Beyond - Legends All's Coming Along Nicely! Kyp/Sevrina. (OTP #25)

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    Note: "Things You Said" challenge 15. I chose 28, things you said in the dark.
    Pairing: Kyp/Sevrina
    Context: Feeling at home & blessed as they get settled on Dantooine.
    Tie back to "Changes at the Praxeum", where Kyp and Sevrina are tasked with setting up a secondary Praxia on Dantooine.

    "Kyp, I really am enjoying this latest batch of apprentices."

    "Yes, it's really gone smoother here in the last nine months since we arrived than I could've hoped or expected."

    "We're perfectly located, close enough to be convenient but not in the densest populated areas so we feel over-run."

    "It's great you are able to continue pursuing your music pastime."

    "I still want to incorporate the idea of Master-Apprentice training trips."

    "I agree. I'm glad you didn't lose sight of that idea in all the recent changes."

    "Of course. I liked that suggestion from the first. We can take advantage of that whenever we feel we need time away maybe two or three times in a year's interval?"

    "Great idea, Sevrina."

    "We'd better do it soon ... in the next month or so. Then I'm afraid we won't be able to do it for a sizable length of time after that."


    "Because our family's going to increase in not too many months from now."

    "Increase? You don't mean...?"

    "Yes, I do. I just got confirmation from Tekli today."

    "Well! I'm speechless."

    "In a good way, I hope?"


    "That was a sweet, convincing answer, I'm happy to say!"

    "I'm glad you think so."

    "Sure. I don't mind having the breath squeezed out of me!"

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    Aww! [face_love] Glad to see Kyp and Sevrina enjoying their new home on Dantooine -- Sevrina has a great point about that location. If it were me, I think I'd want something between the extremes of Coruscant and Yavin 4 as well. Delighted to hear Sevrina's news, and Kyp's reaction was very sweet. I'm sure Sevrina will get her ribs back eventually.:p
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    Aww, this is really cute! Love to see Kyp happy! :)
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    Cute and sweet and living on a beautiful planet. Love the two together
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    Easy and fun reading. Feel warm and cozy now. And it's Kyp... yeah! :)
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    My OTP in regards to Kyp will undoubtably remain our dear @Adalia-Durron but seeing him with Sevrina is nice as well. Heathwarming little story. :)