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Beyond - Legends "An Acquired Taste" L/M, Jedi_Lover's Fic-Gift.

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by WarmNyota_SweetAyesha, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Title: An Acquired Taste

    Author: WarmNyota

    Characters: Luke/Mara

    Disclaimer: Borrowing with affection and as an entry in the 12th Fic-Gift Exchange.

    Fic-gift is for: @Jedi_Lover

    Request details under the spoiler:
    1. Three things you would like in your fic-gift: New love, a gift, and an embarrassing situation.
    2. One thing you don’t want in your fic-gift: Death
    3. The main characters you want in your fic-gift (no more than three) Luke and Mara
    4. A character you don’t want in your fic-gift: Callista
    5. The era in which your fic-gift should take place: OT Legends or OT Canon if you can work Mara into the new canon.

    So chuffed to be writing about L/M [face_dancing]

    Read and enjoy. [face_batting]



    Luke smiled in anticipation as he selected the holo-disks at an artistic vendor's shop and then made his way to his conapt.

    Today was he and Mara's sixth month anniversary. It was amazing that they were together at all, much less dating!

    Mara had mentioned that she had gone to live theater as her cover as an Imperial Intelligence Bureau agent. So he had gotten her musical vids of some of the most famous performers.

    He presented the set to her with keen expectancy of her pleased reaction, after their cozy candelit dinner, and her green eyes widened, and a flare of something (what?) came across their Force connection.

    Luke felt a pang of consternation. It wasn't quite anticipation he was sensing from Mara, but something entirely different!

    "Luke," Mara began, and for once, words failed her. She paused for a long moment and then started again, "I said it was an acquired taste. What I should have said, is I never actually did so."

    Luke's stomach plummeted. "Oh, no! Mara, I wanted it to be special for you, something you'd especially like and then to find out ..." He trailed off in utter embarrassment.

    Mara said hastily: "It was a natural misunderstanding, since I never went into more detail about my preferences. It's the thought that counts, isn't that what you always tell me?"

    Luke wanted to retrieve the situation and didn't know how.
    But Mara did. She turned on some jizz music and split a large slice of beeble-berry pie with him.

    They arranged to meet the next day for a spar and a ride in Mara's new yacht, the Emerald Shadow.


    Mara had honestly been touched by Luke's spontaneous gesture of a special meal of all her favorites: nerf-steak so tender it melted covered in a creamy mushroom sauce, crispy greens, and fruit pie.
    Even his mis-step had been so much in character for him, thoughtful and enthusiastic.
    Luke, this relationship of theirs, was also an acquired taste, and one she quite enjoyed!

    Their spar was energetic and fast-paced. Their skills balanced each other's seamlessly.
    Mara watched Luke move with happy self-indulgence, as his muscles rippled with each parry and riposte.
    Luke caught Mara watching him and deactivated his saber with a grin. He always enjoyed these spar sessions.

    "Ready for something else, Luke?" Mara asked, turning off her own saber.

    He gave an offhand shrug. "Let's hit the sonic showers and then go for our ride in the Shadow?"

    "Want me to join you?"

    Luke thought briefly, "Where? Oh!" He realized suddenly.

    He flushed and she laughed, loving to tease, although she had been more than half-serious.

    Mara kissed him swiftly, but deeply, and the Force sang between them, as it had ever since they'd met.



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    Nov 1, 2004
    Awesome! Now we need a ginchy-shine shower scene! (I don't know if you remember @ginchy , but the bonus chapters she wrote for me were amazing...amazingly hot! lol! ).

    Thank you so much. I love Mara and Luke. They are my favorite SW couple that will forever be in my canon. You did a great job with the prompts. I love it!
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    Aug 21, 2006
    Lovely story with the couple we all love in our canon
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    Nov 30, 2005
    So cute! the banter we missed is back. Sweet Luke, trying his best to give Mara just the perfect gift, but even in his misstep he scores points anyway as Mara understands why he got her that gift. I can imagine that for Mara, someone for whom life was harsh and ruthless, a person who thinks of her first and worries about her welfare and pleasing her would be an "acquired taste."

    Farmboy, you misunderstood her again!
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    Nov 26, 2005
    OMG so adorable! [face_love][face_love][face_love] Totally enjoyed this! Thanks for the L/M mush fix!
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Thanks for the amazing reviews! It is always my delight to write Luke/Mara and I cherish all my L/M specialists (ginchy, JadeLotus, Irish_Jedi_Jade, ThreadSketch), and they are welcome to come back anytime they are able -- (SQUEE!) [face_laugh] ^:)^
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    SQUEEEEEEEE! [face_love]
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