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Beyond - Legends A Noble's Duty

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Anedon, Apr 8, 2019.

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    May 11, 2016
    Title: A Noble´s Duty
    Author: Anedon
    Timeframe: Around and after 375 ABY
    Characters: Evan Malek, Stephan Malek, Meve Tarkin, more to come(all OCs)
    Genre: Personal/Political Drama
    Notes: This story is intended as a series/collection of short stories and One Shots centering around Evan Malek and the people/ events surrounding him, which are somewhat based on an RPG I played with friends last year.

    To give a bit of background, this takes place in the post legacy future around 375 ABY(legends timeline). After the Galactic alliance collapsed the galaxy became divided between the (Fel) empire and a loose conglomerate of other smaller states who banded together for protection and refer to themselves as "The Alliance" deliberately invoking the memory of both the rebel alliance and the galactic alliance and their opposition towards the empire. Eventually the mutual tensions boil over and lead to a war between the two. Eriadu and its associated worlds are initially neutral as they don´t really have a dog in this fight and want to be independent but later their leading classes due decided, due to being influenced and promised rewards once the war is won by the empire, to enter the war, which leads to a growing opposition both within the nobility and the lower classes.

    Also for those who play the Black Sheep RPG yes, Evan is a(thought not nessesary direct) descendant of Ethan.

    Great thanks to the wonderfull @divapilot for the beta and support. :)


    Evan viewed himself critically in the mirror. He had no idea how much time he had already spent here, unsure about his appearance. He had already changed his clothes twice but was still undecided about them. First he had chosen a simple dark tunic and pants, an almost casual yet elegant outfit, which would best suit the occasion.

    Or would it?

    He and Meve hadn´t seen each other for almost a year now, though it seemed more like an eternity to him as so much had changed since then, since Eriadu had entered the war. As they were both members of the nobility both of them had been forced to take more responsibilities amongst their families, which had taken most of their time.

    Both had joined the military as officers, though being deployed on different frontlines had kept them apart, outside of a few short messages they had sent each other over the holonet.

    But now that they had both gotten a few weeks of leave, they finally had some time to see each other again.

    Maybe a more casual outfit wasn´t the right one. He had changed into a more formal outfit, a blue tunic with his family crest worked into the fabric, which he had worn on festivities and banquets, before but since then he had grown older and this outfit of his teenage years didn´t fit as well anymore.

    At last he chose his formal military dress uniform, a pitch black tunic and pants with golden buttons and seams. Evan thought about adding his medals as well but they were vanities, nothing more.

    When he had been a child he had always imagined himself in such a uniform, his entire chest covered with medals earned on the battlefield, but now such honors felt hollow to him, just as the entire war.

    He had spent a year at the frontlines, fighting for his nation as they called it, but ultimately it had been nothing but slaughter. On both sides it were young men and women like him and Meve forced to kill each other for the sake of their supposed ideals.

    Where was the honor in that?

    Nothing but a lie to motivate the youths to willingly go to their tombs, just as these medals.

    "Still searching for the fitting outfit?"

    A voice called him out of his thoughts and he turned around to see his grandfather in the door.

    Stephan Malek gave his grandson an understanding smile.

    "It always seems to me as if there is something not quite right with each outfit I try," Evan admitted. "It's either too casual or too formal and I ask myself what Meve would prefer on these matters."

    "Maybe she is standing in front of her wardrobe as well right now thinking exactly the same," his grandfather suggested. That made Evan smile. His grandfather had always known to get his grandson to relax himself a bit.

    "I think she mentioned once she liked my military dress uniform."

    It had been on their last meeting before they headed off to the war and they both had complimented each other on their new shiny uniforms.

    "Don´t you want to take your medals as well?" his grandfather asked him.

    Evan shook his head. "They´re just a few pieces of metal, nothing to be proud of."

    "You´ve been recommended for your bravery," Stephan reminded him.

    Evan nodded slowly. "Maybe, but this whole war feels to wrong to me now. So pointless."

    He knew that words like this were dangerous in these days and could lead to him being accused of cowardice or even treason. But he trusted his grandfather, more than anyone else in the galaxy.

    When his father had died in a pirate raid almost twenty years ago, Stephan Malek had in many ways taken the father role for Evan and his younger brother, supporting their mother in raising them. Also Evan knew that his grandfather shared his views on the matter.

    "That´s why I´ve spoken against the war in the assembly, against this whole pact with the empire, but the word of our family has only little weight on matters like this."

    Evan knew that many other of the noble families considered the Maleks beneath them, as an up jumped working class family, no true nobles in their mind.

    For Meve that was never an issue. Evan knew her family, the Tarkins were outsiders as well, still haunted by the specter of the man who had destroyed an entire planet and sold Eriadu out to the empire for his own ambitions.

    And now it seemed as if the nobility had sold out their world again. Most of the imperial officers he had served alongside hadn´t shown the Eriaduans even a semblance of respect and had treated their supposed allies like little more than blaster fodder who were sacrificed in large numbers to spare their own imperial forces.

    "We should have never entered this war," his grandfather said after a pause.

    Evan agreed. "We have nothing against the people of the alliance."

    For a moment Evan though of the enemy he had faced in battle and guilt overcame him, like so often when he thought about this. He had killed these people who were only defending their homes from the empires assault, an assault in which the entire Eriaduan nation was now complicit in.

    "The Quintad made this decision," his grandfather said and Evan could hear the sorrow in his voice. "They decided to sell us out to the empire, for a bribe and a few bits of territory. I believe once this war is over, Eriadu will become little more than a vassal to the empire, like Hapes and Mandalore before, forced to obey their directives."

    Evan felt anger growing in himself, a hate for the empire and the Quintad for selling them out, for making him and the people he cared about little more than slaves.

    He should stand against this, he felt; the Maleks had fought against tyrants like Cosinga Palpatine, Sander Delvardus, Jacen Solo and Darth Krayt in the past.

    "I wish we could do something about this," he said bitterly. He knew that Meve and her family thought similarly, as did some of the other young nobles he counted his friends.

    But they were only so few. What could they achieve?

    "We can," his grandfather said, his voice little more than a whisper. "I´ve been talking to other nobles over the last year, and many are unhappy with our current leadership. The lower classes are upset with the higher taxes the war has caused, not to mention the causalities. There are many on Eriadu and the other worlds who desire a change in leadership."

    Evan´s blood froze by these words. What his grandfather had just told him was treason, a conspiracy against their nation. No, he reminded himself, not our nation, our leaders.

    "How far does this go?" he asked Stephan, still trying to cope what he had just heard.

    "Seventeen noble families are in on this, eighteen when things go well tonight."

    Evan made a step back from his grandfather when he realized what he had just heard. "So this is the reason you suggested I invite Meve for dinner? So you can get her family into this conspiracy?"

    His grandfather lowered his gaze and Evan could see a guilty expression on his face. "I´m sorry, Evan. You know that I wouldn´t have done this if it wasn´t important. I can´t met all the other families myself, that would be too conspicuous."

    "You should have told me," Evan said, hurt that his grandfather had used him.

    "I know. I wanted to reveal all of this to both you later tonight. I´m sorry."

    Taking a deep breath, Evan tried his best to collect his thoughts again. It saddened him that his grandfather wanted to use his date for a political conspiracy, but at the same time he knew that something needed to be done. This thing was more important than his hurt feelings.

    "I understand," he answered, slowly. "Can you give us at least a few hours before you interrupt us with your politics?"

    Stephan gave him a smile. "Off course, and thanks Evan."

    He turned around and left the room, but at the door he turned around to his grandson again.

    "And Evan, I would suggest the suggest the dark blue outfit. It fits pretty well with your eyes."
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    Dec 21, 2016
    I like this. I like how you flipped around the old trope of the girl fussing about what to wear for the big date, and had the guy doing it instead. After all, just because girls usually have more stuff in their closets, doesn't mean guys don't want to look just right for their dates too.
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    Feb 27, 2014
    Off to a very nice start! And I like that you're going to be taking the "opposing political faction" prompt in a different direction than the more "usual" Empire vs. Rebellion (or First Order vs. Resistance, which is essentially the same thing :p ); I also appreciate that you spelled out the differing factions for us at the beginning of the story. Like @Cowgirl Jedi 1701, I like the way the story starts with Evan's indecision about what to wear, which then leads leads him to these bigger thoughts about the war and the political situation. And I love his conversation with his grandfather; Stephan is so understanding both on the familial and political levels, and even when Evan's feelings are hurt when he finds out his grandfather's ulterior motive in arranging the date with Meve, Stephan concedes the point! [face_love] Really looking forward to seeing how Evan and Meve's date will go—and bracing myself, given the tense situation on Eriadu! :eek: Thanks so much for being part of this challenge, and looking forward to more! =D=
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    Superb response to the challenge. You give just enough details to provide the reader with a grasp of the political situation. The tensions and ideals on the opposing sides are very clearly outlined. The Malek family sounds like a family of honor, personal honor, as opposed to just tamely following the Quintad. :p Looking forward to the date later on and Meve's family's decision, whether or not to join the burgeoning conspiracy.
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    Jun 3, 2003
    Nice start, My fav line....... "And Evan, I would suggest the dark blue outfit. It fits pretty well with your eyes." [face_love]

    Love a guy who can accent his attributes!!!
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  6. Darth Invictus

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    Aug 8, 2016
    Really like the idea @Anedon and hope to see you continue it
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    Jun 29, 2004
    Oh, I like this very much so far! Your characters and plot are already really engaging, and I appreciate the political intrigue going on the same time as the Date Nite. :)

    Oh I bet she is. [face_mischief]

    I adore Evan's grandfather, too. Stephan seems to know what's what, in more ways than one. [face_love]

    There is something to be said about a man in uniform. :p [face_mischief]

    As others mentioned, I too love that it's the man in the relationship that's worrying about what to wear. Gender plays no role in wanting to look our best for our partners. [face_love]

    I liked Evan before this, but my respect for him notched up here. It's a complicated political situation he's entangled in, it seems, but he really wants what's best for his people. This war doesn't sound like it is. [face_worried]

    Whew, and things got heavy quick with his grandfather outrightly stating his position. I think I can see a potential Date Nite Gon Rong already in this powder keg about to blow. But! From how it seems, Meve is just as moved by duty and love for her people ad Evan is. I look forward to seeing how they're going to tackle this together. [face_love]

    This is off to a wonderful start! I can't wait to read more. :) =D=
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  8. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    This was very engaging and well written.

    Things set so far in the GFFA's future, usually scare me off, but this set the galactic scene, then quickly zeroed in on more familiar matters of family, then the pairing, then someone trying to second guess what his partner would like to see him in.

    Interesting to see the people of Eriadu ashamed of the Tarkin we know - the man who destroyed a planet.

    I quite liked this Stephan. It is quite daunting, when you think about standing up to the wanton slaughter of your people; where, how, do you start?

    Grandpa Stephan is already seventeen families in, eighteen if tonight goes well.

    Evan is definitely quicker on the uptake than me!

    I'm thinking, Oh yeah, what's happening tonight? [face_laugh]

    It will be interesting to see how this goes.
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  9. divapilot

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    Nov 30, 2005
    I like this story a lot. It’s a departure from your usual wheelhouse, which is great also, but I like your use of OCs here. Evan seems like a really decent person, and Meve must have made quite an impression on him! His grandfather is a wise and loving man who clearly cares greatly about his grandson.

    This is awesome. Here we have Evan, the decorated military officer, who questions what exactly are they fighting for. I can see that the prompt (military incursion) will come to play soon, since what Evan’s grandfather is talking about is so dangerous.
    Looking forward to the next chapter!
  10. Anedon

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    May 11, 2016
    Thanks, glad you like that notion. Its defenetly a thing for guys too, to be worried how they will look at their dates.

    Thanks, I will admit the political situation being not the typical for SW made me a bit unsure about the story at first, so I´m really glad you like its something new. Yeah his thoughts on the clothing are kinda meant to parrallel the political choice a bit, should he wear his military uniform like a soldier who dies what he is told, or stand with his family in defiance of the injustices in their society? His grandfather kinda brings it together, the date and the politics, glad you like him. :)

    Oh the Malek´s defenetly are. To them honor and doing what is right are the most important things, and they will go against those they consider unjust. Thanks for your comment.

    Nice to see you are enjoying it so far. The line of course kinda has a double meaning of his grandfather encourgaing him to wear his family garb to stand with them, in addition looking great of course. ;)

    Defenetly have quite a few ideas for these characters on my mind. Thanks for commenting.

    It makes the whole thing a bit different from your usuall date night, yeah. Glad you apprechiate it.

    Nice to see you really enjoyed that part. And you´re defenetly right, I´ve had moments like this before in my life trying to decided what best to wear on a date.

    No it defenetly is not, which Evan has realized, makeing his earned medals feel worthless to him.

    Thanks, for your thoughtfull comments. I´m glad you like the story so far. :)
    There is defently a storm coming for Evan and Meve but as you said they can fight it together...

    Yeah the time period is somewhat unusual, but that kinda makes it intresting and allows for some new perspective on things.
    The Eriaduan´s defenetly don´t like Whilluff Tarkin these days, which is actually based more on the fact that they see him as Quisling esque figure who sold them out to the empire to further his own abitions, in addition to Alderaan of course. Its this legacy that his family is trying to overcome ever since.
    Stephan has laid the groundwork for actions against the current political leadership and tonight will be the next step on his plans.
    Glad you like the story, thanks for your comment. :)

    Meve defenetly has. :) Stephan is probably the most important influence on Evan in his life, at least so far, and the person he is closest to, espeically due to him having lost his father at an early age.
    Yeah the story is kinda different from my usuall stuff, inithially I was think about writing something featuring Gaven and Nev but I wanted to do something new.

    I´m glad you´re enjoyed the story so far. Thanks for your comment, I really appreciate it. :)
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    May 11, 2016

    A cold wind blew from the snowy mountains as Evan stood at the edge of the estate´s landing field.

    Like all major Eriaduan houses, the Maleks owned a house in the capital city, but only his mother was currently there taking care of the family business. The rest of the family instead preferred their house up here in the mountains at the edge of the planets wilderness.

    If Evan focused he could see the pale glowing of the energy fence beyond the pad that surrounded the estate and protected it from the creatures that lurked outside.

    Like many Eriaduan nobles had done in the past, he and his brother had spent a considerable amount of their youth out there, usually accompanied by their grandfather who had taught them how to survive in the harsh wilderness of their home planet. Sometimes Meve had accompanied them as well, and it had been in these dark mountains that the bond between them had developed, into a strong friendship and later, into even more than that.

    Again Evan threw a quick look at his chrono, for the hundredth time this evening, at least. It was only a few minutes now before Meve would be here and his excitement grew. Staring into the drawing night, he tried to make out her shuttle.

    Below him, down the mountain many miles away, he could see the lights of Phelar, the nearest city, and beyond it nothing but the dark ocean. With his binoculars Evan knew he could see the city´s harbor, see the ships leave the port on their voyages to hunt the colossal sea creatures that inhabited the oceans of Eriadu.

    For half a moment he was so caught in by the lights in the distance that he missed the roaring of engines that filled the air. Looking up, he saw a shuttle closing in on the estate and smiled as he recognized it. He evened his blue robe and hoped that he had made the right choice with his clothing.

    It seemed an eternity to him for the shuttle to land and for Meve to exit the craft, but when she finally stepped out of the small shuttle Evan approached and greeted her.

    She had changed since the last time she had seen each other. Her dark blonde hair was shorter now and a fine pale scar ran over her right cheek, but her smile when she saw him approach her was the same as it always had been. Evan returned it and the two young nobles hugged for a moment

    "You´re looking good," he told her after they had stepped back from each other. Evan breathed a silent sigh of relief that like him, Meve had chosen a simple garb with her families crest worked into it.

    "You´re not looking so bad either." she said, returning the compliment.

    Making their way towards the mansion the two made a bit of small talk, with neither of them wanting to be the first to breach the topic of what had happened since they had seen each other for the last time. As they entered the great dining hall Evan felt himself a little bit lost as the room was considered for a considerably larger group of people and not just the two of them, but the view from the transparisteel windows was so breathtaking that he had chosen this room for their date.

    "You haven´t told me that you had a ball or a banquet in mind. Maybe I should have worn something else," Meve teased him.

    Evan gave her an excusing smile. After he had finally been able to choose his outfit for the evening, Evan had prepared a smaller table for the two of them, close to the huge window.

    Being one of the few Eriaduan noble families that didn´t employ any servants, outside of an old chef droid, Evan filled their glasses himself. It was only a light wine, as his grandfather had asked him to stay sober for their later meeting.

    As they both took a sip, silence fell over them and filled the empty hall. Evan was unsure how to proceed or what to say.

    Instead he found his gaze drawn to the scar on Meve´s face. Usually scars like this could easily be healed by bacta but on Eriadu people tended to consider scars signs of personal bravery and courage, removing only truly disfiguring ones.

    Meve followed his gaze "A vibro blade," she told him. "We were holding a position against a counterattack when suddenly a unit, mercenaries I think, with jump packs attacked us from above. One of them nearly got me but I was able to jump back just in time so he missed. " She briefly touched her scar. "Well not completely."

    "My grandfather says every soldier should have a few scars to show their bravery," Evan replied.

    Meve smiled, "Foolishness would be the better term. This wouldn´t have happened if I had just keep my helmet on, but I had to put it down for a breath of fresh air."

    Evan knew what she meant. He had experienced the same, when after hours of battle it had become so heated in his helmet that he had to, as risky as it was, take it down for a moment.

    "How´ve you been?" she asked him to change the subject.

    Evan lowered his gaze as sadness overcame him for a moment as he thought back to the horrors he had gone through, the people he had lost as well as those he had killed himself.

    "I survived," he said feeling that anything more would be too optimistic.

    "I often thought of you, you know?" he admitted after a pause. "Not the entire time, but every day. I wondered how you were doing, what you were thinking about all of this, what you would do in the situations I was in.... I missed you."

    "I felt the same, every day," Meve replied. "I checked the news on anything regarding you or your unit, but most of the time we heard nothing. Missed you too. I´m glad you made it out there alive."

    "We both did," Evan said.

    He stood up and took her hand, leading her to the window. For a moment the two humans just stood there next to each other gazing in the darkness outside, their hands still holding the other.

    "Remember when we were kids and spent entire nights here gazing out into the wilderness with your binoculars? Seeking for real and not so real monsters?" Meve asked him.

    Evan nodded. His Grandfather had sometimes scolded them lightly if they had been awake for too long, but often he had instead sat down with them, telling them stories about their world and his own travels.

    For a while the two humans stood there in silence enjoying the moment and each other's company before Evan turned around.

    "I´ll have a look in the kitchen how far the dinner is."

    Meve gave him a nod and he left the dining hall.

    The kitchen was a bright and clean room, realm to the old Chef droid who had been in possession of their family for as long as Evan could remember.

    "Ah, master Evan, your timing is perfect. The soup you ordered is just ready. I hope it will please you and your guest," the droid said as he greeted the young Malek as he entered.

    "Thanks, I´m sure it´s another one of your masterpieces," Evan said as he examined the soup.

    It was a simple, old Eriaduan recipes combining noodles with meat from a native mollusk species as well as some native vegetables into a soup so spicy many people not used to it could only get a few spoons full before their throat burned. He and Meve had often eaten this soup on their hunting trips together after hunting and gathering most of the ingredients themselves.

    Evan filled two soup bowls with the droids creation and placed them on a tray, before addressing the droid again. "Can you take some of this to Stephan as well? He really enjoys this soup."

    "Of course, Master Evan," the droid replied as the young noble left the kitchen with the tray in his hands.

    When he reentered the dining hall Meve still stood at the window gazing outside, but something had changed. Her entire posture was watchful, worried almost.

    When she heard his steps coming closer she said, "Evan, are you expecting someone? There are soldiers out there, and they have their weapons pointed at the house."
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    Wonderful reading of the two of them seeing each other again after a time apart. It's natural there would be some awkwardness what with the political tensions under-running everything. And then :oops: The soldiers outside the house ... Looks like the political discussion will start sooner than expected. [face_worried]
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    May 11, 2016
    I´m glad you enjoyed, Evan and Meve´s reunion, there is defenetly an akwardness to it. And yeah the political "discussion" is about to begin. ;)
    Thanks for commenting.


    The tray slipped out of Evan´s hands as Meve´s words reached his mind. The soup bowls shattered on the floor, spilling their contents all over the place, but Evan didn´t even react to it as his heart began to race.

    What was going on here? Why were there soldiers outside? Had it something to do with what his grandfather had told him about? With their plans, their conspiracy against the Quintad?

    Hurrying his steps, he reached Meve and stared out of the window next to her.

    Two more shuttles had landed on the pad both of them larger than her small private one. Evan recognized them as the same type of military equipment seen in the war, indicating these soldiers were preparing to break into the house. Closer to the house he could see the silhouettes of the soldiers, at least twenty men who had taken positions around a hundred meters from the house, their weapons pointing at them.

    Evan shivered at the sight but tried his best to keep himself calm as he reached into his pocket and pulled out his com and opened a channel to his grandfather. "Have you seen what is going on there?" he asked the older man.

    "Yeah," Stephan Malek replied. His voice was more cold and serious than Evan had ever experienced before. "Where are you?" He asked his grandson.

    "Still in the dining hall with Meve." Exchanging a quick look with her Evan could saw her frowning anxiously while her eyes scanned the night sky in search of further shuttles.

    "These windows," she asked him, her eyes still concentrated on the outside. "They are tinted from the outside aren´t they?"

    Evan nodded, "yeah, but I guess it's still better if we take some cover, just in case."

    Evan and Meve turned around and left their position at the window. They knelt down in the shadow of a pillar from which they could still watch the outside grounds.

    "What is going on?" Meve said after they had taken cover.

    "I don´t know," Evan´s grandfather replied. "I fear something terrible might have happened, maybe someone has talked. I will go down there and talk to them, see if I can achieve something. You two stay where you are. If something happens to me, run."

    With that he closed the connection and left Evan and Meve in darkness.

    "What did he mean? Someone has talked?" Evan saw confusion on Meve´s face and guilt overcame him from getting her caught into this.

    "My grandfather has been talking to other nobles who are dissatisfied with the Quintad." His voice was nothing but a whisper.

    "Your family is conspiring against the Quintad?" Meve asked him.

    Evan noticed a tone in her voice that he couldn´t identify: Disappointment? Worry? Understanding? Maybe a bit of each.

    "He only told me about it today, shortly before you arrived." Evan replied. His voice giving away his insecurity.

    For a moment neither of them said a word as they watched as his grandfather left the building and approached the soldiers in front. One of them, seemingly their leader, stepped towards the old man and they seemed to argue.

    Meve still said nothing. Then after awhile during which they saw the argument outside getting more and more intense, she said, "A few days ago I overheard my father talking with my older sister about the war, and their contempt of the current leadership. Maybe they..."

    Meve stopped and Evan saw fear appearing in her eyes. Reaching for her own comlink she hastily began to type something into it while Evan´s gaze was drawn to the outside of the building. Suddenly the leader of the soldiers slammed his blaster against Stephan Malek´s head.

    Evan screamed and tried to rush back to the window but Meve held him back. His grandfather stumbled upon the impact when the officer hit him again. Rage flared in Evan´s body, a desire to go out there and put a blaster bolt in the man´s skull.

    Another hit and his grandfather landed on the ground, blood running over his face. Evan felt helpless unsure what he should do, if there even was something he could do.

    "I... I can´t reach my family, the connection is dead." Meve´s words cut through him like a vibro sword. If she couldn´t reach her family that meant what was happening here wasn´t a single occurrence.

    What if the Quintad´s forces were in this moment, all over Eriadu...

    No, that couldn´t happen, that shouldn´t...

    A new wave of fear overcame him as he thought of his brother who was at the front lines, commanding a unit of star fighters, and his mother in their house in the capital.

    Shaking, Evan tried to reach his mother but the connection was dead, just as Meve had said. His fingers, his mind, his entire body felt numb, unable to do anything.

    Meanwhile outside two soldiers were dragging his bleeding grandfather towards one of their ships.

    In an extremely twisted way this gave Evan a bit of hope. He isn´t dead; maybe the others aren´t too.

    As little of a consolation that was, it gave Evan the focus to call Delvyn.

    When his brothers face appeared before him, Evan thanked all gods of the universe. "Brother what´s going on?" Delyn said. Evan saw confusion on his younger sibling´s face and recognized that he was in his flight suit and wearing his pilot´s helmet.

    The image flickered before Evan´s eyes and for a moment he feared having lost his connection altogether. But then it returned, though shakier than before. Was it the distance that weakened the connection? Or were the men outside using a device trying to block it?

    "Delvyn, something terrible has happened," Evan said, while with half an eye he noticed how the soldiers outside began to close in on the building.

    "Can you... repeat... at? I´m... patrol.. connection... out here...terrible..." His brothers words came only clipped.

    "We should leave. Now." Meve said determined. She still held her com in her shaking right hand, after another fruitless attempt to reach her family.

    Evan knew she was right with that. Turning around as he and Meve moved further away from the window towards the back of the house.

    "R7 can you get... better connection?" His brother´s voice came from the com now a bit more clearly.

    They had left the dining room when Evan stopped for a moment. "Something terrible happened," he repeated. "You are in danger."

    His brothers face, now a bit clearer again became worried. "I don´t understand but you sound disturbed."

    As he ran the corridor, Evan tried his best to keep concentrated on his brother as much as his surroundings. Meve was next to him, her face ashen. Then an explosion echoed through the building and Evan knew the intruders had come through the front doors.

    "What is going on there?" Delvyn demanded to know.

    "The Quintad, the Imperials, I don´t know, but they have mother and our grandfather."

    Evan heard the steps of armored boots behind him. They were close, he knew.

    "Why? What have we done?" Delvyn seemed confused but Evan was glad that he at least took him seriously.

    "They call us traitors. You must get out of there."

    They had reached the back door of the building and slipped outside. Ahead of them was nothing but energy fence, and beyond it the wilderness and the mountain.

    Slamming the door shut, Evan and Meve sprinted up the slope towards the fence knowing that their pursuers were close. The com in his hand began to flicker as the connection weakened again.

    Evan knew that he would likely lose it completely once they had reached the forest. When they reached the fence the two young nobles stopped for a second to catch a breath, while Evan looked at the image of his brother becoming weaker and weaker.

    "Delvyn, get out of there," was the last he could tell him before the connection broke completely.

    Only seconds later the first blaster bolts hit the ground surrounding them.

    Evan and Meve shared a quick look that encompassed both desperation but also determination not to give up now before they slipped through the fence and into the wilderness.

    Later Evan couldn´t say how they had managed to find their way through the forest during the pitch black night and how they had eventually managed to escape the soldiers following them. He just remembered how tired, bruised and battered he and Meve were when they finally made it to the cave near the top of the mountain.

    It was a place they had often stayed during their hunting trips and it contained a series of chests filled with emergency supplies. The first thing they did was another attempt to reach their family members via comlink. This time neither of them got a reply.

    They changed their formal wear into more practical hunting clothes, the two young nobles sat down next to each other near the entrance of the cave, and shared a simple protein bar.

    "Not the kind of date you were hoping for?" Meve said in an attempt to break the dark cloud of worries that had filled both of their minds.

    "Meve, I´m so sorry," Evan replied staring into the darkness.

    "This isn´t your fault. It´s the Quintad, and their masters in the empire, who are responsible for this, not you," Meve said while laying a hand on his shoulder.

    "I hope your brother has managed to escape," she told him after a moment.

    "Maybe your family did as well," Evan suggested and she nodded.

    "Maybe. We are Tarkins, after all. At least this time we are on the right side." Meve gave him a weak smile.

    "This isn´t over yet," Evan said taking her hand.

    "No it isn´t," Meve agreed. "We will get our families back and we will free our people."


    This is the final entry in regards to the OTP pairing challenge, though of course Evan and Meve´s story doesn´t end here. I will, hopefully put out more chapters in the following month´s, though as my Jacen story is still my main project so to say it will likely be on a somewhat irregular basis. Though there is one chapter that I´ve already planned that might come out in the not so distant future. :)
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    But but but, we need more!!! I was pinning my medieval costume when I started reading and I put it down to concentrate, that doesn't happen often!! Well done!
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    :eek: and =D= and [face_nail_biting] I'm glad they got out safely but their families ... I am very pleased to learn there will be further chapters. @};-
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    Whew! I had a feeling this was going to be quite the bumpy ride based on the prompt alone, and you certainly didn't disappoint! Both of these chapters were fantastic. :) =D=

    In particular, I enjoyed -

    Aw! Something tells me she spent just as long fretting in the mirror as Evan did! [face_love]

    I liked this little bit of world-building, and Meve's story that went with the scar, too. It's a memory she chose to keep, even if it's one of the few scars from the war that's visible. Evan understands that, and their similar experiences as soldiers only serve to bring them closer together - as both a couple and soon-to-be freedom fighters. I adored just how easily they picked up, right where they left off. [face_love]

    "This is where the fun begins." [face_worried]

    The entire confrontation that followed really had me on the edge of my seat, even when seeing where things were inevitably heading . . . poor, brave Stephan! Poor Evan and Meve and their families too! :(

    What a sad change of circumstances, running for their lives in such familiar, beloved surroundings as opposed to their carefree days as youngsters. But they're on a shared path together, and thankfully free to fight another day, at least. In the end, that'll be what truly matters.

    Exactly! :mad:

    And then, in conclusion: wow! Talk about a first date story to tell the grandkids in the future . . . :p :eek: This was quite an action packed response to your challenge prompt, in the best of ways. =D=

    You know, I think I really like this, rooting for a Tarkin for a change. ;) Meve and Evan are going to be quite the force to be reckoned with, I have a good feeling already, and I can't wait to see where they go from here! This story, as it should be with first dates, really felt like the beginning of something special. I look forward to reading more. :D

    Thanks for sharing both your OCs and this future galazy far, far away with us! I enjoyed every word. :) =D=
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    I'm so glad you continued this. It's a wonderful story, and your characters of Meve and Evan, and Evan's grandfather, are so real and appealing. I like this world you're creating, too.

    Part 2.

    This is a cool little detail. It reinforces that these people are warriors, and that they are willing to fight for what they believe in. It makes Evan (and Stephan) more intriguing as they are troubled by the lack of a real purpose to the war they are in. If they are going to get scars for their bravery in battle, it should be a battle worth fighting.

    GREAT way to end the chapter! Meve has a warrior's premonition about this - a bad feeling! She knows strategies. This isn't good.

    Part 3.
    Stephan is so brave. He will do what he can to defuse the situation, but if worse comes to worst then at least he can give Evan and Meve a chance at a head start to escape.

    :eek::eek::eek: But that would be exactly the way a treason plot should be dispatched. Cut them all down at once so that one cannot warn the other. However,...

    At least he got to warn his brother! Maybe his brother can come and help them in the next part of this story (which you are going to write, right? Right??)

    And now the nobles are reduced to being homeless. Instead of a fancy dinner with wine, they have ration bars. But they are together and they have a real reason to fight now- to save their families.

    Great story, Anedon! Loved this.
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    All righty, catching up! I'm continuing to really enjoy this—again, this is a new period of SW history to me, but it barely fazes me, because your characters are so engaging and relatable. :)

    2: I love the way Evan and Meve’s “date” is really a “night in,” at Evan’s own family home, which definitely sounds like quite a magnificent place—he’s done so many extra little things to make it special and more than just a night in, like have the table moved closer to the window so they can better enjoy that splendid view. There’s the shadow of war and politics hanging over their time together, of course, as Meve shares the story of the new scar on her face and Evan relates his own experiences. It comes as no surprise that the two of them thought of each other throughout all the horrors they went through. [face_love] And it makes for a beautiful calm before the storm...

    3: Evan and Meve (and Stephan) notice the house is surrounded by Quintad soldiers! :eek: That “shadow of war and politics” I mentioned above? It just turned into something dreadfully tangible. And oh, oh, STEPHAN! :eek: He is so brave to go out there and try to settle things—and what kind of inhuman coward strikes an elderly man that way? :mad: Thankfully Evan is able to get hold of Delvyn and warn him (at least I hope the warning has come to him in time!), and it’s also a relief that Evan and Meve manage to escape to their hunting cave. Sharing a ration bar in a cave is definitely a very different sort of date than they had planned—but they are secure in knowing that they have each other’s back in the conflict above, and that there is at least some hope for members of their families. (I too am rooting for the Tarkins this time, and love the way Meve was able to bring that little bit of humor to this desperate situation.)

    This is quite a cliffhanger you’ve left us with, and I’ll be very eager to see what’s next for Evan and Meve as their story continues. Great work here, and thank you so much for being part of this challenge! =D=
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    Thanks, sounds like the story really grabbed your attention, that´s a huge compliment. :)

    Glad you like it, and yeah future chapters are coming. ;)

    Thanks :)

    She defenetly did.

    Yeah even though they fought on different battlefields but still being in the war is something they both share. As you said they both struggled, suffered and got scarred during the fighting, but these experiences also help them connect even stronger with each other.

    The moment where Meve see´s the soldiers before the house is the moment everything changes, yeah. They loose their status, their loved ones and have to run for their lives, through an environemt they spent happier times in. But, as you said they still have each other and are free to continue the fight. So there is still hope. :)

    Oh its defenetly a date that will stay in their memory. Rooting for a Tarkin is defenetly a change, that´s for sure, when I first created the character I actually wondered if making her a Tarkin would be a good idea but I think its pretty cool to see a desceandant of Wilhuff be a hero. Glad you like my original characters and I hope you´ll continue to enjoy the story going foreward. Thanks for commenting. :)

    Nice to hear you are enjoying the story and the OC's I´ve created for it.

    I think you're onto something important here. It's what kinda differentiates soldiers from warriors, where a warrior like say teh Mandalorian's fights for the sake of fighting, a soldier like the Malek's and Meve fight for a purpose, for what they belive in. That´s why they disagree with their leadership who they percieve as unjust, just as this war itself.

    Yeah I think Meve´s instincts really give her the feeling that a storm is coming, the moment the soldiers arrive.

    Stephan knew there was little hope of being able to talk the soldiers down. But he went and tried anyway, hoping to still find a way to protect Meve and his grandson, even if its just stalling the soldiers so they can get a head start.

    It's defenetly an effective way to put a conspiracy down, as you said, strike at every suspected member at the same time so they can´t warn each other. Though of course with its, potential, members not only spread across the planet but also the frontlines it's hard to pull of such a strike flawlessly, giving Evan the opening to warn his brother.

    Thank's, yeah at this point thing's seem pretty bleak for Evan and Meve but as mentioned they still have each other, and a reason to continue their fight. :)
    Thanks for your comment, really apprechiate it. :)

    Yeah I will admit I was actually worrying a bit that them having a dinner together at his house really counts as a date, as they aren´t really going out. But as you said, Evan did put quite a lot of effort into makeing it more than just a simple meeting/dinner at his place. The chapter is defenetly the calm before the storm with both of them reflecting on the past year and just enjoying their moment together.

    That´s when the shadow reaches them again, when even at home they can´t escape the war any longer. Stephan is defenetly very brave at this moment as he knows he will likley be arrested or even killed if he goes out there to confront the soldiers, but he still does it to protect his grandson and Meve(who is something of a granddaughter to him as well). And while he is captured he gives Evan and Meve the time they need to escape and warn Delvyn. Sahring a ration bar is not really the date they wanted but as you and the others said, they still have each other and there is hope for their families.

    Glad you liked the story, thanks for commenting. :)
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    May 11, 2016

    The cell was small and dark. A light flickered above him and briefly touched the room in darkness for a blink before returning. The stench of machine oil and burning fabric lingered into the room while the air was thick and heated.

    His throat was dry and sore, and his stomach revolted from hunger. Delvyn wasn´t sure how long it had been since they had brought him here, but it seemed like an eternity to him.

    Again he asked himself if he had made the greatest mistake of his life, if he should have listened to his inner voice instead. His hands were cuffed to the table before him so he couldn´t even sit up from the chair he was in.

    He wondered what had happened to the other members of his flight and prayed they wouldn´t have to pay for his decision.

    He was afraid. As much as he tried to deny it himself, as much as he tried to keep a stoic expression on his face, Delvyn had to admit that he was scared. He was alone, a captive of strangers, light years away from his home or his family.

    Would they torture him?

    Hurt him to get information?

    How long would he be able to resist them?

    Again his thoughts returned to his family and the message his brother had send him and his fear grew.

    Then, after what had seemed like an eternity, the door opened and someone entered. It wasn´t the soldiers who had brought him here but a middle aged man with brown hair and eyes. Instead of a military uniform the stranger wore a white robe and on his belt...

    Was that a lightsaber?

    Delvyn shivered. He had seen the imperial knights using these weapons and how they had cut entire units down in seconds.

    The man sat down opposite to him and placed a bottle on the desk between them. Then with a gesture of his hand Delvyn´s handcuffs opened themselves and the young Eriaduan rubbed his wrists. "I don´t think we will need those," the man said with a voice in which Delvyn recognized dignity and confidence.

    The man made a gesture to the flask and Delvyn drank, without even thinking. Only when he lowered the flask he realized that it might have been more than just water offered to him.

    The stranger gave him a smile. "Don´t worry. I didn´t poison your drink, I am here to talk to you."

    Delvyn wasn´t sure if he could believe this but calmed himself down a bit. Something in the man´s words assured him that he wasn´t in danger. The stranger folded his hands on the desk in front of him. "So you claim that you are a lieutenant of the Eriaduan army, is that correct?"

    Delvyn nodded. "Yes, Lieutenant Delvyn Malek."

    The stranger was quiet for a moment, then he asked, "And you deserted your post, why?"

    Delvyn swallowed, and thought about his answer for a moment. "My brother, he contacted me and told me that I was in danger, that the government was hunting our family, that they were calling us traitors."

    The man raised an eyebrow. "A warning from your brother? And this lead to you leaving your squad behind?"

    Delvyn lowered his gaze, before continuing his tale:

    After his brother's message he had tried to contact him again two more times but the connection had been dead. Unsure what to do and so he had contacted his XO Nina Corrin, the daughter of another lower noble family and his friend since his childhood, over a private com channel.

    Not believing him at first, she had contacted her family back on Eriadu. Delvyn wasn´t sure what she had learned from them but afterwards she had urged him to leave. He had asked her to come with him, but she had insisted on staying as to not endanger her family on Eriadu.

    And so he had left them. Nina had assured him she would claim to the imperials that he had died in a skirmish during their patrol and they convinced the other squad members to say the same. Then he had left them, had made several wild jumps to prevent anyone from tracking him before making his way towards the positions of the alliance.

    The patrol he had run into had been as surprised to see him as he was and so he had enough to time to surrender before they had opened fire. They had disabled his ship and dragged it to an alliance cruiser not far away, there they had pulled him out of his fighter and brought him to this cell.

    After Delvyn had finished his interrogator kept silent for a moment.

    Then he said, "What you say checks out with what we hear from our spies. Last night forces of the Quintad arrested members of at least twenty Eriaduan noble families, including the Malek´s. Your brother's warning reached you just in time. If you had returned from your patrol you would have likely been arrested as well."

    Delvyn shivered, so wasn´t just them but others as well. Fear overcame him as he realized that all of his friends were...

    "What about the Corrins?" he asked weakly, fearing what might have happened to Nina.

    "As far as we know," the man said slowly, "they were not included in this. They still have some strong ties to the Quintad and that saved them, at least for now."

    At least something, Delvyn thought.

    "What about my family?"

    The stranger gave him a sad look. "We have no reports on them, but we know at least some of the targets escaped."

    Delvyn felt a bit of hope. His brother had enough time to have send the message so maybe at least he had escaped, but at the same time he remembered what Evan had said as well: they have mom and our grandfather. Delvyn shivered and prayed to the gods he wasn´t the last of his family.

    "But why?" he asked the man in front of him.

    "The Quintad claims the families where plotting against them. Maybe that´s even true, at least in some cases. But we believe the main reason was to get rid of rivals."

    Delvyn knew that his family had often opposed the Quintad in the past and there had been other families doing the same. Was this the reason they had been chosen? Or was the stranger right and it had been just a cover for a political purge?

    Thinking about it another question came to his mind, "Are you a Jedi?" he suddenly asked the stranger.

    "Yes. I am Devan Solo."


    Thanks to @TheAdmiral for letting me use House Corrin in this story. :)
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    Wonderful details about Delvyn's escape and his interrogator is also connected to a prominent family of legend. ;) =D=
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    Nov 30, 2005
    Great new chapter! I wonder if Devan and Delvyn are going to be working on the same side. You did a nice job with the descriptions and the details here, too. I really got a good sense of Delvyn's anxiety and his concern for his family, for Nina (oh, I think she is more than a "childhood friend" ;)) and for his fellow pilots. Delvyn seems like a good man. I hope he can get to the bottom of this treachery!
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    Seem´s you found the chapter quite exciting. ;)
    Nice you are still enjoying the story.

    Yeah that family seems to be allways present when important things happen in the galaxy.
    Thanks for commenting. :)

    Glad you like it, and yeah, there is more between Nina and Delvyn than just friendship. ;) He is defenetly very worried about his family right now, he got out of the Quintads reach but the others are all on Eriadu itself. Devan kinda gives him some stability in this situation, he is a Jedi after all and so he tries to help him.


    Despite being born a noble, Ana Malek had experienced a loss of her power and privileges before in her life.

    When she had been a young woman, just passed her teenage years, she had left her sheltered upbringing behind and had lived for two years as a common worker in one of her family's factories. It had been hard years for the young aristocrat, having grown up in a mansion, slept in a comfortable bed and eaten fresh food. The tiny worker apartment with its simple mattress and protein rations had felt like torture to her, at least on the first days.

    Her father had tried to talk her out of the idea, but she had insisted. Just as he had left his privileged upbringing behind as a young man to live a prospector's life for several years, Ana had desired to experience how the people below them, the millions of simple workers lived, to experience the life Ethan Malek had lived before rising to nobility.

    It had been hard years, but had taught her more about the galaxy and herself than all her private teachers ever could and in the end she had found love. She, the noblewoman from the top of society, had fallen in love with a simple factory worker, to the point where she had been willing to give up her name and birthright to be with him.

    Her father had accepted his daughters choice, even approved of it.

    And so she and Jaan had married after her return.

    Again sadness overcame Ana when she thought of the five years they had spent together, the happiest five years of her life, before he had died in a pirate raid while visiting one of the Eriaduan colonies to check on the family holdings there.

    At the time pregnant with Delvyn Ana hadn't accompanied him, and to this day she wondered if she had been there, could she have prevented it, saved the love of her life?

    Or would she have died as well, leaving little Evan with no one but his grandfather?

    Ana shook her head. She had thought about this question a million times, but knew that she would never get an answer, and concentrated back on the present.

    Once again she had lost her privileges, place in society and comfortable bed. But this time she hadn't done so voluntarily and the bleak metal bunk she now slept in was much worse than the simple worker apartment she knew from her childhood.

    Her dark blue family garb had been taken away and she had been given a black prison jumpsuit as with the other prisoners. The Eriaduan central prison was a bleak concrete rock located on a small island just off the coast of the capital city. Ana had seen it countless times before but she had never even considered ending there herself one day.

    But times had changed and most of the old prisoners were gone now, most of the likely to penal battalions hoping to earn their freedom by fighting in the war.

    Instead a new type of prisoners had been incarcerated in the complex: political dissidents, people who had spoken out against the war, pacifists and other defeatists as the Quintad called them, as well as actual and alleged traitors, like her.

    When her father had first breached the subject of resistance against the government, Ana had immediately agreed with him. She had known of the danger, but she knew that the war had to end.

    "I've spoken to some of the other prisoners this morning. They haven't seen or heard of the boys as well," Her father said as he sat next to her. Ana looked up to him.

    The wound on his head where a soldier had hit him was healing well, even here where instead of bacta the prisoners had to wait until their wounds healed the natural way.

    Father and daughter sat together on a small bench at the edge of the dark prison yard. The stench of the sea was everywhere around them, but where it had once reminded Ana of freedom and adventure it had now become another part of her captivity.

    "But one of them," Stephan continued, "a worker they´ve arrested yesterday for trying to organize a strike, claims he has seen Evan and Meve amongst others on a wanted poster."

    A bit of hope filled Ana´s chest as she heard this. Maybe at least one of her sons had managed to escape, but...

    "Was Delvyn there too?" she asked, eager for any news on her kids.

    Stephan kept silent for a moment then he said, slowly, his voice lowered even more, "There was a rumor."

    He paused, clearly not sure if he should tell his daughter about this. He looked at the guards patrolling on the walls above them and waited until they had moved a bit further away.

    "They say that when the order came to arrest him he tried to resist, tried to flee in his star fighter, and that he was killed."

    For a moment Ana felt as if her heart had stopped and pain floated through her entire body. No, not her son, not Delvyn. Stephan placed his hand on her shoulder, lowering his voice even more.

    "They claim that Nina killed him." Ana looked up to see hope in her father´s face and understood. Like Meve Nina Corrin had spend a considerable amount of their childhood with her son´s, to the point where she almost had become a daughter to her.

    "Nina would have never turned on him," she whispered and Stephan nodded slowly.

    Since their childhood Nina and Delvyn had a crush on each other, but in contrast to Evan and Meve, they had been too shy to admit it to each other. Ana had talked to her son more than once over his love for Nina and tried to gently suggest him to revealing his feelings, but so far he hadn´t gathered up enough courage. But even though they had never admitted their feelings for each other, Ana knew that Nina and Delvyn would never have never fought against each other.

    "You think they faked his death?"

    Stephan nod was almost invisible.

    Ana knew that they had to keep this information a secret. If Delvyn´s survival became public knowledge, Nina and her entire family would be in danger as well.

    And yet, while neither of the messages could relinquish her fear completely, it gave her some hope that her sons were alive and free. And if they were still out there they would fight, Ana had no doubt on that.

    Evan dutiful and confident as he was, would never surrender to the Quintad nor the empire, and neither would Delvyn who, while shyer and more introverted, would go through any hell for the people he loved.

    It gave Ana a sense of pride when she imagined her sons fighting against his tyranny, like their family always had.

    "We should tell Kaja that her sister is alive and out there," Ana said after a while.

    Meve´s older sister sat a bit distant from them next to another of the benches, holding her six year old daughter Lena close to her. Both were still marked by the loss and horror they had suffered through in that fateful night.

    The Tarkins had attempted to fight back when the soldiers came but it had been futile. Kaja´s husband and parents both had been killed in the fighting, while she and her daughter had been taken captive. Lena wasn´t the only child here; when the Quintad had come to arrest the families they had spared no one. Ana saw a few kids playing on the other side of the yard and wondered given their youth if they even realized what had happened to them.

    Lena had, and Ana felt sympathy for the poor girl after the hell she had gone through, almost a bit guilty that her family members were all, hopefully, alive.

    "I will talk to her, later. Or you can do it you want." Stephan said and Ana heard the sadness in his voice.

    "I will," she said firmly. She didn´t know Kaja as well as her younger sister but had met her and her husband several times in the last years. Hopefully mother and daughter would at least find some hope in the fact that Meve was still alive.

    Suddenly Ana noticed something. The large gate to the yard had opened and a squad of soldiers had entered. The wardens occasionally came down to them to bring a new prisoner or take one to the interrogation.

    But these men were different. Instead of the dark Eriaduan military clothing these men wore shining white armor.

    "Imperials," her father muttered and Ana felt disgust rising inside of her.

    The Quintad was responsible for so much suffering, but it was the empire that stood behind them, controlling their actions.

    The squad stopped in the middle of the yard and looked around as if they were searching for someone. Then, suddenly the group turned towards her and Ana´s heart stopped for a moment. What was going on here?

    Had the imperials found out about Delvyn or...

    The other prisoners made room for the squad as they approached them but Ana didn´t flee. Instead she rose up from the bench. Standing straight she fixated the imperials with an ice cold look.

    They stopped shortly in front of the bench and one of them, an officer in the typical grey clothing stepped forwards, ignoring Ana and instead focusing his attention on her father.

    "Captain Stephan Malek?"

    "That´s me," the old man said firmly standing next to his daughter with a gaze not any warmer than hers.

    "You are coming with us," The officer commanded and his men stepped forward.

    "I´m a citizen of Eriadu," Stephan said calmly. "I do not fall under the jurisdiction of the empire. There is no reason for you being here sergeant."

    The officer curled his lips to a weak smile. "Laws like this don´t apply to traitors. We know that you are in possession of valuable information relating to our government."

    Ana´s eyes widened at these words. What was the imperial talking about? Valuable information on the empire? Was it just a pretext? Her father had traveled the galaxy extensively in his youth, including the empire but he had been a prospector, an explorer, not involved in politics.

    "I don´t know what you are trying to imply sergeant, but to me this clearly looks like a break of law," her father said, still completely calm.

    The officer gave him a stern look. "Are you coming voluntarily or do we have to beat your daughter into a coma so you realize the seriousness of this?"

    For a moment Ana shivered at the cold nature of these words. The soldiers of the Quintad for the most part at least tried to be polite and avoid unnecessary violence, save for the officer who had beaten down her father. But the imperials seemed to lack even that inch of decency.

    Throwing a quick look at her father Ana saw how much this threat shook him, his eyes had widened and she noticed his right hand was shaking.

    "Lead the way officer." Stephan responded. The officer gave the soldiers a signal and they led the old man from the yard.

    Ana exchanged a look with her father as he was dragged through the door and into the building, and she couldn´t help but wonder if she would ever see her dad again.
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    WHOA! Very Imperial.......... vicious!!