Before - Legends An Ancient Lesson 16 y/o Qui-Gon--Repost

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    You go Qui-Gon!! Bring on the Master! :D
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    Heck, Leona you've got me on the edge of my seat!!! MORE, I BEG YOU!!!
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    Can I guess who the master will be? Will it be Sin Tu himself since he wasn't mentioned in the audience? :)

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    Well folks this is the end. Thanks for following along.

    Jee-dai, good guess!
    * * * *
    Performing the required honors, Qui-Gon bowed to opponent and audience amid thunderous applause and loud cheers.

    Kneeling where he stood he linked with the Force in deep meditation. He did not want to lose the level of focus he had attained in that last round. The power of the Force moved around him. Its intensity, a cresting wave that washed through him, filled him with the light of the good side. Through the Living Force he could feel his connection to all living things.

    With the Unifying Force as his guide he saw far ahead to countless possibilities of the future. There he saw much pain, loss and even death (though not his). It would be a difficult life, more often than not a lonely life but yet one of incomparable measure.

    Such a revelation was it that here, now, at this moment he vowed to dedicate his life to the Jedi Order as a Guardian of Peace and Justice and do the will of the Force. In that vow he felt both peace and strength.

    //Master?// he cast out over their bond.

    //Understanding you feel... enlightenment.// it was a statement, not a question from Yoda.

    //Yes, Master// Qui-Gon opened his mind fully to his Master, sharing with him all he had seen.

    //A great Jedi will you be// Yoda sent with unmistakable love and pride.

    //Thank you Master, for everything.// Qui-Gon could feel the small three-fingered hand gently stroking his head and as he pulled away could hear...

    //You?re welcome my my son..//

    Sensing his time was up and Master Nor getting ready to address the crowd, Qui-Gon opened his eyes and rose to his feet.

    "We have the auspicious honor of having in attendance today the greatest swordsman of the last two centuries. He has graciously agreed to engage our Padawan Tournament winner in the final round."

    Master Nor walked to the front row, made a sweeping gesture with his hand and announced...

    "May I present Master Sin Tu."

    Sin Tu stood while everyone around him applauded, nodding their heads in knowing recognition.

    Across the way the Padawan Learners stood dumbfounded, their faces shocked and blank. It was only remembering their manners that a one or two of them began to clap randomly.

    Though never stated, all of them assumed it would be a Jedi Master.

    He should have also been surprised but somehow Qui-Gon wasn't. It all made sense now. He remembered his Master's introduction of Sin Tu and wasn't Yoda always saying how things may not be how we perceive them.

    Again he was struck with wonder at Yoda. How could he ever have thought his Master was anything but compassionate and encouraging.

    Qui-Gon watched as Sin Tu made his way to the center of the arena, revealing a beautifully inlaid handled lightsaber from the folds of his tunic.

    "A gift of the Council over one hundred years ago." Sin Tu explained, knowing the Jedi penchent to glorify their chosen weapon.

    "Presented by Yoda no doubt." Qui-Gon smiled, extended his hand. "I owe you both my sincerest thanks and apologies. Thanks for the invaluable time and lessons of a great Master. My apologies for misjudging you." he bowed accordingly.

    Looking up, Qui-Gon flashed a mischievous smile, holding up his lightsaber to ready he added, "I won't misjudge you again."

    "Oh, the cub grows claws." Sin Tu mocked surprise, reading Qui-Gon's challenge with a flush of eagerness.

    Sin Tu thumbed his lightsaber on. A deep indigo blade, edged with a brilliant white flashed to life.

    "You've found your kint-dou young Jedi, your center." Sin Tu stated plainly with a glint in his eye. "I've looked forward to this for weeks. Now let's see how you fare with an equal."

    No droid buzzed overhead. There would be no time limit set for this round. This match would not end until a clear winner was determined or both contestants literally exhausted themselves.

    Use of Force moves would be allowed but Qui-Gon refrained from them, willing instead to pit his new found skill against the elder swordsman.

    They spa
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    What a perfect end to a perfect story! I loved..., well, EVERYTHING about it, from the action and discription, the characterisation and turns of phrase, the tempo... EVERYTHING!

    But I especially loved Yoda telling Qui-Gon he was proud of him. Brought tears to my eyes.

    Thank you so much for reposting this!
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    I have to agree with Calam on EVERYTHING she said! Thank you soooooooooo much for reposting this!

    Trust Yoda to get the last word in. Loved it!!!
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    Ooooooooh, that was such a good story! You should write an epilogue. I want to know if Yoda was sick all over Qui-Gon!

    Qui-Gon comes of age. We really do need more of these Jinn type stories. I can't get enough of them at the moment!

    Bravo, Leona!
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    Great story HL! :)
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    Ack! I had fallen behind!

    That was a wonderful story Healer Leona! I was grinning like an idiot for Qui-Gon!