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  1. VaderLVR64

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    Feb 5, 2004
    Title: A Tapestry Wide and Wonderful
    Author: VaderLVR64
    Characters: Anakin Skywalker, Shmi, more to come soon
    Genre: Short story that somehow morphed into an epic of sorts. That happens to me a lot. :p
    Timeframe: Would be approximately the timeframe of ROTS
    Summary: A different path is taken, another destiny claimed. Anakin Skywalker, rejected by the Jedi Order, returns to Tatooine to make a new life.

    A Tapestry Wide and Wonderful

    ?Destiny itself is like a wonderful wide tapestry in which every thread is guided by an unspeakably tender hand, placed beside another thread and held and carried by a hundred others.? Rainer Maria Rilke


    There are some men who seem destined to stand out above others from the moment of their birth. There is something different about them, a certain quality that seems to sing of greatness, though they may seem humble for a time. But when a man is fated for different things, for better things, he draws his greatness about him like a cloak and uses it to shield himself from life?s storms.

    This too shall pass, he whispers to himself when his prospects seem bleak and his future looks dismal. He trusts in his own destiny, believes that he can achieve it through hard work and determination. Such a man might be defeated, but he is never vanquished.

    On the hot, dusty planet of Tatooine there was just such a man. Born into the most humble of circumstances, the stamp of destiny had been put upon him before birth. The only questions to be answered were how and when, and he always knew he would answer them in time, with his own hands and heart.

    He had made his own way in the galaxy, and like most self-made men, he had a healthy dose of arrogance. Sometimes his ego had been all that sustained him, it was a part of him, and at times it was his greatest strength. He could be ruthless when the situation called for it. His success had come from the first; his survival had depended on the second. He had learned to dispense both his largesse and his displeasure with a careful hand, for experience had been a demanding tutor.

    To many, he was an enigma, a man no one seemed to really know. They knew the facts of the man, but not the soul. Fame had come his way through his own skills and recklessness; fortune had swiftly followed as it inevitably does for one such as that. He was one of the fortunate ones who had the discipline and determination to hold onto them both. What he wanted, he claimed; what he claimed, he kept.

    His cool blue eyes stared out the universe as if daring it to do its worst. What hardly anyone knew was that he had already faced hell and emerged from the other side, and nothing they threatened would give him pause. The scars were hidden, the pain buried, but they remained a part of him, had helped forge him into the man he was.

    A brash and reckless charm endeared him to both men and women, men who admired his daring, women who merely admired. He took notice of them on the periphery, but did not change his course to suit them.

    He had only been a boy when he first risked his life to gain his freedom. Only a child, but there was nothing left of the child inside. A slave does not have the luxury of a childhood, and only the strongest survive with their spirit intact. He had been one of the lucky ones, though he had created his own luck rather than waiting for destiny to hand it to him. Luck was for lesser men. What he had not been born with, he earned through his own hard work and risk.

    Though many with his wealth might have left behind the dusty streets of a childhood of servitude, he never did. He thought of himself as a gutter rat, but wore the label with distinction and pride. He was not ashamed of the place he had come from, he was too focused on where he was going. He had grown up among those who struggled merely to survive. Those wretched souls were his brothers and sisters, and he never forgot where he had started.

    Now when he passed them on the street, they whis
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    Nov 23, 2006
    Wow. I can't wait for more. Every time I read one of your stories, it's like I'm really there. (Does that sound stupid) Your characterization and descripition are...well, wow! I hope you post more soon. ^____^
  3. merijune

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    Oct 26, 2005
    Once again, what a way with the descriptions! I love when Vadey writes Anakin to Vader and then back again. PLEASE PM me when you've updated this one.
  4. Jturtle

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    Jun 9, 2006
    Great start!

    Looking forward to more. :D

    PM me?
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    Woohoo! Another Vadey story! Man, this day just keeps getting better and better!

    I LOVE AU's and yours are always top notch. You have such a unique way of looking at the SW universe and making me see things that could-have-been. I can't tell you how much I enjoy it!

    Needless to say, I'm anxious to see where you take us on this journey. Please put me high on the PM list. Can't wait for the next post, my friend! Yay!
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    Dec 2, 2004
    Interesting beginning. Look forward to reading where you will take this. Great as always!
  7. dianethx

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    Mar 1, 2002
    Very interesting. I have no idea where you are going with this but please PM me when you update.

    Great setup!
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    I love the SW universe you bring us to and I'm willing to go there again and again!

    Please add me to your PM list:)
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    ohhh...PMs please!
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    Wow what an intriguing beginning.

    Poor Ani - rejected by the Jedi Order. I can't wait to see how he deals with it.

    If you have a PM list, please add me? [face_praying]

    Looking forward to more

    =D= =D= =D= =D=
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    You certainly have my attention! :D

    And you know I expect to be PM'ed regarding updates. ;)

    Can't wait for more, K.

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    Intreging! Pm me!

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    Anakin Skywalker, meet Citizen Kane.

    Oooh, I'm hooked. Can you PM me when you update this one?
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    Feb 5, 2004
    First, I want to explain that this chapter isn't in my usual style. Think of it as a very long prologue. :p Hopefully, it will keep your attention and give the necessary background on Anakin and his life. Second, this is my 20,000 post! [face_blush] So I guess that means I have no life. :p

    Anakin_Panda Thank you! :D That's one of the best compliments a writer can get.

    merijune I will and thank you! [face_blush]

    Jturtle Sure! And thanks for reading. :)

    VA_Parky I must be bribing you well. :D And thank you.

    JediMasterRev Thank you! It was a little plot bunny I've been contemplating for a while.

    dianethx I see the destination. Let's hope I get us there okay. :p

    HandmaidenVeme Okay! :D Glad you like it.

    palpyisgod2 Sure thing. ;)

    KELIA I will and thanks for reading. [:D]

    Gina All right, if I must. [face_mischief]

    Jedi_Master_Cazz Glad you like it.

    Blue_Milkshake Nice to see you here! I'll PM you.

    The next chapter will be more typical. :p

    [b]Chapter 1[/b]

    He had been a mere boy when the Jedi had first arrived on his planet and offered him that first tantalizing glimpse of the future that just might be his. Just a taste, a hint of the scent of freedom on the wind, but he had been intrigued and determined, ready to fight to claim what was his.

    On a blazing hot Tatooine day, he had raced from slavery to freedom. A boy, suddenly freed and with his whole life stretching out before him. The shock of it had made him giddy.

    ?Will you take him to become a Jedi?? his mother had asked the big Jedi Master. Always, his mother?s first thoughts had been of him, of what was best for Anakin.

    ?If he wishes,? Jinn had answered.

    And of course he had wished! To be a Jedi was his ultimate and most cherished, the one he had nurtured almost as long as he had been alive. It had been only a dream, a vision of things to come, but he had known that the dream would eventually find him. And it had. Out of the blue, on a day like any other, and it had arrived on his doorstep.

    But then had come the horrible realization that he would have to leave his mother there ? a slave. Anakin would be free, but Shmi would remain a slave, the property of another. There was nothing that Anakin could do about that, and the Jedi would make no promises. Had that been the moment when he had first doubted the Jedi? Perhaps, though it hardly mattered now.

    Leaving behind his mother had cut into his young heart, leaving him wounded though no one seemed to notice or to care. Only his mother had known how much it cost him to walk across those hot sands, fearful that he might never see her again. It had taken courage that he did not know he possessed, though his mother had known. And so she had let him go. The ultimate sacrifice, Shmi had given him up to his new future.

    Coruscant had been a revelation to the boy, who stood with mouth agape and a hungry heart. He [i]wanted[/i] what he saw there, not just the trappings of it, but the luxury of knowing his place in the galaxy, the security of belonging someplace where he was not owned but welcomed, at least by one.

    Then he had gone to Naboo and he knew at that moment that there could never be another world as beautiful as that one, or a woman as lovely as Padmé. She was perfect in every way. One day he would marry her, he told himself. That he could not be a Jedi and a married man troubled him not at all. He was destined to do both, he told himself. And given the chance, he would.

    With the Force as his ally, he had destroyed the Trade Federation ship and given the victory to the Naboo, and to the Republic. But like most triumphs, his was laced with sadness. The great Jedi Master who had first seen such promise in him had fallen on that same day. So Anakin was left to wonder what would become of him.

    Obi-Wan Kenobi, apprentice to Qui-Gon Jinn, had promised him that he [i]would[/i] become a Jedi. Then the Council had had t>
  15. Blue_Milkshake

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    Nov 18, 2005
    I love it! This chapter is even better than the first! Such a great "what if" story. [face_thinking]

    Congrats on you posting achievement!
  16. dianethx

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    Mar 1, 2002
    I love the way you've laid out his past, keeping part of it canon but diverting quickly after TPM. Watto was wily enough to realize that he could make a lot more this way!

    Loved it. Looking forward to more.

    Congrats on your achievement and yep, you have no life...LOL [face_laugh]

    SHADOW_MASTER_W Jedi Knight star 1

    Jan 11, 2005
    Loving this premise and story!!! Keep it up!
  18. VA_Parky

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    Aug 10, 2005
    AWESOME! I loved the way this chapter unfolded - it really gave us a good sense of Anakin and what his life has been like since the Jedi's rejection. And you know what else? It made me even MORE excited to see what's going to happen next.

    I can't wait!

    I'm so pleased that Shmi is free. Yay! And Anakin still has a connection to Obi-Wan, even if it is only a fond memory. Although, he did say he felt that their paths will cross one day, so that's definitely captured my interest.

    Oh, so many good things going on, I can't even list them. BRAVO! Looking forward to the next chapter! Thanks for the PM!
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    Yet another Mama Vader classic I just must receive a PM on when the next post hits.

    Please [face_praying]
  20. Jaded_Rose

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    You have may no life, MamaV, but you have a ton of friends and fans! I really like this AU Anakin - he is very balanced, very in control. I can't wait to see what his legend is going to be.

    Hey, that rhymed!

  21. Jturtle

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    Jun 9, 2006
    Great job!

    It's particularly interesting the way you describe Anakin as an adult.
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    Hey I just found this story and you've got me on board [face_peace]!

    And even though you might think you have no life, I think the rest of us could say the same things about ourselves too :p so don't sweat it!

    Please add me to your PM list [face_praying]!
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    Add me Mama Vader.
  24. HandmaidenVeme

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    The turn of events seem to have sprouted a well grounded and mature Anakin.

    Will things be all sunshine and roses for him or will he have to battle certain demons? I can't wait to see how he handles himself in those kind of situations.

    I can't wait for the next update!!!
  25. KELIA

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    Jul 26, 2005
    I'm so glad to see Shmi was also freed, though Watto set way too high of a price

    I can certainly see Anakin returning to racing to make a living and I hope his path crosses with Obi-Wan's again. How nice to see him have fond memories for Obi.

    Great update

    =D= =D= =D= =D=
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