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Beyond - Legends A secret Ally Dear Diary Challenge 2014 Completed

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Falcon, Jan 1, 2014.

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    A Secret Ally

    My name is Anakin Skywalker formerly known as Lord Darth Vader. For the past twenty-one years I helped plunge the galaxy into darkness and oppression. I joined Palpatine under the impression that I could stop my wife from dying in my visions. In the end, it was I attempting to kill Padme Amidala. If I let go of my fear and followed Yoda’s advice, this whole mess could’ve been avoided and I would’ve killed Palpatine instead of falling to the dark side.

    Padme and I would’ve raised the twins from birth. Which now I’m under the impression, Padme gave birth shortly after I fought Obi-Wan to the death and he cut off my arms and legs. I tumbled near the edge of the lava bed and caught on fire. I slowly edged my way back towards the top of the hill as the flames began to extinguish themselves.

    Obi-Wan had some final words for me. I was too angry at him to hear the truth, now I regret killing my former master. I passed out just after he left me to die. Palpatine came along and saved me or did he? He placed me in life sustaining armor and to be honest, at that point. I would rather be dead not living on life support.

    Obi-Wan helped look after Luke and most likely guided Beru into how to raise a Jedi child. Shortly after the Death Star plans made it’s way to Obi-Wan. That was the day I caught a glimpse of my son not knowing that my daughter standing beside Luke was in the Imperial Senate all this time. Leia Organa was very much her mother through and through. She was elected at age twelve. Padme would be so proud of her.

    Now I’m lying on my back looking up at my son’s face for the first time without the mask. I gave a weak smile as smoke wafted up my nose, but it smelled more like flowers. I was dying and I knew it. “Now go and leave me, son.”

    “No father, you’re coming with me, I can’t leave you. I’ve got to save you,” Luke pleaded as I caught sight of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Padme waiting for me.

    “You already have, Luke. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter,” I took a very shallow and shaky breath as Padme walked to me and kneeled down beside Luke. “Tell your sister, you were right about me. Tell your sister, you were right.”

    I caught sight of Obi-Wan giving Luke instructions as I closed my eyes for what I thought would be the last time. My old friend would make sure Luke got off the death star with out me. I’ll be with you soon, Padme.
    “Father, can you hear me?” Luke questioned gently causing me to crack an eyelid open. Are you kidding me? “You can breathe now,” he encouraged with a hopeful grin. “Open your eyes.”

    Doesn’t he know I can’t breathe without an oxygen mask? How hard did Palpatine hit Luke with the lightning bolts? Did he hit his head? “I can’t,” I argued with Luke.

    “It’s okay, trust me,” Luke was firm. I’ll give him that much. “You’re fine now.”

    Fine? I haven’t been fine in twenty-one years. I thought with a quick retort but held my tongue in check. My lungs were beginning to burn from the lack of oxygen. “Are you out of your mind? What did you do…” I paused for a second as oxygen filled my lungs easily without struggling. I realized I was breathing normally again? “I thought I told you to leave me to die?”

    “Obi-Wan told me where to find your clone you’ve been growing for the past nineteen years and instructed me on how to move your memories through the Force,” Luke explained patiently ignoring my outburst.

    Obi-Wan did that for me? I opened my eyes and couldn’t mistake the hurt expression in Luke’s eyes. He wanted to get to know the real me and not my other persona. I glanced down and noticed my body was whole again. I looked up at Luke as the medic I hired for this project walked in as Luke handed me clothes to put on. “I need a few minutes a lone.”

    Luke gave a short nod as he followed the medic out of the room. Then I noticed something funny in Luke’s step. Blast it, the lightning, the kid must be in pain by now, I realized with horror. I quickly got dressed and moved towards a mirror. A face stared back at me that I haven’t seen since I was nineteen. I raised a hand and traced my jaw.

    I leaned my head against the mirror and closed my eyes. This was a bad idea, if anyone in the Alliance found out I was still alive, someone could decide to go trigger-happy. I straightened up as I headed to the door and opened it to find Luke sitting in a chair, his head lolled back and his eyes half closed. I stretched out with the Force and sensed he was in pain.

    First priority, get Luke taken care off, second priority, find out where the Alliance fleet was. I turned my attention to the medic and pointed to Luke. “He needs treatment. Palpatine hit him with a good dose of Force lightning.”

    “Yes my lord,” the medic walked to a hover chair and headed back to where Luke was. I helped the medic pick Luke up and placed him in the chair. “It’ll be four hours, my Lord.”

    “That’s fine, let me know as soon as he comes out,” I watched as the medic hurried off to the emergency room I set up. That will give me time to see if the Alliance was still at Endor or not. Palpatine was dead and no longer posed a threat to my children.

    That gave me some piece of mind out of all of this mess. Now if I only could help Luke pull an end to this war. I had knowledge the Alliance would be desperate to get their hands on. It would end this war in two years.

    With Palpatine’s death, the Empire was mine for the taking. But now I had no desire to take Palpatine’s place. I would do everything in my power to help set things right again.
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    Ooh, cool start. =D= Very plausible too. [face_thinking]
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    Interesting concept. I look forward to reading more. Also, can you please tag me when you update, Falcon. Thanks!
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    A great start. Interesting to follow
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    Pretty good, pretty good.
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    I stood at the window where Luke was bobbing up and down in a bacta tank. The worst of the surgery was over and the medic had reassured me that Luke would be ready for visitors in a couple of hours from now. I stared at my son’s body, my eyes lowering to his left hand where I had sliced it off a year ago. Guilt rushed through me as I realized all the horrible things I have done to my children. I hurt them, how could Luke possibly bring me here and restore my health? He was so much like Padme and my mother. Caring, compassionate, and understanding, I loved him all that much more. I was very proud of him and I knew Padme would be proud of him too.

    Luke somehow came into possession with Threepio and Artoo. I was curious about who had taken care of the droids. I wished Artoo were here with me. He would have Luke’s clearance codes… That will have to wait until Luke regained consciousness. I needed to kill some time.

    I needed a new lightsaber. I walked to the small room I set up with spare parts for one. I sat down at the table and relaxed my mind as I picked up a spare crystal sitting on the desk. I closed my eyes and stretched out with the Force manoeuvring the pieces into place. I slipped the crystal into the socket and pushed the chamber closed. I opened my eyes and pulled out the chamber to make sure I didn’t put the it in backwards again.

    Nodding in satisfaction I closed the chamber shut and flicked the switch. A blue lightsaber blade ignited with a familiar snap hiss. I placed my hand near the vent and felt very little heat. Good, the cooling conductors were working.

    I gave the handle a few quick flicks as I heard the bone crunching sound as the blade sliced through the air. I turned it off feeling satisfied and attached the hilt to my belt. I glanced at the chrono and noted an hour had passed by.

    One more hour, I thought with a frown as a new sensation hit me full force. A sensation I hadn’t felt in over twenty years. Time to raid the fridge, I thought with a small grin as I headed to the small kitchen. I fixed myself up a snack as the medic walked in with a frown. I lowered the snack with a sheepish smile. “Is there news?”

    “Not yet,” the medic answered as he walked to the fridge and made himself something to eat. “Luke will be out of the bacta treatment in an hour and you should eat. You must be starving by now.”

    I grabbed a glass of water and sat down at the table and ate the snack. I sensed the medic no longer feared me, which was a bit of a relief. It was a comfortable silence. I felt a little better as the medic glanced at his chrono. “I should get back and help Luke out of the tank. Are you related to him in any way?”

    “He’s my son,” I answered truthfully as Greg’s eyes widened in shock.

    “I see,” Greg stood up with a slight smile. “You can wait with him in the recovery room until he regains consciousness.”

    “Thank you,” I stood up and placed the dishes into the sink and gave them a quick rinse. I turned and noticed Greg was no longer in the room. I stepped out of the small kitchen and headed towards the medic wing. I watched as Luke was wheeled out of the small room and was pushed towards a recovery room. I grabbed a chair and followed the back of the medic to the room. I followed Greg in and sat down beside the bed.

    I took Luke’s hand into mine and lightly leaned my forehead against his hand. “I’m sorry, Luke. Please forgive me,” I whispered as I realized his birthday was soon. Tears filled my eyes remembering this was the anniversary of the day I destroyed the temple. “For your birthday, you’re in the med ward and it’s my fault.”

    I stretched out with the Force settling Luke into a healing trance as I slowly worked on repairing the damage. I could sense Luke’s consciousness slowly become aware of me and reached out to me. I showed him through the Force what he needed to do to speed up the healing with.

    I sensed Luke begin to work on his body as I continued to lend him my strength.
    Several hours later

    I blinked open my eyes and noticed everything looked slightly blurry as I raised a hand and cleaned the gunk out. I glanced over and noticed Luke was sitting in a chair waiting for me to wake up. “Shouldn’t you be resting?” I challenged in an irked parental tone.

    “I woke up half an hour ago and needed to move a round,” Luke answered honestly as I sat up in bed. “Are you angry with me?”

    I froze as I heard the question. I may have been irked with Luke earlier but not anymore. I’m thankful for what he did. “Not anymore,” I softened my features as I stood up and hugged him. “Thank you.”

    I felt Luke’s shoulders relax as he returned the hug. I refused to let go of my son as I continued to hold him. “You’re welcome.”

    I pulled back with a smile then frowned. “We should find out where the Alliance fleet is.”

    “I made contact with them about fifteen minutes ago. They’re headed towards a planet called Bakura. It’ll take about three weeks to get there from here,” Luke explained with a frown.

    Why does that planet sound familiar? I thought to myself. I stood up to my full height and placed a hand under my chin. I remember Palpatine mentioning something significant about the planet and not just the habitants there or what they produced. What was it?

    “Is something wrong, father?” Luke questioned with a concerned expression as he watched me.

    The Ssi-Ruuk, I thought with horror. If they knew Palpatine was gone they would not hesitate with an invasion on the galaxy and that was not something I planned to allow happen. “Did they say who was going?”

    “Han, Wedge, Leia is acting as Ambassador,” Luke answered with a smug grin causing me to freeze. I began to wonder what the smug grin was about. “Someone by the name of Fress and Ahsoka…”

    “Blast it,” if anyone can pin point my location on the planet it had to be these two. Fress Colias was my former padawan learner… I paused in my thinking as I stared at Luke. Did he say Ahsoka? “Ahsoka Tano?”

    “Yes why?” Luke questioned in confusion as I felt my excitement rise.

    I hadn’t talked with Ahsoka since the Council threw her to the jaws of an angry military. “Fress is my former padawan learner and Ahsoka was Obi-Wan’s.”

    “I know,” Luke answered with a smirk.

    What am I missing in all of this? “You’re not telling anyone in the fleet about me, is that understood?” I questioned with a hardened expression.

    “Yes,” Luke answered with a slight smirk. “I couldn’t lie to Fress even if I wanted too. You know she’s good at telling when someone is lying to her.”

    “I heard this rumor coming from the Hoth base,” I gave a smug grin causing Luke to suddenly look sick and temporarily forget about the other topic. His face blushed beet red. “It’s true isn’t it?” I questioned with a mischief expression and teasing tone as Luke darted his eyes guiltily away from me. “You played tongue twister with your sister?”

    Luke growled. “They started a rumour about that? We’re never going to hear the end of it now. For the record, she kissed me to piss off Han.”

    “I’ll have to ask Han for your reactions,” I teased causing Luke to blush even harder. “You enjoyed kissing Leia, didn’t you?”

    “This conversation is done,” Luke huffed as he walked out of the room and headed back to his recovery room.

    It wasn’t his fault, no one told Luke or Leia about their relations. It was just fun to tease him. It was time to prepare the shuttle for a long trip to Bakura and taking Greg with them was the right thing to do at this point. His skills would come in handy.

    “Luke, you go rest and I’ll prepare the shuttle,” I yelled at his retreating back as Greg approached me with a worried frown. “Don’t worry, Greg, your skills will be needed for where we are going, if you want to come along?”

    Greg gave a grateful smile. “I would love to come, Anakin. I love helping others.”

    I smiled as I patted Greg on the shoulder. “That’s good to hear, go pack your things and we need to take along at least three weeks worth of food with us. If there isn’t that much, we can make a stop along the way for supplies.”

    “Sounds like a plan to me,” Greg walked to his room as I headed to where the extra stock was kept. I rummaged through and looked at expiry dates noting most of it was still good. I quickly packed away the food in boxes. It was going to be a long ride.
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    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] Loved the teasing. Like Greg too. This will definitely be a unique and fun spin on Bakura. =D=
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    Love the banter between father and son. Greg is interesting
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    Thanks everyone for the feedback [:D]
    I stared at Luke as he sat in the pilot seat but I noticed something off. He looked really tired and his eyes were red and half closed. I was not about to let my son fly half a sleep. I placed my hand on his shoulder and he jumped visibly. “You’re not flying, Luke. Get up and allow me to fly. You should go and rest.”

    “Father, I need to do something,” Luke whined as he looked up at me with pleading blue eyes.

    “The something you can do for me right now is rest and get better. Or do you want to have chronic pain for the rest of your life?” I questioned in a serious tone reminding Luke of his true condition.

    Luke groaned as he stood up from the pilots seat and sat down in the co-pilots seat. “I can at least help you this way.”

    Luke was stubborn I thought to myself silently. He was just as stubborn as Padme and I. “I can handle the ship on my own.”

    “Are you sure about that, father?” Luke challenged without backing down.

    “Does a Jawa steal?” I challenged with a smirk.

    Luke smiled at the reference and stood up. “But if you need help…”

    “You’ll be the first to know,” I said with a frown as Luke headed towards the bunk in the back as Greg walked in and sat down at the co-pilot’s seat.

    “Finally,” I sat down in the chair and adjusted the controls and lifted the ship neatly off the platform. “He’s stubborn.”

    “I wonder where he got that from?” Greg challenged in a teasing tone. “You’re just as stubborn.”

    “He gets it from his mother,” I defended my stubborn nature as I adjusted our jump before pulling back on the hyperspace lever.

    “Well he got it from you too,” Greg pointed out for the second time. “And you’re hard headed…”

    I rolled my eyes as the dots turned into lines. I stood up and stretched. Greg was right I conceded silently to myself, but I wasn’t about to admit to it. I glanced at Greg as he waited patiently. “What?”

    “You’re not going to admit to it, are you?” Greg questioned in a patient tone. "I know you're thinking it."

    “No,” I answered as I headed back towards the kitchen. Just the thought of being able to eat real food again excited me. “Want something to eat?”

    “It’s better then waiting to come out of hyperspace,” Greg stood up and joined me in the living area as I began to prepare a meal. I smiled to myself, when was the last time I had this kind of fun banter? I will never fall to the dark side again. Not to mention I missed out on raising the twins with Padme. And that’s all I really wanted, was a family of my own.


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    Fun banter with Vader…who knew. Sorry I didn't comment on the last update. I sometimes read these stories on my phone but I have the worst time typing a reply, so I put it off and then I forget. Nice updates!
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    =D= Enjoyed the banter [face_laugh] And with two stubborn parents, Luke has no chance ;)
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    Enjoyed your update. Anakin is stubborn and Luke sure has inherited that from his father (and mother too)
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    I think I need to indulge on the background between Greg and Anakin a little and how he managed to survive Vader's infamous temper. I have an idea how but now I need my muse to co-operate.

    Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it [:D]

    No worries Love, it happens and sometimes I forget to comment as well ;)
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    I knocked on Luke’s door causing his head to turn in my direction. He smiled as I entered the room. “How are you feeling?”

    “I’m about halfway there,” Luke answered as he sat up in bed and grimaced.

    “Did you want some help getting into a healing trance?” I questioned with a frown as Luke smiled.

    “In a few minutes,” Luke answered honestly. “Can you tell me about mom? Who was she and what was she like?”

    I gave a weary smile as I sat down in a chair sitting beside his bed and reached into my pocket. I pulled out a holo cube and flicked it on then handed it to Luke. “Her name was Padme Amidala. She was a queen of her planet Naboo when I first met her, at the time her bodyguard did most of the talking at first.”

    “She looks like Leia,” Luke commented with a smile. “And strong in politics?”

    “Yes she was, she served as Senator for several years afterwards. She was a threat to Palpatine’s position and he knew it. She could convince thousands of senators with just a few words. She was tough as nails when it came to fighting. She tricked her captives a couple of times allowing her to escape,” I paused for a second as the warm love I had for her washed over me followed with a tint of regret. It was my fault Padme was dead. “When it came to picking locks, she was really good at it,” Luke studied the holo causing more guilt to wash through me. He never got to meet his mother. “You really would’ve liked her, Luke. She was something else, strong and compassionate. She always turned her missions into setting things right again. I loved her very much.”

    “Can you make a copy for me?” Luke questioned with a frown.

    “I would be more then happy too, and I’ll make a copy for Leia if she wants,” I knew that was something Leia really wanted to know. I could sense it last time I was near her.

    “I’m sure she would like that,” Luke handed the holo back to me and lay back down on the bed. “Did you and mom get into trouble?”

    “It created the rest of the grey hairs on Obi-Wan’s head,” I joked lightly. “I have a feeling most of them were my doing when I was his padawan learner. I lost count on the amount of times I had to pull her out of trouble.”

    Luke smirked as he watched me with a mischief smile. “How many times did you get into trouble?”

    “Let’s put this into perspective,” I sat back with a grin. How could I not grin at this reference, we both managed to land into equal amounts of trouble. “Obi-Wan and Captain Typho had disagreements on who would do what. Typho was more worried about Padme doing something and Obi-Wan thought I was more adapt at doing something then Padme. You and Leia seemed to have inherited the no self preservation Skywalker gene.”

    Luke chuckled as he closed his eyes. “That’s what Han is always saying.”

    “He’s good at helping you get out of trouble, he would make a wonderful son-in-law and I noticed the bond between them,” I said with a worry smile. Han in the family wasn’t such a bad idea. At least the kid knew how to take care of himself not to mention he’s been watching over the twins for the past three years.

    Luke cracked an eye open as he looked at me with a smirk. “You approve?”

    “Yes,” I answered. “If a slave and queen can make it work. Then a princess and a smuggler can make it work,” I explained patiently. “How do you feel about Han?”

    Luke closed his eyes and grinned. “He’s like a big brother to me. They have the chemistry,” he yawned as he glanced at me with slightly red eyes. Whether Luke figured it out or not, he looked like he needed more rest.

    “Did you eat yet?” I questioned with concern as Luke nodded to some plates sitting off to the side.

    “Half an hour ago,” Luke answered honestly as I connected my mind up to his. I closed my eyes sinking myself into the Force as I sensed Luke slip into a healing trance. I opened my eyes and watched him sleep. I stood up and gently leaned over and kissed his forehead. “Night son.”

    I collected the plates and headed towards the kitchen and proceeded to wash them.
    Nineteen years ago, I began looking to switching my memories to a clone body of myself so I didn’t have to put up with living in the armor anymore. Palpatine had done it numerous times which makes me a little hesitant to even try. In the end he was just plain crazy and out of his mind. I came across Greg and heard he worked with clones and he came highly recommended as a great medic.

    I hired him, what little did I know was he was good at pointing out my faults or knew what was on my mind even with the mask on. It was annoying at times. I suspect he’s Force sensitive but would rather have him focus on raising my clone. In another words, I didn’t want to know. He seemed like a good medic to have around and time after time he proved to me just how valuable he truly was.

    I didn’t escape Palpatine’s torture sessions. Occasionally he would punish me severally for what he called lack of foresight. Sometimes I wonder if Palpatine just liked to torture for fun. Here was Greg, willing to nurse me back to health. During this entire time, he was the only true friend I had or I would like to think so. I couldn’t bring myself to hurt him. He still feared me but still managed to stand up against me, even when I was being how he puts it hard headed.

    Greg was a very caring individual. Something about how he cares about others no matter who they are was deeply touching. I needed to rewrite my will to include Luke and Leia in it. I was seriously considering including Greg now.

    I looked up as Greg walked in with a frown on his face. “Is something on your mind, Greg?” I questioned quickly with a slight quirk to my mouth.

    “Out of everyone that you killed, why did you keep me around?” Greg questioned with a frown.

    I sat back in my chair and gestured to the seat on the other side of the small table. He sat down as I smiled. “I was wondering about that myself,” I answered honestly. “After Palpatine’s torture sessions, most wouldn’t have gone out of their way to help me. But you did. Why was that?”

    “I don’t like seeing others in pain,” Greg answered honestly. “No matter who they are or what they did. You did hire me for the project.”

    I smiled and nodded. “Greg, I never had any friends during my time as Vader,” I explained with a frown. “And the way I behaved, I didn’t allow myself to draw close to anyone. I’m not sure how you feel about what I’m going to say. I’m beginning to suspect I started to see you as a friend but never realized it until now.”

    Greg was silent, almost too silent I thought to myself. All those times I was up in the middle of the night completely in pain and he was right there and we talked long into the night. It took my mind off of the pain for a while. Never once did I mention about my wife or children.

    Greg gave a short nod and smiled. “I always wondered how I survived. We bonded without realizing it. You never once mentioned the twins or your wife.”

    “It was painful to talk about it,” I answered with a frown.

    “The more one talk about things, the easier it gets,” Greg pointed out as he stood up and walked to the cabinet and pulled out a couple of cups. He put a kettle on the small heating unit. “I thought when all of this was done, you would hand me a pink slip. But now you’re asking me to help out in the Alliance. I’m happy you gave me a option to continue to help and put my skills to use.”

    “Greg, I would like to include you in my will,” I explained with a frown. “You did so much for me over the years, I just want a small way to say thank you.”

    “Thank you Anakin,” Greg turned towards me and gave a genuine smile. “I’m honoured to call you my friend.”

    I smiled as I began to rewrite my will leaving a certain amount to Greg. After all the things he did for me over the past several years when he could’ve just let me suffer made me feel humble.
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    Wonderful conversations :) Nice to learn more about Greg. =D=
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    Very nice!
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    I love how he treats Greg. A real friend for him
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    Three weeks later

    As we popped out of hyperspace, the battle around the planet was raging. If I had to guess, the planet was on lock down and the only way for us to land was to give them Vader’s clearance code. I glanced at Luke with a frown who seemed to be in a lot less pain now then he was in three weeks ago. “Get to the cannon,” I said with a frown.

    Luke nodded as he stood up and ran for the back as Greg took his seat. I reached up as someone attempted to make contact with the freighter. I quickly punched in my old Imperial clearance code. I didn’t have to wait long as we were granted permission to land.

    I pushed the freighter forward as I scanned the ships for the Falcon. I had a feeling Han would not let Leia out of his sight for long. The Falcon flew by as I felt an unfamiliar presence make contact with Luke. I frowned wondering who this Force user was. Was it possible the slave that translated for Palpatine was Force sensitive?

    As I felt the contact fade the enemy ships jumped into hyperspace. I had a feeling we caught the tail end of the fight. I knew they would not go far and drop out in the outer system. I pushed the ship towards the planet as the homing beacon for my cottage picked up my ship’s signature and guided us in. Greg and I would stay at the cottage and Luke would join Leia so she would not draw suspicion. “Luke will join Leia at the hall for a meeting I suspect will happen with the governor and senate. You and I will be going shopping for supplies for our stay.”

    “Sounds like a plan,” Greg said as I landed the ship on the landing pad.

    I put the engines on standby as Greg stood up and headed to the back. I wish I could speak to Leia but after everything I have done. I feel she maybe better off if we didn’t speak. Luke walked down the ramp as we followed him. I had a feeling Leia and I eventually having a talk would be unavoidable.

    I slipped into the drivers side of the speeder in the hanger and took off towards the town hall.
    Leia was just getting out of the speeder the Imperial Governor had supplied to her as Luke got out of the speeder and ran over to her. Leia smiled and hugged Luke tightly to her as I watched the twins longing and aching to hold both in my arms. I longed to hold my baby girl but knew I had messed up. I will never be able to hold her and that thought made my heart ache with a pain I will never be able to relieve.

    Fress and Ahsoka were not too far away from Han and Chewbacca as they placed their weapons in the locker. I watched as Fress froze her gaze turned in my direction. Jess Shern walked up beside Fress as I pulled the hood tighter around my head and lifted the speeder off the ground not allowing her to get a good look at me. I could sense her probing me with the Force and I sensed her suspicion rise ten fold.

    I pushed the speeder forward taking off not giving her a chance to get a visual identification on me. I could sense Greg’s curious eyes on me as I headed for the shopping centre. “She was my former apprentice during the Clone wars.”

    Greg didn’t speak a word as we pulled up to the shopping centre. I slipped out of the speeder and headed for the entrance. I had this feeling Fress will attempt to track me down later. She and I thought too much a like in our younger years. I was not looking forward to that confrontation.
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    I hope he can speak to Leia, Fress and Ahsoka. Luke has fogiven his father now they have to follow.
    Nice update
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    I agree. I think Fress and Ahsoka, naturally, will come around sooner.
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    I do like witty plots. This happens to be one. And it has jolly good dialogues. :D
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    I finished unpacking the last box of food supplies we bought earlier. I let Greg take care of the medical supplies. For me it was like trying to learn a new language. Greg understood what was what and my knowledge was limited. I walked out of the pantry as Greg sat down in a chair in the living area. “It’s turning into a long day.”

    “That’s the understatement of the year,” Greg quipped in a teasing tone as I sat down on the couch.

    I placed my hand down on the upholstery savouring the soft touch underneath my fingers causing me to smile. I glanced at Greg who was watching me with a smug grin. “What?”

    “It has been a long time for you, hasn’t it?” Greg questioned with a frown.

    “Too long,” I answered in agreement as I heard the front door open. I paused for a second as I reached out with the Force and sensed Luke entering the house. He felt irritated to me as I watched him walk in covered in oil? “Luke, I didn’t know you like to bathe like a droid. You don’t have any strange fetish’s I should be aware of do you?”

    Luke rolled his eyes as he trudged to the bathroom as I watched his retreating back as Artoo tweeted in greetings. “Hello Artoo, it’s been a long time hasn’t it?”

    Artoo stopped and swivelled his head in my direction as I realized he didn’t know I was sitting here. He let off a string of beeps and whistles in a way when he told someone off. I closed my eyes allowing Artoo to get it out of his system first. I felt him bump into me a couple of times causing me to open my eyes and look at him. His eye was looking directly at me. He was angry with me. “I did turn into a jerk didn’t I? I’m sorry Artoo. I’m asking for you forgiveness.”

    Artoo backed up and tweeted an acceptance causing Greg to watch me with a frown. “He was my wifes droid, and then she allowed me to use him during the Clone Wars. Now he’s Luke’s droid and never once had a memory wipe in over 30 years.”

    “That explains why he told you off,” Greg watched the small droid as Artoo twittered and move to a charging unit.

    “I love Artoo. He is a good friend and comes in handy during tight spots from time to time,” I explained with a slight smile. No other droid even comes close to Artoo’s expertise for breaking into computers and by passing locks. Or that’s the way I always saw it.

    I heard the front door open and close causing me to frown. I wasn’t expecting anyone else and Luke was in the bathtub scrubbing oil off. I stood up and walked to the front foyer as a man I didn’t recognize blinked and looked at me with a frown. “May I help you?”

    “I’m looking for Lord Vader, I’m under the impression from my sources he came planet side shortly after the Ssi-Ruuk made the jump to hyperspace,” the man explained with a frown. The man looked to be Fress’s age.

    Before I had a chance to respond Fress Colias walked through the door and stopped dead in her tracks. I made direct eye contact with her as she swallowed hard. “It’s true.”

    “What’s true, Fress?” I questioned with a curious expression.

    Fress placed a hand over her mouth and I sensed she was in plain shock. “I don’t believe it. It’s like stepping back through time.”

    “You know this man, Master Colias?” The man questioned with a curious expression.

    “Lord Vader’s clone,” Fress answered as she took a step forward and threw herself into my arms. I stood there feeling stiff at first from the sudden contact. I thought she would never be this forgiving especially after Tarkin destroyed Alderaan. I relaxed my muscles and brought my arms up around her back.

    “I missed you, padawan,” I whispered gently into her ear. Boy did I miss this kid. “I’m sorry for everything I have done to you, can you forgive this old fool?”

    “I already have, Ani,” Fress whispered back. “I’m just happy to have your old self back to normal. Almost normal,” she took a step back as I released my hold on her. “How did you do it?”

    “There is this technique that Palpatine knew how to transfer his memories into a clone’s body,” I explained with a frown. “Obi-Wan instructed Luke after I passed out on the Death Star. I woke up in this body. I had this clone growing for the past nineteen years and I was reluctant to try. Every time Palpatine transferred his memories, he grew crazier.”

    “Senator Captison, this is Anakin Skywalker or as you and the Imperials know him as Lord Vader,” Fress introduced with a smile.

    “My wife and I are wondering if you would care to join us for dinner?” Captison questioned with a smile. “You still have the authority to sign a peace treaty on behalf of the Empire.”

    “I have nothing to wear,” I pointed out with a frown.

    “My driver will take you to a store and get you fitted with a tux,” Captison explained with a smile. “It’s on me.”

    I sighed in frustration as Fress pushed me out the door. “I don’t know about this, Fress. Leia’s bound to bite my head off.”

    “Shove it Sky Guy before I force you into one,” Fress threatened in a neutral tone. “Don’t worry about Leia,” she said as we came to a stop in front of the speeder. “It’ll take her some time.”

    I climbed into the speeder as Fress slid in beside me. I sensed her mind forcing me to stay seated. I tried to move as I felt an invisible hand on my chest pressing me up against the seat. “Can you loosen your Force grip a little?”

    Fress rolled her eyes as I sensed her grip loosen on me as I shifted in the seat. She was going to force me to go through with this. I was nervous with the thought of facing Leia for the first time with knowledge of who I was to her was a terrifying thought.
    I stood in front of a mirror as I adjusted the cuffs around my wrists. I saw Fress watching me from behind with a small smile. “Well?” I questioned as I turned around to face her. “How do I look?”

    “Turn around slowly,” Fress said with a slight smirk causing me to raise an eyebrow in her direction.

    I slowly turned around then stopped. “So?”

    “Turn around again?” Fress questioned in a hopeful tone.

    I raised an eyebrow as Fress suddenly reminded me of Padme. She always asked me to turn around more then once. I always wondered why. I turned around again then raised an eyebrow.

    “Again?” Fress questioned with a smirk.

    “Padme always asked me to turn around more then once, why is that?” I questioned with a frown.

    “It’s a secret,” Fress answered as she walked forward and adjusted the tie around my neck. “You look handsome. The suit looks good on you.”

    “Thanks,” I walked to the mirror and turned around and stopped halfway around as I noticed my rear. I slapped my head as it dawned on me. “It’s all about the rear, isn’t it?”

    Fress didn’t deny or confirm my sudden revelation as she walked into the fitting room. “It did give Padme an interesting view.”

    “Kriff,” I swore out loud causing Fress to laugh.

    “You’re slow on the uptake when it comes to our little mysteries, Ani,” Fress teased as I heard her shuffle behind the door. She walked back out dressed in a deep blue dress that brought out her eyes and hugged her all in the right spots. “Well?”

    “I don’t think Jess will make it half way through dinner before wanting to leave,” I answered with a smile. “You look beautiful.”

    “That’s the plan,” Fress answered as she picked up her robes as we made our way to the front. We had to meet the others at the Captisons right away.

    The driver took care of the tab for the both of us as we walked out of the store. My nervousness skyrocketed as I held the door open for Fress. I was nervous for the first time in a long time.
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    :D :D on Fress's reaction and forgiveness and [face_rofl] on the whole rear end thing [face_mischief] Yuppers, Mara can tell you it's all about the butt [face_rofl]
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    Haven't read completely thru yet (olympics break, English homework... why the heck am I taking English 200? Because my mother finally talked me into it, and I had to take it sometime. PreReqs... yay!), but... Yay for Anakin realizing he has the chance to set things right at the top! (And... medical detail of Luke and the Force Lightning! Hee!)
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    A very nice update. Fress has forgiven him and now the others. I love his reactions about dressing in a tux
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