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Fantasy A Breaking World: Of Alanvar and the Vyn'rath

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Chukles38, Jul 2, 2009.

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  1. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    Altar Harond
    Spelunking the Light Kingdom

    If it wasn't one thing it was another. First it was the abandoned mines, then it was the fact that the abandoned mines randomly had guards. But hey, Altar could handle that. The mines still held something important to the Mages, so guards were understandable. But then there was the noise. At first it did seam like nothing to be worried about, you get wind blowing into an exposed opening and the noise could echo damn near forever in a place like this.

    But wind didn't growl nor did it moan. It was a rather quick deduction that there was something other then the guards and Altar alive in the tunnels, and judging from the sound of its breathing, it was big. But Altar was a bit too deep already to turn back now, he needed to find those crystals. There was always a good chance the creature was asleep, or nonviolent, and if not, well Altar was a Mage, he could probably hold the thing back at least. But just because you can, doesn't mean you want too. So in that regard Altar continued forward, granted at a slowed and more careful pace then when he thought he was alone in his underground playground.

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  2. Qui-Gon_Reborn

    Qui-Gon_Reborn Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Dec 11, 2008
    IC: Fynn Thrinsata
    The Valley

    Fynn fidgeted uncomfortably, tapping her foot and raising dusty clouds in the packed earth. She had yet to shake that feeling that pressed upon her chest and threatened to crush her soul, the feeling of being trapped, vulnerable, exposed, but she was channeling her restlessness to increase her concentration.

    It was almost working, but not quite. The fact that she didn?t know why she had been summoned before Xavier once again didn?t help her agitation. Fynn was unaccustomed to taking action without being fully aware of its purpose.

    After a while, the man spoke. ?I am glad you?ve come and are still willing to support the rebellion. To be short, I have a very important mission for you to complete. Several weeks ago, we sent an agent to the Light Kingdom. We have not heard back from him. We sent help for him as well, though they have not been heard from either. His mission was very important. We need you to find him. We have a contact in the Old Royal Palace in Illentir in the Light Kingdom. Go there. Find him and what he seeks. If he is still alive, he has direct orders to join with you, accomplish his mission, and return to me.?

    ?My friend, I would ask you to accompany them,? Xavier said, turning toward Valen. ?They?ll need your guiding eye and your sword.?

    Squaring her shoulders, Fynn checked the metal-studded whip at her belt and shook her head to clear it. She knew her purpose now, and this knowledge gave her confidence and strength. Purpose bred security, and security bred efficiency. The details could be worked out later.

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    WINKWINK Jedi Knight star 1

    Dec 15, 2008
    IC Elicia Bathory

    [i]Home, I'm going home[/i] Ell looked around at the group with her [i]oh... lovely[/i].

    Skillian looked tense still, but eager and comfortable at the same time. She smiled [i]I think he's excited[/i].

    The girl she hadn't gotten to know enough about to see past the confidence that she was practically excreting. [i]She looks almost like me, definitly lightbred.[/i]

    And last she looked to the leader of this little group, valen.

    A huge man, even larger than Rork had been, feeling a pang at the memory she continued her discreet study and noted the strength, grace, and Surety of movment that bespoke many years of experience in the art of combat. She imagined in large flashing letters above him the words "DO NOT PISS OFF" and had to hold back laughter.

    Her mirth ended with the young hunters words.

    "[i][b]Are you sure you want to leave them?"[/b][/i]

    She looked down for a moment before responding.

    "No, no I don't want to leave them, but... Look skill, we almost didn't make it threw last winter and we wouldn't have made it this winter. Not where we were. With the supplies the Commander gave them they'll make it threw this year, start planting" She paused a moment to find the right words "abundant crops at the start of the season, and if their not stupid, be able to keep that up for a very long time, possibly indefinitly I don't know I'm not a farmer."

    She stopped what she had been doing and looked at him "In short, they'll be safe."
    She turned back to her task " and would you like to know why we just didn't grow crops before, I mean we are in the Earth kingdom right? well, I don't "know" this but i think the Mages knew there were raiders in the forest, and I think they, for lack of a better term, Cursed the land around our corner of the forest so nothing would grow. We only lasted as long as we did because could buy produce and cattle from the farmers around us."

    Her movments had taken on a savage grace at this point as she continued, voice cracking "And do you know why we didn't have enough food this year? Because the farmers didn't either! There will be starvation all over that area of the forest this winter, and those who don't leave will have it even worse next year. The Mages will have killed who knows how many people, just to stop us fromtakeing less than one of their bribes."

    She calmed herself "To answer your question no I don't want to leave them, but how long will they be safe here? Allen and Fara take care of them, and I hope that when this is done I'll be able to come back here but... If I can help stop the Mages I will."


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  4. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Rebel Camp

    The training with the bow had been fun. Lyle had showed her how to shoot it and it was rather effective to kill things. though she doubted not seeing it die would be too satisfying for her. But such concerns she kept for herself. She knew by now, people did not react well to such ideas of satisfaction. Actually she had been long enough around men to know Lyle´s ideas were other ones altogether. male attraction was actually easy to read, which was a blessing, as it made her feel less stupid. If she only had known what to think or do about it. But having been raised like she had, she had not the first idea what it meant. So she smiled ocassionally and did nothing.

    when they finally met the team, she listened to everything the people said. Mages they were looking for? She thought all mages had to be killed. And then there were other Mages? She did not like it. it made things unnecessary complicated. No, she did not like it at all. And the fire-lands? The thought of heat was uncomfortable to her, somehow, but she thoughts she could manage. Lyle was her savior again. Ice Kingdom woulld be passed on the way. Wonderful.

    "A good plan, I know these regions a little. I passed them when I fled my home." She smiled. Then she looked up at the Mage that had come to the tent. she had tried to keep her stupid question back, because everybody seemed to be fine around her, buut now she had to ask. "She is a Mage, why don´t we kill her?" She asked to Lyle, pointing her finger at the robed woman at the other side, they had called Alleria.

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  5. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Lor Amherst
    Underneath the Tree

    Three days had passed and as the sun crested the horizon in the east on the fourth, Lor was more than ready to move on. The Rebels had tried to reason with him, brushing off their attempts to confine them in this camp for three days as protection. But it was all a bunch of lies. Even after the camp had moved on, the Mages could still capture them and drive any and all information from them in regards to finding the Rebels. All they would need was a direction and Lor was certain the Mages were smart enough to follow the trail from there. It was disheartening to think in such a way, but it was the truth. He was only being honest with himself.

    Shaking his mind from such thoughts, Lor sighed and poked the fire he had built at his feet with a stick. The embers crackled with the touch and Lor went about setting the last parcels of food they had gathered on top of the flame. It would be a crude breakfast and for a moment, Lor was lost in just studying the flames, but then a sharp bark from Saber drew his attention.

    Without hesitation, Lor bolted to his feet, grabbing his blades in the process. "Saber!" he shouted, his voice echoing off of the valley in the distance. Frantic eyes searched his surroundings until another bark drew his gaze to a tree in the distance. Underneath that tree sat two figures and Saber was with them. Kicking dirt into the fire, Lor was off and running to meet them.

    When he arrived, however, it appeared that there was no trouble at all. Saber had just ran off to greet them and she was sitting before them now, wagging her tail with excited eyes. Lor concealed a wry smile as he approached and planted a large hand atop of the pup's head. "Easy, girl," he cooed softly before lifting his gaze toward the two strangers, one of which had traveled with him before the battle in the forest. "I'm sorry, she's usually not this open with strangers. She mustn't consider you a danger." He paused to study them for a moment. "And so, neither do I."

    He started to extend his hand in greeting, but before he could speak, the Rebel leader approached them to offer parting words. Lor turned partly and scowled at the man, not interested in accepting any parting gifts. He had survived on his own for this long in the wilderness, he didn't need some Rebel leader catering to him now. Luckily, the scene didn't last long and the man was gone before Lor could criticize him for his actions.

    "I'll be damned," one of the men exhaled with relief. "Someone up there decided to cut me a break."

    Lor chuckled. It appeared he wasn't alone in his thinking. "You and me, both," he remarked, extending a hand to introduce himself. "I don't think we were properly introduced. The name's Lor. I've been wandering these lands for as long as I can remember. I don't know anything else."

    At his side, Saber unleashed a quiet whimper. "Oh, almost forgot." Lowering himself to his knees, Lor wrapped his arms around the pup and drew her close. "And this is Saber. She's my girl. We work as a team and I wouldn't have it any other way."

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  6. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Lyle Zahara
    Earth Kingdom

    Alrighty, first mission as a Commander and at least he's starting it off with everyone agreeing to his plan of action concerning which way they would go. Not a bad start there and no problems have popped up ye-

    "She is a Mage, why don´t we kill her?"

    Not having expected that sudden question, Lyle turned towards Igrene, his eyes widening a bit in surprise, and then he glanced towards the Mage she was referring to: Alleria. Oh boy...maybe there may be a problem that might have to be taken care of. Ah well, one of those other things that he was going to have to worry about with his new rank he supposed.

    "An ex-Mage," Lyle finally replied to Igrene's question. "As far as we're concerned she's not one of them anymore. She's with us and we can use her help such as when we get to the Fire Kingdom."

    He hadn't given Igrene's seeming fixation on killing Mages a thought of it possibly being problematic - she wants to kill the Mages, where's the problem in that? - but this drew in his attention. And with Xavier wanting more magic users in their army...

    "I mean, she's not the first," the archer continued. "We have a couple Mages in our group that broke with the Mages and threw their lot in with us." He pointed a finger towards Sassana. "Like her. Once a Mage but now one of our most important members in our Rebellion." He shrugged. "Not all Mages are bad and if they want to help, far be it from us to just turn them away." The grin soon returned though and Lyle tapped his bow. "Don't worry about me though; never been a Mage and don't even have a spark of magic in me. And even if I did I would much prefer this weapon right here."

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  7. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    ooc: No update a while? Anything wrong?


    Looking at Lyle she blinked once. Mages on their side? Mages she would not kill? Or kill last, actually? Igrene hadn´t considered such mix ups with the enemy would exist or be a problem. Actually she did not thought about anything like this. It was getting complicated. At least Lyle was no mage. she wouldn´t have to kill him, anyway. She actually liked Lyle, in a way. And she had few feelings about people, so killing them would have been a . . . she looked for the right word . . . loss. Yes. A loss.

    Then she looked at the Mages. Ex-Mages. Potential victims and smiled. Saying a simple "Oh fine." And gave them her smile, looking even a little more superficial and artificial than usually.

    Confusion harmed her ability to pass off as a feeling human, at all.

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  8. DarthXan318

    DarthXan318 Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 12, 2002
    Quick note because I just noticed, Sirak - Alleria's probably not wearing a robe. She ran out of Neo Alanvar in her pyjamas, and right now is probably wearing some spares from the Rebel's outfitter. :D

    IC: Alleria Deron
    Rebel Camp

    "Er." Alleria took one look at the smile on Igrene's face and fought down the urge to back up. That woman was seriously creepy - first she just basically threatened to kill her, because she was a mage, and now was smiling in a completely artificial, your-days-are-numbered kind of way.

    Thankfully Lyle, who seemed as surprised as she was, seemed to disapprove of the Kill The Mage plan.

    "Uh, well ... why don't we get going?" Alleria gestured with both hands, pointing her forefingers over her shoulder towards the distant Ice Kingdom. Not that she wanted to travel with this scary lady, but maybe if she was from the Ice Kingdom, being home would make her less likely to murder her when she slept. "Time's a-wasting."

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  9. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    OOC: So it had been a wet, pajama-wearing Alleria that had been walking around. ...Nice ;)

    IC: Lyle Zahara
    To The Ice Kingdom

    "Oh fine."

    ...Maybe mentioning that Sassana had also been a mage was a bad idea.

    Again that unpleasant shudder-induced feeling wanted to pass through as Igrene 'smiled' at the two. Where once Lyle would usually detect something or another wrong with the smiles that the woman would produce, the one she had now set off the danger alarm within the archer's entire being. Just when he had hoped that this was going to be a pleasant trip with three lovely ladies that would've just involved a nice walk with three ladies, a nice trip through the ice kingdom with three ladies, and a nice, long trip back with not one, or two, but three ladies with new allies.

    Now he might have to worry about the number of said ladies being lessened during this trip.

    Alleria, one of the likely targets, chimed in, mentioning that they should get going. Lyle nodded his head as he walked in the direction of the Ice Kingdom, patting Alleria's shoulder as he passed her while forcing another of his charming smiles between her and Igrene.

    "Yes we should probably get going," Lyle replied. "Xavier is expecting us to come back with some new allies. With all four of us alive and well and working together. Yep, can't forget that! Can't disappoint him and fail the Rebellion and let the Mages win! Nope! Gotta work together!"

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  10. Penguinator

    Penguinator Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 23, 2005
    Leocanto Ravelle
    Underneath the Tree

    The thief looked the newcomer over appraisingly, sizing him up. Animal lover. Brilliant. He shook the man's - Lor's - hand, and simply stared blankly as the fellow knelt and introduced his dog.

    "Uh, charmed. Name's Leocanto."

    He looked about their surroundings, then down at Orml. "Introduce yourself, pal."

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    OOC: Sorry, it's all I've got in me at the moment...
  11. Ramza

    Ramza Administrator Emeritus star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA VIP

    Jul 13, 2008
    Orml Chal
    Underneath the Tree

    Orml wasn't exactly thrilled about taking aide from the rebellion, but then, he considered it rude to decline donations willingly given. He chose to nod briefly in recognition of the gift before turning his attention to his fellow free spirits.

    "Orml Chal, Professional Wanderer Extraordinaire and Enemy of Shoes Everywhere," he introduced himself to the man with the dog, pantomiming an over-the-top bow to match his ludicrous, self-awarded title. He was in high spirits, and when Orml was in high spirits...

    Well, it was frequently painfully obvious.

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  12. Chukles38

    Chukles38 Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 10, 2005
    Yes. Between computer, internet, and downright real life issues, I haven't been able to devote much time to the boards, and this morning I am feeling very poorly. My apologies for the delay, though thank you for continued interest. Expect an update in the next few days.
  13. Chukles38

    Chukles38 Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 10, 2005
    You have my sincerest apologies for the continued delay. However, here is the newest update. I tried something a bit new. Hopefully you enjoy it and find its quality up to par. I believe I got everyone in, but if somehow you slipped through, let me know and I will fix it pronto. :)

    A quick note about this update, it was written to be read in its entirety, though if you wish to only read your section, you can survive with just that, though I advise against it.


    Venlos. A festering pit in the shadow of Neo Alanvar, the city of cities. A safe haven for the cowardly wretches that call themselves the Free Peoples Rebellion. Heh. Nothing good has ever come of this place? with the exception of this lovely morsel that stands before me. Ah, yes, what a woman. She has the right curves, the right face? mmm, I?ll certainly have to remember her. I stroke her cheek gently, thanking her softly for the information she has just provided. Perhaps when this whole mess is sorted out, I?ll send for her. There will be nights of?. pleasure ahead for us.

    But now is not the time. There are things to do, people to kill, insignificant insects that have thought to cross my path. The Mages think that they are the ones in control. Heh. They never leave their ivory tower, sitting in their luxurious thrones and debating endlessly while their power grows, but it matters not. I will always be more powerful, because I will do what must be done. Their dirty work is entrusted to me, and I am the voice, the arm, and the face of the Mages of Alanvar. Weak old fools.

    I breathe in the girl one last time, remembering her name and her scent. Felicita. Yes. She will be a marvelous homecoming gift. But now is not the time for such carnal desires?. No, there are rebels to find, light to destroy. Yes, it will not be a pleasant day for my enemies.


    North, towards the vast frozen wastes of the Ice Kingdom, I crouch in a tree, shielded by branches and leaves. Below me a cave breaks the rock of the mountains. Footprints, wagon tracks. They scatter in many directions. There would be no way even I could track them all. But voices echoed from the caverns, and I knew that no longer would I be denied the chance to show my power, see their fear.

    They are so close, I can feel them. They all had a stench, and prescense. Mmm? yes, I can sense a male, a female who was so ripe, so full of potential power, and then? My eyes widen. It could not be my succulent blossom, vanished but a few days ago. But, yes, it was. I could not forget her smell, and her presence. She was intoxicating. Only once before have I found a being with so potent a? impossible. It cannot be.

    My eyes settle upon the blue-skinned female behind the rest, and I cannot fathom that she is here. So this is where she had vanished to. My entire being freezes. I am no more than a pure black figure, blending in perfectly with the shadows offered by the canopy above. Now it is time, now I will strike, but no?. I hear their words, and my reason pervades. I hear that they are on a mission. Perhaps my lusts can wait until we have found what these rebels are after.

    Ignoring the group to come out after, I follow my precious blossom and her friends through the woods. Years have made me silent, and if I am detected, it is only as a shadow amongst the trees. I consider, briefly, capturing these four but am stopped by the knowledge that their interrogation would be left to the cur Alve. Such a despicable being. Sadly, he served his purposes, but when he has outlived his usefulness, I will end his miserable life myself.

    I watch as the trees thin to a small field, the snow layering the ground in the nearby Ice Kingdom. Such a miserable place, that one. I detest it almost as much as I do Alve. But now is not the time to dwell on such burning hatreds. No, better left for the privacy of my mind, when not occupied by more pressing matters. The wind carries with it words; Fire Kingdom, magic, ladies, mission? I know not
  14. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Lyle Zahara
    Ice Kingdom


    His head tilted, Lyle was only able to stare at the carpet of frozen white stuff known as snow. There had been no slow shift from Earth to Ice when they had reached the border. Currently there was grass below his feet, but once he took those few steps forward, he would find himself stepping on the white carpet before him.

    "So this is snow?" Lyle questioned, looking towards Igrene for confirmation. This was the first time that the archer had seen such a thing. The Earth Kingdom had it's seasons; it could get warm, hot, cold, but never cold enough for snow to fall. Just cold enough that would make it difficult for any harvest to come to fruition. But snow...that was just something he only heard of like the Ice Kingdom itself.

    Slowly Lyle approached the snow, stopping right at the edge. The temperature had dropped and Lyle had wished that he brought some more, warmer clothing but alas, nothing could prepare him for this. Carefully, the archer extended a booted foot before he then lowered it, having it drop upon the snow. His boot immediately sank, almost causing Lyle to lose his balance. True, solid ground this snow was not apparently. But soon enough the archer's foot found something that was indeed solid so that his boot sank no more. With the same slow, careful movements, his other boot came forward and took a step into the snow.

    Alright, this wasn't so bad. Lyle stood up on his toes, then did a couple small bounces, testing the integrity of the snow. It was a bit cold, sure, his boots unable to fully protect his feet from the frozen stuff but he could walk on it. Grinning to himself, Lyle turned to the rest of the group, raising a hand to motion them to follow him as he continued to walk forward-

    "Oh gawds!"

    His foot sank with it's next step. Whether there had been a sudden slope that was now hidden from him, the snow having gotten deeper, or whatever, Lyle's foot sank. Unprepared for this, Lyle tried to compensate for this sudden shift, failed, and found himself dropping into the snow where his body repeated the actions of his foot; as in, it sank.

    Now he was freezing! He went face first into the snow and what felt like the snow biting him with frozen teeth caused him to yelp. It was like the terrible whiteness suddenly came alive, immediately seeping and outright pouring into any opening of his armor and clothing. It seeped into his leather breastplate, his boots, and Lyle immediately placed his hands upon this terrible minion of nature in order to pick himself up and away from it. His hands sank just as easily as his feet and the snow took this opportunity to pour into his gloves, consuming his palms and fingers in the vicious, biting cold. The snow within his boots shifted as he tried to stand as well, making it so it felt like his feet was now standing within it unprotected despite the socks.

    This inevitably caused him to try to pull his hands away, his feet fruitlessly trying to jump up and away from the snow that they were trapped with, and this caused him to once again to fall back into the carpet of this terrible, freezing product of nature.

    "Gah! Cold, cold, cold, cold, cold, COLD!"

    Now Lyle was outright rolling, trying to bring his body back to the wonderful, familiar green grass that was not consumed in snow. The snow continued to shift as he rolled, seeping into whatever nook and cranny it had missed before while packing itself more into cracks where it had already visited. All the while Lyle continued to yelp and yell as if bitten until finally it was now longer snow but the sweet sweet grass.

    Even then he continued to twitch and shudder and flop like a fish out of water. He kicked off his boots, sending them flying - with snow trailing behind them - as he shook his feet from the snow. Gloves soon followed and Lyle shook the rest of himself, shaking free the snow that was still within his breastplate, his tunic, whatever! He wanted it all out!

    Finally, still shaking a bit, Lyle sat
  15. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    OOC: firstly, my sincerest apologies for my lack of posting here, and everywhere for that matter. school kinda took over my life for a while, but i'm finally balancing everything out. so more or less i'm saying i'm back. hopefully i haven't upset the applecart too much with my absence.

    oh, and chuckles? creepy dirtbag man.

    IC: Sassana Elanun
    Ice Kingdom

    [blockquote]Quiet. That was a good word for what she had been and where she was mentally. Finding out that Xavier doubted himself so much had been cause for concern, but then everything had seemed to fly along. Even the voice in her mind had remained silent for the most part. Only in her sleep, her dreams, had things been active for her. She had remembered much, nightmares that she had lived through. Coming home to find that her parents and everyone she had known dead. Moving in with the Mages, only to find what horrid monsters they were. Feeling utterly used by them, lied to. These were the things that had occupied her mind. Sassana had accepted the commission to lead this group of individuals, sort of, to the fire kingdom and convince a group of Mages to join them. And they were trying to beat out the Mages of Alanvar in doing so. That was the other thing that had occupied her thoughts. How would she go about convincing a group of powerful magic users to join them, when they could gain vastly more power, prestige and safety through going to the rebellions enemies? In short it was a stupid thing to really consider, but these were desperate times. And she knew what was said about desperate times, no matter how irritating it might be.

    Considering who she had been sent with, Sassana was intrigued. Lyle she knew, and had even flirted with, but the other two... well she knew what they were now that she was up close to them. She knew what all of those in the forest had been. Scarily she had been right, there were vyn'rath among them. Her breath had caught when this was realized, and the voice had ranted and raved at her for quite some time before finally going silent again. For the first time she had successfully ignored it, not that she anticipated that happening again. But the voice had at least respected her need for contemplation. That was something.

    Almost absently she considered the other two for a few moments. There was Igrene, possibly as disturbed as a Mage herself, what with her desire to see all of them dead. Then there were her smiles. There was just something fundamentally off about the young woman, and Sassana would have honestly preferred if Xavier had chosen someone else for her to have to work with. Lyle had simply HAD to tell the young Ice Kingdomer that she was a former Mage herself. I really don't want to have to hurt her. She could be useful, and she is... Well, her potential was amazing. Sassana still had trouble admitting that these two were Vyn'rath. After what she had seen in Alanvar the mere thought of a Vyn was nearly overwhelming. It was almost as if something was warning her about something... Alas she couldn't manage to make sense of it, and the voice had remained silent.

    Then there was the young Fire "Mage". She seemed sweet, and in many ways what Sassana had been before much of her training had happened. It was good that she had gotten out so young, before she had been indoctrinated by the creepy old dirtbags that ruled in Alanvar. Sassana still shuddered to think she had been on more than speaking terms with many of them, even respected.

    And so they had traveled, Sassana mainly in silence letting Lyle take care of most the dividing up chores and so forth.

    Finally they had arrived at the border of the Ice Kingdom, and the snow there made Sassana smile. She had been very used to the cold where she came from, the lack of solid ground in many instances created a somewhat constant wind. While there was no breeze in the same fashion, it was still refreshing to be in a climate that was at least similar, even if it was more extreme.

    Absently Sassana considered the shift that represented
  16. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006

    This, well it was things like this that made A'ltar wish he was just some regular guy. It was also things like this that made him glad he wasn't. I mean, if he was a normal guy chances are he'd be dead already, he did wanna join the military after all. If he'd been normal he wouldn't have read and experienced all the interesting things he'd experienced in his lifetime. But, if he had been just a regular guy, he'd probably not be stumbling around in the dark with something pointing a bow and arrow at him. But hey, you take what life gives you.

    And what life had given him was a particular puzzle to solve. This puzzle had four pieces, the cave, Altar, the archer, and the arrow. The desired outcome, was to get farther down the cave, without the archer, and without an arrow in the back. So how does one go about solving this puzzle? Well its actually quite simple. Who, or whatever this thing was that was pointing an arrow at him, had to have its eyes used to the dark. Altar, was at an advantage in that regard, he could generate light. The problem was not blinding himself.

    Taking a slow deep breath Altar closed his eyes tight and focused. He wasn't exactly a master mage, and he wanted to make sure this flash was a big one. This sort of thing took a few seconds of focus, particularly at his level. Altar shifted his focus to the staff in his hand, it was his focus, it helped him use spells, normally offensive ones, but you work with what you have. One more breath, the air flowed in him, he felt the cold against the back of his throat. Then as he exhaled, pushing the warmer air out of him, he focused all his will onto the staff.

    His finger pressed the button and with a resounding click it slide out into its full length. The dragon mouth at the end clicked open, and a bright flash filled the area. Even with his eyes closed the light hurt his eyes but he ignored it and charged forward in the direction he had been going. After a few moments he opened his eyes, there were spots but he could see. Pulling the crystal out he used its dim light to see, but he kept it from glowing to bright. It was time to haul ass and do so discreetly. He didn't wanna be around when whatever it was he'd just blinded got its sight back, if it did.

    Tag: Chuk
  17. DarthXan318

    DarthXan318 Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 12, 2002
    IC: Alleria Deron
    Entering the Ice Kingdom

    "Are you okay?" Alleria called as Lyle flailed to a stop. He had been nice to her, after all - but he was fine, from the sheepish grin on his face as he stood.

    Then he dumped the snow in his hood onto his head and started spluttering again. Alleria giggled.

    Sassana merely shook her head. "Alleria, do you need any warmer clothing? I think I might have something in my pack if you do. A cloak, or something."

    "Uh..." It was Alleria's turn to be sheepish. She had requisitioned some cold-weather clothing from the Rebel's stores before leaving the camp - gloves, boots, hide trousers, a good jacket - but they had not had much to spare, and as Alleria had never seen snow before either, she hadn't insisted on more. "A cloak would be good," she admitted. "If you can spare one, I mean. I didn't really bring enough."

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    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Lyle Zahara
    Ice Kingdom

    Despite it being at his own expense, the giggle that Alleria had made at his display as well as the amused look of Sassana seemed to make his chilling first experience with the cold worth it. He was perfectly capable of pleasing women that didn't involve the bed - or the ground in some cases for those of the Rebellion - and doing so gave some enjoyment as well. He liked women and he liked making women happy no matter how it did it.

    Especially with Alleria around. She was a mage girl, taken from the Mages and thrown in with their lovely group. Best to show her that the Rebellion had plenty of good people in it that wanted to see the world - and thus the people - be seated in a better light then they were now.

    "Tell me Lyle, do you think that will make life easier?"

    "Much," Lyle replied, giving Sassana a grin and another shiver as he once again shook the snow out of his clothing. This was going to be a long trip through the Ice Kingdom and Lyle sure didn't need to spend the whole time falling and getting more snow beneath his armor and the like.

    Once he cleared himself of the snow, the archer stood back up on his feet and pulled his cloak around him, hoping to get some warmth back to him before venturing into the white, frozen hell that consumed the ground before him. Waiting for him to fall into it. Waiting for him to fall so that they can eat him up again with their icy teeth and diabolical...whiteness.

    Remember, Lyle's mind reminded him. Fire Kingdom. Most beautiful people in the world. Most beautiful women in the world.

    And it was very much warm there.

    While Sassana and Alleria spoke about warmer clothing, Lyle walked over to Igrene and gave her a cursory glance. She was the native of the Ice Kingdom so she had been surrounded by this snow her whole life before coming to the Earth Kingdom. How could she possibly handle it? That was when the hunter remembered how cold she was to the touch and he wondered if she was fine with it because she was as cold as these lands.

    "Yeah I can't see myself living here," Lyle spoke to her as he gazed out at the vast expanse of whiteness before him. "Nothing like the Earth Kingdom. No solid ground and then there's the cold of course. How did you manage to live when you were surrounded by this?"

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    Jun 10, 2005
    "As A?ltar ran, he heard a loud clink behind him as the arrow?fired off by the stunned and very blinded creature?passed through the space he had occupied a mere moment before. The young mage hurtled through the halls as quickly and silently as he dared.

    "The light from A?ltar?s little light show spread through the nearby hallways, and as the mage fled, he heard several inhuman howls echo the stone tunnel behind him. An arrow flew past his shoulder, missing his head by several inches, but the wind it created certainly could be felt.

    "A?ltar would soon have to decide what to do. Obviously, the creatures were still behind him, though whether they had recovered from the blast or there was more it was hard to say. There were many tunnels to his sides, though there was no telling where they would lead."

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  20. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Lor Amherst
    Underneath the Tree, Valley

    The two men made good on their introductions and Lor nodded his own head in greeting, but that was before he noticed the elongation of the shadows around him and the shift in light from above. A quick glance towards the sun in the west confirmed his suspicions. Twilight was upon them and here they were, stuck out here in the open like sitting ducks. The Mages weren't the only danger to come about once darkness fell. If they stayed put, it was likely that they wouldn't last till morning.

    Beside him, Saber sat on her haunches with her ears erect, sniffing the air as if she had identified that very danger. She was a smart one, no doubt about that. "You smell that, girl?" he asked softly, rubbing the area directly behind her ears. "I think we better get going. It's not safe around here anymore."

    Rising to his feet, Lor tipped his head to the two men. "Pleasure crossing paths," he said casually. "Good luck to you wherever you're heading. It's some rough country out there. Watch your backs and be safe."

    Coaxing Saber forward with a gentle tap to her hind section, Lor turned and started to head west into the sunset.

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  21. Qui-Gon_Reborn

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    Dec 11, 2008
    IC: Finn Thrinsata
    The Bridge

    They hardly spoke during their brief journey through the forest. Finn was content with the lack of conversation, despite the unnatural silence it added to the already deafening noiselessness. She had nothing to speak of, nothing to gain through conversation; she was here because of some unspeakable purpose that she did not understand, let alone have the ability to communicate. Yes, it might prove useful to investigate her companions? histories to find some manner of leverage for future use, but it wasn?t worth the effort at this time.

    Truth be told, Finn loved the passive quiet of her surroundings. She had spent the majority of her life interacting with people who refused to open their minds and their hearts to understand her, and rather than allow herself to be hurt, she learned to live without them. It wasn?t long before this ability to live alone turned into a preference, and from that, a need. Finn identified with the trees and the birds and the sky, in the timelessness and the majesty of it all. She had no use for people.

    When her traveling compatriots had had their breath snatched from their throats by the obnoxious magnificence of the city of Ill-Erg, Finn was overcome by a sense of dispassion that was all too conspicuous. When they finally closed their gaping mouths and tore their eyes away, she was already calculating the time they had lost by this foolishness.

    The ruins were somewhat more impressive. While the physical sight of them did little to astound her, the history that was as deeply engraved as writings on bare stone pervaded the landscape and echoed against something deep within her. Finn shuddered, and was glad to move on, though she later regretted not spending more time studying the strange remains.

    That was until they reached the bridge.

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    OOC: Sorry all..this is an massive attempt to CATCH UP! Valen is a man of few words, so ya didnt miss much! :p

    Valen Tomask
    Gateway to The Kingdom of Light

    How had he ended up here?

    Valen thought back the the last few days. First Xavier had been on the brink of a breakdown. Disgusting. Then, they had caught what looked like a thief at first in camp. It was the men's fault. They should not have been gambling. Valen held in a snort. Then Xavier told a tell of how he had inherited this rebellion from his father.

    Then ANOTHER cursed interruption when Corporal Zahara and his men had come back. Valen nearly growled, but simply followed closely behind Xavier, but keeping a wary eye on this supposed thief, Leocanto was his name. Even these simple fools could not handle this, without bothering the king. Then Valen saw the group of people following him. Clearly not soldiers. Had he stopped to pick up a few strays? Valen crossed his arms as he listened. This should be a good story.

    As Corporal Lyle drew closer he frowned just a bit. "Ohi boss," Lyle spoke, his run turning into a jog, then a walk, and finally a complete stop so that he was standing right in front Xavier. Grinning up at him, Lyle motioned his head back to the approaching caravan. "I came back from the forest with some new friends."

    And then the fool thief said something.. And was promptly locked away.

    Xavier had stood examining the group as Lyle stepped forward. Xavier studied him carefully before speaking, his arms folded neatly across his chest.

    "So I see." He paused for a moment, something he did often. "That may have been a mistake." Xavier turned to Valen, who, along with Sassana, had followed Xavier out of the command tent. "Valen, see that these people are given a place to stay. However, secure the valley. There are only two entrances and exits. I want them well guarded. No one comes, and no one leaves, without my express permission." Xavier then had Lyle follow him back to his tent. Valen slowly unfolded his arms, and began barking orders, while finding a spot for these people to sit down and stay. They looked like they were about to fall over. Not a fighting force at all. Then again, a king had to look after more than just his troops. Luckily, Valen did not have to deal with all of those issues. He simply found a place for the others to feel comfortable and safe in. Then he returned to Xaviers tent.

    And there is where the fun began.

    Xavier had asked for a group of the our friends from the forest to meet him in his tent, and it was only a matter of minutes before they were. In the past days, they had had a chance to recuperate. They had become as familiar with the rebellion as they could be in such a short amount of time. Now, Lyle, Igrene, and Alleria stood before Xavier, who had settled into his customary silent and pensive state. After a few minutes, he addressed them.

    "Thank you, my friends, for your willingness so far expressed to help the rebellion. It shall not be forgotten. You have offered to help how you can, and I will make use of that. You have all expressed great talents, though the rebellion will not at this time be engaging in combat. In short, we are going into hiding once more as we build our numbers. However, I have a task for you. In the Fire Kingdom, there is a group of mages unaffiliated with the ones of Alanvar. However, that will not always be the case. We have received word that the Mages intend to either incorporate this group into the Mages of Alanvar, or destroy them. It would be to our advantage if they were with us, not against us. I task you with going to their encampment, north east of the Outcast Village in the Fire Kingdom, and recruit them by any means necessary."

    Xavier turned to Sassana and Valen, who were in their customary spots by his side. "Sassana, I?d like you to accompany them." Valen smirked. Xavier moved close to them both and spoke so the others could not hear. "You?ll both need to keep an eye on the newcomers. I trust both Lyle and Ales

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    Dec 15, 2008
    IC Ellicia Bathory

    [i]Well if that wasn't just the most quite and relaxing trip EVER[/i] Ell thought to herself with a little smile as she eased one of her longer knives in and out of it's sheath.

    [i]Until now anyway[/i].

    She had felt uneasy for a while now, like someone was watching her.

    [b][i]"We have reached the boundary. We had better hurry across. It gets dangerous from here on. Watch your step."[/i][/b]

    She returned his grin as she stepped right up to the edge and stared down into the waters far beneath. "Whats the matter Val? don't like hieghts?" she whispered to herself to quitely for anyone to hear.

    Resettling the wieght of her pack, plus the small round shield and short sword that she had procured from the rebel quartermaster, Ellicia walked over towards skillian.

    "Hey Skill, you got a second?"


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    The fire sparkled in the dark green eyes of the bard. It was growing late, but the crowd anxiously sat around the dying flames, eager to hear how the story would unfold. The bard had pulled an elaborately carved pipe from inside his cloak, stuffed it with some fireweed, and was puffing away lazily on it. At long last, he spoke again. The crowd perked up.

    ?You know, the finest fireweed grows near the eastern ends of the Lava Plains in the Fire Kingdom. Lower quality fireweed will burn your throat when you smoke it. Some people prefer that, but the good stuff?? The bard sighed. ?It?s a pleasant tingle with a wonderful taste. Then again,? he said, a twinkle in his eyes, ?I have been smoking this type of fireweed for much longer than any of you have been alive. But I forget myself. Now, where was I?? The bard held his pip in his hand, his gaze going distant.

    ?Ah, yes. Of course.? He puffed once more on his pipe before continuing. ?Lor Amherst was a bit of a loner at times. Not anti-social, per se, but? well? eh, perhaps he wasn?t a loner. It?s hard to describe him. Quite an interesting fellow. But anyhow, he had decided on this occasion that his plans were best suited if he were alone, and he left the valley through the caverns which he had used to enter it, his faithful pooch trotting along beside him.

    ?He had been on the road some time, and any signs of the rain storm several days earlier had faded, the forest springing up green and bright in its stead. It was quite a beautiful day, and Lor had made some good time.

    ?The sun had now sunk almost entirely behind the horizon, the last remaining rays making the forest dance with odd flaming shadows. Lor was approaching a bend in the road, and visibility was low. There was light enough, however, to see a small figure come darting around the treeline, running faster than was possibly believable, and slam into Lor, knocking him to the ground.

    ?Before Lor could do much more than stand up, four more figures came running into view. The first figure hid behind Lor. As the four new arrivals drew closer, the light from their torches clearly identified their deep purple uniforms, the silver emblem of the Mages of Alanvar clearly attesting to their allegiance.

    ?Fifteen yards away, they drew to a stop. One, presumably the leader, spoke. ?You there? wanderer. Surrender him,? He pointed to the figure behind Lor.. ?And you won?t have any trouble.? The soldier?s voice, I might note, was rather aggressive??

    TAG: HanSolo29


    ?Meanwhile, on the border of the Ice Kingdom, young Lyle had had his first experience with snow. It did not appear to be a pleasant one for him, but soon that was all sorted out and the group was about ready to start again. As Sassana, Igrene, and Alexia got over the mirth of the scene that Lyle had presented, a lone figure could be seen trudging through the snow, coming in their general direction. As he neared, a thick and furry coat could be distinguished. Several minutes later and he was making use of the path made by Sassana moments before.

    ?He paid no heed to the group as he shook off the remaining snow and lowered his hood. When he removed his coat, it could be seen his features were fine, and his eyes sparkled. His figure was slight, but muscular? like a dancer. His tanned skin was a stark contrast to the brilliantly white snow behind him.

    ?Now that he was comfortable, he looked at the group. ?Hello, the lot of ya. Appreciate the path.? He nodded briefly to the ramp Sassana had made, and which was beginning to fill in with loose snow now. ?Going to the Ice Kingdom?? he asked, but one look at their clothing answered that question for him. ?Course ya are. Well, I?ll warn ya, there have been several groups of Alanva soldiers moving up and down the main road. Bloody mages made trek through those cursed plains. Nothing but ice and snow and ice and snow.? He paused. ?If ya have some business that would make Alanva enta
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    Joint Post between me and chuk

    IC: A'ltar

    So much for an abandoned series of mines, A'ltar thought as he was lead by these, 'people'. This simple retrieval mission had turned into a much more complicated mess then A'ltar cared to deal with, but he couldn't exactly quit. Especially considering he was surrounded by so many armed... people, and his backup still hadn't arrived. Next time, A'ltar thought, I hand pick my support team. As this went on in the young Mage's head he payed attention to where he was going, in case he had to run, that all went out the window when someone Finally said something he could half way understand.

    "Uow maakeh boom-majee. Kon uow see scratch, speak scratch?"

    Hold on... I got half of that... Uow maakeh... You make... You make magic? Altar raised an eyebrow and looked at, well, maybe he was a king, maybe he was a duke, or maybe he was just an important guy with a very large chair, it didn't really matter at that point. "Are you asking, if I can make Magic?"

    The creature furrowed his brows at the question. "Ouw maakeh boom majee. Whe thenk-knuw nhuw. Ouw see scratch, speak scratch?" This time, he held his hand open, palm up, and moved his finger across it.

    "Ok." Altar said slowly, "I think I understood that... You... you know I do Mag... boom-majee. But, I don't speak Scratch, I don't even know what it is..." A'ltar was clueless, he had no idea what this 'scratch' was or what in the light falls this, person, was trying to signify with his hand.

    The creature was obviously getting agitated, though he kept it in check. His brows furrowed once more as he thought this over. After a long moment of silence, he spoke again. "Uters en pau-steh," he obviously had great difficulty with this word, "maakeh boom-majee, see scratch, speak scratch." his tone, if it meant anything, sounded matter of fact. "Ouw maakeh beeg, breat boom-majee. Whe see dis. Ouw, see scratch speak scratch le--le-ak uters?"

    A'ltar worked the words over in his head. It was difficult, the language was like Alanvan, but, wrong, the phonetics were wrong. Uters, either utters or others, others more likely. En had to be in. pau-steh though. Pau... Pau... Past! Others in the past, make magic, see and speak scratch. I make big... bright magic. They saw it... clearly i tried to blind them. It was the last part that got him, "I get it, well most of it. You know I do magic, like the ones from the past. The Mages, you must have been here while the Mages ran the mines. But, I don't know what this Scratch is... Not off hand. Is it something you can show me? Is it an object or writing?"

    The creature looked at him again as he mulled over the words in his head. Clearly, some of them held no meaning to him. "I... kun..." he seemed to change gears again. "Uters, maakeh boom-majee El-han-vah" He had trouble once again with the last word. "Maakeh S.." he made a sound like he had something stuck in his throat. "Sk-hulls und buhks wit scratch. El-han-vah see scratch, speak scratch. Ouw see scratch, speak scratch? Ouw El-han-vah?"

    It all sort of clicked then, with the word El-han-vah. "Alanvar!" he said, perhaps a little to loudly. "Yes, I wa.. am Alanvar. An Alanvar Mage." The other words seemed to fit in now too. "Witting books and scrolls in scratch? You mean Lumanvarian! The Alanvar write their scrolls and books in Lumanvarian. I can read Lumanvarian yes. Most of it at least. Why?" A'ltar was really quite excited to have broken the language barrier, it never really occurred to him he could be saying the wrong things.

    The creature nodded, but still had a slightly quizzica
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