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Fantasy A Breaking World: Of Alanvar and the Vyn'rath

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Chukles38, Jul 2, 2009.

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  1. Ramza

    Ramza Administrator Emeritus star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA VIP

    Jul 13, 2008
    Orml Chal
    Near the Former Rebel Encampment

    His traveling companion, Mr. Ravelle, seemed like a nice fellow, at least in so far as Orml could deduce from their conversation. This, Orml noted, was in marked contrast to the men who were now attempting to mug them. "Valuables? Valuables? He thinks we have valuables? What a peculiar age we live in." He asked Leocanto, laughing, before turning to the muggers. "Honestly, this is probably a waste of your time. We're but travelers, and, as you might observe, I can't even afford proper shoes."

    Actually, it was entirely possible that Leocanto actually had something of value - but that wasn't how you went about these things. Most muggers were inherently cowards - they were deeply perturbed by cocksure confidence, and if it seemed to border on insanity? So much the better.

    He pointed to his feet. "I do, however, have a bit of fireweed on me, ah, yes, here!" He produced two sticks of the drug. "Fancy a drag? Premium stuff, hand-rolled by yours truly, imported from the Fire Kingdom, no expenses spared."

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  2. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    OOC: probably doesn't make the biggest difference now, but sorry about it taking me so long. finals and then not really having the time to do anything on here over the holidays.

    IC: Sassana Elanun
    Ice Kingdom

    [blockquote]Handing Alleria a spare cloak that she always had, if nothing else for an extra blanket with where they were headed, "Hope that helps." Then her attention was grabbed by someone coming down the path she'd made. Going absolutely still, Sassana was ready to kill the man in a heartbeat should it be necessary. Out of the corner of her eye she noted that Lyle was equally prepared.

    Through the conversation she remained silent, but she again wondered at the ice woman. Bluntly she made Sassana's skin crawl, and in some ways reminded her of certain mages attitudes towards vyn'rath. This was not a good thing, and the voice seemed to agree with everything she thought about Igrene. She was just a creep. It would probably be a good thing if she managed to find some OTHER mages to kill.

    Lyle was on top of things though, and managed to cut that line of thought off. Continuing being his normal friendly self, he told the stranger where to go as he left and how to get some good ale. While that was going on Sassana considered exactly where they should go. Avoiding mages would probably be a good thing, but she wasn't overly worried about most of them herself. She could certainly take care of the majority of those they would come across. It wasn't like there were going to be any council members out in the ice world they were about to enter. However having to fight would only slow them down, and potentially make them have to fight even more. Would it slow them down more than cutting across the plains. That Sassana didn't know.

    A scream of pain jerked her attention back to reality, it was followed quickly by an exclamation by Lyle and she turned to see what was going on. Igrene had... Oh gods. She froze his knee? Dammit all! That wasn't something she could do much about, and Alleria didn't have enough control over her powers to really be trusted with something like this... but the other option was losing the lower half of the leg. Not a good combination of options.

    Sassana was over at the stranger looking it over to see exactly how bad it was before she realized that Igrene was gone. Blinking she decided that maybe letting the woman go was the best answer. She was too dangerous. Too unstable and obviously crazy. In short not someone she wanted to trust her life to, or sleep in the same camp with.

    Hearing Lyle say her name she looked up and shook her head. It was well known that she really had no strengths beyond control of the wind, and this wasn't something she could use her strengths for. Wind would only make it colder. That left Alleria. Turning to the young woman from the Fire Kingdom, "Do you think you can do this? It doesn't require much power, just a control over the element that I lack." Utterly. The voice in her mind seemed mocking in some ways.

    Sighing softly she looked at Lyle. "I think we may be better off without her... She wanted me dead. Alleria too. I could see it in her eyes. We just couldn't trust her. It's not your fault Lyle, she... She was broken long before we met her, and I don't know that we could have helped her. She's too much like..." Her voice trailed off as she thought of Remuza. "A shadow Mage." Not much else needed to be said. The reputation of those of the Shadows was well earned. There had been some questions about them. She had answered them. She didn't want to think about them anymore. About him.[/blockquote]


    we could actually keep this going a bit if sarge and xani want to. *shrugs*
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