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SWRPF Archive 133 ABY - The Dark Odyssey

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  1. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Tenk Qatar

    "He is so hungry, Tenk. So hungry."

    Oh...oh no.

    This...this was what had replaced him on Bakura. Staring at the darkening form of Kira Romar, Tenk was able to see. This was what had become of him when he had given in. This was the darkness that would hang onto your soul, weighing it down, and then finally, when you are weakened enough, it dropped you down into the infinite abyss that was the dark side. All around you, suffocating you, drowning. Waiting patiently as it finally took control, finally consumed.

    "Tenk...Tenk, lost."

    "Kira..." Tenk breathed out, taking a stumbling step towards her. "Oh Kira..." Another step, the gap between them closing as he tried to reach her. Tried to embrace her. Tried to stop-

    Yarong was on him.


    Despite how he had been ready to die without a fight, Tenk now fought with all his might as the gap widened between them. One claw touched his arm. Tenk pulled against it, away from it. The pain was just a simple prick, the trickle of blood that he now felt on his arm barely registering in his mind as he struggled. Another claw came to replace the first, he fought against that as well. Then two, then three, then five...

    He couldn't fight them all. Not the combined might of Xenly and Yarong. The gap between him and Kira increased, growing wider as he continued to be dragged away from her.

    No, no, no!

    He tried anyway. He tried damn it. Cloth tore, another cut was added to his person, but he didn't care how much damage he took. He wasn't going to let this happen! Not again! And especially not to Kira!

    He felt something wet along his eyes as well. He thought he got a cut there as well, that blood was slowly leaking over his destroyed orbs. But no. Tears were there. Though his eyesight had been lost, the glands that allowed such tears to be shed still worked. They worked when he lost his first eye, they lost when Talia had been lost to him. They worked when she was brought back to him. They worked so many other times between now and the past.

    Suddenly Tenk was down, his back slamming against the ground with one last shove from Yarong. The impact caused his blindfold to slip, one eye now being viewed as he looked up with wide eyes. And then he picked himself up, looking back towards Kira.

    He couldn't see her. Had his eyes still worked he might've, but with the Force he was only able to see darkness. Of Yarong. Of Xenly. Of Kira. Of the Dark Side.

    Teeth gritting, Tenk raised a hand and tore the blindfold from his eyes, throwing it to the ground as he shot back up to his feet.

    This is not going to happen! Tenk swore.

    The lightsaber was at his side and in hand and with a press of his thumb the blade suddenly illuminated, a sudden light that he now drew before the darkness.

    Kira was in there, somewhere. And he was going to find her one way or another. When he had been lost someone had come, someone had searched.

    Now it was time for him to return the favor.

    Not far from him was a Yuuzhan Vong. The Vong. The one that had struck down the Xenly. And in his hand...

    The lightsaber that the Vong now released, almost as if it was a sign for the Jedi to pick it up, flew into Tenk's hands. Now two blades blazed at his sides.

    "You're mine," he hissed.

    He drew on everything that he could. With all that he possessed, every fiber of his being, he reached out to the Force. He drew it in, all that he could, all that would be needed for this.

    Even he doubted that this would be enough.

    No doubt. This is happening.

    His gritted teeth now drew open as he unleashed a cry of his own.

    Here I come.

    And Tenk charged, towards Xenly, towards Yarong, towards Kira.

    He reached out, against the darkness, battling against it with all that he learned of the light and of the Jedi.

    Somewhere, somehow, he hoped Kira felt it as well. If not, she soon will. One way or another.

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  2. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Vejoun Tahnan

    He needed no further sign. They were fighting. They weren´t giving up. They did not left Kira to them. They were fighting to save her. If they needed to they would save her from herself.

    Tahnan leaped out of his cover and began to pull the trigger. Again and again. The Beskar bullets ripping apart two Xenly with each shot. Then he turned his gun up and began to fire into the lines of Xenly guarding Kira. The guards Tenk was charging at. He screamed. He fired. He did not care if he made it. He would go down fighting.

    And from everywhere the Xenly came. Ready to defend what was most preciosu to them. A mind.

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  3. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    Laaxtiin Kiar

    He ached, he breathed and another screamed.

    Kiar could not find that strength to scream but merely turned his head to stare at...who was that again? He had heard his name, he knew that name as the man struggled against the dividing line removing him from the new Yarong.

    I killed the king, but who will kill the Queen? So this all would have happened anyway, no matter which way I had traveled Romar would fall, only this time her failure is offset too little by my success...I win nothing by killing a god except to watch the birth.

    Tenk, that was his name, he was up again. Kiar still could get that blasted infidel weapon attached to his hip, but maybe that was his answer...with open palm he accepted the wisdom of the gods and let go.

    He watched as Melmots blade was taken up by another, although Melmot may not have been pure enough, perhaps he could take the honor that his blade would sever Yarong not once...but twice.

    Rolling he slowly pushed straining, fighting just to stand, and there swaying he pulled the second blade from his back, stood there feeling his age...he had lived nearly an entire century. He was ninety four years old, had lost at some time in his life both his arms, even if he had a replacement for one now, lost both his eyes, he had sacrificed so much...

    Now all he could do, as the pain and wounds bore into him was bow his head, shuffle his feet forward toward destiny's charging back and watch...this is what I leave those that come after...

    This is it...

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  4. sprintabm

    sprintabm Jedi Master star 3

    May 20, 2005
    shuttle, the edge of the hive

    U'tek was already glancing about the ship when he spotted the shot bodies. Something odd was going on. But if they were shot, why didn't their assailants just take the shuttle out of this hellhole?

    He was about to respond to Keean when out of the corner of his eye, he saw movement outside of the shuttle. He spun about, and to his horror, he saw the bugs.

    "Get to the cockpit and start it up, now," he shouted at Keean. His eyes darted frantically about the ship, looking for the ramp control. Finding it, he sprinted towards it and slammed it with his hand, commanding the ramp to be raised.

    Reaching for his belt, he ran back to the ramp, its mechanical hum filling the entire ship. U'tek pulled off one of his concussion grenades and threw it at the insects. He then took a knee, brought his rifle about, and opened fire at anything that moved outside. It was difficult enough aiming without his left arm steadying the rifle. He switched his rifle to fully automatic and unleashed short bursts spread about, trying to cover as much ground as he could.

    The ramp was raising too slowly for his liking. But they made it this far. He wasn't going to let those freaks stop them from getting out.

    He just hoped that no unwelcome stowaways were on board the shuttle...

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  5. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    [hl=black]The Heart of Darkness[/hl]
    Music - The End[/link]

    [hl=black]The Shuttle[/hl]

    The Xenly came. And they were many. The first burst of U´tek killed a dozen. The ramp slowly raising, as the first jumped. Glave, almost collapsing, leaning next to U´tek now, killed on with his pistol. A second reached the ship and landed on the ramp. Then a third. A forth. Glave shot another. u´tek another two. Even more kept reaching them. Stings ready. Death in their black eyes.

    U´tek could not kill enough. They would not get out of the Hive.

    [b]Keean[/b] reached the Cockpit and riased his gun. Someone was sitting there. Blood flowed down the seats, as he saw a young woman in full armor. Her mandalorian helmet next to her. Her throat cut. And too late Keean understood. The Yarong, the strengthened Xenly, was over him. Ripping apart his rifle. Keean felt it´s weight on him, blocked the first sting with his arm. It went right through it and he screamed in pain.

    The second sting raised to end it.


    [color=orangered][hl=black][i][b]Battle of Souls [/b][/i][/hl][/color]

    They did not listen to Kira anymore, as her voice grew silent within´ their minds. Insanity consuming her thoughts. Slowly consumed by their desires. These men would not stop them. They would be devoured, just as everything else.

    The two blades of [b]Tenk Qatar[/b] killed a dozen within´ seconds. Two dozen took their place. Their stings reaching for him, his blades hurling. The force guiding every step of the Jedi, every slice killed two of them. [b]Tahnan[/b] fired another round. And another. Until only clicks came from his gun. Then he took out his knife and leaped into the masses.

    [b]Kiar[/b] was thrown down, the feet of a Yarong stepping on him. Leaving him room to see. How it all came down to this final moment.

    And Tenk Qatar slayed more and more more of them. Dead bodies building a wall around him, the Xenly had to climb to attack. Millions were moving now. All with one purpose. To protect her. Dying by blade of burning plasma. They kept coming. More and more and more, until there was no more Tenk Qatar to kill them. Until he would, just like everything else be a victim to their hunger.

    Be consumed.

    [i]Become dead. [/i]

    [i][b]Death.[/b][/i] So much sweet death.


    [hl=black][color=crimson][b]Talia Qatar[/b]

    Tenk was fighting. It forced tears into her eyes. He had not given up. They all had not given up. But they were fighting a lost fight. Too many. The Xenly were too many.

    [b]Talia[/b] knew she would do it now, or never. She probably couldn´t save Tenk, or the Vong, or Tahnan. Or herself. But she could still save the galaxy. She had to. For all the wrong she had done, she had to do this. To give it all sense. To make it all right.

    Her body dropped down and half-way the thrusters of her stolen jet-pack kicked in. The ground neared fast. But not too fast. The gun in her hands charged, her finger pressed against the trigger.

    [i]I am sorry. I am so sorry. [/i]

    Was her last thought. Then she set down on the ground. Half a dozen insects turning to her. Talia did not hesitate. No time for doubts. She raised her blaster, aimed at the woman on her knees before her and looked Kira Romar into her obsidian eyes, as she pulled the trigger.

    [b]"Regards from the Vulture."[/b] She spitted out in disgust. But it was only to hide her hatred. For herself.


    And all Xenly froze. They stopped. A million bodies just were there. Listening to what their new master whispered. A silence spread over the galaxy, over the worlds infested by Xenly. Through the ships, into the space around them.

    They stopped on the ramp of the shuttle. Stopped above Keean. Stopped around Tenk Qatar, Tahnan and above Kiar.

    The galaxy had a moment of silence.

    Frozen in the shock of a single death. The one and only death Xenly had not wanted to feel.

    The long [b]Dark Odyssey of Xenly[/b>
  6. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    [hl=blue]Kira Kara Romar
    Leaving the Galaxy

    [link=]Music by Fin - The End of Many Things[/link]


    It was her last command.

    Her heart spoke words, her mind had lost already. To leave Talia alive. Tenk. Kiar. The soldiers. All of them. Even those she hated. Leave them alone and listen.

    Listen Xenly. Listen.

    It wasn´t as bad as she had imagined it. A slight burn. Then all feelings left her body.


    And as she opened her eyes, [b]Darth Zorn[/b] stood before her. A hole burned into his chest, where the blaster bolt had pierced the bone. Their bones. Hers. [i][b]"I can heal this, Kira. I can make you well again . . . " [/b][/i]He smiled.

    Kira shook her head. Tears running from her blue eyes. She stepped to the pale man, who she knew was truly something else entirely. Xenly. [b]"No, you don´t." [/b]She whispered. And smiled. Peace. She had finally found the only peace she would ever have.

    The force had made her a warrior in so many endless battles. She had been so tired. Now she finally had given the rest of herself. All she had left to give. Her son. Her future. Her living force. And now, that nothing was left to give, she would finally be at left alone. In death.

    [i]Only one more thing I have to do. [/i]

    [b]"You don´t have to heal, Xenly. You don´t have to. You must not. You must not leave me alone in this. Follow me, my friend. Follow me into the darkness. The darkness we were both born into."[/b] She whispered and took his head into both hands.

    [i][b]"But there is more . . ."[/b][/i] Zorn hissed. Taking her hands. She did not let him go.

    [b]"No, there isn´t. That is all. It is over. There is nothing more to die, except us. You and me. Death. You know death, Xenly. You know it. Don´t fight it. Embrace it. Embrace my death. Embrace my . . ." [/b]

    [i][b]"But . . ."[/b][/i] Xenly, Darth Zorn looked at her. Desperate. Afraid. They both collapsed.
    "It is okay, it is okay. It is okay."[/b] She whispered. And these words left her mind. They left her mouth.

    Her thoughts spiralled out of control.


    [b]Kira Romar[/b], the real [b]Kira Romar[/b] smiled as she felt her body loose it´s strength.

    [b]"It is okay."[/b] She smiled. And her blue eyes looked at Talia.

    [i]I wished I could have seen you grown and live a happy life, my son. I couldn´t give you that. [/i]

    [b]"It is okay."[/b] She said and her pupils spasmed. Until her eyes were white.
    "Okay." [/b]

    She dropped to the cold stone. Her face hitting it, but her body no longer realizing the impact.


    Strangely familiar.

    The burning hole in her chest.


    Strangely familiar

    Her son, her never born son.


    Strangely familiar.

    Jaleb was waiting ofr her. She was sure. They all were. Asaja, Lowbacca, Simeon. Sae. Si.


    Strangely familiar

    In her tight embrace, dragged along into the void.


    Strangely familiar.

    Familiar. Indeed. [/i]


    [i]I am Kira Kara Romar. I have failed. I have suffered. But I was . . . until the very end. A Jedi. [/i]


    And her last breath left her mouth.

    And all over the galaxy, everywhere where Xenly had come to destroy, dark bodies of insects collapsed.

    The Reign of Xenly was over.

    [b]Kira Romar.[/b]

    Had won her last battle.


    So strangely familiar.[/i]

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  7. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Tenk Qatar
    Coming Together

    All roads came together at one spot: Bakura. Whatever had happened, everything that happened, it all brought him back to Bakura.

    The haze that now drifted over him, the seemingly unknown force that now drove him. That caused him to fight. That caused him to kill. He remembered it all too well from Bakura.

    But it was different this time. It wasn't anger that drove him. It wasn't hate. It wasn't darkness. It was the light. It was Kira. Tahnan, the Mando girl, Talia, even the Vong. It was the Force itself that seemed to drive him.

    And it wasn't allies that he now slew. It was Yarong. Xenly. Hoole. Regentis. Everyone and everything that was affiliated with the darkness he now fought. And it wasn't one or three lives that he now struck down. It was a dozen, two dozen, dozens. His every action, every swing, everything that was guided by the Force striking at the darkness that permeated all around him. He gave no opening, the two sabers projecting a shield around him that the Xenly threw themselves against as they had done all the time. All they knew how to do. And they died. And more came to replace them.

    Is this going to end?

    It was a doubt. In this clear state of mind, it was noticeable. It would threaten to sap his resolve, his strength, if the darkness allowed to take hold of it.

    It will, Tenk assured himself. It will end. Whether he killed every single Xenly or perish trying, it was going to end.

    And it did. In silence.

    The haze of light seemed to fade. The strength that had empowered him so slipping. He now remembered that he breathed, and it was quick, heavy. And the muscles, they burned with exhaustion, exertion. He felt pain too. He could feel all this which caused him to pause in confusion. If he could feel this he was still alive. Looking at the lightsabers in his hands, the chopped corpses of the insects that surrounded him, Tenk was only able to stare in confusion. How...?

    "It is okay."

    Tenk's mutilated eyes widened, the silence that seemed to have taken over allowing him to hear those words. Kira...

    The lightsabers that burned so brightly in his hands suddenly extinguished. The hilts dropping from limp hands, falling, becoming lost within the carpet of Xenly and Yarong. It was only now that he could sense her, see that she was here, no longer hiding in darkness. She was free. And yet she was...going away.

    His body moved, slowly, both from the exhaustion and from the disbelief. As if still thinking that they still worked, his ruined eyes stared forward. He felt Talia, his wife, and he was stumped at her presence. Why was she here and...Kira?

    Tenk stumbled, again from the exhaustion, disbelief, and also the corpses that he was now tripping over. It was like he was blinded all over again, stumbling and tripping, nearly falling. He had...he had to get to her. That was what had motivated at the start, what caused him to fight, to go back to the light.

    He made it. He made it to her.

    And then she was gone.

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  8. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
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    [hl=white]Asteroid Alpha
    The Grave of Xenly

    [link=]Music - Death of a Jedi Knight[/link]

    Tahnan stumbled over the dead bodies of the Xenly. "No, no, no." He mumbled. Looked at Talia. Found not even the will to shot her. Then he collapsed next to Kira. Next to Tenk Qatar. Tears ran from the Falleen´s eyes. "NOOOO!" He screamed. And embraced the dead Jedi´s body. His friend. His mentor. His hope.

    Talia only stared. Suddenly opening her mouth and if surprised herself whispering. "I am sorry. I had to. I had to." She turned her head to Tenk. Seeing his eyes she shook her head. "Tenk, I had to. Do you understand? I had to!" Her own tears ran down her face now. Her eyes searched for someone to understand. She looked even at the Yuuznan Vong. "I HAD TO!" She cried into his direction.

    Silence was everywhere in the giant cave that had been Xenly´s lair so long.

    Except the crying.

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  9. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    Laaxtiin Kiar
    Coming Together for the First Time

    As the Yarong held him down tears streamed from his eyes, this is what the god wanted, a witness to see it all to the bitter end of hope. Then...

    Whatever way it wanted darkness was falling thicker then even the Yuuzhan Vong had imagined it would...before suddenly pierced by light as the Yarong fell away. They all fell away.

    From his chosen spot he had watched the flare of the jet pack slow a decent, watched beyond Tenk as a flash of light illuminated the scene highlighting a silouete of Romar...Of the true Romar before her body fell...fell in time with Yarong...Xenly...all fell down.

    Why? Why was he here still? Crawling forward he followed the fleeing Tenk, making better time on his gut then he had standing so weakened. Pausing upon the litter of the sliced and silenced Yarong he picked up Melmots blade, and this time...this time it clicked to his waist before he moved on.

    The woman was crying, looking for any ally. He nodded as sagely as he could, he understood all to well.

    "Tenk..." he called softly as he crawled close, oh so close the man and the body a god left behind, "Take us five out...take us to somewhere...peaceful. Rodia maybe." With that he reached out to lay a hand on Romar, he was so very weary.

    Just let me rest soon.

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  10. sprintabm

    sprintabm Jedi Master star 3

    May 20, 2005
    The shuttle

    The cathar was screaming as he was backed onto a wall of the shuttle along with Glave, bolts furiously erupting from his blaster rifle towards the throng of insects that made their way on their ship. If he gunned down one, two more would appear in its place. He realized that this was the end, that they weren't going to get out. They would be the meal of these abominations.

    So he continued firing and screaming in defiance, baring his teeth, ready to take as many of the beasts as he could with him. He saw their stingers raised at him, and he madly shot and threw his elbow about, trying to delay his and Glave's deaths. He found himself thrown to the floor beside Glave. He saw the stingers raised above him, and he knew that this was it. He let out a final scream and pulled the trigger, knowing that it wouldn't work, that he would soon die a horrific, pain-filled death. He closed his eyes.

    The sound of metal being shot at instead of the thud of bolts hitting the insects surprised U'tek. He opened his eyes, only to be further baffled seeing that all the insects about him and Glave had fallen dead to the floor, and it was him that was shooting the far wall of the shuttle. Before he could even let his finger off of the trigger, his ammo ran out, leaving him stunned, accompanied by the wounded Imperial the and the hum of the slowest closing ramp in the galaxy.

    U'tek slowly stood up, mouth agape. He didn't kill all of them - he couldn't have. He looked outside, the raising ramp still allowing a view, and saw that there many dead insects, much more than he killed. Something happened.

    "Keean," he shouted out, wondering where his iktochi comrade in arms was. He looked out the ramp again, and looked at the ramp switch, but quickly discarded his thought of stopping the ramp for now. He moved his slung rifle to his back as he turned his attention to Glave and reached for him with his good arm.

    "The bacta tank. C'mon. Where is it?" He helped the Imperial up and walked further into the shuttle.

    "Keean! Help me put Glave in the tank! And I need a patch for my arm!"

    He would find the tank and put Glave in it to stop his bleeding and allow him to survive until they reached the med bay on the Ascendancy.

    But he didn't want to leave just yet. Something was up, and he needed to find out. He needed to go back to the fight.

    Did we win?

    "Keean, are you alright?"

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  11. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    [hl=black]The Caves formerly known as The Hive
    The Shuttle

    [link=]Music - Aftermath[/link]

    Keean appeared. Even more battered then before and stared at the few hudnrd dead bugs lying there. Not even spasming or moving. Just dead bugs. "What the Sith . . ." He said then saw Glave. And U´tek told him to get him to the Bacta Tank. Keean nodded. Helping U´tek get him up. They brought him into one of the two tanks within´ the Medbay. "You think we won? Somehow?" Keean asked U´tek. The soldier, as battle-hardened as he was, obviously felt unsure.

    A few minutes later Glave was inside the tank. The blood flow had stopped, but the metal was still inside of him. Bacta would keep him alive, but he had to get out of there and on an operation table, soon. And the medical droid was adamant his survival chances lay somewhere at 3.5%.

    "What are the chances to survive all of this, hm? Half a percent? I´d say, he is better off now." Keean remared sarcastically. Then readied his weapon. "I´ll guard the shuttle. You can have a look what the kriff happened here." He said and went back to the ramp.

    What had happened was that a million insects had died. Or two million. It was a little hard to say. The Hive was a ruin. Sparks of elictricity everywhere. Radion contact of survivors reached U´tek. The Xenly had ripped the Empire apart. But had left the Resistance alone in these last few minutes. As if they had sided with them, for unknown reasons. About thirty men were still alive. Some wounded. Keean responded to many of them. His men, after all. Guiding them to the Shuttle as good as he could.

    Soon thereafter they heard of Vayland. The Ascendancy was barely able to fly, but they could make it. The Empire had shown no sign of life. Their ships mostly destroyed.

    U´tek heard all this, forwarded by Keean mostly, while standing amidst an ocean of dead insect bodies. He heard yelling and crying above. Where he had left the battle among the force users.

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  12. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    Combined post with DarkLordoftheFins and TheSithGirly

    IC: Tenk Qatar
    A Second Chance

    [link=]Music - The Romar-Theme[/link]

    "I HAD TO!"

    It didn?t hit him as it did now when he heard the pain in his wife?s broken voice. The sobs that now shook her, the desperation of trying to find someone who understood why she had done what she did. There was none within the grief-ridden Falleen who clutched to the body of Kira Romar. Tenk did though, he understood very well on what had caused Talia to do what she did. And what she had done may?ve been the right choice.

    ?It?s okay.?

    Was it really? Tenk would like to think so but at the same time, when he only had to see what was around him, he also wanted to believe that he could?ve yet save her. She had been Kira before she had been taken, she had been Kira when she had died. But between then? Tenk had remembered that fear that he had sensed when Kira had been taken, just as the darkness soon left nothing of her.

    Had there yet been a chance? To save her? To bring her back?

    "Take us five out...take us to somewhere...peaceful.?

    The Yuuzhan Vong. Tenk turned to the voice, finding it difficult to see him in the Force but looking to him nonetheless. Take them away? To peace? It was over, the threat of the Xenly having been put to rest. To find peace, however?Tenk only had to look around to know that it would be a difficult thing to find. They had done it but the price may?ve been too high for them to ever find peace again.

    ?Don?t forget to save one life by trying to save all of them.?

    In the end he wasn?t able to do it. Kira, Si, Talia, Tahnan, and countless others. In the end he had failed. He hadn?t been able to save a single person.

    ?Don?t forget.?

    The tears came back as he bowed his head and his shoulders shook, a silent imitation of Talia?s sobs.

    ?Don?t forget??

    ??to save one life.?

    The shoulders stilled, if only for a moment, his head rising a fraction.

    ?Don?t forget to save one life.?

    That voice wasn?t his. Nor was it Trak?s. It was?a woman?s?

    ?Don?t forget.?

    It continued, never stopping. Over and over the words were spoken. In his head? Or somewhere nearby? None of the others seem to be noticing it. How? Who?

    ?Don?t forget to save one life. Don?t forget.?

    Now it was Trak?s voice that Tenk heard along with the woman?s. Then a third voice?Quin Vos? Then another, this one he didn?t recognize. Then another, another, another, until it felt like a whole choir of these voices was going on in his head. Some he recognized but there were many that he did not.

    He could no longer hear the others. Talia and Tahnan?s sobs, the soft voice of the Yuuzhan Vong, none of them. He couldn?t even feel them anymore in the Force. All that there was, was this choir that kept going on and on, the words being repeated over and over.

    And then he felt it.

    And that was when the silence set in.

    Blind and now seemingly deaf, Tenk could now only feel it. What seemed to lay right in front of him?a presence. Unfamiliar?no. There was familiarity to be found here. It was?it was?



    It was not Kira yet a part of her seemed to be intertwined within this presence. But how? There was a link between the two but he didn?t ?

    Oh?oh it couldn?t be. This presence?

    It?he?was dying.

    ?To save one life? ?

    Tenk latched onto the presence, refusing to let it go. He drew on the Force, all that he could. He couldn?t let this one die, he couldn?t! He failed to save her but he would not let him die as well! But even as he called upon the Force, as he tried to preserve this life, he knew it would be too late. Fear and helplessness plagued him as his efforts grew more and more futile. Doubt started to set in. Yet again he was going to fail.

    His hand touched Kira´s burned chest. The hole still there, where Talia´s bolt had entered her body.

    And then some
  13. sprintabm

    sprintabm Jedi Master star 3

    May 20, 2005
    The caves

    U'tek stood where he and Glave had found the wounded Jedi Qatar, perplexed by the hundreds of dead insects surrounding him. All the way from the ramp of the shuttle to here the floors of the caverns and corridors were literally covered in them, requiring the cathar to walk on top of them in several instances. The fear that they would suddenly leap up and slash at him at any moment was present, but U'tek kept fighting against it. No, something had happened; the bugs were dead. But what caused it?

    He had a bacta pack on his left arm, providing needed, soothing relief to his wound although he still couldn't use his arm. He didn't realize how much blood he had lost, and with his adrenaline wearing off he began to feel rather weak. He had some water on the shuttle before he left and was now munching on a high-energy ration bar he had in a pocket to try restore of his strength.

    All the while he was listening over his helmet comm to Keean giving reports on the status of their comrades. Thank the makers that some of their men had survived in the caverns and were making it back to the shuttle. U'tek was even more relieved to hear that Vayland was alive and keeping the Ascendancy aloft.

    "Keean, start those engines and keep them running," U'tek commanded into his helmet comm as he step amongst the bodies. "We're gonna get the kriff out of here as soon as possible. I hear voices nearby and it isn't the bugs. Just get those engines started, recover the rest of our guys and prep for leaving. I'll stay in contact. But if you see those bugs rise from the dead, you get the kriff out of here, you read me? Push those bodies out of the shuttle."

    He didn't wait for Keean to respond as he began to walk up the path to the plateau overlooking the battle site. The path was relatively clear, but he still approached the plateau with caution, his rifle again in his good hand and slung over his neck for support. The sounds of beings talking and even crying became clearer as he neared the edge. They killed the bugs. But who died?

    Laying down, the SpecForce operative crawled to the edge close enough that he could peer over it. The sight was unexpected. Countless dead bugs, piles of them surrounding an odd collection of beings. U'tek recognized Tahnan and Jedi Qatar - they survived? There was a vong there, too - was it the prisoner that they took on the Ascendancy? How did he get here? And of course there was Talia - she escaped? Did she know what happened to Kaya and Vero-Romar? Romar... he saw the body of the female Jedi lying there. It seemed that everyone had congregated about it.

    "Keean," U'tek spoke quietly in his comm. Again, it was as quiet a recovering deaf soldier could whisper. "I've got General Tahnan, Jedi Qatar, Talia Qatar, a vong, and a seemingly dead Jedi Romar here. Standby."

    U'tek slowly got up on his knees, steadying himself from the rush of blood from his head. He was starting to realize how exhausted he really was.

    "Hello there!" He called out, his uncontrolled shout sounding even louder in the chamber. "General Tahnan! Are you alright?"

    The cathar began to slowly step down the rocky path to the bottom.

    "We've got a shuttle, and some seriously wounded," he continued. "We've got a shuttle and are ready to evacuate..."

    His voice trailed off as he noticed that the collection of beings were much more battle scarred than he initially thought. He stopped in his tracks, observing them, and waiting for anyone's response, if he was going to get one. He felt a heaviness in the air, that everyone was in mourning.


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  14. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Si Kya

    [blockquote]Somewhere between life and death, Si Kya flowed from the cracks in his mind, from the gaps in his skull, into the rocky ground. Crimson rolled down crevasses and Si went down them, wondering where he was now. He knew that Xenly had killed him, but then he also knew that Xenly had turned on Hoole. He knew this because he wasn't just dribbling between the fragments of his head, no, but because he was flowing out, into the world - through the hive mind.

    Disembodied, Si floated towards the center, watching an endless sea of Xenly flowing up. They chittered and screamed and hurried, and for a moment Si saw all the worlds as they fell, and the Imperial Core Fourth Fleet as it was consumed, soldier, stormtrooper and Sith and all. The Killiks drew the Xenly into them even as they died, and Mandalorians became an endangered culture once more.

    I have to hurry/

    And then he was there.




    But Si was.

    He knelt down next to her head, and whispered, softly, as he placed an invisible kiss on her forehead.

    Now is the time to go back. It is not your time to die. Not yet.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Kira, Fin
  15. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Kira Kara Romar
    On the Shores of the Netherworld

    Music by Fin - Among the Dead[/link]

    "I am dead." It was a statement, whispered into the blinding rays of light that surrounded her. And her mind, slowly regaining it´s shape and consciousness, it became a question. Sure, Jedi had learned to exist in the netherworld, but not her. Kira had never been interested in prolonged existence. Not since she had faced the Dark Side the first time. Many years ago on Borosk.

    "Where am I?" She asked into the light. "Where you cannot stay." A familiar voice answered. And from the light, only slowly taking shape from the blurry mess that was nearing her. Asaja Morine smiled at her. The elder woman, with her black hair which had begun to become gray when she died, stared at Kira. "I have done it, Asaja. I have done what you all wanted me to. Again. I have ended it." Kira smiled. But it was a suffering smile. Would Asaja ask for even more? Had the force not allowed her to become one with it?

    "I know, Kira. I know. I cannot tell you how proud I am of you. Against all odds you did, what none of us could. You stopped Hoole and set Xenly free." Asaja gave her a sad smile. "And paid the price of such a victory. Now it is your time to be free."

    Kira stared at her. She realized what Asaja was saying. Return to the living. "If I return, will there be more battles waiting for me?" Stepping back, feeling as if she stepped back, she shook her head. Actually she was sure that he body was not here. Only her essence, formed into images by a dying brain that had to make sense of it.

    Asaja followed her. "No more battles. No more wars. Your son needs you now, Kira. Your son will save you." And with that Asaja turned her head. "They are waiting for you. We all are waiting for you to return. We all." And with that she saw faces turn up behind Asaja. Simeon, a gentle smile on his burned face. And Sae. Looking at her with all his kindness. All the Jedi from Roon were there. Lonati, Quin Vos even, no longer looking like Melmot. Faces unknown but strangely familiar.

    The final face that appeared was almost hers. A little younger, a little less hardened. But the same blue eyes. The same features. Only a slightly more ironic smile. "Why? If you don´t need me, why do you save me?" Kira asked what was the ghost of her great-grand-mother. Siri lay her head to the side.
    "Because you deserve it? Because we love you? And foremost, because your son needs you, so he can be." Siri looked to the side, where Asaja had looked.

    "Do you hear him? He is nearer to the living than we are. Follow his voice and you will find back." Asaja explained and despite trying Kira couldn´t hear anything. Couldn´t . . .

    "Now is the time to go back. It is not your time to die. Not yet."
    Si Kya whispered.

    But she was already dead, was she? Shot by Talia. A fitting reward for a warrior enslaved by the light to fight it´s endless battles. Sacrifice. "I can´t. I am already dead." She said and looked desperate to Siri. Then to Asaja Morine. Finally to her old Master, Lowbacca who had now appeared. It was Simeon Ternor whispering the answer to her.

    "Trust the force and that it will guide you to the light, Kira. Once. Turst it only this one time. And you will see, it is not your Master, but your friend." He nodded. "What do you have to loose?" Asaja Morine asked.

    Yes. What did she had to loose? She had lost it all.

    Afraid, of what would become of her she turned towards the light. And Si´s voice was still somewhere. Whispering her time hadn´t come.

    [i]Am I?[/i]

    The pain returned first. As Si´s voice faded in her mind. And the crying and talking around here took over. Reality was a harsh host. It welcomed her in it´s cold, sw>
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  16. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    Laaxtiin Kiar
    A Hallow Hive's Rebirth

    The tide had come to die, the wave no longer crested upon his back, the light was dim, but the life yet beckoned...beckoned in a way he never thought it would again.

    If but for a brief moment he felt awash in gladness, gladness not only of life but to be alive. Warrior, Shaper, Godslayer...whatever he was he was glad that he was as he felt the impossible resound within his hardened hand...a pulse, that vibrant thrumming of one such life.

    Tenk whispered softly of finding someone but all was lost to focused ears and on sheltered vision as his maa'it...their colors danced, his eyes joining in the most strange celebration of his soul. Attempting to convey what he had no expression for...the gasp of a girl with eyes as blue as the untouched water clensed from the blackest ink.

    As she whispered softly, she was pregnant, tears fell from his eyes. "Ganner be praised!...for this...this..." and as she slipped into a sleep, yes sleep he could feel, feel the pulse still a moment...before he felt himself role onto his side, hand outstretched now to nothing, no one in particular.

    His eyes yet danced as the light within receeded, the world dimmed from his vision with a final whisper exscaping from his lips, "exceptiaahgn."

    Would this darkness lead to the gate? He did not know, but he welcomed it regardless whether it brought prolonged life suffering or not, with the gladness of one who had left a base of dreams and open possibilities for those to follow...those that followed this moment on his heels.

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  17. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    [hl=black]The Cave that was the Hive
    Asteroid Alpha

    [link=]Music - The end of Many Things and the beginning of a few[/link]

    "General?" Tahnan heard the man but had no strength to answer. Looking up. Kira Romar was dead. Five years after they had met, she had died. And Talia broke down, crying. "I had to. The Vulture told me she would . . . destroy everything." She cried. And gave way to her weapon. Tahnan himself only stared at her in cold disgust. Looking down to the mandalorians slug-thrower he had used. Then looking up at her. Tenk touched Romar´s chest, ignoring even his own wife for now, who was lonely and desperate sitting at the corner of the group. Tahnan looked down to the gun again, then his hand moved.

    And gently touched Romar´s hair. Teasing it. Enough dead for today. Kira had said it was okay. Then okay it would be. Talia would be allowed to life. "We´re coming!" Tahnan shouted back to U´tek. "We´re coming!"

    And then Romar coughed. He looked at Tenk Qatar who grew pale and collapsed. His wife suddenly there to hold him. "Tenk?" Tahnan looked at her. The Vong said something, then collapsing, too. But Tahnan only saw Kira open her eyes. Felt the warmth return to the body in his arms. "I am pregnant." She said and faded away, too. "Great timing." He laughed at her and saw her smile.

    She looked alive. She looked at peace.

    And General Tahnan had to laugh. Out of joy. Then remembering the many, many people who had died that day. Not only the soldiers under his command. But of all three or four factions. Men who had served for what they believed was right. And who had died in the cauldron that Asteroid Alpha had become in the end.

    "We´re coming!" he shouted again. Looking at the totally exhausted men around him and then at Talia. Nodding to her. Had she also only done what she believed in? Maybe. "But maybe we need a little." He added. And his last smile was bitter. He stood up, raising Kira from the ground and smiled to Talia. "Let´s go home."

    Tag: Nobody, really

    The [i]Ascendancy[/i] was filled with Xenly. But it had been lucky, if it had been anything you could call luck. In these last moments when Kira Romar´s rage had pushed the Xenly over the edge, they had left the [i]Ascendancy[/i] alone. It had remained intact, while the imperial fleet had been ripped apart, the Xenly destroying the protections of the hull and letting the inside float with vacuum. Killing all that reached the confined parts of it for safety. Few shuttles and troops of the Empire had left the field alive. The Black Lance, captured between both parties with superior firepower, had been simply crushed. And only the Vulture´s Talon had remained relative intact through the battle. It had jumped away without a word, as soon as the battle was over. They hadn´t waited for reports. Or even Talia. They had left.

    As the Heroes of Mestra, as they would soon be called, reached the [i]Ascendancy [/i]Captain Vayland greeted them without great fanfare. All his men worked on getting the ship back jump-ability. But they all did so, knowing the survived the worst. Whatever they had been before, they were soldiers, now. Tahnan himself, operating on heavy pain killers for hours was brought to a Bacta Tank. As was Glave, now considered a member of them.

    Tenk Qatar and Kira Romar were also brought to MedBay, where Doc Ishtar had a lot to do. They would soon recover. U´tek was therefore in command, until the General recovered. If he ever did. But he was left to sleep, while the shipcrew worked double shifts.

    Kiar was taken care of, too. But after the questionable role the Kat´lar had in the battle he was treated more with respect and politeness than sympathy. Less was left to Talia Qatar. On orders of the General she was imprisoned and guarded and a tribunal would be assembled as soon as possible. To determine wether she was guilty of treason and espionage against the Resistance. She accepted the charges soon after she was informed and said>
  18. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    [hl=green]Epilogue: Lay Down Your Burden[/hl]

    This Chapter will reflect on the living characters present and future as well on the fallen characters past. For me and some characters and even some players, it will be the goodbye to the ABYverse. In my case only as an GM.

    All those who survived the game will have three brief scenes I will coordinate with them to play out and give your character as much development or closure as you like. PMs are already flying.

    Those who have died have, if they want to, one scene. To reflect on their character´s and who they were. To say goodbye, so to say. And maybe also show sides of this game and universe unknown yet.

    Then we shall end The Dark Odyssey, once we´ve done our goodbyes and keep it in our hearts. It had broken them often enough, has it?

    [color=green][b]Resistance Headquarters - Somewhere in Space[/b][/color]

    [link=]Music - The Burden[/link]


    The giant Ascendancy was repaired on countless spots. And from the windows of the nearby Defense Station one could see the 33th Mobile Base of the former Galactic Alliance busy at work, refitting their greatest prize in month.

    [b]Admiral Gar Stazi[/b] nodded, as [b]Lt. Colonel Tereo U´tek[/b] ended his report on what he had experienced. The Duros, serious as ever turned around to the soldier and sighed. The two men were alone in the room. But both felt the heavy weight of the dead burden them. "there are people who say, we made a mistake. You heard it? Some say, these insects were eating worlds, but worlds now part of the Sith Empire. They would have weakened Krayt. Perhaps made his Sith collapse in the end. Some say a few million, even billion dead would not have mattered, if we would have won." He sighed. Looked out at the window again. "Tell me, L´t Colonel U´tek, what do you think?" He asked. And his eyes turned their piercing gaze on the Cathar.

    [b]Tag: sprintabm[/b]


    [color=limegreen][i]Prison Complex[/i][/color]

    Deep inside the defense station the cell block held a special part. One for high priority prisoners, especially created during a war in which force-users were so heavy involved. Now the Resistance had brought [b]Talia Qatar[/b] here. The woman had barely spoken since the events of Alpha. A few words, only. She had refused to have a lawyer and been ready to sign every document handed to her. Captain Vayland, newly appointed Captain of the Ascendancy, stood there and watched her. He was asked to lead the tribunal that would judge about her.
    A war-tribunal. Where for treason, no matter how excused only one penalty was to be expected. "I guess we really don´t know the ones we love, hm?" Vayland said sadly and clapped the blind Jedi´s shoulder. "Take all the time you need." He said and the gates to Talia opened. His wife did not even look up, as Tenk Qatar entered. Sitting in her corner, her legs pressed against her body, her arms around them and staring at the wall.

    [b]Tag: Sarge221[/b]



    Kira Romar had to wait several hours, until [b]General Vejoun Tahnan[/b] regained consciousness. "Heard they say I´ll make it." He smiled as he saw her. "but against the odds is nothing I need to teach you about, hm?" He said and closed his eyes again.

    [b]Tag: SirakRomar[/b] (as KraytDragon left the char to you, I´ll let you do this whatever way you see fit)


    [color=teal][b]Near the ruins of Ye´Yuuzhan`Tar[/b]
    [i]Worldship Baanu Dul[/i][/color]

    [b]Kiar[/b] had been given transport and the resistance had made sure he had no idea where to find him, before sending him away. He had eventually found other Vong wandering the galaxy, the fringes of society, as so many of their people did. And found Baanu Dul. The dying worldship, one of the victims of age and inactivity had become the home of the last Vong staying true to their people´s way. While more and more of them blended in, even if fighting with the galaxies hostility.

  19. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    Kayar Kau´Yun Kiar
    Baanu Dul

    The trip had not been one of ease, but neither had his mission. Until he found a spot called home, he would not expect rest or the elusion of ease. He did find others, wandering these fringes of the galaxy and was, though them, able to find a way...a way to Baanu home.

    Only it was no home that he had ever known, forever he had been the one reviled as the one that dared to change his caste, not by alligence, but perceived necesity and ability. Now his merely exiting a ship sent forth the calls of his name, a name he only knew only by the meaning. The god-slayer Kiar.

    It was daunting in many ways, what was a warrior, a shaper, or a godslayer to do once having attained such honor? There were no other god's being born that needed hunted down and slain, none that possessed a threat against life on such a fundamental level as Yarong had, and no task that flittered through his mind of days gone by that met the honor and glory of this last accomplishment.

    Over Four thousand chears, four thousand breaths speaking his name, and in that moment he wished he could leave once more. Perhaps it was how Du´kat felt, beyond the dealings with the Priest caste, setting balance and offsetting the recent loss of Nas Choka, perhaps that is what truly wore Du'kat many hung upon his breath bearing thousands.

    Du´kat, looking exhausted and tired as ever, but smiling proud as he stepped to Kiar raised his hand to greet. "All honor to our bravest son!" He greeted his protegé. "Welcome home, strong one." He then said. And looked around, provoking more yells of joy form his people.

    He smiled then, a smile that looked more bound by grim determination than joy, it was the best he could bring to bear. Though the medic of the infidels had done what he could, Kiar did not have as much facial muscle control as he once did, damage from killing a god within the heart of a raging lightning storm. It would otherwise have been a broad smile indeed to at least have this familiar and long known face before his own, but still his maa'it danced slightly with a small rainbow of colors at the sight.

    The crowds quieted once more somewhat.

    Reaching up he raised his arm in return, the claws glistening from his warriors arm. "Honor to Yun-Yuuzhan and his children chosen, whom are proven!" he called out in return, it was in a way the deepest thing that could come to his mind frozen as it was. The Yuuzhan-Vong, the children of Yun-Yuuzhan, had taken the prophecy of death and found a way to prevent it. Causing it was at this point nothing to even consider, it had happened, and it had been dealt with. There were no guilty left to stand trial, non to answer for crimes.

    "It is good to see you again." this last he spoke quietly before turning to look around at the people.

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  20. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Tenk Qatar
    Prison Complex

    "I guess we really don´t know the ones we love, hm?"

    But I do, Tenk thought to himself upon seeing the hunched form of his wife.

    All roads led back to Bakura...

    It was the same thought that came to his mind when he had battled with the Xenly. The same thought that had been consistently proven to be true ever since Tenk had joined the Resistance. All the trials and pain that he had endured led all the way back to that planet. The tainted planet that had infected him with the darkness that had temporarily consumed him. At first he had thought that he had been the one that was led astray ever since then. Exiling himself - though now when he looked back it felt more like he had been fleeing - from the war, seeking refuge - hiding - from it, and the restraint - the fear - that had led him to the incorrect belief that nearly cost him his and everyone else's lives aboard the Sunlight Ranger during the duel with Imperi.

    It was only now, when he stepped into the cell, the gate closing behind him, that he could see that he had made another mistake. Back then he had thought of only himself, of the consequences that had affected only him on that dark day. Ever since his exile he had focused on himself. To control his darkness, to strengthen his connection with the Force, to swear to himself that he would never kill again.


    He had thought of Talia. Before he had presented the question that would make her a permanent part of his life he had always thought of her. He had hurt her, he had nearly killed her. He had hoped that by having her follow him away from the war that she would be able to recover just as he had. That when they finally made their vows as husband and wife their wounds would finally heal. That they could find their peace.

    Maybe it was because of his connection to the Force. Maybe because it had been him that had fallen, that he had been the one that had let the darkness get the best of him, that caused him to think that his problems held higher priority. And once his problems were solved, everything would be alright for the both of them. A fool he had been to not see that the woman he loved had been wounded far more then by the lightsaber that had pierced through her.

    Ever since Bakura, ever since he had no longer considered himself as a Jedi, it seemed like he had been making mistake after mistake. Well, he was a Jedi again. And it was time to take responsibility.

    He inhaled deeply and then slowly exhaled before he stepped farther into the cell. She hadn't turned, not even an inch in his direction when he had entered and still she remained staring at the wall. He wished that she would but, then again, he was now blind. Despite his trip to the MedBay where bacta helped take care of damage that could be healed, he had found a clean cloth to replace his blindfold that he had lost at Asteroid Alpha. He had not wanted to go in here with a more gruesome reminder about what had happened to him.

    The depressing darkness that surrounded her was all that he needed to see.

    He took a seat upon the cot that was one of the few privileges that was within this otherwise spartan cell, his legs hanging over the edge, his palms being placed upon his knees. His head had tilted to face Talia but soon lowered, his blind gaze focused upon the floor. Again he took another deep breath...and then another. It was on his third breath that he finally spoke, figuring that the best way to start this was to go right to the worst of it. Get it out of the way so that he may focus on helping heal her own mental wounds.

    "I know," he started and even after only those two words he had to take yet another breath. "About everything. About what happened between you and Jacen Cole, about the Vulture...about the Sith. Everything."

    It still hurt when he thought of those things, about what she had done. This sense of betrayal...

    But he knew who was really at fault here. Who really betrayed who.

    "It was me," he continued. "I don't bl
  21. sprintabm

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    May 20, 2005
    Resistance headquarters

    It was over.

    U'tek stood in the room with the Admiral, summoned to answer questions on his written after-action report. It was the longest report that U'tek had ever written by far, going into much detail that he didn't care to revisit but had to for the sake of completeness. After all, this was probably one of the oddest operations Alliance forces had ever been involved in. All notes must be taken, all actions evaluated, identifying the goods and bads so that - Force forbidding - if such an event happened again in the future, they would be ready.

    It was the first time that U'tek had ever seen Admiral Stazi. He certainly knew of him. Even before the war started his name was tossed around, always noted as one of the rising stars in the admiralty. His grasp of space and ground strategy impressed even those in the army enough for U'tek to have heard the name amongst army generals that were seen as Stazi's potential equals.

    It was also the first time that U'tek had addressed an officer this high in the ranks. He had on a few occasion dealt with the commanding officer of SpecForce, although due to the size of SpecForce in comparison to the regular army this wasn't uncommon. But never with anyone higher than that, with the officers that were in charge of outlining strategic visions for the military. He was a bit nervous when he met Stazi, but quickly became comfortable with the Admiral's levelheadedness and strong self-confidence.

    So there he was, answering the Admiral's questions as succinctly as possible, although there weren't many of them. The pauses between the questions were long enough for U'tek to find himself lost in his gaze through the view ports at the gigantic Ascendancy undergoing repairs. He couldn't help but think about the first time they entered that ship and encountered the bugs - or Xenly, now that he knew their real name. He also couldn't stop thinking about all those who were dead, and especially those that were left behind. Lorj Danathin, Jacen Cole, Kaya, everyone that had been under his command during those weeks. He had to put his mourning aside when General Tahnan relinquished command to him and he had to worry about getting the Ascendancy to safety. Thankfully during that crazy time period Vayland was smart enough to make contact with Stazi's fleet.

    Now it was finally time for mourning and reflecting, for rest and recuperation. U'tek's mind was plagued with doubts of whether he did everything that he could do. It frustrated him; he had been a soldier long enough that he shouldn't even enter this phase of thinking. He began to realize that no amount of experience would stop such thoughts; that it was natural, something that he would constantly have to deal with being a soldier and a leader.

    The cathar was gazing at the Ascendancy, subconsciously lightly touching his wounded arm. It was doing much better now and healing fine, although he did have it in a sling and was constantly apply bacta patches to it. He was finally able to take complete showers and his mane wasn't a tangled mess. He was eating much better food. He was issued fresh fatigues, although he quickly stripped off all name, rank, and insignia on them in standard SpecForce fashion.

    "there are people who say, we made a mistake. You heard it? Some say, these insects were eating worlds, but worlds now part of the Sith Empire. They would have weakened Krayt. Perhaps made his Sith collapse in the end. Some say a few million, even billion dead would not have mattered, if we would have won." He sighed. Looked out at the window again. "Tell me, L´t Colonel U´tek, what do you think?"

    The question quickly brought U'tek out of his thoughts and focused on the admiral, his heart rate increasing, blood flushing to his face. Try as he might, he couldn't hold his emotions back on the subject.

    "Permission to speak freely, Admiral," U'tek responded, but didn't wait for for the Admiral's permission.

    "With all due respect, sir," U'tek began, talking in a controlled voice yet
  22. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    ooc: Combined with Fin who gave a lot of input.

    Kira Kara Romar & Vejoun Tahnan
    MedBay, Resistance Base

    "But against the odds is nothing I need to teach you about, hm?" Tahnan joked and his laugh was painful. But he was right. They had said he would make it. Though he would never been the same. The fighting, frontline leader was a part of the past now. The General would be a scared veteran of one battle too many.

    He lived, though. As she did. That was much more than Kira had expected.

    "I guess I have become pretty good in 'against the odds' have I?" Kira forced herself to smile. While her sadness in combination with her morning sickness was almost too much for her. "You will be back on your feet in a week or so. And I think they have plenty of work for you to do." Her hand touched his. Gently.

    "Yeah." Tahnan sighed and leaned back. "I thought I lost you, Kira. Not your life, you know. I thought the bugs had finally utrned you." He said and looked up.

    Kira understood. All too well. Tahnan had been strong in the force, since they first met. He had felt her cold touch. Her darkness. And he knew, as she did herself, it was still there. And would always been.

    Listening to her inner self, no voice mocked her at this realisation. It was strange she had almost gotten used to Darth Zorn´s eternal whispers. Relied on them. Now that they were gone, she missed them in a way. Kira Romar had never been without them, actually. What she did not miss was the force.

    "I know. I know." She whispered and lay her head down on his bed, right next to his hand. "I can´t feel it anymore, Tahnan. The force, I mean." Kira finally confessed.

    Tahnan coughed out. "I am so sorry." He gasped.

    "I am not." Kira only returned. And raised again. "I am not sorry at all. I am free, my friend." Her eyes met Tahnan´s. She saw he was much more sad about it than she would ever be. He had needed her. As a Jedi. "Well . . ." He said, then he seemed to realize something.

    "You won´t stay, will you Kira? You will not help us defeat the Sith."

    She had known he had expected of her to right all wrongs. To wipe away the Sith as she seemed ot have done on Roon. She wondered how much of that had been Xenly, actually. She wondered how much of all her live, all her decisions had been Xenly. In a way she had been reborn, too. The true Kira Romar. And she wasn´t actually surprised to find out, she had no desire for more war. Kira Romar had killed enough. Had fought enough. she was tired of it. So tired, for so long by now.

    "No, I am afraid I won´t stay." It was whisper. And with a bad conscience she looked up to Tahnan. "I am sorry. I know you expected more of me." Her voice was feint.

    Tahnan stared at her. She wore a gray overall now and her hand had not been replaced, as he could only see now. Her lightsaber was still hanging from her belt, though. The Falleen opened his mouth, wanted to say something. But nothing came out of it. Finally, he mangaed an "I . . . I . . ." He searched ofr her eyes.

    "I know." Kira whispered. She leaned forward, kissing his forehead. Then smiled. "I know." Her voice whispered once more. And without looking back she turned and left.

    Tahnan was left behind in his repulsor bed, as droids appeared again to take care of him. Watching Kira Romar walk out of the door of the MedBay. And out of his life.

    Kira sighed and knew there was only one more thing she had to do. One more.

    Making her way to the MedBay, she touched the cold metal of her weapon, suddenly feeling so unfamiliar. Her transport had been organized. All her belongings were packed. Which was a medpack and a com, both given to her by the alliance. She had been assigned an old Twintail. A ship she would leave wherever it too her and the Resistance would get it back, then. Now she had to make sure nobody came looking for her, this time. That this was the end, of it all.

    Her thoughts still aiming at [b]Tahnan[/b] she entered the prison-complex. No ID was needed. She was >
  23. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    Resistance Headquarters - Somewhere in Space

    The Admiral´s Bureau

    Admiral Gar Stazi listened without showing a hint of emotion or trouble. His hands lay calm on his desk, while Tereo U´tek grew more and more angry. As the Cathar was done, he slowly raised his hand.

    He waited for a long moment and just as the silence began to grow uncomfortable he said a single word. "Exactly." He added and nodded towards the Cathar. "Exactly." He repeated.

    He stood up and walked round the desk towards U´tek. "I don´t hold it against the soldiers who want to see the Emprie burn. Many have lost too much. Some have been to damaged to recover so quickly. Their anger fuels their actions and motivates them. Makes them reliable, even. And dangerous, if given too much power. For anger teints decisions. You are angry, but not loosing your perspective. That is something, I value in m officers." He said and laid down a small box before U´tek. "In there are two silver stars." He said, as if it meant nothing. It obviously was ap romotion to Colonel. "You have everything it needs to lead men, U´tek. Respect. Perspective. Loyality. Experience. There is only one thing you need to learn. And I am sure you will soon understand this last lesson, too."

    Gar Stazi looked odwn on him. "But I must warn you. If you pick up these stars, the hard decisions will be yours, soon. The grey areas. The questionable allies. The painful choices between to wrongs. That is the burden that comes with leadership. Therefore, if you do not want it, say so now and nobody will ever learn I offered them to you. I hope though, you are with me in this. Because I need men like you."

    Stazi looked at U´tek. Waiting, but his did not apply pressure. It became obvious in that moment, why his men respected him so much. He respected them and their choices in return.

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    [color=seagreen][i]High Security Area[/i][/color]

    [b]Talia[/b] began to cry and grabbed [b]Tenk[/b] as if she wanted to kill him. But she only took him into a tight, desperate embrace, crying at his shoulder. "I am a murder, tenk. A murder. And that is my fault. My fault alone. Please, don´t intervene with the tribunal. Please." She whispered. "I cannot life with running away from it. You took responsibility for your actions. Don´t deny me doing the same." Her voice was barely a whisper. "I need to pay for it. Or nothing is left of who I once was. Who you once loved." She said. Her voice failing.

    The door behind them slided open. It was Vayland. "Romar sends her greetings. She is gone. And you, Talia, must now get prepared and meet your councelor. He will defend you tomorrow." He sighed.

    "I don´t need one." Talia only replied. "I don´t need a defense." Her tears did still stream down her face. Two gaurds were behind the Nagai Captain. Ready to acompanie her.

    [b]Tag: Sarge221[/b]


    [color=teal][b]Worldship Baanu Dul[/b]

    Du´Kat[/b] returned [b]Kiar[/b]´s words only with smile. And the people here turned into a thundering choir singing their anthem.

    [i][b][color=teal]Kayar Kau´Yun Kayar Kau´Yun Kayar Kau´Yun Kayar Kau´Yun Kayar Kau´Yun[/color][/b][/i]

    Du´Kat waited patiently. While people praised the Godslayer for his deeds. A legend was born and he had expected no less of his protegé. When the anthem´s died down, after quite some while, Du´Kat lay his hand on Kiar´s shoulder and whispered. "There are many things to talk about, now. A great many things." And turned to leave towards his private quarters. Leaving the masses behind, celebrating and knowing once Kiar was done, he would follow.

    [b]Tag: Mitth[/b]

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  24. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    Kayar Kau´Yun Kiar
    Worldship Baanu Dul, Hangars

    He did his best to bear the praise the weight of it though uncomfortable to his long abused senses, seemed in a way light and almost lifting to hear teh praises of the past...his past. Having been there, having done what now his name bore in reference, it was still hard to believe.

    The impromtu choir sang his new name, life so abundant, singing in the harsh familiar tones the words with a sharpness that his ears had missed. These were his people, with words rarely softened in text or tone, where variety was of devotion...of a purpose that the galactic infidels even in their heresy rarely came close. Only Jeedai and Siath seemed to even near a level worthy of respect when compared even with the lowest that his eyes now longing beheld.

    Laaxtiin Kiar was perished, he died somewhere...what was left was like his twin...what was here is that which was born from the success of his trials. From the killing of an apocalyptic insect bent on consuming and ending all life. Yarong who is dead.

    After much time had passed Du'kat placed his hand on Kiar's shoulder, breaking the reverie that the moments held. "There are many things to talk about, now. A great many things." And turned to leave towards his private quarters.

    Kiar nodded and returned to the ship, retrieving a large living sac, a storage device and preserver. Within it held an enlarged warrior black Verpine's arm, it was the closest in similarity to Yarong he could find without finding a way of returning and taking from Yarong's children.

    Looks were given but none questioned as he left to follow his old mentor, and ask a favor of a Master Shaper to attach a reminder of a god that he had slain while they talked. The words as he carried on to his old mentor rang in ears, A great many things.

    More ominous words he could not remember from the living.

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  25. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Tenk Qatar
    High Security Area

    "I need to pay for it. Or nothing is left of who I once was. Who you once loved."

    Tenk didn't say anything at first as Talia clung to him, the tears that she had already shed so many times now staining the shoulder of his shirt. As he wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight as one hand stroked the hair at the back of her head, the pain returned to his heart. Not that sense of betrayal but one of helplessness. Of not being able to help the one that he loved most.

    That painful sensation was something else that brought him back to Bakura, when his wife's life had been threatened and was protected by the doctors surrounding the operating table and her own, strong will to fight. All the while he had been off to the side, ravaged by the helplessness that he felt.

    Now his wife was being threatened again but the judges were going to condemn her rather then save her.

    And she wasn't going to fight back.

    The cell door opened right then and Tenk didn't even need to turn to know it was Vayland. However, when the guard spoke about Kira the Jedi did turn to look over his shoulder at him. Disappointment fluttered within his despair. He had thought he had sensed Kira but he had hoped that they could've spoken later-

    "I don't need one. I don't need a defense."

    His wife's words brought Tenk back to his more important problem. Slowly, his hands moved up to Talia's shoulders, gripping them so that he could pull her away from him just enough so that he could look into her eyes. Or at least direct his blindfolded eyes towards hers anyway. His hands did the rest, sliding up from her shoulders before cupping her face, his thumbs stroking her cheeks, brushing away her tears.

    This shouldn't be how it's supposed to end. As justified as it may seem, Talia was making the same mistakes that he had made. She was willing to escape her troubles by letting others decide her fate, to put up no fight at all so that it may end as quickly as possible. He couldn't let her continue down the same road that he had walked upon. He needed to stop this, to take responsibility for his part in all of this.

    "Don't let it end like this," Tenk spoke softly, a couple tears of his own slipping beneath his blindfold while his forehead pressed against hers. "For me. Stop repeating my mistakes. Don't let my own failures lead you anymore. Learn, like I have, so that you may be truly redeemed."

    As he leaned forward a bit more, just enough so that his lips now pressed against hers in a kiss, Tenk was already thinking about having a talk with Tahnan. up with an old contact. One that he would never have thought to use before this mess. Before he saw the truth. About himself. About everything.

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