from the gunner of that E-Web before putting his lightsaber to work to slice into his restraints. And then he moved on, freeing whatever slaves he would come across next and whatever guard he ran into Zaydin would take down before acquiring his weapons and handing them off to a slave.

    Hopefully Rem would still be alive once he was done.

    TAG: Sinrebirth
  22. Kahn_Iceay

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    Mar 5, 2006
    OOC: This Post contains two things, an addition and a revelation, both of which is approved by Sinrebirth.
    Addition: Norn has a [link=]Sword[/link] and [link=]Dagger[/link] that are treated to act like Sith Swords.
    Revelation: Norn Dukai is in fact an fully trained [link=]Imperial Special Operations Knight.[/link]

    IC: Norn Dukai

    The Preybird craft exited hyperspace and the joyful noise of his ship giving off a massive sensor reading upon exit made Norn instantly bring his shields online. The stealth coating on the hull most not have taken in time, which would only make things worse. And then, out of the frying pan and into the fire his communications equipment began beeping.

    ?"Zork to Preybird. Zork is annoyed you're late. Been waiting for your shipment for over a month, Zork has. Zork wants you to hangar bay." That so? Norn actually rolled his eyes. Are they seriously thinking i'm going to believe a preybird is being used for shipment out here, in this day and age? Amateurs, its almost pathetic, if I didn't have to steal their equipment Id nuke them now.

    ?This is Preybird to Zork, sorry about the late shipment, you know how these old birds are, always falling apart, cost me 40,000 credits just to get the bird flying again. I'll see you planet side, Preybird out.? Always play along, even if you know its a trap. Play into their grasps, act as if you are completely unaware, and as the trap springs, reverse it.

    Norn was highly trained in forms of espionage, tactics, and trained physically and mentally. And secretly, with no one beyond the Emperor and his Knights knowledge, as a Member of the secret Special Operations Imperial Knight forces. Trained in the art of a lightsaber, which he didn't have with him, instead, he carried a sword and dagger treated to look and act like a Sith Sword. More evidence to throw off who was preforming this mission.

    Norn set the small fighter to home in on this, landing bay, and preform its actions automatically, while he himself got ready. The cockpit had little room to maneuver, but just enough for him to slide the chair back, and pull off his flightsuit, and get his infiltration suit on, and the flightsuit back over it. This activity gave him a bad cramp in his left leg which he had to wait through before he could slide his boots back on.

    The sword, was in the storage compartment, and beyond his reach, so he was armed only with his small [link=]Hand Blaster[/link] and the ?Sith Dagger? on him till he could open the cargo hold. Which he new would not be easy. As the small, and old, fighter settled itself into the hanger bay Norn noticed a woman, alone, with long white hair ?echani?? approaching his fighter, which he quickly disembarked, keeping his hands at his side, and his dagger hidden.

    ?I assume you're here to help me with the cargo eh??

    Tag: Sinrebirth
  23. NickLitYouAFlame

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    Feb 27, 2007
    Darth Ventris
    Woods, Corellia

    When Ventris realized that Miria Lahana had fainted, he let his shoulders sink. Ventris let out a sigh. There was no point acting as a Sith Lord now, so he became Tantric Vos. He grabbed his comlink and called his ship. ?Light, I need you to come back to the location at which you dropped me off. There?s nobody else around, it?s safe.? Tantric clipped his comlink back onto his belt.

    The reply was almost instantaneous in timing. A very bored sounding voice said, ?Truly? I just sat the ship down in a clearing.? Tantric quickly unclipped his comlink to quip, ?If you don?t quit complaining, I?m going to install you on some kriffing swoop bike.? Tantric received no further reply, and he smiled. He replaced the device, again.

    Tantric stepped lightly over to where his charge lay. He took a good look at her bruised face, and mused, Force, she?s pretty. Tantric sat down, crossed his legs and inched closer to Miria. With the back of his hand, he touched the Firrerreo?s face. It was a shame that she might have to die. But, she needn?t die yet. Tantric focused the Force around his right hand, and then touched Miria?s side.

    With a scratching sound, Miria?s bones mended themselves. Tantric drew the Force from his surroundings to sustain himself. He leaned back, and rested on his hands, thinking about hyperspace travel; thinking about the void. He spent fifteen minutes in this fashion, not moving in the slightest. Then, for another five minutes, Tantric just stared at Miria?s back, completely lifeless, barely blinking.

    That was all the time it took for Tantric?s ship to return. He pushed himself to his feet and then turned to look at the vessel. It began to lower just over the river, and rotate itself, so that the loading ramp was extended towards Tantric?s side. He nodded his approval, and then pulled Miria?s lightsaber to his hand. Then, he picked Miria herself up in the same way.

    As if he was carrying a glass figurine, Tantric carefully moved towards Light. He wasn?t entirely sure why he was taking so much care with an enemy of his supposed cause, but nor did he question it. In fact, he was more interested in why his cause was different than this Jedi?s. What was his cause, again? The fact that he didn?t know, suggested that it wasn?t relevant. Perhaps he was wasting his life serving the Dominion. Perhaps Tantric would be better off, if he merely served himself. It was an interesting concept, at the least.

    Tantric leapt with unrealistic agility, and landed lithely on his feet. He bent to lessen the impact, and cradled Miria carefully. Tantric walked into the cargo bay, and the ramp shut behind him. The door into the main part of the ship opened without so much as a command, and Tantric walked through it silently. The door shut and then locked behind him. The transition from the black cargo bay, into a breathtakingly white hall caused Tantric?s eyes to water. He blinked away the liquid and walked loudly through his ship.

    It was short trip to the carefully prepared guest chamber. The door to this room opened in a similar fashion to the one leading off of the cargo bay. The walls were just as white as the rest of the ship - sans the cargo bay, which was always black, and the meditation chamber, which actively changed colors - but this room was special because it contained the only bed on the ship.

    And, what a bed it was. The frame was made of cherry-painted wroshyr wood, and the mattress was constructed from a simplistic fibrous material imbued with the regenerative qualities of bacta fluid. The sheets atop the mattress, were the real gem of the piece, though. Custom crafted vine-silk, originally woven for the queen of some planet, who had wasted an entire fortune for it. And, Tantric had stolen it. Easily the most expensive item that he owned, besides the ship, this vine-silk piece of fabric had been unused until a few days ago, when Tantric was tol
  24. MarcusDade

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    Apr 5, 2006
    IC: Dade Leviathan
    Kage's Quarters, Zonama Sekot

    The cigara smoke was exhaled swiftly from Dade's lips as the alarms sounded. Swearing in [link=]hektola[/link] we shouted a curt command to the two vornskrs upon the balcony and they jumped to attention, running after him as he threw his cloak around his shoulders and ran down the stairs. He knew there was no threat, the threat alarms would have sounded before the defense grids would have sounded theirs. Thus, it was a drill. A surprise drill, and as the Kage was supposed to know of all drills ahead of time, he suddenly realized that he had forgotten to send Admiral Gartin to instruct Vincent about the Templar Naval procedures. He was currently mentally kicking himself for that.

    "This is an air-raid drill!" he called as he got off of his stairs. "Assume positions and prepare for orbital defense and bombardment as if in a realistic situation. All who do not comply will have their privaleges revoked for the next week! Move! All who do not assume positions within two minutes would be left behind in the real situation!"

    He yelled all of it at the top of his lungs, which was quite loud (a fact that would have surprised many Templars who had never heard him yell before), and kept moving throughout, Svet and Kalu trotting at his heels, growing and yapping at anyone who wasn't immediately scrambling to their posts.

    As Dade entered the main hall of the Temple, he entered the vine elevator, and shouted "defense emergency" as he grabbed hold of a vine and Svet and Kalu immediately grabbed a hold of a thick leash he quickly pulled from his pocket with their strong jaws. Both Kage and animals were then immediately hoisted upwards as a slew of vines wrapped around them, pulling all three of them to the Temple Watch-tower, which was filled with technical read-outs and blast maps used in the event of an attack or battle.

    The switched had already been switched on by the engineers there, and defense stations had been taken.

    "Kage!" a lithe, but stern looking young female Zabrak colonel named Feranna barked as she ran over. "I got no notice of a drill! How am I supposed to..." she began asking, but Dade interuppted her.

    "Just go to your post, Colonel, I'll explain when the drill is over!" Dade barked as he moved over to the Kage chair and equipped the display, flicking all switched to 'armed' and 'equipped' and 'on.'

    "Yes Kage!" she said, saluting and moving to the commanders chair, and began barking order.

    "Defense grids online, I want confirmation of Dawn on 1a and confirmation of Dusk upon 1b. Bring all sequences online and monitor all defense grids!. Bring sit-rep to kage's display!"

    Everything was done as told.

    "Virtual defensive strike armed," One of the engineers bellowed.

    "Virtual fire," Dade called and upon the screen, a virtual zonama sekot appeared, and virtual missiles fired exactly as they would in the real situation. A virtual fleet of virtual enemies was bombarded and fired back. As their attack hit the virtual ground of the virtual planet, Dade calculated the results and responded with commands of his own for the program. As the drill ended he began shutting down the display terminal, as the Colonel barked orders for drill completion.

    "Only four percent failure rate, Kage!" The colonel cried as the systems were brought back offline. "If this had been a real attack, only four percent of the orbital bombardment would have reached Sekot's surface without being intercepted. And only a small casualty rate would have been reported."

    Dade nodded, as he walked over to the com port. Dialing in the number for the comm system of the Tower of Dawn. "Vincent," he began, a gentle but stern tone coming from his lips. "For future reference, you notify the Kage of all drills at least fifteen minutes ahead of time. I can't make sure everybody follows the drill correctly if I don't know it is coming. I apologize for not sending Admiral Gartin over to explain protocol to you. That was my fault. I'm sending him
  25. Kahn_Iceay

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    Mar 5, 2006
    IC: Vincent Mikaru I and Admiral Gartin
    Tower of Dawn

    Vincent Mikaru sat quietly in the conference room in the Tower of Dawn. Across from him sat Admiral Gartin, a gruff Corellian admiral, who was, according to his records, more than worthy of the rank. ?Master Mikaru, I understand you have been... indisposed for the past 50 years, and that you are unaware of our new Military Protocols. As such, I have been asked to... fill you in on the finer details of the operations of Templar Defenses, as they pertain to your role as Administrator of Defense.?

    Vincent nodded slowly, ?Indeed. Da... The Kage had informed me I could preform a drill, however, He didn't inform me I had to tell him when I would do it. Besides what is the use of an Announced drill? Drills are meant to test everyone save the person giving it. Even the Kage needs to get his blood pumping and be caught of guard every once in a while. If you know of an enemy who will send us a message before they attack so we can get ready, then you know something I don't. Otherwise, i don't see any reason for you to be complaining about me finding out that in the case of an attack this entire planet is vulnerable for over a minute. More than enough time for a repeat of the Avengeance incident."

    The admiral sighed, ?Perhaps, perhaps your right. But we have military protocols, for a reason.? he leaned forward and added a very stern effect to his voice. ?All military drills must be reported up the chain of command. This means you, must report to the Kage. That way the Kage, can be sure that individuals preform their duties during a drill, otherwise, individuals who don't preform their duties may get away with being lax in their jobs.?

    ?We all have to follow protocol, even me, even an Admiral. I have only so much leeway with what I can do on my own. I can order a counter attack, I can order fleet movements, I can even order drills on the ships I command. I cannot however, order planetary defense drills without informing the Kage. Only three members of the council in unanimous agreement can preform that. That is the proper protocol, all military drills, commands, anything, that involves drilling the defenses on Sekot, must be ran past the Kage. Other than that, you are in command of all the defenses on Sekot, and in joint command with me, and the Kage of the ships in system.?

    ?I see.? Vincent leaned back in his chair. ?Admiral, would it be an issue, for you to arrange for a datapad to be delivered to my quarters with all the Military protocols so that I may catch up? I have 50 years of military doctrine to catch up on, as well as weapon advancements, and the ship classes. I am only familiar with the Prowlers, I was in command of the Airsquid when the Avengeance Incident happened. I was there when the Acklay rammed the Avengance to save the planet from her weapons. But other than that, I know of none of these new ships. The, Templar-class intrigues me most. Could I also get the information on it??

    ?Yes Master Mikaru, I'll have the documents put on a datapad and delivered to your quarters at the temple shortly. Other than that, just please don't pull any more drills without informing the Kage.? Gartin stood and saluted Vincent, which, after hesitating, Vincent stood and returned. ?I'll see you tomorrow for the weekly defense meeting in the council chambers. Till then master Mikaru, good day.?

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