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  1. BultarSwan

    BultarSwan Founder: Grand Rapids, MI FF star 10

    Jul 5, 2003
    IC: Miria Lahana, Light, En route to Dathomir

    Miria inhaled slowly, noticing at once the delicious smell of the food and that the pain had lessened. A faint smile flickered on her lips and then was gone. At least the lack of the force could not remove her natural ability to heal quickly. Allum started speaking again, and what he had to say confused her. But the fact that he had been lying had not.

    ?Look: I have allegiances the same as you. You?re probably bloody dedicated to your Council, right? Well, I?ve got a much smaller Council that demands a lot more respect. And, while they might have the power to command me, I?m not exactly free. When I said I wasn?t getting anything for this job, I was partially lying. But, it?s not something you could understand from my words.?

    She had not had much contact with the formal Jedi order or the council. And dedicated to the council? was she truly dedicated to the council, or to Alex? She set the question aside for another time. Shaking her head slightly to try to make herself understand the situation better, she began to slacken the tension in her shoulders and neck. She began breathing rhythmically, something she did when she could not sing aloud but wanted to exert control over her body and mind. Miria watched Alum as he took a step towards her. He made eye contact with her and she did not look away. But he did. He seemed almost to care as he bit his lip and looked at a spot somewhere over her shoulder. But that was unlikely.

    ?You stress yourself unnecessarily, Miria. This is happening no matter how frequently you try to persuade yourself it?s not.?

    He was right. How ironic that he was offering advice after having kidnapped her. But he was right. She was no longer a child and even though she had not been trying to convince herself that it wasn?t, she had been trying to force herself to believe that Alex would come and save her. Alex was the only person that Miria felt she really knew. She flashed back briefly to the moments where Alex had saved her from being attacked. Had it really been that long ago? Alex had gotten far since those days. Now he was Grand Master of the enitre Jedi order. Could that be why they wanted her? To trap him? She made no outward show of having come to this realization. It wouldn?t have helped her situation anyways and the less he knew about her the better.

    Miria let go the lock of hair she had been running through her fingers and accepted the plate of food from him wordlessly. She looked down at what he had given her and knew it would make her sick if she ate it. Miria let out a sigh. When had she eaten last? That morning? A day ago? Whichever it was she found she was hungry, but did not move to eat it. She watched Alum, who had been about to start eating when he looked back up at her with a look on his face that she could not quite discern.

    ?There?s nothing to be scared of now. If you mind your manners, this is one of the safest ships in the galaxy. And, certainly, the most hospitable. Can I get you anything else, before I dig in??

    She wasn?t sure if his specific presence made her uncomfortable or not but figured it was better than being alone in this brightly lit, white room. As long as he minded his manners too. And scared? she had to admit, at least to herself that she was frightened but realized there really was no point in it. As he had said, this was happening no matter what she wished. She felt a slight cooling of her skin as it started to change back to its natural golden hue. Working on gathering her thoughts, she knew she couln't afford to be sick. And there really was no point in not asking him. Looking up at Allum she asked, ?Could you cook this a little more? It will most likely make me sick otherwise.? She would save her comments about his precious council later.

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  2. NickLitYouAFlame

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    Feb 27, 2007
    Tantric Vos
    Light, en route to Dathomir

    Tantric flashed his brilliant smile and stood up gracefully. He scooped Miria?s plate up into the hand that held his own plate, pushing it to the crook of his elbow. Tantric glided back over to the sonic grill and scooped Miria?s portion onto the cooking plate. He explained with his back turned, ?I like my meat a tad bit more raw than most, you see. I must?ve forgotten to compensate on your half.?

    Tantric sat his plate down with a soft clatter and turned on the grill, before turning to face Miria. He regarded his captive with a somber look in his eyes. He was terribly weary, and unafraid of letting one of his supposed sworn enemies witness that flaw. She couldn?t exploit it, if she had wished to.

    Tantric scratched his beard absently, and then finally asked, ?Do you ever wonder how you got to where you are? And, not just now that you're a prisoner. I mean, why did you become a Jedi??

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  3. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    IC: Norn Dukai

    Norn kicked into action the moment he saw the lightsaber deposit itself into the womans hand. As she jumped and lashed at his head, he crouched under the blow and rolled to the left, towards the rear of the fighter. With the slight wave of his hand an underbelly storage compartment opened and the long black ?Sith? sword he had been issued fell out onto the floor, only to be called quickly into his hand.

    Norn rose, now armed with a weapon equal to the lightsaber this ?Morganna? now held. Its silver blade causing Norn to grow angry, as if the blade mocked the Imperial Knights. With his eyes focused, Norn began to circle this woman, who did the same, causing them to slowly move away from fighter, into open space.

    The womans stepped off on her right foot at a speed that made her seem as though she was in low gravity. A preprogrammed move, straight thrust to the chest, quick and efficient kill. But Norn was a well trained warrior, and like the Imperial Guards of old, the Imperial Knights received more than sufficient combat training, his more so, as a special ops agent.

    Putting all his weight on his right leg Norn slide his left side back, rotating him, on a point, 90 degrees, just before the blade would touch him. As the woman passed by Norn, where he had been only seconds earlier Norn thrust his left knee up into her stomach and slammed the hilt of his sword down against the back of her skull. The resulting crack more than enough to knock her unconscious.

    Norn stared down at her as she fell, his orders clear, he was to act like a Sith. Even if he didn't, even if he left here there unconscious she would still die in the explosion. So without hesitation, Norn, took his sword in hand, and thrust it quickly down into the womans back, straight through her heart.

    Drawing his blade back out and quickly grabbing its sheath and securing it to his side Norn began his work. With his datapad in hand he moved quickly over to the nearest console, and attached the pad to the network. It contained imperial intelligence infiltration software, he doubted the information he was looking for would be on this network, but that wasn't his goal at the moment. His current task, turn the facilities security systems against those working in the facility, and if that was impossible, turn them off permanently.

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  4. BultarSwan

    BultarSwan Founder: Grand Rapids, MI FF star 10

    Jul 5, 2003
    IC: Miria Lahana, Light, en route to Dathomir

    ?I like my meat a tad bit more raw than most, you see. I must?ve forgotten to compensate on your half.?

    ?I can?t eat red meat at all,? Miria stated neutrally as she watched Allum move to the hot plate. She didn?t know if it was a species trait or just herself but it always made her ill. Miria watched as he moved around, wondering how strong he was. As she thought she lifted a hand to play with the pendant around her neck. It reminded her of home. Allum was watching her again so she stopped, resting her hand in her lap.

    ?Do you ever wonder how you got to where you are? And, not just now that you're a prisoner. I mean, why did you become a Jedi??

    What a strange question. Miria looked down at her hands, wondering what to say. Should she lie? She would not. She had been taught to be honest and a lie was easily caught if one did not constantly remember it and guard it. ?I do on occassion wonder how I came to be a JedI. And sometimes why I continued to want to train.?

    Miria halted, wondering how to say what she wanted to. There were many thoughts in her mind and she worked to still them, to focus on one thing at a time. ?I? my sister and I were chosen by my master Davna. But it was delayed. He had something to do that we could not be part of. After the delay my sister and I and my family were to move to him on a different planet. But that?s not quite what you asked me to tell you. I became a jedI because I want to do what is right with the gift I?ve been given.?
  5. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007
    Tantric Vos
    Light, en route to Dathomir

    Tantric noted what Miria had said about her Master. The inflection in her voice, and the look in her eyes, as she spoke his name, indicated that they were no longer in touch. Tantric would make no judgments regarding that, thinking for the first time in years about his mother. Tantric sniffed and pushed her out of his mind, focusing on Miria?s last statement. He exclaimed, ?Ah, I see. The axiom motivation-?

    The grill rung this time, indicating that the status of the steak had reached well-done. Tantric raised his hands and said, ?Finito.? Tantric turned away from Miria and retrieved the piece of meat, laying it carefully back on the plate. Scooping both plates up as he had before, Tantric walked back towards the bed, continuing as he did, ?Now where was I? Ah, your reason. I can?t say I?m surprised, but I?m also a little disappointed. My only consolation is that you may be lying to me. That is the most standard answer that was ever uttered. It would be like me telling you that I only joined the Sith-cult for the power. You may keep your secrets, however, if you wish.?

    Tantric handed Miria her plate and sat down, again, at the foot of the bed. He cut off a small bite and placed it gently in his mouth, before asking, ?What exactly would you say is your gift, Miria??

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  6. BultarSwan

    BultarSwan Founder: Grand Rapids, MI FF star 10

    Jul 5, 2003
    IC: Miria Lahana, Light, en route to Dathomir

    Miria sat still as Alum returned with her plate. She took it from him and set it in her lap but did not touch it. She was no longer very hungry. Drudging up the past was one of the things she never liked doing. It made old desires and old failures come pounding on her heart. Since they were already there again she might as well talk about them. She set her plate aside and answered. ?You?re right, it is the most generic, well-known answer in all of the galaxy.? Miria sighed and looked at her hands that wanted so much to hold on to something. She finally allowed them to and took a lock of her hair in her hands and played with it, rubbing the ends between her fingers to soothe herself.

    Miria looked up at Alum for a few moments a deep sadness showing in her eyes before she looked away. ?I became a Jedi for many reasons. I wanted to do something with that which I did not understand. I wanted to be with my sister. And I wanted to obey my father who wanted the two of us to train,? she said, pursing her lips as if for control.

    ?What exactly would you say is your gift, Miria??

    ?My gift.? Miria pondered long moments. What was her gift? She had never had that question posed to her in quite that way before. She thought of what drove her, of what made her different from others. ?So far it has been survival. And a refusal to give up on what is important to me.? She looked at Alum once more. ?I suppose those are rather generic as well.?

    Miria paused and settled into a more comfortable position. The pain in her torso was much less than it had been and she was able to move more easily. ?I?ve been kidnapped before and attacked. I?ve lost my parents, my sister, my master.? With a quiet flame as her voice, controlled into a soft, low flicker, Miria continued, her eyes half closed as if remembering. ?You probably have no idea what it is like to be so closely connected to someone that you know what they are thinking, know how different things make them feel. To know them as if they were you. And then have them taken from you. You have no idea what has happened or where they are. Or even if they are alive. I clung to my master as an anchor.? With that she stopped. Her fingers were clasped tightly around her lock of hair, pulling it straight. Her shoulders had become tense.

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  7. Kev-Mas_Colcha

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    Dec 15, 2002
    IC: Leonias Colcha
    Zonama Sekot - Temple Hangar

    95 ABY

    [blockquote]The past week had been a busy one for Leonias. The star cluster he navigated to was successfully being integrated into the Templars and the Remsian Republic, which had turned out to have a force-based organization very similar to the Templars. This, Leonias somehow figured was his grandfather's doing, but he kept that secret.

    He had also just finished the refit of the over 100 year old fighter of his grandfather's that he had acquired, the Crimson Dagger, from the ETA-2.5 Aeternus-class, to the newer Vindicator-class interceptor.

    Looking over the specifications for the craft, he somehow could feel his grandfather's pride, although not knowing for sure if this was actually the case, he figured he would be proud of the ship that had been constructed.[/blockquote]

    100 ABY

    [blockquote]Leonias was looking at the specs for practically the same ship as the one he had upgraded to some five years ago, in the same room, in the same building, on the same planet. Besides the fact that this one, the Ivory Dagger, was a Stealth variant - packed less of a punch, but it made up for it with defensive technology, just as effective or even more effective than that of a StealthX, he got the same feeling as he did when he made the refits to his own ship. The feeling, that had occurred frequently enough for Leonias to term as "Colcha's Pride". Seeing the work as practically done, he decided to let the owner of the ship - the same person that his grandfather had first taught the ways of the force as he had knew it, some many decades ago.

    His hands glided across the keypad of the mainframe terminal he was sitting at, as he brought up a communications window.

    "Gin Shishou Vincent Mikaru, this is Gurei Shishou Leonias Colcha," he recited to the screen in front of him, "The hangar crew has completed its refit of the Ivory Dagger into the Vindicator-class Stealth Interceptor. Its a fine ship, if I might add, one I'm sure my grandfather, and most importantly you would be proud of. When should I schedule for you to take a look at the ship?"[/blockquote]

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  8. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Insipid
    Dathomir, Nightsister Camp

    [blockquote]Grael Plo offered him all the techniques Darth Insipid required, and asked but one thing in return. Insipid only requested the basics, content to learn proficiency in his skills at a later date. It was his working philosophy - to be a strategist, not a strong opponent. He need only survive, and escape to battle another day, only to throw a new technique at his opponent in the next encounter - assuming they made it to the next encounter, or were ever capable of focusing enough to find him.

    They rarely were that capable, but Insipid imagined that Vincent Mikaru would be. Oh how he'd enjoyed violating him over the long years - the control had been exquisite, and he while he had certainly not anticipated that the 'Templar' would escape his grasp and then -

    "Mikaru, wake up," came Grael's gruff voice, and Insipid looked over, opening his eyes. "Oh yes. Your 'thing'. Are you satisfied with it?"

    Grael held up the tome. "Are you sure that this will allow me to create my own Holocron?"

    Insipid rolled his eyes. He had absolutely no idea how to make a Sith Holocron. Grael was fascinating in leaving a legacy, in the Plo Dynasty having something material behind, to make himself into the new Gethzerion of the Nightsisters - far too long had they been 'tools of higher powers' in Grael's words. In short, he was a patriot. How vulgar - Insipid could not have been more disappointed in the man. "Yes. You already had the materials for it, as I understand it."

    "You have no intention of creating your own?"

    Insipid placed a finger on his chin in thought, and mused on that. "No, I don't, actually. Maybe later. I'll need something to retain a hold on my son, after all."


    "Indeed," said Darth Insipid, standing from the wooden chair. "But we'll see. I have little more time to spare. I imagine all the tools are in place for my victory - I would not want to miss it, after all. There are others of our kin for me to toy with yet."


    "Your other cousin, as a matter of fact."

    "Silence your prattle." Grael's voice was stern - and Insipid almost forgot the man was younger than he, despite his massive size. "What do you intend to achieve by this plan of yours? You are insane, surely you see that. Do not despoil the family name any more, Mikaru." Hearing Grael demand familial loyalty while Insipid was taking a different name was a delicious irony, but Insipid simply waved his hand and clubbed Grael to the floor with a telekinetic exertion.

    "I don't have time for this." The Lord of Betrayal, one of the three Lords, and subservient to the 'Dark Lord of Chaos' that was Darth Harestich, stretched and then began to walk from the room. With a flare of his hand, he snapped Damon's throat. He had no desire to see his plans laid out to a tool, one who clearly had little initiative.

    He twisted open his comlink. "Darth Ventris...?"

    About now, his little ally would be decanting from hyperspace in one of pre-arranged stops, allowed Insipid to hail him without the interference from hyperspace. "This is the Lord of Betrayal."[/blockquote]

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    IC: Darth Polus

    Bothan Ruling Council Chambers

    [blockquote]Telt Fey'lya fled from the room as the Dragon ordered him too, fleeing to sound the alarm.

    ?Going the way you are headed, you will not see your pretender on this side of life, fool.? Darth Polus snarled back, as the Dragon held her ground. Polus pulled his hands down the hilt, and lunged forward. She ignited her twin blades suddenly, swiping at Polus. He quickly sought to redirect his blade, but she rolled the angle, clipping his wrist. Crying out, Polus leapt away, his remaining left hand clasped on the weapon.

    Now his actions were ungainly, as if he could hardly control the extended weapon. Polus reached into the Force, re-shortening the longer blade and then flipping a clasp around the mi
  9. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Zayl
    Karfeddion, Mines

    The Knight's face burned, which caused Zayl to place a hand over his face, poking at the burnt skin tenderly. That had been too close and Zayl was actually shaking just a bit. It wasn't just the fact that he had nearly been killed, it was that he had nearly been unable to do anything about it. If not for that last bit of effort...

    His amber eyes looked up at the Sith, seeing him impaled upon the stalagmite high above the roof of the mind. The sight made Zayl glance away but he forced himself to turn back to face his defeated foe. This wasn't the first time he had killed anyone - what with having struck down one of the guards outside and mowing down the others - but it was the first time he had inadvertently done so in such a gruesome fashion. He could not ignore what he had just done.

    "I am killed - I shall die so slowly... Are you proud, little man - proud that I could be saved, yet you will not do so?"

    Zayl had heard all the stories, of Jedi gone bad or just the Sith in general that had managed to be converted to the light side; the most famous being Anakin Skywalker of course. Within the Jedi Order he had taken such stories to heart. Within the Imperial Knights, however, Zayl knew better, that such agents of the dark side were hardly ever easily turned back if at all. And that the actions that they had done should not go unpunished just because they've "changed their ways".

    "You chose this yourself when you chose to become an agent of the dark side," Zayl replied to the dying man. "What happened here was a consequence that not only you but I had accepted as well when we made our choices. Don't think to put blame on me or expect words of pity just because I chose to fight back. Not after all you've done."


    Turning his back to the Sith, Zayl spotted Rem within the chaos of the runaway slaves, the man seeming to have survived afterall. Seeing the other Knight's lightsaber, Zayl remembered that he still had his lightsaber lit within his hand. He shut it off before he ran towards Rem.

    "That should be all the slaves," Zayl informed Rem as soon as he reached him. "I had a bit of trouble with a Sith but I was able to handle him."

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  10. BultarSwan

    BultarSwan Founder: Grand Rapids, MI FF star 10

    Jul 5, 2003
    Due to prolonged absence, my posting will be slower. I do not anticipate any serious problems as I'll still be on once or twice a week, but that is all. I hope this doesn't inconvenience anyone too much. Thank-you
  11. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    IC: Norn Dukai

    Norn sighed heavily, the targets never made missions easy. They always had to fight, needlessly, this sort of operation was the usual type of mission Norn got, though, he admitted, the pigs had him worried. ?So, lets see what I got into the system so far.? Norn tapped the activation key on his infiltration datapad. The terminal was destroyed, but that, newly revealed core ship had more signal receiving equipment than he could fathom.

    The database sent out a compressed data burst containing the activation sequence for the infiltration software Norn was in the process of installing in the ships database. The Core Ships dozens of of transceivers picked up the signal in under a second, and the activation sequence made its way through the miles of cables and digital systems, bouncing from computer to computer till it made its way to the mainframe. There, the fragment of the software package, primarily the only intact program, activated, hijacking the ship and bases security systems.

    To Norn's surprise, the security systems weren't just inside the facility. There was an upheaval of dirt as a laser blast impacted where a few dozen of the Gamorreans were. Obviously someone didn't trust the crew to control the weapons of the ship and they were automated by the main computer core. Obviously however someone on the ship wasn't shoddy at computer systems because only five shots got off before the system was silenced. Either that or they cut power to the weapons systems, which was more likely for that speed.

    212 Gamorreans had become more towards twelve, most were injured, but the first one that got out of the tunnels was not only unscaved and carrying a Vibroaxe almost as large as he was, he looked angry enough to rip Norn apart, and he probably would try. ?See Pig, this is why you don't work with idiots. Because Two idiots don't equal smarts, kriff, apparently 200 idiots don't equal smarts. And now...? Norn drew the sith sword from its sheath and held it firmly in both hands. ?You get to die for your stupidity.?

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  12. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007
    Tantric Vos
    Light, Balmorra

    Tantric contemplated Miria?s answer with his eyes locked on hers. Tantric could see underlying potential that was locked away and he could feel her muffled emotions. He furrowed his brow and said quietly, ?Before you continue down the road of assumptions, please allow me to remind you that you know quite certainly nothing about me.?

    Tantric couldn?t justly blame Miria for presuming that he had never experienced a close familial relationship, what with the archetypical representation of the Sith, but nor could he prevent himself from frustration. Miria was blunt, and appeared dead loyal to her narrow ideals. Tantric took a deep breath and said, ?If you weren?t so woefully naïve, you might realize how much potential you possess. You already have realized that you are capable of perceiving and manipulating the Force around you, but you smother the connection by building walls and buying into the limitations placed before you-?

    Tantric was tempted and almost set on continuing when Light?s voice materialized within the room. The ship had overrode the magnetic shield over the guest room. Tantric smiled wryly. Light snorted, ?I knew you?d be pleased with this. Sorry for interrupting your ?session,? but you?ve got a call.?

    Tantric hadn?t even realized that they had decanted from hyperspace, but he didn?t mention that. He grabbed the transmitter that was attached to the bridge?s comlink and heard, ?Darth Ventris?? This is the Lord of Betrayal.?

    Tantric nearly laughed at the half-baked title that Insipid was assuming. He had always assumed that that particular ?Dark Lord? didn?t really waste time with the old traditions, but he wasn?t exactly surprised. Insipid was obsessed with power. Tantric shot a glance at Miria, offering another of his brilliant smiles, and then said into the microphone, ?Ah, Insipid, my old friend. How goes your quest? Unless that?s classified. Anyways, how may I assist you, today??

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  13. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Padawan of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Rem
    Kardeddion Mines

    [blockquote]"That should be all the slaves," Zayl informed Rem as soon as he reached him. "I had a bit of trouble with a Sith but I was able to handle him."

    Rem looked up at the Sith Lord impaled upon the stalagmite, who had dropped into unconsciousness. Rem nodded. "I see. Good work, Zayl. They... will undoubtedly be pleased with your success here." Rem - the Emperor himself, of course - simply nodded to himself.

    "I dealt with my pursuit, though we haven't had any further orders. But I did find this..." Rem held out a datacard he'd swiped from one of his fallen opponents. He handed it to Zayl. "It's a cargo manifest. Apparently a task force left here for Senex a few days ago carrying slaves from around the sector. It seems as if the Sith have been delivering slaves from here to Nyssa in the Tapani Sector. More interesting is the conversion of House Garonnin's palace on Senex into a Sith Temple - it looks as if the Sith have been hiding out here for many years now - possibly since the reign of 'Darth Sanguinis'."

    Rem folded his arms. "I suggest we scatter the convoy - and maybe crash one of the vessels into the Sith Temple on Senex - one of the convoy ships is to land and collect the last group of Sith apprentices that remain here... We cannot brief our... Master without revealing out location, and his, but I have no doubt he would approve." Rem indicated with his eyebrow the Sith that continued to die above them, who would be undoubtedly be listening in. Rem turned, trudging towards the mines entrance.

    "Thoughts, Zayl?"[/blockquote]

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    IC: The Professor

    [blockquote]The Core ships weapon systems suddenly activated, and opened fire, clods of dirt rising and obscuring the Gamorreons. The Professor jumped up, quickly tapping buttons to regain control of the base, and just as suddenly, the barrage vanishing. The majority of the tribe were finished, now - to the Professors small surprise.

    "Prepare us for launch."

    "Ma'am," came one of the operators. "It'll take ten minutes to get us off the planet, and we'll be noticed if we're not careful. Is that advisable?" The Professor pointed, and her Combat model removed the offending Devaronians head.

    "Get under way." As the Professor watched, the remaining dozen Gamorreons charged the intruder, two closing in and swinging with all their bulk, the rest seeking to fan out and surround the fight as it moved towards the tunnel - which led directly to the core ship itself. Three of them picked up the axes of fallen tribe members, and began throwing them into the fight. They were remarkably poor aims, and one managed to kill one of his comrades - resulting in the said offender getting his head removed. One Gamorreon simply fled from the battle, and he, too had an axe impaled in his back. And so on.

    The Professor keyed her console. "Seal the external bulkheads. Make sure the intruder can't access the core ship."

    A silence followed. "Ma'am, the entrance the Gamorreons used has been jammed. It looks as if a fight between the Gamorreons a few weeks ago has damaged the controls for it."

    The Professor ground her teeth. "Give me strength." Tapping the comlink, she spoke to the three dozen mercs she had. "Get yourselves to the lower levels. Set yourself up to deal with the intruder. Don't let him get aboard." She reopened the channel to the first officer. "Once the mercs are down in the lower level, seal the bulkheads between those levels and the heart of the base. And continue launch procedures."

    "Ma'am... if we launch and then seal the bulkheads, everyone in the lower levels will die and..."

    The Professor didn't respond.

    "Yes, ma'am."

    The Professor folded her arms. This was becoming a cataclysm. How could one man do all this? But it was still salvageable. Still salvageable.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Kahn
    IC: Darth Insipid
    Dathomir, Nightsister Camp

    [blockquote]?Ah, [
  14. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Zayl
    Karfeddion, Mines

    "I dealt with my pursuit, though we haven't had any further orders. But I did find this..."

    Curious with the find, Zayl reached out and grasped the datacard to inspect it while he listened to Rem's thoughts. Slaves being delivered to Nyssa? Why? Zayl knew the planet and there was a tingling in the back of his mind; something about the planet that he knew yet the said information was eluding him. It was yet another lesson within the Jedi Order where Nyssa popped up and...what?

    "Thoughts, Zayl?"

    Pulling away from thoughts of Nyssa, Zayl focused his attention on the plan that Rem ha dbrought up. While he was wary of taking on a new course of action without informing the Emperor, they had been sent here in the first place to mess up the operations that were being done here. And who said it just had to be freeing slaves?

    The Imperial Knight turned his thoughts on the convoy itself, wondering what was going on here. Obviously it wasn't just slaving operations; there were much deeper links between Karfeddion and the Sith that had been apparently been running other secret operations here. And then all this; the slave shipping, the convoy. Had they managed to stumble onto a larger operation that was going on?

    "They seem to be preparing for something else other then slave trafficking, what with all the activity here," Zayl finally spoke, looking at Rem. "I suppose he would agree if we tossed a lightsaber or two into their preparations."

    Zayl figured that Rem would know who the he was. The Imperial Knight still remembered that they had a cover that they needed to keep up and, with a glance at his defeated opponent, Zayl didn't want to accidentally blow it to the Sith even if he was about to die-

    The Knight suddenly jerked his head from the Sith and looked back to Rem.

    "Nyssa," Zayl repeated. "I of my lessons within the Order. Of the Old Sith Wars. There had been a cult of Sith that had fought against the Republic before supposedly being defeated along with the rest of the Sith. Perhaps they've been rebuilding there as well because of it's significance. Surviving documents or artifcats..."

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  15. darthcaedus1138

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    Oct 13, 2007
    OOC: It's Aeric Jenth, jsyk.

    IC: Aeric Jenth

    Aeric was scouting out in the slums of Coruscant, going around his daily route, seeing if he could find anything about anything. Suddenly, he felt something he hadn't sensed before: a presence, strong in the Dark Side of the Force, just outside of his senses. It was like seeing an insect out of the corner of his eyes. It was just enough for him to look up quickly, and slowly concentrate on what it was. Shutting his eyes, he reached out with the Force, warily looking for that familiar sensation. Searching from place to place around where he had sensed it, he...there it was. He grasped out at this sense, trying to ensnare it, find it amongst the masses of other beings, but there it was. He had it. Now the presence shone out like a bright light, something he could track and sense. This was new. Exciting. He liked this.

    His mind whirred at the possibilities. There were dark side Force users on Coruscant. This is exactly what he was here to do. Making a mental note to file a short report whenever he found the time, he kicked himself into high gear. He didn't have time to file a full report. He had to leave, track these Dark Jedi or Sith or whatever the kriff they were. He sensed that they were moving, pulled himself out of his mental reverie, and quieted his Force senses as much as he could, but just enough so he could still follow these bogies. Aeric wrapped his fingers around his blade, ready for the hunt.

    This was about to get good. He could feel it.

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  16. Kahn_Iceay

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    Mar 5, 2006
    IC: Darth Avarice
    Coruscanti Underbelly
    Senatorial Complex

    Avarice's right hand gripped the handle of his cane, which was in turn the hilt of his Lightsaber. His dark skin was white from the how tightly he was grasping the handle. Never had his mind been so clear, the clouds, the confusion, the, messiah complex. It was all gone now, replaced only by anger. Anger directed at the two individuals standing next to him, bouncing from heel to heel like a child waiting to get a present. So, stupid, so immature. Were he not useful to Insipid's plans at the moment he'd be dead.

    But Avarice knew, he knew, he anticipated, that the moment the bombs went off, the moment the message was sent, the moment the senate was at the mercy of the gas bombs hidden days before inside the complex happened. Lolarus and Lola would no longer be of direct use. Sure, Insipid might have other plans for Lolarus in the future, but Avarice didn't care, he'd endure his masters anger for the short while it would last, just for the joy that killing these two fools would bring.

    So he waited, and anticipated Insipid's order to go through with the plan. They were set to rise, right up into the Senate chamber at the press of a switch. Avarice nearly launched a piece of loose plating when he spotted the two others from the sewer pipe, but he quickly recognized the familiarness of them, Tenoc and Tenac, friends one could say, much better colleges than Lolarus and Lola for sure. Why they were here, Avarice didn't know, but perhaps it was a, sign, that he didn't quite trust Lolarus either.

    Avarice checked his Datapad, it was almost time, Insipid was unusually late, and so Avarice sighed Hurry along Insipid, my patients wears thin with these two. I will act without your confirmation.

    Tag: Sinre

    IC: Norn Dukai

    The two Gamorreans lunged at Norn, the Imperial Knight quickly stepped back, allowing the two axes to cross. He winced however, as he was a tad to slow an one Axe clipped his leg. Pushing aside the pain for a moment Norn shoved his sword down between the heads of the two axes and then, shoving all his weight into it, pushed the blade up forcing the two Gamorreans to effectively gut each other.

    As the two pigs before him fell Norn observed the others, several had tried to throw axes at him, and apparently thought he looked like them as they only succeeded in missing or killing partners. But that wouldn't remain constant so Norn decided to end this now, and perhaps show the watcher who she was dealing with. Norn took a deep breath in, and as he exhaled, he thrust his hands and arms to his left and right, unleashing a Force Wave, a power he was particularly skilled at. The wave was concentrated, meant to send the Gammorreans flying but not damage or bother his ship now a hundred meters away.

    Taking another breath, allowing his body to catch up with itself Norn sheathed his sword, grabbed his SOIWS carbine and started walking towards the tunnel the Gammorreans had taken before pausing and turning to look at the distant, and now slightly charred body of this, Morganna. Holding out his right hand Norn used the force to call the womans hold out lightsaber to him which he promptly activated and spun for feel. ?Play times over.? he said just loud enough for the comm of the camera to hear him, before he rushed down the tunnel, using the force to propel him. He wasn't going to play games and give a chance for surrender now, he'd kill everything in his path now, no grace, no glory, just death, gore, and success for his Emperor.

    Tag: Sinrebirth

    Vincent Mikaru I
    Sekotan Defense Command
    Tower of Dawn
    Commandants Office

    Joint-post with Kev-Mas, Dade used with permission

    Vincent leaned back into the, almost unnervingly comfortable chair he had in his new Office. Unnerving not in the fact that it was just comfortable, but in the fact that it was supposed to be able to interface with someone with a neural up-link implant. An implant he had, but neglected to have active right now, using it in a fighter was
  17. Kev-Mas_Colcha

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    Dec 15, 2002
    IC: Leonias Colcha
    Zonama Sekot - Temple Hangar

    [blockquote]Leonias, after closing the comm, thought for a moment, and then opened the comm again, pinging the hangar supply room.

    "Hangar Supply," said Leonias, "I am going to need an [link=]S1-series Astromech[/link] loaded into the Ivory Dagger."

    "Yes sir," replied the hangar quartermaster.

    "Oh, also," added Leonias, "Make sure it is programmed to pilot the Ivory Dagger following me in the Crimson Dagger to the Tower of Dawn when I depart in an hour."[/blockquote]

    1 Hour Later

    [blockquote]Leonias, in the cockpit of the Crimson Dagger, activated the experimental QuadFusion Reactor with his Code Cylinder, which started up with a loud whirring noise. He then flipped two switches simultaneously, turning on his Heads-up display in his Cybernetic Eyes and the Engine at the same time.

    He then turned his attention to the Ivory Dagger in the same hangar bay, and was relieved to see that it was following his lead. He then took off towards the Tower of Dawn, and the Ivory Dagger followed.[/blockquote]


    [blockquote]Leonias, arriving at one of the landing platforms of the Tower of Dawn, looked up to see the Ivory Dagger landing at the other. Leonias's own S1-series Astromech, S1-X6 chirped as he commanded it to stay with the ship, with a simple, "Stay here, Six."

    Making his way inside the building, Leonias looked for any white haired individuals that could be Vincent.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Kahn_Iceay
  18. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    IC: Vincent Mikaru I
    Joint Post with Kev-Mas Colcha

    Vincent listened to the, ever more present and annoying tube music as the lift descended down into the mountain the Tower of Dawn rested on. The hanger was carved into the mountain to allow for a much more, cavernous room, at least thats how the young navy ensign that had been assigned to give him a tour had worded it. Young woman had tried her best to be nice, it only grated on Vincents nerves.

    When the lift doors finally opened the rush of actual fresh air and natural light hit Vincent like a ton of bricks. He'd been holed up inside the Tower for days, forced to sleep in his office's small bunk to keep up with the tone of paperwork he had been forced to fill out with his new position. To which he was now taking a break.

    Inhaling the clean air and after waiting for his eyes to quickly adjust to to the shift in light Vincent stepped out and into the hanger. Leonias was easy enough to spot, sporting the traditional Colcha colors of black and red. And the Colcha family crest emblazoned on his capes clasp was a clear display of Colcha pride. Vincent quickly strode over to the young man, an act which quickly brought the mans attention to him ?Leonias Colcha...? Vincent noticed the young mans eyes, red eyes, ?I see the family's visual trait still perceivers into the generations.?

    "Ah, yes. I had these installed this year, however my father was lucky enough to not need cybernetic replacements. He managed to keep his sight."

    "Andrew did seem to bear more luck than his Father. Also much less... whats a good word... He was much more calm the Kev-Mas was. I was afraid the urge to go out and die a bright fiery death was going to pass on from generation to generation."

    "Well, is it a bad thing to die in a bright fiery death?"

    "An honorable death is a good thing, needlessly seeking to die an honorable death is another subject entirely. Death should not be looked forward too."

    "Ah, yes. Well, I just look at it this way," replied Leonias, "I'm not ready to die yet, so I'm not gonna worry about it till the last minute. Like my grandfather did."

    "Your grandfather wrote a song to be sung at his funeral. He was a bit more worried about it than most people know."

    "Ah," said Leonias, "I didn't know that. Maybe sometime you could let me hear it. Anyways, where are we to be going to?"

    "I sung it once, I'd rather not do so again without reason..." he sighed, "The Colcha Stronghold."

    "Ah," said Leonias, "So we're going to my place. Your ship is out on the landing pad, by the way, with the S1-series Astromech droid that flew it here."

    "Your place..." Vincent smiled slightly, "I'm sure I know more about the stronghold than you do. One reason why we're going. There are others however. Now, show me what you've done to my Starfighter."

    "All right," said Leonias, walking out to the landing pad where the Ivory Dagger was sitting, "She is now a Vindicator-class Stealth Interceptor. Faster in both atmosphere and in vacuum, reaching 17,000 kilometers an hour and 210 megalights respectively. Part of this is because of the new S-foils that have been installed, which allow the ship to go much faster with them closed, although with them closed, only the forward mounted Taim & Bak Laser Cannons can fire. However, the S-foils being open does have more advantages than just more choice of weapons - it is the preferred mode for combat, as it allows the maneuvering thrusters to aid in better maneuverability."

    "I see..." he looked over the reformed hull of his fighter, "I assume you mean it can reach those speeds while using the Ion Booster? They seem a bit to taxing for normal max speeds. Particularly on the pilot."

    "Ah, yes, you are correct. The Ion Boosters Built into the Astral Ion Drives enable that speed, but it is still very quick without boost."

    "I'd assume so with the design." He ran a hand along the hull for a moment, it was, cold dispite being in direct sun light. "Ablative Hull Armor, hmm... Hyperdrive?"

    "A built in Class 1.0 hyperdrive that will operate at Class
  19. Kahn_Iceay

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    Mar 5, 2006
    OOC: Ignore some of the repeats in my last post, had a power outage while working on it, and the file duplicated things without me noticing it.
  20. Kahn_Iceay

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    Mar 5, 2006
    OOC: why is no one posting have the Jedi not figured out what their going to do?

    IC: Vincent Mikaru I
    JP with Kev-Mas Colcha as Leonias Colcha

    The Ivory Dagger decanted out of hyperspace over the red and brown orb of Muspelheim. Its volcanic equator aglow visible even from space, so far away. This world was familiar to Vincent, full of memories of decades ago. A holographic image of the world appeared in front of him, a new addition to the cockpit that caught Vincent by surprised. There were several beacons on the world, but only one was a Remsian beacon. ?The Stronghold.?

    The Crimson Dagger, soon followed the Ivory Dagger out of hyperspace over Muspelheim, and made its way towards the planet. This world was also familiar to Leonias, although not as familiar as it was to Vincent, due to the vast age difference between the two. The two starfighters nosed up as they entered the atmosphere, friction buffeting their hulls, heat washing off their ablative hull as they descended faster than the speed of sound.

    Muspelheim's atmosphere was turbulent, particularly over the equatorial region, upon which the Stronghold lied, along its northern most reaches. Both pilots gripped their controls tightly as they fought against the winds and atmospheric forces that rocked their ships. At near the same time the two dipped their noses down, their ion engines accelerating both craft to nearly 13,000kph, a breakneck speed that outpaced the forces around their crafts, allowing the two to dive below the turbulent region and skim above the countless volcanic caldera that ringed the world.

    In the distance, the fortress structure of the Colcha Compound rose, a Templar outpost that was never used, claimed by Kev-Mas Colcha as his place or respite from the galaxy. The two fighters circled the central spire twice before descending down and into the hanger awaiting them, recognizing the two ships transponders. The two craft settled down on the empty hanger floor, unsettling dust from decades of unuse.

    Moments later Vincent climbed out of his fighter his eyes looking upon the empty hall of his friend, the dust settling down like the cold feeling in his heart. ?So empty, so cold.? the last word was philosophical in meaning as the room was certainly hot, a fact given by the lava flows not more than a kilometer away, many branching off and running near the stronghold itself. ?Its as if time no longer moved here, as if it to went into stasis as I did, preserving a place where I spent much time...?

    "Well, perhaps you can spend some more time over here, at least when you can. Its been a while since I've been here as well, but not as long as you, obviously," mused Leonias, "Looks like I need to requisition some cleaning droids to take care of the place while I'm gone. This place attracts dust rather easily."

    ?There are many, down in the under-quarters, I had to deactivate all the droids after Kev-Mas' death, having them run around without supervision would have been inadvisable so I placed them all in storage. I don't think Kev-Mas would have known unless he was constantly watching. We'll turn them all back on in due time. However right now there is something else that we must attend to.? Vincent started off from the fighters, down a hallway, that Lenoias would have found very familiar.

    "Training hall?" asked Leonias, recalling his experience with this hallway.

    ?We will pass it yes. Though it is not our destination, our destination is the Reliquary. A place I doubt you have been before, as its access is hidden.? As Vincent passed own the hallway, the lower ends of his black cloak kicked up more dust leaving a visible trail one could follow to find him. ?The Reliquary is where several things me and your Grandfather built are held, and other things. Often in our training we constructed weapons, we together perhaps built the primary forms of dozens of lightsabers, though we lacked the crystals or need to bring them to their full completion. ?Its also where I left something of mine, that I wished not to take with me on
  21. Kev-Mas_Colcha

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    Dec 15, 2002
    IC: Leonias Colcha
    Muspelheim - Colcha Stronghold

    [blockquote]Leonias, was awestruck at what Vincent had said. "Really?" he replied humbly in disbelief, "Nobody has ever said that to me before, and I wasn't expecting you of all people to be the first..."[/blockquote]

    Later, Command Center

    [blockquote]After walking up back into the known part of the Stronghold, and then walking up yet another flight of stairs, a route they had to take due to the turbolifts being offline, Leonias and Vincent arrived at the door of the Command Center. This door was a black blast door emblazoned with the familiar Colcha Family seal of fiery orange colored phoenix wings under a red-bladed lightsaber gripped tightly by a hand adorned with a gray glove.

    "So, I take it this is the room with the magical switch that turns on the lights and everything else?" said Leonias, awaiting a response from the Echani who stood beside him.[/blockquote]

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  22. Kahn_Iceay

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    Mar 5, 2006
    IC: Vincent Mikaru
    Borrowed PC: Leonias Colcha
    NPC: Surtr

    ?No magical switch.? Vincent held out a hand, and with a flick of his wrist flipped the hidden Force switch which unlocked the massive door. Vincent grabbed one side of the door ?Grab the other side, and pull it towards the wall.? As Leonias did as asked and they both slid the door open, Vincent continued talking. ?No, there's a complicated command system, and, probably a very disgruntled individual.?

    "What do you mean by disgruntled individual?"

    ?You'll see.? With the door slid open enough for them to slide through, Vincent made his way in, followed by Leonias. The room was, dark, dusty red banners with the Colcha seal hung still from the ceiling. Dark computer screens and consoles filled the far side of the room, and several chairs sat towards the middle of the room, at the moment facing a holo-tank.

    Vincent moved to the nearest chair, an older model of the one back in his office, and sat. Reacting to the pressure of his body the chair powered itself, using its own power source and the arm chair folded out revealing a biometric reader. Vincent placed his hand on the pad and remained stoic as it took a sample. ?Mikaru, Vincent, Access Code VM-788932? The room slowly lit up, emergency power, as the main generators were offline, screens flickered and displayed the Colcha Symbol, short of one which displayed the Mikaru Seal. ?Surtr.?

    The holo-tank in the center of the room lit up and light slowly condensed into the image of a large burly man, wearing a metallic chest plate, and leather armor, and a thick beard. A top his head was a bright fiery crown, his deep blue eyes gazed down at Vincent. ?You!? his deep voice boomed loudly, causing dust to unsettle as the acoustics of the room reverberated it several times. ?Vincent, Do you realize how long I have been offline?!?

    ?More than you know.?

    ?Then tell me, Why? And who is this?? he said motioning to Leonias.

    ?Why, is not the issue, who that is, is precisely the issue. He, is Leonias Colcha, He, is your new owner. And you, will now activate the generators, and bring all systems online. Then you will be quiet while I Talk Leonias through all he needs to know.?

    ?You dare speak to me in such a tone!??

    ?Must I use my authorization code to turn off your vocal subroutines, or will you comply??

    The AI avatar made a noise half growl half grunt and vanished, moments later the lights of the room brightened, and the soft hum of reactors beneath them coming online could be heard. ?Now Leonias. Since I know you have questions. Ask them all now, I'll answer them in order.?

    Tag: Kev-Mas Colcha
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    Sep 25, 2008
    OOC: Sorry for the very long delay, nunchuck is something I really had to think about.

    IC: Dark Sun
    Bothan Ruling Council Chambers

    As she watched in total amazment what she saw, she had to keep it all hidden from veiw though. His saber, broke in two and some cord held both pieces together. She had saw something like that many years ago, but nothing like what he had. One end was something like a handle, while the other had the blade. Though something told her that both ends might be useable, but in turns. She was not bound to find out the hard way and she had to finish this mess quick. It all took seconds to think that and too act. She had all that she needed to defeat this boy and move on.

    She called forth a ball of flame and brought forth more concertrated force to make it larger. As it grew, she watched the young man for any movements, then when time was right, she threw it more at his feet for the dispersal will cover several feet. As the flaming ball left her hand, she quickly tried to force stick him right where he was. If all went well, he would be engulfed in the burning pitch.

    TAG: Everyone and GM
  24. Kahn_Iceay

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    Mar 5, 2006
    OOC: Approved by me and Sinre, the only two GMs still about and alive. The Jedi will be back in the game once i get responses from some Emails.

    Name: Kahn Iceay
    Alias (If Any):
    Age: 28
    Species: Echani
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight:181 LBS

    General Description: Kahn Iceay is a tall individual of a muscular build. Being of Echani decent he is adept at combat, and very spiritual in his combative ways. While he believes that Combat isn't the only way to solve an issue, he believes that Combat is the only way you can be sure the issue will be resolved fairly and truly.

    Affiliation: Jedi
    Rank:High Master

    Lightsaber/Weapon Description: Kahn carries two identical lightsabers with purple blades, he however only wields one at a time unless the situation calls for it.
    Fighting Style: An Echani Arts styled Ataru.

    Biography: Kahn as been a Jedi since childhood, for as long as he can remember. He was always a combat oriented Jedi, focusing more on Lightsaber combat, and the Offensive side of the Force, which several times had others accuse him of being to Darksided. These accusations were were always dismissed as in combat training Kahn always fought with a neutral expression, near emotionless, rarely if ever striking out with anger, regardless of the powers he used.

    After becoming a Knight Kahn remained alone, preferring to not teach any single individual his combat skills but classes. It was not until he was 23 that he finally took on a padawan who had lost his master and trained the young man into knighthood in 2 years. At this point, Kahn became a Master, but it was also a time of issue and strife as the Order split in two, and Kahn's abilities and knowledge caused him to be placed in a higher position in the section he split off with. Interfering with his personal life, of family, and personal endevours.

    This eventually lead into Kahn taking position as Temporary Grandmaster as the order's turmoil lead to power struggles and Kahn always remained neutral in regards to decisions. This was temporary however as Kahn managed to, with the Grandmaster of the other splinter group, bring the two groups together, and Kahn took a lower position, High Master, a rank denoting respect, wisdom, responsibility, and power, but not the same as a Grandmaster. However, recently the Jedi order has come to a near stand still, and Kahn once again has to stand up to a position of authority again, and take reigns to keep things from spiraling again, out of control.
  25. Jedi_Allegra

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    Apr 10, 2003

    Erisi Amrei Caldan

    Alias (If Any):
    Allegra Amrei Ziaen-Iceay

    23 standard years. 25 by the Olys Corellian calendar.

    Human/Corellian (Corellisi)



    1.65 meters (135 lbs.)

    General Description:
    Very timid and demure in appearance Erisi is rather charming in her own way. Her chocolate locks cascade from her heart shaped face down passed her shoulders to the small of her back, her brandy eyes adding charm of their own. She stands at the height of 5?5? standard inches and keeps her body in a rather slim shape.


    High Master

    Lightsaber/Weapon Description:
    --Blade Type: Single Blade (dual phase)
    --Blade Color: Violet and Crimson (formerly Sapphire Blue)
    --Saber Amount: 2

    Fighting Style:

    Makashi, Niman, Ataru

    Dun Möch


    Having a rather troubling childhood, Allegra (Erisi at the time) and her older, twin, sister Jaid Caldan fled from their home on Corellia and both led separate lives having come into contact with two, rather different characters: one a Sith Lord, the other a well renowned Jedi Master. It was in this time Allegra blossomed as a Jedi Padawan under the guidance of the former Jedi Master General Oochy. After her first fall to the clutches of the Sith, she escaped only to give birth to her son, the son of a former temporary Grandmaster. After a few more falls to the Darkside of the Force Allegra was instated as Jedi Knight, it was in this time she met her to-be husband, Kahn Iceay. Yet the call of the Darkside never did cease, and she was lured yet again by the Sith Lord, Vassago. Upon his disappearance Allegra returned to the Jedi, married Kahn Iceay and raised four children, all the while tutoring many Padawans and Knights in trained, focused meditation techniques.

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