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Beyond - Legends Always Two (Darth Caedus/Kylo Ren)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by darth_treyvah, Mar 29, 2017.

  1. Cowgirl Jedi 1701

    Cowgirl Jedi 1701 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Dec 21, 2016
    Whoa. That was just......oooh. *shivers* I have no words.
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  2. Darth Invictus

    Darth Invictus Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Aug 8, 2016
    Like it a lot the metaphysical rumblings and sheer discomfort at seeing yourself in another life in another realm.

    Anedon has quite a few good points.
  3. darth_treyvah

    darth_treyvah Jedi Master star 3

    Dec 26, 2005
    Cowgirl Jedi 1701: Thank you. I think I've done my job. ;)

    Darth Invictus: Thank you as well. There are similar but different people: even if they are cracked and distorted mirrors.
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  4. Darth Invictus

    Darth Invictus Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Aug 8, 2016
    Just re-read this-still a pleasure to read and I wouldn't mind a sequel or follow up.

    I can see Ren being more affected psychologically and ideologically-given his less developed academic understanding of the force's arcane aspects and the fact Caedus is far more powerful and more knowledgable.

    At the same time Caedus would likely seriously contemplate the apparent existence of alternate realities-and perhaps even seek to visit or at least observe them if flowwalking allowed that to be possible.

    And I liked it that you showed that imbalance-Caedus is more powerful, more knowledgeable, refined, and purposeful.
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