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Saga - OT A Rose Has Five Petals (2021 Fanfic Summer Olympics; OC ensemble cast)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Findswoman , Jul 1, 2021.

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    Feb 27, 2014
    Thanks so much, as always, Mira—always glad to have you here! :) And I apologize for taking so long with these responses, because I really appreciated your awesome comment, and don’t want you to think I didn’t! <3

    No worries at all—I totally understand and well know how life can be! <3 Glad you enjoyed.

    Oh yes, this is a feeling I've had many times before myself, in one situation and another. Extremely relatable. :p

    No fooling around when it comes to perishable goods, especially perishable medical supplies! Someone's life is in the balance, as we see a little later...

    Hah! She does not mince her words. :p Just out of pure curiosity, though, what were you expecting her to say?

    Yes—in such a situation, one has to use any and all recourses that are left.

    Aw, thanks... though, again, I can only partly take credit, as I was borrowing from that Star Trek episode, where Kirk uses a very similar bluff. But I guess Glockel has some of Kirk in her! :D

    Yes, especially a good familiar one! [face_devil]

    I can't, either! :p In her line of work, quick thinking is an absolute necessity, and one she's gotten pretty good at over the years. (Even if some of the people she works for can't seem to appreciate it as much as they should! :p )

    Thanks so much! She’s still kind of trying to process the experience she had, and part of how she tries do that is through a little bit of incredulity that such a thing could happen to little ol’ her. She has always had that tendency to underestimate herself fans talk herself down. But I agree, I can eventually see her becoming one of the shamanic luminaries of her age and of a new tradition on her eventual new homeworld!

    Thank you! I enjoyed writing this, but I was also trying to be conscious of how momentous and strange it would all be to Shulma and this to not get too carried away and throw too much at her. So I’m glad to know I did all right at pulling that off!

    Yes, she’s relating what she saw to a beautiful scene she remembers from her past when she and Zeb were together and everything was sweet—partly because they will reunite of course, but also partly because those romantic moments are as much part of her as her mystical experiences, and the two feed off each other.

    Thanks again. :) There she is getting a glimpse of perhaps what will be some of her challenges when she gets to her new world: the shamanism and spiritual practices will be similar in some ways but quite different in others, and fitting in might take some doing and time. As for that newborn kit… the best I can say at present is [face_batting] !

    There are indeed several more questions still to be answered, and part of what I am doing by seeding them in here is giving myself, in sketch form, more possible material for down the line.

    Oh yes indeed—story of her life, in a way!

    Thanks—it’s amazing how even the most annoying things become fondly missed when we’re forced to go without them. And yes, soon indeed—sooner than Shulma thinks! ;)

    Thanks so much. I thought so too, if I do say so myself!

    Thank you yet again—and I know I’m saying it a lot, but I really do mean it. Your readership means a lot to me, and I am always delighted and honored to have you here! @};- And if things go right, you won’t have to wait too much longer! ;)
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