2005 Razzie Nominations

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  1. adamlee

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    Mar 12, 2004
    did Hayden do the best he could? It is tough to say. The "I'm overwhelmed" line was bad. But the man can flat out demonstrate a character who is torn up inside. I loved the scene where he cries as he stands looking out to Padme. And on Mustafar, I felt so bad for the character. If you watch Life as a House, you will see a great display of acting. Some people say he is whiny. Does anyone remember how much of a baby Luke was? "AWWW but I wanted to go to Toshi station to pick up some power converters!" In AOTC he was a teenager.I would hate to see how whiny people would think i was a few years ago. And i think he had every right to say the way he was being treated was "unfair" The Jedi, whether they knew it or not, were manipulative of him. So in the end, he looked out for himself. It is a survival instinct. Was he wrong? Absolutely. But the fact that hayden did what he did with some porr dialogue says a lot to me. I think people are overly critical because it is Darth Vader. imagine the pressure this guy has.
  2. Siths_Revenge

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    Jul 27, 2004
    You wanna see a bad actor? Check out Samuel L. Jackson as Mace! "HE IS THE TRATAHHH!" Man, that dude can't act. Always ruins films he is in. Has one expression - looking tough onscreen. That's about it. He was so bland as Mace.
  3. ComicDiva

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    Oct 27, 2004
    All things considered, the acting in the prequels wasn't much worse then the acting in the OT, it's just that we've grown to expect other things as time went by. That's what I particularly love about the OT. it has a certain charm to it, because it comes from another generation, one that I didn't get to experience myself. Maybe years from now, my grandkids will feel the same way about the prequels.
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