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Beyond - Legends A Hero Never Forgotten - Luke/ Ben Drama - Final Update

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    Title: A Her Never Forgotten
    Summary:Wars fought, losses had, and pain felt. Luke Skywalker has lived through it all, but he won't be able to fight destiny much longer--sooner or later his number will come up.
    Time: Post Fate of the Jedi: - 81 ABY
    Genre/themes: Drama, death
    Notes: I had just finished reading FOTJ series, when I started thinking about the mortality of everyone's favorite farmboy. I had read somewhere about him dying somewhere in between 44-137 ABY, and instead of leaving well enough alone...I felt I wanted to write something. This was actually the first Star Wars fanfic I wrote, which started the whole slew of writing more fan fics. It was well-received at, if you're not totally turned off by now, I hope you'll enjoy it as well.

    Also, since this was written way before all else the facts to my universe have since changed.

    Disclaimer: Star Wars nor any of its characters belong to me. They are the property of Disney.
    Part 1
    Ben Skywalker made his way through the long corridor of the tower, his red-hair ,scattered with a light salt and pepper, shining in the beams of the overhead lightening. He'd arrived at the Temple thirty minutes ago and was informed by Master Katarn that his father had reported that he had not been feeling well and had gone home early. Ben felt an odd misgiving at this news and had immediately caught a hovertaxi to check in on him. It wasn't like Luke Skywalker to skip out on lessons. Something must be really wrong. The Jedi Knight felt a tightening in his gut.

    "That old man just doesn't get a tummy ache and slink home. He'd teach with a fever of over 100…" Ben muttered as he stopped in front of the apartment door.

    He pressed his thumb on the intercom and waited for a moment.

    No answer.

    He pressed his thumb on the button and growled in frustration as it produced the same result, swiping a hand through his hair. Ben keyed in the code, not waiting for Luke. The door slid open with a silent whoosh. He gazed upon the darkened apartment with trepidation.

    His blue eyes narrowed. Is he even here?

    Squelching the fear that sat on his chest like orb of Mandalorian ore and dismissing the sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach, the younger Skywalker entered the apartment, the door sliding shut behind him.

    "Dad!" He called out.


    "Dad, if you're here, please say something."

    He moved his feet steadily, maneuvering himself expertly through the darkness.

    "Don't make me call a medic." His voice held an exasperated tone as he approached the main living area.
    It was bathed in darkness all except for the holovid-screen that burned brightly in the dark. The HoloNet was tuned in to some type of news program; a recent local crime occurrence it seemed—he couldn't tell, the sound was turned down really low. He walked forward, stopping at the couch and bending down to find the off switch.

    What he found stopped him dead in his tracks.

    "Stang, Dad!" He gasped, jerking his hand back. "Why didn't you answer me? Have you gone deaf or something?"

    Luke Skywalker tilted his head back and looked up from his place on the couch, a data-pad resting in his left hand, with a stylus in his right. His blue eyes seemed far away for a moment until they cleared in recognition. "Ben."

    The Knight sighed, "Of course, Ben. Who else would it have been?"

    He stalked over to the wall behind him and slapped the light pad. The room became illuminated, dispelling the darkness from it, leaving his father sitting on the couch, focused on his son's unexpected arrival.

    "You should have told me you were coming." Luke said, laying the datapad on the table in front of him. "What brings you here?"

    "What brings me here?" Ben parroted, sounding stunned. "You mean besides the fact that, the father who I attempted to see at the Temple…went home early…and when I got here… He didn't even answer me."

    The Jedi Master let a slow sad smile overtake his face. "I'm sorry…" He made a move to stand. "I was absorbed in.." He gestured towards the 'pad. "…something…." His father maneuvered his way around the couch, heading for the kitchen.

    "Can I get you something to drink?" He asked as he entered it.

    Ben shook his head. He wasn't going to let it go that easily, and if Luke Skywalker thought he was, then the grand master was gravely mistaken.

    "You didn't answer me."

    He leaned against the bar, pinning his father with a stare.

    "There was a question?" Luke looked over his shoulder as he started to spoon brown powder from a glass container into one of the two large mugs in front of him. His hands worked fastidiously as he then switched his movements to filling the mugs with scalding hot water.

    Ben watched a boyish smile appear.

    He sighed and pulled up a nerfhide stool underneath him. "I'm sure you're not that senile yet." He chastised, knowing his father probably very much cognizant of what was transpiring.

    Luke turned and leaned against the counter near the sink. His face was worn as a testament to his long life with his once blonde hair dominated primarily by gray. He looked haggard but at the same time, he resembled very much the father he'd known all these years, blue eyes flashing with a lively light.

    "Are you sure?" His father asked playfully.

    Ben frowned.

    Something wasn't right. He'd been expecting to find his father looking deathly ill, but that wasn't what he was getting.

    "Master Katarn said you weren't feeling well." He managed slowly.

    "I wasn't." Luke brought both mugs over to the bar area.

    "And you're so active now because?" Ben looked into the depths of the mug, staring into the chocolate-colored beverage set in front of him.

    "I'm not," He lifted the mug to his lips and drank in the hot substance. "Not really anyhow." The master glanced at his son over his cup.

    Ben raised his own mug to his lips and blew on the liquid before taking a tentative sip. The flavor glossed over his tongue; it was utterly sweet. Too sweet.

    Hot chocolate.

    Seeing his son's reaction, Luke arched an eyebrow: "What?"

    The redhead set the mug back down.

    "You really need to stop drinking this stuff." He tapped the rim.

    "It's not bad."

    "It's too sweet." Ben's voice seemed to take on that of a petulant child.

    Recognition dawned on Luke's face. "I forgot. You never liked hot chocolate."

    The other rolled his eyes.

    "Sure you did."

    He then turned around on the stool, presenting his back to his father. His eyes shifted over the massive living area with its deep floor, clean lined furniture, sparse artistic pieces, and finally stopped upon the holoimage set against the far wall.

    The image featured the two most important people in Ben's life, his parents: Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade Skywalker.

    It was a holo of their wedding day.

    His mother's flame-colored hair was pulled up into a stylish up-doo, ringlets of red curls framing her face. Her eyes, a deep and intense emerald green, sparkling with the joy imbued with them. Her dress was an elegant white pattern with flower buds embellished near the skirt.

    His father's blue eyes, in turn, shown with as much mirth as his wife's, his blond hair slicked back, clearing the bangs from his forehead. His farm boy-like smile seemed to give light to his face much as it did the Jedi Master's eyes. He was decked out in a stylish black tuxedo with his hand settled gently on Mara Jade's waist.

    He couldn't help but think how happy they looked. It had been years since his mom's passing and Ben believed his father had finally healed himself. Though he was still quite certain there were times when he would take a moment to think about her. He'd caught him doing it countless of times. Luke never said anything, but he didn't have to.

    It was times like those that Ben's heart ached, seeing the Jedi Master so despondent.

    "-en? Ben? Ben?"

    "What? Did you say something, Dad?" He turned around, watching out of the corner of his eyes as Luke Skywalker made his way out of the kitchen.

    "You were spacing out." Luke replied.

    "I was?"

    "Either that or I was having a conversation with a hallucination for the last three minutes."

    He cracked a smile.

    His father walked out and made his way to the sofa. Ben noticed the restrained way he eased himself down onto it, and he'd bet anything it had nothing to do with the mug of hot chocolate gripped in the man's right hand.

    He walked over to chair positioned diagonal from where the older man was sitting. His eyes seemed to register what the man was wearing for the first time. He had a dark gray flight suit donned on with the left vest pocket patched over with the New Jedi Order insignia. The robes his father wore over his clothing were of a light gray color, the spun fabric different from the traditional Jedi robes. It was fairly wrinkled and Ben was pretty sure his father had been sleeping in them. Stars, he was positive his father hadn't changed at all.

    The young Skywalker watched his father take a drink of hot chocolate then return his gaze back to his son's.

    Blue eyes locked intently upon blue eyes.

    "Now, as I was saying," He sat the mug down. "It's been awhile since you've been back on Courscant. Family, okay?"

    Ben stretched out, sinking back into the chair with his black boots tucked underneath the table. He laid his hands over his stomach, absentmindedly picking at the sand colored tunic.

    "Good. Myra sends her love."

    "Your son?"

    "You tell me." He crossed his arms behind his head. "You probably see the boy more than I do."

    Boy? He laughed inwardly. That's an ..understatement
    His son, Tanith, was thirty years old. Following family tradition, the boy was the only child of Ben and Myra Zol-Skywalker. (1)

    Luke cocked his head to side, as if considering this. "I haven't seen Tanith since he left planet a month ago."

    Ben swore.

    "I'm sure he's all right." Luke attempted to console his son.

    "The kid's a laser-brain. Let's hope he hasn't done anything stupid."

    His father gave him a reassuring smile. "Don't worry. If he's remembered half the stuff I've taught him, he'll be fine." He looked pointedly at Ben. "You really need to start treating him like the adult he is."

    "That's rich coming from you." Ben grinned. "I've noticed you haven't gotten tired of lecturing me."

    "And you still haven't lost your mother's rapier wit."

    "Like that's a bad thing?"

    He returned the smile.

    Luke shifted in his seat, as if uncomfortable. He then reached up rubbing at his eyes with the heels of his hands. Ben watched as a look of exhaustion passed over his father's face. The older Jedi yawned deeply, leaning back into the couch and closing his eyes.

    "Dad?" Ben queried cautiously.

    When Luke didn't respond, the other got and crossed over to the couch.


    The Jedi Master dropped his hands from his face and opened his eyes; they seemed to loose focus. "Hm?"

    "You all right, cause you don't look too well? " He leaned down to grip his father's shoulder. "Have you been sleeping regularly? Eating well?"

    "I'm fine." He responded, moving to get up.

    It was an obvious struggle for him.

    "Fine, my foot." Ben muttered throwing an arm under his father 's. "I'm putting you to bed."

    Luke looked back at him and smiled. It was clear that this thought amused him.

    "You find this funny, Dad?"

    "Just remembering a time, long ago, when I was the one putting you down to sleep." He moved away from his son's grasp and started for the bedroom. He watched as Ben watched him. The boy was hovering cautiously around him, like a mother hen. Luke chuckle inwardly at this.

    "I changed my mind, you are going senile." He muttered. "Or maybe it's me…."

    His father's eyes glinted merrily at this.
    (1) Again, many ideas have changed since I first wrote this...Tanith is not Ben's only child...
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    Emerald, I'll read anything you write [:D] [:D] Beautifully written =D= The banter and warmth and caring are there, with just the right undertones of oops, what's up? [face_worried]
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    Oh, I remember this one! :( So sad to see Luke like this, but every hero must face their time. So you've made changes?
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    Not in this version. Technically this is in a different universe from my other works...though I still have Tanith as Ben;s son. I didn't decide on the younger son untill recently so I'm not sure how I could work it in there even if I wanted to
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    Oh! This is my favourite story of yours! I can't wait to read it again!
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    EmeraldJediFire I am imagining Ben saying, "Tanith is my only child...that I know of." :D I sometimes tell people, "I have two sons....that I know of." It just doesn't work as well for a woman.

    Anyway, nice story. I know Luke is going to grow old and eventually pass on in the EU so he can come back as Cade's Spice Intervention Counselor...but I don't want to see him go. Hey I heard on the radio today that Mark Hamill has been asked to return for EP7. But I don't think our morning DJ cares how accurate his reports who knows.
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    Briannakin, ginchy, Jedi_Lover, Jade_eyes

    Jade_eyes, II just wanted to say thanks that's very flattering.
    Bri, I;m happy I could oblige
    ginchy, Like I said, nothing has changed per se other than future of my stories...I no longer want Tanith to be an only child, but I'm not sure if I'd be able to fit in his younger son Owen. (ben's not tanith's)
    JL, that's one of my favorite parts of Legacy! Cade needed Luke the most..

    Here we go folks...the next chapter!

    Part 2
    After Ben had gotten his father to go to bed, he retreated to the kitchen, intent on fixing himself an nearly dinner.

    His father had been quite pig-headed about it. "I'm not tired." He had said, followed by, "It's too early, Ben."

    The younger man had not been swayed, however. His father was beyond 'getting on in years' and he refused to let the old man have his way about such matters.

    "I really don't care about that, Dad. You look awful." Ben had responded tersely. "You haven't been listening to a word I've been saying these past months. I keep telling you to take it easy, but you keep pushing yourself. You're no spring tauntaun."

    Luke had muttered a few words more about Ben taking after his mother, but in the end, Ben's will was stronger than his father's.

    "Like, hell, I'm gonna let him kill himself with his own obstinacy." He growled, punching in a code on the food processor, before retreating into the living room.

    He crossed over to the com-terminal, and punched in a different code. Ben prayed that she would pick up. In times like these, she gave him true peace of mind. After all, she was one of the people that knew Luke Skywalker quite well.

    He waited until the screen finally lit up, a woman with brown hair interlaced with gray staring back at him. She was wearing a mechanics jumpsuit, her hair pulled back in a loose braid. Outwardly, she looked like her mother, but there was no way he could mistake Jaina Solo-Fel for anyone else.

    Jain sighed, upon see his face, "What has he done this time?"

    "What makes you think he's done anything?" Ben replied with a grin. "Can't I just have a chat with my own cousin?"

    "Because when you call me, it's always because you're having trouble with your dad."

    Ben winced inwardly. Had he really been that obvious?

    "Yes." The Solo woman returned a cool smile herself.

    "Don't do that."

    "Do what?"

    He eyed her with irritation.

    "Read my mind."

    Jaina leaned back. "Ben, little cousin. I don't HAVE to read your mind. You read like an open book. Anyone could guess what's going on."

    He seemed to moll over this. Then aggravated he thrust his hand through his hair and leaned his forearms on the com panel in front of him.

    "I just don't know what to do. He doesn't listen! I tell him one thing, I tell him, take it easy, don't push yourself. He entirely ignores me!" He erupted exasperated.

    "Well, he's Luke Skywalker, you expected any less. Uncle Luke has always walked to his own drum. And that has included at times, not listening to anyone else."

    Ben stood up and started pacing.

    "He's going to end up killing himself, Jaina."

    Jaina just stared at him as if waiting for him to continue.

    "It's like, he has this ideal that he can't abandon the Order. As if, he doesn't have choice; that he has to cling onto it with his last breath." Ben started to look anguished. "…and it kills me to see him do that to himself. When is it going to be enough? When is he gonna decide that he can retire? That
    he's done his job?"

    He watched out of the corner of his eyes as Jaina set some sort of item on her lap and began to tweak it with a tool poised in her right hand. "Pay this no mind." She muttered, furrowing her brow. "Continue on…"

    "With my rant?"

    Jaina looked up and sighed but kept her hands moving.

    "You dad isn't 'ignoring you' as you put it. He's just being himself. He's never known anything else, but countless hours of action. You dad in a way is just like how mine was; he needs to keep his mind on things. Uncle Luke probably feels he'll rot away if he isn't doing something productive..." She spoke around a bolt situated in between her teeth. "..not to mention, the academy gives him a sense of purpose. But you knew that, or you should."
    Her hands moved to screw the bolt in place. "You shouldn't take that away from him."

    Ben opened his mouth to object, but his cousin cut him off.

    "The best you can do is watch him, you're not gonna get him to change his mind. He's lived too long, and is sort of engrained in his ways."
    He glared at her.

    "Sort of like a certain someone I know." She smiled. "This family hasn't been known for listening to others and taking it easy. Now, quit bothering me,"
    Jaina made a dismissive motion. "I'm trying to work, and you're annoying."

    "I love you too, Jaina."

    "Goodbye, kid."

    Ben frowned.

    She laughed at this and the screen winked out.
    Ben set his plate of nerf steak onto the table in front of the couch, placing the glass of blue milk next to it. He ate his food methodically as tried to access the datapad that his father had been using earlier. To his annoyance he was denied access several times. He chewed a piece of steak as he punched in a different sequence of numbers. What was he looking at? He's hiding something.

    Around the 10th time, Ben snorted in disgust and threw the pad back into the table and resumed eating. He turned on the HoloNet as he was halfway through his meal and began surfing the channels, in hopes of finding something decent on. Settling on a mediocre holodrama, he set his plate aside. The show wasn't that great, but at least it was something to take his mind off what had been going on lately. The Jedi sighed frustratedly and took a gulp of his blue milk. If only he'd let me help him.

    He leaned back into the couch cushions, setting his glass aside, and tucked his chin to his chest. He felt the faint shadow of sleeping creeping its way into his mind. Ben shook it off, not wanting to succumb to his basic impulses, but it seemed that that the natural inclinations of his body were much stronger than the will of his mind at the moment. A light haze engulfed his mind as he felt himself drifting off into unconsciousness.

    Bang! Bang! Scrape!

    He drifted in and out of sleep, listening to the curious sounds. At one time, he was almost positive it was all a part of a dream. Yet when he heard a particular loud thunk he started awake, jerking up from his place on the couch.

    The door?

    He strained to listened as he sat up.

    No, that sound was coming from his father's bedroom. What was that old man up to? He thought with a bit of irritation.

    Ben stood up and irately made his way to the door. He entered the room unceremoniously, growling as he went. It was dark except for the bedside table light. "Dad! What are you doing up? It's…" He looked at the flashing chrono. "…two o'clock in the morning."

    His father was nowhere to been seen.


    A curse was heard from the closet to the far left.

    He sighed and walked over, muttering as he did so, "I told you to sleep. Why can't you follow simple instructions!"
    His father was crouched on the floor of the closet in nothing but his pajama bottoms. He had his head and shoulder pushed beyond the wall of clothes and boxes.

    "What are you doing?" Ben asked, placing his hands on his hips.

    "I couldn't sleep." Came Luke's muffled reply. "I needed to find something."

    "At two in the morning?"

    His father turned his head and glanced at his son over his left shoulder. "That's a problem?"

    He narrowed his eyes, flabbergasted. That's a problem? How can he be so calm and rational? He's rummaging in the closet in the middle of the night. He's lost his mind.

    "My mind is perfectly fine, Ben."

    The younger man cursed his inability to keep his thought shielded.

    "You really need to work on that." His father commented. "You…" He paused. "….are too honest and open, my son. Your compassion for others is strong, too strong at times. It's palpable."

    At his son's look, he continued, "Don't take that the wrong way. I'm not saying your compassion is a weakness. It's one of the traits I admire the best about you. Your love and trust and willingness to help others have given me, and always will, great pride as a father." He smiled. "…but your shielding remains horrid."

    Ben entered the closet and curiously peered over Luke's shoulder, hoping to catch a glimpse of what his father was looking for.

    "Ah, there it is…" Luke announced, lifting a small item from beyond the curtain of clothes. "I was starting to think I'd never find this." As he stood up, he proceeded to dust off a simple wooden box with his fingers.

    Ben raised an eyebrow.

    "This was so important you had to get up in the middle of the night to look for it?"

    His father walked passed him with a calm smile gracing his face.

    "Look I know you think I'm going senile—" Luke addressed, reseating himself on the queen-size bed. "—so you continue to tell me—but this box is important. You'll understand that soon enough."

    "Are you going to share this big secret with me?"

    "Not yet." He looked up his face showing concern. "Now…why don't you go to back to bed. You look exhausted."

    He returned his father's gaze, taken aback yet again.

    "..I'm not the one."

    "Go. To. Sleep." Luke commanded in tone that did not give room for argument. "We'll talk more in the morning. "

    The younger Skywalker glanced around the room and waited as if he thought his father would change his mind. He watched his father search inside the bedside table drawer for something until he pulled out datapad. When his father continued to ignore him, Ben knew that there would indeed be no further conversation. He then turned and stalked off out of the room.

    Luke Skywalker looked in the direction of his son's retreating form and sighed when the door closed shut behind him.

    That boy.

    He pulled himself the rest of the way onto the bed, drawing his knees up and proceeded to access the datapad. He knew there would come a time to do what he was about to do. If he was asked in the past if this sort of task would give him pause, he would have said yes. But not now. He was no longer intrepid and had since resigned himself to it quite recently.

    He accessed the 'pad and began to type:

    I, Luke Skywalker, being of sound mind and body, declare that this is my Last Will & Testament.
    In the event that my life comes to an end, I request that, there shall be no grand ceremony. It is my fondest wish that my loved ones regard my death not as a tragedy but as the unavoidable will of the Force. Instead, I ask that my students carry on as they always have. It is my greatest desire that the Jedi Order continue to flourish. I believe that no man is singularly significant to the grand scheme of things, but it takes many to make such happenings a reality. I therefore believe that I am leaving the Order in capable hands.
    To my son, Ben, I ask that, he grant me forgiveness. It was never my wish to discount his feelings. I have always loved him with all of my heart…

    He stopped, looking over what he had written. It hadn't been as hard as he had previously thought it would be. Rolling his shoulders, he gave a large yawn. "I'll finish that up later..." He mumbled and tucked the 'pad back into the drawer. "Stars," He switched off the light. "I think Ben may have been correct. I need sleep..." With that, Luke rolled over and drifted off to sleep.
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    Great, poignant post, and the snarking between cousins =D= added the perfect light touch. @};-
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    Thanks. Thankfully this one is finished all the way.
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    Great chapter. I want to yell at Luke and tell him to listen to Ben, but I know how this ends, so I won't.
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    Briannakin don't we all?

    Part 3
    Luke Skywalker woke up early in the morning around 6 o'clock, Courscant Standard Time. He made his way out of the bedroom, shrugging on his house robe and running a hand through tousled hair. Eyeing the vacant couch, his gaze drifted to the bedroom door on the far side of the living room.
    The Jedi Master crossed over and entered it, taking in the sleeping form that lay sprawled out on the fresh coverlet. He sighed.

    His son was wearing the clothes he had on the previous night with his hands fisted in the pillow beneath his head. He lay on his back with one of his knees bent upright and the other extended toward the foot of the bed. His boots had been removed and were sitting at the foot of it.

    "And he was making a big fuss about me sleeping in my clothes..." He muttered approaching the bed and picked up the discarded blanket. He made his way to the left side of the bed and gently draped the blanket over his son.

    When he had finished this task, he stepped back and eyed the boy. Although, he's not a boy anymore. No more than Tanith is. Still, he loves infinitely and cares unceasingly. He is a kindhearted person. Perhaps… He shook his head and turned around to leave the room.

    He retreated to the kitchen and brewed himself a pot of caf. As he waited, he began to fix himself breakfast, frying eggs in a medium sized pan. His eyes briefly turned towards the chrono that hung over he cooktop. He'd have to eat quickly if he wanted to make that appointment; it would take him at least 45 minutes to get there.

    "Why did I agree to go so early?" He muttered, rubbing at his eyes.

    'Cause you insist on hiding this from everyone. Even him.' A voice inside his head responded.

    Luke didn't have to ask. He knew who 'him' was.

    "I'm doing this for him. He doesn't need to know."

    'What are you afraid of?'

    "Afraid? I'm not afraid of anything." He spoke again, raising his voice.

    He then froze in place and swore, knowing very well he sounded like a crazy person talking to himself.

    Luke kept quiet for the next few moments. I must be going crazy. That's the only answer. I'm clearly losing my mind.

    He finished preparing breakfast and proceeded to eat it, leaning over the countertop slowly chewing his food and sipping his caf in between bites. The
    Jedi toyed with his eggs, contemplating what he was going to do after the appointment. May I should see a shrink next? He thought flippantly.

    "I could always swing by the Temple," He mused and stabbed at the piece of egg with his fork. It might be better for me. The boy is asking way too many questions. I'm not ready yet.

    A sharp feeling suddenly stabbed at his abdomen and Luke flinched, dropping his fork. He doubled over the counter, gripping the edge with his fingers until the skin around them turned white. He drew a hissed breath through his teeth. "Stang…Not again." He struggled to keep himself upright.

    The last thing he cared for was for Ben to see him like this.

    "He'd never let me out of his sight." He mumbled.

    The feeling soon passed and he was able to bring his body back under his control. He straightened his legs, turning away from his plate of food. Luke touched his face and felt it was mildly hot. He dropped his hand, fisting it at his side.

    The Jedi closed his eyes and stared into the darkness behind his lids. His breath came out in a slow, steady rhythm. His lung heaved as his the pain in his abdomen settled into a dull throb. He sought out the area with the tips of his fingers, gently brushing them over the skin.

    "This isn't going well…." He murmured.

    Ben would be upset when he found his father gone, but that was something he'd just have to deal with. He'd leave the boy a note; that was all he believed was necessary.
    Ben groggily woke up from his deep sleep and checked the chrono: it was well passed noon. He grumbled, shifting the blanket off him. Blanket? He frowned. I don't remember… He gently stripped it off the rest of the way, staring at it briefly. "Dad." He said aloud.

    It had to be. Luke was the only being besides his wife that treated the Jedi Knight as if he was still a child.

    He struggled to his feet and entered the living area pursuing it. The man turned towards the kitchen intent on having himself a cup of caf. He'd let his father sleep. After all, who knew how long the man had stayed up? Slapping open the swinging door, he barreled into the kitchen and headed straight for the caf. He hefted the pot and found it quite full.


    Ben set it back down and started to reheat it. He glanced at the fresh dishes in the sink, frowning once more—the remnants of breakfast were still evident on the plate. Maybe his father was up after all. He strained to listen for any sounds coming from the master bedroom but heard nothing noticeable. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a piece of flimsi pinned beneath a mug. He crossed over, pulled the slip out from beneath it and proceeded to scan it.

    "Blast that old man…" He muttered, crushing the flimsi in his fist. "Doesn't he know how to knock?" Ben chucked it in the trash. "What's his deal leaving me a lame note like that? I swear he can be so irresponsible these days." His teeth ground together.

    The Jedi switched off the caf maker, too annoyed to drink any and barged out the out of the apartment, gathering a few things before he left and secured the door behind him.

    "He wants to play that game. Two can play it." He brought out the datapad he'd swiped from his father and brought up the home screen; he'd spent a good portion of the night hacking into it. Ben scrolled through the 'pad, tapping back and forth through various folders. There had to be something here that would give him a clue. His father was acting extremely peculiar which remained odd because Luke Skywalker was never a man prone to secrecy. That made it even more suspicious in Ben's eyes.

    He entered turbolift at the end of the corridor, his eyes still focused on the screen and hit the down button with the heal of his hand. He proceeded to scroll through numerous documents, but could find none that yielded any light on the current situation. Some might say he was mad to be acting this way; that no decent Jedi worth his salt would go prying into someone else's private belongings. However, Ben was at the point of not caring.

    "Blast it!" He cursed, tempted to throw the 'pad into the lift's wall.

    He couldn't find a single trace of anything that would help him figure out what Luke was up to!

    The redhead clutched it in his hands as the lift dinged and the doors slid open. He headed for the speeder bay. He'd make the Tempe his first priority. Hopefully, the masters there could help shed some light on the subject. Or at least point him in the right direction.

    He made his way passed rows of stalls until he came upon his red speeder. It was much darker than it had been when he'd first gotten it with the paint chipping in some places, but the speeder was still in perfectly good condition. He walked astride it and vaulted into the driver's seat. After he had secured the datapad in the seat beside him, the Jedi pulled the speeder out of its birthing and pointed the nose towards the skylanes.

    He really disliked Coruscant, despite having practically been raised here.
    "Master Cilghal." Ben greeted the Temple's chief healer.

    The Mon Calamari turned, her bulbous eyes focused on him.

    "Ah, Jedi Skywalker." She murmured in her watery voice. "It is a pleasure to see you. It's been quite awhile."

    Ben nodded. "Agreed, Master. Please forgive my rudeness, but have you seen my dad." He looked around. "He left early this morning and I don't know where he went."

    "He did not leave any indication where he was headed?" Clighal moved her large head in a gesture that could only be described as confused.

    "No. That's the problem." He folded his arms over his chest. "He left me with a weak note, saying how he'd be out. Not to worry, and make myself at home." Ben snorted at this last statement.

    "That is quite odd." She agreed, casting a glance around them. "The Grand Master is not one to be so rash. It is odd that he did not leave more detailed message."

    "In fact, he's been acting strange for the past couple months."

    Cilghal raised a webbed hand to silence him for a second then motioned for him to follow her. "Come. We must remove ourselves from the corridors."

    Understanding dawned on Ben. Of course, they wouldn't want to alarm the students, much less the entire Order. Ben nodded and followed the Mon Cal down the wide hall and into a private, empty classroom.

    "The first thing we'll do is get in contact with Masters Horn, Durron and Katarn. They are the closet to the Grand Master I believe…" She stated and raised a flipped hand to speak into her comlink. "Master Horn, this is Cilghal. Yes, I'd like to request an emergency meeting with you and Masters Durron and Katarn."

    A voice sounded over the comlink, but Ben could not hear it.

    "Now, is preferable."

    She paused to listen.

    Ben moved closer, to hear him better.

    "Where do you want to meet? Council Chambers?" Horn asked.

    "No, I think Master Skywalker's office would be better. You do still have access to it I believe."

    "Yes, we'll meet you there in 10 minutes. Horn out."

    The comlink went silent and she clipped it back to her belt.

    "There you have it." She turned to the younger Jedi. "It's best if we meet in your father's chambers. It will less likely to cause a stir among the students."

    He nodded, understanding.

    The next minutes were spent, riding to a turbolift to the floor, which his father's office was situated on. It took two lifts to finally get to the floor because it was restricted with only a few authorized Jedi sanctioned to be there. He followed behind Clighal even though he was able to find the chambers himself. In fact, he could do it blind folded and with his ears plugged and being Force-blind as well. The last bit was a bit pushing it but he could do it. Ben had mapped these floors when he was younger, so he knew how many steps it took precisely to get to the room when one exited the lift. They entered Skywalker's office five minutes later.

    Kyle Katarn and Corran Horn already within the chambers. Katarn sitting in a chair to the left of the desk, while Horn was propped up on the edge of the desk. He glanced at them as they entered the room. "Master Durron could not be present?" She asked.

    Horn shook his head. "Couldn't find him. Now, Clighal, what's this about exactly? "

    "I believe I will let Jedi Skywalker direct this matter." She waved her hand towards him then seated herself.

    "Thank you, Master Clighal." Ben instead of remaining standing walked around and made his way behind his father's desk. When he was done, he promptly sat back in the high backed chair, looking very…authoritative. Good, Ben decided, that's just what he wanted. At least he hoped that was the effect.

    Katarn raised a brow at this as Horn slipped off the desk and sat down on a nearby couch. Master Clighal kept her eyes fasted on him intently.

    "Good. Thank you for meeting with me." He threaded his hand through his hair, stressed out. "Dad's missing." He informed bluntly.
    The Masters exchanged glances.

    "You sure?" Horn asked.

    "Of course, I'm sure! He leaves a crappy letter and has been gone since who knows when!"

    Katarn held up a hand. "That's not exactly missing, Ben. I mean sure he can't be found at the moment, but I'm sure he's fine. He's Luke Skywalker."

    "Do you all have to say that? First Jaina, now you, Katarn." Ben said exasperated. "It's like people think I've forgotten my father's name. It's hard to forget I've known it all my life…and it's always been followed by Hero of the Rebellion….great Jedi Master….." He seemed to paused. "Son of Vader..." He tossed out as an afterthought.

    "Calm down, Ben. You don't want give yourself an aneurism or something." Horn chided.

    "I AM CALM!" He hollered and lept to his feet.

    "Not from our perspective." Horn and Katarn said at once.

    He glared at them. Ben crumpled back in the chair, covering his face with hands as he slumped over the desk. Tears started to sting his eyes. "I just want him to be all right." He mumbled through his tears.
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    :shock: I can so understand Ben's distress and the only reason the others can be so calm is they don't realize the gravity of what's underlying everything [face_thinking] :( I also think Ben won't appreciate being kept in the dark when he eventually finds out. [face_sigh]
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    Ugh. I just want to smack both men upside the head. Ben needs to chill out and Luke needs to tell Ben what is going on. Ag. Why are Skywalker men so stubborn?
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    Ben's obviously feeling stressed out. Luke should know better than to leave a note for someone. He had that happen to him once, after all. I remember this story as being sad. I'll get out my brave hat. ;) Also, poor Ben. I hope his wife doesn't treat him like a child that often! [face_laugh]
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    Luke is stressing his son out big time. That's not nice.
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    Luke is currently not in his right frame of mine folks Why is that you ask? I guess you'll have to keep reading to find out. But yeah, when I did that note, I did forget about that last note that was left..brings a new element to the feel of the story i think. Luke will always do what he think is right for Ben despite what Ben thinks and how old Ben is (55 at this point) and Ben will worry about his father because of his mother dying when he was 14.
    I don't think Ben gets treated like a child all the time, he just gets semi-babied at times.. Let's face it when men are sick...they milk it.
    Notes: As I said, Ben is 55...which puts Luke at....101.
    Thanks to all my readers: Jade_eyes, Briannakin, ginchy, Jedi_Lover
    Part 4
    Ben left the temple in a huff, too blinded by his frustration and his anger to talk further to anyone. He briefly bumped into a trio of Jedi as he exited and almost took a tumble down the steps. Cursing, he righted himself before this happened. He mumbled an apology.
    The Jedi walked around for an hour, going no place in particular. His fists clenched and unclenched.
    Calm your mind. His father's voice sounded in his head.
    "Calm my foot. If something doesn't kill him, I will!" He growled frustrated.
    He skidded to a halt, finding himself on one of the lower levels of Coruscant. "Where in the Palpatine's black bones amI?" He wondered aloud. Glancing to his left, he spotted a cantina a few doors down. It wasn't the lowest level he surmised, after all those were inhabited by vicious creatures and danger that lurked around every corner—not to mention the yorik coral that still permeated the place. It was still evident in a few areas, the Galactic Alliance never truly got rid of the Vong-formed parts of the city. Ben lurched toward the cantina, suddenly desiring a drink. He stopped briefly in front and gazed up at the sign.
    "The Black Void?" He murmured. "Sounds wonderfully ominous. Always liked that." His voice was dry and sarcastic.
    Ben entered the cantina, taking in the dark atmosphere. It was littered with patrons that he felt were less than trustworthy. Not all were this way; he amended as he looked upon a few girls who appeared to be underage. They were dressed in tight-fitting clothing with scads of jewelry adorning their necks, wrists, and earlobes. Their lipstick was popping red; the kind that preceded a woman's face into a room. A stale, unfettered smell wafted through the air and Ben chalked it up to booze and cigarra smoke. He took a deep cleansing breath, letting the Force radiate through him to keep the intoxicating stench at bay and walked through the throngs of patrons and tables to the bar.
    He stepped up to it and tried to catch the eye of the bartender. It took precisely three minutes until the creature finally came over to him, trundling slowly. Ben immediately recognized him as Besalisk, they were an avian-like creature that hailed from the ocean world of Ojom. (1) He was large with four thick arms and legs like small tree trunks from what he could see. The head was large compared to a human's, a prominent central ridge forming horizontally from his forehead, it had large eyes, a wide thin-lipped mouth, and an overwhelming chin. The Jedi knew the creature was a he because males of the planet had four arms whereas females possessed up to eight. (2)
    "What'll you have?" He uttered to Ben in Basic.
    Without preamble, Ben said, "Give me a tall shot of Correlian whiskey."
    Inwardly, he knew how his father would feel about where Ben was and what he was doing, but honestly he didn't care. His father was a farmboy at heart, and had never touched a drink any stronger than hot chocolate. He once explained to Ben why he didn't drink by simply saying, It dulls the senses. Of course he meant the Force. Imagine trying to fight and you're totally zonked out of your mind. Falling on your rear just because you couldn't handle your liquor makes you look like a fool. He snorted openly at these words.
    The Besalisk gave him an odd look before placing the shot in front of the Jedi.
    "Thanks." Ben mumbled and picked up the glass.
    He took a shot, tossing the whiskey back and set it back down. He rapped it against the bar, signaling for another shot. The bartender nodded and slid over another one.
    Ben didn't immediately take a drink, but instead cast a look around. The girls he'd spotted earlier were edging closer to him and speaking vividly as they shot him conspiratorial glances. He groaned. Great. Just what he needed, horny teenagers hitting on him. Did he not look his age? Did they not see the gray in his hair? Or maybe they didn't care? He'd known some females to be like that, desperate to find a father figure to relate to. Well, it's better than looking like a total pervert. After all, he was a Jedi, he thought with a grim smile, he did have an image to uphold.
    He sat up straighter, trying to give off an air of defensiveness.
    The girls continued onward.
    One girl, a small blonde sidled up next to him. She was wearing a strapless, green silken top with a black choker encircling her neck and way too much makeup than Ben thought was necessary. She moved to speak, moistening her lips before she did. He turned back to his drink, attempting to ignore her, but the girl was not deterred. "Hello..." She said in a voice, which he guessed was meant to sound sultry. "Excuse me?" she pressed up to him, her breasts dangerously close to his back
    Sighing inwardly, he turned toward her. "Can I help you?" He said coolly.
    "My girlfriends over there….were talking and wondering." The blonde's gaze wandered to his waist. "Are you a Jedi, by any chance?"
    "Depends on whose asking?" He did his best to give her a charming Skywalker smile.
    She offered her dainty hand. "Melanie. Melanie Standford." She eyed him, interested. "And you are?"
    Ben contemplated this for a moment. He couldn't give her his real name. All he needed was some teen groupie swooning over his obvious lineage.
    "Vanis. Tal Vanis." He returned and offered his own hand.
    "Pleasure to meet you." Melanie gushed.
    Of course, he didn't really feel that charitable, but it was better than telling the poor dear the truth. What was it again? Oh, yes, you're annoying me, you stupid air head. Yes, that would go over well for the Order.
    A sudden tap came upon his shoulder. Annoyed, he turned around, snapped, "What?", and came eye to eye with his father. Stang!
    "Enjoying yourself?" His father said in a level tone.
    His arms were crossed over his chest, his face unreadable. It was clear to Ben though that his father was very displeased. "I thought I told you to stay put."
    The girls stopped gabbing and stared wide-mouthed. They had figured out who Luke was. Why not…
    Ben glared at him with irritation.
    "I wasn't aware I was still a child." The younger man responded.
    Luke ignored this. "When I give you instructions, I expect them to be followed."
    "Funny how it doesn't work both ways." He reached back to grab his shot glass and attempted to toss it back. The Jedi Master snatched it from his grasp with lightening quick reflexes. He stepped closer and pressed his face close to his son's.
    "So you keep saying."
    "Oh my stars!" The blonde, Melanie finally exclaimed. "It's Luke Skywalker."
    Ben winced.
    His father gave the girl a once over before ignoring her and returning his attention back to the other Jedi. "I don't give a kriff, if you're fourteen or one hundred." Luke barked out of character. "You-will-listen-to-me."
    Ben pulled back surprised.
    His father pulled a frown, clearly disliking his own use of the word. His blue eyes flashed but he relaxed his posture greatly.
    "Come home." He finally said.
    The Grand Master turned to leave and ignored the curious stares of onlookers. His black robes swished about him, causing Luke to blend in to the darker areas of the cantina. Ben cast a look back at his whiskey and cursed before placing a cred chip on the bartop and following him out of the establishment.
    "What is your deal?" Ben snapped.
    "Don't you take that tone with me." Luke commanded.
    "Me? Let's talk about you…because this isn't really about me at the moment. It's about you. Where were you?" He caught up with father, keeping pace with the Jedi's quick strides.
    "I don't believe I am obliged to answer you."
    "The hell you say!" Ben held on, like a rancor with a bone. "You're making this my business. What was with that half-assed note-"
    He ignored his father's outburst.
    "Then you don't show up until now, and dare reprimand me as if I were a child. You've got a lot of nerve, you know that?"
    "Ben..." Luke's tone ground out a warning.
    "I can't believe you. After all these years, you're still pulling this I can handle it myself poodo."
    "Ben." His father came to a halt. "You are coming dangerously close to crossing the line. So if you think that just because you're "an adult" you can get away with this little hissy attitude you're displaying and shooting off your mouth to me," He stepped closer, eyes narrowing. "You-are-quite-mistaken."
    "Do you even know how old I am?"
    "Quite mistaken, Ben." He reminded.
    The Skywalker males made it back to Luke's apartment, both in their own private snits. Luke walked into the apartment and retreated to his room as if nothing had happened. Ben, though, was not about to let it go at that. He followed his father, barging into the room.
    "Ben, please leave." He said calmly and seated himself on the bed. "I'm in no mood to deal with you." He began to pull off his boots.
    "I'm not done talking to you."
    His father looked up with sharp eyes. "I believe you are. Now, go."
    "Don't try that on me."

    "Try what, Ben?" Luke countered wearily.

    "That thing you do."

    "Sound rational?" An eyebrow lifted. "It's quite easy. Now, go. I'm quite tired and I have no desire to speak with you further."

    Ben scowled at Luke for a moment then turned on his heal and stormed out of the room. He made his way to the guest bedroom, feeling his anger giving way to misery. It threatened to overwhelm him, filling up in his heart and overflowing like a chalice topped off with too much wine. He gritted his teeth as a quiet wail built up in his throat. He struggled to hold it back, biting his lip, but those feelings were too strong. A second round of tears spilled from underneath his lashes and he pounded the door with a mixture of rage and anguish.

    "Stang." He grumbled through his sobs.

    I just want to protect him. Why can't he see that?

    Pushing off the door that he had been leaning against, he walked over to the bed and plopped down on it. Ben hung his head between his legs and clasped his hands together. His sadness slowly subsided leaving him with a semi-empty feeling.

    You have to let go, Ben. A voice spoke in his head.

    No, that wasn't right. It didn't seem like it was coming from inside his skull. It was more like…His head jerked up and he caught a blue glow out of the corner of his eye. Slowly with trepidation, he turned his head, gazing upon the visage of his dearly departed mother. Ben sat there frozen for a moment. He worked his jaw up and down, trying to speak.

    "Hello, Ben." His mother said.

    His voice caught in his throat: "Mother..."

    Mara Jade Skywalker arched an eyebrow. "Mother?"

    Ben coughed. "Sorry, Mom. Too formal?" He managed with a smile.

    "That's better." Mara's own beautiful smile crossed her face.

    They sat there for a while until she finally spoke again.

    "Now, listen to me, Ben. I know you care about your father, but you can't treat him as if he's a child. He's lived so much longer than you have. He knows what he's doing—at least I'd like to think he does. I've been watching you smarting off to him and I don't like it." She had a typical steely, no-nonsense tone to her voice.

    "I don't care how old you are, he's still your father. If your father doesn't deem it important for you to know, it probably isn't. If it is…he probably has his reasons. Let him come to you; let him tell you on his own. Don't force it out of him. It won't end well, Ben, and you'll only end up at each other's throats again. I hate seeing that." She had a pained look in her eyes. "I want my son and husband to get along. As far as intermediate family, you two are all you have. Don't waste it by being bone-headed."

    She cracked a grin.

    "That goes for your father too."

    Ben smiled faintly. "I'll remember to tell him that."

    "Don't bother, I'll get him later."

    His eyes kept focus on his mother's beautiful face, her red-hair framing it. He reached over as if to grasp her hand, but retracted it. Mara smiled again and reached her own ephemeral hand up to cup his cheek. He started, shocked but did not move away. He shivered at her ghost-like touch as his mother gazed upon him, her emerald eyes boring into his face. Then, getting up she leaned over and planted a phantom kiss on his brow.

    "Just hang in there and please stop giving your dad a hard time, okay? For my sake if nothing else."

    Ben was left alone in the room. His mother's presence faded away, leaving him to his thoughts.

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    Wonderful characterizations =D= and delighted to get Mara's input/infusion of sense :D @};- Although I do empathize with Ben quite a bit. [face_thinking] [:D] !!
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    Very nice. Poor Ben he even gets lectured by dead people. I don't know how comforting it would be to me if my dead parents decided to pop into my room to talk to me. I guess it is different if you are a Jedi.
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    Great chapter. I quite enjoyed Mara's appearance.
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    Great chapter. I quite enjoyed Mara's appearance.
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    I think a bit of Mara always helps when it comes to Luke and Ben..those two are helpless without her *sighs*

    @Briannakin, Jedi_Lover, Jade_eyes
    Part 5
    Luke woke up an hour later and made an outgoing com call. He briefly peered in and saw that his son was asleep. He breathed a sigh of relief and sat back down, a cup of caf on the table next to the terminal. An image flickered on the screen and the face of Derling Regis stared back at him, the man's face pleasant. "Master Skywalker? This is unexpected. I didn't believe I'd hear from you so soon." A concerned look swept over. "Is there something wrong?"

    "It could be nothing, Doctor." He mumbled. "I've been feeling…very fatigued lately." The Jedi put a hand to his heated forehead. "And I feel like my body is burning up and it's behaving sluggish. I use to be able to move so well." He let out a sigh of resignation. "It's…troubling. I'm not sure what to do."

    "Well, that's to be expected. It's really nothing to worry about."

    Somehow, Luke doubted this very much.

    "You're most likely suffering from your weakened immune system."

    Luke frowned. "Isn't that something I should be concerned with?"

    Dr. Regis looked sympathetically. "Normally I'd say yes, but in your case, I don't believe what you are experiencing anything out of the ordinary."

    The Grand Master didn't feel reassured at this—and his feelings must have been conveyed on his face, because his doctor spoke again: "Have you spoken to your son?"

    "No, not yet."

    The doctor exhaled. "Grand Master…I don't want to pry into your personal life. When and if you tell your son is your choice, but I believe he needs to know. Withholding this information from him won't end well. "

    "That's why I'm withholding it for so long. I'm dreading it." He admitted. "I don't want to be a burden on him, Doctor."

    A disappointed look came to Regis' face. "I very much doubt your son considers you a burden, Master Skywalker."

    "Maybe not. I still refuse to be." The Jedi Master was nothing if resolute at this point.

    "Still have that taken on the world mentality huh?"

    Luke gave a decidedly offended air. "I do not-" He began to protest.

    "Don't hand me that poodo, Luke."

    The man's face softened and he smiled slightly, "Why must you see through me, Derling. It's getting annoying."

    "I'm your doctor. I'm supposed to do just that."

    He sat back, relaxing in his chair.

    "I expect you to take care of yourself." Regis chided. "Don't do anything stupid."

    "Anything else, Doctor?" Luke's smile broadened.

    "Yes, promise me you'll tell your son."

    The Jedi looked irritated by this.

    "Master Skywalker." His voice held a warning tone.

    "I'm not promising anything." The other man hedged.

    "Stubborn..." Regis muttered. "Very well, I'll leave you to your own devices. Please don't hesitate to call if you're symptoms worsen."

    "I will."

    Derling Regis gazed at him for a moment longer then signed off.

    The Jedi Master remained in the seat for a moment before picking up his caf and heading over back to his room. When he entered, he set the cup on the nightstand and reached into the side table drawer pulling out the datapad and the box. He keyed in the entry to the 'pad first before opening the box. He plucked out the item and turned it in his hand; the pummel of a metallic lightsaber rolled against his palm, his eyes appraising it. Luke thumbed the activation button and watched as the lightsaber snap-hissed into life. His sharp eyes stared as if mesmerized at the sapphire-colored blade. He turned it in his hand, a sad expression dawning on his face.
    His heart tightened painfully in his chest. The Jedi bit his lip in a desperate attempt to quiet the sob that threatened to rise up from his throat. He shuddered at the feeling that washed over him. It was one of abject sorrow. Luke swallowed the feeling as if pushing it back down into the pit of his stomach. He then turned off the saber, watching the blade disappear and placed the lightsaber back in velvet-lined box, closing the lid. His hands reached for the datapad and he started to type out the rest of his unfinished will. He deleted and re-typed some passages, changing the phrasing or adding additional text, his fingers moving quickly and his eyes focused.

    This task continued for thirty minutes until Luke heard a knock at his bedroom door. He quickly exited and called out to his son, "Come in!"
    The door slid opened and Ben sauntered in, his face looking apologetic. "Hey, Pa..." The boy had his hands shoved deep in his pockets. He looked amusingly bashful and child-like to Luke's eyes.

    "Pa?" Luke arched an eyebrow at this.

    "Don't like it? Thought I'd try something new." He grinned, crossed over to the bed, and sat down. "Anyway, I'm sorry….for being a massive jerk. I know you can take care of yourself…I just…I worry is all."

    Luke heaved a heavy sighed and patted the bed, a signal for Ben to move closer. Ben did so with his eyes fastened on his father's face.

    The older man spoke first: "I know you care, Ben. I'm sorry too. For being so snappish with you. It's…not easy for me to be doted on like a child. After all, I have been alive thirty-four more years than you have." He paused. "When you start to parent me, I admit I can't help but feel irritated. I desperately wanted to tell you how much it did irritate me, but instead I only lashed out at you irrationally."

    His father reached over and grasped one of Ben's hands with his left. Ben looked down upon Luke's hand, noting how strong they seemed. He could see the calluses on his father's fingers and a weathered appearance across the back of his hand. Luke squeezed Ben's lovingly.

    "Please forgive me." He uttered.

    His son gazed into his father's eyes, concerned. "There's nothing to forgive. You haven't done anything wrong. It was me." He conceded.

    A sad smile played over Luke's lips.

    "All right." The Jedi Master nodded. "Let's just agree to disagree shall we. We only have so much time with each other in this world."


    His father regarded him earnestly.

    "Please, promise me. Promise me that you'll take care of yourself and that if you need anything, you'll tell me, okay? I'm here for you. Whatever it is you feel is going on, you don't have to do this alone."

    Luke nodded once more.

    "I will."

    As if satisfied, Ben slipped his hand out from his father's grasp and turned his eyes upon the box. His eyes flicked back up to his father.

    "Later, Ben."

    "I'll hold you to that." He smirked.

    The Grand Master laughed gently at this. He marveled how his son reminded so much of his beloved Mara. He was truly her son in every sense of the word.

    I think I had help, Skywalker.

    'Yes, love…'

    He smiled warmly.

    "What?" Ben exclaimed, looking suspicious.

    Oh yes, he was definitely his mother's son.

    And yours.

    "And mine." He amended aloud.

    His son cast him a weird glance. "Dad, who are you talking to?"

    "What makes you think I'm talking to someone? He responded smoothly.

    Ben stared back not convinced. "Grown men just don't mumble stuff to themselves. Plus, it didn't sound-"He cut off when his father shot him an admonishing glance.

    "I'm perfectly fine. I think I already mentioned that."

    When his son looked as if he would speak again, Luke narrowed his eyes. The Jedi Knight backed off with an open scowl.

    "Why don't I believe you?"

    The Master heaved a sigh. "I thought we'd gotten through this..." Luke rose from his seat and he started passed his son to the bedroom door. "Now, just so you don't worry, I have to visit the Temple today. Is that okay?" He smiled brazenly his Ben's direction.

    "Don't be a smart ass. It doesn't suit you."

    The older man frowned disapprovingly and began to prepare for his departure. He gathered a few personal affects before exiting the room. Upon entering the living area, he crossed over to the comstation and accessed it, placing a call to the Temple. Clighal's visage appeared on the screen. "Master Skywalker, what can I do for you?" She spoke.

    "Expect me to be at the Temple in," He glanced at the chrono. "Thirty minutes, give or take. I wish to speak with you."

    She nodded her large head. "Very well. I will see you then." The Mon Cal signed off.

    The Jedi Master straightened and glanced over his shoulder at Ben who hand a clenched fist positioned on his left hip, the other arm dangling at his side.

    "I trust I don't have to explain myself?"

    The boy nodded.

    "Thank you—for trusting me."

    Ben frowned. "Not entirely, but I did agree to let you handle things yourself—for now."

    Luke packed away a datapad, his lightsaber, and a med kit. Ben raised a brow at this but said nothing. His father cinched the pack closed and threw it over his shoulder before clipping his comlink to his belt. The younger Skywalker found the items his father placed within the satchel to be vaguely suspicious. Again, he smothered an urge to question Luke. He had promised, if grudgingly.

    "Will you... be out long?"

    "For a while...Ben, it might be best if you make your way home."

    His son opened his mouth to object.

    "There's no reason for you to stay over here. I'm perfectly fine."

    The more his father insisted, the more Ben didn't believe him. I promised. He reminded himself. Then again, was the promise even valid if Luke wasn't willing to keep his word. He shook his head. He had no proof, only speculation and a churning feeling in his gut. Usually, though, his gut was never wrong. Ben clenched his hand and began to approach the older Jedi. "I'll walk you to your speeder." He offered.

    His father nodded, "Thank you. I'd like that very much."
    The Skywalker males made their way out of the high rise and to the speeder port. When they made their way to the berthing, Ben made an offer to pilot the speeder, which surprisingly his father accepted. He watched as Luke leapt into the speeder with easy grace. It was on par with that of a much younger Jedi and after all these years, the man could still move with the best of them. These many years had never been kind to Luke Skywalker, but they had also never hindered him. It was no wonder he was still to this day the leader of the Jedi. So great was his power and so kind was his heart that Jedi and non-Jed as well as friends and enemies, held him in such high regard. Throughout the years, Ben had come to accept how respected and admired his father was—and he could honestly not help but feel extreme pride at this.

    He absent-mindedly pulled the speeder into the skylanes as he had the day before, noting the traffic was not as severe. As he piloted the vehicle, he would cast occasional glances at his father. The boy would examine him closely in these brief moments. Luke's face held a serene look to it with a small smile gracing his lips, his face turned into the wind as he gazed upon the scenery around him. His blonde hair fluttered in the wind as the speeder whizzed onward. His chin was cupped in his right hand, his eyes seeming far away. Yes, his father was very much at home in moments like these; he was after all always a pilot at heart.

    He smiled and focused his attention more astutely on the traffic surrounding him. If he crashed the speeder while he was daydreaming at his age, he'd never hear the end of it.


    "Have I told you…how much I love you?" He murmured with warmth in his voice.

    Ben snorted at this. "Yeah, you have."

    He watched Luke nod out of the corner of his eye. "Alright. I was just wondering…"
    They arrived at the Temple in a much shorter time they expected. Ben watched his father disembark, pulling his bag out with him. He eyed him cautiously. "You sure you don't want me to go with you?"

    The Jedi Master turned around, shooting him a mirthful stare.

    "I'm pretty sure I can make my way into the Temple, Ben." His tone was humorous.

    "If you insist, Your High Grand Mastership." He retorted impertinently.

    Luke pinned him with a baleful glance. It was apparent he didn't find this funny.

    "Watch it, young one. You're pressing upon my good graces."

    "You have those?" Ben's eyes widened in mock astonishment.

    His father reached over and cuffed him gently on the ear.

    "Quiet you."

    The older Jedi turned around and made his way up the Temple steps as if to dismiss his son. When he sensed Ben had not moved, he made a flicking motion over his shoulder and the speeder jerked forward under the power of the Force. Ben cursed glaring at Luke's retreating back and felt his father's good humor through their bond.

    "Fine." He muttered and started to pull away. "Stubborn old man."
    Luke glanced back as the younger man's speeder pulled back into the skylanes, vanishing from sight. He shook his head then turned to greet one of the Jedi guards at the entrance.

    "Good afternoon, Grand Master." The Knight inclined his head.

    "Yes, it is isn't it?"
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    "Watch it, young one. You're pressing upon my good graces."

    "You have those?" Ben's eyes widened in mock astonishment.

    His father reached over and cuffed him gently on the ear.

    I love the father/son moments like this. But Luke can be so stubborn at times. I like the brief Mara 'appearance'. Ben must think his father is going loonie though.
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    Loved the warm snarking, and happy they've reached a level of agreement/comfort [face_thinking] But I agree absolutely with Regis. [face_sigh] This procrastination is gonna bite back royally :(
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    Maybe just a bit...I know I was thinking Luke's acting really irrational when I was writing it.
    Yep, definitely. Doctor knows best.
    Part 6
    Luke entered the medical facility in the bottom most level of the Temple, meeting Clighal's large fish eyes through the reinforced glass. She waved briefly then turned to her assistant and fellow, Tekli, a Chadra-Fan with large ears and bat-like snout. They appeared to have been engrossed in some deep discussion of medicine as the Jedi Master made his way into the medbay. When she was finished, Clighal turned back, leaving Tekli to consult with a human male whom Luke recognized as Josat.

    "Master Skywalker…It is good to see you again so soon." She reached out two flippered-hands and warmly clasped one of his between them. "The other Masters were beginning to worry about you." The Mon Cal gave him a cursory glance. "But you appear to be in good health. I express much relief at this."

    Luke smiled back warmly.

    "I'm sorry to have worried everyone, but as you can see I'm quite fine."

    "Quite." She nodded her large head and ushered him to walk with her to another section. "I suppose you've come down here for a reason."

    The other Master smiled shyly. "You know me too well, Clighal." He cleared his throat. "Yes, I felt that I could confide in you the most."

    She gestured for him to continue.

    "I will be leaving Courscant for a bit." He ventured forward. "…it's…of a personal nature….I'll be heading for Tatooine." Luke smiled. "Maybe I'm feeling homesick after all these years."

    "I sense that is not all….What time will you be leaving, and can I do anything to make your trip more-" She seemed to search for the word."-comfortable."

    "No. Nothing like that, as for time, I'll be leaving this evening."

    They made their way around the bottom floor arriving at the lifts. Luke hit the UP button and waited for it to return.

    "I need to make some final travel arrangements; most of them have been taken care of." He assured her. "Just some loose ends that need to be tied up before I leave."
    He waited for the lift doors to open before beginning again.

    The two beings stepped inside, the doors closing behind them. He crossed his arms over his stomach and listened to the noise of the lift. A quiet thrumming pierced through the silence and radiated from the ground up through his feet and into his body. He brushed the feeling aside, pretending not to notice. Clighal didn't seem to perceive the movement whatsoever. It was then, after drawing a quiet breath that Luke turned towards the Master-healer once more.

    "Also, I need you to keep this..." The man withdrew a small data chip from his flight suit pocket and passed it over to the Mon Cal.

    She took it from him gently, regarding the small chip with curiosity. Clighal turned her large eyes back towards him.

    "That chip contains important data that my son will need to see. When the proper time comes, I'd like you to hand it over to him."

    The Mon Cal pocketed the chip, still not quite understanding. "I shall keep this in confidence until then." The door to the lift dinged open as she spoke her next words, "Is there anything else?"

    He didn't speak for a moment, simply exiting the lift ahead of her. He turned left down the large central hallway towards the gardens. The great hall was at least two stories high with a majestic arched ceiling, held up by cream-colored marble stone buttresses. The large columns that lined the hall were of like material but done in a charcoal instead of cream. The floors had a similar color and design, which shone most brilliantly, the overhead lightening reflecting every minute detail etched within the stone.

    When he finally spoke again, his voice was low. "Yes." Luke paused as if trying to decide his next words. "I want you to keep the content of my visit from Ben." He looked up to gauge her reaction.

    Clighal regarded him carefully, waiting for him to continue.

    "Ben knows I'm here…but not why. I want it to stay that way." He instructed. "I hope you understand, Master Clighal."

    The Mon Cal made a motion similar to a human's nod of affirmation. "Of course." Her watery voice became more pronounced as she realized the gravity of the situation.

    "Thank you…my friend." He murmured appreciatively.

    Clighal followed steadily behind him, sensing his need to continue the conversation. He walked a ways on, his hands clasped behind his back. Luke's gait was purposeful and his gaze seemed rigid. He didn't even take time to acknowledge the students that milled about in the great hallway. She surmised that the students were probably feeling what she was now; they had sensed that the Grand Master needed not to be disturbed. She trailed him, waiting for the man to speak.

    "I require a Council meeting with the Masters."

    "How soon?"

    "Immediately. Inform them I'm calling an emergency meeting. Until then I'll be the Gardens."
    Luke Skywalker sat upon his Grand Master's seat, gazing out over the rows of faces that had stuck by him throughout the years. He leaned back in his chair slightly, listening to the dull thump of Saba Sebatyne's tail against the tile floor, the silent scuff of Kyp's boots, and the endless drumming of Corran Horn's fingers against his chair's armrest.

    "Well..." Horn spoke up, his voice flavored with a rich sounding accent. His eyebrow arched in anticipation. "I trust we have a good reason for calling such an impromptu Council meeting." His tone held a slight smile to it.

    "Yes, and no."

    "Thiz one does not understand. It can either be one or the other." Saba hissed in confusion.

    Luke gave the Barabel a genuine smile. "I suspect you're correct, Master Sebatyne."

    He pushed forward in his seat, leaving himself to rest his forearms on his thighs, fingers entwined and palms pressed together. He settled his chin atop his folded hands and looked upon them. Except for his noticeable posture, no one would have taken the man for a Jedi Master. He was decked out in a regular grey flight uniform; one that was creased and rumpled. Luke looked like a regular fighter-jockey, albeit an older one, but still one nonetheless.

    Tionne Solusar spoke up: "I would assume you plan on going somewhere, Master."

    His gaze slid to hers, staring up into the woman's silvery-white eyes. He nodded simply.

    "I will be taking time off briefly. I felt it best that you all know, so we won't have anybody worrying, as I know you have been. If there's anything that needs to be said, please let's address it. I know I haven't been as active within the last five months, though I have tried to be. "

    Tionne's husband, Kam Solusar gazed upon him concerned.

    "Are you ill, Luke?"

    Luke shook his head, "Just getting old." The lie seemed so easy, and it hurt him deeply to hide this from them. Yet, it wasn't quite a lie, it was a half-truth, one he hid so deep down in himself to keep them from worrying. The only one who knew where he was off to was of course Clighal; she would never tell a soul.

    He caught the Mon Cal's gaze briefly before turning his attention back to Kam. The Jedi Grand Master steeple his fingers thoughtfully. My dear friends. He thought silently. I'm sorry. I have always cherished our friendship…

    "Aren't we all?" Kyp Durron interjected jovially. "Seems like only yesterday..."

    "You mean when you were constantly being rebellious." Corran drawled.

    "I thought we put that all behind us, Horn."

    The statement hung in the air between them until another Council member saw fit to speak up.

    "Yes, we all have seen better days." Said Octa Ramis. She was grinning wryly as she smoothed out her robes with her long, delicate fingers.

    "Yes, and the generations of the past are changed." The Correlian Jedi sat up straight in his chair. "The Jedi Knights we taught are grown and gone. It's beginning to look like we soon won't be needed anymore."

    "Thiz one finds this to be a good thing." Saba commented. "We can leave the Jedi Order to our younger generationz without worry."

    Luke nodded in agreement.

    "You know, sometimes I long for the days of active service." Master Ramis spoke up thoughtfully.

    "Bite your tongue." Kyp rebuked. "Do you really want to jinx us? Some of us aren't as young as others."

    "I hardly think you're that old, Master Durron." She quipped.

    Luke watched this exchanged with good humor, smiling inwardly to himself. He held up a hand and cleared his throat. The two Masters fell silent, all eyes turning back towards him.

    "Thank you." He then looked around. "Any matters that I need to address?"

    Cilghal raised her hand slightly.

    "Yes, Master. It seems that the recent calisthenics sessions are proving to be very fruitful. It works well on young knight's systems and gives them an extra boost of energy and strength throughout the day. I suggest we move the process along and implement it more fully."

    "Good. You may go ahead as planned, Master Cilghal." He fixed his gaze upon the other Masters. "Anything else?"

    The chamber remained silent.

    "All right then." Luke stood up. "If anyone has anything else, please inform me before this evening, otherwise….." He grinned. "…you're on your own. Dismissed."
    Ben returned home, but not to the one he was expected to return to; it was the one he and his parents had shared when he was still a child, before he grew up and became a Jedi. The place he had actually called home before Jacen became his informal master and much before his cousin became the monster known as Darth Caedus. He shivered at the thought. Sometimes it still bothered him, but he had gotten over the horrors and nightmares of the past. He had come to accept his mother's death, which had come at the hands of his own cousin, the Jedi Knight formerly known as Jacen Solo. Though his twin sister, Jaina Solo, had told Ben that there had been a spark of Jacen left at the end, he still wasn't entirely sure whether that had been true or not. But it didn't matter anymore.

    "This family is just so messed up." He muttered wryly, entering the apartment. Maybe this is why Jedi didn't get hitched.

    Sighing, he plowed onward, heading straight for his father's bedroom. The Jedi Knight was unwilling to simply leave things as they were. He was willing to let his father do what he had to do, but that wasn't going to stop him from figuring out what exactly in the seven Correlian hells was going on! He would find out what his father was hiding if nothing else.

    Ben stalked hurriedly into the room and began to meticulously comb over every facet of the bedroom. He would search every drawer, under the bed, in the closet, every nook and cranny until he was satisfied. At the back of his mind, he heard a voice telling him that spying on his father was wrong and that he was invading the elder Jedi's privacy, but another part of him disregarded this.

    "Something's not right, I can feel it."

    A thought occurred in his mind suddenly as he was pawing through boxes in the closet. The datapad!

    He turned around and started to open the nightstand drawer. He swore when he noticed it was missing. The one his father had taken was obviously the one he had slipped into his pack. He was ready to slam it shut when he felt the bottom of the drawer rattle. He frowned deeply and reached in prodding it with two fingers. The sound coming from the drawer rang hollow. Ben pursed his lips intensely. False bottom?

    Why would his father need a fake bottom in the drawer?

    Ben sat back and examined the wood, scanning the edges for a seam. The false bottom seemed flawless. What was Luke hiding? The Jedi Knight mounted to his feet and went to retrieve his travel tool kit. He returned to his father's room, extracting a sharp, knife-like instrument. He'd take the whole kriffing drawer apart if he had to do it! He carefully stuck the implement in the edges of the inside the drawer, trying to find a weak point in the false panel. He traced it around the entire space of the drawer until the tool clicked against something metal at the back of the drawer. "Bingo."

    The Jedi moved the tool into another position in which the tip was wedged between the bottom and the side of the drawer. He listened to the slight ping as it tapped upon metal once more and he began to work at it in earnest. His eyes narrowed as he bent the tool away from himself, cursing when he found the metal resistant to his manipulation.

    A latch, perhaps?


    Now, he was certain his father was hiding something from him.

    "Blast that old man, and his stupid sense of justice. Blast his kriffing savior mentality and fracking martyr complex!" He jerked the tool and watched as the handle snapped from the blade. Ben stared at it incredulously and chucked it aside. Lousy piece of shavit…Top notch tools my rear!

    He could slowly feel the rage welling up within him and quickly willed himself to calm down. The man knew himself all too well. Whenever he lost his temper and allowed it to consume him, his mind banished all reason and as a result, it became a far distant concept to him. In the end, it usually ended up with him viewing himself as something he didn't care to recognize; something hateful and twisted. Something like Caedus.

    A shrill sound broke him out of his reverie and he jumped slightly, falling on his butt. His head whipped toward the sound, which recognized as the comstation signaling an incoming call. Ben got up carefully and made his way quickly to it. Then, without sitting down, he pressed the receiving button, and the image of a man he was not familiar with appeared. He was middle-aged with a slightly gaunt face, dark brown hair, and matching eyes. The man looked as surprised to see him as Ben was confused to see the other.

    "Oh…" was all he uttered.

    "Who are you?" Ben demanded.

    The man sighed. "Oh, dear. I knew this would happen..."

    "Knew what?" The Jedi's voice became rigid.

    "Your father…"

    "I KNEW IT!" Ben slammed his fist against the console, causing the image to short-out momentarily. "I knew that stupid old man was hiding something. Now, answer me this time: who-are-you?"

    The brown-haired man's shoulders sagged is resignation before he drew a breath to speak.

    "I am Dr. Derling Regis, your father's physician."

    Physician. Ben's mind reeled at this word.


    An eyebrow arched. "Pardon?"

    "Why does my father have a physician? He already sees Master-healer Cilghal. He DOESN'T need an outside doctor." His temper flared and fluctuated with his mind stuck between feelings of panic and resentment.

    The man, Derling Regis was silent on his end of the line.

    "Well? Don't you have something to say?" Ben's eyes flashed.

    "I'm afraid it isn't for me to tell."

    Ben stumbled into the flowform chair, practically collapsing. "So he was hiding something from me, wasn't he? Somehow I knew…" Tears entered his voice. "Something's wrong with him, isn't it, Doc?" He lifted his head and fixed the doctor with a challenging stare.

    Regis sighed once more.

    "Is it bad?"


    The redhead felt like breaking down and crying right then and there. No matter how old he was, he couldn't help but feel both overwhelming sadness at this reality and hurt by his father's lack of trust in him.

    "How bad is it?" He demanded once more.

    "I'm afraid my oath as a physician prevents me from saying anything unless Master Skywalker authorizes it. I am quite sorry."

    After Regis had signed off Ben continued to stew, thinking over the doctor's words, his actions, and then his father's words and actions. Lashing out in frustration, he slammed his fist into the wall to his right.

    Now, he really had to find out what was in that drawer!
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    Oh. This is the part I have to read through my fingers. I hate it when Luke does stupid stuff.