Challenge 2022 Fanfiction Winter Olympics

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    Closing and Medal Ceremony:

    Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining me for the 2022 Winter Olympics! It was a pleasure to host this event and to see the creativity it inspired from all the writers=D=Everyone should be truly proud of their efforts!

    Now to award our medals to all our wonderful participants!

    Gold Medalists in the Star Wars Triathlon:
    @JediMaster_Jen: She Said the Word
    @Anedon : Knights of the Outer Rim

    Gold Medalists in the Star Wars Pentathlon:
    @Nehru_Amidala: Nehru_Amidala's 2022 Fanfiction Olympic Journal
    @Kit' : The Shadow's Index
    @gizkaspice: The Book of Boba's Cat
    @Thumper09 : Survivor

    Gold Medalist in the Star Wars Decathlon:
    @earlybird-obi-wan: Padawan techie Tarko Sanek Winter Olympics Challenge

    Gold Medalist in the Non-Star Wars Pentathlon:
    @devilinthedetails: Blowing in the Wind

    Silver Medalist in the Non-Star Wars Pentathlon:
    @devilinthedetails: Fire in Her Veins

    Silver Medalist in the Non-Star Wars Decathlon:
    @devilinthedetails : Brave Soldier Boy

    Congratulations again to all our medalists on their hard work and creativity in producing such great stories for this Olympics! A big thank you once again to all who made this event a fun and memorable one as writers, readers, and reviewers[:D]

    This event truly was a joy to host and it was such an honor to present everyone with their shiny new medals! Well-done to all!=D=
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    Awesome job, everyone!! These stories were amazing, and it was a pleasure to take part in the event. Congrats to all of the medalists and participants.=D=
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    Congratulations to the winners and participants! I enjoyed all the entries immensely! =D=
    Boba's Cat is definitely a thing. [face_rofl] I also enjoyed reading more about the characters in the ATLA fandom. :cool:
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