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    Title: A Hundred Drabbles

    Author: devilinthedetails

    Genre: A generous variety of genres as inspiration provides. I will note the genres for specific drabbles in my index.

    Timeframe: A marvelous medley of eras as my magnificent Muse dictates though probably with a skewing toward the PT and Before the Saga eras as most people familiar with my work will predict, but I appreciate having the wiggle room of the OT and the Beyond eras. I will note the specific timeframe for each set of drabbles in the index.

    Characters: An ensemble cast of characters though I will again list the specific characters for each set of drabbles.

    Author's Note: A series of one hundred drabbles written in twenty sets of five for the Ultimate Drabble Challenge. An index of entries with post numbers will be provided below for ease of navigation.

    An Index of Entries:

    Abide with Me.
    Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Before the Saga. General and Friendship. Post #2.

    Confessions of an Unrepentant Smuggler. First drabble between Solo and ANH; other four drabbles after ROTJ. Han Solo, Leia Organa, and Chewbacca. General, Romance, and Friendship. Post #8.

    Balancing the Cosmic Equations. Saga-PT, focusing on the events described in Rogue One and Catalyst. Galen Erso and Orson Krennic. General, Angst, and Drama. Post #17.

    Staying Golden. Beyond the Saga-Legends. Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade Skywalker, and Ben Skywalker. Romance and family. Post #22.

    Jedi Temple and Pilgrims. Before the Saga. Qui-Gon Jinn; Dooku. General. Post #31.

    Memory and Music. Saga-OT and Beyond the Saga-Legends. Leia Organa Solo, Han Solo, and Anakin Solo. Family, Romance, and Angst. Post #37.

    Under Lock and Key. Before the Saga and Saga-PT. Padme Amidala, Palo Jemabie, Ruwee Naberrie, Jobal Naberrie, Sola Naberrie. General, Family, Mild Romance. Post #45.

    Drinking Vessels of Tatooine. Saga-OT and PT. Luke Skywalker, Beru Lars, Owen Lars. General, Family, Fluff. Post #49.

    Raised in the Sands of Tatooine. Before the Saga. Anakin Skywalker, Shmi Skywalker, Watto, and Jira. General, Family, Friendship, and Angst. Post #54.

    Out with the Old and In with the New. Before the Saga. Obi-Wan Kenobi; Qui-Gon Jinn. General and Friendship. Post #62.

    Entwined Memories and Interconnected Body Parts. Saga-PT. Anakin Skywalker; Padme Amidala; Obi-Wan Kenobi; Tru Veld. General; Angst; Hurt/Comfort; Friendship. Post #66.

    Mustafar Fires. Saga-PT. Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader; Obi-Wan Kenobi; Padme Amidala. Angst; Drama. Post #70.

    Polluted Waters. Before the Saga. Qui-Gon Jinn; Dooku. General; Angst. Post #79.

    Changes in Fashion. Saga-PT and Saga-OT. Han Solo; Qi'ra; Leia; Luke; Chewbacca. General; Friendship; Humor; Drama; Angst. Post #82.

    Meditations in Darkness. Saga-PT. Sidious/Palpatine. General. Post #88.

    Deep, Dark Roots. Before the Saga. Yoda; OC (Yoda's Master). General. Post #92.

    Jumbled Tales of a Reforming Scoundrel. Saga-OT and Beyond the Saga. Han Solo; Leia Organa-Solo; Lando; Luke Skywalker; Chewbacca. General, Romance, and Friendship. Post #96.

    Luminescent Spirits and Crude Matter. Saga-PT and OT. Anakin Skywalker; Padme Amidala. Angst; Drama; General. Post #101.

    At the Homefront. Saga-PT. Padme Amidala; Sola Naberrie; Ruwee Naberrie; Jobal Naberrie. Family; General.

    Order and Excisions. Before the Saga. Dooku; Qui-Gon Jinn; Obi-Wan Kenobi; Yoda; Xanatos (Jedi Apprentice books). General; Drama.
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    Title: Abide with Me

    Characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi; Qui-Gon Jinn.

    Genre: General and Friendship.

    Era: Before the Saga.

    Summary: Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, and their differing philosophy toward rules.

    Adamant (Unchanging Nature)

    “Why must you be so adamant about having your way with the Council?” Confusion clouded Obi-Wan’s face.

    “Because it’s my nature.” Qui-Gon sighed. “Would you have me change my nature?”

    “Perhaps.” Obi-Wan echoed the sigh. “Your nature frustrates me sometimes, Master.”

    “Then you must learn patience.” Qui-Gon smiled faintly.

    “It’s in my nature to be frustrated.” Obi-Wan could be adamant as well. “Would you have me change my nature, Master?”

    “I’m not trying to change your nature but bring out your best nature.” Qui-Gon draped a gentle arm around his Padawan’s stiff shoulders.

    Abide (With Me)

    “Why can’t you abide by the Council’s dictates, Master?” Obi-Wan’s voice was cross like his legs folded in meditation.

    “Because I’m too proud to submit to any will but my own.” The old argument drained any patience from Qui-Gon’s tone. “Is that what you want to hear?”

    “I want the truth.” It was the pain behind Obi-Wan’s words that gave Qui-Gon back his patience and know what he had to ask of his Padawan. “I want to understand you and your decisions.”

    “Then be patient with me.” Qui-Gon patted his apprentice’s knee. “Abide with me.”

    Wander Too Far (Afield)

    “Do you know why I always try to follow the rules?” Obi-Wan asked Qui-Gon as they hiked through a flower-and-sunlight dappled meadow. Sensing this was an opening more than a question, Qui-Gon remained silent as his Padawan went on, “Because I’m afraid I’ll wander too far afield without them.”

    “Wandering a field isn’t so bad.” Qui-Gon knelt to sniff a fragrant Sachi blossom. “It’s a chance to smell the flowers.”

    “I said wander afield, Master.” Obi-Wan rolled his eyes, but Qui-Gon saw the wry smile twisting his lips. “Not wander a field.”

    (Absolutely) Aghast

    “I never knew Master Windu’s face could get so purple.” Obi-Wan’s voice was so quiet Qui-Gon almost couldn’t hear him over the Council’s condemnation that still reverberated in his ears. “I thought some veins might burst in his neck when he shouted at you.”

    “His face did go an impressive shade of purple.” Qui-Gon chuckled, releasing some of the tension coiled inside him. “Purple as his lightsaber, in fact.”

    “It’s not funny, Master.” Obi-Wan was scandalized. “Master Windu was absolutely aghast.”

    “That’s what made it so funny.” Amused, Qui-Gon ruffled his absolutely aghast Padawan’s hair.

    (Warned) Aforetime

    “If the Council is warned aforetime that a Jedi objects to an order as against the Code, that Jedi’s defiance of the order shall not be regarded as obstinacy under the Code,” Qui-Gon murmured, preparing his defense for next morning’s meeting with the Council.

    “That’s an ancient text, Master.” Obi-Wan shook his head. “The Council will say it’s no longer valid and has been superseded by more recent interpretations.”

    “How do you know it’s an ancient text?” Qui-Gon saw no date on the document.

    “Because it uses aforetime.” Obi-Wan snorted. “Nobody’s used aforetime in centuries, Master.”
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    Insightful and affectionate discussion. Candid and humorous by turns. Love the puns about wandering a field versus afield [face_mischief] and the jibes at Mace and his purple saber and livid expression =D=
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    Aug 21, 2006
    love the banter between Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan
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    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha As always, thank you so much for your kind comment!:) It was a challenge to fit everything I wanted the characters to say into each individual drabble so I'm so happy you felt the conversations were both insightful and affectionate since I really wanted to show the warmth of this Master and Padawan duo while at the same time delving a bit into their opposing perspectives on the importance of following the rules. I like to picture Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon as being very honest with each other but also being able to have fun so it was nice to be able to showcase both the honest and the humorous sides of their relationship, and I'm so glad those aspects stood out to you. Puns are some of my favorite things, so I couldn't resist having Qui-Gon make a play on words about afield versus a field. And I couldn't resist poking some fun at Mace for his face going purple as his lightsaber when angered so I'm happy to hear that amused you as well[face_laugh]

    @earlybird-obi-wan Thank you so much for commenting! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the banter between Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan since that's always fun for me to write:D
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    Awesome first set! Great glimpses at Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan and their relationship.

    Lmao! I loved this bit in particular. [face_laugh]

    Great work as always!
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    @amidalachick As always, thank you so much for commenting!:) I'm so happy that you found this to be an awesome first set since I haven't really experimented much with drabbles and this first set was definitely me getting my toes wet, shall we say? I really enjoyed being able to explore in this story these little glimpses into the relationship between Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan, and I'm so happy you found them to be great glimpses. You also highlighted one my favorite moments and one I hoped would be humorous, so yay. Thanks again for the sweet comment, and I hope you continue to enjoy these drabbles!
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    Title: Confessions of an Unrepentant Smuggler.

    Characters: Han Solo; Leia Organa; Chewbacca.

    Genre: General, Romance, Friendship.

    Era: First drabble between Solo and ANH; other drabbles after ROTJ.

    Summary: Han and the confessions of a lifetime in crime.

    Unforgettable Raids

    Han had been to Kashyyyk. Seared into his memory were raids he wished he could forget. He wished he’d never seen the proud wroshyr trees cut down with no regard for the preservation of natural beauty. He wished he’d never heard the enraged howls of the Wookies as they were cuffed and collared to be shipped into Imperial slavery. Most of all, he wished that when Chewie described the raids to him, he could find the courage to apologize for everything he had ever done and represented in an Imperial uniform but the words turned to ashes in his mouth.

    Princess and Pirate

    “You’re my princess.” Han held Leia close—so close he beloved nothing could ever come between them, loving the feeling of her warm breath against his bare skin late at night.

    “You’re my pirate.” Leia nestled her head into the groove between his neck and shoulder.

    “I’m not a pirate,” Han reflexively corrected her. “I’m a smuggler.”

    “I never knew the difference between a pirate and a smuggler.” His princess trailed a teasing finger down his chest.

    “A pirate plunders other people’s goods.” Han gave her a kiss and a roguish grin. “A smuggler just sneaks goods for other people.”

    Smuggle Anything Useful

    “You were a smuggler for years before you met me.” Leia’s fingers tangled in Han’s hair. “Did you ever smuggle anything useful like medicine to beings that needed it?”

    “I smuggled what was most profitable.” Han shrugged. “Mainly drugs.”

    “Drugs aren’t useful.” Leia sounded disappointed as if he had ever pretended to be noble.

    “You’d be surprised, princess,” he retorted. “Drugs can be useful.”

    “Really?” Leia arched a disbelieving eyebrow. “To whom?”

    “To people who want to have a crazy good time to remember or to forget.” Han remembered how often he had sought comforting oblivion in a drugged daze.

    Cookie Marauder

    Leia had surprised Han by making a batch of warra nut cookies hadn’t been burned to crisps but were delectably soft. He would’ve eaten the entire tray but Leia had cut him off after his third cookie. That was why after midnight Han crept to the kitchen on a cookie raid. He placed two cookies on a platter, poured himself a glass of green milk, and had just taken a seat at the table when Leia’s voice demanded, “Are you marauding all the cookies?”

    “Not at all.” Han held a cookie out as a peace offering. “I saved you one.”

    Stolen Childhood

    “Do you remember the first time you stole?” Leia asked, her hand entwined with Han’s.

    “No.” Han shook his head. “I just remember that it was for Lady Proxima.”

    Leia knew all about Lady Proxima—how she had made her scumrats pick pockets and trade stolen good for meager rations in the dank sewers of Coronet City—because Han had told her about the giant, hideous worm.

    “She stole your childhood then.” Leia’s fingers squeezed his. “By making you steal.”

    “It’s not that simple.” Han wanted to pull his hand away but didn’t. “I never had a childhood to steal.”
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    Aug 21, 2006
    Poor Han and his memories being a child. A great set
  10. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    "Unforgettable Raids" - wow, that is a truly in-character introspection/memory. It would be one of the most difficult things to forget and he would feel the urge to apologize even if unnecessary.
    The next 4 -- [face_laugh] and yum! Cookie Marauder was adorably sweet.. ;)
    The last line in "Stolen Childhood" was touching and shows Leia's empathy. :)
    Han has an ease of confiding that is delightful; it took the perfect person to do so with.
  11. devilinthedetails

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    @earlybird-obi-wan Thank you so much for commenting! :) I did feel so sorry for Han's memories of his broken childhood with Proxima's gang (the childhood Han had in Solo in the anthology films is so sad) so with this set of drabbles, I felt called to explore Han's dealing with that broken childhood a bit more than we could see in the films, and I'm so happy that you felt this set was a great one. I hope you continue to enjoy the different sets as they come out.

    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha As always, thank you so much for your kind comments! :) Unforgettable Raids was a hard drabble for me to write because it was so painful for me to think about the trauma of the things Han had seen and heard that would be so impossible for him to forget and to write how he wanted to apologize but couldn't find that power to speak. I think that's common for people who experience a trauma so I wanted to explore that emotion as Han experiences it in this instance.

    I did also want to inject some humor--characteristic of Han--in the other drabbles to lighten the tone and capture more of Han and Leia's life together. The Cookie Maruader really made me smile as I wrote it, so I'm so happy you found it adorably sweet.

    Stolen Childhood was a very moving piece for me to write so it's great to know that you also found it touching. I really wanted to showcase Leia's more empathetic side in it, so it is wonderful to know I succeeded with that. I think when Han does confide in someone he does have a very simple, straightforward style of expression, and Leia is indeed the perfect person for him to confide and find comfort and understanding in.
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Even when you stay short, your brilliance shines through your fanfics anyway. The loose nothing of their sweetness, honesty and depth.
  13. amidalachick

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    Aug 3, 2003
    I totally agree with @AzureAngel2! These are all beautifully written and each one says so much in just a hundred words.

    I especially love the mix of emotions - the sadness from Han's early years and then the contentment he's found with Leia. Unforgettable Raids was heartwrenching. But I think my favorite out of the set was Princess and Pirate, just because I adore some classic Han/Leia romance and banter. [face_love] Wonderful job on these!
  14. Kahara

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    Mar 3, 2001
    These are just as wonderfully in-character as your longer works, I'm having a blast reading through them! =D=

    [face_rofl] Qui-Gon, really. The discussion over this and the previous entries was so well-crafted, and I could hear both of their TPM selves in it!

    He has a point. :p

    The Han stories are so poignant -- the contrast of his present with Leia and his often horrible past is a sharp one. And the little moments of humor were welcome too. :)

    [face_laugh] Oh, Han. Never change.
  15. devilinthedetails

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    @AzureAngel2 As always, thank you so much for your kind comments! I'm so flattered that you found depth, sweetness, and honesty in these drabbles despite their shortness, and I hope that you'll continue to find similar qualities in my future drabbles as I continue this project.:)

    @amidalachick Thank you so much for your sweet words!:) It's wonderful to hear that you thought these drabbles were beautifully written and could say so much in only a hundred words since I started this challenge with the hope of improving my brevity as a writer. I did love writing that contrast between the sadness and harshness of Han's past and his present contentment and comfort in his relationship with Leia, so I'm so happy you appreciated that contrast as well. Classic Han/Leia banter and romance is always fun to read and write, so I absolutely understand why Princess and Pirate would be your favorite from the latest set. Thank you again for your kind comment, and I hope you'll continue to enjoy this collection of drabbles!

    @Kahara Thank you so much for your thoughtful and detailed comment!:) I'm so glad that you found these drabbles to be just as in character as my longer stories since I think each of these drabbles so far has given me a chance to celebrate a particular character or two, which is amazing as a writer.

    Qui-Gon was very amusing with his wander afield versus wander a field bit[face_laugh] and I'm always grateful for the chance to explore Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon's characters and relationship with one another, so it is so flattering to know you could hear their voices in TPM in the drabbles I wrote about them. There can be no higher compliment than that.

    Ha ha, yes, Obi-Wan does have a point about aforetime being a truly antiquated word. [face_laugh]

    I really did want to showcase that contrast between Han's often horrible past and his present happiness with Leia while also injecting bits of humor to lighten the tone. And Han will indeed never change. He'll always be a marauding rogue;)
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    Jun 29, 2004
    Both of these sets were just lovely! Your characterizations were spot on, and your dialogue so fun! In particular, I enjoyed . . .

    Oh my goodness, but I loved all of the banter between Master and Padawan here! I could really hear both of their voices from TPM spot on in my head. And, you know, someday Obi-Wan is going to enjoy being the one frustrating an apprentice who can't appreciate his particular brand of wisdom! [face_mischief] [face_laugh]

    [face_laugh] Something tells me that I would be sympathizing with Mace here if we knew the whole scene! :p

    Ha! Oh Han never change. [face_love] This was my favorite of the set for just how fun and, well, sweet it was. But Raid was especially powerful and packed a brutal punch. Well done. =D=

    Whew, and speaking of packing emotional punches - that really sums it up, doesn't it? :( But for all of the love and family he was missing in his childhood he has certainly found now.

    Excellent job with these, again! I can't wait to read more. :D
  17. devilinthedetails

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    Jun 19, 2019
    @Mira_Jade Thank you so much for commenting! I'm so glad you found my first two drabble sets lovely, and that you felt the characterizations were spot-on and the dialogue fun. :) There's so little space to get everything into a drabble that I want to make every word of dialogue count and the characters really shine through in a short time.

    I really had a great time writing all the banter between Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon, and it makes me so happy that you could hear their voices from TPM in your head as you read. Also, yes, one day, Obi-Wan is absolutely going to get his revenge by frustrating his own Padawan who can't understand his unique brand of wisdom, and thus one generation learns to torment another[face_laugh]

    Haha, it is very possible we'd be sympathizing with Mace if we had the whole scene, but Qui-Gon wouldn't want us to know that...

    Han the cookie marauder story was ridiculously funny for me to write, so I'm so glad that you enjoyed it, and for me it was a good way to offset some of that brutal emotional punch of the Raid drabble.

    And I think you're absolutely right about Han being able to find all the family and love with Leia that he couldn't have in his childhood under Lady Proxima.

    Thank you again for your kind and detailed comment, and I hope you'll continue to enjoy my drabbles!

    Title: Balancing the Cosmic Equations

    Characters: Galen Erso; Orson Krennic.

    Genre: General; Drama; Angst.

    Era: Saga-PT. Focused on the events described in Rogue One and Catalyst.

    Summary: Galen seeks to balance the equations of the universe and his friendship with Orson Krennic.

    Balancing the Cosmic Equations

    Visiting Professor

    Galen Erso knew he’d have to do well in this post of Visiting Professor at the Institute of Applied Science on Coruscant. Orson Krennic had found it for him, and a poor performance would reflect on his best friend as much as on himself, Orson had made that clear as the kyber crystals Galen truly wanted to study. Besides, the job came with its perks of a good stipend and free apartment (not to be sneered at in Coruscant’s expensive real estate market) along with its clunky title, and he didn’t want to loose the stipend or the free apartment.

    School Friend

    School was supposed to be challenging, Galen knew that in an abstract way after hearing his classmates complain about assignments all his life, but to him it’d always come naturally as breathing. He excelled in mathematics and the sciences, outgrowing what his teachers could teach him on the agricultural backwater of Grange.

    That was how the teacher who’d submitted one of his mathematical solutions to the Republic Futures Program without his knowledge or consent had explained it. That was how he’d ended up on Brentaal. That was how he met the boy who would become his best friend, Orson Krennic.

    Pushed to Greatness (or Gifted)

    “Do you know what your problem is, Galen?” Orson demanded, the words not presaging a diagnostic so much as another sales pitch for him to abandon his pacifistic principles and pursue the militaristic research where the real credits could be made. “You’re gifted but you’ve no ambition.”

    “I don’t need ambition.” Galen’s lips slid into a grin that was an invitation for his friend to stop the nagging and return his smile. “I have you to be ambitious for me.”

    “Yes.” Orson’s answering grin was tight. “But it’s not easy being the one pushing you to greatness all the time.”

    Karma (or Balancing the Cosmic Equations)

    A mystic on Espinar had once told Galen about karma—about the sum of a being’s good and bad deeds carrying over from one life to the next after reincarnation. He didn’t believe in reincarnation, but still the concept of karma had appealed to the mathematician in him as the universe’s method of balancing cosmic equations.

    Since he didn’t believe in reincarnation, he modified the theory of karma so that the good and bad deeds a being committed would be balanced in a single lifetime. The flaw in the Death Star would be karma for the Empire, Orson, and him.

    Design Gambit

    It’d been a gambit to speak with the Imperial pilot Bodhi Rook about the cruelties of the Empire, nonetheless entrust him with a message for the Rebel Alliance about the vulnerability in the monstrous Death Star he was compelled to create. It’d been a gambit to build such a structural weakness in the first place.

    He had no idea about how any of these gambits would end, but he could only hope that they would balance the cosmic equation by allowing him to play a vital part in the destruction of the Death Star he had been forced to design.
  18. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Superb as you give Orson and Galen a deeper backstory or mutual history with one another [face_thinking]
  19. amidalachick

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    Aug 3, 2003
    Another wonderful set!

    I really liked this line and this drabble. As I read it, Orson doesn't mean it in a bad way, he just wants his friend to be successful. And figuring out what success looks like, and balancing ideals and money, is always the struggle isn't it?

    Another great line. I loved the entirety of "Karma" and the idea of balancing the cosmic equation by destroying the Death Star.

    Great job as always! =D=
  20. Kahara

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    Mar 3, 2001
    Really enjoyed the development of how Galen and Orson's friendship was before all the Imperial stuff. It makes later developments that much more tragic. I also liked that in the first few, Galen is kind of more wanting to live in the theoretical and lacking real-world ambition to an extent, with Orson kind of pushing him along. While in the last couple, he knows exactly what he wants, is a hundred percent all-in, and he's directly opposing his former friend. That's some really nifty character development! =D=
  21. devilinthedetails

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    Jun 19, 2019
    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Thank you so much for your kind comment! :) I always appreciated the extra backstory we got for Orson and Galen in Catalyst, so I hoped that these drabbles could expand and explore that history and backstory between them even more, and I'm so glad that you found the drabbles superb in doing so.

    @amidalachick Thank you so much for commenting!:) I'm so flattered that you found this to be another wonderful set. The line about Orson's words that you highlighted was a favorite of mine and one I spent awhile crafting so it is awesome to have you quote it. I don't really think of Orson being evil at that point in the story as you say. I picture him more as being very ambitious and driven and not really understanding his friend's seeming lack of ambition. I imagine him sort of wanting to push his friend to be what he defines as successful. I think you're right that for many of us figuring out that balance between our ideals and being successful in terms of income is a challenge. Especially for intellectuals like Galen (and myself) it can be tempting to remain in the realm of ideas and theories that is our sandbox. With Orson, I think the temptation is with his ambition, which leads him to do terrible things in service of an evil empire. But I don't imagine Orson as someone evil from the beginning so much as someone corrupted by a desire for power.

    And I'm so glad that you highlighted the line about the Death Star being karma for Galen, Orson, and the Empire because that line was one that I have to admit I was quite proud of creating. I also thought that the idea of karma would be appealing to Galen's mathematical and scientific mindset so I couldn't resist exploring that concept in "Karma," and I'm so happy to hear that resonated with you. Thank you again for your kind words!

    @Kahara Thank you so much for commenting! :) I really enjoyed being able to explore Galen and Orson's relationship before the Imperial stuff. I do think the fact of their long friendship does make later developments more tragic as you say. I definitely pictured Galen early on as someone who wants to stay in his realm of theorizing and research who may lack that real world drive beyond the rather nebulous goal of just wanting to do more research for research's sake (which I can relate to a good deal being someone who rather loves knowledge for its own sake) but then sort of being forced into this world of weapons research compels him to become someone who knows exactly what he wants and is determined to resist his former friend turned enemy. As circumstances change, there is this transformation within Galen. Thank you again for your thoughtful comment!
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    Title: Staying Golden

    Characters: Luke Skywalker; Mara Jade Skywalker; Ben Skywalker.

    Genre: Romance, Family.

    Era: Beyond the Saga-Legends.

    Summary: Luke's love for Mara stays golden.

    Author's Note: The idea and imagery of staying golden is borrowed with respect and slight modification from Robert Frost's poignant nature poem: "Nothing Gold Can Stay" while the "lonely as a cloud" simile is likewise borrowed with respect from the great English poet William Wordsworth. Hopefully the influence of their poetry can be felt to a degree in these humble drabbles.

    Staying Golden

    The Value and Mystery of Mist (or a Misty Morning)

    “Growing up on Tatooine, I never saw mist.” Luke gazed into the misty morning that seemed mythic and mysterious—as if anything could come out of it.

    “Your family farmed moisture.” Swirls of mist reflected in the green gemstones of Mara’s eyes as she studied him skeptically as if she couldn’t imagine a childhood without mist. “I thought mist would’ve been valuable to you.”

    “Moisture was valuable on Tatooine because it was rare.” Luke smiled into the mist whirling around them. “It wouldn’t have been rare if Tatooine had lots of misty mornings. No, misty mornings would’ve killed our industry.”

    Lonely as a Cloud

    “Before I loved you, I think I was lonely as that cloud.” Mara pointed out the single white cloud on the horizon. “I just didn’t realize it.”

    “You were always so fierce.” Luke wondered whether the lonely cloud would find a partner before falling from the sky in sheets of rain. “It’s hard to imagine you as lonely.”

    “The fiercest beings are the loneliest beings.” Mara’s arms snaked around Luke’s waist, tugging him toward her. “Now I have you, I’m not lonely any more.”

    “Now you have me”—Luke kissed her gently as a cloud—“you’ll never be lonely again.”

    Fire-Dancing Hair

    “You know what your hair reminds me of?” Luke twined Mara’s fiery hair around his fingers and admired how light and shadows cavorted across it in impossible to name shapes.

    “Let me guess. Fire.” Mara snorted, and Luke supposed from her tone that he had given her hair that same compliment a hundred times though it never became less true.

    “Yes.” Luke continued to toy with her hair, watching the play of light and dark on every red strand. “When light falls on it, dark shapes dance across it just like they do in flames. You have fire-dancing hair.”

    Golden Inside

    “Have you ever noticed that before green plants bloom, the nubs that become their blossoms are a beautiful golden?” Mara asked, and Luke, who had never observed such a phenomenon, remained silent as she went on, “You remind me of those golden nubs. Stay golden, Farmboy.”

    “I will,” Luke promised even though a voice inside him was whispering that nothing golden could stay except perhaps their love and the memory of their love. “Except my hair. That might go gray, I’m afraid.”

    “I’ll forgive you gray hairs if you stay golden inside.” Mara’s fingers stroked Luke’s still sunlight yellow hair.

    Undying Love (and Memory)

    “Are you lonely without Mom?” Ben stared at Luke with wide blue sky eyes beneath the fiery hair inherited from his mother who lived on in memory.

    “No. My memory of her is undying as is my love of her.” A grin sliced through the sharp edges of Luke’s grief as he recalled a long-ago conversation with Mara about loneliness. He brushed his lips across his son’s forehead. “As is my love of you, of course.”

    “Eww. Gross, Dad.” Ben swiped the kiss away as if it might scar his skin. “That’s way more information than I asked for…”
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  23. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Staying Golden
    This is a lovely title for the series.

    "The Value and Mystery of Mist (or a Misty Morning)"
    This entire exchange was interesting. I never thought about mist versus moisture on Tatooine. [face_thinking]

    “Before I loved you, I think I was lonely as that cloud.” Mara pointed out the single white cloud on the horizon. “I just didn’t realize it.”

    “The fiercest beings are the loneliest beings.” Mara’s arms snaked around Luke’s waist, tugging him toward her. “Now I have you, I’m not lonely any more.”
    Very insightful and true. =D=

    "Golden Inside"
    This drabble is exquisite and captures their love very accurately and lyrically.

    "Undying Love (and Memory)"
    You have gotten Luke's incredible sweetness and Ben's natural blend of EWWW, DAD, Gross! [face_laugh] with his unspoken being touched.
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    Aug 21, 2006
    A lovely set showing the love between Luke and Mara and between father and son
  25. Kahara

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    Mar 3, 2001
    Mara and Luke's discussion is so sweet and full of love. It's really beautiful how that's so much on their minds they see it reflected around them in nature. :) And their connection through that love lasts far beyond little things like time and death.

    [face_laugh] Maybe so, but I think that Luke's willingness to say the "gross", mushy thing will no doubt be a strength to his son over the years.