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    Title: "All This to Say"
    Author: Mira_Jade

    Genre: General
    Rating: PG
    Time Frame: post-RoTS; my SongVerse AU
    Characters: Anakin Skywalker/Padme Amidala, Luke Skywalker, Leia Skywalker, Ensemble Cast

    Summary: In another time and place, a family lives.

    Notes: Hello, all! For the Fanfiction Summer Olympics I first decided to tackle a decathlon featuring the Skywalker family in my SongVerse AU. For anyone who may not be familiar with my series, it's simply just a world where Anakin was not quite as dumb and Sithy, and thus circumvented the ending of RoTS and then the entire OT to follow. Yet, through visions, he's vaguely aware of the darker future that he so narrowly escaped. I'm going to keep these stories as accessible as possible, so you really don't need any more prior knowledge than that! Yet, if you're interested, further stories in this series can be found behind the cut.

    As always, I thank you for reading and hope that you enjoy! :D

    “An Old Song, Re-Sung” | The original story; a RoTS AU.
    “Her Still, Small Voice” | The unfinished sequel; a Mara Jade origins story.
    "Even Without a Voice" | My WIP Ahsoka Tano diary, set pre-RoTS.
    "In That There That Isn't Here" | My WIP Sintas Vel diary, set 1 to 5 years post-RoTS
    "All That's Unsung" | A complete short story, set 3 years post-RoTS.
    "Color Me Pink" | A complete Ezra/Rhysa short story, set 14 years post-RoTS
    "We Claim Our Own Landscape" | A WIP Han/Leia short story, set 20 years post-RoTS.
    “The Rest is Silence” | Ficlets set in this 'verse.

    And various odds and ends in my "Our Love of Constellations" ficlet thread, and my "Cut Into Little Stars" drabble collection.

    Disclaimer: Nothing is mine, but for the words. :)

    Index of Events

    I. "Here's to Opening and Upward" | 110 Word Hurdle, ft. Anakin Skywalker

    II. "Across the Stars" | 1500 Word Dash, ft. Anakin Skywalker/Padmé Amidala

    III. "No Stranger to the Sky" | 400 Word Cross Country, ft. Anakin Skywalker & Jaina Solo

    IV. "Shearwaters" | 200 Word Freestyle, ft. Jobal Naberrie & Padme Amidala

    V. "I Loved Her First" | 100 Word Sprint, ft. Ruwee Naberrie & Anakin Skywalker

    ~ MJ @};-
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    Author's Note: To start, I'm kicking off these games with the 110 Word Hurdle, where no character names are allowed to be used. The title is an e. e. cummings' nick, but the entire poem: "here's to opening and upward, to leaf and to sap / and to your(in my arms flowering so new) / self whose eyes smell of the sound of rain" was really too perfect a fit to pass up on! [face_love]


    "here's to opening and upward"
    (110 Word Hurdle | Anakin Skywalker)​

    Tatooine was once a lush world, riotous with life and teaming with possibility.

    As a child, he’d found it hard to believe his mother’s stories – even when she gave him a snippet of japor ivory as proof. Japor trees were totems from another time, another place; a memory of bounty and beauty before calamity struck, leaving behind nothing but sand. He thought to understand those tales – those truths – better now as he sat carving two new pendants for his children. The Force thrummed in serenity as he worked, reminding him of his blessings. He wouldn’t make a desert of his heart when he had such an abundance to cherish instead.

    ~MJ @};-
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    THAT POEM and this last line:
    He wouldn’t make a desert of his heart when he had such an abundance to cherish instead.

    What a lovely way to kick off this decathlon and no duh! as it focuses on the incomparable Song!-verse. ^:)^
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    An excellent start to your Decathlon=D=

    The writing was so poetic and powerful. I love the idea of Tatooine once having been a lush world, and japor being a connection not only to that lush lost past, but also a connection between the generations of Shmi, Anakin, and Anakin's children. It was amazing how much you could say in 110 words and how you could make this so profoundly about Anakin while never saying his name. Wonderful work!
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    YAAAY Song-verse! [face_love] And what a gorgeous first entry!

    I loved the whole thing (and the poem too) but something about this line really grabbed me. I think it's the thought of him as a little kid making the japor snippet for Padmé, and now here he is making them for his and Padmé's own children, and I just love it so much.

    Can't wait for more!
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    Wonderful start.....I do love a man with heart and soul.......
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    May 11, 2016
    Nice moment, really compliments his first gift to Padme all those years ago, now its becoming something of a family tradition.
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    Thank you for the wonderful feedback, everyone! I really appreciate your support and encouragement. :D [:D] I have a few replies, and then onwards with the Games. [face_dancing]

    Aw thanks! I had a feeling you'd love both. [face_mischief] [face_love]

    I can't thank you enough, as always, for your loyal readership and wonderful reviews! It means the world to me. [:D]

    Thanks! That little bit of lore was actually taken straight from the old Legends canon - Tatooine used to be all oceans and jungles before the Rakatan Empire laid waste to the planet in an act of war, and the native Kumumgah who survived eventually became the Jawas and Tusken Raiders. The japor trees being fossilized remains of that ancient world is my little bit of fanon, just because the metaphor was too beautiful an opportunity to pass by! I'm so glad you found that - and tying together the generations of Skywalkers through the japor snippets - to be touching. [face_love]

    Thank you so much for hosting these Olympics, again! They're off to a great start, and I am having a wonderful time both participating and reading everyone else's stories. [face_dancing] :D [:D]

    Aw, thanks! That mental image just reached out and grabbed me when I was brain storming for this collection, and I just couldn't pass it up! I'm glad that you found it touching as well. [face_love]

    Thanks so much for reading, again, and I hope you continue to enjoy these as they go. :D [:D]

    Mmm, don't we all? [face_mischief] [face_love]

    Thanks so much for reading! :D

    Thank-you! I loved the idea of the japor pendants becoming a family tradition, and this just wrote itself from there. [face_love]

    Alrighty, there will be more up in just a few minutes! [face_dancing]

    ~MJ @};-
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    Author's Notes: For my next event I chose to tackle the 1500 word dash, which had no further requirements beyond the word count. Though, lemme tell you, getting this to exactly 1500 words was a trick! But, that's what made it such a fun challenge in the end! :D Now, just sit back and enjoy this little drivel of fluff and silliness. [face_love] [:D]


    "Across the Stars"
    (1500 Word Dash | Anakin Skywalker/Padme Amidala)​

    Anakin woke in the middle of the night to find his wife’s side of the bed empty.

    Blearily, he glanced at the chrono. No sentient being should be awake at this time in Naboo’s rotation, but Padmé's second pregnancy had thrown all of her body’s usual rhythms off balance. Anakin supposed that he should've just been grateful that she wasn’t using the extra time to work during the few hours of quiet she had while the twins were asleep – like she usually did. He was glad that she was trying to relax this close to the end of her term. Instead, she was sitting in front of the holoscreen with a few late night snacks.

    “Hey there,” she smiled over a nearly empty carton of beebleberry ice-cream. A bag of spicy schroomchips was open – and mostly devoured – on the couch next to her. “I’m sorry, did I wake you?”

    “No, you didn’t,” Anakin was quick to assure her. “I just sleep better when you’re there.” Which was the truth; in the early days of their marriage it seemed like the only time he slept – truly slept – was during those few nights they were able to steal together. His dreams were always more peaceful by her side. Now, however, he wished that she would have woken him up, no matter the hour. He still regretted that he hadn't been there for the majority of her pregnancy with the twins; she’d had to adapt to the changes in her body and cope with her fears for the future alone. This time was different; he was here by her side now – where he always should have been – and he wanted to support her however he could, even if that meant staying up late to keep her company and ensuring that her cravings for odd food combinations were indulged.

    “You're a charmer,” Padmé grimaced, awkwardly shifting her weight as if to punctuate her words. “I know I just flop around like a planet-beached purrgil right now. I can’t seem to get comfortable.”

    “Mhmm, that may be so,” Anakin didn’t disagree as he sat down on the couch next to her. “But you’re my beautiful planet-beached purrgil. You can toss and turn all you’d like.”

    “Nice save there,” she dryly intoned. But Anakin suspected that he won back a few points when he drew her legs up across his lap and started to rub her swollen feet. She gave a deep sigh, and for the sound – and the sense of his unborn son’s light mingling with his wife’s in the Force – Anakin let himself relax, lulled by the late hour and the latent, easy aura of tranquility thrumming around his family, until -

    “ - what are you watching, anyway?” he finally registered the holofilm playing in the background. He couldn’t tell if it was an action-holo or a romance – or both. He frowned for the female Human actress, who wore a low cropped, impractically tight outfit for the battlefield the scene depicted. Her long, loose brown hair billowed in an artificial breeze. The actress had ridiculously high heeled boots on, Anakin noticed next, and she clung to her male co-star in a manner that was at odds with the prop blaster she held. Her fellow actor was portraying a Jedi, it took him a moment to understand – though the replicated lightsaber should have been a clear giveaway. Something tugged at his awareness, and, finally, between the pseudo-Jedi’s dark clothes – a size too small for the actor’s exaggerated musculature – and carefully applied scar and dark blonde hair -

    “ - is that supposed to be us?” gaping dumbly, he finally understood.

    “It is,” Padmé confirmed, her attention fixed on the holofilm as she reached for her bag of schroomchips. “It’s not half bad, either – much better than The Knight’s Wife but not as good as In Love and War. Ahoska recommended it – apparently the men get a kick out of having Dane “The Mountain” Yonsun play them, and they like picking apart the battle scenes.”

    “Then . . .” Anakin squinted at the screen, “is that Twi-lek supposed to be Ahsoka?” She was another actress wearing impractical footwear – not to mention a costume and a figure that was definitely more mature than his teenage apprentice had been, even at the height of the Clone Wars. Glittering white paint striped her blue lekku and marked her face in a way that vaguely resembled Ahsoka . . . but only just vaguely.

    “Aasta Starfire is an actress with numerous accolades, and she’s absolutely gorgeous, at that,” Padmé shrugged. “Ahsoka was flattered – Togruta aren’t the type to branch out into the holofilm industry, you know, and this was the closest they could cast. Plus, she literally gets to carry Rex out of a burning wreckage in a moment. Apparently, Jesse’s even done fan-art of the scene.”

    For that, Anakin could only blink. “Wait; back up a parsec – you’ve seen this before? And now you’re watching it again?”

    “Across the Stars is a cinematic masterpiece,” Padmé sniffed in mock affront. “You just have to give it a chance.”

    “Yeah . . . right,” Anakin dubiously intoned, but he quieted to look back at the screen anyway. It was like watching a speeder wreck in slow motion; he couldn’t tear his eyes away. It wasn’t as if he was blind to his fame as a war hero – and Padmé too had her fair share of admiration as a queen turned senator turned galactic voice for peace and justice. The story of their marriage had since won them quite a bit of further attention for the romance and drama of it all. Now, that attention had somehow led to . . . well, this.

    Fine; he could admit that Aasta Starfire could hold her own as Ahsoka. But, the actor who played him . . .

    “Oh please,” he rolled his eyes. “There’s no way that dialogue got past an entire team of writers. Who even talks like that?”

    “You do, apparently,” Padmé teased impishly. “And, thinking back to some of the things you’ve said to me over the years, it isn’t so out of character.” Yet her expression softened as his actor professed his undying love – again – in a moment of calm following the exaggeratedly long battle sequence. As the music soared and the camera panned away from the embracing couple, Anakin chose not to take too much insult for her words . . . too much, at least.

    “And why do I keep losing my tunic?” he protested only minutes later. “They didn’t even get my mech arm on the right side. How did they get that detail wrong?”

    “You have quite the following of starry-eyed fans,” Padmé nodded sagely to say. “Nixing the tunic was pure indulgence for them.”

    Her observation brought Anakin up short. He flushed, wondering what he could even say to that before Padmé continued, “Besides,” her smile grew to dimple her cheeks, “you should see how many times they strip poor Obi-Wan’s character. It’s actually impressive.”

    “Are you saying that Obi-Wan has a bigger fan base than me?” he wasn’t sure what he felt just then, but, whatever it was, the emotion wasn’t one he liked . . . at all.

    “Oh, much bigger,” Padmé breezily confirmed, still staring at the screen. She glanced at him from the corner of her eyes. “It’s rather terrifying.”

    Anakin glowered, and Padmé laughed softly for his expression before putting her snacks aside. “But don’t worry,” she shifted on the couch to curl up against him. For a moment, holding her, Anakin could forget all about the film. “I’m still your biggest fan. That actor doesn’t do you justice; not in the slightest.”

    “Just as she has nothing on you.”

    Padmé made a face. “Even when I’m an uncomfortable, grumpy, planet-beached purrgil?”

    “Especially when you’re an uncomfortable, grumpy, planet-beached purrgil,” Anakin held her tighter and brushed a kiss across the top of her head. He laced his free hand with hers over the swell of her stomach and exhaled, content. He could feel their unborn child turn drowsily in the Force, responding to their touch. “You – and our family – are everything to me.”

    “Mmm,” Padmé hummed happily, and tilted her head up to kiss him. “You’re right . . . your lines are much better.”

    “Of course they are,” Anakin couldn’t help but smirk. “I have the best inspiration.”

    For that, her expression was steeped in fondness as she settled back in against him. “You’ve got to watch this long enough to see Obi-Wan, though. The actor did a terrible job with his accent – apparently, Cody’s been trying to keep the men from mimicking it, but it's a losing battle.”

    “Well,” Anakin grinned in anticipation for any ammunition he could use to tease his former Master, “we’ve got this far. We may as well see the end.”

    “Then, there’s even a sequel.”

    Looking down at his wife, Anakin's voice softened to mutter, “I wouldn’t expect anything less.”

    ~ MJ @};-
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    [face_laugh] Wonderful affection and teasing. [face_mischief]
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    Aug 21, 2006
    love the various verses as seen by Anakin and Padme
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    Defenetly a thing that would happen in the SW galaxy, while also a nice jab at the PT. Actually have a similar concept in my post Legacy story where the main Saga events have long since become the material for various adaptations, that tend to be quite different from each other in a lot of ways depending on who made them.
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    This is clearly Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in a GFFA version.

    *tries to imagine what it would have been like if Jango Fett, Rex, Cody, etc. had been played by The Rock*
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    Thanks so much for all of the lovely feedback, everyone! [face_love] [:D]

    Thanks! It was great to write such a goofy, every day kinda normal scene for these two where they could just be affectionate and teasing and every bit in love. [face_love]

    Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed that bit of silliness. :p

    It's a great concept to play with, isn't it? Plus, it was fun to poke a few jabs at the PT - and Hollywood in general. I love the PT, honestly - I think they're gorgeous movies - but I can nonetheless admit their flaws. :p

    Thanks for reading, and for taking the time to leave your thoughts! :)

    Ha! Yep, very much so. [face_mischief] I had too much fun playing with that mental image, lemme tell you. ;) [face_laugh]

    Thanks for reading! :D

    Alrighty, there will be more up in just a few. Onwards with the games! [face_dancing]

    ~MJ @};-
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    Author's Notes: The next event I'm tackling is the 400 word cross country, which had no further requirements other than the word count. And, as a treat, this is the furthest I've gone down the timeline with my Song!Verse, all to feature a very special interaction I've imagined for quite some time now! [face_love]

    Enjoy! [:D]


    “no stranger to the sky”
    (400 Word Cross Country | Anakin Skywalker & Jaina Solo)​

    The little girl reached out her hands, and with a flourish concluded, “Then you pull this lever here and wham: hyperspace.”

    “You got it,” Anakin Skywalker approved. “Look at you, you’re going to be an ace in no time.”

    “Just not today?” with a sigh, Jaina Solo dramatically slouched back against the seat of his old A-Wing fighter. Jaina could hardly peek over the rim of the cockpit, but she still flashed him a dimpling, bright smile that was all her grandmother’s in shape.

    Anakin steeled himself against that look; decades later, and he was still a sucker for those big brown eyes in all the women of his family. “No, not today,” he confirmed. “Your mother has rules, little lark, and they include no starfighters until you’re older.”

    “But growing up takes forever.”

    “Time will pass,” wryly, Anakin assured her. He reached up to help her down. “And quicker than you think, at that.”

    “How about now?” Back on the ground, she stood as tall as she could, striving for a height she lacked at eight years old. “I’m older now!”

    “Nice try," he scuttled a grin, "but the answer's sill no.”

    Jaina dropped flat on her feet again, clearly dejected. Traitorously, Anakin felt his heart twist for the sight.

    “But,” he relented, just slightly, “you can take the Angel for a spin with me. I’ll even let you sit in the captain’s seat.” Leia couldn’t object too much to that, right? Jaina was already a natural at the helm – she took to the skies just as easily as her twin was thriving underneath Knight Bridger’s instruction – and he wanted to encourage her talent.

    “Well, it’s not the Falcon,” and there was her father’s streak of bad influence, Anakin inwardly glowered, “but yes! Let’s go!”

    “And for that,” Anakin bent down to tickle her, “you’ve officially been demoted to co-pilot.”

    “I take it back, I take it back!” childish peals of laughter filled the hangar as he picked her up and swung her over his shoulder. “The Angel is the best, Grandpa," she cried, "the best.”

    “Of course it is; I knew my granddaughter had better taste than that.”

    “Well . . . it's the best Nabooian ship, anyway,” impishly, Jaina amended. “The Falcon’s still the best Corellian ship.”

    “Fine,” Anakin huffed, taking what he could. “You can be the captain again.”

    “Besides – and you can’t tell Dad,” Jaina whispered conspiratorially, “secretly, I love Aunt Mara’s ship most of all.”

    The Angel is the Skywalker family ship that we'll get to know a little better in We Claim Our Own Landscape. We'll get to meet the Falcon in the next update, too. [face_mischief]

    Then, of course, Luke and Mara and the Sabre is yet another story to tell in this 'verse. Eventually. ;) [face_whistling] [face_love]

    ~MJ @};-
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    I LOVE THIS AND YOU KNEW, KNEW I WOULD! [face_love] [face_love] Oh the FEELS! Yup, no other SW. But. This. :* [:D]
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    Oh, nice to see Jaina in this. Guess she and Anakin would get along pretty well. :)
    Are her brothers in this as well?
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    Great to see Anakin getting along with Jaina, already a great pilot
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    Wonderful start with Anakin recognizing how blessed he is to have his family. :)

    LOL![face_laugh] I've seen so many films like this.

    I adore the gentle teasing and love radiating between them. @};-

    Anakin and Jaina together is so precious. [:D] This line sums the little girl up perfectly.

    Fantastic! Can't wait for more. =D=
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    Hello, all! Once again, I have to thank you for your wonderful feedback! It really means the world to me. [face_love] So, I have a few replies to share, and then we're full steam ahead to the next game! :D

    Ha! I had an inkling. [face_mischief] [face_love] You honor me, really you do, but you know I agree. This is definitely my SW of the heart! [face_love]


    She really would, wouldn't she? :D

    And yes they are indeed! There was a brief line mentioning that Jacen is Ezra's apprentice, and Anakin the younger is here too. And, now that you mention it, I should definitely write a piece about Anakin and Anakin! Ooooh, the possibilities . . . [face_thinking]

    Thank you, again, for reading! [:D]

    Thank you! It's something they definitely have in common. [face_love]

    Haven't we all? :p [face_laugh]

    Thanks! A/P was honestly a ship I was mostly 'meh' about before I started writing them in this 'verse. and now I just love them to pieces. It's wonderful to give them this happy, loving family together - just like they could have had if Anakin was not dumb and Sithy. :p [face_love]

    Doesn't it?? I just adored writing their dynamic!

    Thank you so much for reading, and for taking the time to leave your thoughts! I hope you continue to enjoy these as they go. [face_love] [:D]

    ~ MJ @};-
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    Author's Notes: Alrighty! After that unexpected hiatus, I am ready to tackle these games and see them through to the finish line! To that end, here we are with two more entries, both focused on Jobal and Ruwee Naberrie as they feature in this AU. The 200 Word Freestyle is a missing moment from the birth of the twins in Chapter Five of An Old Song, Re-Sung, while the 100 Word Sprint is a snapshot of Anakin and Ruwee just before Han comes to dinner in We Claim Our Own Landscape. [face_love] (And, if you're further interested in Anakin mending his bridges with his in-laws, I wrote the vignette I Give This Woman for just that purpose. [face_love])

    Then, as a last disclaimer, the first title is nicked from the amazingly poem Shearwater, by Rachel Richardson. The second comes from the heart-tugging I Loved Her First, by Heartland. [face_love]

    I thank you all for reading, as always, and hope that you enjoy! :)


    (200 Word Freestyle | Jobal Naberrie & Padmé Amidala)​

    Until recently, Jobal hadn't known she had a good-son to call her own, let alone grandchildren to celebrate from that union. Twins; and each such a blessing after being kept as a stranger to her daughter's life for so long. Such a feeling of distance was one Jobal had fought ever since Padmé's face was first chalked in white as Naboo's child-queen. Because, underneath the veils and the gravitas, she was still her little girl. Jobal knew her first, and, in many ways, knew her best. For everything she had not known, well . . . it was easier, now, to allow her pain to fade, looking down on her newborn grandchildren.

    "I couldn't have done this without you," Padmé was exhausted but glowing from the rigors of her labor. Even so, her eyes dimmed, ever so slightly. "I . . . I regret," but, her eloquent daughter – so long admired for knowing the right word to speak at the right time – faltered. She looked down, overwhelmed a feeling then too great for words.

    Yet Jobal had known her words since before she could speak. "Your happiness has always meant everything to me," she soothed. "It means everything to me still."


    "I Loved Her First"

    (100 Word Sprint | Ruwee Naberrie & Anakin Skywalker)​

    His good-son was vigorously chopping vegetables for their upcoming dinner with Leia's suitor. For a wry moment, Ruwee considered leaving the younger man to stew – though his daughter's husband was now dear to his heart, that had not always been so – before dismissing the thought. Anakin's desire for Leia's happiness couldn't help but war with his instincts as her father, which Ruwee understood only all too well.

    Gently, he placed a commiserating hand on Anakin's shoulder. He didn't say anything aloud, but he didn't have to. Someday, if he was lucky enough, Han Solo too would understand when he had a daughter of his own.

    ~ MJ @};-
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    Beautiful moments of spoken and unspoken affection and understanding.
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