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  1. MusicTrooper

    MusicTrooper Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 22, 2005
    ok, though I would just start this and see where it goes.

    My hope is to just re-edit the first post over and over until
    I loose interest or am done.

    Not all films I have can be listed here due to family-friendly issues.
    but I will try to sneak some of them in any way.

    and so, starting with the films that begin with a number, then alpha betical order.
    Unless otherwise stated, they are all laser disks.

    Bold, indicates a recomendation, otherwise must read to see if I comment further.

    1 or one

    One Million B.C._______(1940)__Victor Mature__(one of his best films)
    One Million Years B.C._(1966)__Raquel Welch___(one of her best films)

    Why? Musical score and lack of dialogue. Both films go on for quite some time
    and do not even use verbal sounds during the beginning.

    One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest___1975___A Jack Nicholson Classic tale of insanity.
    (let's hear it for Louise Fletcher as Nurse Ratched)

    Not recomended but fun films for me are,
    One, Two, Three__1961____A James Cagney comedy involving Coca-Cola
    One-Eyed Jacks___1961___Western___Marlon Brando___only film he ever directed, (also starred) Not rated, but banned in Finland at the time.....

    2 or Two

    Two Mules For Sister Sara____1970___A fun Clint Eastwood film that includes a nun who may not be one.

    Two Minute Warning___1976____Charlton Heston
    Original version just had a sniper with unclear motives,
    re-release made like it was to cover up a theft.

    3 or Three

    Three Days Of The Condor___1975__GREAT SPY story
    Three Coins In The Fountin___1954___I am a sucker for films about Rome
    Three Godfathers__1949__John Wayne western about finding baby in dessert. Its good, honest! 1936 version also ok.
    and where all those 3 men and a....movies come from.
    Three Little Words__1950__Fred Astaire & dancing get me everytime.
    Three Lives Of Thomasina__1963__It is a good DISNEY film for people who like cats:)
    Three Musketeers__1939 version pretty good, and 1974-comedy with Raquel Welch (at her best) also pretty good.
    Three Worlds Of Gulliver__1960__A highly recomended kid/adult classic with music by Bernard Herrmann and Special Effects by Ray HarryHausen. Anyone remember Family Classics?

    Other 3-s of note 3 Amigos__(1986 Steve Martin comedy)// 3 Caballeros (1945 Disney Animation)// 3 Came Home (1950 WW2 Prison camp story)// 3 on a Match (1932 grity pre-code drama)// 3 Penny Opera (1931 German film, must see for film students)

    Guilty Pleasure 3 in the Attic___1968__VHS__R-rated at the time. Basically, I like almost all films from 1968

    4 or Four

    Four Feathers___1939__Epic British/India war related tale of guy who must prove he is not a coward.
    Music by Miklos Rozsa. (hhhmmm, I am interested in Music, who knew:)

    other films of note__Four Hourseman of the Apocolypse_1921 (WWI) or 1962 (WWII) family war story// Four Hundred Blows (Art film)// Four Jills In A Jeep-VHS 1944 (fun for the GI-s of WW2 & I'm a Carmen Miranda fan) // Fourth Protocol_1987 (Michael Caine & Pierce Bronson in cold-war nuclear-bomb thiller.

    5 or Five

    none to recomend

    other films of note__Five Pennies__1959 (Danny Kay & Louis Armstrong)// Five Came Back__1939 (Lucille Ball in non-comedy)// Five Weeks In A Balloon__(compelling cast of, Red Buttons, Fabian, Barbra Eden, Peter Lorre)

    6 or Six

    none to recomend

    other films of note__Sixth Sense__1999 (Bruce Willis in one of the very few scary films I like)

    7 or Seven

    The Seven Samurai__1954__Toshiro Mifune in Best Samurai Movie, ever!
    You must read sub-titles, however. Also, I should note, that any movie Toshiro is
    in works for me.

    Seven Faces of Dr. Lao__1964 Great Fantasy Movie
    with special effects by George Pal

    Seven Days In May__1964 Burt Lancaste

    TAUNTAUN_WE Jedi Master star 4

    May 23, 2002
    I am really looking forward to this. I expect to hear some good recommendations for some films that have otherwise flown under my radar. Keep it coming, MT.
  3. MusicTrooper

    MusicTrooper Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 22, 2005
    So, at TaunTaun_We's urging, I am posting to note an update/edit in my first post.

    Numbers 4 to 20 are now done. Other numbers will soon follow, but should be done soon.

    I invite all to post here of any film of note, between 1 and 20 at this time, that they
    think of that they liked, that I failed to include.

    In general, I thought a comment on what kinds of films I like should also be noted.

    Musicals, especially the classics by MGM

    WWII era films, both during the era and of the era

    war films in general

    Spy films in general

    Samurai movies in general

    Sci-Fi/Fantasy in general

    Cult films in general.

    Scary films...rarely

    Love Stories...rarely

    films from 1968 in general....I was 16/17 at the time...go figure

    Films with good soundtracks

    Dance films

    Biographic films

    Farce comedy.

    and so, I hope to update post one, and then post to the thread
    every once in a while to note what to look for in post one,
    and maybe include commentary.

    TAUNTAUN_WE Jedi Master star 4

    May 23, 2002
    MT, you appear to be a true film buff. How many titles do you own? Or perhaps more interesting, how many different formats (Beta, VHS, Laserdisc, DVD, etc.)?
  5. MusicTrooper

    MusicTrooper Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 22, 2005
    Well, how many titles________A LOT[face_laugh]

    number of formats__________not all,
    am missing, HD-DVD, Blue-Ray, and no actual film, super-8 or otherwise.

    I have a format I am unsure of at this time, and do not even know what it is about,
    just that someone gave it to me, so it may be Beta.

    I have Star Wars on,

    VHS, LaserDisc, CED (but no CED player) and DVD. (wish I had Beta or Super-8)

    The majority of my collection is LaserDisc, so maybe 3000-titles there,
    collected and inherited (from friends)
    over about about a 24-year period of time starting in 1985.

    Mostly from ebay and going out of business sales,
    or never at full price and often at around 5-bucks.

    NOTE: one freind left me about 200.

    I have 2 identical dedicated laser disk players,
    and 2 additional players that handel many formats,
    like 3-inch CDs, 5-inch CDs, 5-inch LDs, 8-inch LDs, 12-inch LDs

    and 1 more player that handles all of those and also 5-inch CD-G karaoke disks
    some of those players from ebay for about $100.00, but they sold for new around $1000.00

    most have been out for repairs over the years. (motors just do not seem to run for-ever,
    who knew:D

    more on my list soon,
    feel free to comment on any titles.

    BOLD, are ones I recomend, the rest hopefully let you know more about me.
    and this activity keeps me off the

    TAUNTAUN_WE Jedi Master star 4

    May 23, 2002
    this intrigues me [face_laugh]

    I do remember Family Classics - Sundays on Ch 9, wasn't it?

    This list, and MT's other comments re: his collection and films in general, makes me realize how uninteresting I really am. [face_worried]

    TAUNTAUN_WE Jedi Master star 4

    May 23, 2002

    This really surprises me, actually!

  8. MusicTrooper

    MusicTrooper Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 22, 2005
    ok, I finished the numbers, Let's see how my interest holds up as I consider the A-s
  9. MusicTrooper

    MusicTrooper Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 22, 2005
    OK, the ____________As______are posted!

    and I think I will not try to put the entire list into the first post,


    I will see how it goes and combine letters like X, Y, and Z as one post.

    then I thought I might go back and re-organize them, with what year I seem to favor,

    what Star, what kind, etc.

    and then, I might put togehter a fav list and a must see list,

    and then.......well, I am very much ahead of myself now,
    as the rest of this list will take some time.....

    as always,

    comments are welcome:)
  10. ovr30xrs

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    Dec 1, 2008
    Hey Mt I am thinking about getting rid of my laser disc player and movies any ideas??
  11. MusicTrooper

    MusicTrooper Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 22, 2005

    or, your options are,

    1.) Donate it all, and take it as a deduction at tax time.

    2.) Keep them. ( I am currently re-watching my Star Trek LDs
    from the late 80s, and they still look great and should last me til I'm
    off fighting evil in another dimension)

    3.) Sell them. unlikely. about 6-years ago, the only store that
    still bought/traded laser disks in the Chicago area that I know of
    went out of business. Around the same time internet sources also became scarce,
    and ebay sellers, also became less.

    So, to sell them on ebay would be a project, and more than likely you have
    mostly common or un-sell-able titles....sorry just the collector in me:)

    I would like to know the titles anyway, unless these area RCA-CED type laser disks.
    so start a thread, and just post titles in shortest/easiest manor as I will know
    if any have any hope of being worth anything, but once again unlikly.

    Your player, should also play CDs, so it should be ok as a CD player in general,
    even if you get rid of your LDs.

    TAUNTAUN_WE Jedi Master star 4

    May 23, 2002
    Re: donations, would an electronics program at a local school have any use for the equipment?

    Re: selling, I hope MT doesn't take this the wrong way, but maybe you could find an antique dealer who sells circa 1970s/1980s electronics.
  13. Xmaveric

    Xmaveric Jedi Master star 5

    Nov 25, 2000
    zomg long list!

    Seven Samurai - Loved this movie.
  14. MusicTrooper

    MusicTrooper Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 22, 2005

    Must admit, never thought of electronics
    as an antiques, tho I do have a telephone from circa 1920s.
    (yes, it is up and running and still works, ringer box included!)
  15. MusicTrooper

    MusicTrooper Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 22, 2005

    Many films have adapted this story line.

    Famous amoung them are,

    The Magnificient Seven (has screen credit to 7-Samurai)

    Battle Beyond the Stars.

    in other Seven Samurai thoughts,
    there is a pretty gosh darn good modern day
    animation also based on this film. It is a Sci-Fi
    background to the story, but very well done for
    fans of the original film.


    to add,

    Samurai 7

    an 18 episode TV series, that was fun to watch.
    Done as Sci-Fi with swords and machines,
    but the flavor of the farming community and
    the struggle are there in a way that is a
    tribute to the original story line.

    TAUNTAUN_WE Jedi Master star 4

    May 23, 2002
    Just a quick comment on MT's "A list". As will be the norm for this, I have seen only a small number of these films, but I can vouch for Arsenic and Old Lace and the Andy Hardy movies, at least Life Begins for Andy Hardy.
  17. MusicTrooper

    MusicTrooper Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 22, 2005
    Just an update comment.

    I am working on the____ Bs ____

    and it is getting out of hand,

    I may have to split that post up into two posts.

    One being my list of ones I recomend,
    and the other one of movies of note.

    If I can continue this, I am sure it will
    eventually get quite rediculous[face_laugh]
  18. MusicTrooper

    MusicTrooper Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 22, 2005
    ok, the Bs are done and should be posted shortly.

    As I work on this, I can see that I would like to cull sub-lists once I am done,
    if I get done___ha ha

    There will be two posts for the Bs. One is the "BOLD",
    which is mostly films I recomend in general and also to reveal
    a little about me:)

    Ideas for sub-lists are, which year do I favor the most, how many are silent films,
    can I make an all-time fav list under 100 films,
    can I make a must see list (including Favs and non-Favs), a list where the Music
    is the focus, etc______suggestions?

  19. MusicTrooper

    MusicTrooper Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 22, 2005

    Babes In Toyland__1934__re-titled March Of The Wooden Soldiers
    Laurel and Hardy at their best!
    Note- Annette Funicello fans will enjoy 1961 re-make.

    Back To School__1986 a favorite comedy
    With Rodney Dangerfield at his best!

    Back To The Beach__1987 a ?MUST SEE? for fans of beach movies!
    Annette Funicello?s last major film, Her co-star, Frankie Avalon,
    helped her cover-up her disease (MS) (Pee Wee Herman & Don Adams)

    Back To The Future__1985__and both sequels. One of the few,
    Where the sequels match with the original

    Bambi__1942__Disney Classic!

    Band Wagon__1953 color, Fun musical with the famous song
    ?That?s Entertainment?

    Bank Dick__1940 comedy with W.C.Fields at his best!

    Barabbas__1961 epic about thief spared from crucifixion
    by Pontius Pilate and his gladiator life to religion .

    Barbarella__1968 One of my all time SCI-FI favorites.
    Where the rock group ?Duran Duran? got it?s name.
    This is also the first soundtrack album I bought to
    Start my collection. I was 17 in 1968.
    Note; CD of music became available as a bootleg around 2005,
    so my long-playing vinyl record album is still better.

    Bataann__1943 another very good WWII film

    Batteries Not Included__1987 Schmaltsy kids Sci-Fi film,
    that I really like.

    Battle Circus__1953 Humphrey Bogart in Korean War MASH unit.
    (TV MASH fans should watch this.)

    Battle Cry__1955 another fine WWII film with music by Max Stiener

    BattleGround__1949 Good WWII ?Battle Of The Bulge? story
    Beware of colorized version

    Battle Of Britain__1969 well made WWII film with dogfights.
    Rumored to have inspired George Lucas.

    Battle Of The Bulge__1965 Originally in Cinerama!
    Henry Fonda, Telly Savalas, Charles Bronson in another
    Good one for fans of WWII films.

    Bat-21__1988 GREAT Viet Nam War Film with Gene Hackman
    As a Downed Air Force comander trying to get rescued.

    Beach Blanket Bingo__1965 Just the cast alone is reason
    Enough to see this film, though I really like most ?Beach Films?
    Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello, Paul Lynde, Don Rickles,
    and Harvey Lembeck as Erik Von Zipper and my favorite
    silent film star Buster Keaton. Also, Candy Johnson,
    another one of my favs.

    Beachhead__1954 another good WWII film for fans of this genre,
    Not available except off TV as far as I know.

    Beach Party__1963 Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello, Candy Johnson.

    Beast From 20,000 Fathoms__1953 B-Film sci-fi fun,
    with very good special effects by Ray HarryHausen

    Beat Girl (Wild For Kicks)__1960 50s rock style film
    with fantastic music by John Barry of James Bond fame.

    Beat Street__1984 One of my favs, music and dancing.

    Beau Geste__1939 (1926 silent also good)
    Gary Cooper French Foreign Legion War Film

    Beauty and The Beast__1946 FRENCH Sub-titled, a must see.
    Also, animated 1991 Disney version ok for kids.

    The Bedford Incident__1965 good cold war story
    involving Russian Subs & nukes
    Richard Widmark and Sidney Poitier

    Beetlejuice__1988 brilliant/fun film for Halloween. Great
    Danny Elfman music assisted by fun Harry Belefonte
    Musical ending ?Jump In The Line?

    Ben Hur__1925 Great silent film epic includes a pre-code
    Nudity scene as one of a few scenes filmed in an early

    Ben Hur__1959 11-Oscar Record, rarely seen in original aspect
    Ratio with fantastic Miklos Rosza score!

    Benny Goodman Story__1955 Steve Allen, Love BIG BAND music!

    Best Years Of Our Lives__1946 Post WWII film of war veterans
    re-adjusting to civilian life.

    Big Parade__1925 must se

    TAUNTAUN_WE Jedi Master star 4

    May 23, 2002
    Very slow to get around to commenting on "MT's B's"...

    I am continuing to be amazed by the breadth of MT's lists. This one ranges from the all time classics (Ben Hur) to 80s classics (The Breakfast Club) to the I-never-would-have-guessed-in-a-million-years (Breakin')!
  21. MusicTrooper

    MusicTrooper Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 22, 2005
    NOTE to all, am still working on the

    notable-B films.


    In the numbers and As, there are movies in BOLD and others that are not,

    the not are notable films that are not on my bold list.

    and so here are my thoughts on that at this time.

    BOLD listed films are films I

    a.) Recomend
    b.) are a favorite and thus expose me for the nut I am
    c.) may not be great films, but I think should be seen anyway

    The not-bold listed films are all ok films and usually
    have something____notable____about them.

    Lastly, these lists refelct only half of what I have,

    For example, there will be somefilms listed with John Wayne,
    Fred Astaire, Toshiro Mifune

    or films about WWII

    or films James Bond,

    in all my lists__________but not all that I own,

    or, have tried to get every John Wayne film I can,

    have about 400 war related films,

    and not all James Bond films will make the posted lists,
    like___Never Say Never

    ok, hopefully the notable B-s will be up soon:)
  22. MusicTrooper

    MusicTrooper Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 22, 2005
    Finally, The notable_____B-s

    n-Babes In Arms___19xx & Babes On Broadway__19xx
    for Mikey Roonie/Judy Garland fans

    n-BabyFace__1933__Barbra Stanwyck (John Wayne) in pre-code film
    with racy story of woman who ?sleeps? her way up the corp ladder.

    n-Baby The Rain Must Fall__1965__Steve McQueen & Lee Remick (2-favs!)

    n-The Bachelor & The Bobby-Soxer__1947 Cary Grant & Doris Day

    n-Back To Bataan__1945 Good WWII John Wayne film.

    n-Bad Day At Black Rock__1955 gritty Spencer Tracy drama.

    n-Bagdad Cafe__1988 only for the Eclectic

    n-Ball Of Fire__1941 Gary Cooper & Barbra Stanwyck comedy

    n-Bamboo Blond__1946 Love RKO films with Francis Langford

    n-Bamboo Saucer__1968 Sci-Fi B-film fun.

    n-Bananas__1971 Off the wall Woody Allen comedy.

    n-The Barbarian & the Geisha__1958 worst John Wayne film!

    n-Bathing Beauty__1944 Ester Williams in 1st starring role.

    n-Batman (all versions) but less and less with each sequel for me.

    n-Battle Beyond The Stars__1980 Sci-Fi tribute to Seven Samurai
    plot with notable music by James Horner

    n-Battle of Neretva__1970 ok __film with a pretty good score
    by Bernard Herman

    n-Bedazzled__1967 comedy, I am a Raquel Welch fan.

    n-Bedlam__1946 good Boris Karloff insane asylum chiller.

    n-Being There__1979 Peter Sellers masterpiece
    and eclectic film of dark/warped humor and human behavior.

    n-Bells Are Ringing__1960 from play of same name,
    famous song ?The Party?s Over? with Dean Martin & Judy Holiday.

    n-Bells Of St. Mary__1945 Bing Crosby & Ingrid Bergman

    n-BEN__1972 bad rat-horror sequel to Willard, made notable,
    by Michael Jackson singing the title song!

    n-Beneath the 12-mile Reef__1953__under water film about
    sponge fishermen, one of my stranger favorites.

    n-Benji__1974 a film for the whole family. (love dog films)

    n- Betsy?s Wedding__1990 am a Molly Ringwald fan

    n-Big__1988 fun Tom Hanks film

    n-Big Jake__1971 John Wayne & Richard Boone western with
    great showdown/dialogue scene.

    n-Big Steal__1949 Robert Mitchum in worthwhile robbery capper story.

    n-Bill & Coo__1947 all trained bird actors in live action film
    with pretty gosh darn good story line.

    n-Bingo Longs Traveling All Stars__1976 Billy Dee Williams,
    plays a Satchel Paige like character in a 1939 story
    of Negro League baseball.

    n-Birdman Of Alcatraz__1962 Burt Lancaster in good prison film

    n-The Black Cat__1934 nice chiller with film rivals,
    Bela Lugosi & Boris Karloff

    n-The Black Hole__1979 Sci-Fi fun, with great John Barry march/theme
    at the front of the movie on a blank screen.

    n-Black Stallion__1979 another family film about a horse.

    n-Blowup__1966 eclectic British art film of a photographer
    with music by Herbie Hancock (John Travolta?s film Blowout
    is the action version of this story)

    n-Blue Max__ Fantastic Jerry Goldsmith score, Ursula Andress, and WWI
    dogfight scenes hold my interest in this one.

    n-Blue Skies__1946 Fred Astaire & Bing Crosby ?Puttin? On The Ritz?

    n-Body Snatchers__1945 Ciller pairing film rivals
    Bela Legosi & Boris Karloff

    n-Boeing Boeing__1965 mindless Jerry Lewis comedy with Tony Curtis

    n-Bombardier__1943 good WWII film serves as insight into
    American style propaganda film for it?s time___Need__VHS-only.

    n-Born Free__1966 another fine family film with
    a great John Barry (James Bond) score.

    n-Boston Stangler__1968 Gritty R-Rated film casts Tony Curtis
    against type, as the insane killer.

    n-Boys Towne__1938 Spencer Tracy & Mickey Rooney reflect the
    thinking of the era for story of true story.

    n-BrainStorm__1983 basic goo Sci-Fi Story well told.

    n-Breakfast at Tiffany?s__1961 mushy story with GREAT
    Henry Mancini music.

    n-Bride Wore Black__1968 French film __Bernard Herman Score

    n-Bridge Too Far__1977 good WWII Sean Conery film

    n-Bridge to the Sun__1961 Based on a true story of Southern girl
    who marries a Japanese diplomat and then moves back to
    Japan at the outbreak of WWII
    NOTE: another film I can n

    TAUNTAUN_WE Jedi Master star 4

    May 23, 2002
    MT, are these posts from a list you already have compiled, or are you doing all this off the top of your head?

    Surprises in this list for me:

    n-Batman (all versions) but less and less with each sequel for me.

    I wouldn't have thought some of those films would have been good enough to even be "notable".

    n-Bedazzled__1967 comedy, I am a Raquel Welch fan.

    When I read "Bedazzled", at first I thought of [link=]this[/link].

    n-Benji__1974 a film for the whole family. (love dog films)

    I didn't know this: "(love dog films)"! This thread should be retitled to "Getting to Know MT"

  24. MusicTrooper

    MusicTrooper Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 22, 2005
    ref Batman___well, nothing can top the 1966 version, so I guess I am recognizing,
    the franchise and the many many fans it has:)

    ref dog films_______grew up on Rin Tin Tin (TV), and a little know film,
    The littlest Hobo, and of course Old Yeller. Dog films will hopefully
    get their own list, if I ever get done with this master list,

    which answers your first question, sort of, and that is
    I do not have a master list.

    I have a want-list, and an older (15-yrs ago) what do I have list,
    but, mostly, my current active list, is the actual laser disks
    in boxes and book cases, along with what ever is in my head,
    and any research tools, such as the IMDB.

    My method is to look at what I own, and then to try to sort this mess into

    BOLD____or I think it should be seen or I really really like it.

    notable___I sort of think it should be seen, or gotta admit I kinda like it.

    not posted___the stuff I have for some reason that is not yet clear to me
    but that I can not throw it out. And also some adult, foreign, TV, documentary, etc.

    Then, I put the bold into a word-documdment, and try to include,
    enough info to put the film into a catagory that makes sense
    or some reason to watch the film, a story, a star, an era, I like it, etc.

    Then I look for errors, and post the BOLD,
    then I rework the N, and try to get rid of a few more items.

    and then try to confirm, if I need a copy of the film, or if the copy I have,
    is DVD or VHS_______otherwise, these are all Laser Disks, (I have about 3000)

    and then corrections,

    Lastly, very very very much appreaciate the comments about the list,
    any others who wish to chime in and/or tease me on any title,
    please do so:D
  25. MusicTrooper

    MusicTrooper Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 22, 2005

    Cabaret__1972 8-Oscar Liza Minnelli pre WWII story with great songs like,
    ?Money Make?s The World Go Round? & ?Come To The Cabaret?

    Caddyshack__1980 must see even for non-golfers with
    Bill Murray & Rodney Dangerfield at their best.

    Caine Mutiney__1954 Humphrey Bogart (1988 TV re-make also good
    NOTE: original soundtrack album is still very valbuable
    So if you find it around just give it to me___lol

    Captain Blood__1935 great Errol Flynn Swashbuckler

    Carbine Williams__1952 James Stewart in TRUE story of Convict, who while in prison
    invented, built & test fired an M1 Carbine automatic rifle that would used
    By the U.S. Military in WWII.

    Casablanca__1942 Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman MUST SEE classic.
    SONG___?As Time Goes By?

    Casino Royale__1967 great spoof of all James Bond films. SONG__?The Look Of Love?

    Cast A Giant Shadow__1966 Yul Bryner, Kirk Douglas, John Wayne,
    Frank Sinatra___Isreali war film I like.

    Cat People__1942 Val Lewton production of good old fashion horror film

    Charge Of The Light Brigade__1936 (read the Tennyson Poem as well)

    Chariots Of Fire__1981 story of 1924 Olympics with memorable soundtrack

    Cherry 2000__1988 Filmed in 86, um, Every boy should have a robot girl

    China Syndrome__1979 Love films about whistle blowers exposing big business cover-ups.

    Christmas Carol_______Special Case______________________

    1938__A good classic B&W version

    1951__A Great classic B&W version

    1984__A Great color version

    But wait there?s more!

    1988___Scrooged__Bill Murray in Christmas Carol storyline

    1992___A Great ?Muppet? version

    1983___A Great ?Mickey Mouse? animated version

    1962___A fun ?Mister Magoo? version

    NOTE: I am still looking for the Flintstone version.

    A Christmas Story__1983 ?You?ll shoot your eye out!?

    The Cincinnati Kid__1965 Steve McQueen & Edward R. Robinson,
    Gritty story for poker/card players/gamblers

    Cinderella__1950 Beloved Disney Classic

    Citizen Kane__1941__A Must See classic about a newpaper tycoon.
    Brilliant Bernard Herman Soundtrack

    City Lights__1931 Charlie Chaplin at his best. Silent.

    Cleopatra__1934 100-minutes has Claudette Coolbert (am a fan)
    Starring in this C.B. Demille epic. AVOID 4-hour 1962 version!

    Cliffhanger__1993 Sylvester Stallone in quality action flick.

    Cloak and Dagger__1984 Music (march) by Brain May
    Love a film about, Role Playing games, Rolling dice, & kids imagination

    Cocoon__1985 & 88 Solid story of aliens visiting earth and their
    Encounters with old people. Brian Dennehy?s best film.

    Code Name Emerald__1985 good old fashion WWII spy story

    Coffy__1973 I am a Pam Grier fan as well, otherwise this is not
    A bad Black Explotation flick. R-RATED

    The Colditz Story__1957 another great WWII POW escape from
    Escape-proof German prison WWII story.

    Colossus: The Forbin Project__1970 Computer takes over the world story.

    Coma__1978 So, where do all those spare body parts come from for transplants storyline.

    Come Blow Your Horn__1963 A chiledhood favorite of mine with
    Frank Sinatra as playboy showing younger brother the ropes.

    Command Decision__1948 Solid Clark Gable WWII film about U.S. bombing missions

    Connan The Barbarian__1982 & The Destroyer 1984
    Great/Bad Arnold Schwartzeneger films. Score has some good moments

    Contact__1997 A first contact with aliens story with Jodie Foster

    Conspiracy Theroy__1997 Except for 1 or 2 scenes I find distasteful,
    This is a ?Mel Gibson? at his best in corrupted government story.

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