Beyond - Legends ~~A Little Fall of Rain~~ (Luke/Mara AU) *Author Notes 3/18/05, please read*

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    Hi everyone! First, you should know that this is my first fan fic! (I hope those screams I'm hearing are screams of joy and support for a new author, and not screams of horror! ;)) Umm, I really don't know what else to say, except for thank you for giving this a shot! :)

    Disclaimers: Star Wars is not mine, neither are the characters, planets, or anything else. I am making no money off of this! (Title from the musical Les Miserables)

    Here goes!

    ~~A Little Fall of Rain~~

    Leia sighed and resisted the urge to massage her forehead. "No, Kam. I'm sorry but Luke hasn't arrived yet. Can I take a message?"

    Kam Solusar shook his head. "No message, but it's urgent that I speak with him."

    Leia nodded diplomatically. Kam's stoicism was starting to grate on her nerves. "Yes, Kam, I'll have him call you as soon as he arrives." Leia sighed again as Kam's face left the viewscreen. Han came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

    "Long day?"

    "What makes you think that?" Leia gave him a wry smile. "I have enough on my mind without having to play messenger girl for Luke!" she finished angrily.

    Han took a step back and held up his hands. "Whoa, Your Worship. It's not Luke's fault that he's not here yet."

    "I know, it's just..." Leia's voice trailed off.

    "Just what?" Han asked gently.

    "This whole issue with the Ishori and Diamala is about to be my whit's end. Gavrisom put me in charge of the situation, and it's coming apart at the seems."

    "Leia, you need a vacation."

    Leia just glared at Han.


    "Secure back there, Artoo?" Luke called to the back of the freighter. An affirmative beep assured him that Artoo was ready for landing. Smoothly he brought the ship in for a landing that even Han would have had a hard time rivaling.

    How he was looking forward to seeing Leia, Han, and the kids. Visits that didn't involve business were few and far between. He stretched out with the Force, and felt the warm presence of his sister, and the three rambunctious auras of his niece, and nephews. He felt another familiar presence and realized with a start that Mara Jade was also on Coruscant.

    Mara. Luke smiled slightly. He'd have to look her up during his stay. Maybe now he could convince her to come back to Yavin 4 to finish her training.


    Luke paused outside of his sister's door before ringing the door chime. A small greeter droid with Leia's voice came to the door to meet him. Luke had to suppress a smile. Anakin or the twins had certainly been up to their old tricks again. The droid led Artoo and him to Leia's formal living room, where Threepio was waiting.

    "Ah, Master Luke, sir. I'm so glad that you had a safe trip. Thank the Maker. Captain Solo said for you to meet him in the courtyard when you arrived." Luke nodded and left the two droids to catch up.

    He walked slowly through the Solo's luxurious apartment to the courtyard. The twins were the first to spot him.

    "Uncle Luke!" Jaina cried as she launched herself into his arms for a bear hug. Jacen and Anakin followed, a little more subdued, but no less excited. Luke laughed with delight and gave all three a hug.

    Han followed behind and wrapped his brother-in-law in a hug. "Luke!" It's good to see you!" Luke nodded as Han sent the kids on their way. "Leia got called away to a meeting with Gavrisom." Luke laughed as Han made a face.

    "So goes the life of a High Councilor, right?"

    "Sometimes I wish we could just be a normal family." Han said quietly.

    "No you don't." Luke said.

    Han thought for a moment before nodding. "You're right."

    "So..." Luke looked nonchalantly around the garden. "You know that Mara's in town?"

    "Yeah, she stopped by a few days ago." Han threw a sideways glance in Luke's direction. "Business for Karrde, but something's wrong with the Jade's Fire. So Mara's stuck here for a couple of days." Han broke off suddenly. "Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you. Kam called here looking for you. Said it was urgent."

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    Good start. Liked the bit with Luke and Han.
    "Sometimes I wish we could just be a normal
    family." Han said quietly.
    "No you don't." Luke said.
    Han thought for a moment before
    nodding. "You're right."

    Just like them. Looking forward to more.
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    Yay Luke and Mara fic! My favorite stuff! keep on writing, this looks good!
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    Welcome to the fanfiction forums, Mara! I hope you're having a good time so far. I always love seeing what new writers have come up with and this one looks like a bargin. Nice start, L/M yay!

    Am [face_love]
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    I agree, a very nice beginning Marawannabe!
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    Wow! People have actually read the first part! Yay!

    Justice_for_All- Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

    JadedofMara- L/M fics are my favorite too!

    Am- thanks for the welcome! I am loving it here!

    Arna- Thanks so much for all your help and advice!

    And on with the tale!


    Mara shoved a piece of flooring aside and ducked once more into the Jade's Fire control panel. Wires! Why all these wires! She swallowed back a curse, and once more tried to locate the problem.

    Hyperdrive- check. Impulse- check. Shield Generators- check. What was wrong with her ship?

    Mara stilled for a minute. And now, if she didn't have enough to worry about, Skywalker had just arrived on Coruscant. "Great, just great!" Mara muttered to herself. That was the last thing she needed.


    Luke tried to make out Kam's face on the screen, but the static was making it difficult to make out anything.

    "---- here Mas--- Skywalker. ---- jus--- ------ up. We wan--- -- wa--- yo- that ----- com--- to --usc----."

    "Kam? I can't understand you. Could you repeat that?" Luke asked, trying to piece together the message.

    Kam seemed to take a breath before his image disappeared all together.


    Han walked over and looked at the screen for a moment. "It's not on our end." he replied. "How many times have we told you to get a new communications system?"

    "I know, I know." Luke waved it off. "I'm going to go take a walk."

    "Right. You want me to keep trying?"

    "No, Kam wanted to talk to me. I'll try again later."

    "Hey Luke," Han said quietly, watching his children play through the windows.


    "She's at Docking Bay 19." Han threw a wink in Luke's direction. "Just in case you wanted to know." Han just laughed.


    It was time to leave for the day. This ship, her life that she had struggled to build could sit and rot for all she cared right now. Mara pushed the button to call the lift to take her to the apartment she had rented for her stay. Karrde would want an update on her progress, and he wasn't going to like what she had to report.

    The doors opened, and Mara stepped onto the lift, unaware of the cars other occupants. She called out the floor she needed, and the lift started to move slowly upward..

    Mara rolled her head, trying to relieve some of the strain. "Hard day at work?" a familiar voice inquired.

    Mara's eyes snapped open and she turned to regard Luke Skywalker. "I really did not need this today." she muttered.

    "What?" Luke asked innocently. He was rewarded by emerald green eyes boring into him, seeing straight through to the wall on the other side.

    Mara remained silent as the lift crept towards her floor.

    "I heard you were having problems with the Fire." Mara looked at him without saying anything.

    "Yeah, ok."

    The lift doors opened at Mara's floor, and she stepped out quickly. "See you around, Skywalker."

    The last thing Luke saw was the swish of her bright red hair as the doors closed.


    Hope you liked it! TBC soon.
    mwb ;)
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    Great post. Can't wait for more.
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    Ok, I'll be gone all tomorrow, so I wrote this next post to get it up tonight!

    J_f_A- Thanks! Hope you like this next part!


    Mara slammed the door to her rented apartment and threw herself down on what the landlord called a "bed". It was more like a table with a feather pillow on it for extra comfort. Angrily she kicked off her shoes, and shut her eyes. She had a headache coming on, and it wasn't because of her repair problems.

    Who did Skywalker think he was anyway? That he could just waltz into her life and out again as he pleased? There were times when she wished that she would have killed Luke Skywalker. And then, there were other times...

    No! She shouted inside her head. We are not going there! Not today, not ever!

    Without permission, her mind and thought traveled back to the lift ride. Luke's sandy blond hair, tussled, his ice-blue eyes that could pierce her very soul, he always seemed to know what she was thinking.

    Mara shook her head roughly and jerked out of her reverie. She ws not going to think this way about Luke Skywalker. A little part of her heart wondered, why not?


    Luke watched the lift doors close, and tried not to think about the brush off he had just received. Mara must have really been frustrated with her ship. She probably couldn't figure out what was wrong. Maybe he would send Han down later, or Chewie.


    Leia was back from the meeting with Gavrisom. Luke frowned. She sounded tired.


    I see how it is, she teased mentally. Find out your sister is gone, so go chase after another girl.

    Luke blushed a little. I'm on my way back right now.

    Good, we need to talk. Leia gently broke contact.


    Luke opened the Solo's door, and walked in unannounced, but there was no surprising Leia. She appeared from around the corner, and gave him a hug. "Luke, it's good to see you."

    Luke smiled, and whispered "You too."

    "Han told you that Kam tried to call?"

    "Yeah, we called him back, but the network on Yavin is down."

    Leia's deep brown eyes filled with worry, furthering the impression of weariness that Luke got from her. "It sounded important."

    Luke sighed. "I know. He'll call when he gets the system back up though."

    Leia nodded slightly.

    "So, how have you been? Gavrisom been running you around lately?"

    Han snorted from the doorway, announcing his presence. "You could say that, Luke."

    "What's going on?" Luke asked of Leia quietly.

    Leia sighed. "The Ishori and Diamala are at it again. They agree on a Trade agreement one month, and then the next month decide that it's unfair. Tempers are flaring, and the heat is rising, Luke. I'm not sure if we're going to be able to stop it this time."

    Luke gave Leia a distracted squeeze. "What is it?" Leia asked. She knew she had lost him.

    "Hmm? Oh, nothing."

    Han sighed. "Whatever kid, spill it."

    Luke smiled tightly. "Just a familiar presence I can't place. Whoever it is, is coming here."

    Han tightened his grip on his blaster, while Leia asked, "is this going to be good or bad?"

    Everyone seemed to stop breathing as the door chimed. Threepio hurried to answer it. The trio in the living room remained very still, Threepio's voice carrying clearly.
    "Yes, ma'am. Master Luke is here, but I'm not sure if he's expec-" A faint clank of metal was heard as Threepio was apparently brushed aside. "Oh dear." the droid wailed, bringing Han, Leia, and Luke to their feet. "Ma'am, I don't think that-"

    Threepio stopped talking as the strange woman entered the room. She looked as if she had just stepped out of a Tatooine sand storm. She had on layers of clothing, and scarves covering her face. Dusty and dirty from travel and time, that lended an air of mystery to her.

    Luke stepped forward slowly as the woman came to an abrupt stop.

    "Luke." came a husky voice.

    "Can I help you?" Luke asked politely, although somewhat strained.

    "You don't recognize me do you?" the woman continue
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    Just letting y'all know it's been updated! :)
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    Another good post! UP
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    Welcome, welcome, welcome, Marawannabe! I am Darth_Fruitcake, master of the Fruity Side, ruler of all that is insane and psychotic. I love your story so far, and Callista's enterance is a good way to surprise and capture the audience. Great job :)

    P.S. Heads up: I'm a girl ;)
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    Arna- Thanks for all your support! ;)

    Darth_Fruitcake- First of all thanks! I'm glad you like it, and hope you keep reading! Second, I loved the Christmas with the Skywalker/Solos! :)

    I'm still writing the next part, hope to have it up by tomorrow afternoon!

    mwb ;)
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    I guess I'll have it up by tonight! ;)


    Mara came awake with a start. She automatically drew her sleeve blaster, and rolled off the bed into a fighter's crouch.

    Something had woken her up, she just wasn't sure what. She cringed slightly. How she had managed to fall asleep on this thing was beyond her.

    Mara reached out to the Force, and scanned her apartment for life. There was no one there except for her. A wave of surprise rolled over her, and she realized for the first time that these feelings were not coming from her. Someone had caught the drop on Skywalker, handing him the biggest surprise of his adult life.

    Mara closed her eyes and reached out to him. She could feel his presence, warm, stable, and shocked. She frowned and concentrated harder. The Jedi Master was hardly ever surprised or not focused, but now he was. Leia was close by, as were the children.

    Someone else was there also, a bright Force presence that seemed almost tainted by darkness.

    Mara went back to Luke, to find him getting his feelings under control.

    Everything all right? she sent quietly, not willing to admit, even to herself that she was concerned.

    Fine. came Luke's tight answer.

    "Uh-huh." Mara said aloud. "I understand get
    out of my mind."


    Callista. The name seemed to roll off Luke's tongue. It had been five years since he had seen her last. Five years that he had learned to live without her. Five years of confusion, and yet, growth. His eyes seemed to drink her in.

    Her malt blond hair was shorter now, a gentle pixie cut that swished around her jaw line. It was lighter too, as if she had been spending a lot of time in the sun. Her skin was slightly bronzed, but she was still tall. Her gray eyes never seemed to have changed.

    Something's had definitely changed though. He could feel her in the Force! No longer was she a mysterious blank to him, but alive and dancing, fleeting, yet stable. Light, yet dark. What had happened? What had changed? Luke felt a stab of guilt that someone else could help Callista in a way that he, Luke Skywalker, could not.

    He struggled to bring his emotions under control. Only when a Jedi is at peace can he determine the will of the Force.
    Yoda's voice seemed to admonish him even now.

    Luke felt Mara's hesitant touch through the Force. Mara. Luke quickly put up his emotional shields. He did not want her in on this just yet.

    Everything all right?

    Fine. He answered tightly. First deal with Callista, then Mara.


    Leia was speechless. She and Han quickly exchanged glances upon the announcement of Callista's return. Neither of them could have expected this. Leia could feel Luke's shock clearly, and tried to send him reassuring thoughts.

    Leia thought back to the times when Luke and Callista had been together, like to halves of one person. When Callista had left, Leia had, in part, mourned with Luke at the loss of a loved one, and possible future.

    Callista glanced from face to face, trying to discern their thoughts. "Is anyone going to say anything?" she asked quietly.

    The soft comment spurred Leia out of her shock, and brought her sense of manners crashing down upon her. "I'm so sorry, Callista. Won't you come in?" She gestured to a chair, as everyone else sat down. "Have a seat, can I get you something to drink?"

    Callista shook her head. "No thanks." All was silent for a moment as Callista gathered her thoughts.

    Finally Luke broke the silence. "Callista," his voice faltered slightly over her name, "there's so much I want to ask you." He took a deep breath and went on. "I'll ask this first, How can I feel you in the Force again?"


    Hmmmm, good question... What's the answer? find out tomorrow!

    mwb ;)

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    :eek: Things are getting intresting.
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    J_f_A- Glad you liked it! Let's hope it stays that way! :)


    Callista looked down at her hands in her lap. How she had longed for this moment, and now that it was here... She glanced up at Luke, into his blue eyes, and found herself lost in the depths of them.

    She had not been able to connect with him on this level since escaping the Eye of Palpatine, and joining her spirit into the body of one of Luke's students. The time that followed for her, had been dark indeed. Unable to touch the Force, she had left Luke to his higher calling. Luke had not been able to let go at first, but they had finally come to a silent understanding while on Nam Chorios, working together, yet separately to rescue Leia. She had never stopped loving him.

    The room was quiet as Callista struggled to gather her thoughts. She thought that she would know what to say. Finally she took a deep breath and dove in.

    "I guess you could say a lot has happened since we saw each other last." The others nodded, and she continued. "I finally worked my way off Nam Chorios, and struck off to parts unknown in the Galaxy. I spent a lot of time meditating, searching for answers." A pause. "I found myself on Dathomir. The sisterhood welcomed me,although distanced themselves from me. I asked one of them to show me where you had found the Chu'unthor, Luke. It was there that I found my peace. As I stared at the ground that had been the Chu'unthor's final resting place, I gave up trying to search, and there lie the answer I had searched for my entire existence."

    Callista's eyes filled with tears at the memory, but she smiled slightly as she felt Luke's hand upon her own. She glanced up into his eyes, and was strengthened by the love and support she felt there.

    "Do you remember me telling you about my old Master?"

    "Djinn Altis?" Luke nodded.

    Callista smiled. "He appeared to me there, with a gift... and a warning. As I saw his wavering form, standing before me, I couldn't help but think of you, and your experiences with your father." she whispered. "Master Altis sat down beside me, I was speechless with shock, and wonder. He said that he was here to bring the Force back to me. As he said the words, whatever wall that had been blocking my abilities came crashing down. I could feel the Force again Luke! The whole Force, not just the dark side of it!" Her eyes and voice were filled with wonder, her attention on a memory a thousand light years away. "I was so happy, joyful, it was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life."

    Callista stopped for a moment to take a breath, and a shadow almost seemed to appear. "He did have something else to say though. He warned me that since I had given into the dark side before, that in life, any decision I made using the Force would have to be weighed. Balanced carefully light, or dark? A consequence that I would have to live with for the rest of my life."

    Callista brought her gray eyes up, to search Luke's. She hoped that he would understand, that they would be able to rebuild what they had once had. She hoped, she didn't know.

    Leia interrupted, suggesting that she get some rest. Reluctantly, Callista admitted that she was tired, and allowed Leia to lead her away.


    Luke and Han sat staring at one another as the women left the room. Luke didn't know what to think! Callista was here, she was whole again! They could go back to being what they once were... Han slapped Luke on the back, and congratulated him.

    "It isn't every day that the woman you love comes back into your life."

    "Yeah," Luke said somewhat dazedly.

    "You all right, buddy?"

    "Hmm?" Luke asked, "Oh, umm yeah. I just need to take a walk."

    Luke left his confused brother-in-law and wandered aimlessly about the palace. So much was running through his mind that he didn't even notice where his feet were taking him. He entered a lift, and stepped into it when it arrived. He rode to its stop, and got off, coming face to face with the Jade's fire.

    Somehow he had f
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    Now Callista is back again and from what I can gather, she wants Luke back in her life. But does Luke want Callista or does he want someone else? *evil grin*

    Am [face_love]
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    The love triangle strikes back!!!

    Marawannabe, if you like ACWTS/S, I highly reccomend the first in the series:

    [link=]A Year With the Skywalker/Solos[/link]
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    Nice Story so far.
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    I'm working on the next post, hope to have it up by later tonight!

    Am- Hmmmm, you never can tell can you? Stay tuned, this is gonna take an interesting turn soon! ;)

    D_F- LOL! Should I make that the official title? :)

    crystal417- Thanks so much! I'm glad you like it! Hope you stay with me!

    Happy New Year everyone!
    mwb ;)
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    D_F- I just read the Week with the S/S!!! That was hilarious!

    Whew, that was close... My computer crashed and I thought I'd lost all my work! Luckily, I only lost a little part of it.

    Here's a short post, Happy New Year!


    Unable to go back to sleep after her encounter with Luke, Mara had returned to the Jade's Fire with renewed vigor. She still didn't know what was wrong, with her ship, but she was more focused on the problem.

    As she worked, she couldn't keep her mind from drifting to Luke. Something was wrong. She knew that he would tell her in time, that was just Luke, but in the mean time, curiosity was getting the best of her.

    She reached up with wrench to tighten the bolt to one of the control panels. It had something to do with that presence. Someone had come to meet Luke, but who? The bolt came to a stop suddenly, and Mara adjusted her grip on the wrench.

    "Stupid bolt." she muttered softly. She threw her weight into it, and was just getting it to budge.

    "Mara." came a soft voice.

    "What the--?" at the sound of the voice, Mara lost her grip on the wrench. Her weight continued to push forward, and she ended up crashing her hand into the panel she was working on. As the pain coursed through her, she swallowed tightly and bit her lip to keep from crying out. Slowly she turned.

    "Luke, what are you doing here?" she hissed.

    Luke took a step back at her attack. "Sorry Mara, I just stopped by to see if you needed help with the Fire."

    Mara nodded and stole a glance at her hand. The place of impact had a nasty red spot forming, and it hurt to bend her fingers. A hand appeared and took hers in it.

    Surprised, Mara glanced up at Luke as he started to massage it gently.

    "You could have told me I surprised you."

    Mara smirked and firmly drew her hand back from his grip. "You could have called ahead." she shot back. Mara quickly turned her back on Luke, and the feelings that were crashing through her.

    No. She told herself. This is Luke. Mara bent over to pick up the wrench, and walked over to a shelf that held her other tools.

    "Callista's back."

    Luke's simple words sent spirals of shock through Mara's body. Involuntarily she dropped the wrench among the other tools, causing a large clatter. She jumped slightly, and tried to cover her shock. "Wrong tool."


    Mara spun around. "What Skywalker?"

    Luke looked a little sheepish. "Well. I thought that..."

    "You thought what? That I'd have an answer for you? Callista's back! Great! Joy to the Universe! Now you two can go back to being the same sickening whatever you once were!" Mara's voice continued to rise. "I don't need your help with my ship, Skywalker."
    Mara turned her back to him, clearly a dismissal.

    "Mara, try the reverse flux ion compensator. That might be the problem."

    Mara just stalked off into a different part of the ship. Luke knew the way to the door. Don't let it hit you in the butt on the way out. she thought sarcastically after him.


    More hopefully tomorrow. No promises though, with my computer acting the way it is right now. Sorry :(

    Any feedback anyone has is extremely welcome!

    mwb ;)
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    Hey, good post, MWB!

    Glad you liked S/S ;)

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    Ooh, Mara's character sounds a little bit like me when I've just woken up!! Hehehe, eagerly awaiting the next post

    Am [face_love]
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    D_F- Thanks!

    Am- LOL! That's great!

    I'm trying to get another post up, I promise, but my computer is being pure sith right now! grrrrr :mad:
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    Another L/M story to follow. Looks good so far. Hope your computer turns back to the light side soon.
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    I never read the Callista books, she just didn't interest me that much, seemed like a sidetrack soap opera, but I think you're handling this great! Man, might have to check out what's going on with Callista sometime, keep it up.