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Saga A Path Unknown (12/1/14)

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    Jun 7, 2014
    Title: A Path Unknown
    Author: NightWatcher91
    Characters: Owen Lars, Beru, Ben Kenobi, OC's and an assortment of other characters
    Timeframe: A few months after Revenge of the Sith, AU
    Rating: PG/PG-13 - there will be mild violence, dark side, light side all of that fun stuff
    Genre: Action/Adventure, Romance, Angst
    Story: An Alternate Universe tale. Owen and Beru Lars find themselves forced to make decisions that change the entire course of their lives. Taking care of Luke and the new dangers that open up before them.
  2. NightWatcher91

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    Jun 7, 2014
    Owen Lars had never been one for small talk. In fact some would say it was a surprise just for him to begin a conversation. If one asked they would say Owen Lars kept mostly to himself, and did what he was told to do. When he wasn’t working he merely sat off to one side, and fiddled with his equipment constantly. The two weeks he had been gone from home had been harder than he first imagined.

    It had felt like years since had last seen his farm, and the people he called friends. Fate had forced him to have to look for work in the space port of Mos Eisley. He had tried to avoid it at any costs, but with the Tusken attacks and the lack of buyers for crops this season. There had been no other options available to him.
    He had never been a man who had asked for help in his life. At 26 he had been taught by his father the importance of honest hard work, and getting by with what you could.

    Yet he had reached the end of that road far sooner than he was hoping. Sand People had grown more brutal in the recent years. Attacking farms and Jawa traders all across the area. Most of the farmers he knew had given up their homes, and moved to get away from the violence. He hated the Sand People. They had done enough damage to him over the years.

    His fists clenched just at the thought of them. Taking his father’s wife and then what occurred to Cliegg Lars during the attempted rescue. Beru had told him he needed to let that go to be able to move on. Farming had become next to impossible for him to get through now. He had seen Sand People scouts just a month ago checking out the area. The harvest he had been working on for so long had been destroyed soon after. Beru had kept hopes high that things would turn around, but Owen knew he would have to look for work amongst the more ruthless in the Galaxy. The ship shook for a moment bringing Owen back to reality.

    “Captain says we need to unload some of the gear.” Rena the Twi’lek said walking towards the ramp which was extending. Owen nodded as he got to his feet. Fate had thankfully given him a small break with the work he had found. A trading vessel called “Gambler’s Loss” had arrived in the space port looking for someone to help move some cargo to a planet in the Mid-Rim. Owen had never even been that far in the Galaxy. Something the crew had never let him live down over the past two weeks. It was Rena who Owen had spoken to about the job. She liked to call herself the head of operations when Dixon wasn’t present. At first she was wary of a farmer being much help, but she merely shrugged deciding they could always cut his pay if he didn’t work. That and she had thought he would take orders well, and not ask too many questions.

    “Try to not mix up the containers this time.” Rena mocked as Owen paid her no attention. He had become the center of all the crews jokes over the two weeks. All of them had revolved around him just being a big dumb farmer. Even the Captain Dixon had joined in a few times. Owen found the dark skinned man already out in the hot Tatooine heat. He towered over most people as his massive arms were crossed in front of him. For a moment Owen merely looked up at the twin suns which greeted him. His thoughts went to Beru and Luke. A small grin came upon his face thinking of seeing them again. By now Beru would probably be in a fuss getting a meal together for Owen by the time he got back.

    “Smiling before we work? I like that about you Lars.” Dixon grunted slapping Owen on the back. The force of the blow almost knocked Owen over as that only emitted more laughs from the Captain. Owen had seen him use that skill to his advantage to get paid more when they transferred the supplies at their destination. “You just smile and work. I should pay you more than that blasted Rodian.” As if on cue the Rodian in question turned around. Veron was the ship mechanic Owen had come to discover. He had also learned the Rodian was constantly drinking, and had a knack for getting into trouble. His goggles hung off his head as he staggered in the direction of the two.

    “You no pay enough as is!” Veron slurred out as he stumbled over a container. He barely caught himself as he spat out some words Owen wasn’t able to catch. Owen turned to begin moving the crates as Dixon offered his help.

    “We’ll be here for a few days, got to make sure we get our full pay for this load.” He began as they easily moved the first container. The smell had been a nightmare to deal with since they picked the stuff up. Yet Owen had been told it was a new food that was incredibly popular in the Outer Rim. Thankfully he had never had to endure the stuff himself. Beru’s food had served him well over the years of their marriage. “Not going to be told how sparse credits are from this job. After that I’ve got some contacts that might be willing to offer some better work. Might even get us into the Core Worlds, and let me tell you those jobs pay well.” He phrased it as a question as he looked at Owen.

    “We could use you Lars.” He said without hesitation. “I mean don’t get me wrong you need a lot of work to get this job all set. Farmers aren’t just cut out for the space life, but you got potential.” Dixon spat turning as a protocol droid made its way over to them. “Blast time to talk to customs.” Turning to Owen he shook the man’s hand and put a big grin across his face as he marched to the protocol droid. Rena gave him a mock salute as Owen grabbed his gear, and made his way from the Hangar. As usual the pathway was clogged with an assortment of people as he did his best to shoulder through.

    Some Bith shoved some odd fruit in his face as he merely waved it off. Sweat was already flowing from him as he welcomed the returned heat of home. Getting back to the farm would require some pay to a transport to get him out there. Some laughed when he told them his destination and merely waved him off. Scratching at his beard in frustration he scanned all the speeders as his gaze fell upon a single figure staring intently back at him. Even cloaked in this heat Owen knew well enough who it was. Walking towards the figure he prepared himself for what would doubtless be an uneventful ride home.

    “They’re ok?” Was all Owen asked as he closed to within a few feet of the figure. He kept his tone low so no one else would hear them. A brief nod was all he needed from the figure as he followed it to a rundown speeder. “I figured you would have gotten a better model by now.”

    “I enjoy the character this model has.” Ben Kenobi replied as he took the pilots seat. Owen placed his pack in back as the speeder came to life. Within seconds the space port was behind them as they raced across endless sand. Kenobi’s hair was neatly trimmed along with is beard. The man had kept mostly to isolation in the Judland not caring for any attention. Yet Owen knew well enough he kept tabs on the Farm for the sake of Luke.

    “Beru sent you to get me didn’t she?” He asked knowing the answer before the Jedi gave a small grin. Owen had wanted the Jedi to stay far away from Luke and Beru. Yet his wife had taken a liking to the Jedi, and had viewed him as almost a member of the family. That had resulted in many arguments between the two. Yet Kenobi had seemed to go along with what Owen had wished.

    “She missed you incredibly.” Was all Kenobi replied as the rest of the ride went without conversation. He had told Owen when he dropped off Luke that Anakin had been killed, and that there was no one else to care for Luke. To Owen there had been something that the Jedi had seemed to be hiding but Owen did not press the matter. As the speeder reached the farm Beru was already outside waiting for him. Luke was in her arms asleep as she waved at Kenobi as he continued on his way. She kissed Owen for a moment as he took hold of Luke.

    “You made your mom’s soup didn’t you?” He said as she gave him a stern look.

    “Owen Lars you don’t speak badly about my mother’s recipes.”
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    Jun 7, 2014
    Klive Dixon tapped his foot impatiently looking across the table at the Devorian whom he had been forced to negotiate this deal with. Somehow out of all the species in which Dixon hated working with Devorians topped the list. He never trusted the way they smiled, or their horned teeth that seemed to always be extra sharp when he was present. Ever since he had broken away from his family’s life as miners he had been stuck dealing with Zeko.

    The Devorian who seemed to know everyone’s cousin across the Galaxy. At times the Devorian almost made Dixon miss the mines. Finishing off his third glass he crossed his massive arms looking across the cantina to where Rena was in the midst of yet another Pazaak game. She played the innocent rookie card incredibly well when she cleaned out her opponents. Her silky laugh was clear to Dixon that she had roped in yet another victim. Meaning that in a few moments he would need to intervene to assist his lovely lady out of another jam. Veron on the other hand was slumped at the bar passed out from the cluster of drinks in front of him. Dixon would have to carry the Rodian back to the ship while also cleaning his pockets of extra credits.

    “My contact is pleased with how you handled the merchandise.” Zeko informed him as he grinned at some dancers who passed. Dixon wanted to beat the face off of him but remained silent as Zeko licked his lips.

    “I told you that it would get there in time, and be in prime condition.” Zeko nodded at that not seeming to care as he placed a pack on the table. For a moment he studied the room as he merely turned the opening to Dixon. It had become a simple enough exchange between the two after a deal had been done. Patting the pack could tell as usual the Devorian had skimmed a few credits off of it as usual.

    “I thank you for your investment into my network.” Zeko always said before Dixon had a chance to call the thief out. He could strangle him, but over the months Zeko had been a solid source of work for him and his crew. “I trust you heard about poor Eron?” The fake sincerity in his voice made Dixon clench his fist.

    “Imperials are picking up their patrols.” It had been common information to all traders and smugglers across the area. Business had taken a hit since the Republic had decided to change their name and what not. So far Dixon had been able to stay well out of the way of the Empire, and their mighty warships. However a few of the people he knew had been unlucky, and were either dead or sent off to some prison planet.

    “Yes scaring even some of Jabba’s own people it seems.” That made Zeko laugh for a moment. The Devorian had no love for the Hutt or those who worked for him. Instead he got delight whenever some misfortune would befall them. Not that he would ever be brave enough to speak to anyone else. “Which brings me to a rather juicy job that I bring to your attention my friend….”

    “We aren’t friends Zeko.” Dixon corrected him making a hurt look fall upon Zeko. A small gasp came from where Rena was as it seemed she had won a rather huge hand causing her opponent to begin their tirade. Locking eyes with Dixon she gave him a small wink reassuring her love that she had the situation well under control.

    “After all I have done for you…..”

    “Why don’t you just tell me about this job no one else wants.” Leaning across the table Zeko dropped his voice to a mere whisper.

    “This came to Zeko mere days ago. Very secure channels in which only I have the connections to.” Dixon did not show any emotion on his face as he prepared for another of Zeko’s tangents to go on. Instead Zeko seemed almost giddy sharing this news.

    “You hear of the planet Krakoa?” Zeko let the sentence hang in the silence as Dixon scratched his face.

    “Only from the Holo, it’s some Mid-Rim world isn’t it. Mostly agriculture from what I can recall.”

    “Yes not a world in which I would normally have contacts on, but this client seemed intent on speaking of Krakoa. During the War it was left alone by both sides. Declared Neutrality and neither side wanted to take it. Recent contact said that Empire showed up in force. Placed Imperial Governor on the planet, and said it would be apart of the Empire now.”

    “Seems a pretty common thing for most worlds these days that weren’t with the Republic.” Dixon replied seeing that Zeko was sitting on more information.

    “Not case here. I hear that Empire is looking for something on Krakoa. Something or someone……” He left that to trail off as Dixon understood where this was now leading.

    “Your contact wants a pickup from the planet. Without alerting the Empire I’m going to take it?” Zeko grinned at that.

    “Contact make it very clear that it is important the cargo is taken off planet without Empire knowing anything of it.”

    “What happens if the Empire finds out?”

    “You end up just like other poor fools.” Zeko faked the sadness in his voice as he slid over a datapad to Dixon. The credit amount that was listed almost made the man do a double look as he turned back to Zeko.

    “Big reward for this one. You do this deal we don’t need to work small time anymore. You go to Krakoa and the contact will meet you. You get off planet then get told where to go from there. If you get caught I never met you.” With that Zeko got up and made his way out of the cantina.