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Saga Before the Saga Beyond the Saga All The Stars Will Bow But One, an Alderaanian Legend (one-shot)

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    Jun 26, 2018
    Title: All the Stars Will Bow But One
    Author: ThisIsMe1138
    Summary: An Alderaanian Legend/prophecy/myth about the royalty of Alderaan, its origins and destruction
    Time frame: From the creation of Alderaan to its destruction
    Genre: Romance(ish), fantasy, legend
    Disclaimer: Don't own Star Wars, not making any money (as fun as that would be)
    Note: I think this is a little more on the strange side, but thanks to @Khalia Octa for telling me to post it :p

    All The Stars Will Bow But One
    From the Core and the Origin of the Royal House of Alderaan were born four rightful heirs to the throne.
    Zjarr, the patron of the roaring flames, short in temper and idol of the warrior.
    Tokë, the goddess of the Earth, nurturer of all life and protector of the weak.
    Namatai, favored son of the King, whispering the Highest’s will to all men, the desire of warmth yet the terror of the cold.
    Vesaah, youngest and most beautiful, like a creek dancing in the sunlight, sometimes a laugh, sometimes a thunder.
    Two sons and two daughters.
    Fire, Earth, Wind and Water.
    The prince, the dutchess, the consort and princess.

    Yet, as the days went on, and the four children battled for the kingdom, there came the end of the reign of the First and Highest King.
    It befell all, some before their time, other long after when all their generation was gone.
    But not so for the King.
    Honored by the Elements, his spirit slowly faded into the nature of the Earth.
    By the power of his eldest daughter, the love he held for all creatures was manifested in a sudden increase in life.
    His mortal form gradually melted to be one with the dirt of which he’d come, his eyes becoming part of the unruffled peacock’s feathers, the flame in his heart coming to life in the ardent bonfire.
    They merged, once and for all, man and earth, royalty and inferior.
    Never for a King to rule Alderaan again.

    Time passed, and days flew into months, and they into years. The Queen of Alderaan, mother of the planet and the successors to the throne, mourned her husband deeply, and missed his presence in the lives of their children.
    But that, too, passed, and she fell in love with another man.
    Caught in the dancing flame of budding romance, the days seemed years and seconds at once as she planned the wedding banquet.
    The moment came, with all her children in attendance, when she, in the royal garment of pearl-white, embedded with emerald jewels and crystals of diamond, named him the Prince-Consort of the Planet of Peace, Alderaan.
    And he was married into the Royal House.

    Wedded to this man, the Alderaanian Queen bore the planet five more daughters, with a part-claim to their mother’s inheritance and half-heirs to the deceased High King.
    Lalakai, the lady of the moon, sleek and pale, waning and waxing with the pull of the tide.
    Terentianne, the earthshaker, trembling either in her excitement or rage, alerting the earth to the state of their goddess.
    Viilaea, rider of the rainbow, the child-messenger from the gods to the mortals, the steps of her dances marked by sprinkles of color.
    Karachaeive, of thunder and lightning, her anger festering and growing in her soul until she lashed out against the world, scarring the sky with the beauty of her bolts of light and rattling the ground with the force of her growls.
    And the fairest of all, envy of every man that caught glimpse of her beauty, was Alaaeeiile, the goddess of the heavens.
    She was the only, of all the Queen’s nine heirs, who reached beyond the known world of the mountains and valleys. The only who had endeavored to discover the extent of the living universe, confident that there was more.
    She was not to be mistaken.

    Eighteen years of age, was she, when she was wedded to the prince of the fire-lands.
    Soleil, was his name, the one who’s passion and desire burned through the cold every morning and painted fuchsia flames in the evening sky. He loved her with an unshakable loyalty, followed his heart in every matter in his life. Emotions ruled him, and the hours he spent each day, warming the earth, seemed like a lifetime to be away from his angel.
    So, each day, when the mortals gathered to share their family, and their meal,
    Alaaeeiile would spread her laced-embroidered pearl wings and set her course for the high heavens to light each of the dormant stars.

    On the edge of the horizon, in the moment between night and day, Alaaeeiile and Soleil’s paths would cross; one making his way towards his resting place, the other embarking on the beginning of her nightly mission.
    Feathery and light against his fiery ardor, they embraced in the last light of the sunset
    And their lips met in a passionate kiss
    As the final rays of sunlight slipped beneath the hazy horizon.

    Fulfilled by the promise of her husband’s never-ending affection, Alaaeeiile floated toward the heavens, her twinkling wand igniting the stars as she passed.
    Each she called by individual name, such as Northanaa, Corian, Radjel, and at the sound of her voice, their joy sparkled in the night sky.
    And out at sea, tossed by the wind of Namatai, threatened by the stormy waves of Vesaah and Karachaeive,
    Some lonely sailor trains his eyes on their lights
    And finds his way safely home.

    When her mission was complete, and each star was twinkling, burning a path through the fog and mist of the deadened darkness, she began to glide back to her home.
    And sleep would find her, until the soft call of her husband woke her again.
    With rays of warmth
    He gently reached out to her, rousing her to put the stars back to sleep, as he rose triumphantly, again victor of the morning sky.
    Nearly identical to their evening embrace, husband and wife kissed just above the horizon,
    yet in the beginning of the new day, just as the Star-Goddess had run to meet her lover,
    so he did for her.

    Leading Soleil by the hand, climbing the heavens just before him, she summoned the lullaby of the morning lark to sing the stars back to sleep.
    A trail of glitter flew behind her, emphasized by the radiance of her husband and blinding like crystals on the snow-capped peaks of the mountains.
    Proclaimed by every creature, every nation, every being
    Alaaeeiile was indeed the goddess of the night sky.
    The stars wakened at the whisper of their name, and glowed by the fervor of her command
    And fell dormant yet again at the gentleness of her tone.
    She was the master of her field, and her field the most glorious
    Of all the High Queen’s children.

    Many claimed that her reign was destined to last forever,
    But in truth such a futile wish was known to be untrue.
    Some told their children that she was an immortal goddess, that her authority was dependent on the desires of her father.
    Others declared that her power would fall as the stars burned out
    One by one.
    Yet the prophecy revealed otherwise.

    The Queen of the Stars would remain goddess of the heavens
    Until the day came when a star would not fall dormant at the sound her morning song.
    She would flit across the stars, and they’d each wink out in turn.
    But not this one.
    Its origin would be that of the dark and evil, its glow an eerie emerald green.
    The prophecies name it the Dark Star, infamous for its alleged treachery.
    It would neither bow to the searing heat of the rising sun, nor the gentle command of its royal queen.
    Nothing of the Earth could hinder it, no one would dare to oppose it.
    The unblinking laser-green light would grow closer and closer,
    Annihilating everything in its path.
    And what a dark day would come upon the Planet of Peace!

    And in that moment, when the Dark Star refuses to bow,
    When the love of the High King’s descendants and heirs stands helpless against the icy hate of such a horrible atrocity;
    A mock of the star, heedless of destruction, death itself;
    when all of nature screams in protest,
    The reign of the Queen of the Skies, of the Heavens, of the Stars,
    Of Princess Alaaeeiile,
    Will fall
    And Alderaan will be no more.

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    Beautiful & lyrical @ThisIsMe1138 -- very much has the legendish feel. @};- (If you ever take a creative writing class, this would definitely be A+ material.) =D=
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    Jun 25, 2018
    As I already told you, Amazing!
  4. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    Tolkien can pack in and walk straight to Middle Earth. Because you arrived in this universe. Beautiful and epic alike. =D=^:)^[face_love]
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    Oct 12, 2018
    Honored by the Elements, his spirit slowly faded into the nature of the Earth.

    Great line and the ones immediately=D= after it.

    The only who had endeavored to discover the extent of the living universe, confident that there was more.

    Otherwise known as the Ambitious One. :p

    And their lips met in a passionate kiss
    As the final rays of sunlight slipped beneath the hazy horizon.

    Very descriptive and cool without being too wordy. :)

    Its origin would be that of the dark and evil, its glow an eerie emerald green.

    Heh, heh, I think I know what this 'legend' is. Kablowie!!! :D

    And Alderaan will be no more.

    Cue the Imperial Theme!!! :deathstar: Bye-bye queen of the sky.@};-

    Very well done. =D=
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    Ooh, I like this! :D I too love the ancient-legend-ish, Tolkien-ish feel that you've achieved here—it's a really good fit for Alderaan for some reason! The romance of Soleil and Alaaeeiile has a very Beren and Lúthien feel to it; I love the way you have them alternating in their courses through the skies and meeting at the dawn and dusk twilights; I love that their kiss is the twilight. [face_love] And then that one dark, treacherous star-but-not-a-star appears on the scene and brutally breaks that cycle of love and light forever—and yet that too is foretold in prophecy, and is part and parcel of the same legend. Very notable that there is no corresponding redemption or rediscovery legend that I can see—nothing for Alderaan that's akin to, say, the Lasat Prophecy of the Three. This really and truly is THE END for the Queen of the Skies. =((

    Mighty fine work here—one of the most creative and evocative takes on this pivotal Saga moment that I've seen yet! =D=