Beyond - Legends "A Tranquil Stroll" Songs of English Restoration Challenge. (Kyp/Sevrina)

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    Note: This is for the Songs of English Restoration. I got #14. Lyrics are beneath the tag.

    Disclaimer: Nothing and no one is mine, except for the captivating Sevrina. :D

    "Traveling Jedi teams?" Kyp speculated as he listened with half an ear to what the mid-week meeting of the Praxea Council was discussing. If it meant he and Sevrina could pair up with a couple of apprentices, he would be all for it. It was a pleasure working and socializing with Sevrina. His mind kept straying to her on the most flimsy of pretexts.

    The other night, Kyp had found Sevrina entertaining the younger apprentices with her knack for legend-spinning, this time about legendary Miraluka Jedi. She had finished by singing a ballad in Nabooian, a lullaby, it sounded like.

    They had strolled in the nearby garden where more than one fountain splashed and the chimes suspended overhead tingled in tune with the sound of the water.

    "This is a lovely garden, and I just love these fountains!" Sevrina said. "I know Master Skywalker had a hand in including the water."

    Kyp grinned. "His love of water is no secret. I heard you in the creche lounge telling of Miralukan adventures. You'll never cease to surprise me. You know about several cultures, and you sing very beautifully."

    Sevrina had laughed, her interestingly colored eyes sparkling. "I hope I have a ridiculously long time to make the attempt to astound Master Durron who's been there and seen that and done even more."

    Kyp winced, and Sevrina blushed. "I stepped in it that time, didn't I?"

    Kyp grimaced. "No, it's all right. Truly. You shouldn't have to watch every word, Rina. It's me, I read strange things into the most innocuous comments."

    She slid an arm around him and squeezed. He leaned into her, basking in the serenity of the garden, the splashing of the water, and the melody of the chimes. He felt an inner tension ease.

    "You know something, Rina? You're good for me."

    "Am I, Kyp?" She beamed. "Thank you for saying so." She leaned close and kissed him softly.

    The Force didn't so much as hum, as join in harmony to the music of the tranquil evening.



    Music for a while
    Shall all your cares beguile:
    Wond'ring how your pains were eas'd
    And disdaining to be pleas'd,
    Till Alecto free the dead
    From their eternal bands,
    Till the snakes drop from her head,
    And the whip from out her hands.
    Music for a while
    Shall all your cares beguile.
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    Oh, how sweet! These two definitely know how to beguile each others' cares—they really are music to each other, and even the Force knows it! [face_love] And such a beautiful setting you've set, too, with the fountain and chimes (and the memory of Sevrina's Nabooian song) joining their sounds together. Great job, as always, and thanks so much for being part of this challenge! =D=
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    sweet piece. Sevrina singing and Kyp enjoying what she is telling. They are made for each other
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    The Force didn't so much as hum, as join in harmony to the music of the tranquil evening.

    That sentence alone proves that you are a genius. And your stories leave a nice and warm feeling inside me.
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    [:D] [:D] Thanks so much.
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    Aww this was so sweet!

    Of course Kyp would take any opportunity to spend more time with Sevrina. [face_batting]

    This was a perfect thing for Kyp to admit to her! [face_love]

    And he got a kiss! :* Again perfect!