Beyond - Legends "A Subtle, Artistic Reminder" for the MMM "A Touch" Challenge.

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    "A Subtle, Artistic Reminder"
    by WarmNyota

    Characters: Wedge and Luke/Mara

    Note 1: This is for the MMM "Just a Touch challenge"

    Second Note: The lovely twin suns painting courtesy of @Bel505 "Return to Coruscant III".


    When Wedge came by Luke's place to chat about old times and new with the Rogues, he noticed an amazing bit of artwork decorating one wall.

    "Hmm, bit of home," Wedge observed. "Very nice."

    Luke flushed. That was one reason he had been drawn to the painting at an art exhibit. Another was ... more subtle. The sunset glow reminded him of Mara Jade's red-gold curls as they spilled down and around her in casual moments, which he had to admit were rare indeed, so he savored them whenever he could He would never let Mara know that she had inspired the impulsive buy.

    "Seen anything of Iella lately?" Luke asked to change the subject.

    "Not nearly enough. We have to really work to get our schedules to sync," Wedge said regretfully. "How about you? Has Mara Jade been around??"

    "Now, what would make you mention her?" Luke asked, trying to be innocent.

    Wedge chuckled and clapped Luke on the shoulder. "You forget I was pining after Iella long before either of us said a thing, Luke. I know the look."

    Luke laughed in turn and decided to be candid. "No, she's busy with Karrde and the Smuggler's Alliance. I do enjoy it when she finds herself on Coruscant and we can snatch a spar or quick lunch, although I'm sure I'm more enthusiastic about it than she is."


    Later, when he and Mara had come to a mutually satisfying understanding about their feelings, she found occasion to admire the painting.

    Luke commented, "It reminds me of home and, incidentally, of you."

    Mara's green eyes widened, and then she blushed with pleased surprise. "You mean...?"

    He clasped her hands and leaned in for a brief, gentle kiss. "Yes, that's exactly what I mean."

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    Sweet little story. And Mara can be a sweetie, too, when she lets herself!
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    Ah, the lure of a redhead. [face_love]

    Very nice.
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    a painting. Wedge and Luke bantering and Mara of course in it and liking it.