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    Dramatis Personae


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    Continuity Notes

    ATA I

    The story of Legends continues until the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War in 29 ABY. Thereafter, Pellaeon retires and the First Order comes to dominate the Imperial Remnant. The Galactic Alliance comes to the end as there is no need for a unified threat. The constituent member states go their separate ways, with alliances between the New Republic and Hapans, while the First Order and the New Republic have their relations defined by the Galactic Concordance. The Galactic Alliance is thus on the back-burner, to be reassembled if need be; should an external threat arise.

    ATA II


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    Name: Vincent Mikaru
    Age: 29
    Species: Echani
    Gender: Male
    • Echani Vibrosword: A single edged, curved blade reminiscent to a mix of a real world Katana and Khopesh. Being Echani made it is laced with Cortosis and thus saber and blaster resistant. This blade was one of many supercooled during its forging, making the blade cold to the touch and causing it to release a cloud of condensed air in warm environs.
    • MSS Heavy Blaster Pistol:
    • Vincent’s armor is full Echani Combat Armor with a cortosis weave cape, plating, and body glove. It is resistant to heat and energy damage and fully sealed for vacuum operations.
    Personal ship, if any: The Ascendant Pride and Ivory Dagger
    Other Notes:Cybernetics:
    • Cybernetic Left Eye: See Hi-Sense Enhanced Eyes
    • Subcutaneous Commlink Implant
    • Remote Neural Interface with Sensory Overload Restriction Firmware
    Short Bio: Vincent is the heir to the Mikaru Family Fortune, a Businessman, and Underworld dealer. Born on Eshan just after the battle of Endor Vincent was raised in the aftermath of the Empire’s fall. Like all Echani he has trained since birth in their tradition of martial arts. Vincent however is a Firedancer, one of a sect of Echani trained to fight against Force Users, and utilize the Force to some degree, since the death of Senator Yusanis at the hands of Darth Revan.

    Vincent operates a business known as “Mikaru Security Solutions” a private security firm that is a subsidiary of a larger family owned corporation. Though it has ample access to military hardware much of that is spread across the galaxy, acting as escort and picket for various clients. Vincent has direct access to one heavily modified Pelta-class frigate, his personal Starfighter, and local command of two company held Vindicator-class Cruisers and a single Allegiance-class Battlecruiser though the latter sits in drydock, receiving a new engine assembly.. Access to the larger Mikaru fleet, including its flagship, the Bellator-class Spirit of Eshan is a process that would be mired in politics, beyond dire circumstances.

    Vincent is not a staunch resistance supporter. He sat on the fence and like any good businessman played both sides, including selling equipment, and at times escort services to various Imperial Remnants, including the First order. Vincent has underworld dealings, and is a firm believer of ‘it is easier to control, than destroy’ and has a direct hand in the Black Market selling of his families company’s products, hoping to control their flow, as a clamped fist would simply have the sand fall through the cracks.

    Following the events of Hosnian however Vincent pulled all contracts with the first order near immediately, those forces in the unknown regions quickly making their way back into the outer rim and somewhat more civilized territory, grouping up with other MSS groups operating in that area for better defense. Immediately after Hosnian Vincent fielded the few ships at his immediate disposal to the Hosnian system, where for 36 hours the crews operated without sleep, in a radiation filled system, and only managed to rescue a little over a thousand people, a quarter of which died shortly after due to radiation exposure.

    Upon returning to Eshan, and being treated for his own exposure, Vincent placed his company into Military Lockdown, all forces not actively involved in contracts were recalled, personnel were brought back in from leave, and Vincent himself began reaching out for meetings with the leadership of the Resistance. The entire Galaxy has descent into chaos, while war was good for business, chaos was bad for everyone.

    Update: Since the Battle of Eshan, Vincent has learned that he is descended from a line of Sith Lords, known as the Line of Kallig. Specifically, the line of Kallig that went on to become one of the Outlanders, leaders of a resistance army that fought back against an Unknown Regions threat countless years ago. Seeking now the power his heritage grants him, if for nothing else than to protect those around him, Vincent is now moving to uncover that past, and he’s bringing all his underground resources to bare along with it.

    --- --- ---

    Name: Callista
    Nomenclature: Cyber Assistant - Localized Logistical Intelligence & Strategic Tactical Assistant
    Age: About 5 standard years
    Species: Human Replica Droid
    Gender: Female

    Equipment: Fully functional, and anatomically correct. (Also a blaster assault cannon, hold out blaster, Heavy Blaster Pistol, and Sniper Rifle. Full list of equipment provided to GM)
    Personal ship: Synthetica: The Synthetica is a heavily modified Corvette that stems from a canceled development project by the Echani Military)
    Short Bio: Callista is more properly known as Callista Prime, as there are many copies. Outside of the Operating System C.A.L.L.I.E. which resides on the heavily modified Dreadnought Dominator now in service of the New Republic, Callista is all but one Synthetic Operator operating from within the Mikaru Security Services. She, along with her copies, act as operatives, spies, and assassins for Vincent’s more dubious activities, while Callista Prime also acts as his chief enforcer and bodyguard. She bares the unique ability to exist in multiple place at once, with all the remote units interconnected via a Hypercom Carrier wave broadcasted via MSS sub-stations in all the areas of the Galaxy they operate.

    --- ---

    Name: Argen Devalie
    Age: 56
    Species: Zabrak
    Gender: Male

    Equipment: LL-30 Blasters, two, in quick draw holsters. A-180 modular Weapon System. Stun/Concussion grenades, Throwing knives.Personal ship:
    Name: Rosa
    Class: Etti light cruiser
    Role: Cargo Courier
    Armament: 5x Auto-targeting Quad Laser Turrets, 2x Heavy laser Cannons, 1x tractor beam projector
    Hyperdrive: Class 1
    Special notes: Underside docking collar for Silent Reaper, several quad lasers removed and replaced with ECM/ECCM systems that falsify sensor data, cargo data, and jam sensors

    Name: Silent Reaper
    Class: Arakyd Stalker
    Role: Fast Courier

    Short Bio: Argen was born and raised on Nar Shadda, and like most youth in Nar Shadda he was not quite in line with the law. Most of Argen’s ‘criminal’ life was pretty mundane, he was part of a Swoop Gang whose worst offense was hazardous driving, noise pollution, and some illicit gambling. At the age of 18 Argen conned an Aqualish pilot into several games of Pazaak that the Aqualish lost, costing him the deed to his ship, the Silent Reaper. After applying for a license and registering with the Bureau of Ships and Services Argen left Nar Shadda to make a living as a courier.

    Just before the Battle of Yavin, Argen was witness to an Imperial operation that involved bounty hunters massacring Gungans on the planet Naboo. Shamed and disgusted that he was part of the ordeal Argen began taking more and more ‘illicit’ jobs for the Rebellion, running small freight, and single operatives for them under the guise of a simple courier business.

    Between this point and Endor he also picked up several crew members, and began running salvage and exploration operations in the outer rim and unknown regions. After Endor, and through Jakku he continued to work with the rebellion, and then New Republic.After the fall of the Empire, and up through the most recent conflict, Argen began a full career as a Courier Service, the Devalie Transport Company. Expanding operations to an Etti light cruiser called Rosa that was modified to operate with a single pilot and two Droid Operators named R6-V2 (Veedo) and Cassie, a modernized GG-series droid with protocol and piloting programing. A third droid A55-HLE remains behind at his base of operations, to facilitate the operations of the business. The Rosa was modified with a docking port on the underside for the Silent Reaper. The entire crew consists of droids, usually offline when not needed.

    For three decades he operated the Rosa as a high end transport for small goods, individuals, and even intel. Due to his experiences with the Empire Argen avoided working with the Imperial Remnant groups and after the formation of the Resistance began working with them. Transporting operatives, using his business to gather data, and supplies through less than legitimate means.

    With Hosnian destroyed and reports of battles all the way from the unknown regions to the middle rim Argen’s looking for ways to contact his Resistant contacts, something made difficult with the unexpected instability of the Holonet. He doesn’t much want to fight another war, but he saw what one Empire’s atrocities were, and doesn’t want to stand by while another takes its place.

    Now Argen’s picked up another mix-matched crew of people at Yavin and is again engaged in a war of attrition against a devious and remorseless empire. Only this time, he’s got more assets to play with against the Giants in the Playground.
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    GM Approved (Again)

    Name: Rhoen Aquillia

    Age: 20

    Species: Human

    Gender: Male

    Equipment: Basic civilian clothing, Republic flight suit, BlasTech DT-12 heavy blaster

    Personal ship: None

    Short Bio: Born on Chandrila to a Republic pilot mother and farmer father Rhoen spent much of his life without his mother working on the farm his family owned. Often times he’d go out at night and look up at the stars. Squinting hard he’d look for any sign that his mother was alright. During one of the times she was home on leave she took him up in her old T-16 Skyhopper. From that moment on Rhoen wanted to be a pilot just like her. When he decided to join the Republic Starfighter corp. his mother got a pained look in her eyes. She asked him, nearly pleading with him, to not rush the decision. His father said he could always stay and keep working the farm but, Rhoen’s eyes were always looking up, to the stars, not the ground.

    His desire to join the Republic also burned strong, the Empire may no longer be a threat and the Vong may have been defeated but, it was a vast galaxy, there were always beings in need of help. When he left for training his mother asked him one more time to reconsider. He could see her pain and now he understood why, she’d survived the fight with the Empire and the Vong, but many others didn’t. She didn’t want to lose her only son, but he couldn’t deny his feelings he wanted to fly, he wanted to protect the Republic his mother had helped build. He was good enough to pass, and get assigned to a squadron.

    They were far away when the Hosnian system was destroyed. When he heard the news he asked on the status of his mother.

    It took two weeks but, he found out...she died in the attack.

    Now he found himself thrust into command, a command given to him by the legend General Wedge Antilles. It has been a harrowing experience since, with leaving the General behind at Ruan, and getting involved in a full engagement with the First Order over the cradle of the rebellion, Yavin IV and surviving a duel with an ace of the First Order-Steele. Through it, he formed a bond, a relationship, with his subordinate, Lysa Dunter-Corona Seven. He knows it is wrong, going against protocol but, he needed something, something to hold onto in this chaotic maelstrom he found himself in.

    He faces new challenges, and a broken galaxy that his child like hands are struggling to put back together.
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    Character Sheet
    Name: Myna'vera
    Age: 32
    Species: Twi'lek
    Gender: Female
    • Utility Vest w/small Backpack: Rarely without her vest and pack, they hold the various tools necessary to her archaeology and cryptography, always including a secured, long range Commlink, a couple of Code Cylinders, and a rugged Datapad.
    • ELG-3A Blaster Pistol: Myna's primary weapon of choice, she has practiced with it, and tuned it enough, to be able to accurately hit targets a moderate distance away without much chance for missing.
    Personal ship: Myna's Dream, E-9 Explorer
    Short Bio: Myna'vera, usually referred to as just 'Myna' or 'Myn', was captured and sold as a slave fairly young in her life. Her first owner took pity on her, purchasing her in an effort to make sure she wasn't taken advantage of. Unfortunately he paid a lot more than he had wanted, and wasn't able to release her as he had wanted, since he had been looking for a slave to help him with his home and work. Thus she spent a few years with him, before he died from a medical complication, and she was auctioned off with the rest of his estate. By 24 ABY she had changed ownership a half dozen times, alternating between benevolent and cruel owners, the most recent being a Rodian named Laec Weeng.

    This would be the beginning of her life on her own. After 8 months of being frequently beaten and abused, rarely with reason, she managed to escape. Laec hired a pair of bounty hunters via proxy to find her, telling them she was his wife and may have been kidnapped. She knocked out one of them in a manifestation of force lightning, the other managed to stun her just afterwards. When she woke, she found herself restrained by the bounty hunters. They questioned who she was, since she was clearly not who was described to them, and she told him she was a slave running from her master. Even though they were upset at being lied to, and attacked, they decided to let her go, as the duo did not make a habit of involving themselves in matters of slavery.

    After a few years of basically working for whoever would pay her, no matter the job, she started to gain a knack for archaeology and cryptography, and struck out on her own after buying a ship with the credits she had been hoarding. She took jobs from whoever offered, whether it be Republic, Smugglers, or Imperial, her only stipulation was that she would never steal from another person. She frequently ended up searching for lost starships, and in 31 ABY, was given an E-9 Explorer that she had been tasked to find by a client, as compensation for the information stored in the ship's data core.

    (Nothing changed, since my character has only been around for like 2 days in-game)
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    GM approved


    Character Sheet

    Name: Jaina Solo, Sword of the Jedi
    Age: 29
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Equipment: single blade lightsaber, dark purple blade
    vibroblade with cortosis-weave
    military issue hold-out blaster
    Personal ship: Incom XJ5 X-wing starfighter

    Short Bio: Jaina had been searching for her place in the galaxy since the end of the Vuuzhan Vong war. She had grown up in the pilot seat of an X-wing blasting coral skippers, but those missions were over, and she had no squadron to lead. Her personal life wasn't going any better than her career. She and Jag were apart more than together, and the family was scattered. Which was normal for the Solo's and she didn't see them very often.

    Now Jaina has set out to find her brother, Ben, and to stop him from following in their grandfather's footsteps. The First Order tried to dupe her with a doppelgänger of her once beloved Jagged Fel, but Jaina saw through the deception. Afterwards, Ben tried to kill her. Trying to get back to Leia she stumbled on the flagship of The First Order, the Ravager.
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    Name: Duke Praxon
    Age: 58
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Equipment: Civilian clothes, comlink, concealed vibroblade
    Personal ship, if any: The Easy Spacer, a SoroSuub Personal Luxury Yacht; he is also a collector of vintage starfighters, with an Incom T-65 X-Wing and a Z-95 Headhunter being notable highlights of his growing obsession
    Short Bio: Praxon is a famous holofilm star known for his high critical acclaim and numerous accolades, including the CWCA’s (Core World Critics Association) prestigious best actor Star Burst for his role as Reht Murra in the holodrama, Kallea’s Hope, in which he portrayed a troubled father struggling to cope with his daughter’s drug addiction. But he was not always known for the more serious, arthouse films that always seem to attract the attention of the CWCA elite. At the onset of his career, he had the opportunity to portray Han Solo in Han Solo and the Pirates of Kessel and all subsequent films in the series that followed the adventures of the Corellian smuggler and other notable players throughout the duration of the Galactic Civil War. A daunting task for sure, but one that instantly shot him to stardom.

    In the years since his success with Kallea’s Hope, (a role that many considered a welcomed breath of fresh air from the usual, non-stop action romps that made him famous), Praxon has transitioned himself into pursuing more dramatic and age-appropriate roles, but still has a heart for action and adventure.

    While very little is known about his background and private life, aside from having a wife and two daughters, he has become somewhat of a humanitarian in the intervening weeks since the destruction of Hosnian Prime and her sister planets within the Republic. He has responded to the call to action and has volunteered himself to travel to different systems to offer help with the relief efforts in this dark time.

    Little did he know that this opportunity would lead to the largest role of his career – portraying Han Solo on the galaxy-wide stage. After Solo perished on Starkiller Base, the Resistance recruited Praxon to carry on the mantle in a last-ditch effort to bring down both Kylo Ren and Supreme Leader Snoke before it’s too late.

    But as the realities and hardships of war begin to sink in, Praxon is beginning to have second thoughts.
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    Character Sheet


    Name: Sava Katanala Boutros

    Age: 21

    Species: Human

    Gender: Female

    Equipment: Uniform of a First Order Private, blaster pistol, assortment of daggers, blaster rifle when needed.

    Personal ship, if any: None

    Short Bio: Sava was born into a poor scavenger family Tatooine. Her parents wanted more for her and somehow arranged for her to take a test of admittance for the First Order. She passed and was sent to a First Order training academy at the age of 14. Sava worked hard to graduate and had more concentration than most of the wealthy teens in her class. She passed her final exams and tests and was placed on the Finalizer. She holds the rank of Private and works under General Hux. Sava was assigned to go with Bruturus Hidax to Ord Mantell and fight the Mandolorians with Captain Phasma. They succeeded and now hold some honor within the First Order ranks.
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    Insanity Tested - GM APPROVED

    Name: Susulur Dha'tra
    Age: 40
    Species: Epicanthix
    Gender: Male
    • Echani Electro-Quarterstaff: A molecularly compressed phrink quarterstaff, reminiscent to a mix of a standard club, a clone wars electro staff, stun baton, and pole-vaulters spear all rolled into one. Being of modern Echani make it is traced and laced throughout with phrink and thus saber and blaster resistant. This staff has black leather grips about the central meter. Kept on left side connected to side of backpack.
    • Pair of lightsabers: Pair of custom longer grip lightsabers with rare wood and crystal disc inlays in the rear pommel. Each saber is powered by a Vong Lambent crystal.
    • Bowcaster, collapsible, worn on right hip.
    • Dha’tra’s Armor: is full Mandalorian Combat Armor: Helmet, floating neck guard, shoulder, bicep, forearm, gauntlet, chest, segmented back }}}}}}, segmented abdomen ((((, cod piece, enclosed thigh, knee, shin, and boot armored pieces with armor weave kama. Color scheme is matte black with dull grey secondary color and orange accents. Armor plates are made with a phrink plated carbon-ceramic pieces over a reinforced body glove. It is resistant to heat, cold, and energy damage and is fully sealed for vacuum operations with a six hour reserve. No jetpack. Left hand crush gauntlet and forearm retractable magnetized bracer blades (ala Jango Fett), right hand stun glove and mirror forearm bracer blade with grapple launcher. Small armored back pack with ammo, grenade, and lightsaber forced dispensers to push the queued objects through ejector slots (grenade upper side, ammo middle – lower side, lightsaber under corners) out and away to the waiting hand when an internal command is given from suits bucce (helmet). Uses rocket boots (ala Cade Bane) for minor assists. Electro Vibro-daggers in locked in shin guards. Segmented abdominal plating. Split side comm antennae on left and range finder on right side of bucce with T-visor.
    Personal ship, if any: The Afluent Fool : A Retro fitted Missile Boat ( ) One General Purpose Warhead launcher and one concussion missile launcher have been replaced. Left side with self contained an ion cannon with dedicated generator, the other with a segmented storage pod with basic life support. Ship has also been modified with mag-clamps to be able to tow escape pod to medium starfighter sized objects through hyperspace or latch onto larger vessels.

    Other Notes:

    Short Bio: Dha’tra was not born Mandalorian. Nor where his parents, nor their parents. He was born something else, he had learned to fight, then he had learned how to fight properly, civilized. Then he found his own way to the Mandalorian culture, to a teacher, and he learned how to fight dirty. Before he showed up ten years ago there was no Dha’tra, not in any data-bank one could find, he didn’t exist before and he is linked to no one who did exist.

    Clues to his past are few, he will disappear to his species home cluster once every two cycles. He will visit Mandalorian colonies often, and he will visit Jakku once every five cycles to stand at the base of the Sitter’s pillar and leave a fresh canteen of nutrient enriched water. Never says a word, merely stands for the last two hours before the sun sets, leaves the gift right before the Sitter descends, and leaves the world. The tenth year dawns upon his existence and finds him returning to Jakku to the Sitter as the galaxy comes in greater need of a mercenary, a bounty hunter, a security or body guard, and someone willing to offer discounts to Force Users and ‘friends’ of Mandalor. If you can pay, no matter the side, he will stay true to the job, even after Hosnian.

    The job ended up being a three way setup between various groups all hired to kill a figure head of the First Order. When that all went to osik he ended up being swept along with another Mandalorian as well as Mandalore in a rather brazen escape plan. Afterwards the search who had set up the double cross has seen him banding together with a rag tag group who tried a failed attempt to kill Snoke at Yavin IV. An effort that saw him wounded during pulling 'unadvised maneuvers' in atmosphere, something which also saw him following the sirens call to safety aboard a freighter where he has found medical care and revealed secret aspects of his own past to his fellow Mando in arms serving Mandalores call.
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    Name - Jak Dexter

    Age - 36 standard years.

    Species - Human

    Gender - Male

    Height - 5'10" or 1.78 meters

    Weight - 145 pounds

    Brief Physical Description - Short, jet black hair, mostly shaved facial hair of the same color, very muscular due to intense workouts he put himself through (too often), two identical tattoos on either of his forearms, slightly above average in height and weight. Basically a physique he is way too proud of.

    Equipment - A special class sniper rifle, a JC-200, to be exact. A blaster that can fire a plasma charge up to 1585 meters. With supreme accuracy, this blaster is Jak's primary weapon of choice, many times opting to stay away from the front lines of battle.

    A small pistol he stole from a victim he was paid to assassinate. It's small, slim, and comfortable to hold, which makes it an ideal backup shot.


    A rapid-fire rifle, which Jak only uses in desperate situations, or in the unlikely event he is caught up in the midst of a large firefight.


    An assortment of various tools (such as a few high-tech wrenches, hammers, and a fusion cutter. A sharp knife is also used, especially in tense situations when one needs to be stealthy. Its body is gold, and its handle is primarily wrapped in a soft rubber, aiding in his grip.


    Basically, anything he can get his hands on, but these are his primary weapons and tools.

    Personal Ship, If Any - A small shuttle he stole from a hangar on Coruscant when he was an adult. It's nothing special, but it gets the job done.


    Short Bio - Born and raised in the lower levels of Coruscant (Level 1313), Jak has had a rough life. His mother died during childbirth, and his father died during his adolescent years, after he angered a small gang in the area.

    Shortly after his father's death, Jak became homeless. He was forced to enact in petty crime to make a living.

    Which slowly but surely became something much more.

    During his early stages of adulthood, Jak began accepting assassination jobs, so he could accumulate enough credits to make his way to an upper level, one with an adequate enough hangar to steal a ship from. Which he did.

    He stole a small shuttle, abandoning any duties he had on Coruscant, and made his way into the larger galaxy, with new opportunities.

    One of which was a spot in a mercenary group, each member working for a separate client to make money. Which amounted to a lot.

    He even went as far as to get the signature tattoo on both of his arms.

    In the end, though, it was all about the money for Jak.

    Which was why one mission went completely awry.

    Jak had betrayed his mercenary group for a rival gang, gladly accepting their offer of a double pay, stealing the money during a heist and killing any of the witnesses to avoid pursuit.

    The plan was to give the credits to his new employers.

    But what he had... certainly exceeded what they were offering him.

    And so he kept it, instead fleeing into the Outer Rim.

    Now he flies from job to job, gladly seeing nearly any assignment to completion.

    For the right price.
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    Sinre Approved!

    Name: Leonias Colcha
    Age: 30 galactic standard years (born year 39 after the Great ReSynchronization, Selona 10th – 39:3:10 – 4 ABY)
    Species: Echani (Echani/Thyrsian through genetic modification – see bio)
    Gender: Male
    Height: 2.0 meters (6'5")
    Weight: 100 kilograms (220 lbs)
    Brief Physical Description: Long silver-white hair, pale white skin, silver eyes. Looks about 5 years younger than he actually is. Leonias is also in peak physical shape, with a very muscular build.
    Equipment: Shadow Vanguard Armor (looks similar to Imperial era Emperor's Shadow Guard armor, except the visor is silver and the cape is grey, clasped to the chestplate with medallions featuring the Shadow Vanguard insignia). Armor has a utility belt that possesses various basic items, such as nutrition rations, a spare comlink and a datapad. Helmet is equipped with a comlink and a reverse engineered upgrade of the old Imperial Multi-Frequency Targeting and Acquisition System (MFTAS) that refines it to modern standards.
    Dual Lightsaber Pikes. Dual wielded through the use of Force enhanced strength.
    Luminis - gold bladed lightsaber pike originally used by Ubo-Kal Colcha, Leonias’ ancestor by genetic modification was a Jedi Shadow in the Galactic War who became disillusioned with the Jedi order over what he saw as an unnecessary grudge against the Sith getting in the way of diplomacy. He later left in a self-imposed exile to the unknown regions and along with several other like-minded self-exiled Jedi and Sith set into motion what would later become the Grey Jedi order on Decameron Alpha.
    Umbris - crimson bladed lightsaber pike originally used by Darth Simulacris, Leonias’ ancestor by genetic modification who was a Sith Assassin in the Galactic War who became disillusioned with the Sith order over what he saw as an unnecessary grudge against the Jedi getting in the way of diplomacy. He later left in a self-imposed exile to the unknown regions and along with several other like-minded self-exiled Jedi and Sith set into motion what would later become the Grey Jedi order on Decameron Alpha.
    Personal ship, if any: Silver Beacon (click for description)
    Short Bio: Leonias Colcha was born in 4 ABY to unknown parents on Eshan. Leonias’ parents were a casualty of war, sacrificing their lives to help ensure he had a better future while assisting in the rebellion against the Empire that broke out after the Battle of Endor. He remained in an orphanage on Eshan for 6 years, somewhat outcast because everyone thought something about him was rather… odd.

    That is, until 10 ABY when the Grey Jedi and Shadow Vanguard known as Kev-Mas Colcha visited the planet that was responsible for half of his heritage and was drawn to him by the Force presence emanating from the child. Seeing an opportunity to pass on 4 decades of knowledge about the Force to a new apprentice and secure his legacy, Kev-Mas adopted the child and began training him.

    After his Telc’ta on his 14th birthday, Leonias was taken by his master and adoptive father to Belsavis, where he met Kev-Mas’ friend Victus. Some years earlier, Victus had made the pilgrimage to Belsavis and used what was known as the “Mother Machine” to alter his genetic makeup to become a Sith pureblood. Leonias had his genetic makeup altered to become Kev-Mas’ biological son.

    Some 4 years later, Leonias completed his training as a Grey Jedi and a Shadow Vanguard. The 69-year-old Kev-Mas, seeing his work in the Galaxy as complete and his legacy fulfilled, willed himself to pass on to the netherworld of the Force.

    Now, 12 years later, Leonias has felt an awakening in the Force. An awakening that has reminded him of one important thing. He too, has a legacy to fulfill.

    Notable psychological traits include: loyal, headstrong, confident, obsessive, passionate, rash and methodical.
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    Name: Vale Sera
    Age: 32
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Equipment: Standard issue blaster pistol, First Order officer uniform (rank: Lieutenant) – not worn, civilian attire, black onyx wedding band worn on a long chain around her neck.
    Personal ship, if any: None at the moment

    Short Bio:
    Vale Sera hails from a family that had served the Empire and its causes without question. Regardless of the fact that it would not be in existence much longer after her birth, from a young age it was engrained in her mind that the Emperor led the galaxy down the right path, seeking to bring peace and order to all. The construction of the Death Stars, the destruction of Jedha City and the Citadel on Scarif, the annihilation of Alderaan and so much more; the stories surrounding the Empire had always seemed fantastical the way they were told, some first hand from relatives. They made sense to her, opportunities seized to make the Imperial might known and feared. And Vale understood that fear controlled disorder. It was a regret she carried that she hadn’t been around to help stop the Empire’s dismantling, however insignificant her singular contribution might have been.

    Through connections that her parents still held many years later, it was how she found herself an officer within the First Order Navy. Climbing the ranks to top out as a Lieutenant stationed aboard the destroyer Finalizer, she was proud of her part in what she deemed to be a new rising of the Empire; a phoenix reborn from the ashes of its former self. However, it was through an intimately personal tragedy wrought by the very cause she served that pushed her to question her point of view.

    Vale had married young to a man of like-mind, a fellow First Order officer she had met several years prior. He had been sent on a secretive mission that even she was kept from and was away when the fearsome Starkiller Base was at last put into use. The complete obliteration of the Hosnian system was a triumph that she wished she could share with her beloved, and it was only a brief time later that she learned she would never be able to. Her husband had been on Hosnian Prime when the attack took place, doing what exactly she didn’t know but it didn’t matter.

    He was gone. And the First Order had taken him from her.

    The switch didn’t happen in that one moment of sorrow, not even when Starkiller Base was turned in on itself at the hands of the troublesome Resistance. It was a gradual build over several days that became a feeling Vale couldn’t shake. She didn’t disavow the First Order for doing what needed to be done, but she could not be a direct part of it any longer.

    About a week or so after the superweapon was no more, she broke an allegiance she never thought she would and went AWOL. She wouldn’t dare run straight into the arms of those she knew to be the enemy, but in her heart she was starting to understand that what she had been taught her entire life might be all wrong.

    Currently laying low on Coruscant, Vale is on her own and unsure as to what her next step should be. An uncomfortable urge had begun to take hold, a desire to learn more about the other side of the story…
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  13. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002

    Character Sheet

    Name: Belila Gambros (Bre)
    Age: late 20's (26)
    Species: Human / Shapeshifter
    Gender: Female
    Equipment: Thinsuit, hidden under her regular 'work' uniform, usually a tan jumpsuit, with
    various a multitude of pockets. A tool belt, a work bag full of her equipment she uses on
    the job,several change of clothing, food and rations, and Fred- see below,
    Personal ship, if any: Not a ship, but a Flare-S, swoop, called the Nimbus. With a side pocket for Fred.

    Short Bio:

    Belila works hard as a drifter, and part time droid repair worker. Her skills are quite good, and being able to work on and repair droids, with next to nothing resources. She is good at repairing, engineering, and programming them as well, as well as her skills in bargaining for her next job, and pay. She is no nonsense, but is fair, unless dealing with someone crooked. Then its all up for grabs then. Having to work on a few lawless worlds, she gotten rather good at bargaining for her price and contract, and while she works, she keeps an eye out on the movement on both ships and people. And sometimes, she sends what she knows to other interested parties as well.

    She works with an BG-19 repair droid, she repaired, and altered slightly to help her with her repairs. Renamed "Fred", she moves about to various star docking bays, and hires herself out to repair ship and maintenance droids, when she needs some spare credits.

    She's gotten rather good at it. She stays quiet, with only a few friends, having lost her only family a while back. She still feels the pangs of that loss deeply, and as a result, is sometimes reluctant to get close to others. She thought about returning to her home planet, but realized she still might be able to do more as she roams the galaxy, trying to find her place within it.

    She also carries:

    Wears luma blast wrist rockets. (designed to temporarily blind living creatures with a bright flash of light rather than cause lasting physical harm.)

    SoroSuub ELG-3A modified Diplomat's Blaster
    Drolan Plasteel Repeating Crossbow
    Merr-Sonn Snap baton
    Czerka Vibroknucklers

    Buzz saw
    Clipping shears
    Compressed air
    Droid remote control
    Jack hammer
    Micro tools
    Laser pointer
    Power shears
    Specimen hopper
    Steam press
    VibroSound Droid Circuit Cleaner
    Silcer comp


    Quite a bit has happened to Bre in what feels like a lifetime. Unintentionally, and quite spectacularly, she let slip out her secret, that she is a shape-shifter. She has run into several Jedi, also since then, but all but Kyp Durron have died so far. She thinks. Then she ran into Han Solo, but who she finds out later is not the real one, but instead is working with General Organa, even if it was not entirely voluntary. And then there is Snoke. He now knows of her as well. Not at all what she planned. She also managed to obtain another lightsaber, which she plans to study, if she gets a chance.

    Right now, she is hanging around with Praxton, the actor who has now taken on the role of being Han Solo for the General. Praxton has another person, named Wyn, who is his first mate. Praxton is sort of the reason that Bre got involved to begin with. But they still dont know of her past. Not all of it. So Bre is working through all the strong emotions, as she decides if the truth of Belila is to be known.
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  14. Darth Kronos

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    Jan 2, 2016
    Name - Luna

    Age - 44 standard years.

    Species - Human

    Gender - Female

    Height - 5'7" or 1.70 meters.

    Weight - 125 pounds

    Brief Physical Description - Dark skinned, black hair, brown eyes, thin lips, a stern, almost stoic face and expression, a youthful face and appearance, much to the enjoyment of some of her male counterparts, a slim body (an average physique for a First Order member, especially one that is not a trooper), short in height, and average in weight.

    Clothing - A standard First Order officer uniform, which does not feature a rank insignia, only the First Order symbol on either shoulder. It is a tight fit, but it's comfortable.

    Equipment - A small pistol usually encased in a holster on her right hip. It isn't used too often, as she hasn't been in many situations where it was needed. But it is there, just in case.

    Personal Ship, If Any - A single TIE Fighter she stole, during the destruction of the Starkiller Base, in order to escape.

    She was one of the very few who did.

    Short Bio - Luna cannot remember what her homeworld is. For her very first memory is embarking on a tour of an Imperial Star Destroyer, mid construction, when she was no more than three years old. Her parents had wanted Luna to have some grasp of the outer and inner workings of a Star Destroyer, something that, in her mother's words, "she would command with an iron fist."

    Her parents had kept from the Galactic Civil War, despite their love of the Empire, feeling they had nothing to offer.

    Eventually, the war ended, and that all changed.

    Speaking of her parents, as they had a heavy influence in her life....

    Her mother (Zam) was an upcoming officer, who eventually acquired a moderately noteworthy rank within the First Order (Lieutenant) and some semblance of command. And her father (Gavin) was a talented TIE pilot, teaching his daughter every trick and skill he knew, in the hopes Luna would become more than a simple trooper, or an officer that does not have any skills beyond politics and planning.

    Safe to say, it succeeded.

    Through her childhood, playing quiz games with her mother, and having a blast practicing with a Fighter, Luna became skilled in a multitude of classes in the First Order: piloting, sharpshooting, politics, planning, and even a touch of mechanics - understanding how a few pieces of technology worked, and she was a quick learner, much to her benefit later on in her life.

    She had not mastered any of these skills, not yet, but they were enough to gain her a Sergeant rank, one she acquired at the age of twenty-two, one that allowed her to have control over a small frigate, which specialized in capturing babies, unharmed, and, ideally, leaving the parents alive (for Luna, anyway), and bring them to First Order command to be trained - "programmed from birth," as General Hux put it.

    During one mission like this, she most certainly failed. On a remote planet in the Outer Rim, its title she cannot remember, she was tasked with grabbing as many children as she could. Only one was found.

    And it did not come without cost.

    His parents - and she knew he was a boy as his parents referred to him in the male pronouns - were completely unwilling to give him up, and they put up quite a fight, shielding their child from the violence as they grabbed hidden blasters and rebelled. Resisted. The fight itself was short lived, as her squadron of Stormtroopers, amounting to a dozen, broke in to the small home and killed the mother and father right on the spot, using careful aim to keep the baby alive.

    The mother outlasted the father.

    With her final moments, she had looked to her crying and obviously traumatized son, tears in her eyes, and with a sorrowful tone, mixed with bitter hatred to those that had wronged her, a subtlety lost on her infant son, she said one word.


    It was the first time she felt guilt impale her heart.

    One of two times.

    The unnamed mother died soon after.

    She had quickly snatched the boy, clutching him in her arms, when another problem had arisen.

    The neighbors.

    They clearly were not First Order sympathizers, and, using blasters of their own, some lending their own weapons to their fellow neighbors, they opened fire on the First Order squadron, and the woman that had commanded it. And, despite the advantage the First Order had with firepower, they had the disadvantage in numbers. One by one, her squad was shot down, until it was just her, hiding behind the wall of someone's home, the child still crying in her arms.

    Her... and the baby.

    The only reason she was able to escape was because she used the boy as a human shield to force the neighbors to cease firing - her pistol pointed at all of them for good measure - and allow her to escape.

    She had returned with a "new recruit," but she had also returned with no cadre, only one child, a crying one at that, and a severely battered vessel. It was not too much, in the higher up's eyes, but it was enough to get her demoted, way down to a dead end job on a snowy planet.

    The child was taken by Captain Phasma herself, but not before Luna was scolded some more.

    Perfection, perfection, perfection.

    Luna never saw the boy again after that. To this day, she still wonders about him.

    As it turned out, that snowy planet was being transformed into a massive space station, a clear mimic of the infamous Death Stars, as far as she could tell. She had been stationed there, as a sort of viewer, occasionally making suggestions with its construction, albeit never coming close to having any semblance of command - that honor went to someone else. She was likely at this station because they had no where else where she "could be trusted."

    The Starkiller Base, as they called it.

    And, once it was completed, in secret, which took several years, she was placed elsewhere in the Base.

    Which brought her into the day, and the decision, she regretted most.

    See, due to her variety of skills, her proven inadequacy as a military director (the higher up's words, not hers), her quick learning, and her small background on mechanics and technology, she was placed in the control room of the Base, where the controllers(s) would make the Base draw its energy from the sun, and, eventually, use it to fire upon the galaxy.

    She had hoped beyond hope it would never be used.

    Wishful thinking.

    A massive gathering of troops, and a comically over the top speech from General Hux, broadcasted even into the control room. He spoke with such conviction... and bitter hatred. She can still recall his words, completely, as if it has happened yesterday.

    "Today... is the end of the Republic. The end of a regime that acquiesces to disorder. At this very moment, in a system far from here, the New Republic lies to the Galaxy, while secretly supporting the loathsome Resistance! This fierce machine which you have built, upon which we stand, will bring an end to the Senate, to their cherished fleet! All remaining systems will bow to the First Order, and will remember this as the last day of the Republic!"

    A massive support of soldiers, all raising their left fists in a salute later, and she was practically forced, under probable punishment of death, to fire the weapon.

    She had been one of the few to pull the metaphorical trigger against the Hosnian system. One of the few who had to follow the order. One of the few who had essentially murdered billions.

    Afterward, her guilt was all she could think about, completely unwilling to share her feelings with anyone else.

    And, shortly afterward, as in barely a day, the Starkiller Base was obliterated by the Resistance - the group she was supposed to loath. Yet, when it happened, she was glad.

    If she were to think back to that event now, she would tell you she wished she had died with it.

    But she didn't.

    Through her own selfish goals of survival, Luna had rushed to a hangar, stealing a TIE Fighter, and she had flown off, abandoning her position, rank, and responsibility.

    She has no where to go, however, so she regularly contemplates returning to the only place she knows: the First Order.

    She does not know the whereabouts of her parents, as well as the boy, someone that pops into her mind quite often. Whether or not he's still alive....

    You will currently find her in the local bar in one of the smaller sections on Coruscant, drinking away her misery.

    Very much unwilling to open up.
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  15. Darth_wanderguard

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    Apr 26, 2005
    Kodo Prine on Dagobah, circa 34 ABY

    Name: Kodo Prine
    Race: Kel Dor
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25 standard years.
    Weight: 190
    Height: 6'1"
    Physical Description: Wiry, strong and agile. Average Kel Dor features.
    Clothing: Dark brown/tan Jedi robes.
    Weapons: Green single bladed lightsaber.
    Skills & Abilities: Skilled with the force. Adept pilot and swordsman.

    When Kylo Ren decimated the Jedi Order in 25 ABY, with the help of the Knights of Ren, there were few survivors. Apprentice Kodo Prine was one. Only 16 years of age at the time of the massacre, with no real combat experience, the Kel Dor was helpless to watch as his teachers and peers alike were slaughtered.

    But with the help of a friend whose name he now cannot remember, Kodo managed to escape to the Dagobah system, where he sat in wait for nine years, surviving, training, meditating, seeking peace but finding only turmoil within himself. There, he fell under the malign influence of a Sith holocron. Over time his memories were twisted and his perspective warped until he became an unwitting tool of malevolent interests.

    When in 34 ABY the First Order found him at last, Kodo lashed out, overtaken by hate as he killed for the first time. He escaped certain death with the timely intervention of Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors, after which the trio made their way to Eshan to meet with what remained of the Republic to discuss what to do about the threat of Snoke and the First Order. All the while Kodo acted upon the wishes of the holocron hiding in his pocket.

    Caught out by Katarn, Kodo freely surrendered the holocron on Eshan, renouncing the dark presence which had made a tool of him - revealed to be Snoke himself.

    When en route to act on a plan to assassinate the Supreme Leader, Kodo was drawn beyond shadows with Katarn and Vincent Mikaru, where he faced off against Snoke, revealed as Darth Plagueis, while the Sith Lord enacted his own plan on Yavin IV.

    Once again, Kodo was overtaken by hate and used by Snoke - killing a man he did not know based only on a false and twisted memory. Though he then saved Katarn's life and was instrumental to Snoke's temporary defeat, the relationship between the two was irreparably broken, and Katarn severed ties with the volatile Padawan. In the aftermath, Kodo departed under the tutelage of a new mentor - Quinlan Vos.
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  16. LelalMekha

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    Oct 29, 2012
    Name: Bron Dooku
    Age: 47
    Species: Human (Serennian)
    Gender: Male
    Equipment: Vjun tunic, armorweave cape, rancor leather boots (inherited), Alderaan Kueget LN-21 blaster, comlink, notepad
    Personal ship: GX1 short hauler, Carannia's Light
    Physical appearance: At 47, Bron Dooku looks very much like his infamous great-uncle, except for his blue eyes and mane of mid-length curly hair.

    Born in 13 BBY to Adan Dooku and his wife Maite, Bron is the grand-nephew of Count Dooku, Count of Serenno, defrocked Jedi and leader of the CIS. At age ten, Bron was caught up in political assassinations during the 25th anniversary of the Alderaan Ascendancy Contention, which cost him his father. Although Bron was almost killed himself, he was saved, rather ironically, by his father's assassin, Imperial agent Jahan Cross, who placed him in the care of Bail Organa. The heir of House Dooku was to remain on Alderaan until he was old enough to reclaim his title and position if he wanted to. Meanwhile, back on Bron's homeworld, everyone believed him dead, and the title of Count of Serenno landed in the hands of House Borgin.

    When he reached the age of responsibility (seventeen), Bron did return to Serenno and, thanks to a DNA test, had his identity recognized. Since everyone had long believed that House Dooku was extinct, most of its lands and assets had been divided between the other Great Houses; nevertheless, Bron managed to reclaim a fragment of the treasury and Otoh Dooku, an eccentric Gungan-style underwater retreat built by his great-grandfather. Marked by the horrible political hardships he had to endure at the tender age of ten, however, Bron Dooku did not even try to reclaim the title of Count of Serenno from House Borgin, despite support from his friends of House Organa and a few other Elder Houses.

    From then on, Bron engaged in an history research career, which earned him academic praise and comfortable (though not enormous) emoluments. He notably researched the ancient human civilization of Seoul 5, and worked on the Duro Valley of Royalty with Dustini Spa Ronii.

    He and his wife (long deceased as of 34 ABY) had a son, Apar, who is now into ore shipping and has little contact with his genitor. Having lived with a young Leia Organa for nearly four years, Bron is very fond of her and occasionally visit her and her family on Coruscant. Currently, he's been in the mountains of Ando Prime for many months, conducting research in the libraries of the Bendu Monks, cut off from the larger galaxy. He thus has no idea what has just happened.
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  17. Kev-Mas_Colcha

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    Dec 15, 2002
    Name: Norin Durame
    Age: 62 galactic standard years (born year 8 after the Great ReSynchronization, Melona 5th – 8:7:5 – 28 BBY)
    Species: Human (Cyborg)
    Gender: Male
    Equipment: Cybernetics:
    - BioTech Industries Borg Construct Aj^6
    - NeuroSaav/Fabritech ScanMaster Arm
    - 2x BlasTech Industries Cybernetic Weapon Enhancement Mod VII
    - BioTech Industries “Duraskin” implant armor
    - NeuroSaav Corporation Hi-Sense Enhanced Eyes
    Merr-Sonn Model 434 “Death Hammer” Blaster Pistol. Modified, cause he's a slicer and slicers love to tinker. It fires faster and has a charge setting that fires an entire power pack in one bolt for when he really wants something to go away.
    - Beta, the BT-1 assassin droid that serves as Norin's co-pilot on the Nomad Son.
    - Captain Fluffles, a cybernetically enhanced Nexu.
    Personal ship, if any: Heavily modified CEC YV-560 light freighter Nomad Son.
    Modifications include replacing the twin laser cannon with two dual heavy laser cannons (top/bottom turrets), a concussion missile launcher and additional sensor packages to extend the already significant sensor range. Many of the crew quarters were removed for scientific research labs and additional engineering space to hold the additional power systems needed to support the extensive modifications. The ship is co-piloted by Beta, an old Imperial BT-1 assassin droid that was stolen and reporgrammed for Norin’s use during the Galactic Civil War.
    Short Bio: Norin was the only child of Deckard and Zyla Durame. Deckard was a wealthy real-estate tycoon in Doaba Guerfel, Corellia, and Norin was sent to the prestigious private school, the Nomad Academy in 28 BBY. In his schooling, Norin was exceptionally talented in computer classes. He was also exceptionally talented in all his other classes, and graduated two years early (12 BBY). He was then enrolled in the Coronet Institute of Technology the same year and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science in 9 BBY.

    His thesis on advanced systems penetration testing landed him a job working for the Corellian Engineering Corporation shortly after graduating from CIT (8 BBY), where he worked as a Computer Security Technician and helped harden their security systems. He was then later terminated in 7 BBY after getting caught slicing into the payroll system. Effectively blacklisted from any other reputable work afterwards, he resorted to freelance work and various illicit forms of financial sustenance.

    A number of these jobs ended up getting him in trouble, such as when he blackmailed the Jablogian slaver known as Azmorigan in 6 BBY, landing a large bounty on his head. He also sliced into a IsoTech Industries’ logistics mainframe and put in an order for numerous different cybernetics, marked as paid and ready for install. He later walked out with several thousand credits worth of different cybernetics (BioTech Industries Borg Construct Aj^6, NeuroSaav/Fabritech ScanMaster Arm, 2x BlasTech Industries Cybernetic Weapon Enhancement Mod VII, BioTech Industries “Duraskin” implant armor, NeuroSaav Corporation Hi-Sense Enhanced Eyes) installed free of charge, but eventually his crime was discovered and he was marked as a wanted man.

    A few years after that in 0 BBY, Norin came under the employment of the Devalie Transport Company, run by the Zabrak known as Argen Devalie on the YT-2000 light freighter Sub Rosa. His first job with Devalie was a salvage operation to find a lost Separatist Treasury Ship, ironically for IsoTech Industries. The job was successful and the payout was immense. Managing to keep his identity a secret from IsoTech, Norin and the rest of the crew collected their payout, and managed to keep some spoils from the job as well, such as the Cybernetic Enhanced Nexu, Captain Fluffles, that attacked the crew and was subdued when Norin managed to slice into its cybernetics and reprogram it to recognize him as its master.

    Eventually, while working for DTC Norin managed to slice into the Holonet to fake his death, clearing his bounty and arrest warrant and changing his name to an alias. However, this didn’t last, as he eventually ran into an ISB agent who recognized him from prior knowledge. He was captured, but then eventually freed by the Rebellion in 1 ABY, who were impressed with his skills and in dire need of a Slicer of his talents.

    Norin then came into the service of Rebel Intelligence as an Operative. His usual mission assignments were:
    - Slice into the Imperial Holonet to distribute Rebel Propaganda, cause distress and recover information.
    - Operate as a field agent to support Rebel Special Forces.
    - Provide technical assistance to Rebel Bases and Military Installations.

    Norin also served as an electronic warfare officer onboard a Nebulon-B-class frigate on many occasions, and served in the Battle of Endor at this capacity.

    After Endor, the importance of Norin’s expertise increased significantly and he was utilized to a large degree to further destabilize the crumbling Empire.

    He proved helpful in helping the New Republic maintain a foothold over the falling Empire through his slicing expertise, but afterwards he was left unsatisfied due to the lack of excitement stability brought.

    But 30 years later, war has broken out between the New Republic and the First Order, after a crippling blow to the New Republic fleet and leadership by Starkiller Base and there is anything but stability in the Republic. Though the situation is dire, Norin can’t help but be excited about it. He gets to live out some of his last years doing what he does best: coming out from what seems like inevitable defeat through wits, guile and superior technical knowledge.

    Notable psychological traits include: reserved, quiet, distant, quirky, obsessive, thoughtful, greedy and methodical.


    Norin's companions:

    Name: Captain Fluffles
    Age: 36 galactic standard years
    Species: Nexu (cybernetically enhanced)
    Gender: Male
    Cybernetic Enhancements:

    - Energized Claws
    - Reinforced Teeth
    - Tail Spikes
    Short Bio: Captain Fluffles was encountered by Norin during a salvage operation of the Munificent-class Star Frigate Sa Nalaor in the jungles of Cholganna shortly after the Battle of Yavin. Initially hostile towards Norin and his companions in the DTC, Norin managed to slice into Captain Fluffles' cybernetics and reprogram himself as the Nexu's master. He has been Norin's faithful companion ever since.

    Name: Beta
    Age: Last memory wipe was 30 years ago.
    Species: Tarkin Initiative BT-1 Assassin Droid
    Gender: Masculine programming
    Various Weapons Systems (concealed; to the untrained eye Beta seems to be an ordinary Astromech Droid):

    - 2 Flame Projectors
    - Flechette launcher
    - Repeating blaster turret
    Utility Systems:
    - Buzz saw
    - Fusion welder
    - Scomp link
    - Holographic projector
    - Rocket boosters
    Short Bio: Some time before the Battle of Endor, Norin reprogrammed and stole Beta from an Imperial Storehouse while on a mission to recover critical intelligence for the Rebellion, which was rumored to be related to the second Death Star. Beta has served Norin ever since, functioning as a body guard and crewman aboard the Nomad Son.

    Name: 5PD-W6N - "Speedwagon"
    Age: Last memory wipe was 34 years ago.
    Species: Arakyd Industries ID9 seeker droid
    Gender: Masculine programming
    - Repulsorlifts

    - Electro-shock prod
    - Scomp link
    - Antenna
    - Shield generator (low power, can only take 2-3 blaster shots before being depleted)
    Short Bio: 5PD-W6N, more affectionately referred to as "Speedwagon" was salvaged and repaired by Norin shortly after the Battle of Yavin. When Norin found Speedwagon, the chassis was badly damaged so he had to create a new one from scratch. Seeing the potential of having a droid that could discretely hook up to his Borg Construct Aj^6 implant, he built a chassis that doubled as a metal bowler hat, allowing it to sync any new data it had acquired with his brain implant and in sleep mode on top of his head. Whenever Norin wishes to activate the droid, he simply lifts it off of his head and tosses it like a flying disc. Later on Norin eventually added a low power shield generator to Speedwagon, which proved useful in situations where he couldn't immediately run away from a troublesome situation, or where he needed buy a little more time when slicing in the middle of combat.


    A few NPCs - Leonias Colcha's Crimson Dagger Squadron

    Name: Gallio Rogelius
    Age: 28
    Species: Thyrsian
    Gender: Male
    Equipment: Collapsible force pike, light blaster pistol
    Personal ship, if any: TIE Mangler (like Leonias’ ship, but without modifications)
    Short Bio: Dagger 2 in the Crimson Dagger Squadron, Leonias Colcha’s elite all Thyrsian TIE Mangler Squadron. All members of the Crimson Dagger Squadron aside from Leonias are non-force sensitive, but have training as Shadow Vanguards for ground maneuvers.

    Name: Caecilia Ovida
    Age: 25
    Species: Thyrsian
    Gender: Female
    Equipment: Collapsible force pike, light blaster pistol
    Personal ship, if any: TIE Mangler (like Leonias’ ship, but without modifications)
    Short Bio: Dagger 3 in the Crimson Dagger Squadron, Leonias Colcha’s elite all Thyrsian TIE Mangler Squadron. All members of the Crimson Dagger Squadron aside from Leonias are non-force sensitive, but have training as Shadow Vanguards for ground maneuvers.

    Name: Decimus Vedius
    Age: 26
    Species: Thyrsian
    Gender: Male
    Equipment: Collapsible force pike, light blaster pistol
    Personal ship, if any: TIE Mangler (like Leonias’ ship, but without modifications)
    Short Bio: Dagger 4 in the Crimson Dagger Squadron, Leonias Colcha’s elite all Thyrsian TIE Mangler Squadron. All members of the Crimson Dagger Squadron aside from Leonias are non-force sensitive, but have training as Shadow Vanguards for ground maneuvers.

    Name: Sextus Caerellius
    Age: 24
    Species: Thyrsian
    Gender: Male
    Equipment: Collapsible force pike, light blaster pistol
    Personal ship, if any: TIE Mangler (like Leonias’ ship, but without modifications)
    Short Bio: Dagger 5 in the Crimson Dagger Squadron, Leonias Colcha’s elite all Thyrsian TIE Mangler Squadron. All members of the Crimson Dagger Squadron aside from Leonias are non-force sensitive, but have training as Shadow Vanguards for ground maneuvers.

    Name: Curia Lina
    Age: 23
    Species: Thyrsian
    Gender: Female
    Equipment: Collapsible force pike, light blaster pistol
    Personal ship, if any: TIE Mangler (like Leonias’ ship, but without modifications)
    Short Bio: Dagger 6 in the Crimson Dagger Squadron, Leonias Colcha’s elite all Thyrsian TIE Mangler Squadron. All members of the Crimson Dagger Squadron aside from Leonias are non-force sensitive, but have training as Shadow Vanguards for ground maneuvers.

    Name: Hirtia Gratian
    Age: 21
    Species: Thyrsian
    Gender: Female
    Equipment: Collapsible force pike, light blaster pistol
    Personal ship, if any: TIE Mangler (like Leonias’ ship, but without modifications)
    Short Bio: Dagger 7 in the Crimson Dagger Squadron, Leonias Colcha’s elite all Thyrsian TIE Mangler Squadron. All members of the Crimson Dagger Squadron aside from Leonias are non-force sensitive, but have training as Shadow Vanguards for ground maneuvers.

    Name: Caius Spurius
    Age: 22
    Species: Thyrsian
    Gender: Male
    Equipment: Collapsible force pike, light blaster pistol
    Personal ship, if any: TIE Mangler (like Leonias’ ship, but without modifications)
    Short Bio: Dagger 8 in the Crimson Dagger Squadron, Leonias Colcha’s elite all Thyrsian TIE Mangler Squadron. All members of the Crimson Dagger Squadron aside from Leonias are non-force sensitive, but have training as Shadow Vanguards for ground maneuvers.

    Name: Tiberius Amatius
    Age: 20
    Species: Thyrsian
    Gender: Male
    Equipment: Collapsible force pike, light blaster pistol
    Personal ship, if any: TIE Mangler (like Leonias’ ship, but without modifications)
    Short Bio: Dagger 9 in the Crimson Dagger Squadron, Leonias Colcha’s elite all Thyrsian TIE Mangler Squadron. All members of the Crimson Dagger Squadron aside from Leonias are non-force sensitive, but have training as Shadow Vanguards for ground maneuvers.

    Name: Tullus Lucilius
    Age: 25
    Species: Thyrsian
    Gender: Male
    Equipment: Collapsible force pike, light blaster pistol
    Personal ship, if any: TIE Mangler (like Leonias’ ship, but without modifications)
    Short Bio: Dagger 10 in the Crimson Dagger Squadron, Leonias Colcha’s elite all Thyrsian TIE Mangler Squadron. All members of the Crimson Dagger Squadron aside from Leonias are non-force sensitive, but have training as Shadow Vanguards for ground maneuvers.

    Name: Faenia Rulla
    Age: 24
    Species: Thyrsian
    Gender: Female
    Equipment: Collapsible force pike, light blaster pistol
    Personal ship, if any: TIE Mangler (like Leonias’ ship, but without modifications)
    Short Bio: Dagger 11 in the Crimson Dagger Squadron, Leonias Colcha’s elite all Thyrsian TIE Mangler Squadron. All members of the Crimson Dagger Squadron aside from Leonias are non-force sensitive, but have training as Shadow Vanguards for ground maneuvers.

    Name: Oppius Aburius
    Age: 27
    Species: Thyrsian
    Gender: Male
    Equipment: Collapsible force pike, light blaster pistol
    Personal ship, if any: TIE Mangler (like Leonias’ ship, but without modifications)
    Short Bio: Dagger 12 in the Crimson Dagger Squadron, Leonias Colcha’s elite all Thyrsian TIE Mangler Squadron. All members of the Crimson Dagger Squadron aside from Leonias are non-force sensitive, but have training as Shadow Vanguards for ground maneuvers.
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