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  1. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    [link=]. . . a long time ago in a galaxy far away . . . [/link]

    [hl=black]133 ABY - The Dark Odyssey

    At the end of the Sith-Imperial war the galaxy was once more ruled by the Sith and their dreaded Emperor Darth Krayt.

    The Jedi Order, once the guardians of peace and justice among the stars had been all but exterminated and the Galactic Alliance had been swept away, as had the rightful rulers of the Empire. Darkness ruled through it´s many agents of evil.

    But the end of the war was not the end of all resistance. Even five years after joining the terrible Battle of ROON and facing it´s devastating result COLONEL TAHNAN kept fighting. A survivor of many battles he and a band of like-minded individuals, among them many veterans of the Galactic Alliance had taken command of the ancient Nebulon-G frigate SUNLIGHT RANGER and had tried what they could, to destroy the emerging Dark Empire of the Sith.

    But far away from Admiral Starzi´s fleet of resistance fighters and hunted relentlessly by the Empire and it´s many agents their struggle had soon turned into a fight for survival. Only when all hope seemed lost an old ally contacted them with a message that beared a little hope.

    On the reaches of Wild Space, on an asteroid orbiting the planet GESARIL the Sith had reestablished a secret prison colony. Heavy guarded and well defended the price it contained was worth any risk. Here the Sith held some of the last remaining Jedi in the galaxy and key-figures of the alliance.

    And so the rebellious soldiers headed towards Gesaril to face once more the darkness of the Sith. And free the prisoners or fall fighting for something worth dying for: Hope!



    The Story

    This is not the story of Sith and not the story of the Empire. This is the story of the men who stand up and fight against evil. This is the story of the crew of the Nebulon-G frigate Sunlight Ranger and those who join them in their battle.

    In many ways this is the sequel to [link=]128 ABY - Collapsing Galaxy[/link] and it surely is a spin off from Sinrebirth´s original [link=]128 ABY[/link] series. But it is a story for itself. Enriched by the fantastic background but understandable and playable with no knowledge of what has come before.

    133 ABY will consist of ten intense and short chapters. The game will center around 6 characters and their adventures. For cinematic purposes I will offer links to certain songs and designs that appear.

    Credits where they belong: The game is based on the ideas and characters created by Sinrebirth and SonofZeus. The plot of the game is based on the ideas of SonofZeus.


    The Characters

    Six characters are available. Every player can only take one character. Cameos of other players can happen, but the story will focus on these six. Right now four of the slots are already taken, which leaves us with only two characters available.
    Nevertheless, there might later be opportunities to join the adventure if more people show interest.
    For those who want to send an original CS please keep in mind that only former members of the Galactic Alliance will be accepted. Soldiers, pilots, technicians, scouts, spies, diplomats, janitors, gunners or cooks . . . whatever you are . . . you will have fought on the losing side of the war.
    For Jedi and other force-users there is one exception from the rule. You can send your CS, if you wish to reprise your role from 128 ABY. Sith and Darksiders will not be accepted for now. Imperial Knights might be able to join, but only l
  2. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    So, we will have five days for character-sheet approval and posting. On Friday the game shall begin! Until then I will post five scenes to introduce you to some elements and NPCs of 133 ABY. Consider it a prologue.

    And if everything works out fine, on friday we will dive right into the action.

    I am happy to be here again. And I hope you will enjoy the game.
  3. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Finally approved! Again!

    Name: Kira Kara Romar
    Age: 32
    Species: Human
    Planet of Birth: Sulon
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: An athletic woman with black hair and striking blue eyes Kira has aged from the trials of the years past. Still something youthful is around her smile, when someone manages to make her show it. Clothed in whatever clothes the has been given by her wardens.
    Rank&Affiliation: Former Jedi Knight, now none
    The Force: Yes
    Weapons: None
    Equipment: None
    Bio: Kira Kara Romar was born into a poor family on the planet Sulon, before discovered by the Jedi for being strong in the force. Strong was relative, as her Master, the famous Lowbacca, had a hard time making her familiar with even the most basic techniques. Lacking her skill in the force and in lightsaber training it was a mystery to her, why her prestigious Master hadn´t given up on her, when she found out what he had sensed in her.
    While she utterly disliked fighting she showed a great talent in the force whenever she was threatened. Archiving feats usually out of her abilities with ease. Under the harsh Jedi Master Ratep Sentarin this instinctive sense for combat was further developed and her Master made sure that such a warrior who was only strong in the force when in combat would have firm ideals and a good understanding for the temptations of the Dark Side.
    Soon she was known as the "Reluctant Swordsman". A mocking of her wish to life in peace and her contrasting ability with the lightsaber.
    Things changed with the Sith-Imperial War. After having encountered a fallen Imperial Knight on Borosk and barely surviving, she was "chosen" by the force to hunt this man down. under the guidance of the mad force-user Simeon she followed his lead. Her fate intervened with the Imperial Knight they finally met again in the Battle of Bastion. There Kira bested the rival, then known as Darth Zorn and killed him. Shocked by her own brutality she used her new-found prowess to gain control of an Alliance fleet and bring the war to the Sith.
    While many Jedi feared her fall, she reluctantly accepted her fate. But disgusted the force secretly for using her. On the planet of Roon she made her final battle. While her friends Colonel Tahnan and Sae Kya fought vicious on the planet she faced a mysterious Sith called Atavus. The outcome of their duel was largely unknown, but she fled her friends and Order and vanished from the galaxy.
    In her search for peace she survived the Third Jedi Purge and the defeat in the war. Only to be finally found by the Sith. Loosing her new husband and all hope for peace, she was brought to a secret prison facility. To be interrogated by the Sith.

    For those interested in her background, I have written a couple of fanfics about her years since 128 ABY. They can be found [link=]here[/link].
  4. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    GM Approved

    Name: Si Kya
    Age: 28
    Species: Human
    Planet of Birth: Ossus
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Medium build, medium height, nondescript features - apart from how relatively unworn his hands and face is. The only indication that he was on the losing side of the war is in his eyes - grey-blue eyes that seem to be pained everytime you glance into them. His eyes are the same colour as his brother, Sae.
    Rank & Affiliation: Historian of sorts, GA affiliation nominally
    The Force: No
    Weapons: None
    Equipment: Datapad, holocam, basic darkblue clothes.
    Bio: Si Kya was born to a new family, one forged from the remnants of betrayal and despair. His half-brother was Sae Kya, his mother Genna tricked by an unknown Force user into giving birth to his son. His psychologically shattered mother was taken to Ossus when the reality became obvious, and she joined the caretakers staff for the Temple, which was made up of non-Force users. Her personal carer, Anton Sel, grew fond of her, and they married, Genna unable to let go of the name of the man who had used her so. Enslaved despite herself, she made Anton take the name Kya, which he gladly did. Sae remained his mothers favourite child - and a Jedi Knight at that - but nobody loved Sae more than Si. Si eventually became a friend of an aged Adarian historian who had stayed neutral in the galactic conflict: Prof. Vendsen Trasc.

    When Sae died at the Battle of Roon in 128 ABY, Si left the family home on Ossus to discover the truth. He left with the Professor, only to find the man's newest investigation somehow linked to his brothers death. In his own interests he became Trascs assistant. While delving into the secrets of the One Sith and the creatures named the Xenly, he was captured by the One Sith, and now the Dark Empire has him. Si believes that the One Sith were responsible for his half-brother, but cannot prove it. The reality is more complex, but no less repulsive...
  5. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007

    Xaven Oberone
    Church of Infinite Perception, Pergitor

    2 weeks before the game

    The High Priest of the Church usually looked over the domed cities of Pergitor by night. He loved the vibrant view of life and tight order of construction in it´s illuminated beauty. Here on Desone, Pergitor´s capital, he felt pure. Many lesser men would have dwelled in the power or control over lifes of others. He understood that these were the thoughts that had lead the galaxy to this desperate situation. To the end-times. For the end was nigh, it was obvious.

    And because it was so obvious, he did not watch the city this night from his office. He did not marvel it from high above all other constructs within the shielded dome. He looked at the stars. The tiny dots of light sending their lights from ages long gone. The galaxy had vastly ignored his wisdom. It had turned towards abdominations and superstition. It had revived the Jedi, integrated them into governments and now the darkest of all deeds had been done. The last sign of the pending end had come true. The galaxy was ruled by them. Them. The force-users. These mystic slavelords.

    He had done good on Pergitor. He had done so much good when he banished this evils from the planets surface. It had been his grand-father who himself had lead the execution of the last of the Jedi and in these days, when the future seemed bright and the Empire itself sided with their course, it seemed as if purity could still be achieved.


    But one meant to lead did not give in to despair. He had accepted the galaxies dark fate and understood the calling of destiny. It was not his destiny to save the universe. It was his fate to clean it. And as fate had handed him this monumentous task, it had also lead him to the weapon to achieve this.

    The irony wasn´t missed. The last fire to burn the galaxy had been ignited by a man who used the force himself. It was a user of this force who would be his instrument in all this. And through him Xaven Oberone would make a last attempt to heal the galaxy. By burning out all of the ill flesh. Let it die in a dark fire from which there was no escape.

    "Have our preparations proceeded as planned, my friend?" He asked. In the reflection of his window he had seen the dark figure approach him.
    "Beyond my expectations, your highness." Replied a dry and raspy voice.

    "And your former allies, the Sith? Are they as unaware as you have . . . implied?" The High Priest meet the eyes of the hooded figure through the reflection. But the chuckle of the creature made him look away, again. "Yes. They are."

    "Good. Good." he sighed. "You are very useful." He said and nodded. "Go now and prepare. The test is about to be started." He watched the tall man turn and leave. Obviously this traitorous force user was trying to use him. Trying to eliminate the competition by his acts. But the High Priest was aware of their deceiving nature. And even the death of his ally was part of his divine plan.

    When the time had come. When the galaxy burned in his cleansing flame.

    A smile crept on his face, as the thought floated through his mind. Such a clear vision.


  6. sprintabm

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    May 20, 2005
    Approved by Fin dude

    Name: Tereo U'tek
    Age: 36
    Species: Cathar (mainline species)
    Planet of Birth: Cathar
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: 1.9 m tall. Excellent physical shape. Dark yellow-brown fur and yellow eyes. Has intricate tribal tattoos on the portions of his hands not covered with fur, notably his palms. Usually wears military fatigues with no name, rank, or insignia on them. Combat boots.
    Rank&Affiliation: Major, Galactic Alliance Special Forces Command
    The Force: No
    Weapons: Assault blaster rifle. Modified silenced slugthrower carbine and silenced slugthrower pistol, both capable of penetrating stormtrooper armor. An assortment of grenades. Strangling wire. His claws.
    Equipment: Standard combat equipment and fatigues. Helmet with integrated comm and situational awareness display. Night-vision/infrared goggles.
    Bio: Born and raised on Cathar, the warrior and adventurer in U'tek prompted him to leave his homeworld after his Blood Hunt ritual to seek greater challenges than what Cathar had to offer. He joined the Alliance Army as an enlisted solider but soon earned an officers commission due to his leadership abilities. He joined the special forces two years before the war, embracing the eliteness of the command and finally feeling that he could use his fighting skills against the toughest adversaries and challenges in the galaxy. He was also glad that, due to the command's orders that all members were to not look like Alliance military personnel to maintain their secrecy, he was allowed to let his mane grow to the lengths to that of a traditional Cathar warrior and he also obtained his tattoos. By the time of the war, he took part in many covert and several large-scale battles including the taking of an Imperial garrison during the Battle of Taris. As the war wore on, the toll on the special forces was heavy. The entire army organization eventually collapsed, and U'tek found himself fending for himself, making his way through underworld and inconspicous channels searching for any remnants of the Alliance to continue the fight with. He found Colonel Tahnan and the Sunlight Ranger, and with the colonel and his crew, he hopes than he can make a difference in the ongoing fight against the Sith and the Empire.
  7. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006

    Name: Tenk Qatar
    Age: 29
    Species: Human
    Planet of Birth: Coruscant
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Still having yet to reach the age of thirty, Tenk hadn?t changed too much since the war. He still has plenty of leftover muscle built up on his 6?1? frame during the time though he had allowed his black hair to grow out an extra inch. There still remains a mark of his hardships during the war nonetheless, that being the one at his left eye that even now he has declined to have replaced. While he had once had a pair of green eyes, a duel that had taken place during the war had cost him his left eye. Usually hidden beneath an eye patch, the pupil of his left eye is no longer green but rather a sightless white.
    Rank&Affiliation: Former Jedi
    The Force: Yes
    Weapons: None
    Equipment: None
    Bio: Tenk had been born on Coruscant to two merchant parents that had specialized in blasters and other weaponry. While his life started out ordinarily enough, it didn?t take long until his Force sensitivity was found out and ? with there being a Jedi Temple on Coruscant ? he was sent to said Temple to be trained as a Jedi. Once he had managed to swing a training saber, it quickly became apparent that Tenk had a talent for combat which allowed him to master the difficult dual lightsaber technique known as Jar?Kai and add a short-bladed shoto to his arsenal with his regular lightsaber.
    His Jedi life was ordinary enough. While only deemed as average when it came to manipulating the Force, his talents with lightsaber combat brought him the attention of his Rodian Jedi Master known as Celvis Mek who he became a Padawan to. Another ordinary trial of becoming a Jedi Knight was expected; go on a few missions with his Master, do and learn from him as other Padawans had done with their Masters, and then become a full-fledged Jedi where he would one day continue the cycle by choosing an apprentice of his own.

    Then the Sith-Imperial War started. While his Master had earlier proclaimed that he would be trained for another year, the war had come to test Tenk nonetheless. While having faced stormtroopers in open combat before cutting them down, Tenk?s affinity for weaponry ? which no doubt had something to do with his parentage ? had also led him on a path of being a demolitions expert that gave him his fair share of sabotage missions. Unfortunately, as the war continued, Celvis was killed in battle and Tenk, with the war demanding more participants, was promoted to a Knight. His Master was not to be the only tragedy however.

    The Battle of Kiffu had been next where Tenk could?ve cost the Galactic Alliance the battle when the Kiffu High Guardian, Unlin Vos, had, under a false declaration of truce, tricked Tenk into escorting him to the GA flagship where he and his Guardians went on a rampage in an attempt to destroy the flagship. While many personnel suffered against the kamikaze attacks and Tenk was nearly killed in the duel with Vos, the timely arrival of his fellow Jedi allowed him to kill the High Guardian. Having blamed himself for the near-disaster, Tenk had accepted an assignment to go on a diplomatic venture to recruit more allies to help the Galactic Alliance in an attempt to break away from combat. However, the diplomatic attempt was only going to lead to more combat and more deaths.

    A GA captain known as Talia, his future love, had been his pilot during his missions and together they went to recruit the Muugari. Tenk managed to achieve success but only after a duel with Chief of State of the Confederacy Petra Tarkin that had cost the Knight his left eye when he was hit by Force Lightning. Then came Bakura. There, Tenk had been set up by the Bakuran Prime Minister and Talia was captured because of this. Forced to fight in the civil war that ensued, Tenk managed to retrieve Talia but when he came face-to-face with the Prime Minister, he had killed the man not only to spare Talia of the deed but also because he had been driven by rage and ha
  8. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    A few notes from the GM:

    First: I am amazed and very grateful for the interest this game has generated. A lot of people have contacted me and quite a few have send in CS. Old 128ers as well as new faces.

    Second: Right now I have more CS then player-slots. And even if I will rise the number of players to seven, I will have to turn away some of you. Something which I do heavy-hearted. But to keep a certain quality as a GM I feel it is necessary. CS submission will stay open until Thursday morning at 8 (german time). Then I will choose among the send-in CS I got.

    If you had any contact with me, but haven´t send in a CS I won´t include you in the pool.

    Third: Please read the opening post before sending in a CS. Thank you.

    On Friday my Prologue will be all up, all characters will be approved, the fun begins and the game is yours. With the opening-post of . . .

    Chapter One: The Broken Wings Must Fly
  9. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    To make the wait a little shorter . . .

    Prologue II

    Roan Fel III
    Aboard the PSD Devotion, 1 week before the game

    The two combatants circled each other. The young female beauty in an eager waiting-position, while the elder mal was waiting with a calm serenity of an accomplished duelist. They were alone on the viewing deck of the Star Destroyer. One of the many things an Emperor could have was the luxury of being undisturbed, when it was needed. And an Emperor the elder man was.

    Many called him the "former Emperor" by now. And Roan Fel III had served his Empire long enough to understand what deeper meaning such rethorical differences made. A "former Emperor" was far more unlikely to return to power than the "rightful Emperor." And the rightful heir of the dynasty he was. And his daughter would be his sucessor. That was how out should have been. That was how it would be once he had retaken what was rightfully his.

    There wasn´t any alternative, anyway. For a galaxy with two Emperor´s was and had always been a matter of life and death. Darth Krayt knew it. And Raon Fel knew it, too.

    His silver blade slashed another time into the defense of his daughter Marisiah as his rapid attack forced her to retreat. Ever since her encounter in the Outer Rim, she had taken combat training more serious. She was aware of the steps he had tried to make her stumble about and jumped up. But her defense was weak while she was in the air. And he caught her right side of guard. It would have been a perfect opening for a killing slash, but he only hinted it by cutting through her training robe.

    His daughter saw the smoking piece of cloth and deactivated her lightsaber. A sigh of defeat came from her. Her father met it with a cold and surpressed smile.
    "Much improved, my dear daughter. But far from good." He only said. The door behind him slid open and he felt the presence of Caleb Brandl enter the room. Slowly he turned towards the approaching Imperial Knight. In his red armor, his body straight and tensed the middle aged man bowed before his Emperor.

    "Yes?" The Emperor asked, deactivating his own blade and warping himself into his robes.

    "The contact on Bastion says, nothing is known about the location of the missing Sith, Majesty." Brandl reported with a nod.

    "If he is hiding from his Master he won´t be easy to find." The Emperor mused. "Has Knight Kessler reported back from Gelegar?"

    "Yes, Master he has. But no sign there, either. This Sith seemed to have vanished. Nevertheless he added some information about this man. You asked us to collect as much as possible. It is not a man we should ally ourselves with lightly, Sir." The Imperial Knight had a hard time to hide his concern. The Empire had allied itself with the Sith once. The result was their exile. The Emperor understood the line of thought.

    "I am aware of the nature of this man, Knight Brandl. But we cannot ignore his potential. As an friend, but much more as another adversary, we need to deal with him. Finding him would present us with the opportunity to remove him from this game, eventually. Or put him to good use." The Emperor turned towards his daughter, again. When Brandl didn´t leave at once he turned a last time towards him. "Anything else?"

    "The information concerning the Jedi prison on Gesaril, Sir. It has been forwarded to the rebels through our usual channels. They won´t know it came from you, Master." He said. Then added in a much more serious voice. "I assume you know who is held prisoner there, Majesty?"

    Roan Fel smiled and ignited his lightblade. His daughter did the same.
    "An old friend." He attacked his daughter again. The little break had served her well. "Dismissed, Knight." He only added as he concentrated on Marisiah Fel´s training again. On this lightsaber her life would depend. Sooner or later.

  10. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007

    I have approved the last players and await them posting their sheets. Then the Roster will go up. Everybody who has submitted a sheet has a PM from me, by now.

    I am sorry for all those who didn´t made it. And want to let everybody know it was a tough call. I am so late, because it wasn´t easy for me.

    Back to business.


    Prologue III

    Captain Iban Tressel, PSD-Ascendancy
    1 hour before the game

    He had once commanded fleets in the center of power. He had fought on Bastion, defended Roon and lead a strike right into the defensive lines of the Galactic Alliance near Caamas. He deserved better than this. A lot better. At least they had left him his ship. Even though it was crewed with freshlings these days and ordered to patrol the most unhabited and utterly irrelevant regions of space, he still had command over the Ascendancy.

    The Ascendancy. Such a fitting name. There was no ship . . . no he corrected himself . . . there was no fleet that he couldn´t crush with his Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer out here in Wild Space. Which was the reason why he wasn´t needed here. If they ever got into contact with hostile forces it were pirates and the battles were usually fought by the patrol-ships he send of. Barely did any ship even approach the black giant the Ascendancy was.

    At least today it looked like they made a catch. Entering the bridge, pushing his uniform into place he waved Commander Kensing to his isde. "Report." he simply ordered his inexperienced first made.

    "We have just catched a Correllian freighter, Sir. Pretty much an antique. It´s an [link=]HT-2200[/link], like they used them about 90 years ago for . . ." The Captain shot his Commander a look and raised his hand.
    "Cut the history lesson short, son. The necessary facts, please." He hissed. This boy shouldn´t have served on a Star Destroyer, or in a commanding position. He was burden to the Empire. But the Moff of Ord Trasi obviously had friends and this was his son.
    "Yes, Sir. We have hailed the ship twice. Life signatures on board but not definable. The pilot seems to be a droid. I decided, according to protocoll to give a warning shot, to which the ship didn´t react. Therefore I used tractorbeams to . . ."

    "Do we have it?" The Captain turned towards the tactical commander and signalled him to join them. The elder man stepped to them immediately, grinning about the newbies attempts to impress his Captain.
    "Yes, Sir." Kensing continued ignoring the Officer´s grin. "Holding it in Hangar Bay One. Stormtroopers are ready to board."

    Tressel sighed. He looked at his tacrical officer. Major Vu´An. A stormtrooper veteran who had made the same mistake as the Captain himself. Staying neutral for too long in the schism.

    "Mayor, any objections to immediate boarding?" Tressel asked.
    "No, Sir. I´ll send in the 56th Platoon. They can use the training."
    Tressel nodded. "Go ahead and report once we know what is loaded." The Major saluted, gave Kensling another mocking grin, then turned towards the turbolift.

    Kensling stayed besides his Captain, as he folded his arms and looked out of the window. Two Tie-Raptors just passed by on their way for a perimeter patrol. Tressel gave the younger man an mocking look of disbelief.
    "Kensling?" He asked with a sharp voice. Kensling tensed.
    "Yes, Sir?"
    "After such an adventure, why don´t you write me a detailed report. With all these little facts they taught you on the academy, hm?" He grunted and waved his hands.
    "It will be my pleasure." The Commander replied and tried to move away from his bad-tempered Captain as possible.

    Captain Tressel wondered what kind of ship that was. Piloted by a droid. Smugglers, trying new tricks? Traders with a great trust in technology
  11. Rally_Fan_84

    Rally_Fan_84 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jan 14, 2009
    [hl=chocolate]Fins[/hl] approved CS. Start running you Karking sons of Sithspit!

    [b]Name[/b]: Maximl "Mad Max" Vektir
    [b]Age[/b]: 34
    [b]Species[/b]: Human (Corellian)
    [b]Planet of Birth[/b]: Drall
    [b]Gender[/b]: Male
    [b]Appearance[/b]: Often described as ruggedly handsome, Max Vektir stands nearly 6 feet tall at 5'11'' inches and weighs in at 181 lbs. Nominally in excellent shape due to his rigorous exercise regime, he is however not bulky, focusing on overall fitness rather than sheer size and power.
    His slightly wavy hair is cut to a medium short length and appears dark brown or black, depending on the ambient light in the room.
    His jade green eyes are broken by slim flecks of silver, which change hue depending on what he is wearing at the time.

    While nominally found in a beige flight suit with black gloves and the standard pilot hardware, he wears high-end street clothes when not on duty, spoils from his victories as a swoop bike racing champion.
    Finally, [link=]his helmet is the full face type[/link], painted to resemble the skull of a [link=]Nexu[/link] with its maw opened, as if poised to deliver the killing blow
    [b]Rank and Affiliation[/b]: Flight Commander with Admiral Starzi's Resistance fighters (Sabre Squadron, attached to Nebulon-G frigate Sunlight Ranger), Formerly Captain with Galactic Alliance Defense Force (Crossbones Squadron, attached to [link=]Scythe Class Main Battlecruiser[/link] Huntress)
    [b]Force Sensitive:[/b] No (possibly latent connection)
    Starfighter (X-83)-[/i]
    4x Laser Cannons
    1x Proton Torpedo Launcher (6 Torpedos total)

    1x [link=]Bi-Polar Carbine Blaster[/link] with 10 spare power packs in weapons harness
    1x [link=]Westar 34 Blaster Pistol[/link] with 2 spare power charges in weapons harness(24 rounds total)
    1x [link=]Model J1 "Happy Surprise" Palm Blaster[/link] with 2 spare charges (18 total shots) on ankle strap.
    2x [link=]Class A Thermal Detonators[/link]
    1x survival vibro-blade

    1x [link=]Model TD2.3 electrobinoculars[/link]
    1x roll of Thermal Detonator Tape
    1x Roll of Spacer Tape
    1x Weapons and equipment harness and pack
    1x Utility belt (survival ration capsules, grappling hook and cable
    1x [link=]A99 Aqua Breather[/link]
    1x compact Condenser Unit
    1x [link=]GLiS Emergency Medpack[/link]
    1x Ground-Orbit Comm Unit (GOCU)
    1x Vepine Ocular Enhancer

    1x [link=]X-83 Twintail Starfighter[/link]
    1x Quadex Racing [link=]Air-2 Racing Swoop[/link] (Silver and royal purple starburst paint, number 801)

    [b]Bio:[/b] Maximl Vektir, known to friends and crew chiefs as "Mad Max", initially seems like the stereotypical Corellian, full of pride and seemingly powered by pure rocket fuel.
    At an early age, he showed a propensity and love for dangerously high speeds and stunts, highlighted by his high-speed joyride of his fathers' vintage [link=]X-X Landspeeder[/link] at 9 years of age, which not only involved a copious amount of law enforcement officials but also saw him exceed the top speed of the vehicle by 50kph before a spectacular crash on a grassy plain, and a carbide treatment for his left forearm.

    After subsequent grounding and working off of the debt, his father taught the youth how to operate both a land and airspeeder, tempering his need for unbridled furious bre>
  12. kit-kenobi

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    Nov 10, 2007

    The Character-Sheet

    Name: Zeth Tak?n

    Age: 29

    Species: Zabrak

    Planet of Birth: Iridonia

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Zeth stands at about 5 ft. 10 in. tall, and weighs around 150 lbs. He has lean muscles, but is never the less strong. He has light skin tone and light, almost sky blue eyes. The horns on his head are short and thick, as well as evenly distributed about his skull with no hair. Most of the times he will seen in either his combat/flight suit or light brown common clothes.

    Rank&Affiliation: Wing Commander in the Galactic Alliance Navy

    The Force: No

    Weapons: Power 5 Heavy Blaster Pistol, small holdout blaster, and a vibro-blade

    Equipment: His ship, an X-83 TwinTail starfighter, and the astromech droid within the ship is R9-Z7(referred to as ?Z?), his flightsuit/life support, and pilots helmet.

    Bio: Zeth was born on the planet of Iridonia to his parents, Aaya and Sek Tak?n. Sek was a small time smuggler or arms and spice, while Aaya was ship mechanic. After a few too many close calls Sek settled down and joined his wife as a mechanic. Zeth would spend hours in his parents shop learning his way around starships, and began helping his parents with repairs once he was 13.

    When he turned 19 he tried to follow in his fathers footsteps and become a smuggler. He was extremely successful for the first to years of this trade, but towards the beginning of his third he was caught attempting to smuggle spices into Galactic City. He spent three months in jail, before he the authorities offered him a bargain to sell out his business partners in a trade for freedom of a sort. He would have to become an undercover agent for the government against the smugglers he had once called friends. He took the deal and continued his work for the next several years.

    When the Sith-Imperial war first broke out Zeth?s parents were on there way to Galactic city to visit their son when, their ship was shot out of the sky by sith fighters. When Zeth learned of his parent?s fate he immediately ran to join the Galactic Alliance Navy where he became a Lieutenant and head of his own flight. He and his squadron would fight valiantly for the entirety of the war, but by the end of it the squadron would be left with only three pilots, all from separate flights. Once the war was lost he refused to give up the fight, so he found his way to the Sunlight Ranger in an attempt to strike back at the sith once again.

  13. Sir_Draco

    Sir_Draco Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 19, 2007
    Fin approved for limited use


    Name: Jacen Cole
    Age: 39 years
    Species: Human (Corellian)
    Planet of Birth: Corvus III
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: A rough man who saw many battles and dangers he nevertheless is a handsome guy with icy blue eyes and a three day beard. His hairs are salt and pepper and his skin is always a little darker than bronze
    Ran & Allegiance: Commander Special Forces, Former Galactic Alliance
    Force: No
    Weapons: TSK-1000 Sniper Rifle, 2 DL 44 Blaster Pistols, 5 Plasma Grenades, 3 Throwing Knifes, 1 Hold-Out Blaster, 1 Vibro-Dagger (he is obsessed with the idea of running out of weapons)
    Equipment: Datapad, Holocards with maps, backpack, food for three days, wire, gas-mask, light combat armor, macrobinoculars, night-vision goggles, photo of the 7th Recon Unit.

    Bio: Cole has come from the lowest ranks of the galactic society. Raised in the slums of the Corellian Colonies he never had a true chance in life. He fought for food or to protect his parents and sister since he was five and it was a miracle he ever made it to adultery.
    When he did so he was equipped with three things. A sense for survival, a profound disrespect of any authority and a firm sense of loyalty. When the Troops of the Galactic Alliance evacuated their colony and soldiers risked their life to save him and his family he saw a chance to escape the life as a poor man. He joined the military and swiftly raised through the lower ranks, thanks to his remarkable skill as a marksman and good performance in times of crisis. But the higher ranks showed themselves to be another matter. Authority and Cole didn´t work well together. He was charged three times for disregarding orders. Defending himself with the words "the Orders were stupid." Only the war prevented him from being thrown out of the army. But when the Empire attacked, some superiors were not willing to let their most deadly sniper go.

    Cole has fought on various planets, in the war. Taris, Bandomeer and finally Roon. When the 3rd Fleet gathered at Cularin his Battalion was placed under the command of Colonel Tahnan and moved to the fleet. But the real commander of the whole operation was a Jedi. Kira Romar. Some thought her to be mad, some considered her evil but nobody could keep her from turning Roon into a slaughterhouse. A deadly cauldron of death. Jacen made it out alive, leaving many friends and much of his light-heartiness behind there.

    He fought on. What else could he have done. And as stubborn as he was he ended up on the Sunlight Ranger fighting still, three years after having lost the war.

    And he will keep on fighting until somebody kills him or his enemy gives up.

    OOC: Fin asked me to clear up that I am no regular, but I will fill out the GUESTSTAR-slot.
    Because of my military career I will only have a limited time with the game. I´ll play Jacen for two chapters for now. And perhaps return later, from time to time. Thanks for having me.

  14. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    [hl=royalblue]bluebeast1237[/hl] seems to have vanished. Let´s hope he returns in time for the start of the game tomorrow. Anyway, I approved his character a week ago. I´ll post it for him for now.

    Name: Lorj Danathin
    Age: 47
    Species: Murachaun
    Planet of Birth: Nahsu Minor
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Red skinned reptile with many piercings and tattoos. When not on duty, he wears alot of rings and an assortment of materials, characteristics of a people who wander.(Gypsie)
    Rank&Affiliation: Former Lieutenant Colonel (now acting Major) of The Galactic Alliance
    The Force: No
    Weapons: Sniper Rifle and blaster carbine
    Equipment: Red and black armor
    Bio: Lorj was a farmer for a good while before the War, but never really a successful one. He moved from place to place and became a merchant selling things and buying things, building up a business and a collection which was based back on Nahsu Minor. When the war came and business began to suffer, Lorj figured that he would join until the Alliance won and get himself some more money to start to expand the business. Unfortunately, the war was drawn on longer than he expected and by the end, the Alliance had lost, some of its officers being hunted and scattered by the new leader, Darth Krayt. Lorj had been so sure that the Alliance would win that he wasn't set up for the loss and was left to his life of wandering around the galaxy. It was a year ago when Lorj found some support for the Alliance and has been doing missions here and there to help the remnant.
  15. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    [hl=silver]~The Roster~[/hl]

    Lt. Colonel Lorj Danathin, Maruchaun Resistance Member (bluebeast1237)
    Major Tereo U´Tek, Cathar Resistance Member (sprintabm)
    Commander Maximl "Mad Max" Vektir, Corellian Sabre-Squadron, Sabre Four (RallyFan84)
    Lt. Zeth Tak?n, Zabrak, Sabre-Squadron Leader, Sabre One (kit-kenobi)

    Kira Kara Romar, Former Jedi (SirakRomar)
    Si Kya, Archeologist (Sinrebirth)
    Tenk Qatar, Former Jedi (Sarge211)

    [hl=silver]~Guest-Slot Chapter One~[/hl]

    Commander Jacen Cole, Corellian Resistance Member (Sir_Draco)


    A Note as the GM: As you may have realized, I have established a guest-slot. Various players will take temporary roles. They will bring their flavor and characters into the story to make it richer and leave again after a chapter or two. This way even busy members can participate in the game in a way.

    Thank you all for joining. A great cast and good mix of characters I have here. Old faces, familiar and fresh roles and some introductions to our world. I am looking forward to play with all of you and hope we will have a good ride.

    Chapter One: The Broken Wings Must Fly begins tomorrow.

  16. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Sorry but [face_dancing]
  17. blubeast1237

    blubeast1237 Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 10, 2007
    It seems that Fin has already posted my sheet. Happy to see everyone...again.[face_thinking]

  18. KraytDragon90

    KraytDragon90 Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 1, 2005
    Very Late-But Still Approved!

    Name: Tahnan Ranoa Sejon
    Age: 30
    Species: Falleen
    Gender: Male
    ---Height: 5? 11?
    ---Eye Color: Blue/Green
    ---Hair: Short, black
    ---Clothing: Black combat Suit during missions; Black pants, tunic, and brown jacket otherwise
    Allegiance: Republic (Force sensitive, no formal training)
    Equipment: Datapad, handheld holoprojector, electromonocular, HUD-visor
    Weapons: Modified A280 Assault Rifle, S-5 heavy blaster pistol, Short vibrosword, slug thrower pistol, two thermal detonators
    Bio: Tahnan was born and raised on Corellia with his foster parents Yeham and Tagam both of whom are human. His true parents died three years after he was born when their ship?s hyperdrive experienced a power overload; he is currently unaware of how they died. He entered the Corellian Military at the age of sixteen because he felt the need to fight back and to save lives. During a series of assignments he earned the Corellian bloodstripes first class. His formal rank is currently Major, because of his disregard for certain orders and rules, he was demoted a total of three times during his service. Tahnan was reassigned to the Woltar ship Astral Queen to assist in recon work in the Imperial sectors prior to the Battle of Roon.

    In the months prior to Roon, Tahnan participated in many key battles of the war effort. Varying from scouting missions on the whims of a Jedi to commanding a battleship in the Battle of Bastion. During those months, he crossed paths with the enigmatic Jedi Kira Romar. She quickly earned his trust and became the only Jedi he truly trusted during combat situations.

    Five years later finds Tahnan still fighting the same battle. Commanding the frigate SUNLIGHT RANGER, crewed with survivors of Roon, he does his level best to remain a thorn in the side of the Sith. Abet, a rather small thorn.

    Sorry for the delay. Combine a recently twitchy comp and a hectic senior year in High school. Shan't happen again, on my honor!
  19. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    And so it begins . . .

    [hl=black]Chapter One: The Broken Wings Must Fly[/hl]

    A few parsec away

    From far away it was almost beautiful. The brilliant white of explosions contrasted by flashes of yellow, red and green of laser fire. One could ignore the tiny objects swirling around the massive Asteroid in orbit of Gesaril and only get lost in the beauty of colours. All colours painted into space by light and energy. War was symphony. And only through distance that became obvious.

    The man stood on his observation deck and all of his underlings remained silent. Nobody dared to speak while he bathed in the sight of destruction. And for the first time in month a smile krept into his ancient thick skin.


    He thought. that was what they were. The sad remains of what had once been the Galactic Alliance and the left-overs of a great Empire. Which it still was in name, but not in reality. Nobody knew better than him that all the Star Destroyers, Stormtroopers and machines were nothing more than an extension of the Sith and their Dark Master.

    A hissing sigh came out of his dry lips. His hand raised slowly. And his commanding officer, a young human, appeared behind him.


    "Yes, Sir? Shall we proceed?" The man asked, with his daring heart still seeking to fulfill his mission. But with the Resistance and the Empire between them and their objective it had become obvious to his Master that this wasn´t the day. It was not meant to happen today.

    Death. Everywhere.

    As the Master answered his voice was raspy, deep and grumbling. Every word sounded like a commandment.

    "I want you to remain in position and observe the battle. As soon as the hostilities end calculate a course and bring the Inferno back to Pergitor."

    "Pergitor, Sir?" The Captain asked confused.

    "I need to adjust my plans. The High Priest will be useful, again." The Captain nodded but the Master already moved himself towards the turbolift. Depsite his ancient age, his body carried himself with the confidence of invincibility.

    The Captain ordered his men to scan the Battle and report on results. Just as his droid crew began, a white flash appeared in the center of the battle. The Captain viewed to the screens and raised an eyebrow. The Resistance had destroyed the imperial communications array. Now it was only them.


    Above Gesaril

    [link=]Gesaril Complex[/link]

    Only a few minutes into the raid had been enough. The space around the single orbiting asteroid had become a cauldron of brilliant white explosions and green and red plasma-bolts piercing through the darkness of space. The Sunlight Ranger had come out of Hyperspace with blazing guns and it´s escorting fighter and gunships had been all over the asteroid base before the station itself could react. Operation Broken Wing had begun.

    The first wave had been an untainted success. Under the combined fire of their whole fleet the Resistance had pierced the shields of the Gesaril Asteroid Complex and destroyed the communications array of the enemy. The victory had been short-lived though, as the commander of the prison facility had kept his cool and had taken counter-measures. The turbolasers of the asteroid were now spitting out their own green fire and dozens TIE-Raptors came pouring out of both hangar-bays.

    Two X-83 Twintails dived the [link=]Lancer-Frigate [/link]right before a wave of fire hit it. The defensive lasers searched for the two with their deadly fire, but missed both. Sabre-Squadrons Commander Zek and his female Wingman Talia were to fast and to experienced for the gunners.
    "Sabre Two to Sabre-One, Raptors on 6. Raptors on six. Raptors on SIX!" Flightman Talia hissed into her
  20. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    Fleets in the Raid of Gesaril


    Capital Ships

    Nebulon-G Frigate Sunlight Ranger (flagship)
    3 modified ActionX Barge Freighters Wayfarer, Bantha, Rancor

    Smaller Ships

    5 Freighters of various design
    14 Fighters - Sabre-Squadron mixed of 4 X-83 Twintails, 8 Crossfire-Interceptors, 2 Y-Flyer (modernized fighters based on the Y-Wings)
    3 Trilon Gunboats Black Leader, Black One, Black Five

    The Empire


    Unique Asteroid Station Gesaril Prison Complex)
    Lancer-Class Frigate The Warden

    Smaller Ships

    3 Squadrons Tie-Raptor (12 fighters each)
    1 Fury-Class Sithfighter
    12 Nu-Class Imperial Shuttles


    I just realized the Gesaril Link is somehow broken. Gesaril looks roughly like [link=]THIS[/link]

    Rules of Combat

    This game is about veterans. I trust your sense of realism and I want to make combat as writeable as possible. General rule is, if something isn´t linked, named or highlighted by the text itself, you can kill it for the sake of dramaturgy. If it/he/she has a Name, you write what you are doing and I write the outcome.

    In space combat all fighters not specialized by the text can be used for dramturgy, but I strongly plead for realism. Nobody shoots down half a squadron in one run. Capital-ships are always special ships. You can never destroy them without my allowance.

    I am doing a CS for every character in this game. They will serve me as a guideline in case of PvP and will probably be used in critical situations against Major-NPCs. If any questions arise about that or you want to see your sheet please feel free to PM me.

    So and now I have said enough and this games is all yours. Enjoy :D
  21. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Tenk Qatar
    Gesaril, Awakening Chamber 1-1

    Sith hospitality hasn't changed much, Tenk thought to himself, a thought that went through his mind when he was rudely awoken. A light shown, and his single green eye burned at it's presence while the rest of his body experienced wet and then extreme cold. Despite the several sensations that were assaulting him, Tenk tried to take in his surroundings nonetheless. The humming cued him in earlier, but his green eye, as it started adapting to seeing actual light, told him enough that he was locked away in an energy field.

    What happened again? Something about the Sith, that much he figured while his arms came around his own body and tried to rub him down to give him some warmth, though he didn't know why...oh wait. The image of Darth Regentis and that smile on his face came to mind. Ah, now he remembered. He had faced off against that Jedi Hunter and had lost and had no doubt captured...and he had done so willingly. For Talia. The thought of his wife caused a bit of a smile to appear on the former Jedi's face despite his current predicament. And he still smiled when his ears heard the voice behind him.

    "You´re awake. Good."

    His body was still freezing, but even so he still rolled enough so that he could spot the speaker; a Cerean.

    "I am Rasiah of the Sith and I am sure you will be enlightened to hear that you will soon serve the Sith, Jedi Qatar. Even if only in the most rudimentary way."

    "Funny," Tenk replied, though he had some difficulty with speaking the word, his lips and the rest of his body shivering from the extreme cold. "The Jedi part I mean." Tenk had left the Order after Bakura, before the war had even ended. If the lady was trying to intimidate him, she could at least have the accurate intel about him behind her. A Jedi he was not.

    Despite that fact, however, he still had the Force and it was a little bit troubling when he tried to reach out and sense the Sith only to discover that the Force wasn't with him. That...was not good. His one eye looked up at the energy field suspiciously. He couldn't sense the stormtroopers either and despite how he had left the path of guns and violence, he took some mild interest in the weapons that they held, his eye recovering enough to make them out. He never saw a design like that before, but he could only imagine what they served some kind of special purpose. Tenk had a feeling that the special purpose involved him and, in extension, other Force users.

    "You will be my training object."

    The troopers aimed at him while the force field dropped. Tenk frowned, for some reason the dissipitating energy field and the troopers moving faster then they should be. Was it just the cold or had something else happened to him while he had been out? The Jedi forced himself onto his feet, his arms still around him as he continued to try and gain some warmth while the two stormtroopers approached. One held a mini-droid and as he moved closer and went to plant it on his head, Tenk had to assume that it was some kind of restraining device.

    An alarm suddenly blared while it was attached to his head.

    "What is it?"

    Tenk acted. He sent his head forward, towards the helmeted head of the trooper in front of him, aiming it so that the mini-droid that was placed on his head would smash into the armored helmet. At the same time, Tenk shot out his arms from his chest wanting to push them against the chest of the trooper as he tried to ram into him and possibly send him colliding into the other trooper and Rasiah while he tried to push out of the chamber. Perhaps the chamber itself had some kind of Force nullifying field, and once it got out it would come back?

    TAG: Fins
  22. Sir_Draco

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    Aug 19, 2007
    OOC: I got a bad feeling about this :p

    For clearification, my character is acting Lt.

    Jacen Cole, Gesaril Asteroid Complex, Section 13

    "I have a bad feeling about this." Jacen whispered to the Cathar next to him. Even with the stick in his ass, U´Tek was a man he trusted. He disliked most about the cat. But he was of the same breed than him. Two former members of the Galactic Alliance special forces. Jacen added the former in his mind because of the former Galactic Alliance. He did not had the feeling he had quited the part about special operations. But now he was probably only a terrorist. Whatever he was and whatever he had been U´Tek had been the same and was also now. Despite their differences. Terrorists?

    Superiors had called him that before.

    "They have a small army here and if they guard Jedi they will have nasty stuff, too. Real nasty stuff." He took his rifle from his back and gave Major Lorj a look. The huge reptillian was a sniper like him.
    He nodded to him and turned to the stormtroopers. Pressing his weapon against him he breathed in and waited to breathe out. If these two troopers activated the shield, they were done. Tahnan had no plan B when he couldn´t enter the prison, he was sure. But if Lorj and he would take them out the Stormtroopers were without cover.

    The targeting cross moved to the head of the right trooper. With a gesture he showed Major Lorj to take the left.
    "Colonel, awaiting your orders." He whispered to Tahnan in the front. Tahnan who had lead them here. Cole suspected the man was here for more personal reasons. Probably the Colonel had forgotten, but he had been at Roon, too. He knew what had happened there. How the Jedi had turned a battle into a slaughterhouse and his platoon into sheeps. He had been the only survivor.

    And when he heard it was Romar they were after, he didn´t know if he joined to save her or kill her. Romar. Among others. He didn´t buy the among others part. Tahnan had something going on with her. He seemed frightening sensual about her for a cold blooded Falleen. Now, they were all risking their necks for that ice-hearted chicken of a genocidal mystique. If the Sith would at least have finshed her for good.

    He kept his breath and waited for something to happen. He had asked for the order to shoot, but he wouldn´t mind if he had another reason to. A kill would help him, now. A kill would make him feel better.

    Tag: KraytDragon90, bluebeast, sprintabm and Fin

  23. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    OOC: Fin gave some input to this. Sort of a combined post, where 95 percent is from me. :)

    Kira Romar
    Cell 13/-2, Gesaril Prison Complex


    Strangely familiar.

    The terrible echos of Jaleb´s death.


    Strangely familiar.

    And in death she felt all her loss. The hole inside her heart which only her anger could fill.


    Strangely familiar.

    She would not give in. Not again. The Dark Side wouldn´t have her.

    Dark Side.

    Strangely familiar

    Like a whisper. But she hadn´t given in, hadn´t listened to voices of seduction whispering to her.

    Like this whisper.


    Strangely familiar it seemed to be.

    Was it . . .

    Kira´s eyes snapped open and a cough escaped her, as she breathed in water.

    Wet, cold, alone. She had lived through this several times by now.

    The end of your path. See where the force has brought you, Kira.
    She suppressed her tears. What great gift was bestowed on me for my eternal service. For all the slaughter in the name of righteousness.

    She coughed again. Her fragile body shaking in pain. Then she looked around. Her face was wet, her hairs blocking some of her sight.
    She could still feel the force, though. Despite her best attempts to avoid it, the force hadn´t left her. It had never been very strong in her. Except in battles, when it flowed to her so naturally . . . so easy. But it hadn´t left her either. It hadn´t even been diminished. And now it revealed to her the dark and cold presence. A deadly presence. A Sith. She wasn´t alone at all.

    Probably my prayers are finally answered and they have decided to execute me.

    She waited for death. She longed for it. It was inevitable. Wherever she was, she had no hope of escaping. Except through death. She didn´t even know how long she had been there. Wherever she was, anyway. The fluids on her body and freezing cold her interrogator seemed not to experience indicated she was freezed when not interrogated. Probably centuries had gone by, while she had been in cryo-stasis.

    She turned her thoughts away from the prison and to the presence of the Sith. If he was truly a Sith he would use her doubts and fears. And as long as she could be turned they would never kill her. Therefore she tried to make them kill her, before she broke.

    "Who?" She whispered. The only thing she had strength for. And the dark hooded figure came from the shadows. Smiling, no . . . grinning at her. She knew that cruel mouth. She knew that sadistic streak around the lips. She knew that face.

    Darth Zorn.

    "Hello Kira. Long time no see."
    His voice was the dark somber one she remembered too well. His eyes burning with the hatred she had known him for. But it wasn´t possible. He was dead. She had killed him. Above Bastion. She had saved the Heir of the Skywalkers and she had sacrificed what hope she had left for this triumph. He couldn´t be . . .

    Calmness. Kira. The force reveals many things the eyes are lying about. The voice wasn´t her own. It was someones else, even if she couldn´t really make out whom.

    "But it will be a pleasure, nevertheless, I am sure."
    This man said and his smile turned to ice. He leaned towards her. His foul exhalation leaving her breathless. "A real pleasure." He whispered this. She looked at him. Mustered him. Then she knew it.

    "You are not him."
    She only replied and looked right into the eyes of the pretender. "I killed you. I cut your throat." She felt the excitement filling her. And also the force. These two came always together. She spitted out her disgust about her own touch with the living energy and this pretentious thing. What a mockery.

    "Painful. But not fatal." He replied and slowly pushed his black collar down. Revealing a huge scar with an evil grin. Somewhere in the background an alarm went of and there was a surge in the force. A shifting. She couldn´t identify it. No, she didn´t wanted
  24. Rally_Fan_84

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    Jan 14, 2009
    IC: Maximl Vektir
    [i]*The engines howled.

    Turbolaser bolts flashed in dazzling but lethal displays of modern firepower.

    Torpedoes stabbed out from the Lancer-Class frigate in front of them.

    Warning alarms and indicators flashed throughout the cockpit of the X-83 Twintail.

    And through it all, Sabre Five's voice cut*[/i]

    [color=blue]"Sabre-Four, got some problems. Request abortion of the attack run, repeat I request . . ."[/color]

    [i]*Maxil "Mad Max" Vektir shook his head, grateful the burst of static had cut off his wingmans childlike bleatings.
    He had honestly given it his best shot, but it was still beyond him how Kassaun, the Aqualish in Sabre Five, had ever passed as a fighter pilot. If some measly flak terrified him, he would be of absolutely no use when it came to dogfighting, the essence of starfighter combat.*[/i]
    "Max, I don´t think I can do this!"[/color]

    [i]*Max took a deep breath before replying*[/i]

    "Brevity Sabre Five, stick to it, now loosen up formation, youre too close."
    "Copy that Sabre Four"[/color]
    *Although he moved a bit slow for his liking, Sabre Five complied with his order moving further away from Maxs' X-83. The position allowed for smaller targets and disallowed gunners to concentrate their fire*[/i]

    "Good Sabre Five, now keep your vector and speed. We're moving too fast for an accurate bead, you won't get hit.
    Now remember your training. Wait for my count and call, then perform the break. Repeat your target package designation Sabre Five."

    [i]*The fear was starting to fade. Sabre Five had something else to focus on other than his growing fear.*
    [color=blue]"Target 33S, which is the..."[/color]

    "Copy confirmation. Begin countdown, break and attack on my mark. 10, 9, 8...*
    *While the Lancer class frigates were not as massive as star destroyers, when one was hurtling towards it at eye-watering speeds, it became rather large in a hurry. Additionally, the Lancers were designed to combat what fighter pilots called Trench-Run Disease, a tactic that worked on nearly all other capitol ships, in fact it was designed as a picket ship, utilizing turbolaser batteries to take out marauding starfighters like the two that were bearing down on it.

    However, there never was such a thing as an invulnerable ship.*[/i]

    "3, 2, 1, hard break!"

    [i]*The X-83 and the Y-Flyer, which had been flying nearly parallel to each other earlier, suddenly winged over and changed directions simultaneously. The two fighters passed close to each other, less than 5 meters apart, with little reduction in their velocity.

    Maxs' Twintail had been closer to the aft portion of the ship, but was now hurtling towards the front and near the underside. Clenching his teeth grunting and straining against the mounting g-forces that pressed him into the seat, he found his target, the hangar bay opening.

    With speed and precision honed through intense training and combat combined with dogged determination and sheer fury, Max squeezed the trigger on his controls. The four laser cannons burst to life, lashing out at the opening.

    Mashing down on the other trigger twice sent a pair of photon torpedoes at the bay as well. Unfortunately for Max he could not check to see if he had achieved the desired affect. His intent was to weaken that portion of the shields enough to allow the torpedoes to get through and into the bay itself, exploding munitions and fighters and dealing a crippling blow.
    Sabre Fives target on the aft portion was the power core overload chamber. Nominally this would explode if there was a sufficient reserve of power, but even if the catastrophic explosion did not occur, the resulting loss of the fail safe would either overload the power systems or cook the drives either case rendering the lancer impotent and out of the fight.

    All the while, he cursed whomever thought that attacking a ship that was designed to defend against starfighters WITH starfighters. Lancers had proven vulnerable to bigger badder capitol ships in the past, so why not use even the Nebulon to take it >
  25. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    GM Note: Stupid GM. When I write TIE Raptors I mean TIE Predators. Sorry. Got the two mixed up.
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