Amidala is the Key : An Amidala in Training History

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    I mentioned Amidala had been tortured in Count the Cost. Here is one of the times that happened, why it happened and how she was trained to with stand it.


    In the ancient days many millennia ago the Naboo and Gungan lived as one people. They spoke the same language and lived among each other. God?s gift to the Naboo was the lilac tree a symbol of beauty and strength. God?s gift to the Gungan?s was the submission of all other creatures that lived under the water. But then one who of the High Ones grew jealous at God?s pleasure in his children?s peace. He rebelled, He set the Naboo and Gungan against each other. There was a great war that lasted centuries. Finally a few Naboo and Gungans came together. They cried for God?s help to end the war. God was angry with his children for fighting each other. He threw the Rebellious One into a prison without form. God locked the door. He gave the secret of the key to the Hill People of the Naboo. In case the Rebellious one ever was to find away out of his prison. From the Naboo God took all but one of the lilac trees that were left. From the Gungan he took away control of the creatures that lived in the planets core.


    5 year old Amidala Padme Naberrie rode the small kadu between her mother and Grandmother. They were going to the hills to see Amidala?s Great Grandmother Leia Marshall. This was the first time Amidala would meet her Great Grandmother. Her Grandmother had left the hills to marry a farmer many years ago. Her mother had married a man from the city.

    Even at the age of 5 Amidala knew her life was different from most Nabooans. The fact her Great Grandmother was the leader of the Hill People for one thing. She was also had dark hair and eyes and was fair skinned. This and her name Amidala set her apart as a descendent of the Hill People. The Hill People did not isolate themselves from the rest of Naboo. Anyone who wanted to leave could. The only rule was their children must be brought to the main village on there 5th birthday. Living in the hills was a hard life. Many of the younger generations chose to live on the plains or in the city. But they all brought their children to be examined.

    Amidala?s father was another reason her life was different. He had lived in the city all his live. He had learned the family business as a boy. Starting at the beginning level in the factories and working his way up until he was old enough run the company for his father. They didn?t know it for many years but some of the fumes in certain levels of the factories were hard on humans lungs. His father had died at the age of 50 because of this. By the time the problem was corrected Luke Naberrie had the decease too. The Healers said modern medicine could help him live longer. He had never married so he turned the business over to his nephew.

    At the age of 45 Luke Naberrie became a farmer. It was a small farm not run for profit but for his enjoyment. His investments in various businesses including the family owned one provided him with a comfortable living. While other farmers worried about the cost of wheat, beans, oats, and corn Luke enjoyed watching things grow. After spending so many years in the hectic city he loved the farm. He also fell in love with a neighbor's daughter. His being from the city caused gossip. Marrying a woman young enough to be his daughter caused more. By the time Amidala was born most of the gossip had died down. Luke and Leia Naberrie were considered nice if eccentric neighbors.

    When they reached Great Grandmother?s house a protocol droid answered the door. Something fairly new among the Hill People. They preferred to do their own work. With an aging population and fewer and fewer of the young people staying in the hills they had accepted the need for droids. Fortunately one of younger people had been trained as a tech. He maintained all the droids.

    RG19 was the only exception. She had been with Great
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    very there more?

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    As always keep up the good work!
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    I am very intrigued. I am so glad you started another story.
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    Is there more?
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    Hi I am the author's husband. She has went through an Obi-Wan ringer this week. The good news is she is doing fine and will be posting again soon!

    signed R U Sidious - the little cutie went and stole my username!
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    I mean at some point in the future.
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    Yes there is more to the story. But if you checked my other story you know I just got home from being in the hospital. I'm glad you like my idea.
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    I thought Amidala was the royal name she assumed when she took the thrown (like when a Pope takes a new name to go with his title...hence you never have a Pope Jason or Pope Harold)...

    Wouldn't her peasant name (ie, pre-Queen name) be Padme Naberrie?
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    I don't know. The only history I've seen on Amidala is the Queen's Journal. I don't remember that being in there. The name thing works for my story.
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    I'm just being a nit-picking jerk now...but if i'm write about the royal name thing, she wouldn't be called Amidala until she assumed the crown, and even then only when she was being addressed as the Queen...

    but whatever...great story! keep it up
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    Looks like some of my story was lost in the move here's the missing part plus a little more.
    They must wait for the sun to hit her crystal covered body. The color that came off her would announce Amidala?s destiny. It seemed to Amidala the sun took a long time. Past the point of being chained to the post her mother had said she could tell her no more. She must face that on her own. Why she needed to be chained to the post her mother wouldn?t tell either. That was another mystery she must face alone. As the sun finally began to hit her she understood why she must be chained in place. The crystals on her skin seemed to come to life and shot pain into her. She wanted to run get out of the sun. But she couldn?t get away. When she tried to scream the mask gave her a shock that numbed her voice.

    Amidala heard her mother scream as the sun seemed to stop above her. She saw her collapse to the ground as a white light came off Amidala. The Hill People around her knelt to the ground. Her Grandmother tried to comfort her daughter. She gave Leia Marshall a pleading look. All Leia Marshall said was. "Her destiny has been declared by God. It is as I foresaw. She is the Key. She is a part of all of the Naboo. Part Hill People, part Plains People , part City People and part Sea People."

    "But she?s not." Leia Naberrie cried. "She?s not part Sea People."

    Leia Marshall looked sadly at her granddaughter. "Think Little Leia was not your grandfather, my husband from the sea. And your husband?s grandfather was from the sea too. Amidala Padme Naberrie is the Key."

    When the sun no longer shone on Amidala?s body the pain stopped. Leia Marshall came over to her. She put her hand under Amidala?s chin and lifted her head to look at her.

    "The color white declares you are a leader. The sun stopping above you marks you as the Key it?s self. The fact that you belong to all Nabooans is a fulfillment of an ancient prophecy as the last keeper of the secret of the Key. Unchain her we will return to the village."

    Amidala was told to rinse the crystal sand off in the pool. Then she was dressed. Still the mask was not removed and nothing else was said to her the whole way down the hill. Finally when the sun set the mask was removed. But she was warned not to speak or it would be replaced.

    Great Grandmother gave her a serious look. "It is time you started to learn to control your tongue. You will find it can cause more trouble for you than anything else. It also can inflect on others more pain than anything else."

    This didn?t make any sense to Amidala. But she was glad to be free of the mask and allowed to eat and drink. She wanted to ask her mother why she was crying but kept quiet. Amidala did not want the mask on again. It was frustrating though to hear the adults making decisions about her future and not be able to say anything. It was decided Amidala would spend the next year at Great Grandmother?s village. She needed to learn the ways of the Hill People.

    Amidala couldn?t say why but she knew this was important and she must do it. Even if she wasn?t sure about living with Great Grandmother. Richarde her brother had done the same thing. The next year went faster than Amidala could have imagined. There was so much to learn. Stories, legends, traditions and how to survive in the hills. She also began to learn how to fight and defend herself. Where the hidden caves were in the hills. During the ancient war the Hill People had discovered them and lived out of them. If you didn?t know where to look you would never find them. Because of the combination of stone they were made of they couldn?t be scanned.

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    When Amidala came home after her year in the Hills she noticed her father was thinner and moved more slowly. The other big change was her grandmother from the city had moved to the farm. Richarde seemed to have grown to be twice as tall. Amidala realized when she put some of her old clothes on she had only grown an inch. When she started school she was the shortest one in her class.

    "Marmee how can I be a great leader someday if I?m so short?"

    "Don?t worry little one how tall you are doesn?t matter. It?s what?s inside your heart and mind that determines the kind of leader you are. Caring for others and putting their needs first doesn?t take height. Nor does the pursuit of knowledge or being courageous. Putting then all together is what will cause people to follow you as their leader. If indeed that is your destiny. Both your grandmothers and I are considered short among the Naboo. So you may not be very tall ever.

    Leia noticed the look on her daughter?s face. She started to say something but Richarde standing at the door of the room spoke first.

    "If she? the KEY maybe she needs to be little to fit into the lock."

    Amidala?s temper flared. She grabbed the closest thing to her and threw it at her brother. He ducked and made a face at her. Before she could do anything else her mother spoke to her sharply.

    "Padme!" Her mother had never spoke to her in that tone before. "You must learn to control your temper. As for you Richarde do not irritate your sister. Never say out loud anything about her destiny. Padme when you are with your Great Grandmother in the Hills you may discuss it with her. But never any where else on Naboo. If it comes it will come."

    Richard objected. "Aw Marmee, no one believes in those proclaimed destines but the Hill People. You didn?t care if anyone knew mine is to feed many people."

    "I know your Great Grandmother told you the Prophesies of the Key. Maybe you need to listen to them again with your sister in mind." Leia knew at 6 years old a great deal of what Amidala had heard in the Prophesies she hadn?t understood. Amidala would grow into that knowledge. Leia sent Amidala to see her father.

    Leia spoke to Richarde "Anyone who desires above all else to hold the Key is not worthy of it. Do you remember that from what your Great Grandmother told you?"

    Richard nodded his head. His mother drew him into the room, closed the door and continued in a soft whisper.

    "If your sister is indeed the last Keeper of the Key it is a destiny no loving parent would choose for their child. Tomorrow morning you will go to you Great Grandmother?s house and have her tell you the Prophesies again. I hope you will understand what it means if they apply to you sister."

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    When Richard returned home from his Great Grandmother?s he did look at his little sister a little differently. He understood why he was forbidden to talk about Amidala?s destiny. But he was still a 12 year old boy. 12 year old boys have a hard time seeing pesky tag-a-long little sisters as anything else for very long. He had always felt protective of her. Except sometimes she could get under foot when he wanted to do things with his friends. Most of the time he nor his 3 best friends minded having her along. Because she looked up to them and she never complained about getting dirty like most other girls.

    Richarde and Amidala were taught all the things proper young Nabooans should know. But their parents were called free thinkers by the Naboo. They believed anything Amidala needed to learn Richarade did . Anything Richard needed to learn Amidala did. Amidala continued to visit there Great Grandmother to learn the ways of the Hill People.

    Their farm was located on a unique strip of land. On one side it backed into the hills. On the opposite side it ran into uncleared swamp land. The house and out building sat on a small plain in the middle. There was a creak that came out of the hills. It ran through the plain and into the swamp and emptied into a small lake. The lake drained into a small river that went deeper into the swamp. The farms property line was at the far end of the lake. No one ever went any deeper into the swamp.

    A true farmer looking to make a profit would never have spent his money. But Luke Naberrie had bought the place because of it?s variety of terrain. The owner had no children who wanted to live there. After he reached a deal with Luke he stayed on to teach the city boy what he could about farming. Leia?s family knew how to find food, shelter and their way around in the hills. Mr. Beauque knew the same about the swamp. Luke learned and had his children learn too. Mr.Beauque stayed on the farm until he died.

    Because of this and Naboo?s high education standards Richarde and Amidala lead very busy lives. The year Amidala was 8 and Richarde was 14 they lived in the city for 3 months. Their parents became concerned that perhaps the children were becoming a little too rustic. Living where they did. Luke arranged for them to visit his sister in the city. Something Richarde nor Amidala wanted to do.

    Richarde tried arguing. "I?ll miss helping with the planting season."

    His father answered with, "We have plenty of droids to take care of planting."

    Amidala asked. "What about my lessons with Great Grandmother?" Hoping that would keep her from going.

    Her mother replied. "She feels you should go. You can continue your lessons with her when you return.

    They both said together. "What about school?"

    "You will go to school with your cousins in the city."

    The children looked at each other defeated. They had to go live in the city for 3 whole months.

    Richarde ended up having a good time. Except for Sunday afternoons they had to stay dressed up and receive company or go visiting. He hated having to behave like a perfect gentleman. Other wise he played sports, studied and hung around with other boys. Just about what he would do at home without the farm chores. There were no chores to do at his Aunt?s house because she had servants. Also there was a girl who lived next door that was very pretty.

    Amidala on the other hand almost went crazy at first. She felt as if she were locked in a very small room. It wasn?t just that the only place you could see very far was by the Palace waterfalls. Even dressing up most of the time wasn?t so bad. BUT the fact that her Aunt felt her education in edicate was lacking. Amidala knew how to behave in public around strangers. Yet when she was home with her parent she was encouraged to speak her mind. Her parents were always interested in what their children were thinking. Even though her great grandmother wanted her to listen when she was teaching her and not interrupt. She was allowed to ask qu
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    "You are not going to swim today short one. You are going to tell the coach you have a stomach ache and go home."

    "Why would I want to do that? It?s not true." Amidala turned away from Misha. Thinking the girl wouldn?t hit her where the coach could walk in at any moment. 2 of Misha?s friends grabbed Amidala?s arms and pined her against the lockers. 2 others started hitting Amidala as hard as they could in the stomach. When they finally let go Amidala slumped to the floor. Misha gave her a couple of extra kicks in the stomach.

    "I?d say you have a stomach ache now. I?m going to win the final swim competition. I?m going to take home the trophy from today. Not you. You just remember in the end I always win no matter what."

    Amidala managed to get out. "You will never be able to defeat me no matter what."

    That almost got Amidala a couple of more kicks. But just then the coach came in. Misha had the nerve to say with concern in her voice. "Coach we were just going to get you. Something is wrong with Padme."

    The coach knelt next to Amidala. A frown came to her face. She sent the other girls away telling them to go warm up for the competition.

    "Padme, can you get up? If not I?ll get one of the other teachers to help carry you to my office." The coach smiled at the thought. "Actually your little enough I can probably carry you myself."

    "Don?t call me little." Amidala pushed herself into a sitting position. "Just give me a few minutes. I?ll be okay." She thought about what Great Grandmother had taught her about healing sore muscles. She wondered if it would work on this pain. She began to focus her mind and breath deeply. She told her abused muscles to relax ? go limp. Soon she felt a familiar energy flow through her. As it grew in strength the pain subsided.

    "Stay here I?m going to get the nurse. You are not going to swim today."

    "No! That?s just what? I mean the others are counting on me."

    "Padme, I am not going to risk your health to win a trophy for the school. I would be a very poor coach to allow you to. I know everyone wants to take home the Best Swimmer trophy. It?s not worth taking the chance of getting stomach cramps in the pool. No trophy or award is."

    "But you will be watching. If I have any problems you can come get me out."

    "Listen to me child. Yes we would rush in to get you. But you can swallow a lot of water in a short time. If you can?t catch your breath other things can happen to your body. Besides I don?t know what physical damage Misha may have done to you"

    Amidala stared at the swim coach in surprise.

    "I know Padme she thinks I don?t know how she?s been treating some of the other girls. I do know. The problem is I?ve never actually seen her strike anyone. You?re not the first person she has had her friends help her "take care of. No one is willing to go before the principle and press charges. I doubt it would do any good if they did. The principle is her aunt."

    "Please I don?t swim till later in the competition. Have the nurse check me out if you want to. But if I back out now Misha will think she has won. She will think she can get her way by hurting people."

    "What makes you think you can stop her. Girls 4 years older than you wont even try."

    "I may not understand a lot of what goes on here in the city. But I do understand that most of the girls families don?t want them to upset her father. I don?t have to worry about that. My family is considered equal to her?s. My father has always told me to do my best. That?s just what I?m going to do."

    "Padme I doubt your parents would want you to take such a risk for a trophy."

    "Really it?s not about wining a trophy. It?s about caring for others. Stopping someone who?s hurting them."

    "You?re young to have such a conviction. I wonder if you truly believe what you?re saying. Or if you are just repeating what you have heard." The coach was quiet. She stared off into space for a moment. Then she looked back down at Amidala. Are your parents her
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    What a wonderful thread! How on earth did I manage to miss this? This definately has the potential to be just as good as "Count The Cost".

    I'll be keeping an eye out for this one too!

    Keep these fantastic ideas of yours flowing, Glad is June!
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    Here's a link to my other story:

    Count the Cost by R U Sidious

    It took me forever to remember how to do this.
    And it works too.
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    While she waited for the nurse and her parents Amidala concentrated on getting her stomach muscles to heal. She convinced her parents to let her swim. She managed to hide from the nurse the pain she felt when she touched her stomach. Getting permission to swim was one thing swimming was another. Amidala sat by herself and continued to concentrate on healing. None of the other girls came near her. Mesha?s friends thought she was not threat. The other girls were afraid of what Mesha would do to them.

    Finally though one by one the 3 other girls that were on Amidala?s relay team came over. Next to Amidala they were the youngest on the team. All with in a year of each other. They too were fair skinned and had brown eyes and hair. Someone in each of the girls ancestry was from the Hills. Mesha loved to make nasty remarks to them. Implying any one whose ancestors hadn?t lived in the City for a 1000 years was inferior to her. It didn?t matter to Mesha that the Naberrie?s were city dwellers longer than the Mangee?s.

    "Padme are you going to be okay?" Sabe began.

    "We don?t have to swim if you don?t feel well." Sache chimed in.

    Amidala looked up at them puzzled.

    "We all know what Mesha did to you Padme." Eirtae finished.

    Amidala felt a strange power inside her. It seemed to come from the ground she sat on. Then every living plant and finally from the buildings that surrounded her. She looked at each of the others. They were all as good as or better than most of the other swimmers. They just didn?t believe it.

    Amidala didn?t know what to say to them. It was a great feeling that they were so concerned about her. It had taken a lot of courage for them to come speak to her. She was going to miss them when she went home.

    She was surprised when she heard herself say. "I can swim if you can. If we don?t take our turn in the relays the team forfeits points. Even if we don?t win our heat the team gets some points. I don?t care if we win or not. It doesn?t matter to me if I?m fast enough to get into the final race for the Best Swimmer trophy. I love to swim. I don?t want to let the team down. How about you? Do you want to swim?"

    All 3 of the girls looked at each other, then back at Amidala and said together, "Yes!"

    "I?m tired of having my ancestry insulted. Why don?t we show these city dwellers what our Hill ancestry gave us?"

    The minute she hit the water Amidala felt a surge of strength. The pure joy she felt in the water was obvious. That encouraged the other girls. They won their relay. Afterward Amidala wondered if it was because she was also a descendent of the Sea People. She would have to ask Great Grandmother. Thinking of her brought one of Great Grandmother?s lessons to her mind. "In times of trouble find your strength in joy. It will help you endure more than you thought possible." Outside of the pool her stomach muscles were still sore. In the water all she had felt was joy. She began to understand what the lesson meant.

    At the end of the meet the 8 fastest times were announced. 4 from each team. Amidala?s name was called. Normally the line would be arranged so someone from the opposite team swam in the lanes next to you. But the head judge announced that because the individual times were so close they would line up team against team. That way they would know not only the best swimmer but the best team. The other girls from Amidala?s team were Mesha and 2 of her friends. Mesha?s friends took places on each side of Amidala.

    This last heat was not only a test of speed but endurance and tactics as well. Several laps were swam the head judge decided how many. A whistle was blown twice to let the swimmers know it was the last lap. Swim too fast and you would wear yourself out too soon. Swim too slow and you would never catch up at the end. When the blast sounded to begin all 8 girls dived into the water. In the first lap Mesha?s friends both managed somehow to hit Amidala in her lane. Amidala fell back but kept Mesha within
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    I?ve decided I?ve neglected this thread long enough working on Count the Cost.

    Amidala went home. She did her chores. She went to school. Still studied in an advanced program and had lessons with Great Grandmother and the other Hill People. The next summer her cousins from the city came to visit the farm. When Marco, Troy, and Lysse stepped off the transport one phrase kept going through Amidala?s mind. Fish out of water. She glanced over at Richarde. He grinned back at her. He was thinking the same thing.

    It began to look like a long summer for Amidala. The boys Marco and Troy fit right in. They enjoyed helping Richarde around the farm. But as for Lysse the last thing she wanted to do was anything where she got dirty. She preferred staying at the house doing "womanly? things. Amidala didn?t mind doing what Lysse called ?womanly? things. But after the sun went down. The Naberrie?s for the most part didn?t say much. Except that Lysse was a guest and it was Amidala?s job to entertain her. When she wasn?t doing her regular chores. After a week Amidala got to where she was begging Richarde to let her do some of his chores.

    "Padme are you crazy? I?ve got it made in the shade right now. I?ve got Marco and Troy believing I?m making a great sacrifice letting them do the work. You start helping and they?ll know they don?t have to do all the things I say need to be done right now. A lot of things that we usually do in the fall are getting done now. I?m just sitting back and watching them work."

    "What do you mean just sitting back? I?ve seen you out in the field with them. I usually help too. Can?t you please tell Papa you need me."

    "Yea I?m in the field with them but did you notice they are doing at least 2 rows to my one? And when we?re in one of the barns or paddocks I?m basically supervising. Unless I hear Papa, Marmee or Mr. Max coming. Then I look busy."

    "Wish I could do that with Lysse. Marmee says show her around but how am I suppose to do that when all she want?s to do is have stay inside where the sun and wind can?t harm her ?beautiful shinning golden hair and perfect complexion?. She doesn?t even come out to the barn to help. She might get her dress or shoes dirty."

    "Padme take her to the cupboard in the laundry where Marmee keeps the tayloks [traditional Naboo farm work clothes] that are too small for me and too big for you. Have her find a ?taylok? that fits her. Tell her to leave her shoes in your closet. Nobody wears shoes in the summer. Give her a hat to wear. Everyone does wear a hat in the summer."

    "Arrrgh!! don?t you think I tried that. I?m not stupid big brother. She almost passed out on me in the laundry room. I never saw anyone get so pale so fast. Like it was a fate worse than death to wear a ?taylock?. As for going barefoot and I Quote: ? Only a heathen or Gungan would do that." Amidala said it in a exaggerated snooty way. Mocking her cousin?s sophisticated accent.

    "Is that so." Amidala and Richarde turned to see their father standing behind them.

    "Papa!" They both said in surprise.

    "We didn?t know you were there." Amidala said looking down at the ground.

    "How long have you been listening?" Richarde asked.

    "Its obvious you didn?t know I was here. I?ve been listening long enough. What Padme didn?t notice I already knew. I may have trouble catching my breath but I still see and hear very well."

    Both children knew they had been wrong in the way they had been treating their guest. Amidala couldn?t help but hope that her father would give her some extra chores as punishment. That way she would be away from Lysse disapproving looks. Lysse was almost as bad as Aunt Dedrea.

    "I never want to hear either of you use the Gungans as a way to insult people."

    Luke Naberrie looked at his children for a couple of minutes with a stern look on his face. When the children began to squirm uncomfortably under his gaze he said w
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    Thanks, Glad is June for adding to this wonderful thread! I was wondering what had happened to it!

    Lovely to have your insight into Amidala!
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    Great story, keep it UP!!
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    Yes! To the top!
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    Just bringing this up again!
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    Toppity, toppity, top!
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