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Fantasy A Breaking World: Of Alanvar and the Vyn'rath

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Chukles38, Jul 2, 2009.

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  1. Chukles38

    Chukles38 Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 10, 2005
    The young boy?s laugh rang through the camp, his friends soon mimicking him. ?C?mon mate, dragons? Wizards and evil beings? Where do ya hear this rubbish?? The kids continued to laugh, enjoying the crackling fire in front of them. It was a cold and silent night, and they were grateful they had made it to Geoffrey?s Point?a semi-permanent camp that brought travelers from all around the surrounding wilderness. The drinks and warm fires were known to many, and the fact that it was the only semi-civilized place for miles helped business.

    The boys? laughter continued to ring through the camp, but was cut short abruptly by another sound mixing with it. The new laughter was almost menacing. The boys, between the ages of fourteen and eighteen, tried to appear strong, but obviously the sound had unsettled them. As their eyes scanned the surrounding darkness, a whisper drifted to their ears. ?Oh, it is a sad day when the young forsake dragons and magic.?

    The voice itself seemed to carry with it the weight of time though still possessed an almost merry note. More importantly, it drew the gaze of the boys across the fire to a spot they swore was empty a moment ago.

    An old man, the source of the laughter and whisper, now sat warming his hands. His clothes were tattered and travel-worn, though that was hardly unusual in this camp. His beard, gray as soot, extended several inches down his chest. His cap concealed much of his face, though his eyes clearly showed through the shadows. After a long moment, one of the older boys brought himself to speak.

    ?H-hey. Who are you?? A smile crossed the old man?s face.

    ?Merely a traveling bard, warming my hands.?

    ?And?. You, really believe those things? Dragons and the lot?? One of the younger boys inquired of the stranger.

    A broad and magical smile crossed the old man?s face. He waited a moment, before speaking. ?Yes, I do. Dragons, Vyn?rath, mages; they all existed? and still do.?

    ?Vyn?rath?? one boy asked.

    ?Indeed.? The bard answered, nodding. ?Beings created at the last battle of the Draconic Wars. The last Mages of Alanvar sealed the dragons away inside them, and they and their children could transfigure themselves into dragons.? The boys gasped in astonishment. Few knew of the Vyn?rath.

    ?Could? could you tell us a story, if you?re a bard, and all?? One of the young boys asked.

    The bard, laughing openly now, cast a gentle smile on the young one. ?I shall do better. Stories are based in imagination, concocted by crazy old men like myself for the entertainment of others. No, I will tell you of your history. I will tell not what may have happened, but what did. Do you still wish to hear?? The boys nodded nervously but eagerly, not sure what to expect.

    When the bard spoke, his voice took on a different quality, no longer that of the strange old man, but seemingly the voice of time itself. It was captivating, and soon even other travelers were gathering around the large fire to hear the old man?s story.

    ?Come, gather closer. Hear my tale.
    Warm your cold hands while I humbly regale.
    A story of dragons, mages, and kings,
    Listen as I tell the most marvelous things
    Of rebellions, Vyn?rath, love, and ire,
    And it all began, as tonight, around the campfire??


    The World is at war. The once wise Mages of Alanvar have usurped control of the government from the rightful king. Over fifty years they have cemented their rule, taking control of the mightiest armies of the world. The Vyn?rath, once protectors of the common people, were annihilated by the Council of Mages.

    While average people are just becoming aware of the state of things, there are many who have already banded together in rebellion. You, as a player, are caught up in all this, whether as one of the few remaining Vyn?rath, a member of the rebellion, a farmer, or even a low ranking mage in the Mages of Alanvar.

    About the Game

    I thank you for the interest you?ve thus far expressed in A Broken World: Of Alanvar and the Vyn'r
  2. Chukles38

    Chukles38 Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 10, 2005
    The Land of Gilanore

    The Land of Gilanore is divided into six regions as detailed by this map:


    The Ice Kingdom- As is implied by the name, The Ice Kingdom was founded and inhabited by the Ice Dragons?or the Arcane Ones. It is best known for its majestic mountains?the tallest in the world?and its lush evergreen forests. It is perpetually covered in snow and ice, and can be treacherous country.

    Men of this country are larger than most. They are often tough and coarse, wearing thick beards and heavy clothing. The harsh winters have forced them to rely primarily on meat for food, and farming is almost nonexistent. The primary export is the meat of the gigantic Mountain Troll, which is considered a delicacy in most parts of the world.

    The Fire Kingdom- The Fire Kingdom was once inhabited by the Fire Dragons?or as they called themselves, Masters of the Flames?and as such, it is a hot and dangerous place. Its terrain is made up of volcanic rock. Lava covers at least thirty percent of the ground.

    The inhabitants of this land tend to be thin and agile. The dangerous landscape causes the inhabitants to remain primarily nomadic. Despite the harshness, the humans of this land are considered the most beautiful in all of Gilanore. Aside from their beauty, the peoples of the Fire Kingdom are best known for their skilled dancers and the most beautiful gemstones in the land of Gilanore.

    The Wind Kingdom- The Wind Kingdom was once occupied by the Followers of the Winds, or the Wind Dragons. This land is truly the most beautiful, as the entire Kingdom is constructed of clouds.

    While the landscape is picturesque, it is also the most dangerous. Only about thirty percent of the surface will support the weight of a human. Paths are marked through the land, but it is primarily uninhabited by humans.

    The Earth Kingdom- The Earth Kingdom was once dominated by the Earth Dragons, or the Children of the Earth. It is the only ?normal? landscape within this world. It is filled with luscious fields, massive forests, rivers, lakes, and so on.

    This kingdom is also the most populated. The peoples range in appearance and skills, but the land is known most for its blacksmithing. The best weapons and armor are produced here, and the kingdom is also the center for trade and government for the unified Gilanore.

    The Light Kingdom- The Light Kingdom was home to the Keepers of the Light, or the Light Dragons. It is made up of floating islands, suspended above nothing but air, with the sea far below? a lethal drop. It is truly a sight to behold, as the sun never sets here.

    The residents of this kingdom are tall and lean. They abide by a strict moral code and are generally considered to be the best of all the peoples in Gilanore. The Light Kingdom also produces the finest and best military in the world.

    The Dark Kingdom- Little is known about this Kingdom. The Bringers of Armageddon, or the Dark Dragons, were extremely prideful, thinking themselves above all others. After the Draconic wars, those who had inherited the souls of the Dark Dragons?tainted by the pride and evil of the dragons themselves?gained control of the peoples of their land. They sealed off their territory with thick dark clouds in which they can see superbly. Calling themselves the Bringers of Armageddon, they hid away from the rest of the human world, who became known as the Free People. The Dark Kingdom is thought to be dead and desolate, though no one has ever actually returned from there alive. At the heart of the Dark Kingdom lies Alanvar, the site of the last battle in the Draconic War. The city now lies in ruins and has not been seen by the Free Peoples in centuries.

    It is unsure how the people of this kingdom survive, nor what they look like. There have been disturbing though unsubstantiated rumors of imported slaves from the other kingdoms. The Free Peoples have not had contact with the Bringers of Ar
  3. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    most awesome that this is up chuckles. you've already got a sheet waiting for you.;)
  4. Landros

    Landros Jedi Youngling

    Jun 12, 2009
    Hi there! I'm quite interested in the world you've created here. Thus I would like to partake in the action.
    First of all though, I'll have to ask permission to join as clearly I haven't got the necessary post count to even send PM's, thus in the eventuality that you'll allow me to join I'll have to post the Character Sheet as a reply.
    Another nasty factor would be my spelling. As I'm not a native english speaker nor a perfect speaker its less than greath as you can probably see. Believe me when I say that I do try my best to spell as well as I can.
    While my spelling isn't the finest you'll ever be blessed to get aquainted with...I hope my spoken english at least reaches your guys standards.

    Relating to my hypotetical character...I was thinking somewere around a renegade mage who's got troubles with the wrongdoings of the order. He would actualy be somewhat of a battlemage, as he tries to complement his magic arsenal with his fighting skills.

    Thanks for your pacience...
  5. Chukles38

    Chukles38 Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 10, 2005
    First off, thank you for you interest, Landros. I would be pleased to read a Character Sheet, though I don't necessarily guarantee I will accept it. I am looking for several experienced and several new players, though, so I shall certainly consider it. As for pm'ing it to me, you have a week before I make final decisions on characters, so simply get involved around the boards some, and pm it to me when you can. :)
  6. Landros

    Landros Jedi Youngling

    Jun 12, 2009
    The trouble with getting involved more is that you can't trow your self blindly into an already ongoing RPG. There's only so many RPG I can actually take part in, and sadly at the moment their quite dead. Besides, I'm more often than not on the damned waiting list, wich I'll have to admit its only natural... but still some what annoying. Thus, while I do appreciate you haven't immediately dismissed me... I probably won't be able to PM in a week... Still...there IS hope... ;)
  7. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    tell you what, hop in a social thread and i'll try to get you to twenty posts tonight. ;)
  8. Chukles38

    Chukles38 Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 10, 2005
    Landros, go [link=]here[/link] and we'll get you the 20 posts you need. ;)
  9. Landros

    Landros Jedi Youngling

    Jun 12, 2009
    thanks! I will be there
  10. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    EDIT: Nevermind. Someone beat me to it.

    Don't mind me. Move along, move along...
  11. Chukles38

    Chukles38 Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 10, 2005
    Ah.... and here I got my hopes up for you joining, Solo. :p

    But, I do appreciate it, thanks. :)

    And some game relevant stuff....

    I'm getting some really good CS'es. At this rate, we'll be ready to start soon. Keep them coming though. :)
  12. Zibrahimovic810

    Zibrahimovic810 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 28, 2009
    I'll have a sheet in by tomorrow. This looks like a really good one!
  13. Chukles38

    Chukles38 Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 10, 2005

    I have had a much greater reaction than I had thought, so I am closing the game to more characters. If I have communicated with you that I am waiting for your Character Sheet, then please finish and get those to me. I have a stellar cast, and have already extended my limit slightly. However, as soon as I get the rest of the character sheets they will be posted and the game will begin.

    If you still do have the desire to join, I will start a wait list, though I cannot guarantee you will get in. I do welcome all to follow along and enjoy, however.

    As well, here is a more detailed map of Gilanore. It still needs some tweaking, and when it is finished I will ask a mod to replace the one in the second post.


    I look forward to playing with all of you, and hope the game will be the greatest of successes. I know I will try my hardest, and ask that you all just sit back and enjoy. :)

    EDIT: I am going to let everyone post their CS'es. I am still waiting on one or two to get finished up, so the game will still start in a bit, but I know what everyone is and that's good enough. :)
  14. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006

    Name: Lyle Zahara
    Age: 24
    Weight: 190
    Height: 6?1
    Appearance: Lyle?s looks help when it comes to hooking up with the ladies. Beneath the leathers of his usual attire is a 6?1? lean, athletic frame. Hazel green is the color of his eyes while his hair, straight and dropping down to the base of his neck, has mixed strands of dirty blonde, brown, and red. Considering all his outdoor activities, Lyle?s skin possesses a light tan. When doing said outdoor activities, Lyle is decked out in the usual brown leathers that archers tend to possess; no chain mail or anything more protective as it would either make too much noise or weigh him down. Greaves, gorget, breastplate, belt, every piece of Lyle?s armor is made of brown, hardened leather except for the steel elbows for his arm leather and the cloth of the dark green cloak that he wears.

    His weapons are as standard as an archer, meaning a long bow and a quiver full of arrows hanging from his back. Having come from the Earth Kingdom that?s known for its blacksmithing, Lyle knows how to make his own arrowheads that come in different shapes such as barbed when he feels like making someone suffer through a painful removal process and the usual small triangular ones. Though this usually has him kept at range, Lyle does have a dagger sheathed at the small of his back while a short sword is sheathed at his side in case saving his life requires him to do some close combat.
    Home Kingdom: Earth Kingdom
    Occupation: Hunter, Archer
    Personality: Lyle can be considered as being unusually easy going for someone that?s a member of a rebellion intent on going up against the mightiest army controlled by the most powerful of mages. But Lyle just doesn?t seem to think about the seriousness on his situation, instead focusing on the pleasures of life. A good hunt, a good drink, and a good woman most of all. His easy-going attitude shouldn?t be considered as laziness, however, as he has done whatever job that has been given to him no matter what it was whether it was hunting for food, doing some infiltrating, or just giving a man a good stab in the back while having a nice drink at a bar.

    Affiliation: Free Peoples Rebellion
    Rank (If Applicable): Corporal

    Weapon of Preference: A longbow that focuses on giving Lyle the most powerful and accurate of shots with his specially crafted arrows.

    Biography: Being born within the Earth Kingdom, the kingdom known for its fields as well as its blacksmithing, it?s no surprise that Lyle would be born to a farmer of a father. Though his father had hoped that Lyle would inherit his land, several factors came into play that halted the action. One would be Lyle?s own personality. Continuously being bored out of his mind whenever farm work came to the picture, Lyle found the draw of hunting for animals rather than caring for them to be a more desirable alternative. It was addictive, to notch an arrow, keep it pulled back while the mind worked and the eye tracked the target before releasing the arrow and downing it. It was a much easier and all in all more enjoyable line of work. It also gave Lyle more time to enjoy the other pleasures of life that he soon discovered as he got older; the burn of alcohol at the back of the throat and the other kind of hunt that involves him testing his luck and skill to charm a nice lady.

    The other factor that kept Lyle from sticking to his homeland was his choice to join the rebellion. How such a decision came about no one was really sure. Maybe he wished for more excitement, see the world, fight the good fight, no one could really be sure. He does it nonetheless, sticking to whatever beliefs he may have, helping the fight with a notched arrow, and sampling some new alcoholic beverages and different kinds of women that he would discover throughout his adventures.
  15. Ramza

    Ramza Administrator Emeritus star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA VIP

    Jul 13, 2008
    GM Approved, man...

    Name: Orml Chal
    Age: 25
    Weight: 59 kg
    Height: 1.8 m
    Appearance: Orml wears his auburn colored hair long, and he has an unkempt goatee. His clothes are mottled with shades ranging from off-white to brown, and they?re well worn with clear years of use in them. He has given up on wearing shoes due to how frequently they wear out. Nonetheless, he?s quite clean, as he makes a point to bathe and wash regularly.

    Home Kingdom: Earth Kingdom

    Occupation: Unemployed drifter
    Personality: Orml has a largely passive, laid back attitude, and is slow to anger. He thinks the world would be a better place if everyone would just relax, and finds the best way to convey this opinion is to lead by example. He has currently committed himself to total pacifism. He also suffers from a severe case of wanderlust and rarely stays in one place.

    Affiliation: Himself

    Weapon of Preference: Words.

    Biography: Orml Chal was the only son of the blacksmith Tyml Chal, and he grew up leading the boring, uneventful life of a future blacksmith. And he despised it. From a young age, Orml wanted nothing more than to see what the Earth Kingdom, and indeed the world had to offer, as his departed mother had done before settling down with Tyml.

    So at the age of 15, Orml ran away from home, never to return, and began to travel the countryside, borrowing what he could, and never settling down in one place. During his travels, he slowly began to develop his own philosophical point of view revolving around peaceful cohabitation, inspired by the lifestyles of the animals he saw around him and the sharp contrast to that of the humans. As a result, he has given himself the secondary goal of teaching people to live together in harmony.
  16. Seremela

    Seremela Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 12, 2008
    GM approved :)


    ?Father, who am I? What am I??
    ?You are my son, Skillan, never doubt that. You are my son and you are as human and as worthy as anyone else in our village.?

    Name: Skillan Iarnsen
    Age: 18
    Weight: 125 lbs
    Height: 5?6??
    Appearance: rather short and very slim, his legs are long in proportion to the rest of his body; golden blond hair just reaching his shoulders, deep blue eyes, a regular face with straight nose that is considered very handsome by others, rather crooked smile
    Home Kingdom: Ice Kingdom
    Occupation: hunter/tracker

    Personality: very unsure of himself (except when it comes to tracking and wood lore) and with a tendency to let his hair fall before his face so he can hide behind it; he stays mostly in the background and prefers to let others decide things, except when he feels very strongly about something, then he does speak up; he doesn?t give his heart easily and wants to be very sure the other means it when he or she is friendly to him, but when he finally does give it, it stays given; he?s very courageous, will hunt what needs to be hunted no matter how big and dangerous the prey is and doesn?t back out of a fight. Favorite place to sit and think: as high as possible in a tree, preferably the highest around.

    Affiliation: None

    Weapons of Preference: longbow and arrow, his wicked set of six throwing knives; he?s also skilled in fighting with his knives in hand to hand combat and has managed to kill a bear this way once, thanks to his speed and agility ? the fight did leave some nasty scars along his left side and leg.

    Skillan Iarnson grew up in the small and isolated village of Surt which lies nestled in a small valley deep in the Ice Kingdom, between three high mountain peaks and surrounded by a thick forest on all sides. He is the adopted son of Iarn Angurson, who found him in the deep woods, wandering around and crying when he was still a little toddler and could barely move through the snow. If Iarn hadn?t found him when he did, the little boy would probably have been dead within the hour. Iarn found no traces of how the boy got there, or remains of any adults the boy belonged with. But the ground was covered by a fresh layer of snow, so he didn?t think too much about it and truth be told, he didn?t search too hard. Also because there was a snowstorm on the way and he had to hurry back to the safety of the village with the boy. Since he and his wife Eireen had no children of their own, even after four years of marriage, he told himself the boy was a gift from the Gods, an answer to his and Eireen?s prayers and took him home to raise as his own son.

    At first Skillan was accepted readily by the other villagers, but as he grew older it became more and more clear how different he was from them. Where the villagers were tall, broad, strong and coarse as the mountains and trees around them, Skillan was very slim, didn?t have even half their strength, and had an angelic face surrounded by golden hair. He was, however, very agile and when he was taunted for his looks and his shortness, he could hold out for a while in a fight, because he was very good at ducking and slipping out of the grasp of his opponent. He also was a very fast runner.

    Feeling more and more out of place as he grew older, the best times for Skillan were the times he spent in the forest with his father, the Hunt Master of the village, who taught him everything he knew about tracking and hunting. Since he wasn?t strong enough for the heavy spears and axes the men hunted with, Sonoya, the eldest daughter of his father?s sister, taught him the way of the bow and the knives, to the great hilarity of the other boys in the village. She often accompanied him and his father into the woods, until she married and set up a household of her own.

    His mother died when he was sixteen, killed by a troll when she was gathering seeds and berri
  17. Ktala

    Ktala Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 7, 2002

    Name: Valen Tomask
    Age: 45
    Weight: 275 lbs
    Height: 6'5"
    Appearance: Dark brown hair, with wispy bits of white starting to show at the edges. A heavy beard which he keeps braided, and out of the way does nothing to detour the fact that he looks like a walking mound of muscles. He wears bits and pieces of chain maile and plate armor over leather, which he has made, to give him more movement. Heavy bracers envelope his arms, as his fiery green eyes usually catch whatever is happening around him. A seasoned warrior, he carries a huge 2 handed sword across his back, a shield usually strapped across his back with the symbol of Earth Kingdom on it, and a large hammer usually hangs from the back of his belt, along with a few daggers.

    Home Kingdom: Earth Kingdom
    Occupation: Warrior for the Rebel forces. A man who has seen many battles, and has a few scars to prove it.
    Personality: Valen is a man of few words, when he is in a serious mood. He will not put up for cowards in this war. When it is time for battle, he is all serious ruthless. However, if there are no battles, and he is allowed to relax, he will party just as hard as the rest of the men, knowing that life is far to short, and that it should be enjoyed when it can, so you can appreciate when you must fight for it. The man can EAT!

    Affiliation: Free Peoples Rebellion
    Rank: General

    Weapon of Preference: 2 handed sword.


    His family migrated from the Ice Kindom, and so he looks much like the people from those lands, huge, hairy, and course. His parents wanted him to learn a skill, he could take back with him, so they took him to the Earth Kingdom, the land of their ancestors. Black smithing seemed the way to go, as even as a young apprentice, has hands easily dwarfed the tools he was to work with. He did well as a blacksmith, learning to craft not only mundane items, but swords, plate, and other items of war. Five years later, he had a chance to put his craft to the test, when the village he and his family were staying in were attacked. Valen led the raid against the mysterious attackers, and pushed them back.

    When troops arrived, they recruited Valen, and he left behind the work of a blacksmith, to become a warrior. Sword and shield were already familiar to his hands, and it did not take long for him to hone his skills. Being so huge, he tended to be thought of as a easy target, and he was quite happy to prove to his enemies otherwise. He still practices his black smithing skills as well, repairing his own armor when need be.

    He has a heavy warhorse, named Bane, who is armored as well, and is stocky enough to carry him for long distances.

  18. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    No, I'm not approved... I'm just posting for the hell of it.:p And if you believe that I've got a bridge to sell ya...

    Name: Sassana Elanun
    Age: looks 23 and is actually 82
    Height: 5?2
    Weight: 102
    Appearance: Long fine white hair that falls near the middle of her back, crystal clear blue eyes and pale blue skin. Her lips are a darker blue, but only just as well as being very kissable, and she is very small and fit. Her face has high cheekbones, but not terribly sharp. Her nose is small, and is kind of sharp, but does not stick out far at all. Her eyes are tilted at an inward angle, and her eyebrows are thin and starkly white on her skin. Sassana always has a wind swept look about her.

    Her body is very athletic, extremely fit, and very womanly for one so tiny. She does somehow manage to have the classic hour glass figure, even if it is a small hour glass. Her breasts are small but firm, and she tends to wear clothing that leaves her midriff and much of her small cleavage bare and skirts that have slits so that her legs up to mid thigh are often on display.

    Home Kingdom: Kingdom of Wind
    Occupation: Renegade Mage
    Personality: I?ll make this up as I go along.

    Affiliation: Free Peoples Rebellion
    Rank (If Applicable): Lieutenant, also Personal assistant to the High Commander, Former rank with Alanvar: High Mage

    -Element: Wind

    Weapon of Preference: Naginata: Tsumhershne, Bresnon Drag'kon (Hurricane, Breath of the Gods)


    Is enchanted to be sharper than normal, eternally sharp, unbreakable by normal means/durable, perfectly balanced and causes gusts of wind whenever it is swung.

    Tsumhershne is an elder weapon, dating back to the time before the great war that caused the dragons to be sealed away within the bodies of the surviving mages. During that war it was used to slay dragons, and men. It has passed from one person to another, or been hidden only to be found when there was another war that started in the region it currently resided in. It?s location when Sassana found it was in the roosts of Il?kon Wroshnar.


    Sassana was born in what passes for the shadow of Il?kon Wroshnar, or Mountain of the Winds, the ancient wind dragon roosting place. Some would later say that it colored her destiny, and that it was one of the last vestiges of their power that caused her to be born with a gift for wind magic. Especially one powerful enough to be made into a High Mage before she was even a hundred years old. Still, she looks much younger than this, and still appears to be around 20, which was when she first displayed any gift for the power. It actually came about that she tread on the wrong place in one of the clouds, and all that saved her was her sudden ability to float back onto solid clouds.

    It was after this that she learned to fly, and during this time she set her sights on the mountain that was some distance away from her home, Il'kon Shad'eo (Shadow of the Mountain), where legend held that the Dragons had once roosted. It took her months to obtain the skill to be able to do this, but by this point her control over the winds was astounding.

    Hours is what it took her, with tricky winds and nowhere to land should anything go wrong, Sassana made it safely and looked around. What she found was somewhat shocking, a weapon that seemed to call to her? As if it was saying it would be needed in the future, as if there was war on the horizon. If only she?d know how accurate that was.

    Exploring the caves more fully, there was little else of interest, but she kept the Naginata. It was hers, it felt right somehow.

    Upon returning home she found it in ruin, something had attacked and everyone she knew was dead. Finding that her family was among the deceased, Sassana knew she had to leave. Weeping she gathered what she could, and made her way to the west, toward Neo Alanvar in the Earth Kingdom, to l
  19. blubeast1237

    blubeast1237 Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 10, 2007
    GM Approved

    Name: Mynron Sagik
    Age: 15
    Weight: 127
    Height: 5'9
    Appearance: Brown pants, red vest, long red hair, barefoot.
    Home Kingdom: Fire Kingdom
    Occupation: Mage
    Personality: Mynron is a wild child, who fears nothing and takes nothing from no one. Despite his inexperience, he is under the impression that he is a warrior child.

    Affiliation: None
    Rank (If Applicable): Beginner

    -Primary Element: Fire

    Weapon of Preference: Hands

    Biography: Mynron was always a bright kid. Very intelligent to the point of genius, but he is a "bad boy". Hard headed and strong willed, he refused to work hard in school and instead went rock climbing, street fighting, and picking up random bits of magical information. He left his village a couple of weeks ago and did not tell anyone. He's on his own, travelling to the Earth Kingdom for a chance to make it big. He takes nothing from nobody and will fight anyone who gets in his face or rubs him the wrong way.
  20. DarthXan318

    DarthXan318 Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 12, 2002
    GM Approved!

    Name: Alleria Deron
    Age: 17
    Weight: 120lbs
    Height: 5'6"
    Appearance: Tall, slender and tanned, like most Fire Kingdom dwellers; amber eyes; dark brown hair.
    Home Kingdom: Fire Kingdom
    Occupation: Mage-in-training
    Personality: Intelligent, confident, and talented - but also impulsive and not very fond of hard work. She just wants to have fun.

    Affiliation: Mages of Alanvar
    Rank (If Applicable): Apprentice

    -Primary Element: Fire

    Weapon of Preference:
    Fir'nestre: ability to be wreathed in flames upon command/when drawn.

    Alleria was born into the nomadic Deron clan in the Fire Kingdom. As with most clans in the Fire Kingdom, the Derons were all in the gemstone business - her mother was a gemcutter, and her father and uncles were all involved in mining gemstones, or polishing, or trading - everything a nomadic clan needed to survive. They moved from place to place, following the new volcanic eruptions that led them to new gems and thus their livelihood.

    It was a harsh, dangerous life, but Alleria loved it. Her parents despaired of her, for she never seemed to take it seriously - to her life in the Fire Kingdom was a grand adventure. Lava and volcanic rock were challenges to be overcome, not dangerous things to be avoided. Every time they moved, she would go off with her older cousins to explore - supposedly in search of gems, as they were, but mostly in search of adventure and excitement. It was risky business, but life in the Fire Kingdom was risky, so the elders of the clan only shook their heads and left her to it.

    Then when she was sixteen, an event happened that would change things forever. Alleria and her brother strayed too close to a small active volcano - having underestimated it due to its size - and it erupted. Alleria was too close, and nearly got caught in the blast.

    Nearly, for that was when her magic manifested: she could control fire. Not very well, but for long enough to escape with only minor burns.

    Magic opened up a whole new world of possibilities for Alleria. Rather than become a gemstone miner or trader like the rest of her clan, she could become a mage - leave home to join the Mages of Alanvar. Her parents opposed it, but in the end, they had no choice - Alleria was eager and willing, and the Mages got whoever they wanted. She joined, and for the past year has been training as an apprentice magician.

    edit: just changing the picture. Nothing to see here, move along...>
  21. Chukles38

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    Jun 10, 2005
    A couple of Character Sheets that for various reasons can't be posted, so I am going to go ahead and get them up for your perusal. :)

    AS PLAYED BY Qui-Gon_Reborn

    Name: Fynn Thrinsata
    Age: 18
    Weight: 110
    Height: 5?3
    Appearance: Fynn?s small stature does nothing to belie the palpable dominance emanating from within her penetrating gaze. Dark eyes that seem to go on for an eternity, protruding from beneath a dark brow, seem to cast fleeting shadows across her face. The shadows play tricks on the mind. One minute she appears as a young girl, her features unlined and untouched by the malevolence of time. The next minute she is an old woman, wizened and drained by a burden so beyond her years.

    But no shadow can hope to conceal her physical beauty. Lean and lightly muscled, flecked in a ubiquitous tan that compliments her blue-black hair and slight stature, Fynn is a study in perfection -- marred only by the shadow she carries about her.

    Home Kingdom: Light Kingdom
    Occupation: Farmer
    Personality: To be refined throughout the game.

    Affiliation: None

    -Primary Element: Light

    Weapon of Preference: [image=]


    Fynn Thrinsata has devoted her life to the unexpected. For instance, when she was born, it was assumed -- no, it was expected -- that she would grow to tend the lands of her ancestors, until she married a farmer on one of the nearby plots and lived out the remainder of her life with her children. She would have been content doing so. After all, these circumstances had been the way of life for her people for generations. But it was not to be.

    When she was between the ages of ten and eleven, an old, old man who she knew only as ?Mystra? spoke to her in the woods between the city and the farmlands. And her destiny was sealed. She gave no thought to secretly visiting him under the veil of dusk and twilight to learn of these powers that she had, the power of bending light to her will.

    When her father discovered what she had been concealing for seven years, Fynn returned to the forest, forsaking the life to which she was born in favor of the life in which she had made. When she entered the Mystra?s hut, she found the old man slain by his own sword.
    She was unsure whether this was an act of desperate suicide or treacherous murder, but it no longer mattered. Logic dictated that she leave her place of birth, perhaps forever, and wander toward whatever fate decreed she should encounter. She felt no sorrow, no pain, no remorse. The decision was made without passion, without anger, without resolve.

    For while Fynn is a child of the light, she is also a child of the shadows. And a shadow has descended upon her sense of purpose, replacing it with a cold reason that keeps her wandering seemingly into infinity.

    AS PLAYED BY SirakRomar

    Name: Igrene (spoken Ig-rain)
    Age: ca. 18 (she does not know her birth date)
    Weight: 48 kg (she has been starving lately)
    Height: 1,77
    Appearance: [image=]
    Home Kingdom: Ice Kingdom
    Occupation: Journey-woman (formerly sort of a Nun, she has some skills from that time, but hasn´t taken any occupation yet)
    Personality: She is cold, in the truest sense of the word. There isn´t much going on beneath her pale, marble skin and her ocean-blue eyes. Not allowed to have any contact except those of her "protectors" she has a disturbing lack of human compassion, social skills or etiquette. Therefore, her primary emotion is the feeling of being lost, especially when she sees people laugh. That?s something she does not understand, yet. What a laugh is.

    Affiliation: Free Peoples Rebellion (although only be decision, she hasn´t joined yet)

    Rank (If Applicable): None, really

    Weapon of Preference: Bow & Spear


    WINKWINK Jedi Knight star 1

    Dec 15, 2008
    GM approved

    Name: Ellicia Bathory, Ell for short.
    Height: 5'9
    Home Kingdom: In Earth Kingdom, from Light.
    Occupation: Um... outlaw
    Personality: HAPPY!!! come on, you all know that person who is insanely happy and always upbeat right? Well she's that! when she's not killing people at least.

    Affiliation: None/the good of the common people.
    Rank: Head of a small group of "Outlaws" in the deep forest.

    Weapon of Preference:
    Knives, lots of knives. And cleavers. You know, just like, small blades in general. Lots of small blades in general. Or anything small really.


    My name is Ellicia. I'm a lords daughter... you'll notice I didn't say a lady. I've been living in the forest for the last 6 years with bandits, murderers and thieves. Half of them are families that have had their land stolen from them by the Mages and been threatened with imprisonment and accusations of treason. The other half are like me, they've seen the misery and the pain. The Wrongness of the world we live in, and like me they want to do something about it. Unlike me, they didn't grow up in privilege, they didn't SEE it happening like I did. They didn't see the families butchered for no reason other than they were an inconvenience to the wrong peoples plans, people who regarded them as pawns only useful for their lands and how their loss took power away from those peoples enemies, and their "allies".

    My father was a powerful politician and a Capable General and Blade master in the kingdom of Light, I remember I used to watch him and the house guards in the yard practicing and thinking how like my dancing lessons it seemed. Heh, I remember sneaking practice with one of the kitchen boys before we got caught, I got formal training and he a place in the military academy. My father was always startled by my... ferocity with small weapons in close and ranged combat. The next time I saw the kitchen boy he was leading an assault on our home. I can't hold everything against him though, he let me and my mother escape, and I hunted him down and killed him... of all the multitudes I have killed, every one is forever burned into my mind... but his face is always the most vivid.

    My mother always said I was such a happy child, full of joy and capable of bringing joy to those around me the way little girls do before they grow out of it, only I never grew out of it. She was pregnant with my brother when our house was betrayed. They both died two years after of a wasting sickness. After watching the last of my family die slowly, in pain... I haven't been quite as happy as I used to be.

    My father got on the wrong side of the people I mentioned earlier, he believed that The Common People were... people. Of more value than just pawns in a game. I had been going with him to political parties, functions, meetings, and the like, but after he spoke out against the Mages he deemed it too dangerous. But in that time I saw things the way they were, the way the Mages didn't want us to see them.

    I've always had a gift for breaking things. I'm going to give my gift to the Mages
  23. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    GM Approved!

    Name: Lor Amherst
    Age: 28
    Weight: 180
    Height: 5'10"
    Appearance: With a solid frame and an imposing gaze, Lor is a man not to cross lightly. He has a shaved head and an angular face with a neatly trimmed goatee defining his strong jawline. Dark, penetrating eyes look out from under a heavy brow. His calloused hands are the mark of a skilled swordsman. A leather strap is slung over his shoulder and across his chest, holding his trusted swords diagonally across his back. A long, brown duster covers up the bulky blades while an equipment belt around his waist houses a sheaved knife and a couple daggers.
    Home Kingdom: Earth Kingdom
    Occupation: Wanderer, with leanings towards the rebellion
    Personality: Eccentric and quick-tempered, Lor is all about business and righting those who have been wronged. He appears to be bitter towards the World around him, but deep down, still believes there is enough good worth saving...the only problem is finding it. Trust is a quality he holds in high accord and he is very skeptical about magic.

    Affiliation: None for the moment

    Weapon of Preference: [image=]

    Biography: The son of a blacksmith, Lor was set to learn the family trade and take over his father's shop when the time was right. The young man, however, had other plans and took to a much different liking. Forging his own blades in his father's shop, Lor taught himself the craft of sword fighting and became a very skilled in his art. His father was oblivious to his son's talents and continued to wean him into the perfect image of himself, until one day he caught Lor practicing alone out in the field with his blades. His father, flaring with anger, beat and banished his son, sending him off into the woods and vowing never wanting to see him again. Lor became determined to perfect his skills and even prove to his wayward father that he could do good with his chosen profession.

    He now wanders alone across the terrain of the Earth Kingdom, his only companion a German Shepherd pup named Saber, as he seeks out ways to heal the emotional scars left on him by his father's harsh treatment. He makes it a point to do right in others' eyes, maybe not always in the most conventional of ways, but as hope that he could possibly be redeemed in his father's eyes.
  24. Chukles38

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    Jun 10, 2005

    I must say I am extremely impressed with the interest thus far and the momentum that has been generated. We now have all the characters posted, and I see no reason to postpone this any longer. I look forward to developing this world with you. It's been a project of mine for some time, and it has only just now become a reality. I've already had high praises for it, and I aim not to disappoint. I promise to do my absolute best if you shall promise me the same.

    A couple of things before we get to the main reason for this post. First, I am unsure at this point how often I will update. It will mostly be as is needed. However, I promise to do all within my power to update at least once a week. As well, I know how easy it is to just read the parts that concern you... heck I do it myself... but I HIGHLY encourage you to read every part of the updates. There will be so much history and story fleshed out, that I guarantee it will be entertaining and well worth it to further explore this magnificent world we're creating. And so, without further ado I present.....

    A Breaking World: Of Alanvar and the Vyn'rath

    ?It looked like heaven. The sun?s dying rays drifted down through the trees, settling on a campsite quite like this one. As a matter of fact, it was very near this same spot, over one hundred years ago, that our story began. Gathered around the fire were six individuals, most of them no older than you. The fire crackled merrily as they exchanged quiet words over a small meal.

    ?All were travelers and had just met several hours ago as they came into the only semi-secure location for the night. The forest was eerily silent, and the wind moving through the trees was all the sound that could be heard. If you?ll notice, history often proves that the grandest events are started in the simplest of ways, and these six did not know that their fates were forevermore entwined in the grandest history ever told. Now, I think we shall need to meet these six, don?t you agree?? The assembled crowd, now significantly larger, gave its assent and the bard smiled happily.

    ?The first was a young girl running from her past. She was sitting silently. If you looked closely, she was very beautiful and young, perhaps eighteen. Her name was Fynn Thrinsata .

    ?To her right sat a young boy, perhaps fourteen or fifteen. Clearly, he was from the Fire Kingdom. He was snapping his fingers, causing the flames to dance and expand, and then going back down again. A playful smile crossed his face, and he seemed to not care what the effect his actions had on the others was. He seemed either unaware or unconcerned with the danger that could come of so blatantly showing an affinity for magic. His name was Mynron Sagik.

    ?Next to the boy sat Skillian Iarnsen, a hunter by profession. He was from the northern Ice Kingdom, though his size didn?t reflect it. He sat with his bow in his lap, fiddling with it, trying to keep it in proper hunting condition. His hair covered his eyes as he worked, and he had said little.

    ?To his right sat a very fair young woman. Her blond hair and pale skin, as well as piercing blue eyes, revealed her to have originated as well from the frosty Norths. She had seemed very frigid? hehe, if you?ll pardon the pun? this whole time, and even with her beauty, Igrene looked very thin and weak, as if food had been scarce recently.

    ?Next was a very gruff looking man. Thus far, Lor Amherst had proved to be slightly less than a comfortable companion. His sword, which he now held loosely in his lap, was slightly intimidating to the others.

    ?The last was? an interesting fellow, to say the least. You may have first noticed his feet. He didn?t wear shoes, so as such his feet were filthy. To his credit, he was very clean and sanitary aside from that. Orml Chal preferred to keep his hair grown long, and was altogether a strange individual.

    ?The six sat contentedly around the campfire?the only source of light around. Soon, they bega
  25. blubeast1237

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    Mynron Sagik
    -La Campfire

    [blockquote]Mynron was aggressive, to say the least.

    He had been on the run for the past couple of days because he and a random group of teenage boys had stole a few pieces of bread and alcohol a couple of villages back. Needless to say, he had been really hungry. He had paid the store owner back though, before he had left the village, so there was no karma on his part.

    It was interesting though.

    He was young, yes. And he didn't know alot about magic or the war or politics. But he knew how to fight and survive, which is all he needed. There were nights when he looked back and thought about how things would be if he had not left his home. This wasn't regret, it was just a thought. He did not regret anything. Regret was for the cowards of the world. If you ever did anything you regretted, that meant you had not done what you should have, which meant you were scared to.

    Mynron was no coward. He was, however, desperate for a place to stay, which had brought him here. He had been passing through the forest for the past day and was looking for warmth and food, he found the warmth and had still been chewing on a wavering piece of bread that had gone hard days before. He gathered a couple of berries and random plants and was eating them, not knowing whether they were edible or not.

    He was snapping his fingers now because he was thinking of an old tune from the Fire Kingdom, the fire just happened to dance with him. Maybe it had heard the song too. He finished rubbing his feet and spit the stem of a berry out onto the ground. He had just met these people a couple of hours earlier and, besides one of the ladies who was way too skinny for him, but still pretty, no one had caught his attention, so he bests be moving on. Rolling backwards, he pushed himself to his feet and nodded to everyone around the fire.

    "I jus passin through, folks. I got oder places to be headin to. Where yall's folks headed anyway?" Grabbing his shirt and slipping it back on, Mynron popped another berry into his mouth and began chewing.[/blockquote]
    Tag: Campfire Squad
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