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    Apr 2, 2008
    Title: A Second Chance for the Fallen
    Author: SoA
    Timeframe: KotOR I
    Characters: Carth, Revan (Ev Pell), and Juhani
    Genre: Songfic
    Summary: This is a songfic set to Relient K's "Fallen Man" about the struggles of forgiveness and acceptance between Carth and Revan.

    I was listening to my music on shuffle tonight and this song popped up. Suddenly I was struck for the idea for this songfic. I've never written a songfic before, so I'm not even sure if I've done this properly. I took out a couple of the extra choruses and the bridges for the purposes of this fic.

    If you want to listen to this check it out: [link=]Fallen Man[/link].

    Ev Pell is the female Revan that I feature in my other larger fics [link=]Under the Shadow of the Builders[/link], [link=]The Road to Rediscovery[/link], and [link=]Taninim and Leviathan[/link]. Although this covers the same period of Builders, I decided to rehash these scenes a bit differently for the sake of this little songfic. Who says I can't violate my own canon? :D

    [b]A Second Chance for the Fallen[/b]

    [i]As you push it up through the soil,
    I will shake your filthy hand.
    You may be dead to me but that don't mean we can't be friends.[/i]

    The [i]Endar Spire[/i] bucked and shook with the impact of another successful bombardment from the Sith. Another set of sirens whined in the distance. Through the roar of the battle and the creaking of his ship, Carth heard running footsteps clattering on the metal flooring approaching. He hoped against all hope that it was the soldier he had seen on the security cameras and not one of the Sith who had boarded the cruiser. With all the damage the [i]Endar Spire[/i] was taking, he couldn't wait with the last escape pod much longer, survivor or no. He held his blasters at the ready for whoever came.

    A petite woman in the yellow and orange armor of a Republic soldier sprinted into the escape pod launch bay. Looking haggard from her escape, her dark eyes were bright and alert. She had chocolate brown skin and tussled, short-cropped black hair. Watching through the distorted security feeds, Carth had thought she was a young man, and it caught him off-guard to realize differently.

    With a sigh of relief, Carth lowered his blasters. ?You made it,? he commended.

    ?Thanks for waiting, Lieutenant Onasi,? she panted. ?I'm Ensign Ev Pell, by the way.?

    Carth took her hand and shook it. ?Good to meet you, Pell,? he said quickly, ?You were the last survivor, as far as I know. Let's get off this ship before the Sith blow it to pieces.?

    Waving at the last remaining escape pod, Ev said, ?After you, Lieutenant.?

    [i]Now it's time to get over this,
    Long as it's clear you understand,
    That I will never trust a single thing you say again.[/i]

    The [i]Ebon Hawk[/i] was safely in hyperspace, away from the terrors of the Leviathan and Darth Malak. At long last, Carth had been able to kill his ex-mentor Saul Karath, taking his revenge for the destruction Saul had wrought on Telos, killing Carth's wife and son. And yet, Carth could find no peace.

    He stared coldly at the woman he had grown to love as she approached him across the cabin. ?So, you've been Revan this whole time,? he accused, more harshly than he meant to.

    ?Carth,? Ev pleaded, ?That's not who I am now??

    ?Is it?? Carth argued bitterly, ?Those hands are the hands that tore the Republic apart. Those hands killed millions. If not for you, my family would still be alive!?

    ?Carth, you know that that was Malak and Saul who destroyed Telos,? Ev argued helplessly.

    ?But Malak was your apprentice!? Carth accused, ?You fell and took him with you.?

    ?That's not who I am now, Carth,? Ev replied with firmness in her insecurity, ?I'm on your side. I'm changed. I don't even remember any of that. Please believe me.?

  2. Shillani

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    Jan 9, 2011
    This is really nice! I like the theme of forgiveness, and the song fits quite well with Carth and Ev's relationship.
  3. tjace

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    Feb 11, 2008
    This is good stuff. It's amazing how songs can inspire us with words and depth of emotion we couldn't have thought of otherwise.
  4. Commander-DWH

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    Nov 3, 2003
    In this fic, we have:

    1. Carth/Revan
    2. Relient K
    3. Your lovely writing

    Yeah, I don't see how this could have possibly gone wrong, and it certainly did not disappoint. :D Well done!
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