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Star Wars CLOSED Aftermath and Beginnings

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , May 3, 2019.

  1. darthbernael

    darthbernael EU Community Mod, House was on fire, didn't do it star 4 Staff Member Moderator

    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC: Combo with @Sinrebirth

    IC Uzuriel
    The three, above the Twilight Graveyard

    The third figure slowly walked up toward the two staying concealed from those below. It stayed out of sight of those below as well, it was not yet time to confront his oldest frenemy. It was a shorter figure in a robe that seemed to swirl with shades of grey. The hood was up but the tip of a Defel snout poked from the shadows of it. A coughing snort came from it’s muzzle as it heard Caedus and Darkness speak.

    ”You two, whenever I wonder why you are trying to hide your presence from the rest of me, you’re always cozied up to this Sith. You must know he’s not my type.” The words that came from the snout seemed not to have passed the vocal chords or snout itself, but just floated directly into the other two’s ears as it replied to Darkness.

    The head in the cowl turned toward Caedus, ”And why would I not be here, here and now?” it asked in a calm, even, but now androgynous tone. It didn’t bother to look down at the scene below as it continued, ”I see we are still short several. And I can also see chaos in the future of this reunion, with who the one at the center of it is claiming to be.” It’s voice was tonally flat but there were minute traces of what seemed like humor in it’s statement.

    Caedus snorted. "Balance, and Darkness... where is Light? And Chaos?"

    He gestured vaguely to the others in the distance. "Your origin is walking around without you, I see. With the Protectors, at that."

    Darkness turned, a writhing mass of shadow, formless. We're disappointed in you. You were supposed to stop this from happening.

    Uzuriel chuckled at Caedus, ”You have miscounted child, Balance is not Order alone. All my parts are out there, and soon to be here. And who says that they are not all here, or nearly here, already.” His short arm raised, gesturing down at the tableau below them, ”That is not my origin, he is merely a small portion of the being who was my first vessel when I walked this cosmos in a corporeal form.”

    His eyes, the grey of them swirling as the greys of his cloak were doing, turned toward Darkness. As they did his form shifted, growing, taking on the shape of a taller, lean man with a patrician’s gaze. The eyes took on a new tone, as though the greys were infinitely deep ”I am not, however, solely the Balance of this Timeline, little piece of me. I mourn his failure, but the Balance endures. You and your ‘siblings’ however will die as independent beings when the timeline ends, returned to the infinite me. And your own attempts to influence this end will be tallied.”

    The Darkness seemed to surge, writhing. We know that all of this was to defeat me. To prevent me from propagating. I will reach the next timeline. The death of my Chosen will not stop me.

    Caedus simply glanced back and then to Balance... or whatever he called himself. “So we’re still not trusting Zas’tel? According to all sources, he did what he was supposed to...”

    Uzuriel gazed upon Darkness, almost pity in it’s face. ”My little Darkness, when you chose to tie yourself to ones such as this one or even the Master of Masters you brought into yourself the seeds of your own destruction.” It shook the head it wore, ”Reaching the next timeline? You are already there, anywhere, anywhen, I am, so are you. Posturing just enhances the odor of fear you carry.”

    It glanced at Caedus, ”Which Zestus? The one portion of the six that were a part of that being when he died, that remained faithful to the Master of Masters plan, or the remaining five that served me over the eons? Play the long game, but ensure you choose the side that will survive.” Once again a sense of pity or sadness radiated from it’s form, ”So much potential but you chose poorly.”

    Darkness almost pouted. The Master of Masters is such a bother. It’s almost as if there is this endless desire for him to one-up me. Our friendship is very much stretched at this point.

    Caedus shrugged, his eyes briefly turning white. “I’m just here to make sure I get what I was promised.” He eyed Uzuriel. “What are you doing here, then?”

    Uzuriel gazed at the powerful Sith, a sad look on it’s face, almost a pitying one, ”Whether it was the Master of Masters or that one that says he’s Zas’tel down there, if either promised you something the chances of you ever receiving what was promised is slim to none. And if you do it will be a genie’s promise, exactly to the letter of the promise but not the spirit and in such a way as to destroy you sooner rather than later.” It ignored the question as to why it was here, it felt it had no reason to reply to the query.

    It gazed down at the tableau once more, before turning to the Darkness, a sardonic smile on it’s face, ”Yes he is, why do you think I let you be the one to deal with him all these eons rather than do so myself? Not that he and I haven’t had several long chats over that time, often causing the relationship you two have more strain, but overall he was your responsibility.”

    The Darkness huffed again. Mortals should not interfere in the elements nor the Gods. But here we are.

    “Says the entity which freed me from that prison reality and sent me after the Box...” Caedus snorted. “Which kept me off the board while a Twilight War occurred...”

    The End of Time was foreseen… Darkness sighed. Not that it matters. His gaze swung to the Balance. The Master said this was the Waypoint. That he would use Zas’tel and his Eye to traverse the length of time... what do you know of the Waypoint?

    Uzuriel nodded at Darkness’s words, ”When mortals, even ones that somehow last for millennia, try to dam time and the Force to follow one path sometimes those higher beings must take a stand.” he reminded the other.

    A chuckle sounded, ”You do not see, Darkness of this timeline? He seeks to abandon this ending timeline, leave the you of this line behind. He seeks to jump to an uncorrupted line and begin again. His goal is not just the end of this timeline but the end of them all, the death of the Force, the end of all Gods or Concepts. So therefore, he needs that weakpoint in the fabric of the multiverse to ‘travel’.”

    We know, Darkness said. He told us. A writhing. He travelled to a reality just to end it. Maddening logic. He’s smarter than we thought.

    Caedus sighed. “Most of the Gods are already dead - surely you’re just fighting over scraps now?”

    ”I still assist those that fight the end but my duties are to reality. And I return to the multiverse me once this one ends. So being here for events such as this are little but important ones vital to all the multiverse. And watching as he is stripped of much of what he is when he attempts to jump, I must admit, is satisfying.” It stated calmly. ”He is smart, smart enough to know that I will not allow every plan of his to come to fruition.”

    What plan have you stopped? Darkness snorted. We are going to make it to the next reality anyway. It makes no difference to us. We exist everywhere, and nowhere.

    Caedus was silent. “Are we finished? Are we going after the Box now? It’s supposed to contain the Holocron of Prophecy...?”

    Which is useless if this is the End of Time…

    Uzuriel smiled, almost a serene smile, ”Plan after plan. Do you really think this end came when he originally planned?”

    It gazed down to the hollow, where the Box sat, ”Who said that the Holocron is in there? And if it is, who says it is only valid for this reality? Most follow similar patterns, or close enough that any plan foiled here can be attempted with what was used to foil it taken into account.”

    Turning it’s gaze to Darkness, ”Little piece of me, how do you think he came by it in this reality in the first place? Do you honestly believe that he created it from travelling the full timeline of this reality first, or did he bring it from the last?”

    Darkness growled at being described as a piece of Balance. We are far older than you, we do not need to be lumped with you.

    Caedus gestured to Zas’tel. “He’s the one who told us, actually, as Arb... before we knew he was a Protector. He told us that we should hunt down the Box.”

    Hiding his connection to it, Darkness hissed. He inclined his head to peer at Balance. From the first - the one he Changed on the first Nouane.

    Uzuriel laughed, a clear chime, at Darkness, ”You are older than this physical form I wear, yes, but you are of me. From the beginning of time you, Light, Order, and Chaos have been my four parts. But I do know how you chafe at that.”

    It looked at Caedus with a twisted smile, ”Of all the parts of the original Zes’tus that one alone remained completely faithful to the Master of Masters, even sought to emulate him over the eons. So not a single word from his mouth is ever to be fully trusted. For all we know, he has entombed the other parts of Zes’tus inside, that or some last ‘toy’ to ensure what he believes is victory.”

    Caedus shook his head. “If he’s loyal he won’t be meddling with the Box. Whatever the Master truly put in there... it’s a problem.”

    But this is a trap, clearly. The Protectors are descended from the original Chosen of the Ones. We should avoid this battle… Darkness began to fade away.

    As Darkness began to fade, Uzuriel turned to Caedus, ”Joining him or sticking around to see how it plays out? I, for one, am going to observe, at least, what those others are up to. Besides, being under that sourpuss’s thumb for a while may do you some good.” it said, a tinge of humor in it’s tone, as it hooked a finger at the disappearing Darkness.

    Caedus smirked that sardonic Solo grin. “Well, I purposely didn’t hide myself in the Force... so they know we’re here.” He waved a hand and an illusion was erected, causing him to vanish, and to submerge into the Force. He disappeared from sight and sense and was gone.

    Uzuriel chuckled, shaking it’s head. It stayed out of sight for the moment, ”Mortals, of course they knew you were there. I’m everywhere so a little tougher to pin down when I take corporeal form, even now. Still, no sense making them sense me more.” it said as the shape wavered and drifted into a dissipating cloud of ash that became one with the landscape even as the being behind it waited and observed the gathering. Waiting for the one whose presence would truly require it to join the others.

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  2. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    Location: Charred Home

    Dunkeel chuffed, his irritation rising like a small staccato rhythm within his throat. "You are right, I know little." he was embarrassed by this truth and his head canted with chin tucked at the admission. "But I have faith."

    Stepping forward he put a hand on the top of the box, feeling it in the Force, "At least the Clock-tower died knowing what time it was." he softly muttered as he attempted to get his bearings and that of the box to open it and see to examining the insides.

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  3. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Zas'tel
    Dwartii, Twilight Graveyard

    He looked at the statues of Sistros and Braata one more time, and then back to Vydra and Dunkeel.

    "Well, here goes," he said, drawing his lightsaber and igniting it with a crimson crackle.

    He went to point it at the box, when there was a colossal shake of thunder. He stumbled, and looked up, eyes wide.

    All of a sudden, the sky was dark, dark, dark.

    They were here.

    This was the End of Time.

    And He allowed his siblings to play sometimes too.

    There was an immense cube of flesh; Ooru.

    There was a writhing mass of black ichor, larger than some moons; Mnngal-Mnngal.

    There was a laughing woman, immense, for she had taken control of a giant from Boz Pity; Abeloth.

    Larger than them all, with a face as round as a planet - and indeed, his skull had once been reshaped into the world of Pesegam - more recently known as Korriban, or indeed Moraband - by the servants of the Celestials. His chin was adorned with tentacles; his wings spanned half a star-system; his eyes burned with malice that turn starships into ash.

    He was Typhojem.

    No longer was he an inky shadow of no shape or form, no.

    He was fully reborn, engorged on the fear of trillions.

    They loomed over the three of them and their two statue friends.

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  4. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Chosen One star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    Location: Charred Home

    Dunkeel watched in curiosity as Zas'tel moved to point his saber at the box. Only he didn't finish as something caught all their attention as the truth of the End of Times was shown. "She was hard to kill tiny." he simply stated as he looked at the one he recognized. Turning back he held out a hand to summon Zas'tel's weapon to twist and point at the box. Letting the Force and his faith in a plan guide him. The Master had seen this after all. "Protect. I will see to this." he simply stated as he lit Fang and pointed it as well at another point that simply seemed right.

    Closing his eyes he pushed his mind through the hearts of both blades to the heart of the box. Feeling for the connections, the draw points. The way the mechanisms wanted to be released, to be used, to be complete. Just as the clock wanted to tick, so a lock longed to be in the state it was not in, and a closed box wanted to be opened for the sake of what was inside.

    "Balance." he simply sighed as he waded into this new problem with the certainty that it was also the solution.

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  5. AgentViper007

    AgentViper007 Force Ghost star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Vydra Delomeux
    Location: Definitely Hell

    It was now time to see what was in the box. It must have been dangerous because Zas'tel ignited his blade. A red one.

    How appropriate.

    Before they could find out what was inside, the sky turned as dark as night. And all manner of nasty creatures appeared.

    Dunkeel meanwhile was totally focused on the box, both his and Zas'tel's blades were pointing at it now. And Dunkeel had no orders for Vydra, maybe he was so focused on the box he forgot the exile was here.

    Vydra inwardly sighed maybe i'll deal with the nasty beasties, or maybe i'll just stand here looking pretty.

    He turned towards the monsters igniting the famous blue blade he now carried and adopted his Guard of the Hawk position.

    "You shall not pass".

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  6. darthbernael

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    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Uzuriel
    Dwartii, Twilight Graveyard

    No sooner had the other two disappeared than events began to pick up. Uzuriel kept its position for a few moments as it all began, then sighed as it couldn’t wait any longer for the others. Arb, calling himself Zas’tel, pointed a red saber at the Box. That was yet another indicator that the Zas’tel he claimed to be wasn’t the ‘true’ Zaas’tel; that one it had worked with for eons and red would not suit him at all.

    And then the ‘heavens’ opened up. Old Ones, twisted descendents of who he was, began to appear. There he saw the cube of Ooru, in another area was the oozing, dripping form of Mnngal-Mnngal, in yet another area was the writhing, shifting but beautiful in her own way form of Abeloth, and finally towering above all was the final, hideous form of Typhojem.

    Uzuriel sighed, it truly was the End of the World for this reality. It had tried to keep this event from happening for as many eons as possible but, even given what it was, there were wide and varied forces that opposed it to cause this to happen. Even it has its limits and reality, this one at least, had to end someday. It looked down at the tableau below, it was time to join them even if they didn’t all know who it was.

    Standing fully, now appearing as an ancient Anzati inside the cloak, it made it’s way down the hill. The others were in varying states of reaction to either the Box or the Gods. A small smile crossed its face when it heard the Chistori, Dunkeel he recalled, speak of Balance. It was as though the Protector was praying to it directly.

    The young looking librarian type caused the eyebrow of its form to rise, when he took a combat stance, preparing to defend or fight against the Gods themselves. Vydra had come far since the event that allowed it to enter the physical plane.

    Finally it turned it’s gaze to the last standing there ‘Zas’tel’. A form of a smile, not a true one as it did not reach it’s eyes, formed on the face. ”Hello again, Arb. I see you invited your friends.” The body’s arm swung, indicating the Gods, not the Protectors. ”And have been attempting to pull the wool over the eyes of these good people, once again. How many times has that been over the last 37 eons? And now the End you desired has come.”

    It gazed up at the Gods, ”Children of my energy, you have fed well indeed, even though it was not my desire that you do so. But you have followed your sibling’s lead, let Arb guide you into your gluttonous ways. Pity.” it spoke, a voice that if it had not modulated for the Chistori and Human would have scrambled their minds.

    Turning it’s back on the monstrosities, it faced the Protectors. ”You two may sense the essence of Zas’tel in me, not the being there that claims to be him, but yes, it was he that allowed me to come to the physical plane. Dunkeel, you asked for Balance but I doubt you expected it to stroll up to you on two legs. Vydra, you do your position proud, standing against Darkness, not knowing if you will survive. Two of the five, three if you count the parts of Zas’tel that are in me and in Arb there. So all that is left is for Joren and Vale to join us.”

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: The Old Ones

    The End was here.

    Now and forever.

    We are not servants of Masters or Protectors or Demiurges.

    The words came in many voices, and they resonated within even the statues.

    Arb held his ears, and winced.

    We are Gods.

    An energy beam ripped into Uzuriel with the force of a superlaser, pinioning him, lifting him up into the sky.

    Their eyes all turned to the brutally skewered entity as Typhojem raised the mote up, finger pointed.

    As they did, a Tho Yor rushed in from orbit, skirting across the ground -

    Dunkeel had called it, and it was here for him, albeit belatedly, but, well, it had been waiting thirty-thousand years for him, one could be forgiven for taking minutes to reach them.

    Tentacles ensnared one limb of Uzuriel; tugged him towards Abeloth.

    Plant-like tendrils wrapped around the other, tugged him towards Ooru.

    Only Mnngal-Mnngal regarded Dunkeel, and in his moment of attention, an enmity was formed between the Chistori and him that resonated from Soliloquy onwards.

    That left Vydra, wielding the blue blade of the Skywalkers... and Arb, igniting the crimson blade of Palpatine.

    "We were supposed to survive, and head into the next reality," Arb said, almost sadly.

    A world I cannot imagine, is what the Master of Masters had called it.

    As he did, a wave of creatures emerged from Mnngal-Mnngal - a stream of Stenax, living on the creature, now so large as to maintain it's own environ and gravity, their existence like tics and gnats upon the skin of another.


    They ignited crimson blades -

    There had to be a dozen of them, already, crossing the atmosphere bridge to Dwartii -

    Arb, for his part, removed the green blade of Jacen Solo and placed it on the statue of Sistros; it was absorbed; as was the purple blade of Anakin Solo, into the statue of Braata. He looked up again, face set in grim acceptance.

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  8. darthbernael

    darthbernael EU Community Mod, House was on fire, didn't do it star 4 Staff Member Moderator

    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Uzuriel
    Held by the 'great grandkids'

    Uzuriel sighed, holding in the pain that was caused to the physical shell he wore, as Typhojem drew him up closer to the ’Gods’ they called themselves. Another sigh escaped him as he felt the slippery, hatred filled essence of the tentacles of Abeloth ensnare his arm and attempt to pull him toward her. And then his head lolled the opposite direction when he felt tendrils begin to tug at him, as though Ooru and Abeloth desired to play tug of war with his body.

    He let his body morph and stretch as the ‘Gods’ pulled at him more and more. There was a breaking point, of course, but it would be some time before he reached it. Looking up at Typhojem, his swirling grey eyes looked into the giant ones of his ‘descendent’.

    His voice was flat, emotionless, as he spoke to the twisted God, his voice taking on the same depth of intonation as theirs once more, ”Where in what I said did I say you were a servant? But you have deluded yourself if you do not remember what I am, where I come from, and what it means to your own power should you lash out…” he responded.

    Below, he could sense what was unfolding but unless Arb decided that he needed to take part on both stages, there was little he would do to aid the ones whose actions had allowed this plan to be brought forth in such a manner. They had their own fight, but he doubted any but Arb knew that there were more than the two still missing that had yet to make their appearance.

    But, Uzuriel trusted that those others would assist the Protectors to defend and survive, whether until they crossed realities or died once they appeared. So his focus returned to the surviving ‘Gods’. His eyes sparkled as he turned his head toward Abeloth, ”You are going to allow your larger, monstrous, brother to partake of me without you receiving your fair share, or more if you can steal it?” He asked, as though offering her the choicest ‘cuts’.

    His head turned back toward Ooru, ”They simply desire my essence, my destruction to forget their origins. But you, you I can see desire the knowledge I hold. Which will be lost if you allow your brother to take all from me.” His voice laden with hidden knowledge and power that Ooru could wield against his siblings once they were all that was left.

    Looking back up at the giant, who seemed to have decided bigger was better, not that power cared what size one was, ”Decisions, decisions, decisions, how will you, or any of you, choose? The End comes, for us all, whether you desire to admit it or not.”

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Dunkeel
    Gathering at the End

    The End was here. The difficult ones were pontificating on what must be old grudges Dunkeel had never had time to study. Oddly that was one thing he never seemed to have enough of, time.

    We are not servants of Masters or Protectors or Demiurges.

    The words came in many voices, and they resonated within even the statues.

    We are Gods.

    An energy beam ripped into Uzuriel with the force of a superlaser, pinioning him, lifting him up into the sky. Dunkeel ignored this, standing, facing the box with the summoned blade of red that had been the Master's and his own Fang, both lit, both pointing forward as these things were at his back.

    As they did these things, a Tho Yor rushed in from orbit, skirting across the ground -

    Feeling it there, feeling it come without eyes to see or hands to feel still brought warmth to his blood. "Heart. Welcome. I need a hunters retrieval. Security code Omega." he simply stated. It was from his time studying the security forces manuals and reactionary discipline of having worst case scenarios that were prepared for. With what he was training for End of Time was a very real training scenario - not that he knew it would look like this!

    What it broke down to was that the Protectors and any innocents and indicated material needed extraction in whatever inventive and otherwise too risky way that the Tho Yor could, even rolling over a Protector with an open hatch if needed. It also meant it owns weapons and feeding habits were off the chain. It could do whatever it deemed necessary to affect a rescue.

    Only Mnngal-Mnngal regarded Dunkeel, and in his moment of attention, an enmity was formed between the Chistori and him that resonated from some when that Dunkeel had no memory of. Feeling that he urged in the Force for it to hurry as he walked to the box and set his hand with Palpatines saber now drawn fully into his grasp ontop.

    "We were supposed to survive, and head into the next reality," Arb said, almost sadly.

    That statement seemed wrong to Dunkeel, it felt wrong. Still as the man that claimed to be a faithful part of Zas'tel spoke a wave of creatures emerged from Mnngal-Mnngal - a stream of Stenax, living on the creature, now so large as to maintain it's own environ and gravity, their existence like tics and gnats upon the skin of another.

    They ignited crimson blades -

    There had to be a dozen of them, already, crossing the atmosphere bridge to Dwartii - that should take a while. Flying up out of gravity, through the null connection and then down in a controlled manner to where they stood. That should be many many kilometers to cover.

    Arb, for his part, removed the green blade of Jacen Solo and placed it on the statue of Sistros; it was absorbed; as was the purple blade of Anakin Solo, into the statue of Braata. He looked up again, face set in grim acceptance. Watching him out of his side eye he said nothing, but it did not sit well with him. Secrets and things that did not seem right.

    More and more he was inclined to follow the urging of the Librarian. Even if the man was terribly biased to the light. If it came down to it he was tempted to have Heart collect him, the box and merely Vydra. Too many other things were off here.

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  10. AgentViper007

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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Vydra Delomeux
    Location: The Eighth Circle of Hell

    It seemed someone else had decided to join the party…

    The way this cloaked person or whatever it was spoke to the beasts….did he create them? If so, he deserved to burn in the same hell these creatures were going to.

    He spoke about Zas’tel that there was an essence of him within him but Vydra was too busy trying to make sure he would defend to take the time to stretch his senses out to this creature. But this creature knew him by the way he spoke to him.

    Even if you are Zas’tel he thought you still deserve the same fate as he does. Perhaps when you reach your final destination you will understand what you have done and that you will beat yourself up over it again and again and again. All that death and destruction just to make sure the Master’s plan succeeds. You are no better than him. Oh and by the way, Joren and Vale are dead so they won’t be coming to save your backside.

    The creature was then grabbed and taken up towards the beasts, so was Dunkeel and Vydra had to wonder whether he would meet the same fate. He didn't.

    Arb spoke about how they were supposed to head into the next reality “Well I hate to say this but you and your creature friend there caused this, you and the Master wanted it, you got it. But late now to start asking me to fulfill my mission again. Because do you know what? I’d rather take Dunkeel than you two if it comes to it.”

    Vydra could see a Tho Yor coming, probably Dunkeel’s. Whether it would get here in time was one thing as some grotesque looking creatures had decided to pop out of one of the beasts. Another thing was whether Vydra would be allowed to board the thing or whether it was just here for Dunkeel alone.

    Guess those creatures are mine then. Here is a proper test of my defensive skills.

    Of course he had been trained by the Master, sparred with Dunkeel and fought Abeloth in the spirit world. But this was totally different. This was a test of man and blade and Force skills.

    Well I haven't got anything to lose. Family’s gone, don’t have anyone to protect, just Dunkeel really. Might as well defend until I die. And do it with a famous blade as well. Something to tell Venezia when I meet her again.

    Vydra stepped forward to do battle.

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  11. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Unknown
    Inside the Sistros Statue


    It had permeated his senses to become his entire existence.

    At this point, it was difficult to discern whether it had always been there or if it had pervaded this space in the interim while he slept. There was no other explanation for the gap in his memory. An unconscious mind was a volatile thing; always changing, always moving. The effect became even more profound if dreams and nightmares were prevalent.


    He remembered those.

    Mechanical monsters bred in the depths of an ecumenopolis, fire and brimstone raining down from above; the total eradication of the populace and his own isolation from those he loved; his father rising above the ashes to stand on the pinnacle of darkness; a severed staff and an arched gateway which served as his only means of escape.

    And then nothingness.

    The inherent darkness prevailed.

    And yet, it appeared to dissolve and emerge as something less impenetrable the longer he stared into the void. He even became aware of his own erratic breathing, every inhale and exhale echoing in his ears like a dull roar. He noted that it was the same acoustic scattering that occurred when confined to an enclosed space; it amplified the sound and made it more perceptible.

    He was alive, yes, but was he in...a box? Or a prison of some sort?

    Curiosity got the better of him as he reached out—yes, he could feel his arms and legs—and probed the shadows that danced before his eyes. He was only able to extend his arm halfway before his fingers touched something solid. It was cold and smooth, the same consistency as rock or metal.

    Was this a tomb? Had they buried him alive?!

    Panic clenched his heart and he heard himself cry out, his voice a cracked whisper as if he hadn’t exercised his vocal cords in quite some time. However, he did not allow that to deter his efforts to break free. He shouted again, and this time, he added to the cacophony by punching and kicking the barrier that detained him.

    That’s when he realized that what he had recently experienced hadn’t been a mere nightmare. It was real; he had lived it.

    All of it.

    He hesitated a moment as that thought flooded his awareness with a heightened sense of reality. It bolstered his determination, and he soon resumed his desperate struggle anew. “You LIED to me!” he roared hoarsely to whoever was listening. “You never intended to allow me to escape, did you?!”

    But as he curled his hand into a fist to launch another blow, a strange cylindrical object materialized out of thin air and pressed into his palm.

    The unusual nature of this latest development startled him into silence.


    Inhaling deeply, he gathered his wits about him and clenched his fingers around the item to determine its purpose. It was a long tubelike device with a metallic alloy surface, polished and refined except for several nodes and switches that adorned its simple design. He did not need to understand the complexities of the Jedi or the Force to know what he held in his hands.

    A lightsaber.

    His salvation.

    He did not waver as he angled the hilt toward the confines of his prison and thumbed the activation switch, ushering the emerald blade to brilliant life.

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  12. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Typhojem
    End of Time

    The little Balance mocked them.


    Who was the Dark beyond Dark beyond Dark.

    They were beyond such things.

    He was Typhojem.

    He was Tyth.

    He was Yammka.

    He was the Father of Shadows.

    He had consumed more foes than the Balance had been corporeal.

    A mere thirty-five thousand year old deity was nothing to him, a hundred thousand years strong.

    He decided enough was enough.

    With a flick of his oversized hand, Uzuriel was undone.

    The Old Ones gloated, adding their own whip like strikes, their own rents in his existence, their own shards of immeasurable pain -

    Heart, the Tho Yor that belonged to Dunkeel, swept down and opened it's ramp to save both him and Vydra and scoop up the box.

    Arb was focused upon the attacking swarm, stepping before Vydra and producing two blasters from his long sleeves.

    They opened fire, raining bolts into the diving attackers, who were moving at incredible speeds, amplified by their use of the Force, their prowess augmented by their Old One lords. Some paused to parry, and Arb narrowed his eye. The Master's blade dangled from his belt as he tracked fire to slow down the rest.

    That left Heart to scoop up whom Dunkeel decided.

    It sensed his uncertainty, and enquired, mind-to-mind, about the statues of Sistros and Braata, let along Arb, who Heart recognised as Zas'tel.

    Then the green blade cut through the skin of the Sistros statue, in the middle of all this.

    In short order, the small Tho Yor would be upon them, and they would have to leap to be caught by the ship -

    And in a handful of moments after, the Old Ones would remember they had other prey here -

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  13. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Chosen One star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Dunkeel
    End of Time

    Hearing the call as he tried to block out the other things he growled deep and hard at the changing of the way things were and knew they were nearer than any would like to their end. 'Just what said, only just.' Only he, Vydra, and the Box. Three to be saved in the Tho Yor, to dive forward and then he supposed into the World Between Worlds in a rapid transition. Sealing this realm to it's ordained fate.

    As for the lightsaber from the statue it was the wrong color for whom it should be, he trusted it not. It also smelled and tasted wrong, felt wrong somehow. He did not know how, but it was not as it should be, not that much was at the moment.

    With hand on box he leapt, drawing it with him to be caught, a last moment drawing pull and signal as a single clear word to Vydra - 'JUMP!' He would have little time to look and follow. Dunkeel hoped he would, for if he did not, then Dunkeel would leave without him.

    He had the box, he had the Master's saber he had drawn unto himself when he began focusing on the box, he would have Vydra that had been awake longer, and he would have the box. If they could escape to the World Between Worlds with the help of Fang they should have all the time they would need to open the Box and birth a new beginning from this egg.

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  14. AgentViper007

    AgentViper007 Force Ghost star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Vydra Delomeux
    Location: Finally escaping Hell

    The Tho Yor was arriving and Vydra hoped this was his ticket out.

    Either that or he would die in Hell, just as he thought he was going to when Typhojem arrived on his spiritual adventures.

    There were noises going on behind him but he was concentrating on what was going on in front of him now. Growling beasts trying to get at him.

    The first Zas'tel was now in his way shooting at the things, Vydra growled and stepped around him putting in block after block. The blade felt good in his hands and he felt some of his old flamboyant self coming back.

    Well it was the End of Time after all…

    Dunkeel it seemed had managed to escape the clutches of the monsters and sent him one simple command: JUMP

    Coming old friend he sent in response as he parried some more then gathering the Force within him he counted down…




    Then he lept and landed safetly aboard the blade still in his hand, ready to defend should anybody else try boarding without permission.

    So it seemed maybe there were heading towards the World Between Worlds anyway. Vydra had to shake his head at that.

    So you acheived your mission after all.

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  15. darthbernael

    darthbernael EU Community Mod, House was on fire, didn't do it star 4 Staff Member Moderator

    Apr 15, 2019
    IC Uzuriel
    Undone...of sorts

    Uzuriel hung in the sky, pinned by the ‘Gods’. It was calm, unsurprised by their actions. It, of all those present, knew what was to come and had accepted it. It had even warned the ‘children’ what would occur when they did what they threatened.

    And then Typhojem released it from it’s physical form. Of course the massive God probably thought of that moment in a different capacity but he was limited, after all. As Uzuriel disappeared a wave of energy, unseen, unfelt, washed out from his epicenter. It rolled over the Gods, across the planet, across the galaxy and all of creation shuddered as though a bell struck once.

    The pain, the agony that the Gods made the body endure was that alone, the pain of the body, the essence, the spirit was beyond them. It allowed the pain to wash through it, over it, let the body shriek out it’s pain so they would be satisfied, even as it reached out beyond itself, beyond this reality. It was but one of countless numbers of itself and what it touched was the true source, the one beyond, it that watched over all and in that moment it departed this reality even as it’s true source let a message for those left behind.

    A whisper rolled back, into the minds of the Gods, unheard by the others, save perhaps Arb. ”Order has died, Light has died, yet so has Chaos, as has Darkness. The Force, the Balance, the driving element of this timeline has returned to the source. I remove your power, little godlings.” the voice of Uzuriel was unmistakable but this was the voice of all Uzuriel’s, every one of them across the multiverse, the true, undending source of them.

    A second whisper was sent to Arb, the Protectors as well, ”Find your new timeline, this one is going to collapse once I leave.” It didn’t trust Arb, knew the being would attempt this time and again, but the multiverse would endure. And there were surprises for them all to come.

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  16. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: The Old Ones
    The End

    The cosmos began to crumble.

    Light was dead.

    Balance was too.

    The Darkness was now Chaos was now Darkness.

    It was not directed or guided, merely existing.

    The Tho Yor rushed away with Vydra and Dunkeel aboard, the Box and the Master's Forcesaber in their possession, as well as the blade of Anakin Skywalker.

    Arb - Zas'tel - turned and face his fate.

    And dissolved into it.

    He did, however, grin.

    What was the End of Time, you ask?

    It was when all Light was extinguished and the Dark lost all sense of direction and control.

    A Dark Age that went beyond civilization's collapse.

    It had to involve the very component elements of the Force dying.

    The original Nouane, now Dwartii, it began the center of a wound in the Force that stripped all life from any it touch.



    The Void was the End.

    The worst and most powerful of the Sith had mastered how to generate these voids by inflicting terrible damage upon the Force. The technique of Force Drain, with the Though Bomb, creating incredible surges of 'free energy' for a Sith to absorb and make himself immortal, or just to kill with. Vitiate, Revan, Nihilus, Traya, Bane - they mastered these techniques and did monstrous things with them, drawing upon the most ancient teachings of the Trayus Academy on Malachor V.

    As the galaxy began to vanish into the immensity, the two remaining statues of Sistros and Braata vanished and reappeared aboard the Tho Yor with the other two.

    The original Protectors had an unbreakable bond, and it meant they could now no longer be separated, not now the Awakening had commenced.

    The Holocron of Prophecy had foretold that reality would end following the Twilight Wars...

    ... it just hadn't detailed that it was this Twilight Wars that did it, the war between the New Sith Order and released Old Ones.

    The four of them received jump coordinates, ones stored deep in the ancient Tho Yor's memory.

    The Void reached for them -

    And they jumped.

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  17. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Unknown
    Inside the Sistros Statue

    The alloy that comprised the walls of his prison was surprisingly resistant. Even with a lightsaber’s blade, it took great effort and the utmost precision to carefully carve away at the outer shell. The tight confines of the box also limited his mobility, which only contributed to his woes; it was difficult to find the proper leverage to maneuver the weapon. Nevertheless, he persevered through these challenges, his desperation to escape overriding the natural thought processes that told him to surrender to his fate.

    In the end, his tenacity paid off.

    The wall before his face began to glow red with superheated stone, a soft sizzling sound underlining the chemical change that was occurring on a molecular level. It compelled him to push even harder, the force of his exertion causing whole portions of the scalding material to fall away in sizable chunks.

    This continued until the thick husk broke away completely and natural light began to filter in.

    After being sheltered in the darkness for so long, he instinctively winced at the sudden luminescence that greeted him. The brightness pierced his eyes and induced physical pain, though he did not allow that to hinder his progress. He carried on and embraced the pain; it meant that he was finally free.

    That thought elicited a soft groan from his lips as the support frame that held his body upright collapsed, and he tumbled forward.

    The impact of his body upon the deckplates was more strenuous than he had anticipated. His weakened condition had dulled his reflexes and prevented him from fully extending his arms and legs to break his fall. As a result, he simply crumpled to the floor in an unceremonious heap.

    At least you managed to hold onto the lightsaber on the way down, he thought to himself, clenching the now extinguished blade in his right fist. You retained some of your dignity.

    However, any solace this afforded him quickly vanished once his eyes fully adjusted to the overhead lighting, and he was able to fully survey his surroundings. He noted that he was on a ship of some kind, except the interior walls exhibited a strange texture. They were bulbous and rough with a veined pattern suffused throughout. If he squinted hard enough, he thought he might have even seen them pulsing, almost as if they were…alive?

    He shuddered at that notion, his mind immediately conjuring images of a Yuuzhan Vong fleet and the organic monstrosities they utilized to torture and conquer. Had he slipped back through the time portal during the chaos on Coruscant? Had he stumbled upon an awaiting Vong patrol?

    Was he a prisoner?

    The fact that Trayus, Four-Dee, and his ailing grandmother were notably absent seemed to corroborate that idea. That brought a scowl to his features, and he silently cursed that godsdamned Black-Coat for betraying him…

    And then he noticed the two figures standing nearby.

    One was distinctly reptilian and the other a human male dressed in a garish tunic.

    Not Yuuzhan Vong, he breathed with an audible sigh.

    Rising up on his knees, he slowly spread his hands to show that there was no ill-intent. He then inclined his chin to finally reveal his face:


    "This is, uh—this is an awkward situation," the young man muttered under his breath. "I just want to know what’s going on."

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  18. AgentViper007

    AgentViper007 Force Ghost star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Vydra Delomeux
    Location: Star Trekkin in a Tho Yor

    Vydra shook his head as if to clear it. It was like the worst nightmares had come true.

    It was as if a lightbulb had gone off.

    Vydra extinguished the Skywalker blade he held and attached it back on to the belt of his trousers. He didn't think he would be using it again for a while.

    Until the two statues appeared.

    Maybe not….

    It was all so much to take in. His spiritual travels, his return from exile, meeting Dunkeel again, the End of Time. And now they were jumping who knows where with two statues.

    He was about to ask Dunkeel what he thought would happen next when one of the statues opened. And a young man fell out. Something about his festures seemed familiar….

    And he had a lightsaber.

    Vydra studied the young man's face. Not Joren although maybe did have some features suggestive of him. A descendent perhaps?

    Vydra looked to Dunkeel with a raised eyebrow, maybe the Chistori could sniff something out.

    He then turned back to the young man and smiled "Hello there, you must be disoriented from your time in that statue, I must admit being stuck in there for centuries was not the best" he chuckled.

    "My name is Vydra Delomeux, also known as the Sage called Yanjon but Vydra is better. Why i'm celebrated at all as a Sage since i'm exiled…. You are aboard a Tho Yor heading….well not sure yet. But rest assured you are safe for now. I think".

    "As for what's going on….well that's hard to explain".

    He looked to Dunkeel, what do we do with this one?

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  19. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Chosen One star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Dunkeel
    Flying blind in oblivion

    Looking at what had emerged from the statue Dunkeel noted that it smelled wrong. Not wrong as to the fear and the sweat of the young mammal that bathed the air in such things, no it was wrong as this was not his fellow Master. The young creature tried to make a stance with arms wide, like a creature trying to seem larger then themselves, but at the same time trying to avoid actual confrontation.

    Huffing through his nose slits he settled back into a squat, away from this being as Vydra went on talking. There was something familiar though, as he sifted past the heavy stinks that cloyed to the creature and down to what was beneath it all.

    "I am Master Dunkeel of the Sages of Dwartii. First class. I expected Joren to emerge, but you instead have come. You have his taint upon you, are you heir or one simply trapped to marinate in his essence too long?" Dunkeel said with a tilt of his head as he eyed this little thing.

    Waiting for a response he absently caressed the walls of Heart. Silently asking for it to fill him in on things.

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  20. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Heart
    Jumping the New World

    They leapt beyond, and out, protected by the technology of the Tho Yor.

    Heart lamented as they emerged into a pocket of utter, complete, white, as far as sensors and senses could see.

    It allowed the occupants to see that they'd pushed through the tear, and they were outside reality.

    Outside life.

    Were they inside the Force?

    The vessels mind seemed to be falling apart.

    There was one more statue left, but it acquired a cut across it's throat - decapitated.

    For a moment, it hung there, and then slid off and to the floor.

    For the briefest second there was a woman standing there, breathing heavily, enraged, and then she vanished with her yellow blade.

    There was a single Holocron of Prophecy within the statue of Braata.

    A Black Holocron.

    TAG: @HanSolo29, @Mitth_Fisto, @Jerjerrod-Lennox

    Yes, that was Rey from Episode X and her moment on Mortis. @QueenSabe7.
  21. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA VIP - Game Winner

    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Arek Graul
    Aboard the Tho Yor, Oblivion

    The names and the faces were not familiar to him, nor were the fantastical tales they told. Despite the wealth of information recently available to him through Four-Dee’s research, Arek could not recall anything that pertained to the Sages of Dwartii. He had never heard of them before, and part of him remained skeptical about whether they were truly real. Perhaps this Vydra and his reptilian sidekick—was it...Dunkeel?—were slightly unhinged. Fanatical crackpots, maybe? It wasn’t uncommon to find such folk cruising the deep spacelanes on some idealistic crusade.

    And yet, the brash human had mentioned a statue and being trapped…inside?

    The young man furrowed his brow and fell back on his haunches, his eyes narrowing as he craned his neck to regard his former prison.

    A statue.

    Is that what it was?

    He had damaged the stone edifice when he had emerged, which made it difficult to discern the more intricate details, such as facial features and complicated design elements, but the basic structure still remained intact. From his perspective—especially if he canted his head a certain way—he could certainly see how the towering pillar resembled a statue of some kind. Maybe there was some truth to Vydra’s words, after all.

    But if that was the case, had he been trapped for centuries as well?

    Arek swallowed the lump in his throat and pushed that thought from his mind, not wanting to dwell on negative outcomes. He still retained hope that he could find Four-Dee and his grandmother and return to a reality that had not suffered through the End of Time.

    Nonetheless, in order to accomplish that, he knew that he had to determine where he was first. That’s where Vydra and Dunkeel came into play. Regardless of their many eccentricities, they were likely the only ones who could provide meaningful answers to assist him on his path.

    "You can call me Arek," he finally revealed with a weak smile, reaching across to carefully conceal the lightsaber hilt within the folds of his jacket. It was a goodwill gesture to show that he had no ill intentions. "Um, Arek Graul, actually...but it’s not important. I don’t have any fancy titles or anything like that."

    He shifted awkwardly at his poor attempt at humor before angling his chin to regard Dunkeel. "And I’m sorry, sir—uh, Master Sage, but I don’t know anyone named Joren," he muttered in a somber tone, his blue eyes shining with a natural curiosity. "If I’m honest, I don’t believe I even belong in this place...or this time, really. I was swept up in some gateway—"

    Before he could elaborate on his sordid tale, the jostling of the ship caused a large object, which had previously gone unnoticed, to slide from its berth and topple to the decking with a loud crash.

    Arek bounded to his feet, but then frowned when he discovered that it was yet another statue. This one had fractured upon impact, and for a fleeting moment, he could’ve sworn that he saw a woman standing in the empty husk. A feral snarl marred her delicate features as she brandished a yellow lightsaber in her grip, seemingly pining for a fight.

    But before she could engage, the specter vanished without a trace, leaving behind an ancient artifact that Arek easily recognized from his travels across space and time.

    A Holocron.

    Raising his brow, he glanced toward the others for guidance—or perhaps, he merely wanted to gauge their reactions. He already knew that this did not bode well. The Force rippled with unease, eliciting a chill that ran down the length of his spine. Even with his nascent abilities, he acknowledged it as a warning.

    "I have a bad feeling about this," Arek mumbled under his breath, his fist clenching at his side with eager anticipation. "Did anyone else see that wraith? I don’t think this thing is safe. There’s a lot of dark energy here."

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  22. AgentViper007

    AgentViper007 Force Ghost star 7

    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Vydra Delomeux
    Location: Tho Yor, in the White Room

    Dunkeel introduced himself as a Master Sage, of course Vydra did have that title before he was exiled. Perhaps one day he would get it back, but for the moment he was just happy being plain old Vydra.

    He did raise his eyebrow at the way Dunkeel spoke to the younger man though. Please don't say he wants to cull this one already, we've only just met him!

    A flash and then he could see through the Tho Yor that they were in...what was this? It was as if the galaxy had disappeared and that they had just appeared in the middle of nowhere. It was just….white.

    Vydra frowned, he did not like this one bit. And what made him frown even more was that the last statue now had it's head removed, and that a vision of a woman appeared. And now a black Holocron.

    That does NOT look good.

    His blade was beginning to call him, something must have triggered it. The vision of the woman? The Holocron?

    Before he could touch his blade to find out the young man introduced himself: Arek Graul. Well, well we might have a descendant here. Seems friendly enough. Keep a close watch though. And it seems he has been swept up into the statue. Interesting.

    And it seemed he was getting bad vibes about the woman and the Holocron.

    Vydra smiled at him "Join the club" he said easily about the whole no fancy titles thing "Joren had the surname Graal, Graul is very similar. Perhaps Dunkeel is right, you could be a descendant of his. Although it is interesting how you ended up in the statue and not he. And a gateway you say? Are you suggesting you are from another time?".

    He tilted his head "The Holocron is definitely not good. Black usually means darkness and I don't fancy touching it to find out what dark secrets it holds" he had faced enough darksiders on his spiritual travels.

    The woman though...the blade was calling for his attention insistently he touched it and closed his eyes.

    Battles of the past, death dealt by this blade, darkness, light, lost then found, broken then repaired, blue blade against red, the woman...ah there she is…

    Skywalker. Rey Skywalker. Last of the Jedi

    He opened his eyes again "The woman we saw, I did not see her on my spiritual travels but her name is Rey Skywalker, she was a Jedi, the last of them at her current time" she pointed at his side "She wielded this blade I now wield" he smiled "It's quite a famous one".

    He did'nt know if Dunkeel knew about the Skywalker legacy, he would have to talk to him about it at some point.

    "I don't think the darkness comes from her but that Holocron. Not sure what it's doing in that statue though".

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  23. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Chosen One star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Dunkeel
    Beyond the Veil

    Reaching out a clawed hand he rubbed the wall of Heart as it showed the troubling expanse of white that surrounded them. It was like the universe was inside out, all that was missing was the black specks of stars to deepen the fathoms of the whole thing and provide perspective. Ignoring the others here for now he simply whispered harsh soft words of comfort. "Fret not the expanse, look within only and expand out slowly to the surface of your hull and then the merest breath beyond. Feel it. Know yourself and if able look beyond or leave it to me if not able. Leave it to me." He patted the wall comfortively.

    Turning back he snorted through his nostrils at the two humans as the statue cracked. Of course he would end the universe with aught these for company and nothing to hunt in a cramped space. Still, it would be enough to let him live for a good time if it came down to it. Pushing the comforting notion as he looked at the young meat, young man, that was finally getting off the deck he strode over to look at the new thing that was all the fuss. Honestly at this point after being stuck in one for most of existence he completely understood that woman snarling and fading away. He was pretty sure he had read a prophecy somewhere of something like that? Perhaps not, he was sure he had never read one about after the universe ends.

    Vydra had a lot to say where the other was all pinning emotions and burbling desire for what was not here. Skywalker? Not a name he knew but Vydra had passed his time with far greater awareness than he had. Perhaps the librarian could enlighten him once they were out of this situation. "Librarian Vydra, curious turn of awakening that we should swap roles-s-s. Did you ever read a old phrase, some house keepers used to say it - 'If dark energy mars the space, burn a sage to clear it.' If I fail, do what you must and tend to poor Heart and Fang as able - as Sage again." Reaching out he gripped Vydra's shoulder in an iron grip. Nodding once before turning sharply a tilted head to eye the black holocron sharply. "Alright you. Let us see if we cannot balance you out and see a bit more."

    With that he reached in and grabbed it firmly, releasing Vydra before he grabbed it. He had not forgotten the other trifle on the ship, but for now. For now the dark aspect had to be dealt with prior to opening the box of secrets. One mystery at a time and with as few extreme influences as possible.

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  24. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darkness
    End of Time; After

    They were right.

    It was dangerous.

    As dangerous of anything they'd ever encountered.

    It was Darkness.

    It swirled around Dunkeel, a black cyclone of power that ensnared him and drew him into it.

    In a short instant, he vanished into it.

    He was gone, leaving Arek and Vydra together.

    Alone, aboard the Tho Yor named Heart.

    The ship writhed, clearly unbalanced by the events they'd unleashed.

    It expelled them.

    Into the White.

    Inside the Black Holocron

    The darkness parted to reveal a devastated landscape; a Graveyard of a world.

    In the infinite sand drifts, there poked out pieces of masonry, a collection of references that points to dozens of different species.

    Human, Twi'lek, Sith, Wookiee, Togruta, Chistori, Defel, Rodian, Devaronian, Hoojib, Cathar -

    Too many to count.

    Dunkeel would know with absolute certainty that this was Nouane.

    Their Nouane.

    The debris seemed to come together in a singular point, and open space where the debris formed four sets of detritus, as if armies had met and warred and destroyed the place.

    They hadn't, but the symbolism was heavy; these were the four corners of the City, the compass points that had defined their daily lifes.

    The center was where they had fought Abeloth.

    The darkness that had pulled back to the edges of the moment drew inward, convalescing in front of him.

    A demon appeared, blackened, and yet muscular, fiery and yet calm.

    In it's oversized hands were a pair similarly large lightsaber hilts.

    One, an approximation of the blade that Anakin Skywalker had weilded.

    The other, an approximation of the blade that Darth Vader had used.

    They ignited; sky blue and angry red.

    With a word, the Darkness threw himself at Dunkeel.

    TAG: @Mitth-Fisto (combo)
    IC: Zas'tel

    Somewhen, let's say... 99 ABY, on Nubia

    There was a child born to a father.

    His name was Norin.

    There was a son born to him.

    His name was Aryan.

    These facts would filter through the mind of Arek; he would recognise his grandfather.

    He was outside this moment; he did not exist in it.

    Besides him stood a Black Coat.

    "So this his birth." The voice was Arb's, a fairly amused chuckle.

    Of course it was his.

    "And what's that over there?"

    Among the toys prepared for the young child, a silent but clearly red pyramid, looking as indifferent as the other shapes in the set, nuzzled in a box that included fluffy creatures, gizmos and even some wooden creations, evoking a much simpler time.

    "Ho, ho, that's where it got to."

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    IC: White Coat

    Somewhere.... let's say, the Light

    There was only white for Vydra.

    Only ever white.

    His descendant, the manner in which he had made it to this time and place, was evident.

    Pascale Rouser.

    Besides him stood a White Coat.

    "So, you made," she said, softly.

    With a slight shake of head.

    "The End of Time."

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    Mar 9, 2005
    OOC: A combo with @Sinrebirth

    IC: Vydra Delomeux, Pascale Rouser (Twilight version spirit)
    Location: Visions

    Vydra was still getting the sense that Dunkeel was not happy about having Arek aboard, and that the young man could be his next meal.

    But Dunkeel surprised Vydra when he announced that if he should fail, Vydra should look after the Tho Yor and Fang, his Forcesaber. And he would take the Sage title back.

    As Dunkeel gripped his shoulder Vydra did have a shocked look on his face but it turned into a solemn nod. He would do what he had to do for the light and his old friend. He gripped Dunkeels shoulder himself and smiled "I will old friend".

    Dunkeel grabbed the Holocron, releasing Vydra who moved his hand over his lightsaber. Dunkeel disappeared, and Vydra was about to try and calm Heart….

    When it chucked him and Arek out.

    And he seemed to continue onto the white before it seemed falling flat on his face in front of two people. One was Pascale, Venezia's descendant, was it the version whom he had killed? And another cloaked in white.

    "Well it wasn't exactly the destination I was looking for but I suppose it was destiny or fate that I got there".

    He looked at Pascale "I guess I should apologize if it is the version of you that I sadly had to well is murder the right word? Because technically I did kill you".

    Pascale pulled a face. “So you’re here too. At the end of things. I’ve been somewhat busy keeping safe Qwi… but I imagine that’s not too important to you, is it?”

    His tone was only vaguely accusing.

    "Indeed I am" Vydra said "I don't know why I was brought here" he nodded at the White Coat "I don't know if that person has any answers at all, but you must be here for a reason too".

    "As to whether it is important to me, yes it is. You may not be my direct family but you are my sister Venezia's. Which makes you and what you do important, she would want me to keep an eye on things".

    "And you have redeemed your darkness by looking after the woman you no doubt still love".

    "My darkness," Pascale managed a peeved expression. "So says, what, the ghoul leaping along my timeline?"

    "Pretty shady, non?" He was nonetheless enticed. "Venezia?"

    Vydra folded his arms "Actually I lost track of you once the timeline split and I sadly decided to end your life. The other you? I have no idea where he is, what he's doing but I guess he is still alive as he's not here either".

    "I have no idea what you have been up to since you died but you mentioned keeping Qwi safe so as I said you seem to be keeping the woman you loved safe so the darkness within you has been purged fully when you died".

    "Oh and it wasn't your timeline I was leaping along, in fact I don't know what one it was" again he looked at the White Coat.

    "And as I also explained Venezia is my sister, you inherited bits and pieces from her. You are her descendent not mine. She was able to have a family whereas I did not. She would have liked you, I can tell".

    "I was a little busy, remembering a name-drop was not high on my priorities to be honest." He smiled wryly.

    "So, you've encountered the Change? Interesting, I was hoping to research more into it..."

    He held out his hand to shake. "I suspect my personal lack of understanding has made me boorish. My apologies, Mr Dela - Delamoeux?"

    Vydra shook Pascale's hand and smiled "Delomeux, but please call me by my first name, Vydra. Much easier" he winked at that.

    He then raised an eyebrow "But i've not heard of this...Change as you call it. I suppose it had something to do with me seeing two timelines at one point. I don't know why I went down one particular timeline only but I think the Master may have had a hand in that" he shrugged.

    "The Master, eh?" Pascale said. "I guessed there would be a Big Bad behind all our problems."

    "They reckoned that Palpatine was supposed to have killed Master Windu just before Order 66, but instead he died and everything went differently. It wasn't that common knowledge before I," he grimaced, "you know."

    "So what are you doing about the Master? You look a bit more, um, corporeal than when I last saw you."

    Vydra spread his arms out wide "What is there to do? The Master could be dead and gone for all I know. Or maybe his spirit is still hanging around somewhere. Even if Iasked him all sorts of questions I may never get the answers. He tends to speak in riddles".

    He noticed the White Coat had not spoken up yet, maybe they liked this family reunion.

    "As to me being corporeal, well apparently I was stuck in a statue for centuries, it was my spirit that did all the traveling" he smirked "I cannot believe I still look this good and forgive me but you look older than I do".

    Pascale pulled a face, mock insulted. "Ouch, Vydra."

    He flexed a bit, and his features lessened, became younger. "I guess this place reflects your mental self, if you see yourself differently."

    The White Coat turned aside, and they reappeared on a hilltop overlooking the City.

    It was Nouane.

    So it seemed there was more to this family reunion. They had now appeared on a rooftop over a familiar looking city.

    Never thought I would see this place again.

    Vydra folded his arms and looked at the White Coat "Alright let's cut to the chase shall we? You've brought us here for a reason and I don't think it's necessarily to look at the nice familiar view".

    The woman vanished.

    In the heart of the City, there was a scene of violence.

    Vydra would know those here well.

    Abeloth, Vale, Dunkeel, Joren.

    Pascale peered down, hand over his brow.

    "That almost looks like Aryan Graul."

    So the White Coat was not here to chat, it seemed he was about to get a vision of what happened next. After he had tried to kill himself and ended up in the statue.

    His former friends and comrades were there as well as the monstrous Abeloth. His hand reached down and touched his blade.

    "That Pascale is Joren Graal, who was my friend before he stripped the Force from me. I think I have met his descendent Arek, maybe this Aryan is one too".

    "Those down there with him were my fellow Protectors, well Dunkeel the orange bodied alien is, I have thankfully been reunited with him. The woman is Vale".

    "And that monstrous looking being? That's Abeloth. Bit of a tease that one, she wants you to love her then tries to rip you to pieces".

    Vydra watched on.

    "Arek Graul?" Pascale shook his head. "He died at Ach-To, years ago."

    "Abeloth?" He shuddered as she engaged in a great Force battle with the three of them, attempting to divide and conquer, to kill and slaughter, as ordinary folk were caught up in it all and died - and the City wilted beneath the violence.

    "This is not good watching," Pascale confirmed.

    "Must be a different Arek then" Vydra said, still watching the scene below.

    "And I saw my family during this time, it was bad enough watching it the first time…."

    He closed his eyes. He couldn't watch anymore.

    The battle went poorly, and Pascale watched as Abeloth drew on the lava flow in the planet's core and the pyroclastic flow emerged, just before one of them - Dunkeel - said their names. Sistros, Braata, Faya.

    "Ah," he said, knowingly. "So that's the tie to the Sages of Dwartii."

    He glanced over. "So you're Yanjon."

    Vydra opened his eyes and looked at Pascale nodding.

    " I am he, although I never go by that name, don't deserve it".

    "Besides I never really did anything that warranted me becoming a Sage. I was officially in exile. I didn't pass much on, well apart from Holocrons to my apprentices but they were not my teachings".

    "And I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything that saved the galaxy or did anything planet shattering".

    "Holocrons to your apprentices?" Pascale looked curious. "I never heard of the Second Sages of Dwartii..."

    The White Coat glanced back, but not fully.

    Indeed, Vydra had once had a list of apprentices to bequeath Holocron of Heresies to.

    Sheel Ix, N'Tael, Lagertha Atreus, Sek'nos Rath and Vale's own Dark inclination; No Name.

    "Probably because maybe something happened to them, maybe Abeloth got them like she did my former comrades. Well Dunkeel survived".

    Vydra shrugged "I guess the second class failed, if they did not reach Sage status like we did then something must have happened".

    The White Coat gestured, and they watched as Abeloth succeeded in destroying the planet, but was taken away by the white griffin, balanced angel, and black bat. The oversized monsters dragged her to a massive Tho Yor in orbit.

    "So that's the Daughter, Father and Son of Mortis." Pascale mused. This was all very interesting. "I assume all of this actually happened?"

    Vydra did not know who these people from Mortis were. But they seemed to know Abeloth.

    "Indeed it did, all I know was out of I guess the millions that died, my family survived. So did someone from the Protectors as I heard someone was in hospital".

    "My family was able to move on, of course they thought I was dead and mourned me. But my sister was able to move on and have a family" he nodded to Pascale "And eventually the line went down to you".

    The City was replaced with debris, and then, it swirled around...

    ... and reformed.

    Or, perhaps, rewound.

    The dead were restored.

    But the statues of them were not here.

    As they watched, Nouane was recreated, and then, with a flash, the three of them stood in space, staring at a world that became two.

    One, broken, shattered, destroyed.

    The other, it was Nouane.

    New Nouane.

    Pascale frowned deeply.

    "The Gods of Mortis restored it?"

    Vydra shook his head. This was getting weird.

    "I have no idea what's going on," he simply said.

    "I think it makes sense," Pascale said slowly. "We're seeing what happened to your Nouane, which became, if I remember my research of the sector, Dwartii, the damaged planet. I always wondered why you were called the Sages of Dwartii when Nouane is the habitable world, and Dwartii had been devastated, by all accounts, thirty-five millennia ago."

    He thumbed his chin in thought. "It's because Dwartii was, once upon a time, the original Nouane. To cover up what happened, a new world was created, missing you four."

    Pascale looked to Vydra. "Which is how you can both have Nouane be destroyed by this 'Abeloth' and a planet that still exists and thrives today."

    Vydra was still shaking his head. This was dangerously becoming like one of the Master's lessons.

    "You know, before I became a Protector I was a librarian. And I read stories and legends that were epic and sometimes mystifying".

    "This is turning into one of them. I have seen the galaxy constantly at war, the darkness, death and destruction that these wars caused. I never saw Nouane or Dwartii or whatever these planets are called".

    He spread his arms wide "So maybe we became Sages because people thought we had died there. How the others passed teachings down I don't know. I had other things to think about at the time".

    "You certainly know your history. But you are starting to sound a little like my former Master…."

    "Oh great, I'm officially old, if I sound like a Professor..."

    The White Coat turned aside, and the graveyard world approached again.

    They stood at the spot where Abeloth had destroyed everything.

    "Oh great, something else," Pascale rued. "Do you recognise this?"

    It was, indeed, where four had met with the Statues and been released.

    Well, three of the original Protectors, that is.

    "I think this is where me and Dunkeel popped out. The End of Time they called it".

    "I don't know why we are back here, we've only just left the place after it was basically about to be gobbled up by some rather nasty beasts…."

    "The End of Time," Pascale looked at him sardonically. "How did that go for you?"

    "Doesn't seem very permanent to me."

    "This must have been before the beasts arrived, but me and Dunkeel got out of there."

    He shrugged, there was not much to say.

    "How do you escape the End of Time," Pascale sounded baffled. "Isn't it the end? It's rather definitive sounding."

    His tone was jovial; he was poking fun.

    "Let's just say Dunkeel had a rather handy Tho Yor that luckily came at his command and managed to take us away".

    "Obviously didn't get very far as Dunkeel disappeared and me and Arek got chucked out and separated".

    Vydra spread his arms "Hence why I am here with still no clue or explanation as to why i've been brought here".

    "How very handy," Pascale said drily. "No guidance whatsoever? I thought you were Protector Masters? Don't you need to go find something or someone to protect? Or something?"

    He looked at Vydra, trying to work out why he got into this business in the first place.

    Vydra sighed "I don't know where we were going. The past, the future in another timeline, who knows. But we were probably being carried to somewhere that needed our light, our help".

    "The End of Time, I don't know if it happens in all the timelines. But I do know that maybe I was awoken to serve and protect as I wanted to do when I first started on the path. To do what I didn't do last time" he smiled.


    The White Coat seemed to nod at that, and Pascale began to fade away.

    "Oh so I was just here to give Vydra someone to bounce off. Nice."

    His tone was sarcastic.

    "I've been dragged back from the abyss a few times now. I'd quite like my well deserved rest."

    Pascale looked back at Vydra.

    "Well, I guess I need to tell you the obligatory. May the Force be with you."

    Of course, Vydra would remember who penned that statement.

    Was it a blessing, or a curse?

    Vydra smiled and bowed his head "May the Force be with you Pascale Rouser, rest well. And maybe perhaps you may meet my sister there in the afterlife. I hope you do, I'm sure she would love to meet you".

    Maybe perhaps the Master had gotten his claws into Pascale as well but he said nothing.

    He looked at the White Coat "So I guess I was brought here for a family reunion. Thank you. At least I didn't have to battle any beasts this time".

    her montrails briefly visible and the moment ended, bringing Vydra back to Heart.

    He was, for the moment, alone.

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