Saga A ride to the pond for the It's a date challenge

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    A ride to the pond for the It's a date challenge
    Author: Earlybird-obi-wan
    Timeframe: Legends: saga 14 bby
    Genre: one shot challenge
    Characters: Kaagi Adin, Aaqu Maerhin, Aranella Neral

    A ride to the pond

    Thoughts, events of days ago were vivid in Kaagi Adin's mind when he was saddling the husan of his friend Aaqu Maerhin.

    'Oh Aranella, the thought of being without you. She is so sweet. Jedi aren’t allowed to marry, the Jedi-code forbids it, why? Qui-Gon was friends with Tahl. Obi-Wan with Siri and I have seen other Jedi loving each other. I will talk to Master Aaqu about it.
    Just to touch you, to see you, is better than the sweetest dreams. For you I will break the Jedi-code.'

    When Aranella entered the stable Kaagi helped her mount the brown mare. He mounted Aaqu’s husan and they rode to the pond. His fears were groundless. If anything, the large mountain pond was even fairer than when he had first beheld it riding with master Aaqu to it. The clear blue sky reflected in the peaceful waters, while an air of wondrous tranquillity pervaded the atmosphere. The scent of beautiful blossoms perfumed the air while graceful butterflies danced amidst the flowers. Even the Monirbirds sang more sweetly here. Graceful birds glided across the pond’s surface while the breeze rippled the flowers and grasses that grew along the verdant shores.

    Aranella dismounted at the pond and Kaagi on the white husan was reflected on the surface of the pond.

    "Will you marry me, Aranella?"

    Once again, Aranella’s heart fluttered as it did days ago. "Yes, Kaagi. I will marry you. Kaagi!” Beautiful eyes sparkled with sheer joy. “This place is wondrous fair!” She knelt on the grass and tenderly caressed the yellow blossoms. “Those flowers grew at my home and my mother loved them.”

    “Aranella” Kaagi dismounted and knelt beside her and tenderly stroked her hair. “I did not realize that such sights would make you think about your mother and your home. Maybe I should not have brought you here. Forgive me!”

    “There is no need, Kaagi. Home is where you are at my side,” she assured him fervently. “And how can this not be my home since the flowers that bloomed for my mother rise up to greet me! I will not swim this time, but I would taste the water.” Thus saying, she pulled off her shoes and stockings and waded into the shallows, lifting the hem of her gown free of the water. She laughed joyfully as the waves rippled over her bare feet.

    Kaagi hastily shed his own boots and rolled up his trousers to his knees. He joined her. Hand in hand, they encircled the pond. The birdsong grew ever more rapturous.
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    Sweet! A lovely setting and mingled feelings of love and joy.
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    A wonderful, wonderful proposal. :)
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    That was really sweet. Lovely description and I liked how he was mindful of her feelings in apologizing about bringing her to a place that might remind her of her mother. Really nicely done :)
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    So sweet and lovely! I love the setting with the pond and flowers. A perfect spot to propose.

    Beautiful! Excellent work. =D=
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