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    Sep 10, 2002
    Somebody started this on Live Journal. Instead of 100 things about yourself, list out 50 things about your fan fic OC. It's a lot harder than one would have thought. [face_shocked]

    I am stuck here in the rain so I'll submit what I could get down last night. I'll edit it later and complete the last ten.

    Add on, guys! :)

    Just start off with the header:

    Name from [link=]Story Title[/link] Born [Insert date story was first written with character]
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    Sep 10, 2002
    Dyiné from [link=]Dedicated to Service[/link]

    Born 7th August 2003

    Starred Once [cameo role]

    1. Dyiné becomes a handmaiden-in-training in the court of Queen Jamilla six months before the Battle of Geonosis.
    2. At fifteen, she is the youngest handmaiden in Court.
    3. When Senator and former Queen Amidala returns to Theed on exile, Dyiné waits on the former Queen during the latter?s brief stay in the Palace.
    4. Padmé comes to strongly dislike her and almost humiliates her at one time. Dyiné is aware that she somehow offends the former Queen
    5. This is when Dyiné finally meets Anakin Skywalker, the boy hero of Naboo whom she has been fascinated by for ten years.
    6. Ever since the Battle of Naboo, Dyiné has been carrying within her a poisonous mixture of grief and guilt over the death of her younger sister, Nye.
    7. On their meeting, Anakin Skywalker ?heals? her.
    8. Eight months after the Battle of Geonosis, Dyiné completes her training and becomes a full handmaiden of the Court of Queen Jamilla.
    9. She is a capable marksman but her best weapon is the two-hand double dagger.
    10. She is fascinated with the Jedi.
    11. As a child, Dyiné lived with her family in the village Upper Jenth, south of the Equatorial Ocean and west of the Wastelands.
    12. Her father was a carpenter. He died when Dyiné was twenty-two when Naboo was attacked by Imperial forces.
    13. Her mother was the village school-teacher. She died giving birth to Nye, her last child.
    14. Dyiné has one elder sister ? Bale [without the ?é?] as well as Nye.
    15. Dyiné had a twin brother called Tok who was still born; she was never told of this.
    16. The ages of the three sisters at Nye?s death were eight, five, two respectively.
    17. Dyiné did not have a close friendship with her father unlike her sister Bale.
    18. Dyiné blamed Nye for their mother?s death and she hated her in a childishly real way.
    19. Just before the Trade Federation invasion, an epidemic broke out in the neighbouring village of Lower Jenth and it was quarantined. When the droid armies invaded Naboo, residents from both villages, including Dyiné?s family, were indiscriminately rounded up and sent to concentration camps.
    20. The whole family was infected with the spreading disease; Dyiné was the most resilient to its debilitating symptoms and she was responsible of taking care of the others. She took the most care of Nye, going as far as to share her own limited food rations and robbing an eight-year-old boy called Tok of his water ration once to give her sister.
    21. Nye died of complications caused by the disease, a few hours before the sentinel droids in their camps were deactivated at the end of the Battle of Naboo.
    22. In the confusion that followed the prisoners? release from the camps, Dyiné was separated from her family and fell in with a group of wild orphans, Tok being their chief. His siblings and friends, ranging from five to fifteen, were Gwini, Derrin, Opjé and Anel. The relatively spry children wore off the lingering effects of the disease and within days, Dyiné was as healthy as they were.
    23. Dyiné and the orphans became petty robbers, taking advantage of the invasion and battle to rob abandoned shops and homes. They lived in Temples, in luxuriant homes (until the owners returned and chased them off) and in plantation fields.
    24. Dyiné still remembers those times fondly.
    25. Dyiné and the gang picked up news along their journeys and this was how they found out about the Battle and the Queen?s victory as well as the story of the nine-year-old boy hero.
    26. After robbing a costume shop, the gang of juvenile delinquents attended the Celebration. Dyiné threw flowers at the heroes. That was the first time she saw Anakin Skywalker and she was very impressed by him.
    27. Two weeks after her escape from the camp, Dyiné and the gang were robbing a mango plantation when they were caught by its vigilant owner. The children were taken to a Homeless Shelter. After a failed escape
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    Aug 1, 2002
    Ooh, I was one of the ones who did this on LJ. :D

    Amiri from the [link=]Green Stone Trilogy[/link]

    0. (this one doesn't count) She was the only character I've ever had someone say they dislike. I was really happy about that. Mwa.

    1. Despite being a Jedi, she hates killing in any shape and form. Qui-Gon says of her that she's a better person than Jedi.

    2. She has blonde hair and a pink lightsabre. It's not really movie-canon but then again neither was purple til AOTC...

    3. As a girl, her best friends were Kanak Dooku and Beno Karshan

    4. They always argued; she stayed out out the arguements.

    5. She was a slave on Tatooine until she was four years old. She was small enough to fit under the large machines to fix things, so her owner very rarely beat her. She was often made to watch while her aunt was beaten, though.

    6. She never knew her parents

    7. She is good at fighting, she just doesn't like it.

    8. When Amiri was four, a Jedi Master called Della Luthin came to Tatooine chasing a murderer. Amiri's owner was in league with the murderer, and both of them were killed trying to take on Della. Della discovered that Amiri was force-sensitive and took her and her aunt back to Coruscant.

    9. Amiri's aunt was given a room in a building owned by the Jedi and a job in a factory. Amiri never saw her aunt again, and when she was fourteen learned that she died of a disease.

    10. She took Vulna as a Padawan, even though Qui-Gon had hoped she would somehow take Tahl, because Tahl had a Master who she though didn't like her.

    11. She dislikes hologames, Vulna loves them. This leads to much whining. (usually on Vulna's side)

    12. As she and Dooku grew older, they argued a lot more.

    13. When she was little, and being brought up in the Temple, she would use her cuteness as a way to get her own way. This worked on some Masters, but not on others.

    14. It never worked on Yaddle, but she was always amused by it, and when handing sweets out to the younglings sometimes gave her an extra one.

    15. She remembers the podracing on Tatooine vaguely, and also remembers that she was completely terrified by all the explosions and loud noises.

    16. She, like the future Chosen One, is not really fond of sand. Must be a Tatooine thing...

    17. She doesn't much like blood, either.

    18. Her favourite colour is blue

    19. She likes painting, although she's not great at it

    20. When she was on Tatooine, her only friend was a Gungan female the same age as her. She later died, partly because her body wasn't equipped to deal with so much heat and partly because of harsh treatment by her master

    21. She likes dancing, and is quite good at it.

    22. She loves cakes in any shape and size

    23. She is always smiling.

    24. Her aunt gave her a bracelet before they were seperated. However, it was lost on a mission. She was very unhappy about that.

    25. Dooku bought her another bracelet, but it wasn't the same.

    26. She calls Qui-Gon Quiggy, which embarrasses him somewhat

    27. She could have asked to go into the AgriCorps, which would almost certainly have suited her better, but Dooku persuaded her not to.

    28. She used to wonder whether she ever had a brother or sister who was sold to someone else when she was too young to remember. (And no, it is almost certainly not Siri)

    29. She never reads or watches the news; she finds it too depressing.

    30. She used to love dressing up, whether it was as a princess or a pilot or an Ewok

    31. She reckons there is a high chance that the Qui-Gon/Tahl friendship will develop into something more, but she's certainly not going to take steps to prevent it.

    32. She's realy bad at speeling

    33. She likes books, but only ones with happy endings.

    34. She will not necessarily have a happy ending herself

    35. She used to play with dolls all the time...she would act out elaborate stories with them

    36. She is more attuned to the Living Force than the Unifying

    37. After she became a Knig
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    Nov 7, 2003
    name: Nicola Afyon
    Story: lots of 'em but they can be found [link=]here[/link
    Born: Umm, long time ago.

    1. She was born Nicola Ettyk
    2. She's from Ord Mantell
    3. She's the daughter of smugglers who both died when she was only 9 or ten
    4. She flew as a smuggler until she was 14 when she decided to join the Imperial Academy to be a pilot
    5. She served as an Imperial pilot until she was 15 1/2 when she secretely defected.
    6. At age 15 1/2, she went to Coruscaunt and defected to the NRI and became a NRI agent for the New Republic.
    7. She was assigned the code name of Targeter.
    8. She continued to "fly" with the Imps until she was 17 when she defected after her cover was blown.
    9. She had joined the Imps as Inyri Larse.
    10. Her boyfriend when she was an imp was Evin Valton
    11. Her best friend was Koyi Kether
    12. After defecting, her new major identity was Lara Reilly.
    13. She occasionally worked with both Wraith Squadron and with Page's Commandos
    14. She managed to work her way onto Admiral Daala's most wanted list from her work as an NRI agent.
    15. She broke a bunch of Rebels out of prison on Bastion when she was 17.
    16. When she had just turned 19, she got into a load of trouble on Corellia.
    17. The Sith Mother Jori Daragon had sent bounty hunters after her consistantly.
    18. Nicola gets a little sloppy and a bounty hunter corners her and stuns her
    19. She wakes up several hours later in a COrellian street gutter with no memory of anything at all except for her name.
    20. She's found by a Jedi Knight by the name of Bror Afyon
    21. Bror discoveres that she's Force Sensitive and take sher back to Coruscaunt to be trained and he becomes her Master
    22. She joins Wraith Squadron officially, and Bror is also a member
    23. Her memory slowly starts to return
    24. She does not become Targeter officially again for a long time
    25. She gets the call sign of Fighter Girl for being able to kick the arse of pilots almost twice her height
    26. Nicola's only 5'1 with red hair, and silver eyes.
    27. Her best friend is Trickster's Adra Tallon Loran.
    28. She falls in love with her Jedi Master
    29. She and Bror start a very secret relationship
    30. She starts a squadron called The Wild Knights consisting of all Force users or Force sensitives. Adra's her XO
    31. Half of the Wraiths get sent on a mission to Cloud City where they run into a bit of trouble
    32. A week later, Nicola passes the Jedi Trials
    32. Two weeks after that, she along with a large group go to the Council where the res tof teh couples ask to date and she and Bror ask to be married.
    33. While they're in the Council room, the alarm goes off and the Imps are 10 hours from attacking them
    34. Nicola leads her squadron into battle where she and Adra get sepperated from the rest and then she is seperated from the others.
    35. Her friend Tyria Tainer is captured after getting Adra free.
    36. Nicola discoveres that she's pregnant.

    (i'll continue this later, promise ;))

  5. -Trickster-

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    Oct 12, 2003
    Meh, this looks interesting enough. So...50 things about an OC character? *considers*

    Alright, this is for Adra Loran, a semi-lead character in most [if not appearing in all] of the stories at [link=]this place[/link]

    1. She was born in Bastion City
    2. Her father's an Imperial general.
    3. Her mother's an emotional mess who thinks her daughter should be just like her.
    4. At age 9 she tried to kill herself.
    5. Again at age 9, she left Bastion with Jedi Master Yaddle.
    6. At age 10, she hacked into Bastion's Intel head and sent to information to NRI, thus sealing her fate as a NR slicer.
    7. This is how she met Tyria Tainer, Kell Tainer and Face Loran.
    8. For quite some time [we won't embarrass her by telling how long] she had a crush on previously-mention ex-actor.
    9. Her mother actually wanted her to marry Loran, before he defected to the NR.
    10. Upon meeting said ex-Imperial-actor, Adra made a complete fool of herself.
    11. For approximately 8 years, she and Face were known to be in a perpetual argument.
    12. Her best friend is Targeter's Nicola Afyon.

    And Trickster has to get off now so she'll edit this tomorrow. :D
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    Mar 2, 2004
    I could only come up with 25 things, but she's a new character, so I'm bound to add more later. :)
    [b]Name:[/b] Chancee Lowetta
    [b]First Appearance:[/b] March 9, 2004 in [u]The Next Chance Series: A Simple Trinket[/u]

    1. Born 23 years Before the Battle of Yavin
    2. on Coruscant
    3. Natural hair-color: brown
    4. Natural eye-color: brown
    5. Height: 5?8? (1.73 meters)
    6. Mother left family when she was 4
    7. Witnessed father?s suicide at 5
    8. Adopted by the Goewiff family
    9. Enrolled into dance classes at 7
    10. Joined a gang of speeder thieves at 8
    11. Earned a scholarship to the Academy for the Arts on Alderaan at 12
    12. Expelled after being arrested for stealing the dean?s speeder at 14
    13. Joined the Imperial Military Academy at the age of 17
    14. Earned an A+ rating in her first 2 years of flight courses
    15. Dropped out after second year due to what was officially called an illness in the family
    16. Goewiffs were unable to pay for treatment of Mrs. Goewiff?s illness
    17. The real reason she dropped out of the Academy was because conditions of loan offers to pay for Mrs. Goewiff?s medical treatment were? inappropriate.
    18. Made deal with Hutts to put Mrs. Goewiff in a stasis-box until Chancee and Mr. Goewiff were able to afford treatment of her disease.
    19. Acquired [i]Next Chance[/i] at Rodia
    20. Helped evacuate the rebel base on Yavin IV
    21. Unofficially gave Rogue Squadron its name
    22. Helped establish the rebel base on Hoth
    23. Was not aboard [i]Next Chance[/i] when it was destroyed by the Empire 3 months before the Battle of Endor
    24. Disappeared on Coruscant 7 years After the Battle of Endor
    25. Is presumed dead as of 25 years A.B.E.
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    Apr 7, 2002
    Katrael Lianna ni Skyewali from [link=]Oidhche et Fàiredàn Trilogy, Book I: Aftershock[/link]
    Born 26 December 2001

    1. For most of her life she was an only child
    2. Her twin brother died at birth
    3. She's been interested in flying since she was very young and her uncle gave her a Skyhopper
    4. The Yuuzhan Vong destroyed her homeworld and killed most of her family
    5. She thought her mother had been killed, but they've been reunited
    6. Her favourite subjects in school growing up were philosophy and history
    7. She now flies with Twin Suns Squadron
    8. Her father gave her an X-wing as a present to make up for his not being there for her for 17 years
    9. She was 17 before she met her father
    10. She was being trained to take over for her mother as High Priestess when the Vong invaded
    11. She speaks Fellescae, Basic, Bothan, Huttese, and bits of several others
    12. She has two younger siblings, Gylian and Amidala
    13. She was engaged to Jagged Fel, but they broke up when he left to take Shawnkyr back to the Chiss
    14. She likies to work with children
    15. She sometimes helps her mother in the infirmary, though as an assistant as she has very little in the way of healing powers

    I'll have to come back and edit in the rest, my brain's not up to 50 items right now.

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    Oct 17, 2003
    Since this IS about OC's, I thought I would speak for myself.

    1) I am a vegetarian
    2) I have brown eyes
    3) Black hair
    4) I would have followed in the footsteps of Qui-Gon ?style wise?, much to the consternation of my Master
    5) I have a dry sense of humor
    6) People have described my sexual appetites as ?varied as a Senate Banquet?
    7) I have teased people who you would call ?cannon characters? about the above. (You can figure that one out I?m sure.)
    8) I do actually love one person, though it takes me an age to admit it.
    9) That person reciprocates
    10) I have a daughter
    11) Her name means ?light?
    12) I am friends with Anakin Skywalker
    13) I have starred in fics that are not JCF appropriate
    14) They are quite popular too
    15) My skills are technical; in many senses of the word
    16) I was born on Correllia
    17) I am vaguely aware of my birth family
    18) I am fiercely loyal to those I love
    19) I am not a speiciesest (sp)
    20) I love good drink
    21) I know what lines I can safely cross
    22) Usually
    23) I enjoy reading actually.
    24) If it weren?t for the war, I would probably be a historian
    25) I am intensely private
    26) Although my façade may seem otherwise
    27) I don?t like flying really
    28) Toboo understands me and loves me anyway (as his friend)
    29) My friends don?t need explanation and the rest wouldn?t understand anyway.
    30) I?m an artist (I paint)
    31) I write great symphonies in my head but I lack the skill to put them down on anything
    32) I have an uncanny knack of foot in mouth sometimes
    33) Like any Jedi, I own nothing but the cloths on my back and my saber
    34) OK, and a few small tokens of affection
    35) I have a dislike of politics as a rule (ironic actually)
    36) I have three true confidants
    37) Well, two really, I never really understood Gris
    38) I live for the new experience
    39) I have decidedly different views on exploring the living force ;)
    40) I *secretly* am a little afraid on Master Yoda as he knows farrrrr more than he ever lets on
    41) For which I am grateful 90% of the time
    42) I have a secret desire which I will not share
    43) Part of the fun is in the ?hunt? :p
    44) Errrr, I am a man
    45) I hate questions, see 25
    46) I grieved the passing of many friends over the years, especially Toboo.
    47) Depending on what era of my life you read, I live on Couruscant or Correllia
    48) I want my spokesperson to write more for me and my friends
    49) Not only that kind of story, even though they are fun
    50) I [face_love] my lifemate

  9. Layren

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    Ooooh This looks fun. I have several OC's but I'll just do my one I've known the longest and best for now.

    Kyran Josel appearing in [link=] Repercussions [/link] on the boards and in several other fics on

    1. Born (or created if you prefer) July 9, 2001 (I still have the original file too!!)

    2. He has blonde hair and deep green eyes.

    3. He's six year's older than Qui-Gon and only 3 years older than Devin his other best friend.

    4. His lightsaber is teal.

    5. The actor I originally picked when I was creating him was Heath Ledger cause of his curly blond hair in A Knight's Tale.... that just said Kyran all over.

    6. He tends to follow the rules more than Qui-Gon which sometimes leads to conflict.

    7. He's closer to the Unifying side of the Force.

    8. His master was Master Lan'al.

    9. His first padawan was Jayla Bro'ak.

    10. He became a knight somewhere around 24 years old.

    11. He has a fondness for coffee and tea and he likes spicy food.

    12. Whenever he's extremely upset his stomach tends to make him sick.

    13. He was originally created only for rpg purposes as a best friend type character for Qui-Gon. I fell in love with him and I just HAD to introduce him to the rest of the world.

    14. He hates astrophysics class.

    15. Once when he was a padawan he and Qui-Gon played a prank on Master Eeth Koth. Never again.

    16. He likes to play jokes on people when he's got the free time.

    17. He's an exceptional artist and he loves to draw whenever he's got the chance.

    18. He gave Qui-Gon a rock for his birthday once.

    19. He met Qui-Gon when he was eleven by saving him from drowning.

    20. Qui-Gon was five when that happened.

    21. A bond formed between them instantly.

    22. He has a girlfriend in a different fic that he tries to keep hidden from the Council.

    23. He seems to only be able to get together with this girl whenever Qui-Gon is in trouble somehow.

    24. He's saved Qui-Gon's butt more times than he cares to remember.

    25. He's kind of short in comparison to Qui-Gon and Devin. He's about medium build.

    26. He hates to cook.

    27. He once accidentally poisoned his Master by his woeful cooking skills.

    28. His favorite breakfast food is pancakes.

    29. His favorite color is green.

    30. He likes dark cherry and dark woods when it comes to furniture.

    31. He's got a stuffed Wookiee that he's had ever since he was six months old.

    32. His mom gave him that stuffed wookiee before he left to go be a Jedi.

    33. His girlfriend is Lana Marks.

    34. She used to be a slicer in a gang before she fell in love with Kyran and went legit.

    35. She met Kyran saving Qui-Gon's butt.

    That's all I can manage for now lol. I'll do the rest later. When the rest of my brain has woken up.
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    oooh... cool idea. :)

    It looks hard but I'll give it a whirl.

    Nahlia Anteros from [link=]Coruscant Girl[/link]

    1. Nahlia has brown hair and eyes
    2. She was born and raised on the lower levels of Coruscant
    3. She was raised by single mother Juliet Anteros
    4. She was later told her father was Daemun Sevario, a Coruscant crimelord
    5. Her grandparents and mother were Hutt slaves
    6. She likes the same blue drink Obi-Wan does
    7. In the first Episode of Coruscant Girl she works as a waitress in a nightclub called the Aurora club
    8. She first meets Obi-Wan in the club
    9. This is also where they share their first kiss
    10. Nahlia finds Obi-Wan to be a good kisser ;)
    11. Nahlia's ex boyfriend is named Zep Wilco and is kind of a ladies man and a gambler
    12. Nahlia dumped Zep because she caught him cheating on her
    13. At first Nahlia doesn't believe that Obi-Wan is a Jedi so Obi-Wan must convince her with the force
    14. Obi-Wan was drawn into the club in the first place because he had a vision of Nahlia's death and believed he could help her somehow.
    15. Nahlia's mother, and all the women in her family have died from a mysterious disease before the age of 40
    16. Nahlia's never been off of Coruscant until Episode I
    17. Nahlia's best friend in Episode I is Trindi the Twi'Lek DJ
    18. She has never shot anyone with a real blaster or anything else
    19. Nahlia speaks Huttese fluently
    20. She loses her job at the Aurora club after Obi-Wan overzealously "rescues" her from Zep Wilco
    21. Nahlia didn't like that job anyway, preferring quieter enviornment where the clientelle aren't apt to blast her for a wrong drink
    22. By Episode II she is working as a waitress in a family restaurant called Woochassie's

    I'll add more later...


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    Jul 19, 2002
    UPing this since there is a sudden influx of OC interest. :)
  12. Darth_Elu

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    Jan 2, 2003
    Wow another thing with something relating to OCs! This is great, they are finally receiving attention. lol I'll consider doing looks tough. :p
  13. -Erela-

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    Jun 9, 2004
    ::wonders if Ben Skywalker's allowed to count as an OC since Erela started writing stuff with him long before he was conceived in NJO...::

  14. Mistress_Renata

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    Sep 9, 2000
    'Fraid not.
  15. -Erela-

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    Jun 9, 2004
    ::flings some obscenities at NJO:: Oh well. I've got other characters. And I suppose I could always change his name for fanfic purposes, if I wanted to have him recognized as an OC. He's had other names in AUs where he wouldn't have been named Ben.
  16. Deneveon

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    Jun 6, 2002
    Come to think of it... I haven't written a fan fic with an OC in almost a year. Whoa.

    *shrug* I'll have to dig a little deep in my posts to see what's left of my OC. ;)

  17. Jarrkha

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    May 8, 2004
    1. Name: "The Seeker"
    2. created 40 ABY in a lab
    3. awoken 49 ABY once Khan summons his powers.
    4. Height: 2.225 metres
    5. Weight: 95 kg.
    6. Skin pigmentation: Dull dark-orange/gold swirls
    7. "Hair" is actually off-white ciliary cells tasked for extra-sensory purposes
    8. The guy's got no mouth (he doesn't speak)
    9. Absorbs nutrients through extensions in his wrists.
    10. His nose is 2 amphibious slits.
    11. His eyeball is a navy blue and his irises are amber.
    12. His eyes give off a bioluminiscent mist in the dark to help him see.
    13. His fingers are retractable claws.

    14. His nerve endings near limb ends (such as finger-tips, palms, foot soles and toes) feature adhesive cells capable of scaling some organic and inorganic matter.

    15. His calve muscles can actually fold out in an exo-skeleton of fins for underwater locomotion.

    16. His triceps and pectorals can extend gliding membranes.

    17. His metabolism is very high; he can heal within a few hours as opposed to many.

    18. His molecular structure is unstable; after a few years out of his tube, he experiences sickness.

    19. Without any form of control, in his natural mind-set he is quite viscious, mad and feral: he will fight until he is dead--and if nobody is left to fight, he will presume a hunt.

    20. His midi-chlorian count is below normal (or so it seems)...

    21. The Seeker stowaways on Ben Skywalker's first cruiser, first touching the Force near Ruusan!

    22. From Ben, or rather as Ben learns from the Aing-Tii monks, the Seeker's connection to him allows him to acquire the skill of teleportation.

    23. Travels aboard a light freighter takes him to the Fallanassi, where he becomes aware of the White Current; the only thing to keep his sanity in check.

    24. His travels through the war-torn galaxy earn him a bit more sentience with every adventure.
    25. He is an outcast of six bioengineered, lab-grown "Super Soldiers"; the other 5 hunt after him from time to time.

    26. He obtains a double-bladed lightsaber (with one blade blue and the other green)--its handle laden with cortosis ore--from the memorial of a dead Imperial agent from a secret project; the crystals in these lightsabers somehow retain Force-nexes that gives them the essences of battle and passion. With the sabers, he is able to seal his insane nature away, changing his persona dramatically and creating a hidden conflict of schizophrenia in his mind...

    27. He meets up with the cousin of the dead soldier of whom he obtained his lightsaber. He follows her in her search for retribution (her parents died in an onslaught the Galactic Alliance or the Jedi were never aware of).

    28. They cross paths with Zonama Sekot at one point, and he obtains seedlings... his bio-ship, the "Exocron", is stored away on the planet as he flees. Yet, his case in the Force enables his presence to be with the ship at all times, negating its loneliness.

    29. He faces the ancient K'kayeh dragon when running from his would-be captors.

    30. He kills the 5th super soldier, and then chases after his travelling companion once she is captured.

    31. All the while, a strange entity/spirit is drawn to him, haunts him, and guides him along his journey. In fact, this entity was thought to BE him at one point when he awoke.

    32. He defeats the vengeful 4th super soldier, and then the 3rd.

    33. When he returns to Zonama Sekot, he and his allies kill the 2nd and reunite with Exocron.

    34. With Exocron, he travels to Myrkr to obtain another lightsaber: the legendary blade of Anakin Solo. Only he can wield it, for it and the spirit beckoned him to it.

    35. With both special out-of-this-world lightsabers, his persona changes once more; belying a sentience and character of Jedi-nobility and great... power.

    36. When the double-lightsaber is separated from him, his sense of justice, tranquility and peace is kindled by Anakin's lightsaber. ALthough it embodies the significance of the warrior's spirit, it has the opposite effect on him. When he wields the blade, it is so dark purple it can be c
  18. Jarrkha

    Jarrkha Jedi Youngling

    May 8, 2004
    (in case your wondering how Anakin Solo's and Phest Dakk's souls can merge, it is because they are negative reciprocals of each other. In my mystics and fantasy, everyone has a soul-mate yes: but EVERYONE--without fail--has a negative reciprocal. Meaning, if you're evil, your -ve reciprocal is a positive being linked to your destiny in life or the afterlife. Negativity/Diametric Opposition is a major recurring theme in my stories. In fact, I use basic circuitry as an analogy for the Force).
  19. jedi_keladry

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    Jan 25, 2004
    I was gonna tell about the master, but Alanna isn't really an OC - I based her on a character from several novels. So here's the padawan. She is not the lead in "Hope's Sanctuary," she is a supporting character in a fic about Obi-Wan and Padme.

    In a SW alternate universe where knights can be healers, too,

    where Jedi have aptitudes for specific functions and are not sent off to the AgriCorps or Force-knows-where if they haven't the skill to be warriors,

    Jedi Master Healer Alanna Olau took a padawan named Lula.

    [link=]Hope's Sanctuary[/link]

    1. Her full name is Moanilula Yung.
    2) She is a native of the Southern Continent of Naboo, also Queen Jamilla's home.
    3. She is padawan to Alanna Olau, a Jedi knight who also has an aptitude for healing.
    4. Lula doesn't like saber practice.
    5. She has a colossal crush on Obi-Wan Kenobi, though he is eighteen years her senior, and during this fic, a little less than twice her age.
    6. Lula's straight black hair is cut in a chin-length bob, except for the padawan braid.
    7. Her braid has no bead. (Master Alanna is poetry with a saber in her hands.)
    8. Her eyes are dark brown, almond-shaped, and tilted up at the outer ends.
    9. Master Yoda smuggled her and her knight-master out of the Temple in defiance of Chancellor Palpatine's order that all Jedi be confined there.
    10. She and Master Alanna deliver Padme's twins.
    11. She, along with Obi-Wan, teaches Padme the ancient art of Kabon (which is what I call yoga in a GFFA).
    12) Her first kiss was with the son of the senator from Corellia, when she was thirteen.
    13) Lula's favorite color is green.
    14) But she looks smashing in red.
    15) She hates the light freckles that are sprinkled across her nose and cheeks.
    16) She is allergic to pollen and dust.
    17. *If there's any celebrity out there that she looks like, it's Ming Na (ER, The Joy Luck Club). Except for her height...
    18. ...Lula towers over her knight-master and Padme by several inches. Obi-Wan only has two inches on her.
    19) Her favorite dessert is a chocolate slushy, topped with namana slivers.
    20. Lula and Alanna show up on Padme's doorstep late one evening, during a snowstorm.
    21) Her lightsaber blade is bright green.
    22) Lula can't carry a tune in a bucket,
    23) But she loves to dance when she thinks nobody is looking.
    24. Her best line in the whole fic is a response to something Padme does:

    "Wow," Lula whispered, impressed. "I could never get myself out of my uniform that fast, even using both hands."

    "It?s been a while, but this isn't the first time I've disrobed a Jedi in the dark," Padmé admitted dryly.

    The padawan glanced at Padmé's [pregnant] belly and replied, "So that?s why you left Master Kenobi?s clothes scattered all over the floor."

    25. She has a wicked sense of humor,
    26. But she rarely opens her mouth unless it's healing or Jedi business.
    27. She's terribly shy, you see.
    28) Lula loves science, the subtle chemistry of healing remedies and the art of putting a broken body back together using the Force.
    29) Lula also likes mathematics.
    30. Her hands are slender, long-fingered, and very gentle.
    31) But she bites her nails.
    32) Her best friend is a crechemate, a Corellian boy named Osborn.
    33. She has a much sweeter bedside manner than her prickly knight-master does.
    34. Shortly after she and Master Alanna arrive on Naboo, Lula undergoes an agonizing treatment that can prevent genetic material from being stolen from her body after her death and being used as the basis for cloning.
    35) When she was seventeen, Lula sneaked out of the Temple with her friends once, drank a little too much, then had to explain to her knight-master why she spent the night in Osborn's room. (And his knight-master, too. Yikes!)
    36. Lula wonders if her master's relationship with the late Qui-Gon Jinn was deeper than the Code permits.
    37) Though they've never met, Lula is proud of Chancellor Palpatine, because he is a fellow native of Nabo
  20. Seldes_Katne

    Seldes_Katne Jedi Grand Master star 3

    Mar 18, 2002
    I was quite surprised to have learned this much about this particular OC; when I first planned my story, she didn?t even have a name, and was meant as just another background character. Kimma Nril appears in my story [link=]?No Good Deed?[/link], and will eventually play a role in a piece with the working title ?Rites of Passage?.

    1) She?s a female Guungan, called ?Gungans? by the human inhabitants of Naboo.

    2) Her skin is tan, with darker brown swirled spots.

    3) Her eyes are yellow.

    4) She?s average height for an adult female of her race.

    5) Kimma, like other Gungans, lacks the mammalian features that make her gender obvious to a human. Many humans who are unfamiliar with Gungans would consider her male until she speaks; she has a feminine voice, which, along with her clothing and jewelry choices, would reveal her to be female.

    6) She relies much more heavily on her sense of smell than a human would; she can also see much better in dim light, since her ancestors evolved to see under water.

    7) She is a powerful swimmer, and can hold her breath for half an hour.

    8) Kimma has two essoans (?husbands?), Sen Tal and Hanar.

    9) They?ve Taken In two sons: Temmis, about 10 years of age, and Plirri, about six years old.

    10) Like most mothers, she is very protective of her children and family.

    11) Kimma was originally a full-time soldier in her local unit of the Gungan Grand Army, but left the service to begin a family.

    12) She has training with three different riding animals used by the Gungans: kaadu, the two-legged cavalry mounts; falumpasets, the surly camel-like beasts that pull the ammunition carts; and aiwhas, the creatures that can both swim and fly (we saw one in Attack of the Clones on Kamino ? aiwhas are native to Naboo, but are being exported to other worlds).

    13) Kimma was born in a settlement outside Otoh Dinistallis, the only large Gungan city built into the cliffs of one of Naboo?s oceans.

    14) She did her military training in Otoh Dinistallis, eventually working her way up to membership in the Flying Wing, the highly skilled and respected aiwha riders.

    15) Kimma chose Sen Tal as a mate because of his hunting and farming skills, and Hanar for his ability to make clothing and various other useful implements.

    16) Because she was the one who proposed to her mates, and her family elders negotiated the matches, both Sen Tal and Hanar became members of Kimma?s clan family. Their children are also considered part of Kimma?s clan, as opposed to belonging to either of the males? original clans.

    17) Neither Kimma nor her essoans are the actual biological parents of their children; Gungans produce children communally, and adults interesting in adopting children choose from among the offspring born each year. (Gungans reproduce the same way frogs and toads do ? many eggs from a single mating.)

    18) Kimma was born to, and is a member of, the Ikopi Clan (the ikopi is an antelope-like animal of the Gungan swamp).

    19) During the Trade Federation occupation of Naboo, Kimma?s family was taken prisoner while attempting to reach their nearest Sacred Place.

    20) She, along with her family and several humans, was rescued by the Third Mounted Patrol, led by Captain Roos Tarpals.

    21) Kimma?s background in the military quickly earned her a place in Tarpals?s command as the group journeyed to the human village of Tendesay.

    22) Despite having her family along on the trip, Kimma volunteered for guard duty in camp; she was also chosen as a member of a small force assigned to locate a Gungan waystation and removed the weapons, dried food and equipment stored there.

    23) During the group?s journey to Tendesay, Kimma and her family informally adopted a human girl named Zanté, who had apparently lost the ability to speak.

    24) After the task force failed in their first attempt to locate the waystation, Kimma destroyed one of the pursuing Trade Fede
  21. The_Jedi_Ambyr-Rose

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    Jun 24, 2003
    Too late @ night for links...

    Name: Milo Dwyer
    Story: A Graying Rose (look in my bio)
    Born: 40-50 years after RotJ

    1. Milo Dwyer is an investigative reporter.
    2. His father is the one and only Anakin Solo.
    3. His mother is Tahiri Veila Solo.
    4. Despite his legacy-like parentage, he was raised in an orphanage on Sero, a man-made satellite of Hoth.
    5. He has brown hair.
    6. He has dark chocolate eyes.
    7. He doesn't know who his parents are.
    8. Milo has no idea that his real name is Colton Bryce Solo.
    9. He is 26 years old.
    10. Milo has adopted orphans of his own.
    11. Milo has no idea that the woman he is currently interviewing is, in fact, his mother.
    12. He also has a sister, whom he has never met/
    13. He has force-abilities.
    14. He is unaware of his Force-abilities.
    15. Milo doesn't know that his mother destroyed the Yuuzhan Vong.
    16. He doesn't know that the obituary he's writing is his father's.
    17. He lives on a planet where Jedi are now a myth.
    18. He has no idea that his parents were Jedi.
    19. He believes that he has no connection with Jedi.
    20. He is skinny.
    21. Milo is considered a geek by his peers at the office of the paper he works for.
    22. He accepts all words as the truth.
    23. He has always done an honest day's work.
    24. he has a very good heart.
    25. Milo thinks that everyone is trusting and good; he has no knowledge of the ways of the world before the destruction of the Jedi.

    More later!!
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