MOD 2022 State of the Fanfic (Really all on Favourites of Fanfic)

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    2022 State of the Fanfic (kinda?)


    Hello and welcome to the 2022 State of Fanfic address, which should really more appropriate be titled “In Which Mira and Bri Discuss The Favourites of Fanfic Event Because We Can’t Think of Anything Else That Needs To Be Discussed.”

    When we came up with the Favourites of Fanfic (FoF) back in late 2019/early 2020, our intention was always to create an event similar to the awards that celebrated FanFic here on the Jedi Council Forums, that remained fair and also manageable for a small group of volunteers to host. Our intention was always to pass it back to the users to run after we ironed out the kinks and it just makes the most sense for this year to be the pass-off year (we likely would have passed it off anyways this year, but with Mav away and Mira and Bri both dealing with the usual real life stuff, it was an easy decision. Mira and Bri will of course still be around for guidance).

    So, we are looking for a small group of volunteers to run the 2022 FoF! Ideally around 4 users who can commit some time every week for the next few months. If you have former awards experience (don’t worry, it’s like 10 times less work than the awards) or have hosted challenges, then great! If not, still apply and we will see if you are potentially a good fit (we don’t want to exclude people but FoF is one of those things where too many people is just chaos in a bad way).


    So what exactly do you have to do?

    If you have participated in previous years, you probably have a good idea of what needs to be done. We want to give creative freedom to the team to run the FoF, while also understanding the precedents we put in place are there for the fairness and sanity of future FoFs. As with the user-run awards, the team will be given access to the private awards sub-forum for planning and drafts.

    So the job can be broken down into three broad steps:

    1. Prep work. This is when rules and announcement posts are drafted (90% of which will probably just be copied from 2021), any changes to process discussed, schedules decided, and categories settled on (again, most of which will be copied from previous years).

    2. Hosting the FoF. Pretty self explanatory. Once a week new categories are announced. Part of this for volunteers will also be using a sock to collect and announce any anonymous submissions.

    3. Creating the final index. Again, pretty self explanatory. This can be done during the FoF but it basically entails making sure the submissions are eligible and making a thread in the private forum that will be stickied here.

    Pretty easy, right? If you are interested in volunteering, please PM Mira and Bri by January 21.


    Thanks everyone and happy writing in 2022!
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    PM sent! I would be glad to help out with the Favorites Festival in any way needed. :)