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Saga A Rose: *Life in My Shell* (OC Diary)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by bmwgurl17, Jan 17, 2007.

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  1. bmwgurl17

    bmwgurl17 Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 11, 2005
    Title: Life in My Shell
    Characters: OC, Original, Some X-men and possibly others;)
    Timeframe: 15yrs after ROTS
    Summary: Yeah, life is pretty ordinary when you live in a galaxy where Jedi and Mutants rage underground wars and society threatens to segregate all things Muntant from Jedi and vice versa while small groups of freedom fighters dare to join the two forces. All the while, young Jedi, Rose Iimage, deals with going to school, growing up and becoming herself in the eye of the storm.

    My name is Rose and I feel awful. My head is pounding out of
    control and my stomach just may explode. I send caution to all
    Those with queasy appetites because I fear the humiliating
    detail of my failure may drive you to your graves before your time. These here are my personal thoughts and let?s hope no one other than you and I discover this. And here lies my embarrassing headline of the week:

    Rose Throws It All Away For The Jedi In The Tournament Game

    Yea?.you see what I mean? The last game of the tournament, us Jedi versus the Xavier Mutants, as they call themselves. A full out battle of strength and wisdom in a battle arena. First player to clear the obstacle course and tag off to they?re teammate receives personal points as well as points for they?re team. Only one problem. No rules, no boundaries. Powers are acceptable, of course, and so battling your opponent while trying to finish the course is almost unavoidable.

    Haha, and you know those Mutants, any chance to cheat, they take. You know the worst part about it? They don?t EVER get caught. Now doesn?t that sound funny to you?

    However, back to what I was saying?.we lost. It was a hard fight, but we got whipped. There are 20 Jedi on our team and we beat out many other Jedi teams, but Mutants are always a level more difficult to beat. We have faced Mutants before but not like these ones who were being trained by legends like Wolverine and Storm (who I secretly idol, but don?t tell that to coach!). Speaking of coach, it?s not like our team is being trained by just anyone. We have Anakin Skywalker as our head honcho. That?s right. The big ?A? or ?As? as we call him (hehe).

    Sure, he isn?t as young as he once was back when he was a Jedi Knight and he may not be as *cough,cough*, hot as he was way back when I was about?.I don?t know, a baby, but that?s Ok. His coaching is strict, but helpful?when you do it right. Why must all male Jedi show off?

    Ok, Ok, I?m going to stop stalling and just come out with how we lost. It was my turn. Geelil had just finished her course and I was just about to race down into the first maze when my tunic caught on fire. I?m sure your thinking exactly what I was thinking,

    ?How in the GALAXY does something like that HAPPEN??

    Well, I?ll tell you, I think it was Pyro. He is quite suspicious to me and he wasn?t even competing. He was in the stands next to that creepy Magneto guy. When I realized I was burning, everyone was laughing and pointing. I had no idea what was going on so I continued on until I realized that my boots were practically melting. I ended up being glued to the floor and I had to watch in humiliation as the Mutant, Catty or Kitty or whatever her name was, run right past me. URGH!! Embarrassment is such a nuisance because it has been on my mind all day. I?m going to bed and leaving the world BEHIND!
  2. Alley_Skywalker

    Alley_Skywalker Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 27, 2005
    Sure, he isn?t as young as he once was back when he was a Jedi Knight and he may not be as *cough,cough*, hot as he was way back when I was about?.I don?t know, a baby, but that?s Ok. His coaching is strict, but helpful?when you do it right. Why must all male Jedi show off?


    Nice, Padawan=D=
  3. bmwgurl17

    bmwgurl17 Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 11, 2005

    Entry 2

    So it?s been a couple weeks since my last heartbreaking entry. Oh man, it still hurts to think about it! But you know what? I?m moving ahead of it all. I?ve got to be STRONG. And besides, it wasn?t as big of a deal at school the next day as I had imagined. I imagined being force-choked by my teammates and flunked by all professors, but nothing like that happened (thank the stars!). I did have those idiotic people who asked if we lost, though I?m pretty sure news spread like wildfire that we were defeated right after the game.

    I wasn?t abandoned at lunch the way I had feared either. The night before, all I could imagine was slowly walking into the cafeteria and being eyed by hundreds of disappointed Jedi. All they?re eyes locked on my tall frame, plain hair, and frightened face. Yeah, sweet dreams, huh? Actually, lunch was probably the best part of the day, with the exception of gym of course. When I walked in a couple of people, friends of mine, patted me on the back. I admit, though it was weird it did feel good. It was like they were praising me even though I messed up. I sat with Geelil and her new boyfriend Osman. He?s a nice guy as far as I know. The guy even bought me lunch! I told Geelil he was definitely a keeper (*wink, wink*).

    The day continued on pretty slow. Coach Anakin gave me an ?it?s Ok to loose? speech before I hopped on a hoverbus home. For most of the time I stared at the ground. Oh come on! I couldn?t just stand there gazing up at him without ending up doing something stupid. Have you seen his eyes?! They would make you reveal all your deepest, dumbest secrets without him even asking. There was no way I could risk that, so I would glance up at him every now and then. Blast! He must think I?m a weirdo or something?

    You know the oddest part of this whole thing though? It?s not the fact that I ruined our chances of winning the tournament and that no one blames me, but that I think I may actually be attracted?.very attracted to a?.a?a mutant. Wait, wait! Let me explain. Ok, so I take the JA(Jedi Academy) bus as far as it goes, which is only half the distance to my house. That means I have to catch another bus to get home. The city bus. Yes, this is the city bus that lets ANYONE ride to where they need to be. Well, it just so happens that a young man takes the city bus home from school. I had never seen him before and we sort of ended up sitting together. OK OK! I kinda worked my way around to having us ?by accident? sit together. The point is that he was very friendly and amazingly handsome. He said he used to drive to and from school but something happened to his car (YESSS) and that he would be riding the bus for some time.

    Before long, his stop came up and he said he would see me tomorrow. Does that sound like a date?? Jeez, I?m shallow?But I wasn?t ready for what happened next. He got up to leave and as he exited the bus I glanced at his backpack. There was a large XM logo on the back. XM?Xavier Mutants! I know! Isn?t that insane? What are the odds of something like this happening? I don?t think I have ever felt that much shock in my life. And as he stepped off the bus he asked me my name. Now was I supposed to give a real name or some cool alias? My mouth was flapping and I saw him laughing at me through the window and he yelled, ?I?m Bobby. See you tomorrow.? Then we walked away.
  4. bmwgurl17

    bmwgurl17 Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 11, 2005
    Entry 3

    There is no doubt about it...Bobby is the most gorgeous, intelligent, funny mutant I have ever met. It doesn?t sounds over exaggerated because I have only met a few mutants in my life, but I just KNOW he is the greatest. He has reassured me other wise, though. He says Wolverine is probably the greatest mutant. Wolverine has quite the reputation among mutants. I asked Bobby about the crazy rumors that had been surfacing in the halls of the Jedi Academy of Wolverine actually being a female. Blast, did he get mad!
    Of course I told him that I didn?t believe it.

    Bobby said that there were rumors at Mutant Academy too. He asked me if Anakin Skywalker had really choked his wife until she passed out. I blushed at the very mention of Anakin?s name. What Anakin had done all those years ago on Mustafar is practically banned from mentioning at JA. However, when I told Bobby that the rumor was true, he didn?t laugh in mock of Anakin or the academy. He sort of nodded his head in understanding. We both knew that mutants had skeletons of they?re own to handle.

    That was the last time we spoke about school. Neither of us wanted to think about the hatred that was continually occurring worse and worse between our people. That day when I found out that he was a mutant, I wasn?t sure if I would want to talk to him anymore, but when the next day arrived, I couldn?t help sitting beside him again. Like any honest Jedi, I came right out with the truth. I told him I was a Jedi and that I noticed that he was a mutant. I clearly stated that I didn?t mind though and guess what?.he felt the same way!!!!!

    It turns out that he doesn?t get the point of fighting other people with unnatural powers when they could join forces to rid the galaxy of crime. *Sigh*...he wants to be a cop of some sort so he can do his job protecting the innocent and stopping the guilty.

    Did I mention that he asked me to an underground dance? He told me that it?s like any other dance with the exception of rules. No masters, no teachers, no security. I wasn?t too sure at first. Was it going to be a mutant only party? And if it was, what would happen to me if I came anyways? Bobby told me everything would be alright, though. ?It?s an every one kind of party. Anyone can come?with the exception of old people and weirdo?s.? He laughed and so did I. It was settled. I?m going to a party. I?m going to a party with Bobby, the mutant.
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