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Before - Legends A Very Short Story - Guard Duty

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by PlanetSmasher, Sep 2, 2019.

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    Mar 14, 2017
    Here is a very short story. It takes place in the Sith Politics: Fun and Games time line... This incident takes place in Imperial Settlement Number Two on Taris.

    I hope you'll like it.


    Guard Duty​

    A lone Imperial soldier approached the three shiftless male Imperial settlers, loitering fifty meters from the gate he and his three fellow Imperial soldiers stood guard to protect. The three loiterers stopped their conversation to watch the approach of the lone soldier. The Imperial soldier was proudly clad in his slate grey heavy fabric light infantry uniform with the strap of his turtle shell helmet cinched firmly under his chin.

    The soldier marched precisely to a halt three meters from where the three loiterers stood, waiting to hear what the soldier had to say to them. His three fellow soldiers watched carefully from the civilian access entry point, Gate Five, of Settlement Number Two.

    With his spotlessly clean weapon at port arms, he stomped his spotless and highly polished black shin high boot, and stentoriously ordered, “CLEAR THE AREA!! LOITERING IS NOT PERMITTED AT THE GATE!! MOVE ALONG!!”

    The three Imperials, exchanged glances as though trying to decide whether to comply or to give the soldier a bit of a rough time.

    One of the loiterers asked, “How far we gotta be before we’re not at the gate?”

    His buddies chortled, and smirked in low tones.

    The Soldier pointed his weapon at the three, shouting, “UNTIL YOU’RE SURE I CAN’T HIT YOU WITH MY WEAPON!!”

    The soldier’s three fellow sentries ran from their posts and took up firing positions, aiming their blaster rifles at the three shiftless settlers. Without another word, the three settlers hurriedly walked away, rushing down the main thoroughfare into the heart of Imperial Settlement Number Two.

    Security had been bulked up at all of the guard posts, the guard having been doubled because of the greatly increased level of violence against the Imperial troops guarding the city. Their platoon commander, Lieutenant Edlen Vatterahn was murdered a few weeks before, during the late evening, as he made his rounds inspecting the guard. He had been ambushed with an anti-armor rocket, as he drove his lightly armored command speeder through the streets of the settlement on his way to the next guard post.

    The lieutenant’s death wasn’t the only violence against the Imperial troops. There had been an increasing number of ambushes and attacks against the troops at their posts or on their patrols inside the city walls. Outside of the walls, in the wild young forests of Taris, within the reclaimed area of Taris’ massive cleanup zone, security patrols were often ambushed with incredible effectiveness. It was suspected that the rebels had been getting surreptitious help from the Galactic Republic.

    The not so lone soldier and his three fellow Imperial troopers returned to their gate post on heightened alert. They kept their weapons at the ready, powering up their scanning goggles and scrutinizing every nook and cranny of the urban landscape in their line of sight within the city wall near their gate post.

    An hour and a half had passed without further incident. The soldiers had powered down their goggles, and returned their blaster rifles to the weapons brackets on their backs. Two soldiers scrutinized a cargo speeder entering the city. One inspected the cargo section, walking down the narrow isle in between the crates in the cargo hold of the speeder and scanning each sealed crate as he went. The other verified the documentation stored on the driver’s datapad. The two remaining soldiers kept an eye out for their comrades as they inspected the vehicle.

    In the meantime, a squad of Imperial soldiers in their smartly pressed slate gray uniforms, their spotless and shiny shin high boots, and immaculate blaster rifles at the ready marched out the gate as they began their patrol of the forested area outside of the city walls.

    The four Imperial soldiers returned to their posts, allowing the cargo speeder to enter the settlement. A few hours passed without further incident.

    One of the soldiers looked at his chronometer, and after noting the time, commented, “Ten minutes before the changing of the guard.”

    “It’s about time, Kranst!” his comrade declared, and then complained, “My feet are tired!”

    Another soldier added excitedly, “I’ve heard they’ve brought in a huge shipment of frozen porgs! We’ll be having roasted porg tonight!”

    “You really like porg, don’t you, Milt?” Kranst observed, laughing.

    The not so lone Imperial soldier from before told his fellows, “Keep sharp! You know they like to attack just before the changing of…..”

    His head seemed to vaporize as his helmet flew back and his body dropped limply to the deck of his guard post. His friends leapt for cover, as the report of the shot reached their ears. One of the three remaining Imperial soldiers brought out her energy scanner and searched in the direction of the report.

    She shook her head in the negative, reporting, “Nothing! No energy readings!”

    It was quite perplexing until a piece of the resicrete broke off of the wall behind them, with the zinging sound of an unknown object whizzing away immediately followed by another distant report.

    The three surviving soldiers all voiced their thoughts simultaneously, shouting, “SLUG THROWERS!”

    The three, taking cover from the sniper fire coming from down the street which led to their gate, began to take action. Private Milt immediately gave a contact report.

    “Team Twelve, contact! Sniper! Inside gate five! We’re pinned! Corporal Lemmel is down, dead! Sniper armed with ballistic projectile weapon! Need backup!”

    The soldier who’d used the scanner earlier turned the function selection knob to the Acoustic Tracer / Range Finder setting. She set the device on the raised resicrete platform, behind which she was taking cover, pointed in the general direction of the sound of the second report. As she removed her helmet, a reply came in from their company commander.

    “Locate sniper, take action to trap the sniper in the structure. Wait for backup! Don’t go in alone!”

    “Team Twelve, acknowledged!” Private Milt replied.

    Balancing her helmet on the end of her riot baton, she slowly lifted it up above the ledge of the resicrete platform until she heard the impact of yet another ballistic projectile on the resicrete wall behind her. The shooter missed her helmet.

    The soldier quickly lowered her helmet, and quickly retrieved her scanner. It showed her the exact location of the sniper, along with a sonar-graphic representation of the buildings on either side of the street leading to the gate.

    The sound of the ballistic weapon’s report reflecting off of the buildings were calculated by the scanner’s computer, allowing it to show an exact sonar echo representation of the structures on either side of the street, and showing exactly which window of which building the shooter was attacking from. She showed it to her fellow soldiers and began to give orders.

    “Kranst, you’ve got our heavy assault blaster, you start taking shots at the sniper, force him to abandon his position. Milt, you come with me. You advance up the street to the building’s front entrance. I’ll go down the alley and enter from the rear. Give the standard warning before you go in. I’ll do the same from the back door.”

    “The captain said wait for backup, Corda,” Kranst warned.

    “The captain’s orders will allow the occupants to take us out while we wait. They’ll get away. Plus, he wants to take prisoners. I don’t want to take prisoners. I want revenge.”

    She looked at her comrades in turn, waiting for their concurrence. The two looked at each other briefly, before agreeing with their friend that each of them wanted vengeance as well.

    “Then, I’m in, Corda,” said Kranst.

    Milt merely nodded his agreement.

    When she had the cooperation of her two comrades, she put her helmet back on and activated her personal shield generator, switching it to Mixed Mode. In Mixed Mode, the shield generator could absorb blaster bolt energy, but could automatically detect and block shrapnel as well. It wasn’t as effective against ballistic threats, however, but it would at least diminish the velocity of the projectile and might even deflect it somewhat. It was better than nothing.

    Private First Class Corda gave the signal.

    “Three… two… one… GO! GO! GO! GO!

    The three soldiers moved all at once, Corda went left from behind the raised resicrete platform, Private Milt went right, and Private Kranst popped up and immediately aimed in, letting lose a stream of blaster bolts at the window. A single projectile struck the resicrete platform, behind which Kranst knelt as he hosed the window and the building exterior around it with rapid pulses of blaster bolts.

    The projectile ricocheted up, above Kranst’s left shoulder, missing him by centimeters, but he got peppered with the resicrete chips kicked up by the ricochet. The resicrete chips stung his exposed hands and his left cheek greatly, but he kept firing at the window. Meanwhile, the sniper was forced to duck back into the window, likely on his way down the stairs, either to exit into the street or into the alleyway.

    Both Corda and Milt ran as hard as they could, Corda headed towards the alleyway further to the left, towards the backs of the buildings, and Milt ran down the sidewalk, on the same side of the street as the building the sniper was in.

    Milt reached the building, almost a full city block away, before Corda reached the back door in the alley. He destroyed the door motor controls with his blaster rifle. As the door slid open, he stood to one side of the door way and bellowed out the standard warning.


    Private Milt button hooked into the building finding himself at the head of a short and narrow hallway with open doorways on both sides leading to furnished rooms and, at the end of the short hallway, a stair case leading up to the second story of the two story apartment.

    Private First Class Corda followed the same process. However, she noticed that there were small balconies on the second stories of the closely spaced apartment buildings. She cursed, realizing that the sniper could have escaped to an adjacent building by jumping to the balcony next door. Nevertheless, she followed the standard Rapid Entry Into Hostile Environments procedure.

    Corda blasted the back door open and, as had Milt, she stood to one side to shout out her commands, then button hooking into the apartment. Upon passing through the back door, she found herself in the kitchen of the apartment unit.


    Lieutenant Beldan Faust approached from a side street in his armored command speeder, ordering his driver to halt the speeder about fifty meters from the intersection. Behind him, a platoon of Imperial soldiers and twelve explosive mine and trap detection droid probes dismounted from three armored assault troop carriers. He began to issue orders to his three sergeants, each commanding a full squad of Imperial soldiers. As he gave his orders, the unmistakable sound of a mortar shell blast from around the corner, down the street reached his ears.

    He shouted to his driver, “Call for counter battery fire against that mortar!” Then to the rest of his soldiers, “Activate your personal shield generators, and set them to Mixed Mode!!”

    Lieutenant Faust ran to the corner building, at the end of the side street, and peeked around the corner of the building in the direction of Gate Five. He looked through his macrobinoculars at the raised resicrete platform of the guard post at the end of the street. It was covered in soot, from the blast, and had a big chunk from the corner of the platform blasted off.

    The lieutenant watched his soldiers slowly, methodically go door to door, building to building on both sides of the street, performing their standard Ambush Avoidance Entry Into Hostile Environments procedures. After blasting the door control motors and shouting their standard warnings, the explosive mine and trap detection droid probes would levitate into each residence, scanning the interiors for traps. After getting the all clear from their droid probes, the soldiers would then enter the buildings to search for rebels.

    As the soldiers searched the apartment residences, Imperial counter battery operations took place, as evidenced by six very powerful blasts outside of the walled settlement, in the forested area. Lieutenant Faust had no doubt, a dropship would soon land Imperial soldiers to confirm the destruction of the rebel mortar team.

    In a very short time, the families occupying the residences had been rounded up and brought out into the street, to be hobbled and cuffed to prevent any from escaping. Since the use of a ballistic weapon was reported, the hands and clothing of each individual was scanned with a sniffer to test for ballistic weapons propellant residue.

    This was how the sniper was identified and captured and his weapon recovered. In the meantime, the four bodies of Team Twelve were found.

    Lieutenant Faust reported his findings in his datapad.

    “Third report entry: The cause of death for each of Team Twelve’s members is as follows: Corporal Lemmel shot in the head with a ballistic projectile weapon. Private Kranst was killed by the concussive force of a mortar shell blast. Although protected from the blast by the resicrete platform, the concentrated concussive blast force killed Private Kranst.

    “Private First Class Corda and Private Milt were cut into several sections. Two force field cutters were located. An explosive ordnance disposal team is en route to disarm, disassemble, and remove the traps from the booby trapped residence. No one was in the residence, and records indicate that the last occupants had moved out of it two weeks ago. The sniper has been captured two buildings over from the ambush site, and the occupants with whom he took shelter have been arrested, pending interrogation. End third report entry.”

    The End​