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Star Wars OPEN 138 ABY: Together, Alone

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , May 4, 2019.

  1. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Insipid
    Vjun, Bast Castle

    Insipid peered at the TIE Advanced x1, impressed. Not many had been made of the craft, and it was hardy and, most importantly, had hyperdrive and shields. He walked around the starfighter, the signature ship of Darth Vader, nodding like a man about to make a purchase.

    It had never occurred to him that the fighter was unaccounted for. Helinith had done well, and struck aurodium. Insipid felt the tiniest of twinges of jealousy, but suppressed it. His modified shuttle would make do; he liked his comforts. "I'll allow you to keep this, don't worry," he said, in-case the drift of his thoughts made it to his apprentice.

    As she had given him the guided tour, Insipid had tapped into his contacts across the galaxy, limited as they were after the shredding of his resources during the Sith-Imperial War nearly eight years ago. "The Sith-Imperials converged on Taivas, near Zhar. So that's where we are heading, as I have other reports that the Alliance and the True Empire also deployed there."

    He had brought Helinith up to speed on the so-called Second Imperial Civil War, between the Sith and True Imperials, with the Alliance Fleet in hiding and launching raids on the Sith-Imperials much as the Rebels had on the Empire in her day. So she knew of Darth Krayt and his One Sith, of the deposed Emperor Fel, of the crippled Jedi being rallied by Cade Skywalker, the great-great-grandson of Darth Vader. Great-great-great?

    Insipid frowned. Anakin had Luke and Leia, Luke had Ben, Ben had Kol and Nat, and then Kol had Cade. Two greats.


    He headed to his shuttle. "Go on, jump in; get your giggles out of the way, and then we'll be leaving. Lock up the castle; I don't want someone else taking our new base after we did all that hard work."

    TAG: @darthhelinith
    IC: San

    Battle of the Hidden Temple, Taivas

    The Jedi Knight came to and cast her senses out in mild panic; Bernael was near, as was Trask, though Harkas was still unconscious also. Another presence filtered into her, and she recognised the man aboard the Crossfire who had worked with them against the Sith Trooper... for the moment though, she could tell the battle had not yet ended, and a massive shift had occurred in the Force; a collection of enemies were now friends, but at least they were no being targeted.

    She slid off the bed, frowning as she didn't immediately remember what had happened.

    What she did sense was an increasingly large absence in the Force.

    So many Jedi had died, Masters and Knights too.

    But she still sensed Masters T'ra Saa and Nat Skywalker fighting a horde of Sith Troopers... and Cade Skywalker was still there.

    Heading to the conference room, Trask was evident, painting a quick tactical picture and starting to speak.

    "So Yage has joined Roan Fel in opposing Darth Krayt, shifting the numbers we have but not changing the overall battle. The Jedi Padawans escaped thanks to the shift in loyalties, but they're simply regrouping with what we've tentatively identified as Sith Dragon capital ships to make another run through the Coalition fleet." He indicated a collection of GA Scythe-class cruisers and Pellaeon-class Star Destroyers.

    He pointed to another group of Pellaeon-class Star Destroyers. "But the Coalition still can't escape, because of the Sith-Imperial task force."

    Trask paused. "Not sure what side we're on right now of course."

    San stepped in, smiling sheepishly. "Ideally the one that isn't shooting at us?" She bowed to Bernael and the other human.

    "Apologies, I seem to have required a nap."

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  2. darthhelinith

    darthhelinith Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Feb 10, 2009
    IC: Helinith
    Location: cloud 9

    Helinith punched the air and squealed.

    She ran around the fighter several times, checking and rechecking the wing pylons, the solar arrays, the braces. The fighter waited patiently, seeming to have all the time in the world for them to get acquainted. Helinith too would have liked to stretch it out, but this wasn't the time. With one quick motion, she leapt up to the top hatch, swung it open, and slipped inside.

    The cockpit was dark, but she didn’t need her eyes- this was muscle memory. The cockpit was nearly identical to a standard TIE, although with several important additions. The elongated body of the craft allowed for a narrow space behind the pilot’s seat. It wasn’t clear what this space had been designed for, if anything aside maintenance access, but it allowed Helinith to stow her duffle bag out of the way. In front of her, the main flight controls were placed, along with the weapons targeting computer. The large flight handles were begging to be touched and Helinith ran her hand along the seam of the worn black leather wound tightly around the grip. To her right side was the advanced calibration for the sensor array and controls for the deflector shields. To her left was the hyperdrive and above her head was the main ignition and electrical systems. She reached out a finger before hesitating. Would it turn on? A breath in to steady herself. She opened the fuel line and began to count.
    “One… two…” A flick of a switch above her head and the panels in front of her lit up like Coruscant at night. “Three…” An almost inaudible click as the solar array began to feed power to the batteries. “Four… five!” She pressed down hard on the twin engine ignition.

    There was a whining hum started as the reactor came online and lapped greedily at the fuel. Helinith cheered, punched the air and poked her head back out the hatch up top.
    “It’s like she was parked here yesterday,” she said, before remembering Insipid had already left.

    She popped back inside and locked the hatch above her head.
    Go time.

    “Open hangar 2 bay doors.”

    A deafening grinding began, as the ceiling above her head began to retract into the walls and a light dusting of sand from the yard above fell through the widening gap. A light patter of rain fell onto the outer hull of the vessel. Helinith strapped herself into the seat, wrapped her palms round the flight handles and pulled them gently down.

    The fighter rose vertically into the air, revolving gracefully. Watching from the viewport, Helinith saw the hangar slowly sinking away from her. The freedom she suddenly felt was immense. She could go anywhere. Do anything.

    "Access remote Baast login."
    <Identity recognised /Four/, access granted.>
    "Add user- Darth Insipid, vessel id SH23167884843326 4CL"
    <User added.>
    "Initiate lockdown protocol 1."
    <Processing….. Castle secure. Automated defences live in t-minus 3 minutes.>

    The TIE continued to rise into the night, rain splattering against the duristeel. Insipid's shuttle suddenly glared into view as its floodlights lit up the spires surrounding its own accent. Helinith hummed a tune to herself and flicked open the comms channel.
    "Okay, where's our next stop on the magical mystery tour?"

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  3. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Insipid
    Musing, Vjun orbit

    The fortress of Darth Vader became a sealed cage again, as Helinith reactivated the defences. Acid rain had pocked marked his shuttles hull, and Insipid absently wondered if he'd just lost a percentage of stealth capacity. "I had wanted to investigate a certain tomb on Korriban, but the Force is writhing..."

    He reached out to his apprentice and connected her to the wider galaxy.

    Something dark had happened, for want of a better word.

    Not the somewhat chaotic, slightly evil version of darkness that Helinith eschewed, nor even the orderly controlled version that Insipid preferred, but the deep, monstrous, cloying you're all going to die kind. It had taken root in the heart of the Force, as if the galaxy was crying out. In some ways, it was delicious - appealing to the baser instincts that were found in all beings of flesh and blood, but on another, larger level.

    "Sith Emperor Krayt just did something. I'm not sure where, but I can tell you with certainty one thing."

    Insipid pulled up a galactic map and shared it with her.

    "The True Empire took the most heavily fortified planet in the galaxy at the start of the year - Bastion, the former Imperial capital before they took Coruscant. If the One Sith want to take it, it would cost them so many ships that their Empire would collapse; literally. At some point, even if Krayt wins ever other engagement in the galaxy - he needs to come to Bastion to end the war, even if only to challenge True Emperor Fel to a duel to the death."

    He shut down the map. "So we're going to visit the True Empire, Daughter of Vader... unless you can convince me that we should deviate back to Vader's tomb now."

    There was a niggle in the Force there, for Helinith. While on one hand, the fate of the galaxy was clearly at stake, on the other, Vader's Tomb was, well, Vader's Tomb. Insipid wanted to give his apprentice the choice, though he would - reluctantly - send her on her own to Korriban if she wished.

    In some ways, in some growing ways, he trusted her.

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  4. darthhelinith

    darthhelinith Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Feb 10, 2009
    IC: Helinith
    Location: New wheels yo dawg, Vjun orbit

    Helinith watched obediently, absorbing it all in. The dark throbbing in the force was both exhilarating and terrifying. Worse, its inevitability almost gave it a living quality, like it could sense them both, far away though it was. It was darkness, but not of the kind that either sith preferred.
    Her intake of breath was audible to both when Insipid revealed the choice, followed almost immediately by a bubble of excitement, which escaped before she could quash it fully. She considered the options.

    Vader’s tomb was, by far, the most attractive choice. She had no desire to meet Fel or his phony empire constructed in part from the shattered remains of ‘her’ old one. Indeed, the very thought bred a little bristle of indignation. Plus there was something there, on Korriban. Something stirring, perhaps. Not even a spark but maybe a memory of one.

    They had been to Korriban before. When Insipid had first awakened her, they had dropped in briefly for some history lessons and Helinith had been given her new name. However, only recently had Insipid let slip of Vader’s tomb, of which she had been entirely ignorant before now. Ever since, a little niggle had pursued her in her downtime and her idle thoughts often turned towards it. But Helinith was not entirely stupid. A slight doubt awoke suddenly, prompted perhaps by the mention of Kyrat and remembering the politics of the Sith-Imperial war, the ins and outs of which Insipid had had to coach her through several times. First Bast and now this? It all seemed slightly too good to be true. She was intently devoted to her new master for pulling her from the oubliette, but even she wouldn't quite describe him as the fount of benevolence.
    Alternatively, Insipid had not previously given her reason to mistrust him. He'd been suspicious of her own intent several times, which may have driven his actions to a place where someone with more sense would have been forced to violence. However, Helinith's own stubborn amiability had seen this as merely another test and resolved to prove she had nothing to hide, it seemed to have started to pay off.
    This being the case, she still felt she owed him a great deal, oubliette aside, Bast Castle and now even the ship she was sitting in, she felt she needed to prove the investment he appeared to be making in her was not wasted.

    “Master, you are too generous. I would very much like to go to Bastion and stab some things with you, unless you feel there is something urgent on Korriban to pursue.”

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  5. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Insipid

    “Master, you are too generous. I would very much like to go to Bastion and stab some things with you, unless you feel there is something urgent on Korriban to pursue.”

    Insipid smiled slightly, allowing her the moment to dwell, feeling her excitement about the tomb visit, and then settling on the proper, apprentice, response. Helinith was a good, reliable Sith, and he was thankful for it. "Alright. I'll send you some data so you know what's going on. Keep in mind that these borders don't take into account that the True Empire has shrank by an extent so far - Borosk, Vinsoth and Agamar have all fallen to the Sith Empire."


    "Obviously the red is the Sith Empire right now... and how it has been for the last eight years."

    Insipid's jealousy poured into the Force. Of course for Helinith the map would be interesting for the hyperlanes going into and out of the Unknown Regions, which was a major development in the years since she had slept. Chiss Space was a rumour in Imperial circles, caused by Thrawn and his secret and meteoric rise through the ranks of the Imperial Navy.

    Hutt Space hadn't changed much, though the yellow ugly glob of territory belonging to the True Empire may as well be a Separatist redoubt for all she probably cared, Insipid thought.

    "A lot has changed, and a lot hasn't, in the century and half you have slept. Thousands of Sith now walk the galaxy, and your Empire embraces all sexes and species as long as they remain useful to the cause of either Emperor... both of which use the same uniforms, same Stormtrooper armour, and same TIE and Star Destroyer variants, with some glaring examples of ships which serve only the Sith or the 'Imperial Knights'..."

    Insipid had mentioned them before. Force users who served the light side as personified by the Emperor. This made them Royal Guards and Jedi Knights all in one, and were sworn to overthrow the Emperor if he fell to the dark side. Essentially the only way the Empire could embrace Jedi without making them into Imperial Hands. There weren't many of them, of course, but enough to make a difference - and the Emperor, Roan Fel, or rather Emperor Fel III, was a descendant of Darth Vader... which made him a powerhouse in the Force.

    "You're going to ask me about Vader's descendants again, aren't you?" Insipid sighed. "Read the data while we head to Bastion."

    He forwarded the links anew.

    "Maybe I'll test you on it when we arrive." Insipid grinned to himself, and then pulled the lever, jumping for the Bastion system, which, in Helinith's time, had been called Sartinaynian.

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  6. darthbernael

    darthbernael Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC: Fun with @Sinrebirth and @HanSolo29 in a combo

    IC Darth Bernael, San, Aryan Graul

    Bernael nodded to San, “Yes, you collapsed quite suddenly, under the attack of that last Sith Trooper. To be honest, he had taken control of your mind and I had to stop you without injuring you.”

    He looked to Trask, “San is mostly right, I got you all off that rock after Krayt, it seems, betrayed everyone. That doesn’t mean the Imperials behind Fel or the GA are the heroes but that everyone is attempting to survive. I do have a feeling this is going to get very destructive before it’s resolved, but the reason I asked all three of you to join me is that we have a choice and, while I do command overall, I do want to know how those who are a part of this group, whether temporarily,” he gestured to Graul, “or as a part of this unit to have their say.”

    “That being said, this is Councilman Aryan Graul of the Nubian High Council, somehow roped into being a part of this conflict, now a guest of ours for now.” he stated as he gestured at the man.

    In front of them, the marshaling swarm of Sith fighters gathered, turning around the Sith Dragons, ready to advance and erase the Alliance, True Imperials and turncoat Sith-Imperials. Behind the Dragons, the Sith Star Destroyers held position, close enough to the Dragons to support them, but not so close that the Sith Troopers would erase them first.

    The Jedi transport, filled with the children, had escaped, in part because of the actions of Aryan, Bernael and San in distracting the Sith Trooper that otherwise would have slaughtered them. That was not to downplay the courage of Captain Yage in swapping sides and leading a schism within the Sith-Imperial lines; her bravery followed and entwined with those of our heroes.

    But beneath them, there was no pause, there was merely the end; the converging Sith Trooper horde, upon the Jedi Council chambers.


    As Jedi Master Tr'a Saa focused the energies of Taivas, the Living Force itself, to control the outcome of the final battle, the Sith Troopers massacre the remaining Knights and Masters present, save for one Jedi Master, Nat Skywalker, and one Force user, who defies the definitions of Jedi and Sith - Cade Skywalker.

    The violence reaches it's peak -

    The Sith Horde crosses the threshold -

    A Sith Trooper directs his fighter to attack the Council chambers -


    The Mynock, the personal ship of Cade, sweeps in, as Nat Skywalker sends his nephew away with a Force push, to safety -

    The Sith fighter slams into the Council chambers, a suicide run complete -

    The energy meets the two Jedi Masters, merges with them, becomes -


    The words of Admiral Stazi rip across all channels -

    They have a small chance to escape -

    Or die.

    The informal meeting led to an awkward introduction that Aryan had only blanched at. He did not want to be here – he should not be here, and yet circumstances beyond his control had mandated it. Fortunately, the proclamation that came over the comm channel from the Admiral served as an adequate distraction.

    But then he glanced out one of the viewports and noticed the reason for the frantic call – a beam of pure energy, which had originated from the planet’s surface, had pierced the battlefield to send all ships into a frenzy. Aryan had to raise his hand and shield his eyes from its brilliance. At that moment, he was no longer worried about a reprieve to get himself out of an embarrassing situation; this had turned into a matter of survival.

    Clenching his jaw, Aryan turned away from the strange spectacle and stepped forward to insert himself into the middle of the group. “The discourse will have to wait,” he announced without preamble, his gaze shifting toward Bernael. “There’s no time. You need to get us out of here now, do you hear me?!”

    He emphasized his point by gesturing wildly for him to take action. "Go!"

    Bernael turned toward the man, his guest on the Fury, a curl to the corner of his lip making one eye crinkle at the edges. ”Terrified haste is not going to make us depart any faster. Besides,” he tapped his wristpad and received immediate confirmation, ”my pilot already had orders to boost us from the system at the first sign of aggression toward this craft. If you cannot feel it, we are already moving.”

    He pointed out of the viewscreen, at the roaring, blindingly white, column of energy. ”I do not know if you know of or know anything about Neti, but I do not plan to be here when it reaches full power, that is what you may call the death curse of a Neti, focused like a beam.”

    Turning to Trask and San, ”Trask, check on the troops, advise them we are departing the system but to be prepared for evasive maneuvers, if necessary. San, get yourself checked out medically, if you need it, otherwise you have a choice, assist the wounded or come to the bridge as you are my Light Side counsel.”

    Turning back to Graul, ”Does that ease your mind, human? We are leaving.”

    Aryan exhaled heavily and inclined his chin, a wry grin spreading over his features. The Anzati intended it as a reprimand, and while his methods for their escape were agreeable, he wasn’t about to give this man any satisfaction by admitting to it. Things have been awkward enough since he arrived here; he did not need to dig himself a bigger hole.

    Instead, the young man clicked his heels together and offered a mock salute. “You have everything under control,” Aryan muttered in a sardonic tone before he turned back toward the viewport.

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  7. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Insipid
    Arriving at Bastion, Sartinaynian system

    While they travelled, Insipid spent his time concocting various lies to tell Bastion Control, preferably before they shot him out of orbit. There were hardly going to be able to sneak past the Fels - descendants of the Skywalker line, they would see through any Force illusion that Insipid and Helinith created. It may simply be that they had no choice but to tell the truth; that they were Sith who did not adhere to the One Sith train of thought, and wished Krayt overthrown.

    It would be interesting to be honest for once.

    But as luck would have it, the entire galaxy seemed to be arriving at the same time as them - dozens of Scythe-class battlecruisers, Pellaeon-class Star Destroyers, and frigates and support ships galore - even one of the new Imperious-class Star Destroyers, which Insipid recognised as the Alliance, the flagship of the Rebel Fleet... problem is that most of it was right here.

    "Dodge, Helinith!"

    He sent his ship into a turn, avoiding a Ardent-class fast frigate, and then diving beneath a Sabertooth-class assault ship... and then almost clipping the nose of... Insipid frowned, glancing back - a Fury-class transport? Surely that was an antique? Insipid focused on surviving, and threaded through the arriving armada to reach a quiet spot on the other side.

    He was breathing hard, sweating from the exertion, almost ornery from the adrenaline rush. He was not a good pilot. Loremaster, yes. Lightsaber duellist? At a decent enough level. Pilot? Really not.

    Drawing the Force to himself as naturally as he did in-fact breathe - normally, anyway - he hid Helinith in the middle of the chaos of wounded pilots and soldiers, tens of thousands of competing, panicked, voices. Some of the ships were already turning to face their arrival point - as if expecting to be pursued.

    Insipid realised that this was the retreating combined armada of the True Imperials and the Rebel Alliance... they'd been trounced, from the damage several of the ships were showing. An icy rivulet of fear took hold in his gut, and, on an open channel to Helinith, Insipid threw up.

    TAG: @darthhelinith, last TAG and this TAG for novelty
    Aboard the Fury, arriving

    As much as Trask was familiarising himself with this gorgeous ship, notwithstanding the original design being positively ancient, and as much as San was managing the rapidly-ending lifespan of Harkas, and of course Bernael was doing whatever in his room, Trask, as a Stormtrooper, steered clear of Aryan Graul, and with the former pilot not being medically trained at present, he was redundant in the medbay and everyone was essentially left to their own devices.

    Right until they arrived.

    Trask had no idea what happened, but something nearly clipped the nose of the Fury, and Trask spun the ship to avoid, nearly ramming a Scythe-class battlecruiser, and managing to right himself in a moment - but a quite stressful one. "It wasn't my fault! Someone nearly hit us!"

    An alarm keened as a turbolaser battery targeted them.

    "This is the Jagged Fel, flagship of his Majesty Fel III. You are not an identified member of the Admiral Yage's Imperial deployment." Stiff Imperial voice, female, but not the Emperor or Princess, at very least.

    Another alarm.

    "This is the Alliance, flagship of Admiral Stazi. I have Bey on the bridge here telling me that he managed to track one of my pilots into your hangar bay." The Duros sounded angry - but he was legendary for always sounding angry.

    Another alarm; their nose had been damaged and their stealth countermeasures were down because of it.

    "This is Trask, Joker Squad -"

    "Serving Darth Bernael, yes, Admiral Yage provided the data while we were in hyperspace. Put him on."

    "We want to speak to Graul, now," came a different voice; Bey's voice.

    Tensions were high in the aftermath of the confusing battle. They had lost, in-spite of their plan, their trap, and their combined effort.

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  8. darthhelinith

    darthhelinith Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Feb 10, 2009
    IC: Helinith
    Not wetting herself (yet)

    The tie had not been torn apart trying to engage the hyperdrive (although it had rattled slightly) and Helinith had spent the time in hyperspace trying to sketch a Skywalker family tree on the back of a scrap piece of flimsy she had found stuffed in the glove compartment. No matter how she spread out the Solo children, that side of the tree seemed to keep getting bunched up and squished until she was forced to write sideways. She was just finishing writing Cade’s name, when the Tie dropped out of hyperspace and the jerk caused her pen to shoot across the paper part way through the S of 'Skywalker'.

    Inispid’s warning rang through but she didn’t need it.

    “Oh Kriff!”

    The tiny sith assassin pushed the flight controls away from her as hard as she could and the tie obediently nose-dived out of the way of a ship that had leapt out of hyperspace moments before they had.

    “Watch where you’re going, space hog!” She yelled at it as she zoomed under it, almost straight into another, which forced her to try a tricky looping maneuver. Not ideal if you’ve not flown a fighter in close to one hundred and twenty years. She cut the power to the engine sharply as a corvette appeared almost in front of her and the jolt sent her slamming painfully into the back of her seat.

    As she accelerated again, she decided it was the worst thrill-ride she’d ever been on, much like deliberately throwing yourself off a skyscraper into stacked traffic lanes on Coruscant and trying to avoid every single speeder on the way down. Worse was the damage that some of these ships were showing. She slowed down to slip through a cloud of debris and suddenly realised to her horror that she could see assorted bodies and body parts, trailing from the torn remains of a huge medical frigate, which appeared to be losing power rapidly and starting to drift dangerously close to the battle cruiser next to it.

    Both the sheer danger of what they were doing and the implications surrounding them was not lost on Helinith, and indeed her master seemed to agree as she heard him empty his stomach over the comm. His own fear was palpable and her mouth was suddenly very dry as she pulled forward, desperate to escape this horror as soon as possible.

    “You’re okay, we’re okay. Breathe… Breathe…” She whimpered to herself, though Insipid would be able to hear it.

    Thankfully, it seemed her hands remembered a lot more than her brain did, as much of what she was doing seemed to be muscle memory, albeit slightly stiff. Ships continued to arrive but it was getting easier to predict where.

    As she reached the edge of the armada, she automatically swung her fighter round, anticipating the space battle that might be about to continue. If she was going down, she would go down fighting (and having possibly soiled herself, by the time this was all over).

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  9. darthbernael

    darthbernael Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Darth Bernael, Aryan Graul, Trask, San
    Escaping the Battle

    Bernael had kept the earbud he normally wore in place even as he had headed to his cabin. Locking the door behind him he moved to the desk, seating himself in the comfortable float chair. He closed his eyes, half listening to the comms as he reached into his mind, ’Changed the fates of a portion of the target group, Geist was lost, Harkas seems close to follow, but the others survive, as does the Jedi.’ He waited for but only moments passed before the reply came, ’Continue, my agent, the battle is not complete, and another change is before you, an old acquaintance.’

    Before he could respond, or puzzle out what the voice meant the Fury banked sharply, "It wasn't my fault! Someone nearly hit us!" coming from Trask on the bridge. Bernael began a sigh then paused, the person flying the craft that almost hit them was familiar, from many years previous, changed but still familiar. He sighed again at another mystery, reopened his eyes, and stood. Moving to the door he unlocked it and as he stepped through he heard the comms hiss again.

    "This is the Jagged Fel, flagship of his Majesty Fel III. You are not an identified member of the Admiral Yage's Imperial deployment." Stiff Imperial voice, female, but not the Emperor or Princess, at very least.

    Another alarm.

    "This is the Alliance, flagship of Admiral Stazi. I have Bey on the bridge here telling me that he managed to track one of my pilots into your hangar bay." The Duros sounded angry - but he was legendary for always sounding angry.

    Another alarm; their nose had been damaged and their stealth countermeasures were down because of it.

    "This is Trask, Joker Squad -"

    "Serving Darth Bernael, yes, Admiral Yage provided the data while we were in hyperspace. Put him on."

    "We want to speak to Graul, now,"

    Bernael checked his wristpad, tapped a few commands as he headed to the bridge. The commands went out to the astromechs, to check the nose and see if the damage was repairable. As he stepped onto the bridge he muted the transmit for a moment on all frequencies. “Almost? They do owe us a new nose. Trask, see if you can track them and their companion in all this chaos. I will speak to this representative and we’d be poor hosts to not let Mr Graul contact his people, but no promises to either side.”

    The last was broadcast on the ship’s intercom before he activated his portable holo-emmitter, turning it so the pickup only covered the corner of the bridge he was standing in. ”Darth Bernael, with who am I speaking?”

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  10. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Insipid
    Marshal point above Bastion, True Imperial space

    As Insipid righted himself, he cast out his senses, listening to Helinith. “You’re okay, we’re okay. Breathe… Breathe…”

    There wasn't much he could add to regain his superiority over her as his master, as he stripped off his outer tunic. Delightful.

    He eyed the various ships, with at least three different fleets present. The Alliance cruisers and Rebel crested ships they had captured; the True Imperial Star Destroyers with the red markings; the Sith-Imperial warships with no marking, for they claimed to be the legitimate rulers and needed no markings... but there was no fire between them all, merely ships nudging themselves to target their arrival point - with damaged ships advancing towards the defensive envelope of Bastion.

    Insipid demurred. "Some of the Imperials that followed Krayt have swapped sides, joining the alliance against him." Insipid hated that the Galactic Alliance was in an alliance... it was just annoying terminology... the Galactic Alliance was supposed to be between the New Republic and Empire, not its own state... but over the decades the remaining references to the New Republic had fallen away, especially after Darth Caedus took over the Galactic Alliance.

    But no matter.

    His eye traced their path through the maze, and a damaged but intriguingly designed Fury-class transport... as in, based on a four millennia old design. Someone was a fan of ancient history, Insipid said, but his attention shifted to the Mynock, the personal ship of Cade Skywalker, flitting through the amassed forces.


    The Mynock

    "Come on, Helinith, we need to follow that ship. Full stealth countermeasures." He kicked his fighter into high speed, drawing them both into a quiet spot of the Force. He couldn't hide from Force users like Cade, Roan Fel, or Marasiah Fel, but there was a fair amount of psychic anguish filling the void around Bastion - the injured from the battle they had fled, no doubt.

    "That ship belongs to Vader's great-grandson."

    The planetary shields were opening, and Insipid gunned it, wheeling around rescue shuttles, flotsam still pouring out of damaged hulls, and so forth, concentrating as best as he could. He couldn't help Helinith fly; he had his hands busy. Try not to do anything too flashy in the Force, he thought, grimacing.

    Aboard the Fury, chit-chat

    The astromechs got to work, complaining as they did, and were want to do, while San focused on Aryan's conversation with Bey and Stazi. She was a Jedi, of course, but until she found who survived the Hidden Temple battle, she was at a loose end. As she searched with the Force, Jedi Masters K'Kruhk and Tili Qua reached back, grateful that she had survived.

    "You speak to Imperial Knight Master Sigel Dare, Sith."


    Sigel Dare

    "Give me one reason why I should not shoot you down where you stand. You may have hostages, but that will not allow me to risk my Emperor's life."

    Trask reported in, muting the comm for a moment. "No luck, Lord Bernael," he said. "There's too much debris here - we must have hit some of the mess leaking out of that cruiser." He pointed at a GA Scythe-class in-front of them, which was indeed vomiting wreckage, and even frozen bodies, into the void. It had lost hull integrity while arriving, and shuttles were swarming it even now. He paused. "By the way, Master Dare is reportedly one of the most rigid and asinine Imperial Knights out there. You won't have an easy time of it."

    Meanwhile, Stazi seethed, waiting for a reply. He was already on the move, heading towards his shuttle to investigate what Cade Skywalker had reportedly captured.

    A live Sith Trooper.

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    IC: Darth Helinith

    Location: Flying casual? Kinda?

    Helinith took some time to try some breathing exercises to calm herself down, listening to Insipid comment on the ships they were passing. Maybe that was his way of regaining composure. It was strangely soothing, listening to a scattered museum tour guide of battle cruisers and history, and while she wasn’t immediately interested in it, she found it left her wanting to know more. Insipid’s commentaries on the state of the galaxy, sith histories and politics were surely enough to fill several small libraries, were he so inclined. That being said, she wasn’t convinced he could ever sit still long enough to do such a thing as write a book. He seemed to be more inclined towards the making of history, rather than the mere witnessing and recording of it. Even his purpose here in Bastion, she wasn’t sure she fully understood. He was worried about Kyrat, and working towards the undoing of him, but as to why he was so concerned about it all, she couldn’t quite say. If it had been her, she would have found somewhere to hunker down and wait for it to all blow over. Stasis had that sort of effect on one’s priorities.

    Helinith would have missed the Mynock completely, had her master not pointed it out.
    “Looks like a dump.” she commented as it passed them and they both began to follow it.

    But she was immediately kept busy from further musing, or even processing the bit about Vader’s great-grandson, Cade. The Mynock was deceptively quick and she found she had to accelerate to keep up with it, despite Insipid’s urge for stealth. She brought the tie closer to Insipid’s shuttle, whilst trying to keep up with the Mynock, whilst also trying to not look like they were keeping up with it. It was hard work. She ended up in a sort of pattern of slow acceleration and breaking, not unlike being stuck in speeder traffic. The tie buzzed at her to tell her the planetary shields had opened and she understood, leaning forward in the pilot's seat without realising, willing the tie to get there in time.

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    IC Bernael
    Someone owes me the cost of repairs

    Bernael studied the holo of the woman before him. He could tell from her posture exactly what Trask meant. The comm still muted, ”Appreciate the heads up, Trask. Have the astromechs do what they can but we do need to get through this in good shape.”

    Unmuting the comm he turned back to the Imperial Knight standing before him, ”Apologies, Knight Dare, for the use of the title of Darth, I forgot my manners. However I hold no hostages, everyone who is on board came willingly because I did my all to ensure they survived the chaos Krayt, as well as the battle, caused.”

    A slight smile touched his lips, only external evidence being the slight crinkle of one eye behind the mask, ”I am sure that you have access to what remains of the Jedi Archives, and should Yoda have allowed anything related to the Ghost to have survived, not to mention whatever destruction occurred when Coruscant fell, you may find more about me.”

    He sighed, knowing he’d have to divulge more than he usually ever did, ”Darth was a convenient title to hold while working with the One Sith, but I’ve held many over the years, including Shadow Guardian of the Balance. I am merely attempting to keep my word to those who have chosen to follow me and get them out of the chaos. Any assistance would be appreciated.”

    Sigel sniffed. "You obfuscate. I would ask you to put on the GA pilot and the Jedi, but I gather Admiral Stazi has his own axe to grind with the pilot... some kind of diplomat, in the distant past." A growl. "We need a treaty, perhaps a triumvirate, who knows."

    The Imperial Knight refocused. "I cannot speak for Master Yoda; Jedi Master K'Kruhk, what can you add?"

    All of a sudden, the Jedi Master was joined to the discussion, the Whiphid looking grave. "You speak as if you knew Yoda, Sith?"

    Bernael sighed, ”You may speak with any aboard, or perhaps to Cade Skywalker, as I have seen he too escaped the planet but I am not Sith nor Jedi as acknowledgment of truth is preferred. Yes Master K’Kruhk, I knew Grandmaster Yoda. He did not approve of my path, as he was bound to the Light, but he was also a pragmatist. I serve the balance of the galaxy, Force, Life, and all. And he disliked that that meant that I must sometimes assist the Sith as well as the Jedi.”

    His eyes went distant for a moment before returning to focusing on the pickup, ”Yoda knew that I had access to abilities or sources that the Jedi could not use, but that could be used to assist them. And he would have known my purpose here, to attempt to keep the Dark from overwhelming the Light, although it is close.”

    He muted the pickup to the holo and leaned out of the field, ”Whatever repairs can be done do so, and keep us moving in a trajectory to jump if needed. I’d prefer a diplomatic way out of here, but either way I am getting all our people out safely.”

    Turning back to the pickup he unmuted it and waited, knowing it was a precarious balance to maintain here but unless those there understood it could turn either way. And there was that presence he could still waveringly sense, a familiar one, from years past, somewhere out in the midst of this.

    K'Kruhk ruminated. "Cade is not a forthcoming sort, and I can sense that you and he had a conflict. It was his plan which led us into the trap on Taivas, so calling his name will not aid your case, I am afraid."

    "Nor will heading out-system," Dare said, smiling patronisingly. A powerful tractor beam snagged their ship, though it was done with such precision the shudder was minimal, almost unnoticeable, though Trask's expletives were not.

    "Yoda," K'Kruhk said, "kept his own counsel, and though he knew more of the dark than most, I cannot see how you interacted with him directly. The point is an interesting one, and perhaps I shall research it, but you must understand that you appear to be a Sith infiltrator."

    Trask stepped into the hologram. "Can't I just vouch for him?"[/color]

    "Aren't you a Sith-Imperial? A member of the elite Joker Squad?" scoffed Dare. K'Kruhk lifted a claw to silence her, and her eyes narrowed.

    "Be it as that may, he is not being meddled with, nor is he lying... this young man sought me on Ossus, though I hid in the fallen Temple. I recognise him."

    Trask winced. "Sorry."

    "You were merely doing your job, Trooper." Master K'Kruhk appeared conciliatory, and peered at Bernael. "What would you propose to break this impasse, apart from to merely trust you. You are Sith. Just because you do not adhere to this particular breed of Sith lineage does not mean you have not been corrupted by the dark side to an extent. I am willing to be pragmatic, Bernael, but I am risking the fate of the galaxy on accepting you on the surface - unless you are happy to release your passengers and remain in orbit."

    Dare went to say something. "He could give coordinates for the entire fleet positions; an automated firing solution for the Sith. You can't -"

    "I am sure that Bernael will accept restrictions to his ability to communicate. But we are losing this war, Knight Dare. Unless we adopt some pragmatism, we will not survive the week."

    Trask grinned at her, and her return gaze looked liable to crush his throat.

    Bernael chuckled, albeit without thought, at the words from the Jedi, ”Why do you think I was such a good choice for the Balance, Master K’Kruhk? My kind see the Force as a construct, one that younger races need to be able to see even the tip of the iceberg that is the Balance. So corruption or purification to either side of this construct is all in the mind of the beholder, and I would prefer you not use the term Sith, I am of neither of your Orders, but I would prefer not to get into a philosophical discussion while you hold the fates of the people I swore to protect over my head.”

    He turned his head to Trask, ”While we are still stuck in their grasp, before any decisions are made, ensure that the wounded are still being cared for, hopefully that damage did not include in the medbay.”

    He turned back to the holo pickup, ”Keep communications limited as you wish, the trajectory of my ship should have given you all the proof you needed to know whether I planned on responding to any fleet as we left. I will have to take into account the feelings of all those under my responsibility when choosing to work with others or not, which honestly was what we were attempting to do just before these calls.”

    K'Kruhk seemed to have made his mind up. "You will be tractored to the surface."

    "Master K'Kruhk," snapped Dare.

    "He will be kept under a closer watch away from a comlink and a hyperdrive, no? He can't blow up a capital ship, and he'll be ill placed to commandeer a single turret or blow a shield generator in the presence of so many Jedi and Imperial Knights..." The Whiphid huffed in amusement, and then grew more serious. "And the medical facilities below are less strained than those aboard our orbiting craft, fresh from the battle."

    "He should release any who wish to depart before heading to the surface," Dare chided.

    "Of course," said Master K'Kruhk. "I gather Admiral Yage has asked for Trask when he reaches the surface."[/color]

    "Does that meet your approval, Lord Bernael?"

    Bernael nodded, ”I would prefer not to take my people back down to that chaos filled planet, they have seen so much, too much. But you do have a fleet and I have my one ship, and a guest, so I cannot argue. We will accept your hospitality.”

    He turned away from the comm pickup, out of hearing range, ”Trask, let the troops know what is going on, the Knighthunters will be the toughest with all the Jedi around. San, you are valuable to us. I can understand if you desire to return to the Jedi but I would prefer that you remain with us, I believe having you as part of the leadership of this Legion would reduce the possible friction that will occur.”

    Before he returned to the pickup field, he reached out, not knowing if or when the presence he’d felt would respond but felt he had to send a message, ’Aden...Aden Kya or however you call yourself now, it is the Shadow from your past. I and my people could use your assistance.’

    He then returned to the pickup field, ”Once those who wish to depart do so please guide us to the area you wish to have the ship land.” a smile was almost evident behind the mask, ”But I’d advise against anyone trying to confiscate this vessel and search it, at least without me present, it’s very…..protective of its belongings. And I and the balance would be quite put out if anything untoward happened to it.”

    Dare glowered. "Bastion is the opposite of chaos, Sith."

    K'Kruhk huffed. "Your personal effects will be respected; after a cursory security scan, I will give instructions that the ship be sealed shut and left be."

    The Imperial Knight turned her glare on the Whiphid. "You instruct?"

    "I request, yes, and an Imperial Knight speaking to the Jedi Grandmaster will have to accept my request as an instruction if she wishes this alliance to remain fruitful." K'Kruhk spoke evenly.

    "So be it." Dare cut out, and K'Kruhk shortly thereafter.

    That left San and Trask and Bernael, the Jedi having left Aryan to his discussion.

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    IC: Darth Krayt
    Coruscant, Imperial Palace

    The war was won, and the enemy was done.

    The last of the inevitable traitors had been exposed, and retreated with the routed Alliance and True Imperial forces to Bastion. The incompetent High Moffs had been slimmed down to the point of irrelevance. The remainder - Fehlaaur, Rus and Veed - were almost irrelevant by this stage, especially as Krayt had his own Sith Troopers - a project a century in the works, with their own fighter craft and Dragon capital ships.

    The Sith Emperor allowed himself a smile.

    Everything was proceeding as he had foreseen.

    The last of the pointless scum from the Sith Empire would be burned away in the final battle of the Second Imperial Civil War, be it at Bastion... or not.

    Krayt and Cade Skywalker would face each other one last time.

    Emperor Fel would complete the galaxies demise.

    The news of the defeat at the Hidden Temple crosses the galaxy and arrives in Bastion

    "Take heart, your Imperial Majesty. The Princess has escaped, and many Sith-Imperial ships joined Moff Yage's defection to your side. All of your allies are on their way here," said Hogrum Chalk, the Emperor's closest adviser. His sister was Fel's late wife, Leliah, and the former Imperial Knight was the one that Roan Fel trusted the most.

    Hogrum Chalk

    "We lost, Hogrum. Worse, we have no counter for these new weapons of Krayt's - these Sith Troopers! Be assured - Bastion will be his next target!" The Emperor swept through a secret part of the palace on Bastion, the most heavily fortified system in the galaxy. It was here he had kept his prisoner; a deranged female Devaronian Sith.

    As he stalked, he recalled the offer she had made to him, to avenge herself upon Krayt, who had betrayed her so. A pathogen known as Omega Red, designed to eradicate all life on a world - an advance on the weapon that had been designed to target the Yuuzhan Vong a century before.

    Before, Maladi and Fel


    His resolve was certain as he recalled their discussion, and he spoke it. "I will not wait until the Sith Lord is at our gates!"

    He released the Sith woman, speaking her name. "Maladi. You will make your toxin for me."

    She grinned malevolently, completely unhinged. "And my price?" Maladi hissed. "Cade Skwalker. Dead."

    "You will make your toxin first and then, if it succeeds, you will get what you want." He held up his hand, the full power of the Force held between his fingers - Fel remained a Skywalker by blood, but not name. It was poised to snap her neck. "And we are agreed, or you die now."

    "Then we are agreed," Maladi said, dropping to her knees in obedience.

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    IC: Darth Insipid
    Sneaking in to the most heavily defended locale in the galaxy

    It wasn't an easy sell, not on their best day, but luckily they had arrived at Bastion along with three fleets, and that gave them a minute window. Any other day? They would have been shot to pieces fifteen minutes ago... and they'd only been in the system ten minutes.

    The allied fleets had, helpfully, focused upon that antique Fury, so Insipid and Helinith squeezed through after the Mynock. As a precaution, they shut the shield after Cade and his crew passed through it, and indeed reopened it when Bernael and his assorted crew were guided through. A GA shuttle joined it; ferrying down Stazi and other Alliance officials, as well as various Imperials which joined it. A steady stream of unfamiliar ships was a security chiefs nightmare, but it was war, and they had to adapt.

    Especially when the security chief was busy nagging the Emperor to create a bioweapon.


    Insipid guided Helinith as they broke atmosphere, keeping their Force presences hidden and they managed to find a relatively secluded patch of dirt that wasn't covered by a turbolaser turret, mine, or wandering troop. Bastion had once been scoured clean of life by the Yuuzhan Vong, making it easy for the Imperial Remnant to subsequently transform it into the most powerful fortress world in the galaxy. Tucking his ship beneath a ridge edge at the edge of the capital city, Insipid quickly showered and changed, padding down the ramp.

    "Report, apprentice?"

    Going down

    While the conversation continued between Aryan Graul and the others in his own corner of the ship, the Fury began its trip down. San shook her head at it all as she led Bernael to the medbay and the various Knighthunters within it. Trask attended to what was left of Harkas; he would need several prosthetic replacements.

    "So, Bernael, you've met our Sith, our Jedi, and our Imperial Knights. You're old enough to remember better times, no?" San said lightly, as she focused on settling the unconscious men for transit.

    Trask snorted. "As I was taught it, the Imperial Stormtrooper was based on the older Sith template. The Moffs, too - the first Grand Moff was Odile Vaiken, a human who served the Sith that fled the holocaust of the original species."

    San huffed. "History has a way of repeating certain themes, yes, Trooper, but that simply emphasises that we can work together against Darth Krayt and his future - with all opposition turned into cyborgs."

    "Meanwhile the chaos that the Galactic Alliance engendered is what? Preferable?"

    "Better than the genocides the Empire is want to perform."

    "Didn't you hear me? Sith Holocaust?"

    Trask was speaking of the rewritten galactic history that the One Sith were now requiring to be taught in academies across the Empire, though recently even that had extended to pupils being taught the Sith language too - and expected as they age to adorn themselves with tattoos - a Sith Youth was the next stage in the One Sith design.

    One Sith; One Galaxy.

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    IC Bernael

    Bernael leaned against one wall of the medbay, observing as San and Trask tended to the injured. A slight smile touched the corner of his lip as he listened to them argue. Each side had their version of history and each taught it in such a way as to indoctrinate their subjects to the ‘correct’ beliefs. But these were his people now and strife did them no good.

    He held up a finger, a touch of the Force added to the motion, a call to pause their argument.

    ”History is written by the victors. And rewritten when new victors come to power. Both Sith and Jedi, Empires and Republics have risen and fallen over the eons. Each teaches their people that their way is right and their foes' beliefs are misguided and invalid.”

    Turning the hand he’d lifted over so the palm was face up he concentrated and a sphere came into view hovering over his palm. Half of it appeared dark as the space between the stars and half blazed a pure white light, at least at first glance. Upon further reflection, one could see flashes of light in the dark and dark spots marring the light. ”Are they both, the Light and Dark, pure and unsullied by the other?” Pointing to the Light, ”San, you stand here, but is the Light alone, untouched by the Dark?” Pointing again, to the Dark, ”Trask, the Sith, and through them their people, stand here, but is the Dark dark alone?”

    He rotated his hand around the globe of color, ”This is, of course, a crude representation, but it is effective, and before either ask,” His fingers pointed out every speck of Light in the dark and every Dark spot marring the Light, ”I, like the Prime Jedi, and yes San the origins of your order was in balance not the Light, am the Light in the Dark and the Dark in the Light. Eternally striving to maintain the balance so that neither brings about the End Times.”

    He doused the globe, standing upright. ”You both, Joker Squad, the Knighthunters, all here, save perhaps our newest guest, are my people now and debate is healthy, as long as you recognize, at the end, that we are all allies here, and make our difference to the galaxy as best we can. Whether it’s working within the One Sith, the GA, or any other polity.”

    San paused. "You speak of the origins of the Jedi - rediscovered by Tionne Solusar." Trask looked at her like he couldn't care less, and she powered through. "That we were once Je'daii, and not Jedi - and indeed balanced the light and the dark."

    "Sounds better than genociding people you disagree with for religious reasons."

    "It was a bit more complicated than that; remember the Sith species had been ran by the descendants of Dark Jedi for two millennia -"

    "Dark Jedi, you say? So the Jedi turned a species into what we see today?" The Stormtrooper sneered.

    "The Sith were a violent amoral species before the Dark Jedi arrived and took over their Kingdom," San said, firmly. "But the Jedi were balanced, until they encountered darkness that could not be balanced. That was firstly the Rakata, and then," she looked at Bernael. "The Sith."

    Bernael smiled behind his mask, ”As I said, what is taught is, hmmmm, have you ever played a game where you call a friend, give them a message, then have that message passed along a dozen friends before you get it back? That is history, as it is recorded or taught, on either side of the divide.”

    He shifted where he was leaning, thinking. ”Yes the Sith are attuned to the Dark Side, just as my species is. But, as you both have seen, even a race that can perform legendary feats of Dark Power can also, given the reason or opportunity, perform similar ones of Light Power. The Je'daii were balanced, but it was not just the other races they encountered, those more attuned to the Light or Dark also drew their own followers within their ranks and caused major philosophical divides. To the point that, repeatedly, those on the side of Light threw those attuned to the Dark out of the Order.”

    He chuckled, ”Sort of like the advisors of a being serving the balance arguing their own philosophies and neither recognizing that the other side has a right to their beliefs as long as both sides can work together to ensure their common goal of balance is maintained.”

    He hoped the subtle rebuke of both San and Trask was recognized as such. If his own people could not recognize the need to work together, to fulfill his mission, then those who now held them would be able to drive even deeper wedges of distrust between them.

    San paused, Trask frowned. She looked to Trask, and shrugged. "There are reports of members of the Sith species on Tython, in the Je'daii Order. But it seemed so far fetched with every other recorded mention of them."

    The Stormtrooper nodded. "But Light and Dark, um, oppose each other, right? Balance tries to run them, but does someone oppose it?"

    "Chaos, usually, but it is argued whether Chaos is the result of the Dark... and Balance the result of Light." San eyed Bernael. "Of course some believe that you can manage both sides - Jedi and Sith. Famous ones, at that."

    "Um, Revan, was it? Jacen Solo, too?"

    "Both became Sith at points in their life," San said, nodding. "But there are arguments around people who walk both paths and whether they foster Balance or Chaos... I mean..." She tapped her chin, recalling the old stories. "Jacen Solo ended a civil war and inadvertently released the Bringer of Chaos, a Force Goddess called Abeloth."

    Trask looked at her, blinking. "You can't be serious."

    "Yup. The Jedi and the Sith had to stop her." San sighed. "Which I guess is what Mr Bernael is trying to encourage us to do?"

    Bernael chuckled again, as San and Trask debated. They were coming around to understanding, which was a relief. FInding good agents, advisors, was often very hard to do. He nodded at San, ”Yes, San. I will never try to force either of you to try to take the other’s perspective or beliefs, but the Balance, and avoiding Chaos, often requires those on either end of the spectrum to set aside their differences and work together.”

    He chuckled again, as a memory surfaced, ”At least you two can stand to be in the same room with each other, and work together. In the time of Jacen, the two I had helping, at their ends of the spectrum, often tried to kill each other, if they came in contact.”

    Trask looked amused. "Sounds like a handful." He nodded. "So what's next? Welcoming committee?"

    San eyed Bernael. "I imagine you want to take point on this. I can handle Aryan, after all. But Emperor Fel is an intimidating man, Lord Bernael. Do not underestimate him." She went to take her leave as their ship drifted to the surface.

    ”He is a Skywalker descendant after all, so no I will not underestimate him.”

    Turning back to Trask, ”Yes, I’d imagine both the Jedi and the Imperial Knights, as well as whichever faction that Graul has to meet, will have a representative there, at least, if not troops to ‘ensure our safety’, when we land.” He chuckled at the implication.

    "Well then," Trask said, reaching for his helmet and replacing it. "Time to be anonymous and let you do the hard-work."

    San smiled slightly. "Cute. I know what you look like, though."

    "I'm sure that will keep you warm at night," he said, grinning behind the face of a Stormtrooper.

    She leaned over and kissed the helmet 'cheek'. "Maybe it will." With that, she headed off to the lower deck of the Fury to check on Aryan. Trask for his part didn't move, before looking at Bernael. "Not gonna lie; I'm confused right now."

    Bernael’s eyes shone, as though he was avoiding laughter. ”Congratulations Trask, you have an admirer. But I’d keep wearing the armor, she may kick your butt if you fight her too much.”

    He turned, thinking about the potential welcoming committee. He knew the next period of time would be one of the type of intrigue that often led to someone trying to kill him, but he and his troops had very little choice. He would keep his promise.

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