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Fantasy A War of Kings

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by spycoder9, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008


    Harrowmont, Ruins

    The castle and all its grounds had been destroyed.

    Smoke still streamed from the ashen stone walls. A few bodies were strewn about, while most had been gathered in a pyre and set afire themselves.

    Farming men, two of them riding on mules, noticed the crisp castle from afar. Word hadn’t reached many of the traveling small folk as of yet.

    Arb, the older one of the two, took the lead as he went up the steep mountain road. It was coated in a thick layer of snow, from the storm the night before. The mules hooves constantly stuck in the snow, proving to be a long, harrow some ride. The only sounds throughout the whole mountain was the soft echo of the mules.

    Once they had crested the mountain, they came upon the remains.

    “Arb. . .”The younger one, Jekob, muttered under his breathe. The bodies were the worst. One was of a woman, her dress charred on her body. It had been a nightslip, but expensive at that. In her swollen red hands was a silver necklace. “What. . .what happen’d?” Jekob looked to the older man. Arb had lowered himself off his mule, and slowly walked amongst the devastation.

    All of it was cold, even the burnt bodies. Jekob slowly followed Arb, pausing to stare at the pyre of bodies. On the top was a babe.

    “Is this. . Wus this. . .House Harrermunt?” Jekob asked cautiously.

    “Nun oth’r.” Arb growled back, approaching what was the main entrance to the castle. The door was gone, its outer shell collapsed. A hand, pale and froze, stuck out from under the rubble. It never moved. Arb climbed over all the crumbled stone, into the castle. Jekob cast a look over his shoulder once more before entering as well.

    All of the walls that remained were no longer a light grey, but a dark raven black. Patches of the roof had collapsed here and there, and lay in big groups of rock. Snow had fallen in as well, making their trek slippery and wet.

    “I don’t like it hur.” Jekob spoke, but not too loudly. He was afraid of waking. . .whatever had done this.

    Arb continued on, down the endless large halls until he came upon an opening to a large cavernous room. Windows were placed strategically all up and down it, but they had all been shattered and lay in pieces. At the far end of the room, on a raised dais, was a decorated silver throne. A tapestry lay across it, having fallen from, the ceiling.

    “Damn. . .” Arb said that rather loudly. The tapestry moved a bit, and then slid away. Underneath lay a man in armor. His helmet was gone though, and his face could be seen. His eyes stared at them, both having turned a pure white. His skin, the parts that still remained, was a deep blotchy purple red. Arb stepped backwards once, as the white eyes blinked. A deep groan from the throat of the man, scratchy and broken, shook the room. And then the man rose.

    Jekob screamed, turning head over heels to exit the room. Arb was hollering at him, but Jekob wasn’t thinking straight enough to hear it. He could hear the sounds of clanging footsteps on the floor as he scrambled out the doorway and through the halls. He slipped once or twice.

    Casting one look behind him, he saw Arb frozen in place. He suddenly fell over, and behind him stood the undead knight with a bloody stone in his hands. Jekob then realized that on the man’s armor was the sigil of House Harrowmont.

    And the tears were frozen on his face as he ran from the castle. Atop his mule, down the mountain he rode again. They fell once, and went into a deep snowy roll.

    He rose from the snow, pulling his mule up. He turned to stare at the castle once more, and thought he heard that same deep growl.

    Only one thing remained on his mind as he ran.

    Ghosts haunt the halls of Harrowmont.
  2. JediMasterAnne

    JediMasterAnne Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 24, 2004
    IC: Safia Rolmar
    The Mountains of Mirwyth
    Shodaire, the Tower of Stone
    Parlor—12 days before her wedding

    Safia smiled; it had been a while since she’d been able to go outside. Between wedding plans and her father’s concern for her safety, the princess had been cooped up in the Tower for days. “I’d be happy to show you around the grounds and some of the surrounding area.”

    Castle Grounds, a short while later

    The ground was still white in places from the previous week, but for now there was no snow falling, and the sun was trying to peek out from behind the clouds. The crisp breeze felt refreshing against her face, even if it was a little cold.

    When they had first left the stables, Safia had taken her horse at a full run around a small copse of trees, simply out of relief and delight to finally get out of the castle. Perhaps a little childish, but she had missed the freedom of being outdoors, and with that urge out of her system, she was now content to keep her horse at a walk beside Ser Lawrence’s as they made their way around the grounds, occasionally stopping at some point of interest before moving on. At one point, they passed through a snowball fight amongst some of the servants’ children. Between site-seeing, she tried to keep up casual conversation.

    “So if you will not be Knight Commander anymore, what will your official capacity be when we get back to the Fair Groves?” she asked curiously.

    TAG: Trieste
  3. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    17 Days Before the Wedding
    Mountains, Mirwyth
    The Brooke, Snowy Ford

    It took a day's ride to reach their destination.

    The river surged on, snow and ice mixing with it and traveling along down the path. A few travelers could be seen coming and going, each being checked and prepped by some dock men before continuing on. Emerging from the woods, the Harrowmont survivors slowly made there way towards the crossing. A small toll was normally needed to do so, but the man who stood watch was Lord Fredrik’s only son Logan. When Keine and Andras had stayed before, Logan had gotten along well with Andras. Pleasant lad, groomed from birth to be the Lord of the Snowy Ford. He and Keine had even shared a few practice spars.

    “A pleasant surprise,” Logan Tarvick smiled as the slowly came up. His brown curls bobbed on his head. “What brings the both of you back?” And then he glanced past, at Malik and Rosa. “Malik. . .Stone?” Logan smile grew even larger as he recognized another friend of his. Fast friends even, it was obvious as they gave each other a quick embrace. “An odd group assembled before me. . .”

    “We come bearing news. News of House Harrowmont.” Malik noticed the confused look on Logan’s face. Word hadn’t reached them, apparently. “Reynard’s men took it by nightfall. Burned the castle and killed everyone.” Malik glanced back at the others. “We’re all that remains.”

    Logan’s smile slowly drained from his face, as well as the rosy red of his cheeks. “My father will want to hear of this.” He lowered his voice to a whisper, rushing over to allow them inside. “Don’t worry about pay. If what you say is true, and I don’t doubt it is, then your information is your payment.”

    “Go to the castle and tell Hestor Daltree that I sent you to Father. He’ll get you access to the castle. . .rather quickly. Usually he patrols the main entrance.Tall, thinning hair, big laugh.” Logan turned to them as they entered, raising his voice once again. “Your. . .your father, Malik?”

    Malik simply shook his head. Logan nodded once - paused, then nodded again, closing the gate behind them.

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  4. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Ser Lawrence Kildare
    The Mountains, Shodaire, the Tower of Stone
    Castle grounds

    12 days before his wedding

    “That is a matter for Ginny—Ginnifer to decide,” Lawrence said. The momentary lapse into the familiar was brought on by absent mindedness, not to mention dodging snowballs.

    The cold was harsh for Lawrence. It could be cold in the Desert, especially at night, but this cold was different. It made his lips feel cracked, not like they blistered in the heat but like they cracked. He’d need to see if the balm he had that worked in his homeland worked here. It was different to have the needlepoint of the cold stab his nostrils, sting his mouth when he breathed. Even the warm clothes he had brought in expectation of such conditions couldn’t help that.

    But Safia seemed invigorated by the bite of the chill. She seemed to be opening up a bit more, becoming more relaxed with him. She’d certainly opened up her horse when they’d first come out. Lawrence had watched with some pleasure. It seemed that she was not all prim and reserved. There might be hope for this union yet.

    And as much as Lawrence found the snow covered landscape foreign, he had to remind himself it would not do to express his thoughts. Safia would be leaving this behind—for him. She was the one sacrificing much, he only a couple weeks. He only hoped the heat of his home would not cause her to wilt.

    “I intend to remain involved in the defense of the Fair Groves,” Lawrence said, “It would be a waste of my talent to not do so, and I would not be surprised that my sister felt the same. She and I have historically had a natural harmony on a great many issues. Then again, it is only by her wish that I will no longer remain Knight Commander.” And that would not have been my decision. Not the least of which was due to the relative inexperience of heir apparent Ser Caliban Kildare, Lawrence’s cousin. Lawrence would have vastly preferred that if the title had to pass to anyone it would be to Caliban’s father, Aron Kildare. However, if Ginnifer was going to insist on unwedded Knight Commanders, Aron would fail that test in spades Lawrence doubted that Spectra Kildare was going anywhere any time soon. “It is entirely possible that Ginnifer will name me Warden of the Fair Groves in lieu of being Knight Commander. I would be subject to the authority of the Knight Commander, but it’s something of a working relationship, if you like.” And if that happened, current Warden Aron was not going to be happy at all.

    But Lawrence felt he was talking too much about himself. Then again, what else did they have to talk of? He had already asked after her interests and she was reciprocating by asking about his work. Though, perhaps talking was not the right thing to do…

    “You seem quite able with your mount,” Lawrence observed. He had borrowed one from the Rolmar stables who could maneuver the snowy ground. He didn’t trust his own steed in such conditions. “I don’t suppose you would care to engage in a bit of a friendly race, would you?” Lawrence smiled by way of challenge. “I’ll even spot you the home field advantage.”

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  5. JediMasterAnne

    JediMasterAnne Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 24, 2004
    IC: Safia Rolmar
    The Mountains of Mirwyth
    Shodaire, the Tower of Stone
    Castle Grounds—12 days before her wedding

    She smiled again—she was known to occasionally race her brothers around the grounds and through the woods outside the castle walls. “Very well,” she said with a nod. After a moment’s thought, she added, “The west gate can be our finish line. On the outer wall, in the northwest corner behind the castle. There is a mountain lion carved into the stone above it.” From there, if he wished to, they could leave the castle grounds and explore some the wooded area beyond.

    “What will the winner get?” she asked lightly.

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  6. Stryker01

    Stryker01 Jedi Knight

    Dec 4, 2012
    Part I of III

    Martyn Forsythe and Callista Halleth
    Traversing the Desert of Mirwyth, Heading Towards the Oasis of Dawnsgrace
    Approximately 14 days before a wedding

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    As Martyn Forsythe, Callista Halleth, and their guardsmen trekked across the desert, they learned much from the common people. Farmers could care less of who their true king was, as long as he protected their crops and families. And it seemed that none of the kings were doing that as of present. Mors Santagar had holed himself up in that partially renovated castle of his, hiding from the people of Dawnsgrace who had revolted. Word had began to spread slowly throughout the desert, and like all rumors must be taken with a grain of salt. But Callista noted Martyn’s face grow more and more troubled the closer they got.

    Raiders had grown especially vicious. One town they encountered had been burnt down. A tavern that had housed Martyn many a times in his travels had been ripped apart. The only thing left was the old wooden sign that had stood in front. The innkeeper herself was hanging on the highest tree along with her husband and children.

    “What. . .what will we do when we reach Dawnsgrace?” Callista had asked one night, seated beside Martyn in front of a small fire. The flames flickered in her eyes, and she remembered days when the flame had been her life.

    “We’ll find King Santagar, and deliver the letter.” Martyn turned his head to Callista, lowering his voice so that not even the others could hear. “And then, if we must, we shall take justice into our hands.”

    Callista grew silent then. Those words, they sounded so cold. And yet. . .what if it did come to that? What if it all came down to him and her trying to sort out the desert? She was but a missionary for Evander and Regina, someone who sought for a person beyond herself. She wasn’t fit to help take justice. And her son. . .he was but a babe. She shouldn’t leave him long.

    They continued travel early the next morning. Martyn seemed strong, more so than he ever had at Kalkheim, astride his horse. Callista had found out the their travel was to be quick, meaning her legs would chafe from the rapid riding. Painful, but bearable.

    Tayls Caemelmine, a burly woman knight of Martyn’s guard, rode ahead from the group in hopes of reaching Dawnsgrace and forewarning of their arrival. She was to send a bird upon arrival.

    That bird never came.

    And on the fourth day of traveling, Callista knew something had gone wrong. Dawnsgrace was not even a day’s ride from where they were now, so most assuredly Tayls should of called back by then.

    “I’ve never seen the desert in this state.” the immense Ombur Torme had noted from his horse has they rode through a small settlement where the people themselves cowered behind their doors. He wore a long black beard on his thick jaw, and he gave off a menacing vibe. He was kind though, even divulging in helping Callista with little things. The people of this settlement were obviously worried that perhaps these were the rumored marauders parading about, destroying coastal cities, burning desert towns, and kidnapped fresh young maidens.

    As the sun began to set on the fourth day, Callista could see, faint on the horizon, the Oasis of Dawnsgrace. Beautiful even from this distance, it was hard to make out many things.

    That night, Martyn advised them all of the following day. The rumors must be true, considering Tayls unresponsiveness. That, or she had been taken prisoner by Santagar or pirates. Whatever the situation, they were looking at a harrowing journey to deliver the letter.

    “We may not travel into the city as ourselves.” Martyn turned back to horse, pulling out of the saddlebags a silky, beautiful garment. Cream colored, it came with a veil as well. “Callista, you shall be my daughter, with Ombur being your husband. The rest of you should enter slowly, albeit not suspiciously. Until we are able to reach the castle, and King Santagar, we must remain under these guises.” Martyn handed Callista her garb.

    As Martyn, Ombur, and Callista approached the Oasis, they noticed a small crop of spindly, bare trees. Hanging from one was Tayls Caemelmine, swinging slowly with the hot desert wind. Others were hung up as well, one Martyn recognized as the Master of Coin and father to King Santagar’s former wife. Callista forced herself not to look, instead simply focusing on Dawnsgrace.

    “Vengeance, to the people who did this to her, will be bloody.” Ombur murmured under his breathe as he passed by Tayls’s tree. Callista simply placed one finger to her lips, and then used the same hand to wipe a tear from his eye.

    “No time for tears or vengeance. Answers, first.” Callista then turned her head back to the Oasis, where the bright sun lay behind it. With her head raised to it, she resembled that flaming priestess she had once been. Her eyes blazed with something that couldn’t be doused. And yet it had been doused. Now she was a wife, and a mother. Nothing more, nothing less.

    And she wanted to cry then but remembered her own advice, and then sun dried her eyes.

    No, V’hallar dried her eyes.

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  7. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    OOC: This is a joint post between spycoder and myself. Thanks again! :)

    IC: The Queen, Emilia Reynard, Lady Lucia Brendle, Lady Giselle, Lady Gelsi
    Dining Room, The Capital

    "I will try, my Queen, to contact him-"

    Lady Giselle was interrupted as the two main doors at the end of the hall opened quickly.

    Both parted as a woman entered. Her leg, limp and dangling awkwardly, dragged along the floor. She wore a strange dress that tried to cover up her cripple, but the scar running across her face made it obvious. Tragedy had befallen upon her, and spared her no beauty. Though a half smile lay on her twisted lips as she laid eyes on the woman seated exactly opposite from her. Two of the King's Guard entered behind her, swords placed in their armored hands. They were unsure what to make of the unexpected guest.

    "My Queen," Lucia Brendle continued that lopsided smirk as she sat down at the other end of the table, facing Emilia, "Our brother sends his regards."

    If the Queen had been standing, she would have surely collapsed from shock and--what was it...resentment? Fear? She didn't know what it was, but she knew that it would only serve to handicap her in this turn of events. Lucia Brendle, her older sister, was not a woman to be trifled with, especially after the long and hardened life she had endured as a child. Was it Emilia's fault that things ended up so badly between them? No, she would not think of such things. Lucia had no one to blame but herself and the key to moving forward was to remain adamant about it now.

    "Lucia," she said simply, the smile that danced over her lips resembling something that would have been present on Satan himself. "Such a surprise to see you." She fingered the porcelain tea cup and brought it back to her lips, finishing the last bit of tea in one gulp. "I must ask, how did you ever manage to get onto the palace grounds looking like...well..." The Queen turned up her nose, taking in Lucia's poor appearance for the first time. "That?"

    "I told them who I was." She ignored Emilia's needling, as she poured herself some tea. "Being the Queen's older sister has it's benefits." Lucia had that mailicious twinkle in her eye. "And I learned from that precious daughter of yours that you were having a party. I knew that you would most assuredly want me here."

    A small chuckle escaped her lips at the comment, but she hardly felt any joy over the occasion. She certainly did not invite her to this little gathering. It now became a question of 'who' and once that elusive question was answered, there would be hell to pay. Emilia would not stand by while someone within this household made a fool of her.

    "You have quite the nerve, I must say that," she quipped, her tone suggesting that it was only meant in jest, but deep down, the Queen truly meant it. "It truly is different with you here. Now, tell me, what are you doing with yourself these days?"

    “Raising our nieces and nephews, mostly.” Lucia smiled sweetly as she took another long gulp. “The youngest girl, little Caemille, looks almost as you beautiful as you.” And the words lingered on her lips, her eyes twinkling with a hidden knowledge. “I’ve also been helping brother keep the castle in order. Things have changed a lot since you last visited.” They both knew Emilia hadn’t been home in. . .a long time.

    The Queen canted her head to the side and simply gazed at the woman sitting across from her. This was so unlike her sister, of course. She was playing it up in front of the other vultures, but there was always an ulterior motive. Emilia knew this better than anyone. Her words were not to be taken lightly.

    "Everyone has their place," the Queen explained rather nonchalantly. Like her sister, Emilia was using her words to dig a little deeper and drive the knife through her heart. It was a nice way of saying, 'you are not welcomed here.'

    "You know I cannot simply run off to bid good tidings to brother. But perhaps when you leave here, you can send him my blessing. As for the rest of the happenings, you should need to tell me sometime. I'm afraid at the moment, we're neglecting the rest of my guests." She smiled coyly and gestured to the others gathered around the table.

    “Why yes, the other guests.” Lucia turned her head to glance in Lady Giselle’s direction. Lucia’s eye slightly turned the opposite direction, another eerie defection from the scar. Perspiration was visible on Giselle’s brow as she squirmed her seat.

    Lady Gelsi, on the other hand, had no problems with their new arrival. In fact, they had encountered each other many times over the years. “Lucia Brendle, how pleased I am that you could join us.” Gelsi nodded her head as a slight hello.

    “You as well, Lady Gelsi. I have missed your visits.”

    “These are wartimes, as the Queen would be willing to vouch. All of us are busy partaking in royal business.” Lady Gelsi took a sip, hiding behind her cup as she continued. “Though, it seems the King decided to spend some of this time building an extra wing to the castle. Needed, of course.” It seemed Gelsi recognized Lucia’s spitefulness, and took it to be free reign against the Queen.

    "That will be enough, Lady Gelsi," the Queen snapped. She no longer found she had the patience to deal with this matter with a delicate hand. If these so-called women wanted to squabble and resort to backstabbing, she would indulge them. She also didn't miss the fact that Lucia and Gelsi were apparently well acquainted. She didn't know what that meant exactly, but she didn't like it.

    "We can talk about these matters like respectable folk, or we can continue to play the blame game," she said evenly, her gaze going to each of the women in turn. "And I do not wish to resort to finger-pointing at this table, is that clear? Speculation like that could get someone killed, especially when that someone is currently present within the King's household."

    “I am only speaking my mind, your Grace, and if you don’t want to recognize that for what it is, then perhaps my husband and I could find a better way to spend our coffers.” Lady Gelsi rose from her seat abruptly.

    All of the other women had grown silent, except for Lucia, whose grin was so wide she couldn’t even hide it behind her cup. “Lady Gelsi, I assure you, my sister means no harm. She simply wants to keep these affairs calm and at ease. We are all on the same side here, are we not?” Lucia looked at all of them, and slowly they nodded their heads. “As I assumed. Then, if we can, why not we turn this conversation to the war at hands. Particularly, this wedding.” Lady Gelsi lowered herself back into her chair.

    Lucia looked to Emilia. “Was her betrothal to the prince not happy?”

    The Queen was so beside herself with Lady Gelsi's behavior and the tantrum that followed that she barely heard Lucia's next topic of discussion. It was very rare indeed to see the Queen in such a state. Lucia was no doubt quite proud of her handy work. She was so proud, in fact, that she felt the need to rub even more salt into the wound.

    "The betrothal?" A look of horror passed over Emilia's features as she glanced curiously around the table. But she quickly regained control of her senses and anger soon replaced her uncertainty. It was clear that she was back in control. "I'm afraid I don't have any idea as to what you're talking about. Do you care to enlighten me?"

    "Did the King not tell you? Safia Rolmar is expected to marry Ser Lawrence of House Kildare. Rather soon, I believe. Only a couple of weeks." Lucia was even confused that Emilia had not learned of this yet. "Strange, King Reynard neglected to tell you of it."

    Anger quickly turned to rage, but it wasn't entirely focused on Lucia any longer. While it was true her time was coming, the Queen was equally upset with Rolmar for her betrayal and her own husband for his negligence. If there was one thing she could consider to be a declaration of war, it was House Rolmar and House Kildare forming a sacred bond through marriage. How could that girl refuse her son? The Queen would get even.

    Despite her raging emotions, the Queen somehow managed to keep a calm outward appearance as she dabbed her lips with a napkin. "That is...rather startling news, I must admit," she uttered mournfully as she rose from her chair. "I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I must excuse myself."

    "So soon after I arrived?" Lucia asked, watching Emilia rise. "Before you leave, though, please take note that this union was made by Lords Mors Santagar, Desmond Rolmar, and Ginnifer Kildare. An attempt to unite the desert and mountain kingdoms, if the birds ring true."

    The Queen paused and looked at Lucia long and hard. For the briefest of moments, the Queen actually felt sorry for her older sister and conveyed that through the silence that now passed between them. She was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt and believe that she had crossed this once great kingdom and had risked her very being to tell her that most distressing news in person. She would be thankful....

    For now.

    Turning away, she started to stroll out of the dining room and uttered a simple word, "Traitors."

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  8. Lukes_Apprentice

    Lukes_Apprentice Jedi Master star 3

    Oct 15, 2008
    OOC: This is a joint post and contribution by me and spycoder. This will be continued.

    IC: Gordon Cyrell and Rowan Stone
    Cyrell, Mountains
    Castlegrounds and castle
    15 Days Before the Wedding

    Gordon nodded in acknowledgement of Rowan’s statement. Gordon said, “I will have one of the guards quarter your horses in the stalls if your will just follow me into the castle.”

    Gordon motioned one of the guards to approach, “Please quarter these men’s horses and have the stable workers see to their needs.”

    Gordon thought the development of knowing what happened at the House Harrowmount to covenant for his liking despite the fact that this was Lord Tarvick’s son.

    As Gordon walked toward the castle he asked the young man, “So tell me, how is your father, is he well?”
    “As well as you can be in times like these.” Rowan Stone spoke not as a bastard, but almost as a lord would. “Part of the family plans on riding to Princess Safia’s wedding.” It was known by almost everyone King Desmond Rolmar’s deceased wife Corinne was the youngest sister to Lord Fredrik. “Of course, now he’s on the lookout for the besiegers of House Harrowmont. It was such a close tragedy. . .”
    Gordon stated "Yes, It was. I have been waiting for word on those wish to join in hunting down those responsible. It is important that the men of the mountains band together for when we fight as one, we will surely win."

    Gordon nodded to the men in front of castle doors as they opened them.

    Gordon motioned and said, "Please come into the castle and your companions can come in or go into town if they wish."

    Gordon was not about to give up hospitality because of suspicions about the three.
    "I believe they'd have a much more pleasant of a time visiting your town." Rowan shot them a look, and they nodded their heads. They turned off from them.

    Rowan followed along with Lord. Once they had entered the room, he continued speaking. "My lord father knows King Rolmar shall call his banners once word has reached his ears. That much is expected. But we presume that if we can form together a. . .small garrison of soldiers, we might be able to stop the soldiers before they are even able to near the castle and the wedding of my cousin. Time is of the essence, my lord."

    Gordon thought for a while and decided they did need to stop these men. Gordon replied "Of course you are right. However, we must be strategic in this endeavor. If we lose the battle, the people may lose confidence and possibly the will to fight. We must gather a force strong enough to win, otherwise we risk losing in the long run. Perhaps you could tell me what support you may garnered from other Lord's, what happened in Harrowmount, and what you know of the force that is headed towards us. These details will give me a clear picture so that I can decide how to proceed."

    Gordon kept walking and talking as they headed towards the meeting rooms.

    “An unknown amount of knights under Reynard’s banner flooded House Harrowmont in the dead of night. House Tarvick received the only survivors. Ser Andras Maegorian and his squire Keine Stone noticed the flames from afar and were able to rescue Jowan Harrowmont’s bastard son Malik Stone, and another bastard girl who had awoken Malik.” Rowan continued to follow the Lord. “They are currently resting at the Snowy Ford under my father’s care. You are the first Lord we have reached out to, but we know that Lord Hlaine Gideon has received news by raven, and that he is riding for Shodaire to forewarn the King. My father has called the banners of those small Houses around us, but their numbers are slim. If we have your secured help, we might stand a chance against them.

    “You may not understand the urgency of the situation, my Lord. We have two days until the riders will ride through the Bloodsoaked Wood.” A beautiful wood near the castle that had all the trees made of white bark and red leaves. “And that will the perfect chance to take them by storm. Come in from all sides, slaughter them beneath ancient wood of the gods of old. My cousin’s wedding cannot be halted any longer, especially not by a marauding army. This unification of the Desert and Mountains kingdoms could be the final straw that breaks the camel’s back.”

    Rowan stopped, meeting the Lord’s eyes.

    “And that camel is King Fenton Reynard.”

    Gordon stopped then continued walking. Gordon replied, “I see, I will receive an update from my military advisor shortly. I was only hoping that I would have received word on the other houses near us by now. As soon as I receive my update you and I will visit my wife to see what she has been able to dig up than I will tell the men we are riding for your castle.”

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  9. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    12 Days Before the Wedding
    Islands, Mirwyth
    Delmaristead, Harbor

    “I assumed things had changed.” Treyvor Dondare turned away from her, forcing himself to break away. Meeting her eyes was still painful. He glanced to the two foreigners, both of whom had proved themselves worthy adversaries in a fight. It would be nice to have them along, but Trevyor needed them to gather information. They were foreign, and their language was choppy, perhaps drawing in some interest.

    “Kojira! Kenji! Let Raymen take the two of you for drinks!”

    Treyvor motioned for another young man, tall and lanky with a thin patch of a beard, to come near. “Raymen, take these two to a tavern. They deserve a good drink.”Once Raymen had led the two of them off and down a street, to a tavern that still looked to be intact and pleasant, Treyvor turned back to Diana.

    “I agree. Let us take this conversation inside. I need to know more. . .about these kings. I’ve heard rumors, but their few and far between, and it’s hard to determine which are true and which aren’t. I’ll let you take the lead to a place that can house both I and the rest of this crew.” He glanced at the others. “Or some of you may choose to go to the tavern.”

    And some did so. A couple others wished to stay with the ship and make sure it was protected should those other men return.

    Only Diana, Treyvor, and two of his sworn swords remained to go with them.

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  10. Rilwen_Shadowflame

    Rilwen_Shadowflame Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Mar 27, 2005
    IC: Ser Andras Maegorion and Keine Stone

    It was good to see Logan Tarvick again, even under such dire circumstances as these. He had, in the past, proved an amiable sort, not one to throw his weight around to impress his position upon a knight and squire. Then, too, he'd been raised with manners enough not to make too much of Ser Andras's perpetual silence, or mock him for it. Some had done so, in the past, and regretted it.

    The knight was already finding his slate as they headed toward the castle; Keine could translate most things, but in this matter Ser Andras felt he should give his appraisal of the Capitalmen's tactics more directly. The slate, and other such tools, served well enough there, when he dealt with literate folk; for the illiterate, and when speed was required, Keine's voice carried the words of the silent Maegorion.

    Keine, for his part, was looking ahead, trying to spot Hestor Daltree.

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  11. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Ser Lawrence Kildare
    The Mountains, Shodaire, the Tower of Stone
    Castle grounds
    12 days before his wedding

    “Oh so you like to play for stakes?” Lawrence said with amusement, “Careful or I might start to think that you’re a wagerer. But what is an appropriate thing to hazard for a friendly contest?” The idea lit upon him in an instant. “Aha! I have it. A favored book. The winner has the pleasure of insight into the loser’s mind, and the loser will have to suffer the ignominy of having to ask to borrow the book from time to time. I think that’s enough to keep us competitive, don’t you?”

    He extended a hand to seal the bet.

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  12. JediMasterAnne

    JediMasterAnne Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 24, 2004
    IC: Safia Rolmar
    The Mountains of Mirwyth
    Shodaire, the Tower of Stone
    Castle Grounds—12 days before her wedding

    A book was a small thing, of little consequence. But Safia did enjoy reading as a leisure activity. She wondered what sort of books Ser Lawrence liked to read. He had mentioned earlier an interest in history, a subject she also found fascinating at times. “Sounds fair to me,” she said, reaching over to shake his hand.

    The wager made, Safia carefully maneuvered her horse into a position even with Ser Lawrence’s mount. The mare gave a snort and pawed at the ground restlessly, as if knowing what was about to happen and eager to go.

    “On three, then? One…two…three!”

    See you at the finish line.

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    OOC: And they're off! :p
  13. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    17 Days Before the Wedding
    Mountains, Mirwyth
    Castle, Snowy Ford

    Finding Hestor Daltree wasn’t a probably. The large man was just stepping out of the castle at the same moment the riders approached. Garbed in a light grey and blue armor with a dark brown otter across the chest, Hestor had paused to listen to their requests. He even recognized the Maegorian look in both men, and was already opening the castle doors as he listened to their request. After he had heard of Logan’s permission, he turned to the young knight who stood guard by the door.

    “Lead these men,” He noted Rosa, who was standing behind Malik, “and girl, to the main chambers. I’ll bring Lord Fredrik.”

    And with that, Hestor rushed into the castle. The young knight followed, but led them through the main greeting room, down a long hall (which included a short walk outside and into another piece of the castle), and into a large room with the banner of House Tarvick floating above a raised few seats. The banner looked to be many, many years old, and yet it had retained its beauty and detail. Along the walls of the room were paintings of the prior Lords of the Snowy Ford, some with spears and others with otters. It was a grand entrance room, but there were no seats anywhere, besides those reserved on the dais.

    Only moments after the knight left them, a door from the side of the room opened. An elegant older woman in rich brown robes, with her dark hair pinned back in otter clasps, entered. Sybella Tarvick smiled at each of them, making sure it wasn’t disrespectfully large. As she walked up the few steps to her smaller seat, Hestor Daltree entered. He stood at the bottom of the stair, turning his attention to the doorway. A handsome man with long brown hair walked up the steps and came to stand behind the main throne.

    It was common curtsy that the wife of the Lord be present, and Hestor was most likely there to hear what was spoken. The other man’s purpose was yet to be explained.

    And then it was time for the Lord to enter.

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  14. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    19 Days Before the Wedding
    Desert Coast, Mirwyth
    Abandoned Town, Rooftops

    “She is a traitor, that much I know for sure.” Kaleb Sand stared at the limp body of Kaili. “We have the reason to believe she attempted to assassinate the Rightful Queen Emilia Reynard nee Brendle. The King Fenton Reynard hired both me and my companions to search Mirwyth for her. We have followed the boy and her all across this damn desert, interrogating just about everyone you two talked to.”

    He sighed.

    “You were just caught in the middle Lorain. We honestly took you here to get some food and get you on your way. But. . .she was alive. And then you saw her. And we thought maybe we could just sell you to those pirates like the rest of the people in this town.

    Kaleb took another step forward.

    “But I can promise you, I will let you leave with the kid if you-”

    And then he slipped. His foot went the wrong way, or the wind blew a little harder than before. All in the moment of a second. He slid down the slanted roof, scrambling for his sword and balance. The little guy below thought he had been tripped, or pushed even. He panicked, letting an arrow fly. But it simply went past Lorain.

    Kaleb continued to slide, his heavy armor weighing down his arms and body. As he went over the edge, he managed to grasp the side of the roof. For a second, Lorain could only see his face, the terror and shock as he tried to pull himself back up. But his sword, which had been a few seconds behind him in the fall, slid right onto his face.

    He fell the short fall, shouting once before it halted. The little guy cried out, rushing to his friend’s side. Short gasps of breathe, long groans of pain, and the sobs from the little guy. That was the only noises in the tiny town.

    Which of course meant Lorain and Fleet had the perfect chance to escape if they wished.

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  15. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    19 Days before the wedding,
    Desert Coast, Mirwyth
    Abandoned Town, Rooftops

    His ears were ringing with the thunder of his own boiling blood, that's how angry Fleet had become. He didn't know anything about the rightful Queen nor did he care, all he knew is that Kaili had fed him and kept him alive when he was left alone to die in the streets of a town who's name he didn't even know. She was kind, caring and attentive, and there was NO WAY she was a killer. It was clearly a LIE! Furthermore, the knight admitted to 'selling people'! He could not be trusted. Fleet turned around from the hole he was digging, and was about to give the knight a piece of his mind when something totally unexpected occurred.

    The red headed knight slipped and fell from the roof. His flailing metallic limbs and flopping red hair combined with the general ruckus he was causing were almost comical to Fleet, under different circumstances he would have laughed out-loud, but not now, especially with what followed next. The knight had gone over the edge and tried his best to hang on to the side, with an enormous effort, he did try to regain purchase, but his unsheathed sword followed him and struck him right in the face. Blade first from the looks of it.

    Fleet could not believe it! He was in abject shock for a full second. His blue eyes were wide and his eyebrows reached for the sky, his mouth in a perfect '0' shape. He turned to look at Lorain, and the expression on her face said it all. No words were needed. This was their chance to escape!

    Shaking his head and regaining his focus, Fleet recalled their original objective. He also rememberer there were at least two more 'brigands' on the ground, which needed to be avoided, especially if they stayed the course. Getting into a crouched position, Fleet waited long enough for Lorain to pick up Kaili's unconscious form, before signaling her to follow him. With added alacrity, the young urchin plotted a course through the roofs of the remaining buildings and moved as quickly as possible towards the smithy. Thankfully, the roofs became sturdier the closer the got to the center of town.
    Fleet's breathing was quick in his chest and adrenalin roared in his system, fueling his forward momentum, and in his mind, he kept repeating the survivor's mantra: Live another day, live another day…

    They had to escape, they had to live, they had to save Kaili!! Nothing else mattered.

  16. Ktala

    Ktala Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Lorain Ashkey - The Deserts of Mirwyth
    Near Aqarda, Abandoned Town, Rooftops, Desert Coast

    Lorain stayed crouched down low, keeping an eye on Kaili as she listned to the Knight, keeping in front of him.

    “She is a traitor, that much I know for sure.” Kaleb Sand stared at the limp body of Kaili. “We have the reason to believe she attempted to assassinate the Rightful Queen Emilia Reynard nee Brendle. The King Fenton Reynard hired both me and my companions to search Mirwyth for her. We have followed the boy and her all across this damn desert, interrogating just about everyone you two talked to.”

    Have REASON? Lorain snorted. Looked more than a simple SEARCH for her. The poor woman would not be so injured if that was simply all. The Knight sighed. “You were just caught in the middle Lorain. We honestly took you here to get some food and get you on your way. But. . .she was alive. And then you saw her. And we thought maybe we could just sell you to those pirates like the rest of the people in this town." Lorain nearly spurted a curse out.

    SELL HER?! BACK TO THOSE PIRATES!!! Like they had sold the other poor people of the village? Innocent people?!! The look of disgust crossed her face. Those pirates would KILL her, after escaping them earlier. These men where worse than the pirates. If this was an example of the rule of the 'rightful' king...

    Kaleb took another step forward, and Lorain's hand moved towards the weapon that Fleet had given her. The boy was still behind her. If she had too, she could make sure the boy escaped. The knight kept talking. “But I can promise you, I will let you leave with the kid if you-”

    Then the gods spoke. Or laughed. Or the Knights armor cursed him. Either way, Lorain's next action was changed, when he suddenly slid down the slanted roof, scrambling. The other Knight on the ground, let loose the arrow he had been holding, and it shot past Lorain, even as she went to her knees.

    She leaned forward, as Kaleb continued his slide down to the edge. He managed to stop himself, grasping the edge of the roof. Lorain looked down, and saw his face.. saw the terror on his face, as he tried to save himself. Lorain moved ... and then stopped, staring into the knights face. And the look on her face hardened. He had been going to SELL her. And the boy, if they didnt kill him outright, for knowing what had happened. They had SOLD the poor villagers into slavery. She fought over her instincts, and pushed herself away. The Knights sword, the one he had been holding in front of her only moments ago, slid past her, and slid from the roof...straight into his face.

    Lorain didnt know what to feel. She could almost feel pity for the man. The burning hatred she felt for him, changed into something else, as she saw his face, just as the blade met him. He fell the short fall, shouting once before it halted. The little guy cried out, rushing to his friend’s side. Short gasps of breathe, long groans of pain, and the sobs from the little guy. That was the only noises that echoed from the streets.

    Lorain whirled away from the sight, and looked towards Fleet. His face was frozen in abject shock for a full second. His blue eyes were wide and his eyebrows reached for the sky, his mouth in a perfect '0' shape. He turned to look at Lorain.

    With no words, Lorain reached over and quickly picked up Kaili. She didnt know if the woman would make it or not. Or if anything the knight said was true or not. It would not matter. They were witnesses. They would be called murderers. They would be blamed for the death of the Knight, even though they had not laid a hand on him. Like the woman Lorain now carried, if they were found out by any of these other knights, their lives would be short indeed. And now Lorain knew that they were in league with the pirates.

    Quickly, Lorain slipped the loop around her body, as Fleet began to move once more. They need to disappear before the knight below, or the other man, began to search for them once more. The fact that the 'Master' was missing, was troubling indeed. But right now, it could not be helped. They just would have to watch out for him, he being the most dangerous of the pair now, most likely. Lorain began to move quickly, moving on all fours as she followed Fleet. She hoped the boy knew where he was going. They needed to find a place to rest. And to hide out until nightfall, so that they could escape the city. If they could find a horse, even better, but right now, Lorain simply hoped that more knights would not show up before nightfall. Lorain whispered to Fleet, as she picked up speed a bit.

    "Fleet! Do ya know, if the buildings are on the way outta town?" she asked him, as they moved. She was trying to form an idea. If the blacksmith was like others she had met, then they tended to 'hide' items from time to time. There might be a storeroom they could hid out in, and rest, until they came up with a way to escape. She knew what general direction she needed to go. She needed to tell Fleet, and check on Kaili before she could do anything else. And they could all go for some food and rest right now.

    For when they moved again, it would have to be quickly. For now, they knew far too much.

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  17. Winged_Jedi

    Winged_Jedi Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Feb 28, 2003
    Lord Fredrik Tarvick
    Snowy Ford

    Enter the Alpha Wolf.

    The epithet had been bestowed upon Lord Fredrik many moons ago, in "honour" of the vengeance he had taken upon a vicious pack who had slain his brother, Nicholai. The bards would sing songs of it still, had he not forbidden them to do so. The battle had left him with a vile scar across the left side of his face, but the nickname was the more repulsive burden. It mocked his brother's memory, mocked Fredrik's own memory of what had truly happened out there, on blood and snow...

    How curious that men should be so eager to compare one another to beasts- he has the heart of a lion, she has the grace of a swan- and yet if a man were to actually behave in the manner of an animal, and lay his faeces down beside his food, and feast on his dead kinsmen's flesh, then he would be rightly condemned as feral.

    Yet the name drew respect and fear in equal measure, and so it was tolerated to be whispered in his absence. In his presence though, there was only one form of address that he would abide.

    "I am the Lord of House Tarvick," he said, though it was mere formality- three of these travellers he knew already. He cast his eye over them, settling down in his seat. He wore a large wolf skin around himself, and it settled comfortably around his shoulders, making him appear broader than he was.

    "You have had my hospitality before, and you may have it now, should you so wish. But before we engage in pleasantries, let us dispense with necessities. What brings you to my hall?"

    He posed the question while looking toward Andras Maegorian, though of course he did not expect the mute knight to speak for himself.

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  18. Rilwen_Shadowflame

    Rilwen_Shadowflame Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Mar 27, 2005
    IC: Ser Andras Maegorion, Keine Stone

    How the folk loved their ironic titles. Here they were, a man dubbed the Alpha Wolf for slaying wolves, meeting with a man dubbed the Honest Knight for never speaking. Ser Andras bowed, and motioned Keine forward, signing to him.

    Keine also bowed, before drawing himself up, speaking the words of his master as they were signed. "My lord, we come with the memory of deaths still lying heavy over us. Harrowmont is no more. Capitalmen overtook it. They slew... everyone, or almost so. We arrived only in time to save these two companions we bring here." Keine ducked his head a moment. "My lord, they set fire to anything they could. They killed any they could catch. Highborn or low, man or maid, warrior or child. They bore their banner and their sign openly. They are loose in the mountains, and their task is murder."

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  19. Winged_Jedi

    Winged_Jedi Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Feb 28, 2003
    Lord Fredrik Tarvick
    Snowy Ford

    For some time the only sound was that of the wind that whistled outside.

    Lord Jowan Harrowmont had been a friend of Fredrik's. The Lord of House Tarvick closed his eyes for a moment, and muttered a brief prayer for the souls of those lost.

    "Send a rider to Shodaire," he said at last, beckoning to a servant. "The King of the Mountains must be warned, should these savages choose to press their assault."

    He stood from his throne then, and strode toward the visitors.

    "You may find refuge here for as long as you wish," he said, "and we are thankful for those lives you were able to save." He nodded toward Malik, and the young girl. "But now I need you to recall all that you can of these Capitalmen. Their number would be a good start. Their arms, if you can remember. Their leader. Anything you can tell us will be of assistance...should we be required to defend our lands."

    Even as he spoke those words, a chill passed through the court, and it was not the wind alone.

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  20. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Ser Lawrence Kildare
    The Mountains, Shodaire, the Tower of Stone
    Castle grounds
    12 days before his wedding

    Safia spurred her horse on her mark, and naturally she had a slight advantage to Lawrence since she knew when she was going to start so he was going to spot her a little more than just knowledge of the terrain. However, he was the battle-trained rider here. He'd just have to make up ground in the process. He dug into the sides of his borrowed horse and they were off.

    Was it the smartest idea for him to be racing an unfamiliar horse across unfamiliar terrain in unfamiliar conditions? Absolutely not. But then again, when was he going to get another chance?

    In the interest of speed, Lawrence kept to the main paths of the castle grounds where the snow would at least be more shallow, if not beaten away by similar hooves. The banks would be deeper. He wondered if his horse could handle them and he could cut some distance...this was more strategy than he usually put into hard riding. Most of that involved running either at, after, or from assailants and there was the small matter of weapons to be factored in. This race was going to be about finesse...

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  21. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    OOC: Continue racing, you two. Just wanted to showcase some of the guests to the wedding. The two links at the bottom are for images.:D

    12 Days Before the Wedding
    Shodaire, Mirwyth
    The Arrival of Several Guests

    The line of horses cresting the mountain was almost beautiful. Stallions, most of them chestnut brown, slowly approached the Tower of Stone. The head horse was one of great beauty, a snow white one with a saddle the color of pure silver. Sitting astride it was an elegant girl with a band of petals on her head, letting loose only a few stubborn, brown curls. Caethrene Gideon was known throughout the whole kingdom of Mirwyth for her beauty, which was voiced even by Desmond Rolmar himself. Rumors circled the mountains that her second cousin, the Baron Hlaine Gideon of Cyrell and guest of King Rolmar, had planned on marrying her to the bastard of Harrowmont’s. A shame, now, that the castle had been razed by the Capitalmen.

    She observed Princess Safia and her betrothed Lawrence race with a pleasant smile on her face, her pearly blue eyes light and twinkling. Poised and proper, she waved to Safia once with her gloved hand. Never truly close friends, considering the separation between their castles and her distance from direct lineage in House Gideon, Caethrene still remained a kind friend from their younger days. Before fashioned betrothals and womanhood.

    The men and women from House Gideon made there ways toward the castle, eventually leaving the sight of the two.

    Following closely behind was a small gathering of men with banners of two brown bears on a green field. House Tanderly was known for its male members to be strong, burly, and have much facial hair. True men of the mountains, especially the Lord. Lendan “Goldtooth” Tanderly, with a massive beard and belly, boomed laughter at the sight of Safia on her horse. He had spent many days at the castle before, when his younger brother had tried to usurp the lordship from him. Desmond had assisted him in crushing the younger brother and few bannerman he had managed to rally up.

    “Still rides a horse better ‘en me!” Lendan shouted to his men, chuckling at the sight. Lendan continued on, two of his three warrior sons directly behind him. His wife rode as well, a strong, older woman who was tiny beside her husband, and yet seemed almost as large in presence. A Capital woman, she had been living in the mountains since her twentieth name day, and possessed all the rugged strengths of a winter woman.

    As that entourage entered the castle, there was much silence throughout Shodaire, in the way of visitors, allowing Ser Lawrence and Safia more time to get to know each other.

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    Caethrene Gideon, second cousin of Baron Hlaine Gideon

    Lord Lendan "Goldtooth" of House Tanderly
  22. JediMasterAnne

    JediMasterAnne Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 24, 2004
    IC: Safia Rolmar
    The Mountains of Mirwyth
    Shodaire, the Tower of Stone
    Castle Grounds—12 days before her wedding

    The cold rush of air past her face made her eyes water, but Safia could have ridden the paths around the castle blindfolded—if not for the various obstacles that occasionally blocked her way. More than once a servant or two were sent scrambling out of the way, and at one point, someone knocked into a stack of wine barrels. One keg rolled right into the path, and Safia’s horse had had to leap over it.

    The slick spots of mud or ice did not help either, and as she rounded the first turn, the southeast corner of the wall, the mare’s hooves slid a bit further than she’d intended. Slowing down and recovering cost her precious seconds, and she could hear the pounding hooves of Ser Lawrence’s mount as she got back on course and again tore down the path.

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  23. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Ser Lawrence Kildare
    The Mountains, Shodaire, the Tower of Stone
    Castle grounds
    12 days before his wedding

    Lawrence through a look over his shoulder. He had about a two length lead on Safia. On the sand he would have been gone, but this was her home turf (well, more like tundra given the weather). In such conditions, they were not so far apart as an observer might think.

    And observers there were. They had flown by two nobles that Lawrence had barely marked--not that he'd known these houses of the North beyond a name in a book, and certainly not a face. Though this was a "friendly" race and he should probably consider that this was part of his courtship, he had no intention of going easy on Safia. He wouldn't respect her if she let him win and he wouldn't expect her to respect him if he had purposefully slacked off. Competition was perhaps not the most propitious way to begin their relationship, but the truth was that the conditioning of battle had kicked in for Lawrence. He barely noticed the people around him, having focused on the race and the course before him. He noted those obstacles that came into his path like carts or boxes.

    Or people for that matter! Lawrence saw a child dart into the road in front of him, oblivious in its own play. With a strong jerk of the reins he sent his charger well to the left of the hapless child. Had he not been so intent on the race, he would have reflected that perhaps this wasn't the best way to endear himself to the subjects of his soon-to-be in-laws. Two young nobles haphazardly rushing through the castle grounds on horses, seemingly oblivious to the ordinary people about them. Definitely not a good impression, but Ser Lawrence's mind was only on avoiding colliding with such people, not what they thought of him. And yet Lawrence still felt their eyes upon him, and the eyes of Safia as well from behind.

    He'd given the horse free rein at the start, trusting in its knowledge of the terrain and conditions and it had set a furious pace--perhaps too fast Lawrence wondered as he judged the remainder of the course. In the lead, perhaps he could pace Safia and conserve energy for the final stretch. Subtly, gently, he pulled his mount in just a little bit while still keeping a good gallop. He'd open her up later.

    The Knight Commander could not resist throwing a look over his shoulder--the last thing one aught to do in a race--and teased, "Let's not dawdle back there!"

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  24. JediMasterAnne

    JediMasterAnne Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 24, 2004
    IC: Safia Rolmar
    The Mountains of Mirwyth
    Shodaire, the Tower of Stone
    Grounds-12 days before her wedding

    To Safia, it seemed as if there was more activity on the grounds than on past occasions when she raced her brothers. There is a wedding in twelve days, of course it’s busier. Servants going about their duties, children at play, and guests arriving made the castle grounds into more of an obstacle course than a race track.Her earlier slip had cost her, and the constant hindrances were widening the gap between her and Ser Lawrence. Yes, he faced the same obstacles, and though watching him alerted her to some of the dangers in their path and gave her a bit more time to avoid them, it wasn’t helping her catch up.

    But they were nearing the northeast corner of the wall now, and once they rounded that corner, it was almost a perfectly straight path to the west gate, their stated finish line. Hopefully there would not be too much activity back there, and if she kept right up beside the outer wall, she might be able to overtake Ser Lawrence. Now as long as she didn’t slip up on the turn again…

    "Let's not dawdle back there!"

    The distance between them was shorter now, but not because she was catching him; he had dropped back. Probably conserving his horse’s energy for the final stretch, she realized.

    She raised a curious eyebrow, smiling, even laughing a little. She was a little surprised at herself, at how quickly her hesistation and awkwardness had left her, but she liked feeling like she could be herself, rather than the proper mask she had to put on in formal situations.

    Who’s dawdling?” The playful retort came quickly as they neared the last turn. “Correct me if I’m wrong, but you appear to be the one slowing down!”

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  25. Ktala

    Ktala Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Lorain Ashkey - The Deserts of Mirwyth
    Near Aqarda, Abandoned Town, Rooftops, Desert Coast

    They ran.

    She picked up the unconscious woman, slipping the strap she had crafted around her body, and then moved,
    following Fleet as they scampered across the rooftops. How the scales had moved indeed. Lorain gritted
    her teeth as she moved, her eyes scanning the area as they moved from building to building. At least
    Fleet seemed to be rather secure in his direction. Probably because of the woman Lorain carried. He really
    did care about Kaili. Lorain let a brief smile flicker across her lips. She right now was depending on
    him, almost as much as he was depending on her.

    Fleet moved, turning an in the distance Lorain could just make out the edges of the city. Fleet had
    stopped now, scanning the rooftops. Loraina could see the area that surrounded that part of town was
    similar to what she had seen, from her direction coming from the beach. Sand dunes, surrounding the town.
    A hint of what look like trees... a grove? A possible food source. Scrubby plants and bushes, and a very
    worn path, that seemed to lead out of town. It looked very well traveled. But what was very strange to
    Lorain was the total lack of any sound. Just a very forlorn sounding wind. No animal noises either. It
    was unnatural. And frightening. How could they clear out an entire town, and not have ANYTHING look out
    of place? It was eerie.

    As Lorain looked about, she spotted something. 'Thank the Gods..every single blessed one of em!' she
    whispered softly With a grin, as she reached out and tapped Fleet on the shoulder as her head tipped down
    in the direction she was looking at. Lorain had spotted the symbol of a blacksmith's sign on one of the
    buildings below. Just what they needed. A place to hide. A place that Lorain could feel familiar in. And
    one she doubted that they would come looking in. It wasnt too far from where she had seen the trees
    either. A plus. She waved for Fleet to follow her, as now she took the lead.

    She decided that they would leave the roof tops a building or two away from the shop, just in case anyone
    was watching. She doubted it. With all the silence, it would be easy to hear someone coming. Especially
    one in armor. But she didnt want to leave a trail directly to where they were heading for. Since the
    people had been taken, it was unlikely that doors were locked. And right now, Lorain was running on pure
    fear. And she was beginning to feel it. She was sure that Fleet was as well. And all the bouncing around
    could not be good for the woman that she carried. No, they needed to rest. And Lorain was going to do her
    best to make sure that she would make it very difficult for any to follow them. After a bit of searching,
    Lorain found a spot where they could climb down. She unwrapped some of the sheets that she carried with
    her, and carefully let Fleet down. She then put Kaili down, tying the sheets to the sling, and gently
    lowering her down. Then Lorain shimmed down last, using the sheets to aid her decent, looping them
    around the chimney, and lowering herself down. She then pulled the sheets down behind her. Picking up the
    sick Kaili, She carefully led Fleet down the street, until they reached the back side of the blacksmiths
    area. Normally, it was an covered area, which led into a barn, where a blacksmith would put the animals
    he was going to shoe there to relax while they waited their turn. From the barn, it led into the main
    work area, where the forge, the main work area and stalls were located. The smells of coals filled the
    area. It was a smell she was quite familiar with. From there, it led into a small two story building. She
    led him past stacks of hay, and then held up her hand. She gently put Kaili down. "Wait here with Kaili.
    Im going to check out the building." she whispered to Fleet. She gently tosseled his hair. "Guard her
    well. I'll be right back." she told him, before she turned, and while crouching down as low, she made her
    way into the blacksmith's shop.

    The door open. The bottom area of the building looked as if a fight had happened there. Lorain looked
    around, quickly scanning the area. No bodies. That was a good thing. Lorain saw the staircase. Like the
    inn, most likely was the living quarters for the smithy. She moved quickly, making sure that no one was
    in the first floor. She moved, to lock the front door of the building. She then went back out the back,
    to quickly catch back up to where she had left Fleet. She caught his attention, and then moved in. "I
    checked the first floor. It looks safe. Let's get Kaili inside, and then I will check out the other

    Lorain cradled the woman, and with large strides, she led the way, quickly making her way into the
    structure once more. Once all of them had made it inside, she quickly laid the Kaili down, an closed the
    door behind them. Lorain breathed hard. All this excitement was beginning to wear her down. She needed
    to rest. Soon. There was probably some sort of hidden area in the barn, made for supplies and such. They
    could search later. She would figure out how to do anything else in a bit. The main area was large,
    separated by a high counter. It seemed to be the man's shop, where people would come in. Empty hooks on
    the walls, probably held examples of some of his works. A blacksmith did more than shoe animals. Looks
    like the pirates had taken at least SOME of his wares, that they might consider useful. Horseshoes, still
    hung in some places, other bits and pieces, Lorain didnt bother to identify at the moment. Right now she
    had another mission. Lorain drew the dagger Fleet had given her, and then quickly moved upstairs, to
    search for anyone else that might be about. The area seemed relatively normal here. It did not seemed
    disturbed. Nothing broken. It was a very simple structure, with a small kitchen, a bathing area, and two
    bedrooms. And thankfully, no soldiers here either. A kitchen might mean food. Something they could look
    for later. With a grateful sigh, Lorain headed back down. The windows had shutters. Probably to protect
    from the winds and occasional sandstorms that were probably common in the area. Lorain had seen plenty of
    those. She sat down heavily on the bottom step. She then looked up, grinning at Fleet. "Upstairs was
    clear." she said softly. Lorain breathed in deeply.

    They had to get out of town. She knew if they were found, they were dead. No questions. She had no idea
    of what Ser Sand had stated was true or not. It didnt matter. They had not killed the knight. But they
    might as well have. Then Lorain's eyes scanned over Kaili. The woman was in no shape to travel. Without
    any animals around, Lorain would have to carry her. There was no way, that she could carry the woman
    through the desert. And it would certainly not be good for her either. Her injuries were pretty severe.

    Lorain was faced with a difficult decision. She needed to make her way to Fair Groves. But she would not
    leave Fleet. And Fleet would not leave Kaili. Not now. There had already been far too much death. And
    Lorain knew she could not bear of leaving Fleet alone. Not after all of this. But Lorain also knew the
    law of the desert. To attempt to cross it without ANY supplies, or at least water, was a death sentence.
    So like it or not, she was going to have to wait.

    Lorain slowly stood up, and walked over to where she had laid Kaili down. She moved carefully, picking up
    Kaili. Lorain noticed that the woman had a thin bead of sweat coming from her forehead. That was not a
    good sign. She looked over at Fleet. "Im gonna set her up in one of the bedrooms upstairs. At least make
    her comfortable for now, while we figure out what to do next." Lorain went up the stairs, and gently laid
    the woman down on the bed. She then checked her bandages. She would need to change them soon. A quick
    check, confirmed that the woman was running a temperature. Lorain kept her face carefully neutral. Right
    now, all she could do for the woman, was to try and make her comfortable, as best she could. With the
    pirates and the knights, there was no way they could get her to a healer, even if Lorain knew where to
    look. Lorain covered up the woman, and found herself a chair to sit. Later, she would go scavenging for
    food. But right now, both she and Fleet needed rest. And maybe a chance to talk. She had a feeling the
    hours ahead of them, were going to be difficult for all of them.

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