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    Nov 10, 2007
    Has anyone ever played an RPG?How about A live action Star Wars based one if not then here is your chance myself und friends und other Master replica fans are working on developing A live action RPG in A local location jammed packed full of Lightsaber dueling with master replicas we have qite A bit of Sith but not enough Jedi Und everyone knows we need both to truely bring the story alive we have A few bounty operatives und you can pick your very own species sry about the spelling in a bit of A rush und you can be a bounty hunter turned Jedi or ofcoarse there is always room for Sith to battle for trainning rights by the Masters side lol . thanks und do respond back Sithmaster3117.PS.this is an awsome opertunity to make RPG history don't miss out.
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Not open for further replies.