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Beyond the Saga A Sea of Time (Fanfiction Summer Olympics) Rey/Poe Triathlon

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by JediMaster_Jen, Jul 30, 2020 at 9:44 PM.

  1. JediMaster_Jen

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    Jun 3, 2002
    Title: A Sea of Time (Fanfic Summer Olympics)

    Summary: Rey and Poe realize that after a long war, in which time always seemed to be running out, now time is all they have.

    Timeframe: post-Rise of Skywalker

    Characters: Rey Skywalker, Poe Dameron

    Disclaimer: Disney owns Star Wars.

    Note: For the Fanfiction Summer Olympics I decided to try my hand at a triathlon featuring the couple of Rey Skywalker and Poe Dameron.


    400 Word Cross Country: All We Have

    Rey didn’t know how long she’d been standing there; time passed unnoticed now, like the desert sand spilled through her calloused fingers. The second of Tatooine’s twin suns was nearly dipped below the horizon, leaving the sky awash in gorgeous hues of red, yellow and purple. The blazing heat had begun to recede.

    “How long do you plan to stand out here?” Poe asked as he came to stand beside her.

    Rey merely shrugged her shoulders. “It’s beautiful. I could watch for hours. It’s so…this place reminds me of Jakku, yet it’s different as well.”

    “Why are we on Tatooine?” came his next soft question, somehow sensing that there was a definite purpose to their destination.

    She turned to face him. “This is where Master Sky…Luke was raised. He lived here on this moisture farm with his aunt and uncle.”

    Poe nodded. “I know, but where are we here?”

    “I came here to bury their lightsabers,” she said quietly. “To put the past to rest so that I, so that we can move forward.”

    With understanding in his dark eyes, he carefully reached out and took her small hand in his and laced their fingers together. Her eyes looked down at their entwined digits and smiled softly.

    “We should probably head inside,” she told him. “I read that the desert can be a dangerous place at night.”

    They climbed the ramp, BB-8 following behind. As they reached the main hold, Rey sat down while Poe retrieved a bottle of Corellian whiskey that Han Solo had left behind. He poured two glasses and sat down across from her.

    “Why did you want to come with me?” she suddenly questioned him, causing the normally unshakable pilot to tremble slightly and blush.

    “Well, I…you see…” he stammered. “I like you, and I…thought maybe…”

    Rey didn’t speak; couldn’t find her voice to provide any kind of response to his baffling admission. Just as she was about to, she watched the man move from his seat to the space directly beside her; so close she could smell the cologne he wore and the whiskey on his breath.

    She opened her mouth to speak but was cut off by the gentle press of his lips against hers. Her eyes fluttered shut just as he pulled back.

    “What about Zorii?” she inquired breathlessly. “Tell me about her.”

    “There isn’t time,” he replied.

    “Time is all we have.”
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  2. gizkaspice

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    Nov 27, 2013
    Yay for a Rey/Poe triathlon! I like how they go together to Tatooine--interesting twist here.
    He's got that part right for sure ;)

    Looking forward where you take this.
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  3. Kit'

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    ThT was really sweet and adorable. Loved the kiss at the end too.
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    May 11, 2016
    Nice scene :)
    Rey/Poe are defenetly a pairing I would prefer over what we got instead.
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