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Before - Legends A guiding moon, High Republic Era, for the Poetic Nature Words Roulette

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by earlybird-obi-wan, Apr 8, 2021.

  1. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    A guiding moon

    Author: Earlybird-obi-wan

    Time-frame: legends
    Character: OC Tarhin Engaron,
    Genre: short story, Poetic Nature Words Roulette
    Summary: OC Tarhin Engaron reflects after his first day at a new job.
    I got:
    Mångata – a Swedish word that describes the glimmering, road-like reflection of moonlight on a body of water

    A guiding moon.

    He had followed a long road, coming to this beautiful beach and sitting on the sand before his beach-house watching the setting sun, coloring the sand and wavefroths golden with whisps of orange and red before it disappeared.

    It had started on a beach after a visit to a firefighter involved in an accident with a crashed speeder and telling that man that he wanted to explore the galaxy.

    He had thought very long about his path. He was a special ops police officer and wanted to become chief. What better way than to visit more planets? He did with Serindan giving him more experience and going after 10 years to the next planet Boreas. Republic rules had him first attending the academy for five years getting his grades. That academy was near a beach.

    No beaches where he was staying after getting a job as inspector at Boreas-city police station 1 but a nice countryside where he could ride his meari.

    He had bought pastries to celebrate 5 years but the day turned ugly with him being fired and put on a transport to Varanko.

    Closing his eyes he remembered the show he had seen today, coming to the station for his first day having a new job with friendly colleagues.

    - - -

    This is Baudol investigates with breaking news. Chief Gulian, here with her colleagues and me in the main hall of the station, was instrumental in solving the brutal murder of Donny B. Arresting RT with the help of Jedi-knight Gios and retrieving the valuable painting 'Sons of the city' by our top rating artist Kardian had her coming to the station with me. Chief Gulian what had you requesting the help from the Jedi-knights?”

    I didn't request their help. I was called by dispatch about a situation in the museum of modern art and responded with inspector Engaron accompanying me.”

    Can I speak to inspector Engaron too?”

    I have told you already Terry. He has left Boreas after I fired him.”

    You did but that will be in the next part of the show. Stay tuned. All of you will want to know why our nice chief of police Martha Gulian fired Tarhin Engaron, a man of dubious reputation. Stay tuned.”

    - - -

    Opening his eyes he saw the moon shining on the sea, painting a silver path, froth sparkling like diamonds. Another moon – blood-red – had been there on the commercial for a new airspeeder. And closing his eyes he remembered more.

    - - -

    You fired him? We were busy with the surprise party for him.”

    Colleagues don't know yet why this devious Engaron character is missing. Chief Gulian!”

    You will see why.”

    Why did you fire him? Tarhin was a sweet man bringing pastries to celebrate his 5th year.”

    “Miss Laverne.”

    Yes tell the audience chief Gulian what really happened after you responded to the call that could have ended in disaster for the entire police-station.”

    We were told at the entrance that the coroner was on scene in the second hall and that the security-cams could reveal the murderer. We rushed to the second hall. Jedi-knights Elzar Mann, Avar Kriss and Stellan Gios came soon after we arrived at the murder-scene because they had seen a picture of a holocron in the museum-catalog. Former officer Engaron was detrimental to the investigation. He had the holocron in a bag and refused to give it to the Jedi-knights, stating that it was evidence for us.”

    Keeping it in his possession could have endangered us all. And the three Jedi-knights revealed that he was an impostor, a man with dangerous powers. I had to get rid of him.”

    Any comment?”

    Tarhin was nice and good looking. Dangerous pow...”

    Miss Laverne!”

    I give the word to Jedi-knight Gios after this.”

    - - -

    A smile on his face. He opened his eyes briefly. Saw the silver lines sparkling in the waves. 'They were on those clothes of the Jedi-knights. And the hair of Jedi-knight Avar Kriss was adorned with silver. She; in love with Elzar Mann.'

    - - -

    Here he is with us Jedi-knight Stellan Gios and his lovely lovebird colleagues Avar Kriss and Elzar Mann. Tell us what happened.”

    The holocron could have seduced him to the dark side of the Force. Engaron is a Dunai elder with powers of the light side of the Force. He could have been putting his colleagues in danger. I had to use my powers to get the holocron away from him. Elzar caught the bag with the holocron after I began to use the Force breaking the string. Elzar had to dive deep into the ocean of the Force to keep him from harm.”

    Dangerous indeed. Even the Jedi-knights here with us were aware of the danger. Tell me Jedi-knight Kriss.”

    It was singing a song of dark seducing words to me. I helped Elzar with a song of water to secure the holcron in our safe.”

    That song helped me to isolate the holocron from my hands.”

    Your colleagues are saved from harm. You were right to give it to the Jedi-knights chief Gulian. You saved the day and your colleagues.”

    Jedi-knight Elzar Mann was able to secure the holocron and could identify the murderer with ease. Our CSI-team provided the extra evidence.”

    You can tell me more but first the break. Stay tuned to BNS. I will be coming back to you with more news about the murder after the best young singer-contest show, This is BNS reporting from Boreas city.”

    - - -

    A soft sound had him looking up. It was a bird sitting on the roof, ruffling his feathers before going back to sleep. He had seen that bird, coming to his cottage after a soaring flight over the ocean and beach with the setting sun highlighting the white feathers. Closing his eyes he saw the rest of the show.

    - - -

    A case solved by our police force, helped by three Jedi-knights. But one more thing. Chief Gulian tell me what you did with Engaron after you fired him.”

    I helped him to get his personal belongings in a bag, had him remove his uniform and dressed in civilian garb, told him that I would sell his meari and drove him to the airport. He didn't say a word. No apologies for his behavior, nothing. He was silent when I got him a ticket for a luxurious transport and he just left.”

    Can you reveal the destiny of the transport?”

    No I didn't follow him to the transport. But the first stop was for food, fish I think.”

    And that folks with Engaron becoming fish-food or lost in a transport was the end of our show.”

    - - -

    He stood up and walked to the froth. He knew what was hidden by the water. He had been there with his colleagues Han Waarriis and Bul Kevin after the show, going first on a tour of the city, the space- and airport and the harbor where wet-suits were donned and gear to visit the large underwater caves with the beautiful homes of the Ceitans. Donning a wet-suit and BA-gear he had been there, emerging from the moon-pool and seeing the light coming from the cracks in the rocks, reflected in that pool.

    'Kevin will see the moon too, but only when he is there and only for a moment. And chief Han had this view but he gave this cottage to me. I like it here and the moon will guide me when it is time to move on.'

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    A breathtaking use of the prompt, literally. What a gorgeous scene--a moon-dappled beach, and nice remembering in such a tranquil setting. =D=
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  3. Sinrebirth

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    Yes! I want to see so much more HR content and this has sated me.

    Very good, earlybird.
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    Such a beautiful scene with a melancholy vibe. I loved the comparison of the moon's reflection on the water to the sparkling of diamonds. (I could go for a beachfront cottage and a moon-drenched ocean right about now. ;)) Thank you for sharing this! :)