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Saga - PT An Evening Out, a Night In [OTP Challenge, OCs]

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by TheRynJedi, Apr 9, 2019.

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    Jun 20, 2018
    Title: An Evening Out, A Night In
    Timeframe: 19 BBY, end of the Clone Wars
    Genre: Romance
    Canonicity: Canon Compliant
    Type: Story
    Characters: Sennah (OC), Danyal (OC), Dexter Jettster, Hermione Bagua & FLO cameos.
    Summary: Sennah has recently left the Jedi Order, she is still finding her place among her birth family, still working out her feelings for Danyal, who has been in love with her from afar his entire life.
    Last updated:
    Status: Complete
    Other relevant information: Written for OTP Challenge: Date Night Gon Wrong - Prompt: a family member interrupts
    Download Links:

    Sennah sat in the alleyway behind the nightclub, waiting. She was good at being patient, it was a skill the Jedi Temple taught well. She meditated as she sat, reaching out to the minds of the beings in the club. The former Jedi could only barely hear her friend playing his music inside. Instead, she listened through the Force to the ‘song’ of the emotions of the people listening to Danyal’s performance. The Ryn smiled at the delight and excitement she felt from them, but was confused at the occasional negative tones. Her confusion had begun earlier that night when she first arrived at the club, when she had been denied entry. Sennah had found a backstage exit in an alley behind the club, and had settled down beside it, hoping Danyal would emerge there when he was done.

    The emotions inside reached a crescendo, then faded as Danyal’s performance concluded. A short time later, Sennah felt Danyal approaching. She had chosen correctly. The door opened, and there he was. She felt the musician’s surprise and delight as he saw her.

    “Sennah!” Danyal exclaimed, taking her hand and helping her up from her cross-legged position on the ground. “How long have you been waiting here?”

    “About an hour and a half.” Sennah replied as she shook out her long embroidered skirt. Danyal watched distractedly as the woman dusted off the back of the skirt; she discovered and removed a small piece of debris from the tuft of hairs at the tip of her tail. Sennah looked good in Ryn clothes, Danyal thought. Of course, she looked pretty good in anything she wore. Danyal blinked suddenly as Sennah’s words slowly registered.

    “An hour and a half?” Danyal asked in confusion. “I told you this morning what time I would be done, why did you come so early?”

    “I wanted to hear you play,” Sennah replied, crossing her arms across her chest. “They wouldn’t let me in.”

    “Oh, no. Sennah...” Danyal’s face became worried, he glanced back at the door to the club and ran a hand through his long mane of hair. “I hope you didn’t piss anyone off. They’re really… picky here.”

    “Picky?” Sennah asked.

    “They won’t let certain kinds of beings in the club, the owners say it—“ Danyal’s voice changed, adopting a high-class accent. “—‘detracts from the ambiance’.”

    “Yet, they’ll let your— our kind on their stage to entertain them?” Sennah asked, tilting her head to the side as she tried to process the cognitive dissonance. “Why would someone pre-judge entire groups of species as being undesirable, but yet let a member of one of those species be front-and-center on a stage as entertainment?”

    “Yeah. I know, it doesn’t make any sense,” Danyal replied as he secured his guitar case across his back. He held out an arm to Sennah, she took it and together they walked out of the alley. “It’s how things are out here in the real Galaxy, Jedi. People aren’t egalitarian like you, they have prejudices, and most of them are against our people.”

    “I know,” Sennah said softly, “I remember the stories I found when I first researched the Ryn in the Temple archives, and the Holonet. It’s just disheartening to see it myself.”

    The pair walked in silence for a moment, each lost in their own thoughts.

    “Have you had dinner?” Danyal asked after a few minutes. “I’m starving.”

    “No, I haven’t.” Sennah replied.

    “Well, do you know of any food places that aren’t picky that I’ve not tried?” Danyal paused thoughtfully. “Do Jedi even eat out?”

    “I usually ate in the Temple’s commissary when I was on-planet.” Sennah replied.

    “Oh. I guess one of my usual places, then...” Danyal began.

    “Except for a few special times…” A fond smile began to form on Sennah’s face. “I know where we’re going, come on.”

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    Super talk about prejudices. The logic escapes me as it does Sennah, you can entertain here, but not patronize. My creds are as good as theirs. :rolleyes: I am happy she has a great eatery, for the food and the atmosphere, sounds like. @};- Very nice response to the challenge. =D=
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    Feb 27, 2014
    Sennah and Danyal! [face_love] It's wonderful to see them at this still-pretty-early stage: they've already had their emotional reunion after not having seen each other since childhood, and I'm guessing they've seen each other between then and now, too, since they're comfortable and friendly around each other, but they're still feeling their way with each other in many ways, too, and with the world around them. We have Sennah running up against the unfair prejudices of the "real Galaxy" that she had been spared in her life as a Jedi, while Danyal is (unfortunately) completely used to them from his life as a musician. But Danyal is still clearly trying to figure out where Sennah is "coming from," too, as we see from his question about whether Jedi eat out. Even in this short chapter, it's clear that they're both clearly starting on a journey toward helping each other navigate and answer those questions—definitely "the beginning of a beautiful friendship" (and more). [face_love] I can't wait to see how their dinner out will go—even if we know from the nature of this challenge that things will at least partly Gon Rong, I know it will lead to strengthened bonds and a closer connection between these two, all the same. @};-

    Just one tiny thing: I wonder if you could please specify in the header of the first post which challenge prompt you received? Just so everyone can see at a glance. Thanks! :)

    Thanks so much for sharing—so glad you to have you and your wonderful characters in this challenge! =D=
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    Oh! I really liked the bit I read of Sennah and Danyal through Shulma's journal, by Findswoman, so I was especially eager to start this story and get to know your characters a little better here. [face_love]

    This is already off to a wonderful start, that said. I like Sennah and Danyal's ease with each other, even in this early stage of their friendship/courtship. They've each been through quite a bit - and continue to face much more, with the Empire's non-human prejudices, but they have each other. I look forward to seeing how their Date Nite Goes Rong from here. :D [face_mischief]

    Fantastic work so far! :) =D=
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    Jun 20, 2018
    I have a few other stories with these two already:
    Danyal as a young, wild, 19 yr old:

    Sennah and Danyal meet for the first time since they were children, in Entry 7 (parts a & b) of this DDC:

    The same scene from Entry 7 from Danyal’s POV, and then it continues into the still unfinished story of Sennah eventually coming to live with her family after leaving the Jedi:

    And now, part 2 of 3 of this story (which has temporarily derailed finishing the story above, lol):
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    “Dex’s Diner?” Danyal read, looking skeptically at the worn-looking building. Its chrome trim and bright windows reflecting the busy hyperlane behind them.

    “Come on. Trust me.” Sennah said, nearly grinning as she opened the door.

    The smell of grilled nerf-burgers and fried tubers wafted out of the Diner as the door made a friendly welcoming chime. Danyal shrugged and followed the woman in.

    A human woman with blonde hair, a big smile, and a name tag that read “Hermione” greeted them from behind the bar. She called out to them as she poured two cups of caf for a Zeltron couple. “Sit anywhere you like, folks, Flo will be along in a minute to take your order.”

    Sennah led Danyal past the rows of booths to the far back of the restaurant, where the long counter curved towards the back wall. A worn, but well-maintained music system sat in the corner there, playing random selections, but displaying a list of songs you could request for a few credits each.

    Sennah swung up onto the second to last stool at the counter and gestured to the seat beside her. Danyal unslung his guitar case and gave the faded counter and stool a skeptical look.

    “It's clean, don't worry.” Sennah assured him.

    Danyal leaned the case against the bar, then climbed up onto the tall seat beside Sennah.

    “I think I've heard of this place, I didn't know it was a Jedi joint.” Danyal remarked, picking up an ancient flimsiplast menu and looking it over.

    Sennah snorted, the air whistling through her nose. Danyal hid a smile. A few weeks ago, she was in the habit of carefully controlling her breath to not make normal Ryn sounds like that.

    “It's not a ‘Jedi joint’,” Sennah explained, ignoring the hint of amusement she was feeling from her companion. “But a few Jedi like it. It's not necessarily the food, though. The owner, Dexter Jettster, traveled from one end of the Galaxy to the other for decades before retiring here and buying this restaurant. As you said yourself, the Jedi can be limited in their view of the Galaxy sometimes. A wise Jedi knows that they don't know everything, and finds beings who can fill those gaps. Dex is very good at certain unusual types of knowledge.”

    A waitress droid, whose name tag read “FLO”, whirred over and took their orders. She poured them some drinks as the order was transmitted back to the kitchen, then whirred away to check on another customer with a: “Flag me if you need a refill, dears.”

    Danyal took a sip of his caf, then set the mug down, absentmindedly tapping his fingers against it as he spoke. “So, for the past month since you came to live with the clan, I've been telling you every couple days when and where I'll be playing. I've been hoping you'd meet me for dinner or some time to chat, you know, away from the clan. This is the first time you've come.”

    Sennah nodded, but remained silent, staring into her cup of Jawa Juice.

    “Why'd you decide to show up this time?” Danyal was attempting to sound nonchalant as he sipped his caf again, but his mug rattled slightly in his nervous grip as he set it on the counter again.

    “I…” Sennah attempted to gather her thoughts. Why had she decided to come tonight? She wasn't completely sure herself. Her new life was still sorting itself out, just starting to settle into new routines. Her feelings for Danyal, though, those were still jumbled in tight knots. She had been almost actively avoiding being around him, and certainly never been alone with him. They hadn't physically touched since that first day, at the party, when they’d danced, when they'd…kissed. Sennah had no difficulty sensing how Danyal felt about her. It overwhelmed her ability to selectively block out emotions sometimes, requiring her to damp her connection to the Force as a whole to block his feelings out.

    Sennah opened her mouth to speak, still not knowing exactly what she was going to say, when a boisterous voice from the kitchen window interrupted.

    “Aha! I knew it was you!” Dex's grizzled face grinned out over the plates of food he was placing on the counter for the waitresses to deliver.

    The diner's Besalisk owner and head cook came through the kitchen doorway, wiping two of his hands on a towel hanging from his belt, and carrying Sennah and Danyal's orders in the other two.

    “How 'ya doin, Little One? Almost didn't recognize you in, heh, ‘normal clothes’.” Dex chuckled as he put the plates of food on the counter. “You playing hooky from the Temple today?”

    “No, I-“ Sennah’s voice caught in her throat, she swallowed and continued in a soft murmur. “I left the Order.”

    “Did ya, now?” Dex replied, his grin fading to a more somber look.

    Sennah took a sip of her drink, then took a bite of her meal. She focused on the food, attempting to control her spiraling emotions.

    “Hm.” Dex cleared his throat in the sudden silence, then turned his attention to Sennah’s companion. Dex grinned at the male Ryn as he leaned one of his elbows on the counter. “So, I see the tip I gave her was useful. Found at least one of her people.”

    “She found her entire family,” Danyal replied with a chuckle as he swallowed a bite of nerfburger. He wiped his hands clean on a napkin then held a hand out to the proprietor. “Danyal, of the Itanno Clan.”

    “Pleased to meet ya, Danyal. Dexter Jettster, owner of this, eh, fine establishment.” He shook the proffered hand. “You part of her family?”

    “I’m a clanmate, not closely related.” Danyal explained, glancing at Sennah, who was almost mechanically eating her food, still lost in her thoughts. He leaned in towards Dex conspiratorially. “I hope that to change, someday.” He finished in a whisper.

    “Ah, I got‘cha.” Dex replied quietly with a wink and a grin. “So,” he said, more loudly. “What you got in this case, here, a quetarra?”

    “Close enough.” Danyal replied, “my people’s variant, we call it a guitar.”

    “Hmm, it’s a slow evening, and I haven’t heard live music for a while.” Dex mused. “I’d trade ya you two’s dinners for some tunes if you’re interested.”

    “I’m always up for a deal like that,” Danyal laughed. “Besides, much friendlier crowd around here than there was at the place I played earlier.”

    Sennah emerged from her reverie at the sound of Danyal and Dex’s chuckles. The feel of their good humor and happy anticipation drew a smile from her as well. She apologized for “blanking out” on them, but the men waved it off. Dex encouraged her to eat up, he’d have her dessert out soon, and made his way back to the kitchen.

    As Sennah finished off her food, Danyal got out his instrument and started checking its tuning.

    “Any requests?” The musician asked while Dex dropped off Sennah’s dessert and pulled out a stool to sit on for a while.

    “How about you, Little One? What do you want to hear your clanmate play?” Dex asked. He leaned one arm on the counter and draped another around the waist of the blonde-haired human waitress who had come over and leaned up against the counter beside him. “Or do you have a request, Hermione, my dear?”

    “Hm, it’s a little bit obscure, but do you know ‘Shooting Star’ by a band called ‘Wachamio!’?” Hermione asked, in a thoughtful tone.

    Danyal froze, mid-pluck, his guitar twanging a stray note as a string slipped off a long fingernail. He looked shocked, and a bit embarrassed, as he looked up and met the human woman’s eyes.

    Sennah looked back and forth between Danyal and the waitress, confused at what exactly was going on. “Danyal?” She asked. “Are you ok? What is it about that song. Do you know it?”

    Danyal made a small snort, half amused, half… sad. “I should. I wrote it.”

    “I thought it was you.” Hermione replied. “I was quite a fan years ago. Sorry, I didn’t mean to bring up bad memories. You don’t have to play it.”

    “No, it’s ok, it’s just…” Danyal took a deep breath and let it out with a whistle and a sigh. “...Been a long time.”

    Danyal played the song, and a few others, before he and Sennah bade Dex and his Diner goodnight.

    “Thank you, Dex.” Sennah said as Danyal packed away the guitar. “For everything.”

    “No problem, Little One, happy to help.” Dex grinned broadly. “Come back and see us any time, you two.”

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    Great reading about Dex's Diner, a wonderful eatery and a place to feel "at home." Dex knows how to make people feel comfy. :) =D=
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    Somehow I knew she'd take him to Dex's.
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    “...When I woke up in the medical facility a month later, I had a broken leg, broken arm, crushed ribs, major head trauma, and this.” Danyal pointed to the scar on his face that ran from the crack in his beak-like nose down into his beard. “My band mates and most of the tech crew were dead. Only a girl we’d picked up in a bar earlier, and I, survived.”

    “I’m so sorry, Danyal. I had no idea.” Sennah replied.

    “It’s ok, it’s ancient history now, a completely different lifetime of way too much partying. I do miss the collaboration, though, the melding of different ideas and styles, to make a new amazing, musical…” Danyal searched for the right word. “...alloy, I guess. A new substance that is stronger together than its base components are alone.”

    “It sounds wonderful.” Sennah said with a smile. “Maybe someday you could do that again.”

    “Hmm, maybe. You’d have to learn to play something if you wanted to join.” Danyal replied teasingly.

    “Gandan is trying to teach me to Breathe music properly, but I don’t know if I’ll ever be completely comfortable doing that, especially in front of strangers.” Sennah mused as they arrived at the building that the Clan called home.

    “I could teach you the guitar.” Danyal offered as they entered the lift to the Itanno Clan’s floor. “It’s still early enough, we could start tonight, see if you like it.”

    Sennah pondered as they rode the lift and reached their floor. Danyal looked back at her with a raised eyebrow as he thumbed the security panel to open the door.

    “I think I would like that.” Sennah replied, with a somewhat nervous smile as the door whooshed open and they entered the common area.

    The Clan patron Gandan, his wife Eda, and three of their grandchildren were sitting around the table. The older two children were focused on a card game they were playing with the elders, the youngest child was wandering around, sometimes playing, sometimes being bored, like toddlers usually do. They all looked up as Sennah and Danyal entered.

    “Aw, we were hoping it was Mother and Father. It’s just you two.” Said Rhia, the eldest child.

    “Yeah, just boring old us.” Danyal smiled. “You can go back to your game.”

    Danyal saw Gandan look like he was about to speak. He pretended not to notice and urged Sennah a bit faster out of the common room and down the hall. “Hurry, if your Uncle starts talking, we’ll be out there all night, chatting. We’ll never have time for a lesson.” He whispered furtively.

    Sennah chuckled quietly, she knew it was all too true.

    Danyal ushered her down the hall, and into his dormitory. She stopped just inside the doorway, the door whooshed shut behind her. She had never been in Danyal’s room before. It was tidy, and very clean, like all Ryn dwellings, but still had an air of casualness about it. Hooks on the wall held a couple jackets, where other Ryn would have had them put away in the in-wall wardrobes. The bed was a simple cot, but was nicely made up. Above the cot were some shelves with some boxes and a big empty spot that seemed just the right size for Danyal’s guitar case. The near corner of the room had a couple stringed musical instruments on stands and some boxy audio amplifiers. There was also a desk with a small computer terminal and a sheaf of flimsiplast sheets covered with hand-written musical notations. Danyal moved around the studio-style space, laying the guitar case on his cot and hanging up his jacket on a hook on the wall in the small seating area. Sennah moved to the desk and began curiously looking through the sheets and their scrawlings.

    “Don’t!” Danyal yelped from the other end of the room. He vaulted over the small couch that bordered the seating area, landing beside Sennah so suddenly, she dropped the pages she was holding in surprise.

    “Sorry,” Danyal said, scrambling to gather the scattered pages, and a data pad nearby. “This isn’t ready for you to see, not— not yet.”

    “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been nosy.” Sennah clasped her hands, more unsure of what do do with them than ever.

    Danyal shoved the notes into a drawer in the desk. He grabbed a four-legged stool from the corner by the instruments, and pulled it into the middle of the room.

    “Here, sit down.” Danyal instructed, patting the seat as she had for him in the diner.

    As Sennah took a seat, the musician went to his cot and opened the case. He reverently removed the guitar and brought it over to Sennah.

    “This was my mother’s guitar.” Danyal explained. “It’s been through a lot, but its scars tell its history, give it Character, and add to its sound.”

    “Sounds like someone I know.” Sennah said thoughtfully.

    “Yeah, I guess that’s true of most beings.” Danyal laughed as he placed the guitar in Sennah’s lap and looped the shoulder strap over her head and across her back.

    “How much music theory do you know?” Danyal asked, “How basic do I have to start at?”

    “I learned about music as a youngling in the Temple. Basic musical notation, the science behind harmonics, basic introduction to types of instruments.” Sennah replied.

    Danyal began a lesson on the basics of the Ryn guitar. He went over the parts of the instrument, the notes sounded by of each of the six strings, the purpose and function of the frets. Sennah listened in fascination, her clanmate was an excellent teacher, patient, kind, informative, never pedantic or demanding. There were masters at the Temple that could do with a lesson or two from him on how to teach.

    The lesson went on for a half hour or so, Sennah enjoyed every minute of it. The best part was the simple joy she felt from him, of helping someone he cared for learn something new.

    She found herself thinking about what a good father he could be...

    That brought back the memory of the vision the Force had shown her, of the possible futures she could face, and which future her choices so far had set her towards.

    “Now, let’s try playing a few chords.” Danyal said, bringing Sennah out of her thoughts and into the present. He walked around behind the former Jedi and put his left hand over hers.

    “Let’s try a C Major, put your fingers here, and here.” Danyal placed her fingers on the strings, pressing against the appropriate frets. He reached his right hand around to cover her own, positioning her fingers over the strings.

    “Ok, now, you can strum the entire chord, like this,” he murmured, his voice quiet, beside her right ear. He brushed her thumb across the strings, the sound of the chord filled the room.

    “Or, you can play individual notes, like this,” he moved her fingers so that her nails plucked the individual strings.

    “It all depends,” he whispered, sliding his hands back, over her wrists, up her forearms, coming to rest on her upper arms. “On what kind of music you want to make.”

    Danyal paused for a moment, and Sennah felt his tension, indecision wracked his song in the Force. Sennah sent him a soothing note. “It’s ok,” she whispered.

    He tilted his head forward above her shoulder, resting his mouth where her neck sloped down to her shoulder. He breathed in deeply, taking in her scent, gently squeezing her biceps as he kissed her.

    “Stars above, Sennah, I want you so bad,” he whispered longingly. Then he pulled himself away slightly. “But not if you don’t want it too.”

    The former Jedi leaned back against musician’s chest with a sigh. She tilted her head to the left and rested it on his shoulder, exposing her neck to his kisses. She reached up to stroke his hair as he traced a row of them up her neck to her ear. Danyal pushed her upright on the stool again and moved around in front of her. He took his mother’s guitar out of Sennah’s hands, unlooping the strap from around her head, and went to put it on its stand in the corner.

    Sennah’s mind raced, and so did her pulse. Did she want this? Did she want this now? Then he was back, and she was in his arms. His song washed over her, and she was unable to bring herself to block it out. She didn’t want to block it out, she had to know, completely and thoroughly, what he truly felt. He leaned down, their lips met in a deep, passionate kiss, and through the Force, she understood him.

    There was plenty of aching longing, a rising physical lust that took her breath away, but beneath it all, at the core, was a simple, undying, profound love for her. A love that stretched back to an echo of kindness and caring that had sustained his hope and faith for 20 years; through darkness, through pain, through drug-induced hazes. She had nothing in her life to compare it to, except the peace and strength of the Force. She was his strength and his comfort, the missing note in his song.

    Yes, she wanted this, she wanted him. Sennah wrapped her arms around Danyal’s shoulders and returned his kiss, leaning into him so forcefully that he stumbled back against the desk, until he was sitting on the edge of it. He ran his hands down her back, over the curve of her backside to the tops of her thighs, where he lifted her up, bringing her to sit astride his lap. He covered her neck in lingering, languid kisses, working his way ever lower. She sighed and shivered with pleasure, it was the most exciting sensation she had ever felt before.

    A knock sounded at the door. Sennah and Danyal froze, his mouth on her collarbone, her hands entwined in his long tan hair. The knock sounded again, and a small voice called out through the door. “Aunite Sennah, Auntie Sennah! It bedtime. Want you ta tell me bedtime story!”

    Danyal looked up, his gaze meeting Sennah’s, his eyes asking the silent question: What do we do?

    She closed her eyes and rested her forehead against Danyal’s. “It’s Candun,” she whispered.

    Danyal reached up and took Sennah’s hands, gently detangling them from his hair.

    “Gandan probably sent him,” Danyal whispered. “We’ve been in here far longer than is proper.”

    “Proper?” Sennah asked.

    “For an unmarried couple to be alone together.” Danyal explained.

    “Oh Stars, are we breaking a serious taboo, here?” Sennah murmured worriedly.

    “Normally, I’m the first to say ‘kriff tradition, do what you want’, but this time, I think he’s right.” Danyal gently eased Sennah off of his lap to stand her on the floor. “I’ve thrown the rules in the Clan’s face so many times, and all it’s gotten me is trouble. This time, I should do it right. I want to do it right.”

    Danyal held Sennah’s hands between his own, kissed them, then with a great effort of will, stepped away from her. “Go, read Candun a bedtime story.”

    Sennah reached up and rested a hand on Danyal’s cheek, she could feel his jaw muscles tense at her touch.

    “Go on.” Danyal urged her, “I’ll be fine.”

    Sennah opened the door and was met by an extremely exuberant toddler, already in his nightclothes, bouncing up and down in excitement. “Story! Story! Story!”

    “Alright Little One, alright. Let’s go read you a bedtime story.” Sennah said, picking up the little boy and carrying him away down the hall.

    Danyal sighed a deep sigh and headed for the ‘fresher, he needed a long, very cold, shower. Then, he had a song to finish writing.

    The End
    (Of this story at least, there is, of course, much more to come from Sennah & Danyal)
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    What a lovely, gentle loving wrap-up. You can sense the genuineness of emotion on both sides, that each is in it for keeps, not just with one another as a couple but with the entire clan, to be enfolded (for Sennah especially) in the bosom of a caring family. :) @};-
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    Intresting story, kinda makes me want to read the other stories with these two to find out more about them. Liked Dexter´s appreance, he is another of these characters we rarely see in fanfiction so its nice to see him here.
    Great work :)
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    Aw! [face_love] What a wonderful continuation, and then conclusion! All throughout this story, there was such a gentle quality of everyday life that I really enjoyed reading. Sennah is truly making her Clan her home away from the Jedi, and it was beautiful to watch her find her place amongst them while drawing closer to Danyal, in particular. I especially liked how they were both able to share something of themselves with each other - her with Dex's Diner (I adore fics that include our favourite restaurateur!), and the impromptu concert, to his inviting her back home for the music lesson. Where she certainly learned a lot. [face_mischief] What a time to be interupted by family! That was a great use of the prompt. :oops: [face_tee_hee] :p But, at the same time, maybe it was fortuitous to be slowed down in keeping with a more traditional courtship. Both Danyal and Sennah have real feelings for each other that we know are going to stand the test of time. But this was a beautiful look at the beginning of their path together. [face_love]

    Just -
    I think he's talking about more than just music - again. That really sums it all up perfectly. [face_love]

    Thanks for sharing more of your OCs and your world! I really enjoyed what I read, and appreciated the links you included to the other stories in this series! I'll definitely be catching up! [face_peace] =D=
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    Feb 27, 2014
    Beautiful continuation! [face_love] Such a treat to see these two at this early, tender stage of their relationship; they're really off to a great start, and of course I'm always thrilled to see the Itanno Clan series continue. So, now, catching up:

    2: Here's the "evening out"! And what better place to spend it than dear old Dex's, which one could indeed say has almost honorary "Jedi joint" status. :D There's no better place on Coruscant for that perfect combination of tasty food and friendly atmosphere, and it's so much fun to see Dex meeting Danyal—after all, it's thanks to Dex that Sennah was able to reconnect with her clan to begin with. (And I caught that little remark from Danyal about wanting to become more closely related—fully expecting him to follow up on that! ;) ) Absolutely PERFECT idea for Dex to invite Danyal to perform some live music—and a beautifully bittersweet "small galaxy" moment as Hermione asks for the Wachamio! song, which naturally brings up many memories for Danyal. I bet he played that evening with the same verve and emotional fervor that he did the song in "A Little Bit of You," and I'm sure his music touched Sennah's heart, too. <3 Couldn't ask for a more perfect evening out for these two, but I know the story's not over yet... ;)

    3: And here's the night in—and mmm, what a night in! [face_love] Wow, music really and truly is the "food of love" for these two—what a sultry and oomphy scene, and so full of tenderness too! I love how Danyal's song is such an important part of that moment; that fits so well both with the music lesson they started with and Sennah's unique perception of the Force, and Force sense and physical senses come together there in a really compelling way. We, along with Sennah, can sense that there's real love and commitment at the root of Danyal's attraction to her:

    Just perfect, and especially perfect for these two. [face_love] In fact, so perfect that even when little Candun shows up to interrupt things (and I too tend to think Gandan may have put him up to it ;) ) they are so secure with each other that they take it perfectly in stride. I have to say Danyal's statement at that moment really stood out for me: "This time, I should do it right. I want to do it right." That, right there, shows just how sincere his love really is. @};- And I know he'll throw all of it into that song he's writing. ;)

    And I didn't miss this very meaningful hint at the beginning of chapter 3:

    Because I know for a fact that he—both of them—will do just that. ;)

    Thanks SO MUCH for bringing your wonderful characters to this challenge, and for another beautiful addition to the ongoing saga of the Itanno Clan! =D=
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    Been catching up with this series on @Findswoman's recommendation, and it has been a real delight to see these characters again! I really enjoy that we get to see more of that possible future relationship that was hinted at in Sennah's diary in Crisis of Faith, and at a different point than in Crisis of the Heart so far. This stands on its own, but yeah -- after reading the other entries in the series it sure does bring on All the Feels to see these sweet moments for Sennah and Danyal! @};-

    Doesn't sound like a pleasant sort of "ambiance". :rolleyes: Sennah might have known intellectually that there was some prejudice against her species out in the galaxy, but knowing that and encountering it without her Jedi status as a buffer are two different things. :( Danyal is, of course, all too aware. Though it's a sad and frustrating situation, the way that their discussion doesn't sour the mood says a lot for how far their friendship has come already. I really liked the companionable feeling between them here, both when the conversation is serious and when it's "only" about dinner. :) (A date! It's a daaaate! ;))

    Dex's is the perfect place for Sennah to take Danyal, and the cozy feeling of the place really comes through in how it's described. Dex and company are wonderfully down-to-earth and just what the doctor ordered! And I love how Dex is the unofficial safe home base for Jedi whether they are in the Order or (maybe especially) not. It may not be a "Jedi joint", but Dex's care and wisdom are something special to the Jedi lucky enough to know him!

    Ouch, the fact that Hermione managed to pick a song from his old band with the inevitable painful memories for him is difficult -- though hopefully, maybe sharing it and a bit of that story with Sennah brings a kind of peace too.

    Sounds like a good plan. :D

    [face_laugh] Oh no! I can see why he's practically levitating to get those notes. It's early days yet for their actual together-in-time-and-space relationship, and Danyal has had a Skywalker-grade crush on Sennah for most of his life. Which doesn't mean there won't be a time to share those songs (and from how he and Sennah are growing closer, it may be soon), but everything in its own time.

    Aww, this is such a lovely moment! As is the one that follows, with Sennah realizing the depth of both their feelings as well as the attraction between them.

    [face_love] So beautiful! The way that the physical and emotional intimacy blend throughout this section is really wonderful, and there's such amazing chemistry between Sennah and Danyal. As there has been for a while, but now with them both being open to it, that creates fireworks that are something else!

    :p Why am I not surprised? And yeah, I also think Gandan had something to do with this; he knows both of them too well. I really enjoyed that even though this part of the date night has also gone wrong in a sense, what really comes out of it is a renewed sense of the affection forming between Danyal and Sennah. @};-
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