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Discussion in 'Role Playing Resource' started by greyjedi125, Jun 5, 2020.

  1. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Hello True Believers,

    This will be a thread for Marvel Heroes: A New Breed game related information. This will include Character Sheets, People and Places, Gear and the like. First order of business would be the posting of character sheets -by popular necessity.

    Again, thank you all for your amazing participation.

  2. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
  3. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    Name: Blueline

    Codename: Blueline

    Gender: Male

    Age: 20

    Hair: Dark Blonde



    Weight: 185lbs

    Likes: Food, lots of it, saving people, and being around good people (even if there’re precious few of them)

    Dislikes: Overbearing authority, liars, Con men (really good liars), and Russians (He’s had a bad experience)

    Personality: Quiet, self sacrificing, will always put everyone before him. Despite everything he’s seen his eyes are kind. He will not kill, no matter how dark or evil the person may be, he will not kill them or leave them to die. He will give his all to save a person, to help a friend, or to stop a crime.

    Appearance: Average facial features, medium build, probably the most average kid you’ll meet until you look at his clothes. He wears a blue hoodie, stained red with his own blood, and perforated with bullet holes and knife slashes. A blue bandana covers his face from the nose down, he rarely removes it, even in friendly company. On his right wrist is a pair of bloody handcuffs, rusted shut.

    Basic Abilities: A healing factor equal to that of the vaunted Wolverine, though still feels the pain of every hit he takes.

    Bio: It’s you typical hero story. Blue lost his mother at a young age. She was killed right in front of him in a mugging gone lethal. He lost his father six months later, cancer. Went to live with his aunt and uncle for a few years, things were stable then, until he fell in love with a girl from school. It took him a long time to finally admit his feelings to her, and he was surprised to learn she felt the same.

    For a bit there it felt like nothing could touch him, that he’d finally put his mother’s death behind him. When she started wincing when he’d touch her, he began to worry. When one day she didn’t come to school the next day he stopped by her house. When she opened the door, he understood what happened, her right eye was swollen shut, raised red and purple skin surrounded it. She tried to say it was an accident but, he knew, knew it was her father, a bear of a man with a temper to match. That night he hatched a plan to get her out, get her somewhere safe. As he approached the house he heard screams, screams of pain, and shouts of anger. He didn’t wait, he broke in grabbing the first thing he could, an umbrella. Blue swung it and it bent helplessly on the monster’s arm. The beasts rage grew seeing the boy, and he pummeled the young man into the floor. His face was swelling and an eye was forced closed but, he could see her, his first love, slumped against a wall not breathing. A heavy boot landing on his head caused him to blackout. When he came to, the house was dark and empty, and her body was gone.

    It was a few years after when he was old enough to drive when he was driving with a friend down a back road. She was more than a friend but, his heart hadn’t let go of his first love. A truck missed a stop sign and plowed into the passenger side of his car. As the car was burning he pulled his friend out. Blue didn’t have a mark on him, despite the violence of the crash he was seemingly unharmed. The police, paramedics and firefighters arrived and declared his friend dead at the scene. They were also surprised at the Blue’s lack of injuries.

    Blue was driven to his aunt and uncle’s house, as they pulled into the driveway, the house exploded. Shrapnel killed the two cops escorting him. Blue slipped out the shattered rear window and started looking for his guardians in the rubble of his home. His hands burned as he shoved aside flaming wreckage. He found their bodies charred, almost beyond recognition. He hadn’t moved when the fire department showed up.

    Blue was swiftly sent into the foster care system, having no living family remaining. It didn’t go well, there were too many kids in the house and the ‘parents’ didn’t care, rarely feeding them, barely even looking after them. Blue took it upon himself to protect them, taking several beatings for his trouble but, he didn’t care as long as his brothers and sisters were safe. One day one of his ‘brothers’ got in the way and the attacker’s rage became focused on the other boy. Blue tried to stop it sooner but, by the time he did, his brother wasn’t breathing. Overcome with fury he pummeled the monster that killed his ‘brother’. Not stopping until the body was still. His hands ached his knckles bled , and bile rose in his throat. He’d just killed a man.

    After that he ran away, running into the city, someplace big with many hiding spots. Not two minutes in and a mugging occurred down a side street Blue could have avoided. But, he couldn’t stand by and let it happen. Without fear he rushed in and beat back the attackers with wild flailing strikes. The man he saved was named Zeke, and they became friends and roommates after that. Zeke was the one that convinced Blue to be a hero, and the one who chose the name, the only name the hero uses now. Again things began to stabilize but, they didn’t stay that way. Two ‘cops’ showed up to ‘arrest’ Zeke and Blue. Blue broke one of the cuffs in the struggle forcing the ‘cops’ to handcuff the two together. A little later a gun battle broke out, seemed Blue had made some enemies during his short time as a hero. The two ‘cops’ were slain, along with Zeke, once again Blue survived.

    He pulled his friends body into a dark place, and did what he had to, to release them from their shackle. He still wears it, one side bloodied, a reminder of his friend. It’s been a while since that, and Blue has kept going. Because no matter what he is a hero, they take pain, they take punishment, they take whatever the world can throw at them and keep going, keep saving people, because no one else will.

    When the SRA came down, Blue never signed, never gave up his ways. He stayed in the city, his city doing what he could to keep the peace. It was many many long days, but he wasn't alone...he had made some allies, Psion, and Aegis, also known as Zephyr and Casey. If he was honest he might have broken without their support. Together they kept their part of the city safe, and did what they could to put a stop to the madness taking over the world. And became stronger over the year and a half. Though Casey has started taking a more active role in their efforts...and deep down, that scares him. He knows her power, the destruction she can cause and it terrifies him. He was against her coming with him, but she wouldn't back down.

    He guessed it was better to have her with him, than on her own in a city that could not contain her. Though he was still afraid, afraid of the day he wouldn't be there when she needed him.

    Name: Casey Sark

    Codename: Aegis

    Gender: Female

    Age: 18

    Hair: Blonde

    Eyes: Blue

    Height: 5'11"

    Weight: 90lbs. (normally)

    Likes: Quiet, writing in her journal, watching Law& Order, helping people (when she can)

    Dislikes: Large groups of people, cats, and creepy men

    Personality: Quiet, shy, keeps to herself and stays away from others. Her aloofness and emotional distance is a defense mechanism, she's lost everyone in her life, she doesn't want to feel that pain again. Though around her two friends, Blue and Zephyr she's started to come out of her shell a little.

    Appearance: Plain looking with her blonde hair pulled into a top ponytail. Her eyes are usually wide with barely controlled fear. She wears an orange tanktop over a white t-shirt, a burnt orange hoodie, blue jeans and black sneakers complete her usual outfit.

    Basic Abilities: Superhuman strength and density linked to her fight or flight response.

    Bio: Casey was born into a loving home and was an absolute daddy's girl. Her father, Samuel Sark, was a solider and her protector. When she'd cry at night because of nightmares or monsters in her room, he was always there, beating the monsters back or banishing the darkness away. She loved him and missed him fiercely when he was gone. He was never deployed overseas nor was he transferred from base to base so she never experienced the 'Army Brat' lifestyle so many of the other kids she knew did. Until one day her father died, it wasn't in combat or an accident, the doctors said it was a brain aneurism. The way they explained it to her was that a weak blood vessel popped in his head and he died soon after. Young Casey didn't believe this, her father was a mountain of a man, his arms wrapped around her like a stone wall and she'd seen do great feats of strength without breaking a sweat. So to think that he was killed by a weak blood vessel was impossible for her to process.

    Without her protector the nightmares became worse and nearly unending, when she'd cry it was only her mother who came to her aid. Her mother did what she could staying up all night with her watching old re-runs of Law & Order trying to comfort her. It helped but, never banished the terrors like her father's heartbeat or his rumbling words. One day after school Casey was cutting an apple, something she'd done before, but this time her hand slipped and she cut herself. She stood there frozen, staring at the wound and the crimson blood that leaked from it. A chilling, irrational, fear grew inside her. When her mother put a hand on her shoulder Casey whipped around slapping her mother with an open hand. Next the young girl threw her own flesh and blood into the stove shattering her mom's vertebrae and paralyzing her from the waist down.

    After the fear had faded from her mind Casey threw up, she'd just harmed the only person remaining in her life that cared for her. She felt like a monster, like some best that needed to be put down. She couldn't stay in that house, not where she could hurt her mother again. She rushed upstairs and packed a bag, she was heading to the city and maybe catch a train or a bus or whatever she needed to so as get far away from people. Her mother told her everything was going to be alright, that she didn't need to run away, but that was all she could do.

    With what money she had she made her way into NYC with the hopes of finding a way to make it further, she got lost and ending up near Union Square Park, right in the middle of a crowd of angry people.

    She was saved from that crowd by two strangers, one of them wearing a bandana around his head hiding his face. She was still scared, but she trusted him. They retreated from the crowd finding a quiet place to settle for a bit, to let the storm pass. She had to beg Blue, as she would come to call him, to stay always wanting to leap into danger.

    As they grew to know each other, they learned of their abilities, of how they could work together. Though she was always afraid of using hers, always afraid of losing her control and hurting someone. So for most of their first few missions she worked behind the scenes, giving them information and keeping an eye on them. Until she was forced to fight back, made to defend herself. She doesn't have perfect control and would never go anywhere without Blue or Zephyr, but slowly, surely she was becoming a hero, just like them.

    Though that fear remained, the fear that she would kill someone, that she couldn't control the scared monster that lives in her heart.
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  4. Master Vo'Un'Var

    Master Vo'Un'Var Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 19, 2017
    Name: Larry Stone

    Codename: Bronze

    Gender: Male

    Age: 43

    Hair: Brown

    Eyes: Black

    Height: 6'4"

    Weight: 198lbs

    Likes: Cigarettes, Motorcycles, and his trusty silenced 9mm pistol

    Dislikes: Being static, planes, annoying people.

    Personality: Quiet, but sociable, Sarcastic. Typically looks out for number one.

    Basic Abilities: the ability to form large bronze feathered wings. Slow regeneration

    Bio: After being involved in a lethal car crash, killing both of Laurence "Larry" Stone's parents, his first ability of slow regeneration was discovered when he was recovering in hospital. When he should have lost all function in his legs, he was able to move them within several months of recovery.

    His core ability, however, was discovered when he was running from a mugger who was armed. He couldn't remember everything exactly, but the first time flying was painfully embarrassing. The good thing, however, was that he would get better, much better.

    All this happened in his teen years, when he turned 19 he joined the U.S Army, and served for 3 years. He didn't use his powers during this time. In fact, he hasn't told anyone about his powers, they remain largely under the radar.

    For years, he has been practicing his flying, and living an average life. However, recently, he decided he wants to do more than just get by on his minimum wage job. Living in the city made him feel sick with the petty crimes that happened. Muggings, robberies, and murders. He was going to take a stand against it.
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  5. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Chosen One star 7

    Jan 2, 2003
    Character Sheet

    Name: Cameron Giles
    Codename: Gemini
    Gender: Male
    Age: 32
    Hair: Black and Short
    Eyes: Light Green
    Height: 6’4”
    Weight: 245 lbs.
    Likes: Honesty, Kindness, Justice, Audiobooks, Competence
    Dislikes: Deceit, Chaos, Immaturity, The Unknown
    Personality: Honest, straightforward, and likable when off duty. Likes to smile, joke, and ‘hang out’ in small groups of close friends. On duty he is straightforward, efficient, and a mask of professionalism. At times he is deceptive and constantly mirroring his personality to that which fits the situation…and inwardly hates it.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Basic Abilities: Personal Cloning & Invisibility
    Bio: Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Cameron J. Giles has always been an upstanding, law abiding citizen. He was smart and always craving a good education so he could find ways of moving America and the world itself, forward.

    He reveled as all others did at those with mutant and superhuman powers…and yes, feared a little too. As he grew up, he eventually attended Colorado University for a little while before being snatched up by recruiters from an organization known as S.H.I.E.L.D. There he attended a prestigious, if secret, academy and then entered the Infiltration and Espionage Division. Cameron rose through the ranks steadily until now he stands above most. Deputy Director. And he fully intends to use its power for the cause of good.

    When the Registration Act began, while S.H.I.E.L.D clearly knew of his abilities that had manifested in his early teens already due to their use on their behalf, he stood up and as a show of loyalty, 'officially' registered as an act of lawful devotion. He still has the picture of him and Tony Stark Jr. smiling and shaking hands for a photo shoot to commemorate him being among the first Registered, on his wall at his SHIELD personal quarters.

    His most vivid memory now that his life has taken a Metaphoric turn, was when he was thirteen and was still experimenting with his powers. As he came out of invisibility and ran away from a girls locker room that he had been spying on at the time (he has thankfully banished all such immature actions due to growing up), he stumbled upon a man seemingly waiting for him. A man in a unique wheelchair. "Hello, Cameron," the man said pleasantly with a smile, "My name is Charles Xavier, I was wondering if we could talk for a moment?"

    However, that was when his older brother Anthony appeared around the corner and hollered for him to get going; eyeing Professor Xavier apprehensively. Without thinking, Cameron hastened to obey after apologizing to the man. He never saw him again, likely due to something of greater significance having distracted the mutant professor immediately afterward. Cameron had thus been nearly an X-Men member.

    S.H.I.E.L.D is glad they have him instead. And even more now that things have gotten even more chaotic…
  6. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002

    Mary Formal enters Torchwood to recover her teleporter

    Name: Mary Formal

    Codename: "Mother"

    Gender: Female Arcateenian / Arcan shapeshifter

    Age: 244

    Hair: Blonde. Chin-length, face-framing bob cut. Sideswept bangs

    Eyes: Green

    Height: 5 foot, 4 inches

    Weight: 55 kilos, although slim

    Likes: She likes referencing movie and television pop culture, but she is a major Man From U.N.C.L.E. fan girl, and if anybody believes her, she will claim to be one of their agents. Her favourite gun, is the discontinued Bren Ten automatic, as used by Sonny Crockett in Miami Vice.
    Recently, she has drifted towards taking care of people she perceives as smaller or weaker than the norm. Approves of girly girls.

    Dislikes: Being told what to do, treated like a kid, going longer than a calendar month without consuming a fresh human heart. People that she has taken under her wing, using bad language. Females wearing trousers.

    Personality: Nurturing, though it can quickly turn into forceful mothering. Quotes A LOT of television and film media. Will treat anyone that she is working with, as a wider family, and worthy of her protection.

    Appearance: SHIELD liaison officer Arthur Chesterfield's dubious claim to have never heard of the fictional superhero, Batman, inspired Mary to adopt a recent iteration of the Wonder Woman costume (blue mini-skirt composed of leather peruges strips) as both everyday and workwear.
    She also has the Amy Pond woman police constable outfit: black bodycon miniskirt, white short-sleeved blouse, black bulletproof vest with POLICE on the front, and U.N.C.L.E. on the back, tights, black combat boots.
    Myriad skirts, tops, and dresses. Wears a black webbing garter belt with a drop holster velcroed round her thigh, for her Bren Ten automatic. Wedge-heeled strappy sandals.


    Mary imagines herself stalking the U.N.C.L.E. corridors.

    Basic Abilities: Can punch through a human ribcage. Superspeed over short distances up to 300m (too fast for a human to see, but we're not talking The Flash), superstrength (more upper body strength than you would think, to look at her). Healing factor, sorta. She took a musket ball to the shoulder in Georgian England, and it healed right up. Her mind is impenetrable to telepaths.

    Bio: Arcateenian shape-shifter. Very adept at concealing her true form, and has not revealed it since being knocked unconscious by an explosion at a Russian Consulate in the 1960s (see, From Russia With Love, or this Earth's version, Mary Formal attends SMERSH Interview).

    Has been on Earth since Georgian times, mostly taking human hearts and hibernating for fifty years at a time, or living on the fringes of society as a tramp.

    1960s - Mistaken for a Russian consulate worker in Istanbul, and conscripted into a SMERSH operation to pass misinformation to British Intelligence.

    1994 - Emerging from hibernation to get her five hearts, she was captured by British E-Branch, a secret service staffed with psi-powered agents that had earlier unwittingly discovered the existence of vampires on Earth, and were dedicated to wiping them out.
    Not realising Mary's true nature, but noting her strength and super-speed, they conscripted her into their ranks as an "Agent". Agents have no mind powers, so are support staff and muscle for the Operatives.

    2003 - Was in Australia for a joint E-Branch, Australian Special Air Service (SAS), Australian Special Intelligence (ASI) vampire-hunting operation.
    Seconded to the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), temporarily commissioned as an Acting Sub-Lieutenant.

    Since Resurgence: That night at Dugans Bar, Doctor Redstone despatched her and Liz Merrick to West Virginia to do a ride-along with an A-Team (the 'A' standing for Appalachian) intervening in a Dogman (cryptid) incident.

    Two months later, Mary was by herself in Los Angeles, dusting the vampire revellers in one of Deacon Frost's infamous warehouse raves.
    The LAPD, reeling under the weight of a prolific serial killer (Sidney), responded to 'shots fired' calls, and arrested her at the scene. After SHIELD and E-Branch anonymously vouched for her, she got her gun and liberty back, but was drawn into the multi-agency Sidney Taskforce to find the killer.
    She partnered with a Portland detective, Nicole Gravely, who was also seconded to the taskforce, quickly taking her under her wing.

    Forced her way into Gravely's life, in a parental role, and has been living in Portland, Oregon, with the young detective, since.

    Mary has never had a formal education, except for six months at E-Branch's training facility, The Farm, in 1994. She speaks, in descending levels of competency, English, Romanian, and Russian.

    Preferred weapon: Bren Ten. (10mm Auto silver bullets)


    Name: Liz Merrick

    Codename: Personifying her SHIELD work, she has named herself, "Section 23"

    Gender: Female human

    Age: 27

    Hair: Straight brown. Occassionally braided.

    Eyes: Brown

    Height: 5 foot, 4 inches

    Weight: 60kilos, though slim. Less endowed than her partner.

    Likes: Likes to be liked, but has no real hobbies that I know about. Going steady with SHIELD limo driver (and disgraced heli-carrier pilot), Bryan Dale.

    Dislikes: Being told to use her telepathy on other espers within E-Branch.

    Personality: Personable, can lack in self-confidence, but brave enough in combat. Believes in E-Branch's calling to destroy vampires. A lot more comfortable with contemporary Earth technology, than Mary. Playful around Bryan Dale (boyfriend), Mary Formal (colleague and friend).

    Appearance: English Rose. Caucasian. Bit of a tomboy in attire, favouring check shirts and jeans if no dress code. Pleated tennis skirt for emergencies. Still has her black SHIELD uniform
    Basic Abilities: Telepath.

    Bio: Normal upbringing and education in England, possibly doing Psychology at university. She did an experiment with cards for her thesis, getting students to guess the next card, and finding herself getting so invested that she tried helping them. Her own guesses regarding the next cards began to improve in accuracy.
    This was how she came to E-Branch's notice, and is employed by them for her telepathic ability.
    In E-Branch's hierarchy, she is an "Operative". Her psi ability is more important than other skills.

    2003 - Was in Australia for a joint E-Branch, Australian Special Air Service, Australian Special Intelligence vampire-hunting operation. (Edit: hang on, that'd mean that she was ten!)

    Since Resurgence: That night at Dugans Bar, Doctor Redstone despatched her and Mary Formal to West Virginia to do a ride-along with an A-Team (the 'A' standing for Appalachian) intervening in a Dogman (cryptid) incident.
    Liz and Bryan Dale (piloting the quinjet at short notice) actually stayed in the plane for a bit of privacy, at the airport where they met the A-Team.

    The two remained embedded with the A-Team for a number of months, as part of their work with SHIELD's Paranormal Phenomena Department.

    They have since moved back to New York.

    Preferred weapon: Baby Browning. (.25 ACP 6.35mm silver ammunition)
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  7. The Jedi in the Pumas

    The Jedi in the Pumas Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 23, 2018
    Name: Monin Bellascort

    Codename: The Ouro/Starbrand

    Gender: Male

    Age: 31
    Height: 6'5

    Weight: 217 lbs

    Likes: Expensive clothes, space travel and flight, treasure, rooftops, and magic

    Dislikes: Villains, politics, those who stand in the way of progress and government.

    Personality: Calm, talkative, enjoys a drink and a laugh with large groups of people. Overly curious and obsessive over discovering new things. Enjoys being the focus of attention, but does not outright desire it. Quick to action once he has set a course.

    Basic Abilities: Limited Inorganic Transmutation: Can change the shape and chemical composition of inorganic objects through touch.

    Inheritor of the Star Brand granting him: Flight, enhanced durability, superhuman strength, energy absorption and projection.

    Bio: Monin Bellascort was born in rural Virginia to Elijah and Mona Bellascort. He was an intelligent and supernaturally gifted child. His parents discovered his ability to change the doorknob to ashe or the metal silverware to wood at the age of 7 and treated these abilities as gifts from God. They taught Monin to always help those he could, with or without his gift, and to always thank the lord for his abilities. Monin, however, was a nonbeliever and decided to use the gifts to lift his parents out of rural poverty by turning bricks into gold bars and rocks into diamonds. His parents then moved to New York and Monin was educated at NYU before becoming a producer of Broadway plays and a talent scout. The stars of Broadway were not the only stars that Monin was meant to interact with. One night years ago during the Second Latverian Cataclysm(unbeknownst to Monin) on the rooftop of his apartment building, Monin was struck by a great white beam of light and heard the voice of the now missing Kevin Connor, the Starbrand of this universe. Kevin only spoke these words: "To the inheritor of the Star Brand: Find me and Save me."

    These words mean nothing to Monin, but he decided that he would indeed find out what happened to Kevin Connor and would use the Star Brand to become the hero "The Ouro" in the absence of heroes of earth.
  8. darthbernael

    darthbernael Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 15, 2019
    Name: Akihiro
    Codename: Daken
    Gender: Male
    Age: Born 1946

    Hair: Black, long
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 5’9”
    Weight: 167 lbs

    Likes: Violence, Using people, Controlling others, Emotionally, Physically, and using his Pheromones playing with others, both men and women

    Dislikes: Due to his memory loss and his several quests for vengeance he has no real feelings one way or the other about anyone or anything.

    Personality: Daken is basically what you would get if you mixed Wolverine and Deadpool’s DNA and abilities and then trained him within an inch of his life. Due to the harshness of his training and events that have happened over his life he has turned into a cold, manipulative, controlling, and animalistic being that care nothing for any other person. With most of his memory still lost, he is often seen as no more than a living weapon to be turned against whoever his boss wanted dead.





    Basic Abilities: Regenerative Immortality, Ageless Immortality, Self Resurrection, Foreign Chemical Immunity, Disease Immunity, Superhumanly Acute Senses, Superhuman Durability, Superhuman Stamina, Superhuman Reflexes, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Agility, Pheromone Control, Superhuman Mental Processing, Telepathic Immunity, Retractable Claws, Master Martial Artist

    Weapons: With his skills and mental processing abilities he either knows or has learned how to operate most weapons systems that have ever been created but most often tends to rely on his martial arts training and his retractable claws as his weapons. He has two claws on each hand that release in the same place as Wolverine, above his hands, but he does also have a third on each hand, that extend from the inside of his wrist.

    Bio: In 1946 Daken’s mother, Wolverine’s wife was murdered by the Winter Soldier. His mother had been murdered so as to draw out Wolverine, but as his mother lay dying another mutant appeared and cut him from his mother’s womb. Due to his regenerative ability, even at that age, he survived even this very early ‘birth.’

    He was abandoned by this same mutant on the door of a wealthy Japanese couple who took him in as the answer to their prayers of having a child. He was raised by the and his adoptive father named him Akihiro, but most of their servants and staff nicknamed him Daken, which meant ‘bastard dog.’ At about 11, he had a falling out with his adoptive family which led to him killing his mother by accident leading his father to commit suicide.

    As a result of this falling out and what occurred during it, the majority of his mutant powers finally came to the fore. As he stood in the remains of his life, the same mutant that had saved him at birth reappeared and took him to be trained in the same program his father had been trained in, the Weapon X program. He spent several years studying and training until he became better than almost any other person that had been trained. In a final battle with his mentor, the mutant that had rescued him twice reappeared.

    He left the program and followed that mutant, working for him. While working for him he had several conversations with Romulus, that mutant. Romulus told him most of what had happened the day he was born but lied to Daken about who had killed his mother, placing the blame on his father, Wolverine. This caused him to swear vengeance against his father and strengthened the bond between himself and Romulus.

    During the following decades this oath twisted hm further and further, leading to several confrontations with his father, all ending poorly. During a fight with his father and Deadpool his was struck with a bullet made of a material which could reduce the regenerative abilities he had. His father saved his life but carried him to a cave where he had guarded the failures of the Weapon X program. After killing most of the failures he was rescued by Sebastian Shaw and Ms Sinister.

    They realised quickly that something had happened that had seemingly erased most of his memories. Ms Sinister attempted to restore his memories but did not completely succeed. As well, during this period he learned that Romulus had lied to him and that his father had not been responsible for his mother’s death. Even though he gave up his quest for vengeance against Wolverine, with the truth revealed, he now swore vengeance against Romulus.

    Over the following decades he worked with many in the superhero or mutant hero community including the Dark Avengers and the Dark X-Men. He was involved in many operations, some on the side of right, but many to satisfy his own lust for control and animalistic nature. As with his father, he has bone claws in his wrists that have, at times been bonded to metal. However, unlike his father, his claws and skeleton are not coated in adamantium.

    Over the last decade he has crisscrossed the world, at times assisting other heroes or villains, at others following his path. Due to this nomadic nature he has been out of the loop with the many events that have occurred recently, save for having been thought killed in a battle with a NuSentinel and various others in New York City. He was loaded in a body bag and into a quinjet and that was the last most have seen of him.

    Due to his Self Resurrection ability and ability to regenerate, his body was left in a secure location, guarded by those that had taken them. Not too long ago he finally awoke and escaped. Since then little has been known about him, but with the world finally rebuilding and stabilizing, he has reappeared, but how will he act in this new world?
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  9. Ktala

    Ktala Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Name: Shelly VanKasser
    Codename: Shade
    Gender: Female
    Hair: Black Hair
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 130
    Likes: Books, quiet places, friendly people, doodling/drawing, and of course CHOCOLATE. She also adores puzzles, especially the spatial ones.
    Dislikes: Strong armed authority, liars, mean people, anyone who reminds her of her parents.
    Personality: Massive trust issues, especially with authority figures. She prefers what she considers normals, like the servants and regular folks that worked for her parents. Normally shy, she can become very protective when it comes to the young or defenseless. She loathes bullies, people who think they are superior to others. Tends to wear dark colors. Long dark trenchcoat.

    Basic Abilities:
    Darkness is her solitude. Her safe spot. She can hide in the darkness, and none can touch her there. She can become intangible in the shadows. She also can shape other shadows, bringing some of them into a substance so that they can reach out and grab objects. She also uses the shadows to teleport within. She has no trouble seeing in any levels of darkness, and even though she does not feel it, it has been said to be a chilling experience whenever she transports a person over long distances. She can also hear conversations within the shadows as well.

    She is a living shadow.

    Shelly's childhood would be considered to some a dream come true. If only they knew. Born the second child of a very wealthy Virginia family, (Charles and Margret) her mom a high standing microbiologist and her father who dabbed in what she only new was the "family business", seemed to be a powerful man. Her brother the eldest, was doated on and groomed to be the next head of the family. She was pretty much ignored, and in a way, it afforded her much more freedom. She loved to read, and had access to a huge library. She was shipped off from boarding school to boarding school, and when she came home, her parents were seldom around. But the servants who served her family seemed to understand and would bring her small toys and items, often sitting with her and talking to them for hours on end. Family taught her to fence and martial arts. But she learned to street fight from the Gardner.

    She knew most of the staff by the first name. And she returned at friendship, helping them when needed when she could. Sometimes, she would just sit and listen. But things changed once she was 16.

    Charles and Margret had their own agenda. They had seen the mutant rise and fall. And they figured that it would not be long before another wave rose up. And they were interested in how they could be involved. Or maybe it was more in control. In either case, they had experimented on their children, without their knowledge. They had high hopes that the son would be the one who would show any signs. But nothing. They didn't even bother to check Shelly. To them, she was just a reject. To keep the family face, they looked to marry her off to some other rich family, for her to become their problem.

    And if she refused, they had other plans.Shelly couldn't understand why they seemed to not care. She did everything they asked. She was a straight-A student, went to all the family silly parties, but still nothing. Only the staff seemed to care. So one day, she simply left. Angry and upset, she wished she could just disappear. And she did. She simply slid into the shadows. With this newfound ability, she escaped her family's compound and left.

    She left the state and moved out west, as far away from her background as she could. She found herself in Arizona. She realized these powers made her different, but she didn't see herself as a mutant. She changed her looks to blend in with her new life and has been trying to find her calling in life, now that she is free.
  10. Ameteth

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    Mar 28, 2009
    Name: Zephyr Vaillancourt

    Codename: Psion

    Gender: male


    Hair: black

    Eyes: silver blue


    Weight:155 lbs

    Likes: Adventure, creativity, individuality, free spirit, intelligence, bravery, conviction, positivity, empathy.

    Dislikes: Bullying, deceit, abuse of power, corruption, selfishness, negativity, indifference.

    Personality: Generally private, sometimes generous to a fault. Adventurous, outgoing, a bit of a risk taker, can be sarcastic at times. Determined, observant, studious when necessary. Team player when comfortable.

    Appearance: Likes to wear black, somewhat stylish but not showy or ostentatious.


    Powers: Psion is able to manipulate matter.

    Bio: Zephyr is the son of Alma Forsythe and a Kree exploratory researcher, Xereth-Fiyrr, who was killed by a Skrull assassin. Alma later married Reinauld Vaillencourt who was also a visionary scientist as herself and had loved her since their younger days when they met during a scholastic Science Program.

    Alma came to realize that Xereth might have selected her for her ‘genetic potential’, evidence of this became clear not too long after his death.

    She and Reinauld raised Zephyr in comfortable seclusion to better keep control over his abilities, which manifested very early, and proved to be exceedingly dangerous if left unchecked.

    They almost enrolled him in Xavier’s School for gifted children but were concerned with the mutant stigma. Instead, they availed themselves of materials concerning

    metahuman subjects, either publicly available or through ‘data couriers’. Ranging from thesis by Reed Richards, papers from Dr. McTaggert and Dr. Charles Xavier himself, including Dr.McCoy.

    However the most help came from the information stored in Xereth’s hidden workshop. Alma had become familiar with some of the items and machinery there during her time with Zephyr’s father. The Kree technology allowed and permitted access to some of the knowledge, which was vast and beyond anything on Earth, a fraction of the ‘basic’ information proved to be a wellspring of knowledge and life changing information. This was also kept secret.

    Zephyr grew up apart and isolated from the general public, having little to no contact with other youngsters. He received his education from carefully selected tutors who were sworn to secrecy. He was also unaware of his true paternity for most of his life. He was instilled with a strong moral code, but his abilities separated him from most of humanity, moreover, though well instructed in manners and social graces, his isolated upbringing would often lead to some awkward interactions with individuals of his own age group.

    Upon reaching the age of majority, Zephyr realized that the only peers he had were the heroes out there. So his dream was to become one and thus he took the name of Psion.

    He vowed to help in the defense of the weak and be brave for the timid.

    That dream came true in the midst of turmoil and a world at the brink of chaos, more or less. Fate would have it that he would meet and work with two youngsters, Blue and Casey ( codenamed Aegis); strangers bound by purpose and a purity of heart, or at least that is how he optimistically viewed their encounter.

    Zephyr was drawn to their courage and strengths and also moved by their vulnerabilities. There was much that he would learn from these two, about the real world and its vicissitudes. Not only had he found teammates to bring his dream alive, more importantly, he had found friends.
  11. Kurisan

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    Apr 26, 2016

    Zara Chang
    Codename: Zero-G
    Gender: female
    Age: 22
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 1.65m
    Weight: 50kg*
    Likes: Chow mein, hamburgers and fries, freedom, and (recently discovered) dancing at techno nightclubs!
    Dislikes: Overly aggressive advances from males, large crowds (but is getting more used to them). A job only done half-heartedly.
    Personality: Usually serious, quiet and focused, one has to work hard to get her to relax and enjoy herself – but when she does, it is with all her passion.

    Appearance: as Zara...

    as Zero-G...

    Basic Abilities:
    With mental focus, Zara is able to alter her body’s interaction with gravity and make herself lighter. Combined with acrobatic and gymnastic skills, this gives her superhuman agility and speed (she has managed bursts of 100kmph maximum, but upon becoming zero weight she loses traction and control). She is able to flip and bounce from walls, literally defying gravity. She can make great leaps and then return by degrees to her normal weight mid-air to carefully control descent. She can infiltrate secure buildings using these skills and not set off pressure sensors. ALSO she can temporarily create sudden very increased gravity in zones of her body, and uses this to augment her strength in close combat – effectively able to punch and kick way above her “weight”.

    Bio: Zara was born in China to a normal family, and excelled in gymnastics at primary school. She was drafted into the Olympic training program and trained intensively in gymnastics. Her innate “lightfooted” abilities made her stand out, and were recognised as something truly special when they increased drastically in her early teenage years. By 14 she could not only leap from a standing position and perform multiple spins, she could bounce off the high gym ceiling!



    The ancient Wudang Monks have long gone from China, but old wisdom suggested this was a harnessing of Chi energy in mind-over-matter. The Wudang believed anyone can achieve miracles such as levitation with enough meditation. Reality suggested it was only a few “gifted” individuals (IE mutants). The Chinese government did not care. They stepped in and co-opted Zara for different purposes. She was trained in martial arts, and avoiding/disabling security systems. Then she was planted in Stanford University, San Francisco. By day she was a quiet foreign student, by night she was breaking into American hi-tech firms and stealing industrial secrets for the Mother Country.

    Then something happened; something the Chinese did not expect. Zara discovered files at a secret US government agency detailing atrocities performed by the Chinese military in her hometown, denting her loyalty. She took it upon herself to find out more, hoping they would be just simple anti-Chinese propaganda. At the same time, Zara was slowly becoming enchanted with American culture, its freedom of expression (she had led a very sheltered and repressed life so far), and simple joys of things like baseball, burgers, and dance music. The “Great Capitalist Enemy” of communism did not seem so bad.

    Perhaps sensing her usefulness was running out, her “handler” had a situation to deal with which perhaps might facilitate the disposal of this asset. Senior Chinese Diplomats in New York had run afoul of American domestic laws and questions were raised about potential spying activities. They needed a distraction. A deal was struck. The handler outed Zara to the Americans, claiming she was a rogue operative. She was detained and subjected to enhanced interrogation. The Americans, too, are not averse to forgetting human rights when no-one is looking. Zara found herself alone, a pawn in a game, and felt like an abused tool of China.

    But then her skills were discovered, and SHIELD stepped in.

    Her loyalty to China now completely shattered, Zara wished to go underground and leave it all behind. But that was not possible. SHIELD now knew of her skills, she needed protection from inevitable Chinese assassins, and a world in peril was calling for heroes to step up.

    She is now a team member of SHIELD and uses the alias Zero-G to protect her identity...
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    Grey Approved! CS #2

    Basic character sheet:

    Michael Knight

    Codename: Subject-50

    Gender: Male

    Age: 23

    Hair: Black

    Eyes: Dark brown

    Height: 6' 4"

    Weight: 260lbs

    Likes: His freedom, trust, family

    Dislikes: MI-13, Governments, S.H.I.E.L.D, and mainstream heroes

    Personality: Revenge-seeking, helps those in urgent need, and fair

    Basic Abilities: Super-Human Strength, Impenetrable Skin, Super-Human Stamina and Endurance


    Michael Knight doesn't remember his earlier life, as he was taken in the MI-13 in his early years, after an incident he was never truly informed about. From the age of fifteen, after being kept in a foster home, MI-13 took Michael and began using him as a subject to develop a new superhero to rival other nation's heroes. For five years they worked on perfecting his powers, using an advanced serum similar to Captain America's among with other things.

    Finally, when the majority of Michael's powers were perfected, the team working on him decided to start training him for combat. This lasted for a month, until a drug they used to get Michael's obedience failed to be administered, resulting in a breakout from the lab.

    With Michael's escape, he has been placed on multiple watch-lists and is wanted all over the U.K. Lying low for a short time, he finally seems to have reappeared, wanting to take revenge on MI-13 for their tests and his unhappy upbringing.
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    Apr 29, 2002
    General Iconography


    Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement Logistics Division

    Pre-Doom’s Day: An international peacekeeping law enforcement and counter terrorism agency sanctioned by the United Nations.

    During Doom’s Day: Dissolved and re-fashioned into H.A.M.M.E.R.


    Enforcers of the Law

    Active during Doom’s Day



    Ex-S.H.I.E.L.D. Anti-Registration, Freedom Fighters.

    ** Anti-Doom

    Pre-Doom’s Day: Secret, moderate activity

    During Doom’s Day: Secret, High Activity **
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    Apr 29, 2002
    15' & 20' SENTINEL Mark Series Variants

    Sentinels: Advanced Robots designed to hunt and capture mutants.


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    Geez... those boys look scary!
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    I like the image you used, but could not find it.
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    Do we assume that those trees are shorter than 20' (eg. Christmas Tree nursery), or is the image solely about how the Sentinel looks, and the scenery irrelevent?
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    In this case, the scenery is irrelevant. There is no definitive scaling reference for Sentinels and I no longer have the tools to draw it myself.
  19. greyjedi125

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    A player has asked a good question and everyone deserves the answer given:

    Malformed: Humans affected by the Malformed Virus begin to exhibit powers, but their minds also deteriorate and they often become deformed. The Malform Plague has ravaged populations throughout the globe, forcing governments to reinforce their city-refuge. The Malformed virus is highly contagious and there is no known cure. Doom and his scientist have been able to provide a treatment to slow down the spread and transformation process, similar to his success against the Ultron Virus effect on technology. This is how he's gotten most beleaguered U.N. governments to politically capitulate to his power. Specifically America.

    The popular street drug known as Metamin, ( which is derived from bad batches of MGH/ Mutant Growth Hormones ) grants normal people temporary superpowers. It is also said to be a direct cause of Malformation.

    Malformed: Basically 'zombie' like creatures with random and varying levels of super powers.

    PH Balanced: A colloquial term used by normal people with no mutant gene or malformed taint in their system. Pure Human.
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    Name: Arthur Sanders
    Codename: None
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 6ft
    Weight: 170lbs
    Likes: Silence, A morning sunrise, a star studded sky with the Moon shining brightly.
    Dislikes: His Superpowers
    Personality: Shy and not talkative, his finds it difficult to trust people.
    Basic Abilities: He can create and summon ice and fire at will. Strongly connected to his emotional state. At night his ice powers become stronger and likewise with his fire powers during the day.

    He is also resistant to extreme cold and extreme heat, otherwise his body is perfectly normal.

    Bio: Arthur did not come from a happy household. Born in a sleepy town in the Midwest of America. He was of little note for much of his life. He struggled through middle and high school, a rather average student with little motivation. This was caused in large part by the verbal berating and assault by his mother. A cold and harsh woman she never truly loved her son. He was an accident, never meant to be. His father abandoned them both before he was even born. As a result they were very poor, himself and his mother living paycheck to paycheck, Arthur getting a job as soon as he was legally allowed to. All his earnings, however, went straight to his mother.

    Several weeks after graduating high school, Arthur was unsure how to move on in his life. Apathetic towards almost everything, his mother launched a viscous assault on him, that soon turned physical. His mother beating him repeatedly with a rolling pin. The anger boiled within him, the pain, the suffering, the loneliness, the uncertainty of the future it all came to a head. An explosion of ice spikes, empowered with jets of fire leapt themselves from him killing his mother and destroying much of the small house they lived in.

    Horrified by his actions and with the uncontrollable power that had awakened with him he fled, hiding from the authorities. He travelled by foot towards New York, hearing of a school for the gifted. Perhaps they could remove this curse from him.
  21. Darth_Elu

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    Character Sheet

    Name: Inuksuk "Isaac" Angakkuq
    Codename: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Hair: Long and Black, tied back in a braid usually
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 162 lbs.
    Likes: Inuit Culture (It's Family), City life, Positive people, Russian Women (Just a weakness…)
    Dislikes: Inuit Culture (It's Complicated), Negativity, Books, Movies
    Personality: Quiet and reserved for the most part, yet loves to socialize with people as long as they are pleasant. Thoughtful and observant.
    Stance: Unregistered
    Metahuman Ability: Empathy & Animal Guardian Spirit
    Appearance: Isaac
    Bio: Inuksuk, whom prefers going by the name of Isaac, is an interesting young man that enjoys the socialization of people. Though he heavily dislikes negativity. Root cause of that is his quiet ability to feel another's emotions, sometimes as if they were his own, though he trains hard to separate another's from his. He is an Empath, a rare passive ability. Its the main reason he loves the city, watching, and talking with people. All the emotions, the feelings! A wonderful rush, though the recent swing in dark emotions everywhere has him soured and uncertain. Of course, with all the superhero clashes taking place in recent history, it's hard not to understand fully why.

    Furthermore, he has an ancient Animal Spirit that he has gained from his great-grandmother before she passed on. It is his guardian, mentor, confidant, protector…and friend. The very fact he could perceive her from a young age greatly pleased his great-grandmother as: "Modernization has dulled your other family member's senses. You are different. You are tied to the old ways." Ironically, he took to city life. But it was true that he honored the old ways in between modern living. His ethics and morals certainly took to the old ways. And so was the advice he garnered from his spirit. The Spirit of the Firefly.

    Now many might scoff at that, it wasn't the Wolf. The Bear. The Orca. Even the Seal. But that was because they didn't understand Firefly's true significance. He gains abilities from her often enough, one of the many ways she aids her ward and friend. There are times he can even connect to spirits of the dead through her, once gaining the respect of an old warrior. Through Firefly as an ethereal 'bridge', Isaac temporarily harnessed the warrior's abilities to defend himself from a mugging attempt some years back.

    With the advent of the Registration Act, he finds himself confused. As a law abiding citizen, he has nothing against the registry though is slightly uncertain of it. The Inuit are used to similar things gone wrong before… Still, his particular abilities just didn't quite seem like they were referenced by it. With that conflict in mind, he remains Unregistered and unsure if he should be 'screened' or not. Something he has talked to Firefly at length often as of late. In the end, Isaac is a good person who does wish to help others, but feels like he isn't in any situation to do so. That may change swiftly if the hints that Firefly has been giving have any merit...

    And they usually do.

    Furthermore, with all the new action since the events of the Registration Act's rise and the Crisis against Doom, he increasingly feels uncertain as to his place in the world. Whereas Firefly is ever more sure.
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